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FAQ for RePEc archive maintainers

General RePEc questions

  • I just inherited the maintenance of a RePEc archive. What should I do?

    First, you need to familiarize yourself with our procedures. A good way to do this is to follow the step-by-step instructions we provide for the creation of new archives. Second, find your archive on your server. Third, modify the contact details in the archive and series templates to reflect the new maintainer. Then you are ready to update your archive with any new material that may come in.

  • What is RePEc?

    RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a group working on the provision of electronic working papers. We are concerned that the uncoordinated provision of archives is inefficient. We believe that joining forces is a good thing because we can learn from each other how to do things better and promote our work together. Check the RePEc website for details.

  • Is RePEc used?

    Quite a lot in fact. For details, see LogEc, which covers traffic at some of the RePEc services.

  • What are RePEc services?

    RePEc services use the data collected through RePEc. For a listing of them, look on the RePEc website.

  • Do I need to maintain two sets of information: one for RePEc and one for my web site?

    Not necessarily. You may maintain only the RePEc archive, and then link to the display of your series in one of the RePEc services. Or you may use your RePEc data and have it parsed to create your own web page. Examples: 1, 2, 3.

  • How can I optimize the visibility of my works?

    The best is to provide as much information as possible. With an Abstract:, items are more likely to be found. The same applies to Classification-JEL:. If there is no date, the item will be dropped at the end of many listings. Some RePEc services use the Keywords:. And finally, having an item online with a File-URL: definitely increases interest.

  • Where are my templates used?

    The templates are used by the various RePEc services, listed on the RePEc web sites. They are also relayed by the Open Archives Initiative to its own services, which include for example Yahoo Search.

  • Do I need to submit publication information separately to other abstracting services?

    RePEc transfers the data automatically to NEP and Econlit, for the series that are eligible. For other abstracting services, you indeed need to submit separately.

  • I want to help more with RePEc. What can I do?

    Check out the volunteer opportunities. You can also subscribe to the repec-archives mailing list, where various issues are discussed and opportunities for further involvmeent may arise.

  • Who pays for RePEc and its services as it is free for all?

    RePEc is largely run by volunteers on donated or shared hardware. Various small projects have been covered by small grants.

  • How often is RePEc data updated?

    Most RePEc services update their databases nightly.

  • Who do I need to notify when I made a change?

    Nobody. Everything is done automatically.

  • Papers from my institution are listed several times in search results, how can I prevent that?

    Some of your papers may already have been catalogued by BibEc or WoPEc. To see this, take a look at the list of series at IDEAS. If your institution is listed, write down the file name, which should be either fth/ssssss.html, wop/ssssss.html or wuk/ssssss.html, where ssssss represent the series handle. Then download the relevant files (extension .rdf) at the BibEc (fth archive), the WoPEc (wop archive) or the WoPEc UK (wuk archive), where ssssss is the directory you should look at.

    You can then modify the obtained files, first to make the handle conform to your archive, then also to add relevant information or correct errors. To have then the series at fth, wop or wuk removed, email to

  • A paper got published in a journal, should I remove it?

    In most cases no! The vast majority of publishers allow working papers to stay online, in fact many allow even post-print to be put online. To determine which publisher allows what, see this list.

    If by any chance you have to deal with a publisher that requires that you take a paper offline, then only remove the File-* lines in the template. Do not erase the template. This allows us then to put a link from the working paper to the article once the author has claimed both in his/her RePEc Author Service profile.

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