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Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 New methods for estimating detailed fertility schedules from abridged data
    by Pavel Grigoriev & Anatoli I. Michalski & Vasily Gorlischev & Dmitri A. Jdanov & Vladimir M. Shkolnikov

  • 2018 "It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone" The Struggle against Loneliness in Old Age: Basic Assumptions for an Integrative Operational Concept –The Israeli Case
    by Avi Bitzur & Eran Fisher

  • 2018 From Citizen to Cytizen. How to Escape from Cyberstates?
    by Guido JM Verstraeten & Willem W Verstraeten

  • 2018 A Psychological View of Complex Numbers through Classical and Quantum Computing
    by Antonio Cassella

  • 2018 Challenges Faced by the Clayton County, Georgia Public Defender’s Office
    by James F. Anderson & Christine A. VanDross, Esq. & Kelley Reinsmith-Jones & Adam H. Langsam

  • 2018 Gender Equity in Science: The Global Context
    by Sandra L. Hanson & Mary Sykes & Luis Berneth Pena

  • 2018 Continuity of European Languages from the Point of View of DNA Genealogy
    by Anton Perdih

  • 2018 Managerial Optimism Level and Investment Decision: Decision Tree Analysis
    by Mohamed Ali Azouzi & Anis Jarboui

  • 2018 Overcoming the Barriers to Successful Completion of GED Programs among Prison and Jail Inmates
    by John Stuart Batchelder & Austin O’Neill & Ashley Diane Rodriguez & Rebecca Tibbs

  • 2018 Effects of Price Transmission and Exchange Rate Elasticities of Three Developing Countries on the World Cotton Trade
    by Ozcan Ozturk

  • 2018 The Monetary Transmission Mechanism: An SVAR Analysis of the Four Municipalities in China
    by Lili Wu & Mingxu Li

  • 2018 Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy in Morocco: An Approach to Structural VAR
    by Tlaytmaste Bahaddi & Mohamed Karim

  • 2018 The Self-Ful?lling Discriminations and Mismatches for Old Workers and Poor Workers
    by Weiguang Liu

  • 2018 Investigating the Relationship between the Type of Auditors and Disclosure Domain Quality among Pharmaceutical Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange
    by Alireza Hirad & Mahmoodreza Rakhshani

  • 2018 Macroeconomic Determinants of Saudi Total Factor Productivity
    by Wael Mousa

  • 2018 Analysis of Carbon Tax on Selected European Countries: Does Carbon Tax Reduce Emissions?
    by Ali Eren Alper

  • 2018 DCCs among Sector Indexes and Dynamic Causality between Foreign Exchange and Equity Sector Volatility: Evidence from Egypt
    by Amira Akl Ahmed & Rania Ihab Naguib

  • 2018 Impact of Micro-Credit on Poor Households in Kurigram District
    by Md. Thuhid Noor & Md. Rabiul Auwul & Saha Forid

  • 2018 Inflation Instability Impact on Interest Rate in Egypt: Augmented Fisher Hypothesis Test
    by Doaa Akl Ahmed & Mamdouh Abdelmoula M. Abdelsalam

  • 2018 The Effect of Social Capital and Absorptive Capacity through Knowledge Management on Finance Company Performance in Indonesia
    by Alexander Tan

  • 2018 The Impact of the Tourism Promotion-Mix Elements on the Foreign Tourists’ Mental Images of the Jordanian Tourist Destinations (A Field Study)
    by Hameed Aldebi & Noreyah Aljboory

  • 2018 A Study on Effects of Time Pressure Perceived by Users of Airport Duty-free Shop on Impulsive Purchasing Behavior and repurchase Intention
    by Kang-Yeol Lee & Yu-Jin Choi & Jin-Woo Park

  • 2018 An Empirical Examination of Supply Chain Sustainability in Turkish Automotive Sector: Using the PLS-SEM Approach
    by Sefer Burak Kacar & Bülent Sezen & Hakan Kitapçi

  • 2018 Effect of Psychological Ownership on Employee Silence and Task Performance: A Study on Academicians
    by Kultigin Akcin & Serhat Erat & Umit Alniacik & Aydem B. Ciftcioglu

  • 2018 Factors Influencing the Implementation of Management Accounting Systems in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Dubai
    by Omar Albaddad & Mahmoud Nassar

  • 2018 Transnational Corporations and Business Networks in ASEAN: Building Partnership in the Asia– Pacific Region
    by Anna H. Jankowiak

  • 2018 Does Ethical Orientation of HRM Impact on Employee Ethical Attitude and Behavior? Evidence from Sri Lankan Commercial Banks
    by Viruli A. de Silva & H.H.D.N.P. Opatha & Aruna S. Gamage

  • 2018 The Emerging Retail Market in Myanmar - An Institutional Perspective of Foreign Retailers’ Market Entry Decisions
    by Sina Hardaker

  • 2018 The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification in the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Organizational Agility: A Study on Menoufia University Hospitals
    by Wageeh A. Nafei

  • 2018 An Empirical Analysis of the Property Catastrophe Reinsurance
    by Jong-Hag Jang

  • 2018 A Study on the Cultural Influence on Business Negotiations: Evidence from Bangladesh
    by Peng Zhangwen & Md. Rakibul Hoque

  • 2018 The Impact of Strategic Management Accounting Techniques in Taking Investment Decisions in the Jordanian Industrial Companies
    by Sufian Salameh Jbarah

  • 2018 The Impact of Private Universities’ Websites Services’ Quality on the Reputation in Jordan (An Applied Study)
    by Ali Falah Al-zoubi & Mohammad AlShoura & Ayman Oudh

  • 2018 Determinants of Market Value (Case of Jordanian Banks)
    by Farouq Altahtamouni

  • 2018 Challenges and Implementation of Financial Institutions Development Policy in Laos on 2016-2020
    by Maliny Sourigna & Shuzhen Zhu & Syed Ahtsham Ali

  • 2018 Consumer Responses to Explicit Sexual Stimuli in Advertising: Artistic vs Provocative Style
    by Marcello Tedeschi & Beatrice Luceri & Sabrina Latusi & Donata Tania Vergura & Cristina Zerbini

  • 2018 The Effect of Nonmarket Capabilities on Firm Performance: How Knowledge and Capabilities Accumulated from Nonmarket Arenas Contribute to Firm Performance
    by Cosmina Lelia Voinea & Magdelijn Emaus

  • 2018 Preface to the Special Collection on Interdisciplinary Research on Healthy Aging
    by Yi Zeng

  • 2018 Evolution of fixed demographic heterogeneity from a game of stable coexistence
    by Stefano Giaimo & Xiang-Yi Li & Arne Traulsen & Annette Baudisch

  • 2018 The role of residential mobility in reproducing socioeconomic stratification during the transition to adulthood
    by Anne Clark

  • 2018 The role of education in the association between race/ethnicity/nativity, cognitive impairment, and dementia among older adults in the United States
    by Marc Garcia & Joseph Saenz & Brian Downer & Rebeca Wong

  • 2018 Integrating occupations: Changing occupational sex segregation in the U.S. from 2000 to 2014
    by Patricia Roos & Lindsay Stevens

  • 2018 Digital divide and body size disparities among Chinese adults
    by Chih-Chien Huang & Scott T. Yabiku

  • 2018 High life expectancy and reversed socioeconomic gradients of elderly people in Mexico and Costa Rica
    by Luis Rosero-Bixby

  • 2018 Historical reproductive patterns in developed countries: Aggregate-level perspective
    by Jesús Sánchez-Barricarte

  • 2018 Factors explaining the North–South differentials in contraceptive use in Nigeria: A nonlinear decomposition analysis
    by Stella Babalola & Olamide Oyenubi

  • 2018 First and second births among immigrants and their descendants in Switzerland
    by Eder Andres Guarin Rojas & Laura Bernardi & Flurina Schmid

  • 2018 Interdisciplinary Research on Healthy Aging: Introduction
    by Frans Willekens & James R. Carey & Qiang Li

  • 2018 Still under the ancestors' shadow? Ancestor worship and family formation in contemporary China
    by Anning Hu & Felicia Tian

  • 2017 Who benefits from GRW? Heterogeneous effects of investment subsidies in Saxony Anhalt
    by Dettmann, Eva & Weyh, Antje & Titze, Mirko

  • 2017 Who benefits from GRW? Heterogeneous employment effects of investment subsidies in Saxony Anhalt
    by Dettmann, Eva & Titze, Mirko & Weyh, Antje

  • 2017 On the Investigation of Factors Effecting International Tourist Arrivals to Cambodian Market: A Static and Dynamic Gravity Approach
    by Chhorn, Theara

  • 2017 Politics Case Study: Bad News in Good Times of General Musharraf Presidency: Economics versus Politics
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Knowledge transfer in merger and acquisition processes in the metallurgical industry
    by Miskiewicz, Radoslaw

  • 2017 Teacher to an Educator: (Re) locating the role of ICTs in the backdrop of the theoretical framework - TPACK
    by Stephen S, Nevil

  • 2017 Management Framework for the Visualization of Smart Monitoring Architectures Apply to Distributed Ubiquity Mobility Platform
    by Khadraoui, Djamel & FELTUS, Christophe

  • 2017 Hubungan Persepsi Siswa Tentang Guru Matematika Dengan Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa
    by Najichun, Mohamad & Winarso, Widodo

  • 2017 Hubungan Persepsi Siswa Tentang Guru Matematika Dengan Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa
    by Najichun, Mohamad & Winarso, Widodo

  • 2017 Motivation, workout and performance - a model for amatorial sports
    by Mattera, Raffaele

  • 2017 How Does Monetary Policy Affect Economic Vulnerability to Oil Price Shock as against US Economy Shock?
    by Razmi, Fatemeh & M., Azali & Chin, Lee & Habibullah, Muzafar Shah

  • 2017 The Influence Of Implementation Brain-Friendly Learning Through The Whole Brain Teaching To Students’ Response and Creative Character In Learning Mathematics
    by Winarso, Widodo & Karimah, Siti Asri

  • 2017 Individual heterogeneity in the association between social participation and self-rated health. A panel study on BHPS
    by Damiano, Fiorillo & Lubrano Lavadera, Giuseppe & Nappo, Nunzia

  • 2017 The Relationship of Financial Risks Towards the Performance of Vivocom Intl Holdings Berhad
    by Jono, Siti Junaidah

  • 2017 The Influence Of Implementation Brain-Friendly Learning Through The Whole Brain Teaching To Students’ Response and Creative Character In Learning Mathematics
    by Winarso, Widodo & Karimah, Siti Asri

  • 2017 Improving Algebraic Thinking Skill, Beliefs And Attitude For Mathematics Throught Learning Cycle Based On Beliefs
    by Toheri, Toheri & winarso, widodo

  • 2017 Effectiveness and Challenges of Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in the Indian Hotel Sector
    by Nadda, Vipin & Rafiq, Zaman & Tyagi, Pankaj

  • 2017 What Have We Learned? Assessing the Effectiveness of Counterterrorism Strategies in Pakistan
    by Rehman, Faiz Ur & Nasir, Muhammad & Shahbaz, Muhammad

  • 2017 Cognitive ability and fertility amongst Swedish men. Evidence from 18 cohorts of military conscription
    by Martin Kolk & Kieron J. Barclay

  • 2017 Estimating male fertility from vital registration data with missing values
    by Christian Dudel & Sebastian Klüsener

  • 2017 Lifespan dispersion in times of life expectancy fluctuation: the case of Central and Eastern Europe
    by Jose Manuel Aburto Flores & Alyson A. van Raalte

  • 2017 Expanding the Markov chain tool box: distributions of occupation times and waiting times
    by Christian Dudel

  • 2017 The decomposition of the difference between two healthy life expectancies. Which formula is right?
    by Vladimir M. Shkolnikov & Evgueni M. Andreev

  • 2017 Healthy life expectancy, mortality, and age prevalence of morbidity
    by Timothy Riffe & Alyson A. van Raalte & Maarten J. Bijlsma

  • 2017 Is a positive link between human development and fertility attainable? Insights from the Belgian vanguard case
    by Jonas Wood & Sebastian Klüsener & Karel Neels & Mikko Myrskylä

  • 2017 A new approach to understanding the socio-economic determinants of fertility over the life course
    by Maarten J. Bijlsma & Ben Wilson

  • 2017 Family organisation and human capital inequalities in historic Europe: testing the association anew
    by Mikołaj Szołtysek & Radoslaw Poniat & Sebastian Klüsener & Siegfried Gruber

  • 2017 Urban and rural fertility transitions in the developing world: a cohort perspective
    by Mathias Lerch

  • 2017 An ordinal measure of population health
    by Héctor Pifarre i Arolas & Christian Dudel

  • 2017 Trends in gender differences in health and mortality at working ages among West and East Germans
    by Mine Kühn & Christian Dudel & Tobias C. Vogt & Anna Oksuzyan

  • 2017 Does the age difference between partners influence the career achievements of women?
    by Anna Oksuzyan & Angela Carollo & Sven Drefahl & Carlo G. Camarda & Kaare Christensen & Alyson A. van Raalte

  • 2017 A cause-of-death decomposition of the young adult mortality hump
    by Adrien Remund & Carlo G. Camarda & Timothy Riffe

  • 2017 Formation and realisation of moving intentions across the adult life course
    by Lars Dommermuth & Sebastian Klüsener

  • 2017 Fertility postponement could reduce child mortality: evidence from 228 demographic and health surveys covering 77 developing countries
    by Kieron J. Barclay & Mikko Myrskylä

  • 2017 Sex differences in genetic associations with longevity in Han Chinese: sex-stratified genome-wide association study and polygenic risk score analysis
    by Yi Zeng & Huashuai Chen & Xiaomin Liu & Rui Ye & Enjun Xie & Zhihua Chen & Jiehua Lu & Jianxin Li & Yaohua Tian & Ting Ni & Lars Bolund & Kenneth C. Land & Anatoliy Yashin & Angela M. O'Rand & Liang Sun & Ze Yang & Wei Tao & Anastasia Gurinovic & Claudio Franceschi & Jichun Xie & Jun Gu & Yong Hou & Xiao Liu & Xun Xu & Jean-Marie Robine & Joris Deelen & Paola Sebastiani & P. Eline Slagboom & Thomas T. Perls & Elizabeth R. Hauser & William Gottschalk & Qihua Tan & Kaare Christensen & Mike Lutz & Xiao-Li Tian & Huanming Yang & Junxia Min & Chao Nie & James W. Vaupel

  • 2017 Educational gain in cause-specific mortality: accounting for confounders
    by Govert E. Bijwaard & Mikko Myrskylä & Per Tynelius & Finn Rasmussen

  • 2017 Working 9 to 5? Unionization and work variability, 2004-2013
    by Ryan Finnigan & Jo Mhairi Hale

  • 2017 Instability of Economic Systems: Signals, Asymmetric Reactions, Corrections
    by Giovanni Antonio Cossiga

  • 2017 Donald Trump and the Republican Party: The Making of a Faustian Bargain
    by John Kenneth White

  • 2017 Democracy without Politics: Why Democracy Can Seriously Harm Democracy
    by Daniel Innerarity

  • 2017 Digital Media Framing of the Egyptian Arab Spring: Comparing Al Jazeera, BBC and China Daily
    by Minos-Athanasios Karyotakis & Nikos Panagiotou & Nikos Antonopoulos & Matina Kiourexidou

  • 2017 When to Act Is to Say: Appointment as Conflictogenic Discourse in the Cameroonian Administration
    by Celestin Messanga Obama

  • 2017 Issue Salience in the U.S. Elections: ¡°Partisan Domestication¡± between South Korean Newspapers
    by Jae Sik Ha & Uche Onyebadi & Dong-Hee Shin

  • 2017 Cinematic Plateau and Sustainable Tourism
    by Sina Eskandari

  • 2017 Medium and Credibility in the African Novel: The Novelistic Vision of G.D Nyamndi and Blessed A. Njume
    by Andrew T. Ngeh

  • 2017 ¡®The White Rose of Yorkshire¡¯: Public Relations, Condolences and Grief Expression
    by Luke Strongman

  • 2017 #WhyITold: A Pilot Test of Twitter Messages Aimed at Promoting Bystander Intervention against Domestic Violence
    by Norman C. H. Wong & Eryn Bostwick

  • 2017 Media, Biotechnology, and Trust: What Drives Citizens to Support Biotechnology
    by Zuoming Wang

  • 2017 Making Meaning Present: Semiotics and the Ontological Life of Stones in West Africa
    by Johannes Merz

  • 2017 Talking with the Scientists: Promoting Scientific Citizenship at School through Participatory and Deliberative Approach
    by Federica Cornali

  • 2017 Web Application Security Tools Analysis
    by Abdulrahman Alzahrani & Ali Alqazzaz & Nabil Almashfi & Huirong Fu & Ye Zhu

  • 2017 Reframing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Studying Culture to Identify Communication Challenges and Opportunities
    by Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor & Marissa Fond

  • 2017 The Impact of Social and Digital Medias on Senegalese Society
    by Ousmane Sall

  • 2017 Gone to Stamford Bridge, Influence of Foreign Football and Its Digital Coverage on Youths in Abeokuta, Nigeria
    by Kola Adesina & Adeyemi Obalanlege & Lekan Togunwa

  • 2017 Advancing the New Communications Framework for HIV/AIDS: The Communicative Constitution of HIV/AIDS Networks in Tanzania¡¯s HIV/AIDS NGO Sector
    by James O. Olufowote & Johnson S. Aranda & Guoyu E. Wang & Danni Liao

  • 2017 Computer Supported Collaborative Work trends on Media Organizations: Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
    by Efstathios A. Sidiropoulos & Andreas A. Veglis

  • 2017 Impoliteness and Thematic Variation in Spanish Television Interviews
    by Ester Brenes Pena & Catalina Fuentes Rodriguez

  • 2017 Research on Dissemination Rule of Public Opinion from SNA Perspective: Taking the Vaccine Safety Event as an Example
    by Jia Wang & Mengyao Guo & Li Zhang & Lujie Chen & Xiaorong Hou

  • 2017 A Series of Class Acts: Mystifications in Irish Print Media Discourses
    by Eugene Flanagan

  • 2017 The Use of Smartphone Applications with Press Coverage during Crisis: A Descriptive Study on a Sample of Sudanese Journalists in the Period from February to June 2016
    by Elsir Ali Saad Mohamed

  • 2017 Culture at the Bottom of Startups: Reflections on Social Expectations
    by Cristian Mendoza & Eric Salobir O. P.

  • 2017 Improvement of Family Relationships as a Social Duty
    by Hamid Aran & Maryam Nayebkabir

  • 2017 Televised Entrepreneurial Discourse: Conversational Structure and Compliance Gaining Strategies
    by Antonio Garc¨ªa-G¨®mez

  • 2017 Reporting and Reparations: News Coverage and the Decision to Compensate the Forcefully Sterilized in North Carolina
    by J. P. Nelson & Terri B. Davis & Lacey Atkins

  • 2017 Hedonic Price Modeling of New Residential Property Values in Xi’an City, China
    by Kai Liu & Toshiaki Ichinose

  • 2017 Understanding the Methodological Process of Formation and Evolution of Scientific Empiricism in the Philosophy of West
    by Abulqasem Mojtahedi Zanjirabadi & Mohammad Rahim Eyvazi & Reza Jalali & Mahbubeh Pakniya & Hassan Hajizadeh Anari

  • 2017 Moving on: Multiple Transitions of Unaccompanied Child Migrants Leaving Care in England and Sweden
    by Helen M Roberts & Hannah Bradby & Anne Ingold & Grazia Manzotti & David Reeves & Kristin Liabo

  • 2017 Geographic Variation in 2010 U.S. Census Coverage Rates for Young Children: A Look at Counties
    by William P. O’Hare

  • 2017 A Strategic Political-Culture Basis for Developing the Socioeconomic Welfare of Disadvantaged Urban Communities: General Review and Policy Framework
    by Yitzhak Dahan

  • 2017 Intervention Methodologies Targeting Vulnerable Youth in Frankfort, Kentucky: Measuring Developmental Assets
    by Herman Walston & Angela Meshack & Ronald J. Peters

  • 2017 Political Parties and the Rule of Law, Kosovo’s Perspective
    by Luz Balaj & Florent Muçaj

  • 2017 Inclusion as Critique. Deconstructionist Approaches Exemplified through ‘Care’ of People with Cognitive Disabilities in Germany
    by Hendrik Trescher

  • 2017 Manyama Braya in Banjar Angansari, Bali in Foucault’s Genealogy Perspective
    by Dewa A. G. Agung & Sanggar Kanto & Darsono Wisadirana & I Nyoman Ruja

  • 2017 The Political Biographies of Social Workers in a Neoliberal Era
    by Hefin Gwilym

  • 2017 Efficacy of a School-Based Universal Program for Bullying Prevention: Considering the Extended Effects Associated with Achievement of the Direct Purposes of the Program
    by Katsuyuki Yamasaki & Atsuko Umakoshi & Kanako Uchida

  • 2017 The Effectiveness of Corporate Advertising in a Collegiate Fitness Center
    by Kuan-Chou Chen & Yang Yu

  • 2017 Examining Antecedents of Brand Loyalty on Sportswear: An Empirical Investigation of University Students in Hong Kong
    by Xiaoxin Dai & Kuan-Chou Chen

  • 2017 Al-Qaeda Understandings from Seyed Qutb's Jihadi Thoughts
    by Hassan Hajizadeh Anari & Reza Jalali & Akbar Ashrafi & Ahmad Bakhshayesh Ardestani & Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Ghasemtabar

  • 2017 Environmental Constitutionalism in the United States and Nigeria: Recognizing Environmental Rights
    by Theodore Okonkwo

  • 2017 Constraints and Facilitators for Successful Integration: How Bureaucratic Contacts Affects Migrants’ Pathways
    by Warda Belabas & Lasse Gerrits

  • 2017 Opioid Addiction in Rural North Carolina: A Criminal Justice and Public Health Issue
    by James F. Anderson & Kelley Reinsmith-Jones

  • 2017 Shifting Awareness: Recycled Plastic Bag Art
    by Young Imm Kang Song

  • 2017 Exit Strategy for Aid Programs: Planning Exit before Entering
    by Hyejin Lee

  • 2017 Book Review: Pensamento Sociológico. Uma Introdução Didática às Teorias Clássicas [Sociological Thought. A Didactic Introduction to Classical Theories]
    by Sandro Serpa

  • 2017 The Role of the Head of State on National Security Issues in Presidential Democracies - The USA Case
    by Murat Jashari & Behar Selimi

  • 2017 Roles and Responsibilities of Family Home Caregivers for Elderly People in Qatar: Experiences and Challenges
    by Azza O Abdelmoneium & Janet Rankin & Michael Corman

  • 2017 Re-directing Climate Change and Terrorism by Allying Classical with Quantum Neural Computing
    by Antonio Cassella

  • 2017 The Importance of Promoting Digital Literacy in Higher Education
    by Ana Isabel Santos & Sandro Serpa

  • 2017 Homeland Security in a Nutshell
    by Richard White

  • 2017 Major Determinant of Physical Development on Urban Residential Land: The Case of Kalulushi Municipality in Zambia
    by Ephraim Kabunda Munshifwa & Wilson Ngoma & Ikugile Makenja

  • 2017 Taking Responsibility: Psychological and Attitudinal Change through a Domestic Violence Intervention Program in New South Wales, Australia
    by Timothy R. Broady & Rebecca M. Gray

  • 2017 Impact of Personality of Working Women on Marital Satisfaction
    by Seema Dey & Jyotirmoy Ghosh

  • 2017 Parental and Adult Attachment and Eating Symptomology in Eating Disorder Patients and Sine Morbo Individuals
    by Tamás Dömötör Szalai & Edit Czeglédi M.A.

  • 2017 Effect of Blended Instructional Strategy on Commerce Students Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State-Nigeria
    by Etim Paulinus J.

  • 2017 Psychopathological Symptoms and Psychological Wellbeing in Mexican Undergraduate Students
    by Mariel Contreras & Ana Mariela de León & Estela Martínez & Elsa Melissa Peña & Luana Marques & Julia Gallegos

  • 2017 Strategy and Innovation of Mushroom Business in Rural Area Indonesia: Case Study of a Developed Mushroom Enterprise from Cianjur district, West Java, Indonesia
    by Rendi Febrianda & Hiromi Tokuda

  • 2017 Jackie (and Jill) Robinson in the Statehouse: Gender and Educational Attainment Influences on Office-Holding and Leadership Positions in the U.S. States
    by Jayme L. Neiman

  • 2017 An Option to Avoid the Sudden Mass Influx of Migrants Resulting From Worldwide Environmental Threats
    by Hirotaka Fujibayashi & Mikiyasu Nakayama

  • 2017 Compensatory Eating Behaviors, Alcohol Consumption and Opioid Use in a Clinical Sample
    by Beau J. Diehl

  • 2017 A Robust Estimation of the CAPM with a Heavy-tailed Distribution
    by Chikashi Tsuji

  • 2017 Sex Offender Community Notification Law Reform: A Call for More Active, Consistent, and Detailed Information about High-Risk Offenders
    by Michelle L. Beshears & Mike L. Beshears & Dena Weiss & Catherine D. Crocker

  • 2017 Prayer Determination toward Employees Performance
    by Chablullah Wibisono

  • 2017 Conditionality Contaminates Conservation: Structural Adjustment and Land Protection in Less-Developed Nations
    by Kelly F. Austin & Mark D. Noble & Kellyn McCarthy

  • 2017 Searching For Influential Actors in Co-Offending Networks: The Recruiter
    by Ashley Englefield & Barak Ariel

  • 2017 The Accessibility of Informal Urban Women Workers (Study of Street Vendors in Malang, Indonesia)
    by Diyah Ayu Amalia Avina

  • 2017 Paradigm Shift in Responding to Drug Users and Addicts: From a Criminal Justice to a Public Health Approach
    by James F. Anderson & Kelley Reinsmith-Jones & Willie M. Brooks, Jr. & Adam H. Langsam

  • 2017 Defining the Good Citizen: Online Conceptions of American Members of the Yahoo! Answers Community
    by Irit Keynan & Alon Lazar

  • 2017 Role of Professional Women in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
    by Iruloh Betty- Ruth N. & Uche Chineze M.

