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  • 2018 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2017
    by Challenges Editorial Office

  • 2017 Hyper-H-Indices for Multi-Attribute Research Outputs: Characterizations
    by Stefano Vannucci

  • 2017 Historical Tourism : A Case Study of Muang Wiang Sa

  • 2017 "The Quality Of The Ecosystem Of Start-Up Companies In Poland As A Factor Of Their Internationalization In The Global Network Economy Environment - Research Project. Goals, Assumptions And Researc Methods ?
    by Agnieszka Doma?ska & Anna Anetta Janowska & Konrad Kostrzewa & Rados?aw Malik

  • 2017 Expiring neighborhood: Architecture as a tool for marketing ?home? in Istanbul/Turkey
    by Naime Esra Akin

  • 2017 On the Investigation of Factors Effecting International Tourist Arrivals to Cambodian Market: A Static and Dynamic Gravity Approach
    by Chhorn, Theara

  • 2017 Electricity consumption and Economic growth: A panel data approach to Brics countries
    by Khobai, Hlalefang

  • 2017 An Elo Ranking for Economic Journals
    by Lehmann, Robert & Wohlrabe, Klaus

  • 2017 Simulating the Mutual Sequential Mate Search Model under Non-homogenous Preferences
    by Saglam, Ismail

  • 2017 Global Perspective of CPEC Regarding Economic Integration and Trade Openness
    by Rabbi, Muhammad Ahsan

  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Menilai Prestasi Belajar melalui Penguatan Self Regulated Learning dan Kecerdasan Emosional Siswa pada Pembelajaran Matematika
    by Winarso, Widodo & Supriady, Deddy

  • 2017 The Relationship of Financial Risks Towards the Performance of Vivocom Intl Holdings Berhad
    by Jono, Siti Junaidah

  • 2017 Strengthening the Management of Ubiquitous Internet by Refining ISO/IEC 27001 Implementation Using a Generic Responsibility Model
    by Feltus, Christophe & Khadraoui, Djamel

  • 2017 Resilience in Dynamic Complex Environments: Willful Adaptability and Copability
    by Kurt Motamedi

  • 2017 Accumulation by Dispossession: A Marxist History of the Formation of the English Premier League
    by Anirban Karak

  • 2017 Statistical Disclosure Control for Tabular Data in R
    by Kazuhiro Minami & Yutaka Abe

  • 2017 Eating with the dead in the nation of Georgia
    by Soderlind, Ulrica

  • 2017 Procesos constituyentes y de-constituyentes del sujeto. Mirada desde las periferias urbanas
    by Diego Mauricio Montoya Bedoya & Hugo Amador Herrera Torres

  • 2017 Advertising Radio Discourse – Lexical Analysis
    by Dumitrascu Elena & Maruntelu Liliana

  • 2017 Measuring the Unmeasured: Cultural Heritage Studies in Honor of Prof. Francesco Forte
    by Michela Mantovani

  • 2017 Preliminary Results Of The Public Consultation On The Future Of The Common Agricultural Policy
    by Emilia-Mary Bălan

  • 2017 Einstellung Deutscher Forst- Und Gesundheitsexperten Zu Den Gesundheitsfördernden Effekten Des Waldes Und Zu Einer Zusammenarbeit Beider Sektoren
    by Katharina MEYER-SCHULZ

  • 2017 Becoming Part of an Eco-Community: Social and Environmental Activism or Livelihood Strategy?
    by Paula Escribano & Miranda Jessica Lubbers & José Luis Molina

  • 2017 Is Economic Inequality Really a Problem? A Review of the Arguments
    by E. Wesley F. Peterson

  • 2017 Casino Business in the Context of Tourism Development (Case: Montenegro)
    by Iva Bulatović & Ana Stranjančević & Darko Lacmanović & Andrej Raspor

  • 2017 Kenya’s Life Lessons through the Lived Experience of Rural Caregivers
    by Amy Cappiccie & Mary Wanjiku & Cecilia Mengo

  • 2017 Diffusion of Electricity Consumption Practices in Mexico
    by Ana Escoto Castillo & Landy Sánchez Peña

  • 2017 Contrasting the Effect of Risk- and Non Risk-Based Capital Structure on Insurers’ Performance in Nigeria
    by Sunday S. Akpan & Fauziah Mahat & Bany-Ariffin Noordin & Annuar Nassir

  • 2017 Being a “Good” Son and a “Good” Daughter: Voices of Muslim Immigrant Adolescents
    by Cristina Giuliani & Maria Giulia Olivari & Sara Alfieri

  • 2017 Young People and Audiovisual Technologies in Rural Chiloé/Buta Wapi Chilwe: A Personal Path toward a Decolonizing Doing
    by Natalia Picaroni Sobrado

  • 2017 High Rates of Suicide and Violence in the Lives of Girls and Young Women in Bangladesh: Issues for Feminist Intervention
    by Christopher Adam Bagley & Afroze Shahnaz & Padam Simkhada

  • 2017 Normative Characteristics of Perceived Self-Efficacy
    by Bernard Gangloff & Crisanta-Alina Mazilescu

  • 2017 Sending a Dear John Letter: Public Information Campaigns and the Movement to “End Demand” for Prostitution in Atlanta, GA
    by Samantha Majic

  • 2017 Coercive Population Control and Asylum in the U.S
    by Connie Oxford

  • 2017 Measuring the Efficiency of Education and Technology via DEA approach: Implications on National Development
    by Huan Xu & Fangtao Liu

  • 2017 Digital Ecologies of Youth Mental Health: Apps, Therapeutic Publics and Pedagogy as Affective Arrangements
    by Simone Fullagar & Emma Rich & Jessica Francombe-Webb & Antonio Maturo

  • 2017 What Motivates Student Environmental Activists on College Campuses? An In-Depth Qualitative Study
    by Cadi Y. Fung & Ellis Adjei Adams

  • 2017 Eco-Governmentality: A Discursive Analysis of State-NGOs-Youth Relations in Singapore
    by Peili Pey & Md Saidul Islam

  • 2017 Not Haitian: Exploring the Roots of Dominican Identity
    by Valerie Lamb & Lauren Dundes

  • 2017 Transnationalism among Second-Generation Muslim Americans: Being and Belonging in Their Transnational Social Field
    by Michelle Byng

  • 2017 Risk for Researchers Studying Social Deviance or Criminal Behavior
    by Patricia L. Brougham & Clarissa M. Uttley

  • 2017 The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Turkish Economy: Regional Labour Market Effects
    by Oğuz Esen & Ayla Oğuş Binatlı

  • 2017 An Analysis of Revenue and Expenses for Providers of Intellectual Disability Supports and Services
    by Scott Spreat

  • 2017 Feed-in Tariff Pricing and Social Burden in Japan: Evaluating International Learning through a Policy Transfer Approach
    by Yugo Tanaka & Andrew Chapman & Shigeki Sakurai & Tetsuo Tezuka

  • 2017 A Comprehensive Definition of Technology from an Ethological Perspective
    by La Shun L. Carroll

  • 2017 Teaching a Foreign Language Using Videos
    by Veronika Pisarenko

  • 2017 Identifying Autism through Empathizing and Systemizing Abilities
    by Evi van der Zee & Jan Derksen

  • 2017 Qatari Women Navigating Gendered Space
    by Krystyna Golkowska

  • 2017 The Dominance of Food Supply in Changing Demographic Factors across Africa: A Model Using a Systems Identification Approach
    by Hualiang Wei & Grant R. Bigg

  • 2017 Back to the Future? Lessons of Differentiated Integration from the EFTA Countries for the UK’s Future Relations with the EU
    by Sieglinde Gstöhl & Christian Frommelt

  • 2017 Analyzing the Contributions of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and its Founder–Leader to Muslim Politics and Community in Sri Lanka
    by Mohammad Agus Yusoff & Athambawa Sarjoon & Nordin Hussin & Azhar Ahmad

  • 2017 Determinants of Market Share of For-Profit Hospitals: An Empirical Examination
    by Seungchul Lee & Chune Young Chung & Hong Kee Sul & Yunjae Lee

  • 2017 Exploring Landscape Engagement through a Participatory Touch Table Approach
    by Anna Conniff & Kathryn Colley & Katherine N. Irvine

  • 2017 Social Support Networks and the Mental Health of Runaway and Homeless Youth
    by Eric R. Wright & Brandon K. Attell & Erin Ruel

  • 2017 Educational Exodus: Stories of Korean Youth in the U.S
    by Hee Young Choi & Eunhyun Kim

  • 2017 Advancing a Distributive-Bargaining and Integrative-Negotiation Integral System: A Values-Based Negotiation Model (VBM)
    by Ivan Gan

  • 2017 ‘You Will Have These Ones!’: Six Women’s Experiences of Being Pressured to Make a Contraceptive Choice That Did Not Feel Right
    by Rosalind Waller & Michael Tholander & Doris Nilsson

  • 2017 Active Empathic Listening Scale (AELS): Reliability and Validity in a Nationwide Sample of Greek Educators
    by Ntina Kourmousi & Kalliopi Kounenou & George Tsitsas & Vasiliki Yotsidi & Kyriakoula Merakou & Anastasia Barbouni & Vasilios Koutras

  • 2017 Methodology of Correspondence Testing for Employment Discrimination Involving Ethnic Minority Applications: Dutch and English Case Studies of Muslim Applicants for Employment
    by Mahmoud Abubaker & Christopher Adam Bagley

  • 2017 Refugees in Cyprus: Local Acceptance in the Past and Present
    by Alexios Alecou & Josefina Mavrou

  • 2017 New Kinds of (Ab)normal?: Public Pedagogies, Affect, and Youth Mental Health in the Digital Age
    by Simone Fullagar & Emma Rich & Jessica Francombe-Webb

  • 2017 What Does It Mean to Be a Woman? An Exploratory Study of Femininities among Mazandarani, Azeri and Kurdish Female University Students in Iran
    by Ladan Rahbari & Zeinab Mahmudabadi

  • 2017 Mattering Moralities: Learning Corporeal Modesty through Muslim Diasporic Clothing Practices
    by Lauren B Wagner

  • 2017 Social Network Decay as Potential Recovery from Homelessness: A Mixed Methods Study in Housing First Programming
    by Elizabeth Golembiewski & Dennis P. Watson & Lisa Robison & John W. Coberg II

  • 2017 A Study Regarding the Representation of the Sun in Young Children’s Spontaneous Drawings
    by José Domingo Villarroel & Xabier Villanueva

  • 2017 Family Networks and Psychological Well-Being in Midlife
    by Megan Gilligan & J. Jill Suitor & Sangbo Nam & Brianna Routh & Marissa Rurka & Gulcin Con

  • 2017 “At-Risk” or “Socially Deviant”? Conflicting Narratives and Grassroots Organizing of Sex/Entertainment Workers and LGBT Communities in Cambodia
    by Heidi Hoefinger & Srorn Srun

  • 2017 The Role of the Host Local Population in the Process of Migrants’ Adaptation
    by Vsevolod Konstantinov

  • 2017 From Shapeshifter to Lava Monster: Gender Stereotypes in Disney’s Moana
    by Madeline Streiff & Lauren Dundes

  • 2017 Financing Health Care in Ghana: Are Ghanaians Willing to Pay Higher Taxes for Better Health Care? Findings from Afrobarometer
    by Isaac Adisah-Atta

  • 2017 Entry and Degree Attainment in STEM: The Intersection of Gender and Race/Ethnicity
    by Yingyi Ma & Yan Liu

  • 2017 Mobilizing Conflict Testimony: A Lens of Mobility for the Study of Documentary Practices in the Kashmir Conflict
    by Max Kramer

  • 2017 Assessing Trust and Effectiveness in Virtual Teams: Latent Growth Curve and Latent Change Score Models
    by Michael D. Coovert & Evgeniya E. Pavlova Miller & Winston Bennett Jr.

  • 2017 “How Can You Write About a Person Who Does Not Exist?”: Rethinking Pseudonymity and Informed Consent in Life History Research
    by Kate Mukungu

  • 2017 Gender, Madness, Religion, and Iranian-American Identity: Observations on a 2006 Murder Trial in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
    by Camron Michael Amin

  • 2017 Race, the Condition of Neo-Liberalism
    by Vikash Singh

  • 2017 Time Heals All (Shallow) Wounds: A Lesson on Forgiveness of Ingroup Transgressors Learned by the Feyenoord Vandal Fans
    by Marika Rullo & Fabio Presaghi & Stefano Livi & Silvia Mazzuca & Roberto Dessi

  • 2017 Understanding Child Outcomes within a Multiple Risk Model: Examining Parental Incarceration
    by Melody L. Hyppolite

  • 2017 Family Complexity and the Stress Process in Prison: How Sibling Living Arrangements of Minor Children Influence Maternal Role Strains
    by Holly Foster

  • 2017 Feminisms and the Hijāb : Not Mutually Exclusive
    by April L. Najjaj

  • 2017 Modelling and Simulation of the Formation of Social Networks
    by Song Chew & Erica Metheney & Thomas Teague

  • 2017 Is Social Media to Blame for the Sharp Rise in STDs?
    by Carl Enomoto & Sajid Noor & Benjamin Widner

  • 2017 Political Approaches to Tackling Islamophobia: An ‘Insider/Outsider’ Analysis of the British Coalition Government’s Approach between 2010–15
    by Chris Allen

  • 2017 Livelihood after Relocation—Evidences of Guchchagram Project in Bangladesh
    by Bishawjit Mallick & Zakia Sultana

  • 2017 What Are the Main Challenges Impeding Implementation of the Spatial Plans in Egypt Using Ecotourism Development as an Example?
    by Emad Kenawy & Taher Osman & Aref Alshamndy

  • 2017 It’s Not Real Until It’s on Facebook: A Qualitative Analysis of Social Media and Digital Communication among Emerging Adults in College
    by Jill Russett & Linda Waldron

  • 2017 Windows of Opportunity for Whom? Commissioners, Access, and the Balance of Interest in European Environmental Governance
    by Doris Fuchs

  • 2017 Negotiating Space: The Construction of a New Spatial Identity for Palestinian Muslim Women in Israel
    by Suheir Abu Oksa Daoud

  • 2017 ‘When She Calls for Help’—Domestic Violence in Christian Families
    by Leonie Westenberg

  • 2017 Infrapolitics of Defiance: Forms of Agency Exhibited by Homeless Survivors of Gender-Based Violence
    by Carolyn Stauffer

  • 2017 A Tale of Two Majors: Explaining the Gender Gap in STEM Employment among Computer Science and Engineering Degree Holders
    by Sharon Sassler & Katherine Michelmore & Kristin Smith

  • 2017 Hashtag Recovery: #Eating Disorder Recovery on Instagram
    by Andrea LaMarre & Carla Rice

  • 2017 Media Exposure and Racialized Perceptions of Inequities in Criminal Justice
    by Valerie Wright & Isaac Unah

  • 2017 Syrian Women and the Refugee Crisis: Surviving the Conflict, Building Peace, and Taking New Gender Roles
    by Yumna Asaf

  • 2017 Male and Female Emirati Medical Clerks’ Perceptions of the Impact of Gender and Mobility on Their Professional Careers
    by Michelle McLean & Susan B. Higgins-Opitz

  • 2017 Disadvantaged Status and Health Matters Networks among Low-Income African American Women
    by Erin Pullen & Carrie Oser

  • 2017 Linking Group Theory to Social Science Game Theory: Interaction Grammars, Group Subcultures and Games for Comparative Analysis
    by Tom R. Burns & Ewa Roszkowska & Ugo Corte & Nora Machado Des Johansson

  • 2017 Perception of Tourism Impact and Support Tourism Development in Terengganu, Malaysia
    by Asyraf Afthanorhan & Zainudin Awang & Sharifah Fazella

  • 2017 Gender Difference in the Influence of Family Interaction and Parenting Behaviours on Youth Sexual Intention
    by Noor Azimah Muhammad & Hizlinda Tohid & Khairani Omar & Rahmah Mohd. Amin & Khadijah Shamsuddin

  • 2017 Who Can I Turn To? Emotional Support Availability in African American Social Networks
    by Sula Hood & Elizabeth Golembiewski & Kyle Benbow & Hadyatoullaye Sow & Vetta Sanders Thompson

  • 2017 Images of Authentic Muslim Selves: Gendered Moralities and Constructions of Arab Others in Contemporary Indonesia
    by Mirjam Lücking & Evi Eliyanah

  • 2017 Foundational Gender Theory for a Dangerous World: Intersectional Gender Seminar in the Fight against Rape Culture
    by Flavia Vidal & Tasha Hawthorne

  • 2017 The Web of Loneliness: A Netnographic Study of Narratives of Being Alone in an Online Context
    by Thomas Johansson & Jesper Andreasson

  • 2017 Shia Marriage Practices: Karbala as lieux de mémoire in London
    by Yafa Shanneik

  • 2017 Challenges Confronting Rural Dwellers in Accessing Health Information in Ghana: Shai Osudoku District in Perspective
    by Philippa Pascalina Sokey & Isaac Adisah-Atta

  • 2017 “Strength of Weak Ties,” Neighborhood Ethnic Heterogeneity, and Depressive Symptoms among Adults: A Multilevel Analysis of Korean General Social Survey (KGSS) 2012
    by Harris Hyun-soo Kim

  • 2017 Survivors’ Sociocultural Status in Mwenga: A Comparison of the Issue before and after Rape
    by Buuma Maisha & Judith Malette & Karlijn Demasure

  • 2017 A Process Review of the Indashyikirwa Couples Curriculum to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence and Support Healthy, Equitable Relationships in Rwanda
    by Erin Stern & Ritha Nyiratunga

  • 2017 The Toronto Empathy Questionnaire: Reliability and Validity in a Nationwide Sample of Greek Teachers
    by Ntina Kourmousi & Eirini Amanaki & Chara Tzavara & Kyriakoula Merakou & Anastasia Barbouni & Vasilios Koutras

  • 2017 Making STEM “Family Friendly”: The Impact of Perceiving Science Careers as Family-Compatible
    by Erica S. Weisgram & Amanda B. Diekman

  • 2017 The Strategies, Complexities, and Realities of Zero Prison Population Growth
    by Evelyn J. Patterson

  • 2017 Pedagogy as Possibility: Health Interventions as Digital Openness
    by Vaike Fors & Sarah Pink

  • 2017 Masculinity and the Occupational Experience of Male Independent Escorts Who Seek Male Clients
    by Navin Kumar & John Scott & Victor Minichiello

  • 2017 Departmental Structure, Cooperative Scholarship, and Productivity: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative-Comparative Analysis of Selected Sociology Departments
    by Ali Madanipour & James Williams & Mahmoud Sadri

  • 2017 Depression Risks and Correlates among Different Generations of Chinese Americans: The Effects of Relationships with Friends and Relatives
    by Lin Zhu

  • 2017 Science Possible Selves and the Desire to be a Scientist: Mindsets, Gender Bias, and Confidence during Early Adolescence
    by Patricia Wonch Hill & Julia McQuillan & Eli Talbert & Amy Spiegel & G. Robin Gauthier & Judy Diamond

  • 2017 Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, Conservative Christianity and Resistance to Sexual Justice
    by Rob Clucas

  • 2017 Socioeconomic Factors of Immigrants’ Location Choices. Evidence for the South of Europe
    by José María Martín Martín & Juan De Dios Jiménez Aguilera

  • 2017 “Well, It Should Be Changed for One, Because It’s Our Bodies”: Sex Workers’ Views on Canada’s Punitive Approach towards Sex Work
    by Cecilia Benoit & Mikael Jansson & Michaela Smith & Jackson Flagg

  • 2017 The Economic Impact of SPS Measures on Agricultural Exports to China: An Empirical Analysis Using the PPML Method
    by Jacob Wood & Jie Wu & Yilin Li & Haejin Jang

  • 2017 Understanding Mothers’ Infant Feeding Decisions and Practices
    by Emma Head

  • 2017 Gender, Migration and Development: Can Advocacy Groups Be More of a Hindrance than a Help?
    by Sally Shortall & Ruth McAreavey

  • 2017 Class and Gender Relations in the Welfare State: The Contradictory Dictates of the Norm of Female Autonomy
    by Delphine Serre

  • 2017 Weeded Out? Gendered Responses to Failing Calculus
    by Tanya Sanabria & Andrew Penner

  • 2017 New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective—An Example of a Successful Policy Actor
    by Ivana Radačić

  • 2017 Gendered Perceptions of Cultural and Skill Alignment in Technology Companies
    by Alison T. Wynn & Shelley J. Correll

  • 2017 “Yeah, and What’s the Problem?” Embodiment, Cultural Practices and Working out in a Dutch Gym
    by Alexis Sossa

  • 2017 Why Prostitution Policy (Usually) Fails and What to Do about It?
    by Hendrik Wagenaar

  • 2017 Sex Work and the Politics of Space: Case Studies of Sex Workers in Argentina and Ecuador
    by Jessica Van Meir

  • 2017 Brexit: The Economic and Political Implications for Asia
    by Jacob Wood & Haejin Jang

  • 2017 The Influence of Women Legislators on State Health Care Spending for the Poor
    by Marie Courtemanche & Joanne Connor Green

  • 2017 A Sex Work Research Symposium: Examining Positionality in Documenting Sex Work and Sex Workers’ Rights
    by Megan Lowthers & Magdalena Sabat & Elya M. Durisin & Kamala Kempadoo

  • 2017 Frozen in Time: How Disney Gender-Stereotypes Its Most Powerful Princess
    by Madeline Streiff & Lauren Dundes

  • 2017 Enhancing Intersectional Analyses with Polyvocality: Making and Illustrating the Model
    by Viola Thimm & Mayurakshi Chaudhuri & Sarah J. Mahler

  • 2017 Reimagining the Hajj
    by Robert R. Bianchi

  • 2017 Marriage Formation in Context: Four Decades in Comparative Perspective
    by Claudia Geist

  • 2017 Transnationalism and Financial Crisis: The Hampered Migration Projects of Female Domestic Workers in Spain
    by Zenia Hellgren & Inma Serrano

  • 2017 Prisons as Panacea or Pariah? The Countervailing Consequences of the Prison Boom on the Political Economy of Rural Towns
    by John M. Eason

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Social Sciences in 2016
    by Social Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2017 The Influence of Religiosity on Moral Judgment in Sport
    by Miltiadis Proios & Ioannis Proios

  • 2017 Malthus and the Philanthropists, 1764–1859: The Cultural Circulation of Political Economy, Botany, and Natural Knowledge
    by J. Marc MacDonald

  • 2017 Land Access, Agricultural Land Use Changes and Narratives about Land Degradation in the Savannahs of Northeast Ghana during the Pre-Colonial and Colonial Periods
    by Peter Kojo Boateng

  • 2017 Forests and Food Security: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?
    by Kiran Asher & Annie Shattuck

  • 2017 Policy Discourses and Marginal Places: Histories of Environmental Democracy in India and Sweden
    by Seema Arora-Jonsson

  • 2017 Left Numb and Unengaged. (Re)Conceptualising Risk: What (Seems to) Work for at-Risk Students
    by David Zyngier

  • 2017 At the Interface of National and Transnational: The Development of Finnish Policies against Domestic Violence in Terms of Gender Equality
    by Tuija Virkki

  • 2017 Smallholder Farmers’ Perceptions on Climate Change and the Use of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in the Chinyanja Triangle, Southern Africa
    by Clifton Makate & Marshall Makate & Nelson Mango

