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There are two categories of people listed here. First, there are those who have registered with the RePEc Author Service and identified themselves as authors by claiming to have written papers during the registration process. 68,054 such authors are listed below. Then, there are 15,456 people who have registered as well, but without claiming authorship of any papers. They are listed on a separate page.

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Type at least three letters from the start of the last (family) name.

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Due to the large number of registered authors, their listing had to be split by initials. A listing with all authors on one single page is still available, but beware, this is a large file!

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Authors by affiliation

Please look up the relevant institution at EDIRC.

Authors by field

This new feature tries to classify authors by field. The procedure is the following: if, among all papers from an author disseminated by NEP, at least 5 papers or 25% have been disseminated in one of the field reports, the author is deemed a specialist of that field. Note that a paper can appear in several field reports, and thus an author can appear in several lists below.
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