  • 2017 The President's Role on National Security Policies - the Case of Kosovo
    by Behar Selimi

  • 2017 Reaffirming Individual Responsibility in Distributive Justice: A Case Study of the Chinese Healthcare System
    by Ziyu Liu & Martin Buijsen

  • 2017 Analysis of Written English: The Case of Female University Students in Saudi Arabia
    by Islam Ababneh

  • 2017 Virginia Satir’s Family Education and Therapy Model
    by Neşide Yıldırım

  • 2017 Nihat Keklik's Views of the Theory of Wisdom Building
    by Kazım Yıldırım

  • 2017 Tire Art: Environmental Education through Science, Visual and Language Arts
    by Young Imm Kang Song & Maureen Creegan-Quinquis & DongSun Min & HuiKyeong Kang

  • 2017 Fostering Interdisciplinarity: Implications for Social Sciences
    by Sandro Serpa & Carlos Miguel Ferreira & Ana Isabel Santos

  • 2017 The Investigation and Comparison of Experience of Divorce in Divorced Men and Women (Meanings, Contexts, Outcomes, and Adjustment after Divorce)
    by Aida Abolhassni & Taghi Pourebrahim & Abolghasem Khoshkonesh

  • 2017 TANF Participation and Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring Barriers to Self-Sufficiency
    by Johanna Thomas & Shannon Collier-Tenison & December Maxwell & Cody Cheek

  • 2017 Doctor Distrust: Pragmatism, Intersectionality, and the Confluence of Expertise and Interests
    by Lawrence H. Williams

  • 2017 Hearing Foreigners’ Voices: Unprecedented Communication for Hearing Foreigners’ Voices in Saudi Arabia
    by Alaa Bakur

  • 2017 The Guarantees of the Human Rights of the Defendant in the Law System in Kosovo
    by Armend Podvorica & Adelina Rakaj

  • 2017 Indigenous Marital Therapy: A Case of Botswana
    by Bakadzi Moeti & Hildah L. Mokgolodi

  • 2017 Extractives and Sustainable Community Development: A Comparative Study of Women’s Livelihood Assets in the Americas
    by Isabel B. Franco & Titi Kunkel

  • 2017 The Future of Aging as Reflected in José Saramago's Novel "Death with Interruptions" – Israel as a Case Study
    by Avi Bitzur

  • 2017 Political Accountability in the Republic of Kosovo
    by Murat Jashari

  • 2017 Arab Americans and the Obama’s Legacy: Between Rhetoric and Reality
    by Lanouar Ben Hafsa

  • 2017 Perceptions on Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Obesity among Select Groups of the Population in Trinidad
    by Dimple Singh-Ackbarali & Rohanie Maharaj

  • 2017 Impact of Bullying and Low Perceived Social Support on Ultra- High-Risk for Psychosis in Immigrant Adolescents: A Preliminary Study
    by Anna Riva & Monica Bomba & Elisa Maserati & Francesca Neri & Renata Nacinovich

  • 2017 Traders as Diplomats: Trade and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1971-78
    by Mao Lin

  • 2017 Modeling Chinese Domestic Cereal Flow due to Stock and Economic Gradient
    by Toshiaki Ichinose & Kai Liu

  • 2017 Attitudes and Self-Efficacy of Arabic-speaking Physical Education Teachers in Israel toward Including Children with Disabilities
    by Yeshayahu Hutzler & Einas Daniel-Shama

  • 2017 Leaving Office: The U.S. Senator’s Representation, Ideological Adoption, and Strategic Retirement
    by Jangsup Choi

  • 2017 Freeing Leonardo da Vinci’s Fight for the Standard in the Hall of the Five Hundred at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio
    by Antonio Cassella

  • 2017 Ownership Concentration, Financial Leverage and Inefficient Investment-evidence from Chinese A-share Market
    by Zhang Xinyuan & Bao Nan & Zhao Yufei

  • 2017 Redefining Retail Store Formats - A South African Study
    by Rajesh Sharma & Abhinanda Gautam

  • 2017 Competitive Balance and Consumer Demand in the English Football League
    by Misael Martinez & Jonathan Willner

  • 2017 Are Unconventional Monetary Policy and Large Scale Fiscal Policy Effective?: The Case of Japan
    by Yutaka Kurihara

  • 2017 Commitment to Control Regulations in the Combat against Corruption in Public Budget: Sudan Case
    by Mustafa Ngam Elbushari

  • 2017 A Non-linear Estimation of the Capital Asset Pricing Model: The Case of Japanese Automobile Industry Firms
    by Chikashi Tsuji

  • 2017 The Relationship between Cash Flows and Stock Returns: An Empirical Study of Financial Investment Banks on the Khartoum Stock of Exchange
    by Sayed Abbas Bala

  • 2017 Does Market Welcome the International Convergence of Fair Value Standard in China?
    by Dehong Wang & Jianbo Song & Yue Zhang

  • 2017 Firm Characteristics and Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by Listed Financial Services Companies in Nigeria
    by Ioraver N. Tsegba & Joy Semberfan & Gabriel M. Tyokoso

  • 2017 Factor Analysis Aspects of the Enterprise¡¯s Operating Leverage
    by Izolda Chiladze

  • 2017 Analytic Procedures: A Holdback-vetting Forecasting Model
    by Edward J. Lusk

  • 2017 Investigating the Relationship between the Social and Economic-financial Performance
    by Giovanni Vaia & Marco Bisogno & Aurelio Tommasetti

  • 2017 A Class Discussion Project for Investment Management and Business Strategy
    by Patrick John Larkin & Baeyong Lee

  • 2017 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) On the Stock Market Performances in Nigeria (1985-2014)
    by Omodero, Cordelia Onyinyechi & M.C. Ekwe

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  • 2017 The IMF has always promoted the theories of external adjustment. These theories were inspired by the work of J.Polak who first came up with the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments in 1957. In this approach, the balance of payments imbalances are related to excess: the model allows calculating a compatible amount of credit with a fixed target of external reserves. It is based on two assumptions: the constant money demand related to the income and the exogenous nature of the money supply resulting to an autonomous decision of the monetary authorities which fixes the internal component of currency level. An external imbalance is therefore only the symptom of a deeper evil, of monetary origin. In this paper, the Polak model will be applied on the variables of the Moroccan economy and study the results generated from the adjustment through the monetary balance of payments approach on its deficit
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  • 2017 The original problem that serves as a basis for this project comes from an American contest (PUMaC, 2014) regarding the maximum amount of enclosed spaces given a limited number of cuts on an infinite plane. In this study, we explore the same problem and extend it in the context of m dimensions given n (m-1) dimensional cuts using the recursive relationship of finite cuts and enclosed spaces in lower dimensions. Once the general formula of f(m,n)?was proven for dimensions, an Euler¡¯s inspired formula was used to check the accuracy of the formula in two and three dimensions. The Euler¡¯s formula also allowed us to derive the formula for the maximum number of unenclosed spaces in three-dimensional F(3, n). The results are as follows:
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  • 2017 Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Jordan: The Permanent Equilibrium Approach
    by Noura Abu Asab

  • 2017 It goes without saying that Africa needs a significant quantum of resources to address its development challenges. The World Bank estimates Africa¡¯s infrastructure needs at USD 93 billion per annum and we estimate the social sector development needs at USD 109 billion per annum. We also find that the major sources of development finance in Africa are exhibiting either a declining or a constant trend. This, therefore, calls for significant increases in the fiscal space in which non-traditional sources of development finance can be game changers. This study discusses five sources of financing that are currently used by a relatively small number of African countries in spite of their potential to increase their fiscal space. Diaspora bonds, carbon sequestration and trading, renewable energy and Islamic finance, as sources of development finance are not traditional to many African countries. Tourism is traditional to all African countries, but is not optimally leveraged as in other parts of the world. We argue that African countries are not looking at the full range of options that could be available to them to increase the development finance space. We therefore argue that African policy makers should embark on revenue diversification to include non-traditional sources that could be game changers in their development finance mix
    by Abdoulie Sireh-Jallow

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  • 2017 Emerging Tourism between Pakistan and China: Tourism Opportunities via China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Abstract, Background: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a mega-project worth more than 54 billion US dollars, as a result of which bilateral relations between Pakistan and China reached new heights. The CPEC is designed to facilitate the establishment of links between Pakistan and the road network, railways and pipelines in conjunction with energy, industrial and other infrastructure projects to ensure the critical energy shortage necessary to enhance the economic growth in Pakistan. Objective, The main purpose of this article is to shed light on promotion of mutual understanding on China's initiative for the revival of the Silk Road and the benefits and challenges for the tourism industry which the CPEC can bring to the neighboring countries, especially Pakistan. A very new project will give us plenty of room to develop a number of innovative points greatly to improve the quality of services and the overall tourist experience in these new tourist destinations. Methodology, Qualitative research and analysis with the help of online research and data collection; the study of excellence in individual scenarios tourist sites, focusing on the aspects of service and policy will be useful to improve tourism on both sides via the Silk Road. Authors also collected data from tourist websites and recommend top rated tourist attractions on Silk Road from Khunjrab pass (border between china and Pakistan) to Gawadar, Pakistan. These tourists’ attraction are hints for tourists, travel agents and new researchers
    by Syed Ahtsham Ali & Jahanzaib Haider & Muhammad Ali & Syed Irfan Ali & Xu Ming

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