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MyIDEAS is a recent service, so there are not yet many frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask for more.
Unfortunately, yes. But be reassured that the cookie is only used so that we can attribute all changes in MyIDEAS to the right person. Nothing else is done with it. Just allow cookies from (the cookie is also used to rate entries in the RePEc Biblio).
No problem. Find your department on EDIRC, or follow the EDIRC link for your affiliation on your IDEAS profile. This brings you to your department's page on EDIRC. In the yellow box, there may be a link to "Publications by its alumni". Click that and if your MyIDEAS account is live, you will find the link to add all authors in one go. Note that if some people a missing from the list, amend the relevant entries in the RePEc Genealogy. You will need to repeat the procedure to add any newcomers.
Do as in the previous question, only click on "Publications by its affiliates".
At this point, you have to add them individually. But in expectation of some future functionality in that respect, make sure they are listed as your students on the RePEc Genealogy.
Go into your MyIDEAS account and click on the "Emails" tab. This will allow you to set what to receive by email.
Once logged in, go to the abstract page for this item, then click on the button just under the top bar.
Do a search on IDEAS, and once you are happy with the search settings, click on the button under the top bar. As you select which search keywords to follow, keep in mind that only the first 2000 search results will be monitored. A search that is too broad may miss new items, and may also overwhelm you.
That turns out to be quite complicated, especially as authentication is required. So, no, there is no RSS feed at this point. But you can get notifications through email.
MyIDEAS will show any addition since the last time the timestamp was set. For a newly added item to follow, that timestamp is when you selected, or just about now. You need to wait for some new material to get added.
No. Your monthly RePEc emails only tell you how many people are following you.
This is likely because the publisher has not indexed it in RePEc yet. Once done, it is available in MyIDEAS within 24 hours. For authors, they first need to add the work to their profiles.
We really cannot roll back time.

Comments and requests for additions are welcome. Send them to Christian Zimmermann.

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