  • 2017 The Politics of Race, Administrative Appeals, and Medicaid Disenrollment in Tennessee
    by Sekou Franklin

  • 2017 Gender in Engineering Departments: Are There Gender Differences in Interruptions of Academic Job Talks?
    by Mary Blair-Loy & Laura E. Rogers & Daniela Glaser & Y. L. Anne Wong & Danielle Abraham & Pamela C. Cosman

  • 2017 Active Listening Attitude Scale (ALAS): Reliability and Validity in a Nationwide Sample of Greek Educators
    by Ntina Kourmousi & Eirini Amanaki & Chara Tzavara & Vasilios Koutras

  • 2017 Dinner and a Conversation: Transgender Integration at West Point and Beyond
    by Morten G. Ender & Diane M. Ryan & Danielle A. Nuszkowski & Emma Sarah Spell & Charles B. Atkins

  • 2017 Black Twitter: A Response to Bias in Mainstream Media
    by Latoya A. Lee

  • 2017 Collaboration and Gender Equity among Academic Scientists
    by Joya Misra & Laurel Smith-Doerr & Nilanjana Dasgupta & Gabriela Weaver & Jennifer Normanly

  • 2017 Gender Differences in the Early Employment Outcomes of STEM Doctorates
    by Kimberlee A. Shauman

  • 2017 Erratum: Kudo, S.; et al. Population Aging: An Emerging Research Agenda for Sustainable Development. Soc. Sci. 2015, 4 , 940–966
    by Shogo Kudo & Emmanuel Mutisya & Masafumi Nagao

  • 2017 Structural Disadvantage: Evidence of Gender Disparities in the Norwegian Pension System
    by Erika K. Palmer

  • 2017 Democratic Institutions, Natural Resource Governance, and Ghana’s Oil Wealth
    by Felix Kumah-Abiwu

  • 2017 Beyond Depression and Suicide: The Mental Health of Transgender College Students
    by Sara B. Oswalt & Alyssa M. Lederer

  • 2017 Planning a Career in Engineering: Parental Effects on Sons and Daughters
    by Jerry A. Jacobs & Seher Ahmad & Linda J. Sax

  • 2017 Perceptions of the Social Relevance of Science: Exploring the Implications for Gendered Patterns in Expectations of Majoring in STEM Fields
    by Sarah Blanchard Kyte & Catherine Riegle-Crumb

  • 2017 Receiving Assistance and Local Food System Participation
    by Rebecca L. Som Castellano

  • 2017 Muslim Woman Seeking Work: An English Case Study with a Dutch Comparison, of Discrimination and Achievement
    by Christopher Bagley & Mahmoud Abubaker

  • 2017 Se Faire Voir with Jung and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis
    by Matthew Gildersleeve

  • 2017 Fat People of Color : Emergent Intersectional Discourse Online
    by Apryl A. Williams

  • 2017 The Potential Scientist’s Dilemma: How the Masculine Framing of Science Shapes Friendships and Science Job Aspirations
    by G. Robin Gauthier & Patricia Wonch Hill & Julia McQuillan & Amy N. Spiegel & Judy Diamond

  • 2017 Promoting Military Cultural Competence among Civilian Care Providers: Learning through Program Development
    by Randall Nedegaard & Jana Zwilling

  • 2017 Queer in STEM Organizations: Workplace Disadvantages for LGBT Employees in STEM Related Federal Agencies
    by Erin A. Cech & Michelle V. Pham

  • 2017 When Care and Concern Are Not Enough: School Personnel’s Development as Allies for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Students
    by Robert A. Marx & Leah Marion Roberts & Carol T. Nixon

  • 2017 The #nofilter Self: The Contest for Authenticity among Social Networking Sites, 2002–2016
    by Meredith Salisbury & Jefferson D. Pooley

  • 2017 Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Consumers Time-Use Patterns
    by Saptarshi Das & Ashok Sekar & Roger Chen & Hyung Chul Kim & Timothy J. Wallington & Eric Williams

  • 2017 Challenges in Aquatic Physical Habitat Assessment: Improving Conservation and Restoration Decisions for Contemporary Watersheds
    by Jason A. Hubbart & Elliott Kellner & Paul Kinder & Kirsten Stephan

  • 2017 Influences of Pile Group Effects on Wave Forces on an Offshore Bridge Pile-Cap Foundation
    by Baoshan Xiang & Bo Huang & Zhiying Yang & Bing Zhu & Ruitao Yin

  • 2017 Diagnostics for Targeted NSCLC Therapy
    by Verena Schildgen & Ilija Nenadic & Michael Brockmann & Oliver Schildgen

  • 2017 Health Promotion in Disease Outbreaks and Health Emergencies. By Glenn Laverack. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2017; 188 pp.; ISBN: 978-1-138-09317-1
    by Susan L. Prescott

  • 2017 Taxonomies of Death by Suicide: A Review, with Proposals for Research and Policy, and a Challenge for Suicidology
    by Christopher Bagley & Afroze Shahnaz

  • 2017 An Extensive Method for Maintenance of Sterility in Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory Routine
    by Selcen Çelik-Uzuner & Uğur Uzuner

  • 2017 The Challenge of Behaviour Change and Health Promotion
    by Glenn Laverack

  • 2017 Astrofood, Priorities and Pandemics: Reflections of an Ultra-Processed Breakfast Program and Contemporary Dysbiotic Drift
    by Alan C. Logan & Susan L. Prescott

  • 2017 A Tourism Financial Conditions Index for Tourism Finance
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Hui-Kuang Hsu & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 The Challenge of the ‘Art and Science’ of Health Promotion
    by Glenn Laverack

  • 2017 Precision of a Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment Approach Used in Eco-Rating of Mobile Phones
    by Anders S. G. Andrae & Mikko Samuli Vaija

  • 2017 Unaffiliated Researchers: A Preliminary Study
    by ElHassan ElSabry

  • 2017 Down to Earth: Planetary Health and Biophilosophy in the Symbiocene Epoch
    by Susan L. Prescott & Alan C. Logan

  • 2017 The Lack of Alignment among Environmental Research Infrastructures May Impede Scientific Opportunities
    by Abad Chabbi & Henry W. Loescher

  • 2017 Globalization, Inequality, Say’s Law, and Fiscal Globalism
    by Gerasimos T. Soldatos

  • 2017 Embryogenesis Explained. By Natalie K. Gordon and Richard Gordon. World Scientific: Hackensack, NJ, USA, 2016; 784 pp.; SGD 281; ISBN: 978-981-4350-48-8
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2017 Life Cycle Assessment of a Virtual Reality Device
    by Anders S. G. Andrae

  • 2017 Case Studies of Energy Storage with Fuel Cells and Batteries for Stationary and Mobile Applications
    by Nadia Belmonte & Carlo Luetto & Stefano Staulo & Paola Rizzi & Marcello Baricco

  • 2017 Hydrides as High Capacity Anodes in Lithium Cells: An Italian “Futuro in Ricerca di Base FIRB-2010” Project
    by Sergio Brutti & Stefania Panero & Annalisa Paolone & Sara Gatto & Daniele Meggiolaro & Francesco M. Vitucci & Jessica Manzi & David Munaò & Laura Silvestri & Luca Farina & Priscilla Reale

  • 2017 A Study of the Conformers of the (Nonafluorobutanesulfonyl)imide Ion by Means of Infrared Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Giovanni Battista Appetecchi & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Tie-Up Cycles in Long-Term Mating. Part II: Fictional Narratives and the Social Cognition of Mating
    by Lorenza Lucchi Basili & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2017 Ionic Mobility and Phase Transitions in Perovskite Oxides for Energy Application
    by Francesco Cordero & Floriana Craciun & Francesco Trequattrini

  • 2017 New Studies of the Physical Properties of Metallic Amorphous Membranes for Hydrogen Purification
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Suchismita Sarker & Madhura Hulyakar & Narendra Pal & Dhanesh Chandra & Michael Dolan & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Ice XVII as a Novel Material for Hydrogen Storage
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