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Help for IDEAS and RePEc

With most browsers, you just opened a new window. You can find the page you came from in another window and keep this page as reference. This page offers you a central location for FAQs and tutorials relating to IDEAS and RePEc

RePEc and all its sites are run by volunteers. Look through the FAQs before contacting them.

Known issues


For every item or series, a technical contact is listed. On the IDEAS abstract page, look for the email and the end of the "publisher info section". For a series or journal, the email address is listed right under the name header. Email this person about your problem. RePEc cannot do anything about the error, the technical contact holds the keys to the relevant data.
Publishers are responsible for listing their publications. Academic or policy institutions can also index their working paper (pre-print) series. Instructions are here. If your publication cannot be indexed this way, you have the option to upload your paper to MPRA, if your publisher allows it (look up policy).
IDEAS, like all RePEc services, is free and run by volunteers. The underlying data is provided by publishers to RePEc, and IDEAS is one representation of it. You can find others on the RePEc website.
RePEc wants to improve the dissemination of research in economics, for authors, publishers and readers. To this end it provides a series of free services offered by a team of volunteers. See RePEc for more.
RePEc provides a lot of services, indeed. For a high-level listing of them, see the RePEc home page or this blogpost. But there are a lot of small and niche services. Follow the #dailyRePEc hashtag on Twitter to discover them.



More tutorials are coming soon.
Only if your questions could not be answered here or in the links, feel free to send a comment to Christian Zimmermann.
IDEAS is a RePEc service. RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers.