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FAQ for authors registered in RePEc

Monthly mailings

You need to register with the RePEc Author Service and you need to have at least one work listed one your profile. You will then automatically receive a mailing in the first week on each month.
No. We do not change the address, you do. Do this by changing the registration email. Log into the RePEc Author Service, and change the email address under "contact".
See all the details at LogEc.
We are certainly sending it. But if you are not getting it, there may be several reasons:
  1. The email address listed with us is not valid anymore. If we notice this, your profile on IDEAS should have a note in this regard. Then either log in with your old email address and change your contact details to the new one, or alert us to the new email address.
  2. Your monthly email is eaten by some spam protection software. You need to authorize ("whitelist") one email address: Do this in your anti-spam software if you handle this yourself, or notify your postmaster or IT guru.
  3. You have put in place a "challenge" for all incoming email. We have grown tired of answering those challenges. Authorize the above email addresses.
  4. Your mailbox is full. Empty it!
The data collected by RePEc, including the author data, is used by several so-called web services. They display the information about you and your works in deifferent ways. We consider it a healthy competition, and you have the freedom to use the one you prefer on your homepage or email signature.
We prefer that you get regular reminders of your profile in RePEc so that you can update it. But if you do not want to get the monthly emails anymore, you can either delete your registration (log in and look for the "delete" link in the main menu), which makes us very sad, or ask by return email to be put on a "do-not-call" list. You will still get an email when there are major developments, though, or when we think new works of your have been added to RePEc.

Comments and additions about your own experience are welcome. Send them to Christian Zimmermann.
IDEAS is a RePEc service. RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers.