RePEc Privacy Policy

RePEc respects your privacy. This privacy policy explains how RePEc uses the personal data we collect when you use our websites. We begin by showing what is common among most websites, then we detail specifics for individual websites.

General policy

The RePEc websites are free to use anonymously for anyone. Private coordinates are not needed to use them. Some features can only be useful with a user account and/or by providing an email address, though, and the minumum necessary is collected, stored, and published. Details by sites are provided below. RePEc servers are located in various countries that are mentioned below. We do not publicize individual email addresses unless the user specifically authorized it. We never share email lists. Should you have questions about the privacy policy, contact the respective website owner or


Some website use cookies to compute general traffic statistics using Google Analytics: IDEAS, EDIRC, RePEc Author Service, RePEc Genealogy, RePEc Input Service, RePEc Biblio, RePEc Plagiarism Committee, EconAcademics. Google Analytics is not enhanced in any way to collect demographic information or tracking across websites. A few websites need cookies to store authentication when needed for personalized features: IDEAS (MyIDEAS), RePEc Genealogy, RePEc Biblio, RePEc Plagiarism Committee. One site uses simple session cookies: CollEc. One site stores user preferences in a cookie: EconPapers.

Email addresses

Only three sites require email addresses for use: The metadata provided by publishers may contain email addresses. IDEAS and EconPapers show email addresses that allow to contact publishers for corrections or questions. EconPapers shows author and editor email addresses as provided by publishers. In both cases, publishers control that information. Contact details are listed on each relevant page.

EDIRC lists email addresses for some institutions. Changes can be requested on each EDIRC page.

IDEAS and EDIRC protect email addresses behind a captcha that will fail with excessive use.

RePEc does not provide email addresses beyond what is detailed above. Requests for email lists or for sending emails to users will be declined.


If any authentication is required, it is only for some features that would not work without authentication, such as personalized services or access controlled features. Authentication is always occurring via the RePEc Author Service, thus an account there is needed. Account passwords are stored on that site with one-way encryption and individual salt. The following sites leverage such authentication: IDEAS, CitEc, RePEc Genealogy, RePEc Biblio, RePEc Plagiarism Committee.

IP addresses

Website traffic is logged including IP addresses. IP addresses are not linked to cookies, where present. They are used to determine traffic statistics on LogEc.

Server locations

RePEc servers are located in the following countries: