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The team

Implicitly, the RePEc team is huge, as it encompasses all the volunteers of RePEc, including all archive maintainers as well as other helpful people. Here, we wish to give some background information about the people most involved in this undertaking.

José Manuel Barrueco Cruz

JMBC is librarian at the University of Valencia in Spain. He has been involved very early in WoPEc (now defunct) and has written a large chunk of the software used for the first versions of IDEAS as well. He also built some of the initial critical mass in online papers by simply surfing the net and adding material to RePEc. He is now mostly involved in CitEc, which provides citation analysis of the works listed in RePEc.
RePEc blog post about José Manuel Barrueco Cruz

Christopher F. Baum

Kit is Professor of Economics and Social Work at Boston College. He has been instrumental in coding scripts that produce RePEc materials from web-based working paper and journal article listings for a number of RePEc series, including some of the major commercial publishers that participate in RePEc. Kit proposed the inclusion of software components in RePEc, and manages the largest archive of software components (to which he often contributes Stata components for time series econometrics). He also does publicity for RePEc, is the proprietor of the domain, and he responds to our hotline.
RePEc blog post about Kit Baum

Christian Düben

Christian is an economist at the University of Hamburg. He takes care of CollEc, the project that analyzes the co-authorship network in RePEc.

Sune Karlsson

Sune is Professor of Statistics at Orebrö University on Sweden. He runs the Swedish Working Paper Archive, SWoPEc, one of the founding members of RePEc. He is also in charge of the scripts used for updating the database contents of most RePEc participants. He is in charge of LogEc, which houses lots of statistics about RePEc, and of EconPapers. He finally maintains a set of web-based tools that help archive maintainers with the accuracy of the data they contribute.
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Thomas Krichel

Thomas is the one who started it all, before most of us even knew about the web. While Lecturer of Economics at the University of Surrey in 1993, he set up NetEc, the precursor to RePEc. He coordinates many activities and maintains the protocols we use. He is also our liaison to related initiatives in other disciplines. He currently also maintains the software for NEP and the RePEc Author Service, in addition to being the system administrator to several machines.
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Stan Miles

Stan teaches at Thompson Rivers University in Canada and does some monitoring for NEP: he checks that editors work diligently, wakes them up if necessary and checks that the occasional ads in the NEP reports look right.

Marco Novarese

Marco is researcher at the University of Piemonte Orientale (Italy). He directs NEP, in particular recruits and selects its editors.
RePEc blog post about Marco Novarese

Volker Schallehn and Joachim Winter

Volker is Librarian and Joachim is Professor at the University of Munich, Germany. They co-manage the Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) that allows authors without access to an institutional RePEc archive to upload their works.
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Christian Zimmermann

Christian is Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He is in charge of the IDEAS, EDIRC, RePEc Genealogy and RePEc Biblio sites, monitors author registration and does some P.R. He is also in charge of the RePEc Input Service and of the monthly mailings to archive and series maintainers, editors and authors.


The following participated in critical aspects of the development of RePEc and have since moved to other projects.

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Bernardo was closely involved with the academic aspects of NEP (our annoucement service) almost since its inception until 2007.
RePEc blog post about Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Christian Calmès

Christian is teaching at the Université du Québec en Ouataouais and was involved in NEP coordination. RePEc blog post about Christian Calmès

Kyle Fluegge

Kyle is a PhD student in Agricultural Economics at Ohio State University and he generated every week the the set of papers that are sumbitted to NEP editors.

Markus Klink

Markus started collaborating while working on his Master's at the University of Mannheim, Germany. He started with the RePEc author registration.

Ivan Kurmanov

Ivan graduated in Economics at Belarussian State University and has worked over ten years as software developer for RePEc. Ivan has programmed some of the "invisible" scripts used by RePEc that help us everyday in our tasks. He was also the main programmer for the RePEc author registration.
RePEc Blog post on Ivan Kurmanov

Victor Lyapounov

Sergei Parinov

Vic and Sergei are with the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch), where they maintained a Russian mirror of RePEc called Socionet.

Féthy Mili

Féthy is documentalist at the departments of Economics and of Industrial Relations of the University of Montreal. He started around 1988 to catalog the holdings of his working paper library on the Internet. This catalogue gave NetEc much of its critical mass. Most handles starting with archive code fth are from him.

Robert Parks

Bob is Professor of Economics at Washington University, St. Louis. He started the popular but now defunct Economics Working Paper Archive (EconWPA), whose listings were also included in NetEc, and then RePEc, very early on. Bob has been critical in providing the project with advice and lots of hardware.

Ekkehart Schlicht

Ekkehart founded MPRA and managed it for the first years.
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Roman Shapiro

Roman is a software developer in Novosibirsk, Russia. Roman was responsible for a lot of the coding that helps editors create NEP reports.

Laura Nicola-Gavrila

Laura is Professor of Management at Universitatea Spiru Haret in Romania. Her duty was to prepare the weekly list of new working papers that is sent for approval to NEP editors.
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