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What is the RePEc Short-ID?

The RePEc Short-ID is a unique and permanent identifier attributed to people. One can obtain this identifier by registering at the RePEc Author Service. The instructions below describe ways to find it for oneself or other people.

The RePEc Short-ID is of the form pxxnnnn, where
xx are two letters, usually the two first letters of the last name
nnnn are one to four digits, which are attributed during registration.

The RePEc Short-ID is used throughout RePEc services. Below are some examples of locations where it appers, either in the URL or the body of the page. In this case, look for pzi1.

RePEc Author Service

The RePEc Author Service is where the RePEc SHort-ID is created and where author profile are maintained. Log in and you should see and page like the one below. The shortid is indicated next to the name, as wellas just below the name. It also on the ribbon with the links to the various sections of the site (not on this image).


IDEAS is a RePEc service that displays author profiles, among many other features. Below is such an author profile. Note how the RePEc Short-ID appears in the address bar and below the name details.

You can also find the RePEc Short-ID in other ways on IDEAS. There is a search form that displays it as you type. You can find it on the author directory and on the search page. Finally, there is a lookup tool.


EconPapers is RePEc service similar to IDEAS. It also has author profiles, and the RePEc Short-ID can be found in the URL and below the information about the person.

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IDEAS is a RePEc service. RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers.