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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

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/ / Z1: Cultural Economics
/ / Z2: Sports Economics
/ / Z3: Tourism Economics

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 A Published Answer to Petr Chaadaev’S First “Philosophical Letter”: A Comment on Russian Political Language of the 1830s
    by Mikhail Velizhev

  • 2017 Technology Learning Practices in an Interactive Museum
    by Alisa Maximova

  • 2017 A Muslim Azef, or One More Orientalist: Playing the Other in Imperio-Orientalist Mirrors
    by Olga Yu. Bessmertnaya

  • 2017 Where Does Attention Go When Facilitation is Absent?
    by Joseph W. MacInnes & Roopali Bhatnagar

  • 2017 Object and Spatial Working Memory in Visual Search for Multiple Targets
    by Elena S. Gorbunova & Kirill S. Kozlov & Sofia Tkhan Tin Le & Ivan M. Makarov

  • 2017 The Quality of Motivation in Learning and Leisure Activities, and Their Accompanying Experiences
    by Konstantin G. Soldatnikov & Dmitry A. Leontiev

  • 2017 Motor (But Not Auditory) Attention Affects Syntactic Choice
    by Mikhail Pokhoday & Christoph Scheepers & Yury Shtyrov & Andriy Myachykov

  • 2017 The Effect of Object Distinctiveness on Object-Location Binding in Visual Working Memory
    by Yuri A. Markov & Igor S. Utochkin

  • 2017 Agenda Divergence in a Developing Conflict: A Quantitative Evidence from a Ukrainian and a Russian TV Newsfeeds
    by Olessia Y. Koltsova & Sergei V. Pashakhin

  • 2017 Ensemble-Based Segmentation in the Perception of Multiple Feature Conjunctions
    by Igor S. Utochkin & Vladislav A. Khvostov & Yulia M. Stakina

  • 2017 An Analysis of Brand Association Perception Using N400 Evoked Potential
    by Anastasia Nedelko & Olga Lupova & Alexey Gorin & Alexandra Kuznetsova & Vasily Klucharev & Anna Shestakova

  • 2017 The Transformation of Working-Class Identity in Post-Soviet Russia: A Case-Study of an Ural Industrial Neighborhood
    by Polukhina Elizaveta & Strelnikova Anna & Vanke Alexandrina

  • 2017 Copyright in the Blockchain Era: Promises and Challenges
    by Alexander Savelyev

  • 2017 Direct and Indirect Effects of Phonological Ability and Vocabulary Knowledge on Math Performance in Elementary School
    by Yulia V. Kuzmina & Alina E. Ivanova & Inna V.Antipkina

  • 2017 Family Social Capital as a Predictor of Parental and Adolescent Subjective Well-Being in Russia
    by Dmitrii Dubrov

  • 2017 Subsoil Use Payments and Their Functioning Regimes: the Experience of Legal Regulation in the Russian Federation
    by Alexander A. Yalbulganov

  • 2017 Measures of Motivation in Financial Sector Business Leaders
    by Ekaterina A. Strizhova

  • 2017 Mining Media Topics Perceived as Social Problems by Online Audiences: Use of a Data Mining Approach in Sociology
    by Oleg S. Nagornyy & Olessia Y. Koltsova

  • 2017 Commodity Nomenclature and the Classification of Goods for Customs Purposes in the Eurasian Economic Union
    by Dmitriy V. Korf

  • 2017 Visual Search for Letters in the Right vs. Left Visual Hemifields: The Role of Perceptual Load and Set
    by Elena S. Gorbunova & Maria Falikman

  • 2017 Electoral Choices and Basic Values of Russians
    by Alexander Tatarko & Anna Mironova

  • 2017 Social Development or Social Crisis: Modernization Theory Versus World-Systems Analysis
    by Dmytro Khutkyy

  • 2017 Could High-Tech Companies Learn from Others While Choosing Capital Structure?
    by Maria Kokoreva & Anastasia Stepanova & Kirill Povk

  • 2017 Alaskan Russian Through the Prism of the Ninilchik Russian Dictionary Project: “Archaeological” Approach to Language Documentation
    by Mira Bergelson & Andrej Kibrik

  • 2017 Syntactic Structure of Participial Clauses in Meadow Mari
    by Anna A. Volkova

  • 2017 Agenda-Setting in Russian Media
    by Anastasia Kazun

  • 2017 Coverage of Three Tragedies in the Russian Media: Application of the Network Agenda Model
    by Anastasia Kazun & Anton Kazun

  • 2017 Modern Authoritarianism and Political Ideology
    by Yuliy Anatolievich Nisnevich & Andrey Vilenovich Ryabov

  • 2017 Changing the Role and Responsibilities of Middle Managers: A Case Study of the Implications of 'Project 5-100' at a Russian University
    by Farida Zagirova

  • 2017 World Order Transformation and Sociopolitical Destabilization
    by Andrey Korotayev & Leonid Grinin & Leonid Issaev & Alisa Shishkina & Evgeny Ivanov & Kira Meshcherina

  • 2017 Ñest Romanz Fist Crestiens Chretien De Troyes and the Birth of the French Novel
    by Natalia M. Dolgorukova

  • 2017 From a Historical Source to a Narrative Form: Anecdotes in a. V. Nikitenko’S Diary and the History of Censorship
    by Alina Bodrova & Kirill Zubkov

  • 2017 Synonyms for ‘Man, Warrior’ in La?amon’S Brut and Old English Alliterative Poetry
    by Maria A. Volkonskaya

  • 2017 Khodasevich’S Interpretation of Nina Petrovskaya’S Emigre Life: On the Poetics of Renata’S End, a Memoir Essay
    by Pavel Uspenskij

  • 2017 “The Beauty that Kills Me”: the Death of Lyric Person and the Birth of the Poet in Joachim Du Bellay’S Book of Sonnets the Olive (1550)
    by Vladimir Avdonin

  • 2017 A Collateral Tax Sanction: When Does it Mimic a Welfare-Improving Tag?
    by Yulia (Paramonova) Kuchumova

  • 2017 The Impact of Omnivorism on Consumer Choice: The Case of the Book Market
    by Ekaterina S. Demina & Evgeniy M. Ozhegov

  • 2017 The Imperial Society for Promotion of the Russian Trade Shipping and the Oil Issue in the Russian Empire in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century
    by Maria Kulikova

  • 2017 A.V. Mikhailov’S Theory of the Baroque in His “Kulturwissenschaft”
    by Anton N. Afanasiev

  • 2017 “Soviet Antiquity”: Looking for a Cohesive Theory
    by Ivan A. Ladynin

  • 2017 Wolffian Philosophy as Rhetoric in an Essay on the Beauty of the Human Body (1746) by E.A. Nicolai
    by Ilya G. Guryanov

  • 2017 Jolly Drunkards on the Banks of the Neva: Duke De Liria and an Early Episode in the History of Fraternal Societies in Russia
    by Igor Fedyukin & Robert Collis & Ernest A. Zitser

  • 2017 The Trubetskoi Circle: Aristocratic Petit-Maitres in Mod-Eighteenth Century St Petersburg
    by Igor Fedyukin

  • 2017 Alexei Malinovskii, Poor But Noble: Translating August Von Kozebue’S Poverty and Nobleness of Mind as a Way of Social Self-Presentation
    by Maya Lavrinovich

  • 2017 Vague Idea of Studium: Petitions and Bulls of the Portuguese University at the Beginning of the Great Schism (1377–1380)
    by Aleksandr V. Rusanov

  • 2017 The Career Strategies and Patronage Networks Inside and Outside the Archive of the College of Foreign Affairs in the Late 18th – Early 19th Centuries
    by Maya Lavrinovich

  • 2017 The Philosophy of the Good and the Evil in the Teachings of Leo Tolstoy and Hannah Arendt
    by Svetlana Klimova

  • 2017 Regimes of the Russian–Swedish Border in the Novgorod Lands
    by Adrian Selin & Kuzma Kukushkin & Ivan Sablin & Elena Kocheryagina

  • 2017 The Revolutions of 1917 in the Philosophy of the Russian Symbolism
    by Alexander Dobrokhotov

  • 2017 Intrenational Position of Christian Alania in the 10th Century
    by Andrey Yu. Vinogradov

  • 2017 History of Christianity in Alania Before 932
    by Andrey Yu. Vinogradov

  • 2017 Explaining and Managing Epidemics in Imperial Contexts: Russian Responses to Plague in the Kazakh Steppe in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
    by Anna E. Afanasyeva

  • 2017 Traits of Negative and Positive Discrimination in the Relationships between Coptic Community and Muslim Authorities of Medieval Egypt
    by Anastasia M. Ivanova

  • 2017 Towards the First Far Eastern Republic: Regionalism, Socialism, and Nationalism in Pacific Russia, 1905–1918
    by Ivan Sablin

  • 2017 Two Models of Primary Health Care Development: Russia vs. Central and Eastern European Countries
    by Igor Sheiman & Vladimir Shevski

  • 2017 Colonialismo interno y memoria colectiva. Aportes de Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui al estudio de los movimientos sociales y las identificaciones políticas
    by Romina Accossatto

  • 2017 Motivation of the Personal
    by Tomescu Ioan-Adrian & Tincescu Ana-Maria

  • 2016 Peasant Life and Russian Identity: The Plots About Peasants and Their Cultural Meaning in Russian Literature Before 1861
    by Alexey V. Vdovin

  • 2016 Routine Corruption in Russia During the Reigns of Catherine Ii and Alexander I
    by Elena Korchmina & Igor Fedyukin

  • 2016 Towards the Panopticon: School Building and Discipline in Early Modern Russia
    by Igor Fedyukin

  • 2016 Development of heterodox economics at public German universities since the 1970s
    by Thieme, Sebastian & Heise, Arne

  • 2016 The evaluation of tourism satisfaction in island destinations: The case of the Ionian Islands of Greece
    by Eleni Gaki & Stella Kostopoulou & Evangelia Parisi & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 The sustainability of yachting tourism: A case study on Greece
    by Jamie Chen & Chrysanthi Balomenou & Peter Nijkamp & Panoraia Poulaki & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 Seven-Year Impacts of Burkina Faso's BRIGHT Program
    by Harounan Kazianga & Leigh Linden & Cara Orfield & Ali Protik & Matt Sloan

  • 2016 Kids, Streets, and Activities
    by Alexandra A. Bochaver & Anna N. Korzun & Katerina N. Polivanova

  • 2016 Contract Law 2.0: «Smart» Contracts as the Beginning of the End of Classic Contract Law
    by Alexander Savelyev

  • 2016 Event-Related Potential Study of P2 and N2 Components on Fast and Slow Responses in the Auditory Condensation Task
    by Boris V. Chernyshev & Vladimir A. Medvedev

  • 2016 The “Conversation Partner” Phenomenon in the Dialogical I-Other Relationship
    by Elena B. Starovoytenko & Angela A. Derbeneva

  • 2016 Weak Signals on the Future of Mobile Commerce in Russia
    by Ozcan Saritas & Leonid Gokhberg & Pavel Bakhtin & Ilya F. Kuzminov

  • 2016 Intergenerational Transmission of Values in Urban and Rural Area (the Case of Russia)
    by Dmitrii Dubrov & Alexander Tatarko

  • 2016 Asymmetric Modulation of Frn by the Probability and Value of Outcomes in Auditory Mid Task
    by Elena Krugliakova & Alexey Gorin & Anna Shestakova & Tommaso Fedele & Aleksandra Kuznetsova & Vasily Klucharev

  • 2016 Present and Future of the Production: Integrating Lean Management into Corporate Foresight
    by Svetlana V. Sibatrova & Konstantin Vishnevskiy

  • 2016 Bank Capital Structure and Financial Innovation: Antagonists or Two Sides of the Same Coin?
    by Lorenzo Sasso

  • 2016 Formation of the Credit Rating Agency Regulation in Russia
    by Anton S. Selivanovsky

  • 2016 The Self-Concordance Model: The Effects of Autonomy, Effort and Goal Progress on Subjective Well-Being in the Us and Russia
    by Dmitry D. Suchkov

  • 2016 The Founders of 16th Century Belgian Realism in Private International Law Doctrine
    by Irina V. Getman-Pavlova

  • 2016 The Impact of Executive Functions and Emotional Intelligence on Iowa Gambling Task Performance: Focus on Right Frontal Lobe Damage
    by Oksana O. Zinchenko & Elena V. Enikolopova

  • 2016 The Role of Intertarget Distance in Visual Search for Multiple Targets
    by Elena S. Gorbunova & Alevtina E. Konyukhova

  • 2016 The Effects of Mood on Emotion Recognition and its Relationship with the Global vs Local Information Processing Styles
    by Victoria Ovsyannikova

  • 2016 Acculturation Profiles of Immigrants and Their Level of Socio-Economic Adaptation
    by Dmitry Grigoryev

  • 2016 Noncognitive Development of First Graders and Their Cognitive Performance
    by Brun Irina & Ivanova Alina & Kardanova Elena & Orel Ekaterina

  • 2016 E-Communication in Personal Sales: Internet Usage and Performance
    by Nadezda Kolesnik

  • 2016 A Searching Tool for Russian Error-Annotated Learner English Corpus
    by Alena Fenogenova & Elizaveta Kuzmenko

  • 2016 Market Orientation and Company Performance: A Russian Service Industry Perspective
    by Sergei P. Kazakov

  • 2016 Case and Agreement in Mehweb
    by Dmitry Ganenkov

  • 2016 Coreference Annotation in the Russian Clinical Pear Stories Corpus: Annotation Features and Preliminary Results
    by Svetlana Yu. Toldova & Elizaveta I. Ivtushok & Kira M. Shulgina & Mira B. Bergelson & Mariya V. Khudyakova

  • 2016 A Case of Using a Multilingual Database of Synonyms for Designing Lexical Drills
    by Maria Zarifyan & Anastasia Melnik & Anastasia Vyrenkova

  • 2016 Coherence in Aphasia: Implementation of Different Measurement Procedures
    by Mariya V. Khudyakova & Maria M. Shapiro & Maria A.Grabovskaya & Maria A. Alexeeva

  • 2016 The Mehweb “Assertive” Copula G?A: A Sketch of a Portrait
    by Yury Lander

  • 2016 Lak Biabsolutives are Raising Structures
    by Dmitry Ganenkov

  • 2016 The Language and People of Mehweb
    by Nina Dobrushina

  • 2016 Contact-Induced Usages of Volitional Moods in East Caucasian Languages
    by Nina Dobrushina

  • 2016 Cognitive Political Discourse Analysis: Creative Translation Teaching Case
    by Irina V. Ubozhenko

  • 2016 Money Versus the Soul: Neoliberal Economics in the Education Modernisation Reform of Post-Soviet Russia
    by Elena V. Minina

  • 2016 Total Factor Productivity and Social Cooperation: Theoretical Framework and Tentative Empirical Analysis
    by Ilya Lokshin & Anastasia Samorodova & Evgenia Skoptsova

  • 2016 Business-Government Cooperation in Vet: A Russian Experiment with Dual Education
    by Thomas F. Remington

  • 2016 How Multilevel Elite Loyalty Strengthens Electoral Authoritarianism: Evidence from Gubernatorial Elections in Russia
    by Elena Sirotkina & Svetlana Karandashova

  • 2016 Can Teacher Practices Reduce the Gender Gap in Mathematics Interest for Students with Different Achievements?
    by Yulia V. Kuzmina

  • 2016 Rally-Around-The-Flag and the Media: Case of Economic Sanctions in Russia
    by Anastasia Kazun

  • 2016 Narrative Structure of Evgeny Baratynsky’S Tale “Persten” (the Ring) in the Context of the Evolution of Russian Tale within 1820s - 1840s
    by Alina Bodrova

  • 2016 Bakhtin in France: A Critical Look at the First French Reviews Appeared in the 1970s
    by Natalia M. Dolgorukova

  • 2016 Games with Incomplete Information on One Side as Games with Incomplete Information on Both Sides and Asymmetric Computational Resources
    by Misha Gavrilovich & Victoria Kreps

  • 2016 Soviet Translator Alexander Romm: an Experience of Literary Depersonalization
    by Elena Zemskova

  • 2016 Changing Historical Cultures, Changing Appraisals of Baltic Germans’ Place in Latvia’S History
    by Kirill A. Levinson

  • 2016 Degeneration and “Socially Dangerous” in Late Imperial Russia Psychiatry
    by Mikhail Pogorelov

  • 2016 The Circulation of Information About the Poll Tax Revenues as an Indicator of Russian Empire Undergoverness in the in the 18th Century
    by Elena Korchmina

  • 2016 «A Monologue About Foreign Ships» by Sugita Genpaku
    by Olga V. Klimova

  • 2016 Wilhelm Von Humboldt and Berlin University: a New Look at the Origin of the Humboldt Myth
    by Oleg Morozov

  • 2016 The "German Party" in Russia in the 1730s: Exploring the Ideas of the Ruling Faction
    by Igor Fedyukin

  • 2016 Why Don'T 2d Jokes Fall Flat? A Two-Dimensional Interpretation of Russell'S Joke About the Yachts
    by Victor V. Gorbatov

  • 2016 Electronic Health Records and Clinical Routines: Convergence and Divergenc
    by Andrei M. Korbut

  • 2016 The Writers as Popularizers of the Knowledge About the Slavic Peoples. The Case of Multivolume “Picturesque Russia” in the Last Quarter Of the XIX Century
    by Leonid E. Gorizontov

  • 2016 Subway And Digital Porosity Of The City
    by Oksana Zaporozhets

  • 2016 Two Hagiographic Notes St. Simon – Apostle of Cimmerian Bosporus?
    by Andrey Yu. Vinogradov

  • 2016 Ukrainian Architecture in 18th Century Russia: How and Why?
    by Lev Maciel

  • 2016 The Role of Innovation and Globalization Strategies in Post-Crisis Recovery
    by Golikova Victoria & Kuznetsov Boris

  • 2016 "Westernizations” from Peter I to Meiji: War, Political Competition, and Reform
    by Igor Fedyukin

  • 2016 Free Speech in Plato’S Gorgias
    by Alexei Gloukhov

  • 2016 Minimal Justice and Regime Change in Brian Orend’S Political Ethics
    by Arseniy D. Kumankov

  • 2016 The Political Role of the Russian Consulates in Mongolia in the Mongolian National Liberation Movement in the Early 20th Century
    by Alexandra A. Sizova

  • 2016 The Health Workforce of the Russian Federation in the Context Of the International Trends
    by Christopher J. Gerry & Igor Sheiman

  • 2016 How Accurate Are Surveyed Preferences for Public Policies? Evidence from a Unique Institutional Setup
    by Patricia Funk

  • 2016 Migrant Identities and Diasporic Spaces
    by Alina Popescu & Eleonora Baca

  • 2016 Toward a Polanyian network analysis: market and non-market forms of coordination in the rice economy of Vietnam
    by Laura Prota

  • 2016 Scenario Analysis for the Perspectives of the EU-Russian Federation Relationship

  • 2016 „Ist nämlich der ganze Spekulationsverkehr erst einmal in einen krankhaft erregten Zustand hineingerathen…“: Pathologien der Börse im späten 19. Jahrhundert
    by Engel Alexander

  • 2015 Boris Pasternak, Russian poetry, Russian History, Russian Revolution
    by Kevin M.F. Platt & Konstantin Polivanov

  • 2015 Investigating Modernity Through the Lens of a Recreation Venue: Pleasure Gardens in Late Imperial St. Petersburg and Moscow
    by Svetlana A. Ryabova

  • 2015 Regional estimates of multidimensional poverty in India
    by Dehury, Bidyadhar & Mohanty, Sanjay K.

  • 2015 Accessibility Indicators for Regional Economic Development: An Application to the Regional Distributive Effects of High-Speed Rail in Spain
    by Guineng Chen & Marcos Correia & João de Abreu e Silva

  • 2015 Disposing of Children's Diapers with Solid Waste: A Global Concern?
    by Heather Reese & Breanna Alman & Clair Null

  • 2015 Public Toilets and Their Customers in Low-Income Accra, Ghana
    by Dorothy Peprah & Kelly K. Baker & Christine Moe & Katharine Robb & Nii Wellington & Habib Yakubu & Clair Null

  • 2015 Millennium Challenge Corporation's Electricity Transmission and Distribution Line-Extension Activity in Tanzania: Qualitative Evaluation
    by Candace Miller & John Schurrer & Nicholas Redel & Arif Mamun & Duncan Chaplin

  • 2015 Impact Evaluation of Burkina Faso's BRIGHT Program: Design Report
    by Harounan Kazianga & Leigh Linden & Ali Protik & Matt Sloan

  • 2015 Experimental Impacts of a Teacher Professional Development Program in Chile on Preschool Classroom Quality and Child Outcomes
    by Hirokazu Yoshikawa & Diana Leyva & Catherine E. Snow & Ernesto Treviño & M. Clara Barata & Christina Weiland & Celia J. Gomez & Lorenzo Moreno & Andrea Rolla & Nikhit D’Sa & Mary Catherine Arbour

  • 2015 Findings from the Financial Inclusion Insights Surveys in East Africa: Inequities in Use of Mobile Money
    by Clair Null & Duncan Chaplin & Jacob Hartog & Jessica Jacobson & Arif Mamun & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Tanzania Energy Sector Project: Final Update of Design Report
    by Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & Candace Miller & Ali Protik & John Schurrer

  • 2015 A Mobile Tool for Health Workers: Promising Results in Bihar, India
    by Evan Borkum & Dana Rotz & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2015 Did You Get Your Shots? Experimental Evidence on the Role of Reminders (Journal Article)
    by Matias Busso & Julian Cristia & Sarah Humpage

  • 2015 Slow Down, You're Going Too Fast: Matching Curricula to Student Skill Levels
    by Lant Pritchett & Amanda Beatty

  • 2015 Transformative Leadership
    by Clemencia Cosentino

  • 2015 Evaluation of a Rural Road Rehabilitation Project in Armenia
    by Kenneth Fortson & Randall Blair & Kathryn Gonzalez

  • 2015 Millennium Challenge Corporation's Electricity Transmission and Distribution Line-Extension Activity in Tanzania: Qualitative Evaluation, Appendix D
    by Candace Miller & John Schurrer & Nicholas Redel & Arif Mamun & Duncan Chaplin

  • 2015 Did You Get Your Shots? Experimental Evidence on the Role of Reminders
    by Matías Busso & Julián Cristia & Sarah Humpage

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Continuum of Care Services (CCS) Intervention in Bihar
    by Evan Borkum & Anitha Sivasankaran & Swetha Sridharan & Dana Rotz & Sukhmani Sethi & Mercy Manoranjini & Lakshmi Ramakrishnan & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2015 Impacts of Supporting Civic Participation in Local Governance: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Ali Protik & Jacqueline Berman & Matt Sloan

  • 2015 Semiparametric Bayesian Density Estimation with Disparate Data Sources: A Meta-Analysis of Global Childhood Undernutrition
    by Mariel M. Finucane & Christopher J. Paciorek & Gretchen A. Stevens & Majid Ezzati

  • 2015 Compound-Risk Aversion, Ambiguity, and the Willingness to Pay for Microinsurance
    by Ghada Elabed & Michael R. Carter

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Zanzibar Interconnector Activity: Findings from the Hotel Study
    by John Schurrer & Nicholas Redel & Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun

  • 2015 Russian Hexameter in Contemporary Translations from Greek and Latin
    by Vladimir Fayer

  • 2015 The Doctrine of Public Education of Condorcet in Light of the Discussion on Women'S Rights and Slavery at the Beginning of the Third Republic
    by Anastasia V. Yastrebtseva

  • 2015 Alfred Schutz'S Sociology as a Naive Science
    by Greg Yudin

  • 2015 Crimen Extrajudiciale: Ethics of Plagiarism and Erudite Sociability in J. Thomasius and J. C. Schwartz
    by Pavel V. Sokolov

  • 2015 Descartes and Dostoyevski: Two Modes of ‘Cogito’
    by Alexander Dobrokhotov

  • 2015 The Roots Of Logical Hylomorphism
    by Elena Dragalina – Chernaya

  • 2015 Real Police And Fictional Police: A Study Of Public Perceptions Through Online Commentaries
    by Arseniy Khitrov

  • 2015 Two-Faced Status Of History: Between The Humanities And Social Sciences
    by Irina Savelieva

  • 2015 The Discursive Construction of Co-Ethnic Migration
    by Olga Zeveleva

  • 2015 Condensation Task as an Experimental Model for Studying Individual Differences in Cognitive Control
    by Nikita A. Novikov & Dmitri V. Bryzgalov & Anna A. Lapina & Boris V. Chernyshev

  • 2015 Short-Term Plasticity in Auditory Cortical Circuit Evoked by Monetary Incentive Delay Task
    by Elena Krugliakova & Alexey Gorin & Anna Shestakova & Vasily Klucharev

  • 2015 The Role of Religious Identity and Perceived Psychological Closeness in Parent-Child Value Similarity: Comparison of Religious Minority and Majority
    by Zarina Lepshokova & Victoria Galyapina & Nadezhda Lebedeva

  • 2015 What Kind of Self-Awareness Follows Growth: Facets of Reflection at Different Levels of Ego Development
    by Vasily Kostenko

  • 2015 Workplace Coaching as an Organizational Intervention: Metaphors, Dynamics and Employee Experiences
    by Alexey Ulanovsky

  • 2015 Neural Mechanisms of the Postdecisional Spreading-of-Alternatives Effect: Eeg Study
    by Marco Colosio & Anna Shestakova & Vadim Nikulin & Anna Shpektor & Vasily Klucharev

  • 2015 Poverty and Psychology
    by Olga V. Poluektova & Maria V. Efremova & Seger M. Breugelmans

  • 2015 Evaluating the Dimensionality of the Relative Autonomy Continuum in Us and Russian Samples
    by Kennon M. Sheldon & Evgeny N. Osin & Tamara O. Gordeeva & Dmitry D. Suchkov & Vlaidslav V. Bobrov & Elena I. Rasskazova & Oleg A. Sychev

  • 2015 Motivation for Ethno-Cultural Continuity as a Predictor of Acculturation and Adaptation in Two Generations of Latvian Russians
    by Tatiana Ryabichenko & Nadezhda Lebedeva

  • 2015 Strength and Positivity of Religious Identification as Predictors of the Attitude Toward Economic Involvement Among Orthodox Christians and Sunni Muslims in Russia
    by Maria Efremova & Zarina Lepshokova

  • 2015 The Subjective Quality of Choice Technique: Qualitative Dimensions of Choice as a Self-Orientation Activity
    by Dmitry Leontiev & Anna Fam & Evgeny Osin & Elena Ovchinnikova

  • 2015 The Relationship between Social Identities and Acculturation Strategies of the Ethnic Minority and Majority in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: An Intergenerational Analysis
    by Victoria Galyapina & Nadezhda Lebedeva

  • 2015 Aspects of Increasing Accessibility of Russian Museums and Evaluation of Attendance
    by Tatiana V. Abankina & Pavel V. Derkachev & Liudmila M. Filatova & Irina V. Scherbakova

  • 2015 Trust as a Factor of Subjective Life Satisfaction
    by Anna Mironova

  • 2015 The Roles of Novelty and the Organization of Stimulus Material in Divergent Thinking
    by Sergey R. Yagolkovskiy & Anatoliy V. Kharkhurin

  • 2015 Estimation of Costs in the Russian Public Procurement System: A Case Study of Voronezh State University
    by Olga N. Balaeva & Andrei A. Yakovlev

  • 2015 Towards a Lexical Typology of ‘Flying’ and ‘Jumping’
    by Vladimir A. Plungian & Ekaterina V. Rakhilina

  • 2015 The Interaction of Several Languages in the Cognitive System
    by Vladimir F. Spiridonov & Emilia V. Ezrina

  • 2015 Semantics of Falling: A Cross-Linguistic Approach
    by Tatiana I. Reznikova & Anastasia S. Vyrenkova

