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  • For phrase searches, put words between double quotes (" ").
  • For boolean searches, use + for AND, | for OR and ~ for NOT. Group with parentheses. Example: (money | currency) ~liquidity
  • Search for AuthorOne AuthorTwo (Year) to get a link to that work.
  • Search automatically uses synonyms ( for example, labor=labour, US=United States) and algorithmic word stemming (find, finds, finding, etc).
  • You may also want to browse through material classified through Journal of Economic Literature codes. A search limited to a JEL code is available on those pages.
  • Similarly, search from within a series or journal page to restrict results to that serial.
  • With this form, you search the bibliographic records, not the texts themselves. IDEAS does not host any full text.
  • You can also have a look at this tutorial.

Find a random item

Not sure what to look for? Just go for a random item and explore all what is done in Economics!

Search for registered authors

Type at least three letters from the start of the last (family) name.

Search for serial

Search for a paper series, a journal, a book series. Type at least three letters and up to two words in the name and publisher of the serial.

Search with a RePEc handle or author short-ID

RePEc handle:
Note that handles are of the type RePEc:aaa:ssssss:xxxx, where aaa is the archive code (three letters), ssssss is the series code (six letters or numbers) and xxxx is the item code (unrestricted). You can also search for series (of type RePEc:aaa:ssssss). If you want a direct link to a page knowing a handle or Author short-ID, use

Search for institutions

IDEAS is a RePEc service. RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers.