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Should you send me an email?

I will not be able to help you with the following:

What research is available on a specific topic?
Please search or browse through IDEAS. You may also find the RePEc Biblio useful.
Could you send me this paper?
I most probably do not have it. Please ask the author or the publisher. See Help! for details.
Where is this paper available online?
If IDEAS does not list it as downloadable, it may still be. Please see Help! for details.
Could you send any new research about a topic?
Please look at NEP or use MyIDEAS.
Could you contact this author for me?
Find the author this listing. If no email is listed, look up at the affilaiation website. If not registered, trace the author through EDIRC, noting where he/she is affiliated. See Help! for details. I am not releasing an email address if the author chose to hide it.
Could you send a repaired file for this downloadable paper?
Contact the author or his/her institution. Again, see Help!.

This is email I will be able to deal with:

You want your institution's papers to be listed in IDEAS! (see first the instructions)
You have some comments or suggestions about IDEAS!
You want to volunteer with IDEAS or RePEc!

Finally, you may want to check out the RePEc blog or my home page.

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