  • 2015 The Ant In A Russian Sample: Testing The Independence Of Attention Networks
    by Dmitry Lyusin

  • 2015 Russian Metalinguistic Comparatives: A Functional Perspective
    by Natalia A. Zevakhina & Svetlana S. Dzhakupova

  • 2015 Two-Faced Subordination Marker In West Circassian Necessity Constructions
    by Yury Lander & Irina Bagirokova

  • 2015 Ethnic and Religious Identification, Acculturation Attitudes and the Socio-Economic Adaptation of Immigrants
    by Dmitry S. Grigoryev

  • 2015 Some Challenges of the West Circassian Polysynthetic Corpus
    by Timofey Arkhangelskiy & Yury Lander

  • 2015 Measurement of Cross-Cultural Differences in Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs in Russia, Latvia and Estonia
    by Alena A. Ponomareva & Elena Kardanova & M. S. Hannula & Anita Pipere & M. Lepik

  • 2015 Gradual Language Death: The Case Of Bessarabian Yiddish
    by Timofey Arkhangelskiy & Natalia Tyshkevich

  • 2015 Pre-Experiments on Annotation of Russian Coreference Corpus"
    by Svetlana Toldova & Ilya Azerkovich & Yulia Grishina & Alina Ladygina & Olga Lyashevkaya & Anna Roytberg & Galina Sim & Maria Vasilieva

  • 2015 The Impact of Values, Gender and Education on Creative Behaviour in Different Domains in Russian Regions
    by Nadezhda Lebedeva & Ekaterina Bushina

  • 2015 Self-Transcendence Facilitates Meaning-Making and Flow Experience: Evidence from a Pilot Experimental Study
    by Evgeny N. Osin & Anna V. Malyutina & Natalia V. Kosheleva

  • 2015 Corpus-Based Profiles of Russian Nouns: From Grammatical Number to Lexical Semantics
    by Olga Lyashevskaya

  • 2015 Nominal Morphology of Mehweb Dargwa
    by Ilya Yu. Chechuro

  • 2015 Elections and Property Rights: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Russia
    by Timothy Frye & Andrei Yakovlev

  • 2015 General Converbs in Mehweb
    by Marina A. Kustova

  • 2015 Constructing Tests that Can Measure and Compare the Maths and Physics Skills of Engineering Students in Russia and China
    by Elena Y. Kardanova & Ekaterina S. Enchikova & Shi H & Johnson N. & Lydia O. Liu & Liyang Mao & Prashant Loyalka

  • 2015 Mehweb Verb Morpholog
    by Michael Daniel

  • 2015 Russian Constitutional Development: Formal and Informal Practices
    by Andrei N. Medushevskiy

  • 2015 Moods of Mehweb
    by Nina Dobrushina

  • 2015 International Gas Projects of Russia in the Context of a Changing Economic Environment and Paradigm
    by Nataliya S. Karpova

  • 2015 Negation Markers in Kalmyk
    by Vlada V. Baranova

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  • 2013 Identity in the Economical ArealAbstract:Identity is an intricate subject matter, especially when it is placed in the context of globalization. It presupposes sharing language, values and attitudes. That is to say, it places two cultures into contact. This impact may reach to an acculturating process in the economical areal. The present paper focuses on the words, expression and syntagms which are acculturated without being translated. Translation presupposes a difficult process but, if economists just get through a process of adjusting leaving behind the cultural traits, they may reach to foreignization that is an alienation from homeland’s cultural language and values
    by ªerban Monica

  • 2013 Globalization and the ChurchAbstract:The Orthodox Church has been very concerned with this issue, recently. Globalization is an objective reality, which we can all observe, without being able to stop it. In Romania, we have been concerned with an objective reality coming over us, over the world, namely, on the one hand, the fact that we are becoming integrated in the European structures and, on the other hand, the fact that the whole world is becoming globalized or mondialized. Under these circumstances, the Church needs to find a way of working so that people may live a normal life from a spiritual perspective as well. For this reason, we should analyze all the consequences springing from such a way of working, both the positive and the negative ones
    by Tucã Nicuºor

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