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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M3: Marketing and Advertising
/ / / M31: Marketing
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Online Marketing and Advertising
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Craft Beer Consumer Behavior, Comportamiento Del Consumidor De Cerveza Artesanal
    by Cristóbal Fernández Robin & Diego Yáñez Martínez & Paulina Santander Astorga & Jorge Cea Valencia & Ricardo Mery Medel

  • 2016 Mobile User Experience: Der Einfluss von kognitivem Entertainment auf die Nutzung mobiler Anwendungen
    by Zeiler, Vanessa

  • 2016 The Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Consumers’ Purchase Intentions in Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry
    by Chowdhury, Nasif

  • 2016 The Effect of Unexpected Chart Positions on the Firm Value of Music Labels. An Event Study of Album Success
    by Mehrafshan, Nima & Goerke, Björn & Clement, Michel

  • 2016 Risk and Loss Aversion, Price Uncertainty and the Implications for Consumer Search
    by Adriaan R. Soetevent & Tadas Bruzikas

  • 2016 Fairness in Strategy: A Fair Process Evaluation of Strategy Schools
    by Koen Tackx & Ludo Van der Heyden & Paul Verdin

  • 2016 Identifying Key Drivers and Bottlenecks in the Adoption of E-Book Readers in Korea
    by Dongnyok Shim & Jin Gyo Kim & Jorn Altmann

  • 2016 Consumer Innovativeness And Information Seeking Behavior As Opposed To Risk Perceptions On Purchases Of Hi-Tec
    by Figen Ersoy & Nuri Calik

  • 2016 The Perceptios And Expectations Of The Customers In Terms Of Service Quality Where Service Companies And Retai
    by Nuri Calik & Celil Koparal

  • 2016 Management And Marketing Sciences’ Reaction To The Networked World
    by Percin Batum

  • 2016 Consumers' Post-Purchase Behavior In Terms Of Complaining, Assertiveness And Discontent; A Field Study From Eskisehir, Turkey
    by Nurcan Turan & Nuri Calik

  • 2016 Employee-Based Brand Equity: Why Ankara University, TÖMER Brand is So Strong?
    by Dilber Ulas & Arcan Tuzcu & Esra Satıcı

  • 2016 Management of tourist product
    by Robert Sałek & Joanna Nowakowska-Grunt & Anna Brzozowska & Judyta Kabus & Anna Wiśniewska-Sałek

  • 2016 Which Does Drive Switching Costs in Retail Banking Industry; Openness to Experience or Services Quality?
    by Mohammad A Al-hawari

  • 2016 How social media tools influence brand image and buying behaviour in the South African food retail industry
    by Chantal Rootman

  • 2016 Identifying luxury value maximizing first class airline passengers’ self enhancement
    by Eunkyung Joo & Hyejin Shin & Na-Ri Hong & Insin Kim

  • 2016 An Experimental Study For Identifying Web Site Design Characteristics Affecting Touristic Purchase Decision
    by Sabiha Kılıç & Yusuf Şahan

  • 2016 A Methodology for Determining the Impact of the Political Environment on Marketing and Tourism
    by Neviana Krasteva

  • 2016 Dimension of the Country of Origin Effect in the Perception of Medical Services in EU Countries– an International Comparison
    by Ewa Magier-Šakomy & Monika Boguszewicz-Kreft & Brigita Janiūnaitė

  • 2016 Functions of Retailing
    by Babulia Mghebrishvili & EKATERINE UROTADZE

  • 2016 Mediation in log-linear model
    by Gloria Gheno

  • 2016 When Tom Cruise said: “You complete me!â€
    by Pragyan Rath

  • 2016 Do good things come in small packages? Willingness to pay for pomegranate wine and bottle size effects
    by Drichoutis, Andreas C. & Klonaris, Stathis & Papoutsi, Georgia

  • 2016 Фримиум, Как Один Из Способов Продвижения Товара Или Услуги В Рыночных Условиях
    by Pinachyan, Varsenik

  • 2016 Ребрендинг, Как Одна Из Стратегий Маркетинга
    by Kharchenko, Alina

  • 2016 Особенности И Эффективные Методы Партизанского Маркетинга
    by Egorova, Veronika

  • 2016 Ребрендинг, Как Одна Из Стратегий Маркетинга
    by Kharchenko, Alina

  • 2016 Ценообразование Жилой Недвижимости В Г. Омске
    by Abramovich, Albina

  • 2016 Обмен Маркетологами Как Фактор Успеха Российских Предприятий На Мировом Рынке
    by Medvedev, Evgeny

  • 2016 A rising e-channel tide lifts all boats? The impact of manufacturer multi-channel encroachment on traditional selling and leasing
    by Yan, Wei & Li, Youwei & Wu, Ying & Palmer, Mark

  • 2016 How does consumer knowledge affect environmentally sustainable choices? Evidence from a cross-country latent class analysis of food labels
    by Peschel, Anne & Grebitus, Carola & Steiner, Bodo & Veeman, Michele

  • 2016 An Analysis of Introducing Unspawned Oysters in Japan Using a Contingent Valuation Method and Analytic Hierarchy Process
    by Wakamatsu, Hiroki & Miyata, Tsutom & Kamiyama, Ryutaro

  • 2016 Halal Industry : Key Challenges and Opportunities
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2016 Aplicación de geomarketing en la optimización de una red de puntos de venta
    by Vicente Rodríguez & Cristina Olarte-Pascual & Manuela Saco

  • 2016 Do Disaster Experience and Knowledge Affect Insurance Take-up Decisions?
    by Jing Cai & Changcheng Song

  • 2016 Competitive Price Targeting with Smartphone Coupons
    by Jean-Pierre H. Dubé & Zheng Fang & Nathan Fong & Xueming Luo

  • 2016 The Compromise Effect in Action: Lessons from a Restaurant's Menu
    by Pinger, Pia & Ruhmer-Krell, Isabel & Schumacher, Heiner

  • 2016 Analysis of Price Shock Transmission: Case of the Wheat-Bread Market Value Chain in Ethiopia
    by Mekbib Haile & Mekbib Haile & Mekbib Haile & Matthias Kalkuhl & Bernardina Algieri & Samuel Gebreselassié

  • 2016 A Theory of Crowdfunding - a mechanism design approach with demand uncertainty and moral hazard
    by Strausz, Roland

  • 2016 Do good things come in small packages? Willingness to pay for pomegranate wine and bottle size effects
    by Andreas C. Drichoutis & Stathis Klonaris & Georgia Papoutsi

  • 2016 Актуальные функциональные задачи маркетинговой товарной политики [Электронный ресурс] : монография / А. В. Катаев ; Харьков. гуманит. ун-т «Народная украинская академия». – Электрон. текст. дан. – Харьков : Издательский центр «Диалог», 2016. – 1 электрон. опт. диск (CD-R). – Систем. требования: Adobe Acrobat Reader. – Загл. с этикетки диска
    by Andrey Kataev

  • 2016 Culture-Laden Imports: International Market Entry and Cultural Taboos
    by Brice William David & Chu Edward & Jones Wayne

  • 2016 The relation between the effects of testimonials' sources and the cognitive, affective and behavioural changes
    by Tudor Tocila & Corina Cara

  • 2016 Location-based advertising on mobile devices
    by Christine Bauer & Christine Strauss

  • 2016 Influence of print advertising layout complexity on visual attention
    by Lina Pilelienė & Viktorija Grigaliūnaitė

  • 2016 What if Simulation for a Brazilian Company Regarding Marketing Budget
    by Diogo Pinto

  • 2016 Tourists’ Selection Criteria and Motivation. Does Nationality Matter?
    by Angelos Pantouvakis & Christos Patsiouras

  • 2016 The Role of the Customer in the Value Creation Process Based on the 5Rs Rule (Rola konsumenta w procesie kreowania wartosci opartej na zasadzie 5R)
    by Agnieszka Wilczak

  • 2016 Consumer 3.0: Specificity and Implications for Marketing in the Opinions of Managers (Konsument 3.0 – specyfika i implikacje dla marketingu w swietle opinii menedzerow)
    by Agnieszka Wilczak

  • 2016 Experience in Brand Communities: The Case of Higher Education Institutions (Doswiadczenia we wspolnotach wokol marki w szkolnictwie wyzszym)
    by Katarzyna Dziewanowska

  • 2016 Consumerism 3.0 Trends and Their Influence on the Shape of Virtual Br and Communities: The Case of Nutella (Trendy konsumpcjonizmu 3.0 i ich wplyw na ksztaltowanie wirtualnej wspolnoty wokol marek – przypadek marki Nutella)
    by Monika Skorek & Michal Ambroziak

  • 2016 Marketing Research in the Commercial Enterprise Management (Badania marketingowe w zarzadzaniu przedsiebiorstwem handlowym )
    by Bogdan Gregor & Magdalena Kalinska-Kula

  • 2016 Motives and Barriers Towards Online Shopping of Clothing and Footwear in Poland (Motywy i ograniczenia e-zakupow odziezy i obuwia w Polsce)
    by Sara Supryn & Genowefa Sobczyk

  • 2016 Electronic Trade in Foods from the Customer’s Perspective (Handel elektroniczny artykulami zywnosciowymi z perspektywy klienta)
    by Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezinska & Adam Rudzewicz

  • 2016 Analysis of Product Strategies of Dairy Trade Brands in Biedronka and Lidl Discounters (Analiza strategii asortymentowych marek handlowych produktow mleczarskich w sieci dyskontow Biedronka i Lidl)
    by Hanna Gorska-Warsewicz & Maksymilian Czeczotko

  • 2016 Consumer Attitudes Towards Manufacturer Brands and Own Label Brands – The Case of the Chocolate Market in Poland (Postawy konsumentow wobec marek producentow i marek wlasnych detalistow na rynku czekolady w Polsce)
    by Teresa Taranko

  • 2016 Evaluating Gaps in Consumer Behavior Research on Organic Foods: A Critical Literature Review under Bangladesh Context
    by Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman & Nor Azila Mohd Noor

  • 2016 Cultural congruency and shocking buzz campaigns: contrasting the opinions of professionals and consumers
    by Karim BEN YAHIA & Soukeina TOUITI & Mourad TOUZANI

  • 2016 Mediation in causal log-linear models
    by Gloria Gheno

  • 2016 Does the Country of Origin matters for hybrid products?
    by Anca Tamas

  • 2016 Price-Match Announcements in a Consumer Search Duopoly
    by Aleksandr Yankelevich & Brady Vaughan

  • 2016 The influences of brand benefits on brand loyalty: Intermediate mechanisms
    by Shyh-Ming Huang & Shyh-Rong Fang & Shih-Chieh Fang & Chao-Chin Huang

  • 2016 Brand value impact on company economic value evaluation model
    by Cernikovaite, Migle Eleonora

  • 2016 Role of Tourist Destination Development in Building its Brand Image: A Conceptual Model
    by Manhas , Parikshat & Manrai , Lalita & Manrai, Ajay

  • 2016 A Research on the Measurement of Consumer Based Brand Equity in Automobile Sector
    by Taşkın, Çağatan

  • 2016 The Impact of Brand Value on Stock Returns: A Empirical Research on the BİST
    by Bayrakdaroğlu, Ali & Mirgen, Çağatay

  • 2016 The Moderating Effect of Price Conscious Purchasing Style on the Relationship of Quality Conscious Purchasing Style and Consumers Confusion
    by Kayabaşı, Aydın & Ebeoğlugil, H. Feyyaz & Özkuk, Ömür

  • 2016 Determining Beverage Preferences of Young Consumers with Laddering Technique
    by Demir, Ayça Kangal & Yalçın, Bilal

  • 2016 I hate statistics
    by MIHAIESCU, Nicolaie

  • 2016 The Challenge of a Truly Omni Channel Approach for Retailers
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2016 The Future of Marketing in 2016: Trends in the New Digital Age
    by TANASE, George

  • 2016 Significant Behavioral Shifts among Consumers and Actions to Take Accordingly by Consumer-Goods Companies and Retailers Enabling their Real-Time Collaboration
    by PURCAREA, Anca

  • 2016 Improving Decisions with Marketing InformationJournal: Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1
    by TANASE, George Cosmin

  • 2016 The Label - An Essential Tool For Keeping The Consumer Informed And For Promoting Products In The Economic Area
    by Victoria-Mihaela BRINZEA & Olimpia Elena Mihaela OANCEA

  • 2016 The Effect of Inventory Level on Product Availability and Sale
    by Alexandar Grubor & Nikola Milićević & Nenad Djokic

  • 2016 Segmentation of Consumers in the Context of their Space Behaviour: Case Study of Bratislava
    by Marta Grossmanová & Pavol Kita & Marta Žambochová

  • 2016 The Impact of the Digital Revolution in the Development of Market and Communication Strategies for the Luxury Sector (Fashion Luxury)
    by Andrea Escobar Rios

  • 2016 Target Audience of Live Opera Transmissions to Cinema Theatres from the Marketing Point of View
    by Radek Tahal & Václav Stříteský

  • 2016 Релевантність Комунікацій На Місцях Продажу У Сучасній Концепції Мерчандайзингу
    by Kataev Andrey

  • 2016 Сучасні Елементи Іміджу Підприємства Роздрібної Торгівлі
    by Vagina Julia & Kartava Maria

  • 2016 Методи Формування Та Реалізації Асортиментної Політики Підприємств Роздрібної Торгівлі
    by Kiril Kudenko

  • 2016 Актуальність Асортиментної Політики У Сучасному Управлінні Підприємством Роздрібної Торгівлі
    by Yevheniia Yefimova

  • 2016 The Effects of Brand Perception in the Purchase of “Made in Italy” and “Made in China” Fashion Products in Nigeria
    by K. Patrick & A. Ladipo & Solomon A. Agada

  • 2016 Corporate Reputation And Customer Loyalty As The Measures Of Competitive Enterprise Position – Empirical Analyses On The Example Of Polish Banking Sector
    by Danuta Szwajca

  • 2016 Social Media Evaluation Metrics
    by Ronalds Skulme & Valerijs Praude

  • 2016 Genesis and Evolution of Marketing as a Scientific Discipline: Analysis via Google’s tool Ngram Viewer
    by Hristo Katrandzhiev

  • 2016 Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Literature Overview
    by Elena Kostadinova

  • 2016 Ecological Marketing, Green Marketing, Sustainable Marketing: Synonyms or an Evolution of Ideas?
    by Hristo Katrandjiev

  • 2016 Economic Interests - the Argument of Marketing Management
    by Pencho Ivanov

  • 2016 Experimental Economics in Marketing
    by Haruvy, Ernan

  • 2016 The Information-Economics Perspective on Brand Equity
    by Erdem, Tülin & Swait, Joffre

  • 2016 Validation of the scale of citizen behavior of consumers of education services
    by Francisca Cecilia Encinas Orozco & Judith Cavazos Arroyo

  • 2016 The Effect of Dynamic Relationship Capabilities on B2B Lolyalty
    by Márton Vilmányi & Erzsébet Hetesi

  • 2016 Customer Participation: Mandatory or Voluntary Behaviour?
    by Ida Ercsey

  • 2016 Relationship between Social Network Credibility and Online Purchase Intention for Automobile Market in Egypt
    by Asmaa Bassam El MANSOURY

  • 2016 Evolution of Real Earnings to Residents` Deposits According to Maturity during the Period 2011-2015. Study Case Romania vs. Turkey
    by Mirela Catalina Turkes

  • 2016 Benchmarketing - Fashionable Term Concerning Traditional Processes
    by Mircea Udrescu & Alina Gheorghe

  • 2016 The strategic use of early bird discounts for dealers
    by Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo & Stephen W. Salant

  • 2016 Customer poaching and coupon trading
    by Georgia Kosmopoulou & Qihong Liu & Jie Shuai

  • 2016 To Buy Or Not To Buy From The Internet: Reasons To Behave In A Certain Manner In An International Online Commerce Society
    by Oana TUGULEA & Claudia BOBALCA

  • 2016 The Development Of Legal Responsibility For A Socially Responsible Behavior For Business Operators In Romania, Member State Of European Union
    by Laura MURESAN

  • 2016 Understanding Group-Buying Websites Continuous Use Behavior: A Use and Gratifications Theory Perspective
    by Chien-Wen Chen & Pei-Hsin Yu & Yi-Jing Li

  • 2016 Determinants of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in advertisement
    by Syed Mazlan Syed Mat Dom & Hani Suhaila binti Ramli & Audrey Lim Li Chin & Tan Tze Fern

  • 2016 Islamic branding and marketing: An insight of consumer perception in Pakistan
    by Kulsoom Malik & Malik Muhammad Sheheryar Khan

  • 2016 Gradual or rapid global product rollouts?: A review of concepts, propositions, and future directions
    by Nik M. Hazrul & Ameet Pandit

  • 2016 Desarrollo Y Validación Inicial De Una Escala Para Evaluar La Fidelidad De Los Consumidores Hacia Las Tiendas / A Consumer Loyalty Store Scale: Development And Initial Validation
    by García García, Carmen & Fabero Fernández de Marcos, Marina

  • 2016 Yuke: Alternative Pig Feed From Cassava: Determining Its Profitability And Economic Feasibility
    by Jose Manuel Mendez Lopez & Leticia Rodriguez Ocana & Juan Carlos Mandujano Contreras & Concepcion Reyes De La Cruz & Herminia Banda Izeta

  • 2016 Strategic Marketing Management As A Tool For Productivity In Plastic Recycling Companies In The Department Of Colombia Guajira, Gerencia Estrategica De Mercadeo Como Herramienta De Productividad En Las Empresas Recicladoras Del Plastico En El Departamento De La Guajira- Colombia
    by Victor Jose Iguaran Manjarres & Ledis Esther Campo Rivadeneira & Belkis Xiomara Vanegas Sprockel

  • 2016 Purchase Decision In Neighborhood Stores And Supermarkets: Evidence Of Consumers By Socioeconomic Strata In Cali - Colombia, Decision De Compra En Tiendas Y Supermercados: Evidencias De Consumidores Por Estratos En Cali - Colombia
    by Madeline Melchor Cardona & Carmen Elisa Lerma Cruz

  • 2016 Merchandizing Agri-Food Products By Means Of Short Food Supply Chains In Mureş County
    by Lucian TĂNASĂ & Sebastian DOBOŞ & Ioan-Sebastian BRUMĂ

  • 2016 Modern Management Systems of Intangible Assets of Companies
    by Petro Kutsyk & Khrystyna Skop

  • 2016 The practice of marketing under the pressure of continuously updating the marketing capabilities platform
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2016 The Retailers’ Marketing Strategy: Adapting to the fast-evolving environment
    by TANASE, Cosmin

  • 2016 Digital marketing capabilities in today's evolving digital world
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2016 Relational Marketing in the New Service Economy
    by SOCA, Diana

  • 2016 New Challenges for B2B Marketers
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2016 Engineering the Digital Transformation of Marketing
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2016 Prospettive strategiche per il Made in Italy agroalimentare: un’analisi esplorativa del mercato delle macchine professionali da caffè espresso secondo le 5 forze competitive di Porter
    by Giacomo Fiorani & Alessio Cavicchi & Elisabetta Croci Angelini

  • 2016 Does Religious Commitment Matter in the Relationship Between Brand Personality and Purchase Intention on Halal Brand? Evidence from Consumers in Indonesia
    by M.Dharma Tuah Putra NASUTION & Yossie ROSSANTY & Prana Ugiana GIO

  • 2016 Customer Intelligence Analytics on Social Networks
    by Brano Markic & Sanja Bijaksic & Arnela Bevanda

  • 2016 Credibility and Consumer Behavior of Islamic Bank in Indonesia: A Literature Review
    by Naufal BACHRI & Abdul RAHMAN LUBIS & NURDASILA & M. Shabri ABD. MAJID

  • 2016 The Emotional States of the Consumer in Stores: The PA (Pleasure-Arousal) Adapted to the Algerian Context
    by Sabrina ELBACHIR & Abderrahmane CHENINI

  • 2016 Brand Experience in Banking Industry: Direct and Indirect Relationship to Loyalty
    by Nuri WULANDARI

  • 2016 Factors of Attracting Customers in Jordanian Consumer Markets: A Case Study of Amman Markets
    by Hisham Ali SHATNAWI & Hamdi Jaber AL-BARAKAT

  • 2016 Marka Askinin Marka Deneyimi ile Marka Sadakati Arasindaki Iliskiye Aracilik Etkisi
    by Nilay ASKIN & Ilayda IPEK

  • 2016 Vodafone’un Marka Kisiligi: BesIktas Taraftari, Rakip Takim Taraftarlari ve Takim Tutmayanlarin Algilarindaki Fark Uzerine Bir Arastirma
    by Yener GIRISKEN & Caner GIRAY

  • 2016 Kadin, Erkek, Ya Da? Hediye Satin Alma Davranisinda Cinsiyet Kimligi Rolunun Etkisi
    by Tugba KILICER & Elif BOYRAZ & Adem TUZEMEN

  • 2016 Facebook’ta Pazarlama Uygulamalarina Yonelik Tuketici Tutumlarinin Path Analizi Ile Incelenmesi

  • 2016 Farmer share and fair distribution in food chains from a consumer’s perspective
    by Busch, Gesa & Spiller, Achim

  • 2016 Bayesian persuasion with heterogeneous priors
    by Alonso, Ricardo & Câmara, Odilon

  • 2016 The compromise effect in action: Lessons from a restaurant's menu
    by Pinger, Pia & Ruhmer-Krell, Isabel & Schumacher, Heiner

  • 2016 Cause-related marketing of products with a negative externality
    by Grolleau, Gilles & Ibanez, Lisette & Lavoie, Nathalie

  • 2016 When do switching costs make markets more or less competitive?
    by Ruiz-Aliseda, Francisco

  • 2016 Consumers' quality choices during demand peaks
    by Perrone, Helena

  • 2016 Personalized pricing and price fairness
    by Richards, Timothy J. & Liaukonyte, Jura & Streletskaya, Nadia A.

  • 2016 Inter-firm price coordination in a two-sided market
    by Kind, Hans Jarle & Nilssen, Tore & Sørgard, Lars

  • 2016 More on intangibles: Do stockholders benefit from brand values?
    by Chehab, Adham & Liu, Jeanny & Xiao, Yibo

  • 2016 Consumer governance in electricity markets
    by Daglish, Toby

  • 2016 Effect of Self-esteem on Customer Citizenship Behaviors among International University Branch Campus Students
    by Vie Ming Tan & Farzana Quoquab & Fauziah Sh. Ahmad & Jihad Mohammad

  • 2016 The Impact of Brand trust, Self-image Congruence and Usage Satisfaction toward Smartphone Repurchase Intention
    by See Kwong Goh & Nan Jiang & Pei Leng Tee

  • 2016 “Made In China” Products and the Implication of Ethnic Identification Strength
    by Huat Wei Huang & Ernest Cyril de Run & Ernest Cyril de Run & Hiram Ting & Hiram Ting & Huong Sung Colin Ting

  • 2016 Influence of Income and Occupation on Consumers’ Susceptibility to Reference Group Demands on Brand Choice Decisions
    by Asad Rehman & Syed Ahsan Jamil

  • 2016 An Analysis of the Impact of Service Quality and Passenger Satisfaction on Passenger Preferences for Airlines: A Study of the Indian Aviation Sector
    by Shouvik Sanyal & Mohammed Wamique Hisam

  • 2016 Why do Urban Young Adults Share Online Video Advertisement in Malaysia?
    by See Kwong Goh & Inn-Shen Tan & Cheow Sern Vincent Yeo

  • 2016 Effect of Advertising on the Brand Loyalty of Cosmetic Products among College Students
    by Abraham Gyamfi Ababio & Emmanuel Erastus Yamoah

  • 2016 The Impact of the E-Service Quality of Online Databases on Users’ Behavioral Intentions: A Perspective of Postgraduate Students
    by Dia Zeglat & Fayiz Shrafat & Ziad Al-Smadi

  • 2016 The Role Of Uncertainty Avoidance And Indulgence As Cultural Dimensions On Online Shopping Expenditure
    by Emre Yýldýrým & Yusuf Arslan & Merve Türkmen Barutçu

  • 2016 The New Rules Of Green Marketing- A Book Review
    by Raluca-Mihaela SANDU

  • 2016 Using Social Media In Political Campaigns. Evidence From Romania
    by Andra-Ioana ANDRONICIUC

  • 2016 Impact of Income on Customers' Loyalty: Are Customers with Higher Income more Loyal?
    by Igor Klopotan & Kristina Vrhovec-Žohar & Edita Mahič

  • 2016 Multichannel Strategy – The Dominant Approach In Modern Retailing
    by Dragan Stojković & Stipe Lovreta & Zoran Bogetić

  • 2016 Improving Business Performance Through Brand Management Practice
    by Saša Veljković & Djordje Kaličanin

  • 2016 Evolucija, Redefinisanje I Perspektive Razvoja Koncepta Menadžmenta Kategorije Proizvoda
    by Zoran Bogetić & Goran Petković & Dragan Stojković

  • 2016 Characteristic features in setting up the marketing mix, position and segments of the banking sector
    by Tsvetelina Nedialkova-Shtereva

  • 2016 Young People'S Preferences For Romanian Agro Alimentary Goods
    by Laura Catalina Timiras

  • 2016 The Role of Corporate Versus Product Brand Dominance in Brand Portfolio Overlap: A Pitch
    by Ann Wallin & Amanda Spry

  • 2016 The Integration of Social Media into Corporate Processes
    by Edit Bányai

  • 2016 How to Transfer a Coupon-Based Event into a Hedonic Shopping Experience? Retail Branding Implications Based on the Glamour Shopping Days
    by Zita Kelemen & Péter Nagy & Ildikó Kemény

  • 2016 Symbolic consumption in the case of brand communities
    by Szabolcs Prónay & Erzsébet Hetesi

  • 2016 Investigating The Relationship Between Organizational Communication And Organizational Culture
    by Sabina Madalina SOMACESCU & Catalin Mihail BARBU & Tudor NISTORESCU

  • 2016 Influence Factors For Store Format Choice In The Apparel And Footwear Market
    by Ioana Nicoleta Abrudan

  • 2016 Complementarity Between The Functions And Instruments Of Internal Marketing And Human Resource Management
    by Roxana CIOCLOV & Remus Ionu? NAGHI & Monica BOLDEA

  • 2016 Can Money Buy Convenience: A Study On Income As A Motivator Of Online Shopping?
    by Pallabi Mishra

  • 2016 Systemic Approach Of The Consumer Behavior
    by Adrian Nicolae CAZACU

  • 2016 The Effectiveness Of Branded Mobile Apps On User’S Brand Attitudes And Purchase Intentions
    by Victoria A. SEITZ & Nada M. ALDEBASI

  • 2016 Relationship Marketing Stage of Development in Romanian Banking Industry
    by Alina Filip & Diana Maria Vrânceanu & Bogdan Georgescu & Daniela Elena Marinescu

  • 2016 Mediating and Marketing Factors Influence the Prescription Behavior of Physicians: An Empirical Investigation
    by Rizwan Raheem Ahmed & Jolita Vveinhardt & Dalia Streimikiene & Muhammad Awais

  • 2016 The Economics of Privacy
    by Alessandro Acquisti & Curtis Taylor & Liad Wagman

  • 2016 Market-Based Lobbying: Evidence from Advertising Spending in Italy
    by Stefano DellaVigna & Ruben Durante & Brian Knight & Eliana La Ferrara

  • 2015 The Veterinary Labour Market, a Place Where the Demand Meets the Supply of Veterinary Medical Services [Piaţa muncii în domeniul veterinar, un loc unde cererea întâlneşte oferta de servicii medicale veterinare]
    by Vâlceanu Gabriela-Laura

  • 2015 Analysing the Perception of Young People Regarding the Opportunities in Developing a Business through European Funds Projects [Analizarea percepţiei tinerilor privind posibilitatea dezvoltării unei afaceri prin intermediul proiectelor finanţate din fondur
    by Radu Anamaria-Cătălina, Dobrescu Andra-Ileana

  • 2015 Regional Patterns of Consumption Credit in Foreign Currency: A Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Behaviour in Romania [Pattern-uri regionale ale creditului de consum în valută: o analiză cantitativă a comportamentului consumatorilor în România]
    by Stoica Ivona

  • 2015 Subjective Life Expectancy, Materialistic Values and Saving: A Cross-National Perspective
    by Volkan YENİARAS & Halil KIYMAZ

  • 2015 Güven, Memnuniyet, Alternatiflerin Çekiciliği ve Değişime Direnç Değişkenlerinin Tutumsal ve Davranışsal Marka Bağlılığı Üzerindeki Etkilerinin Türk GSM Sektöründe Karşılaştırılması
    by Semra DOĞAN & B.Zafer ERDOĞAN

  • 2015 Giving ideas a chance: Systematic development of services in manufacturing industry
    by Strassl, Johann & Schicker, Günter & Grasser, Christian

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    by Piotr Cyrek

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  • 2013 Brand Communication For Youth
    by Morozan Cristian & Enache Elena

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    by Luca Florin Alexandru & Ioan Corina AnaMaria & Sasu Constantin

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    by Ionescu Andreea & Ciceo Andreea Teodora

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    by Ciorasteanu Gianina & Mihailescu Mariana

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    by Ciceo Andreea & Ionescu Andreea

  • 2013 Improvement of the Marketing Interaction based on Information Technologies
    by Balabanits Anzhelika & Minakova Iryna

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    by Asandei Mihaela & Gangone Andreea-Daniela

  • 2013 The CRM a Solution for the Banks Management
    by Dinculescu Elena – Silvia & Antonescu Mirela Eugeni

  • 2013 Issues of Marketing Strategies in the Banking Industry
    by Sudacevschi Mihaela

  • 2013 The Importance of Commercial Services in the Trade Activity
    by Stanciu Anca Cristina & Constandache Mihaela & Racoceanu Cristina

  • 2013 The Role of Social Media Marketing in Strengthening the Brand ImageAbstract:The presence of companies on Social Media has become a widespread phenomenon, both globally and also in our country. By using these new marketing communication tools, companies have the opportunity to establish and maintain contact with a large number of consumers, and listen to their opinions. Also, Social Media offers various possibilities to connect brands to consumers. But beyond the simple popularization of the brand among a large audience, the marketing actions should serve to consolidating the brand equity. Building a successful brand is a goal pursued by any company, but it requires constant attention to every interaction and experience with the consumers. The marketing communication strategy on Social Media must take into account the general impression and the impact it generates on the brand image
    by Platon Otilia-Elena

  • 2013 Directions and Ways of Improving the Quality Assurance System Banking in RomaniaAbstract:Increasing the competitiveness of organizations by promoting quality, is a specific and constant concern of the European Union, thus creating, legislative and institutional framework for achieving this goal. This concern is focused on promoting an ambitious policy on qualitythat facilitates increased competitiveness of EU Member States. National model of quality that exists in Romania is based on the philosophy of continuous improvement related to clear values. The last decade and a half has been for the banking system for a period of radical change, which aimed not only upgrading, creating appropriate legal and institutional framework and a diversified banking products and services, and the assimilation of the acquis communautaire and alignment policies, strategies and practices of the European Union. In the present study identified ways and means to improve the quality assurance system of banking services in Romania
    by Balaceanu Valeria Arina & Sisea Dana - Gabriela

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  • 2013 Evaluating The Factors Affecting The Internet Banking Adoption Of Consumers Using Structural Equation Model
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  • 2012 Coordinates Of Postal Services Market In Romania
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  • 2012 Romanian Consumers’ Attitude Towards Tv Commercials
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  • 2012 Measuring Consumer-Based Brand Equity - Evidence From Albanian Banking Sector
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  • 2012 Profile Analysis Of The Employees Of Commercial Banks In Romania
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  • 2012 Customer Satisfaction In Mobile Phone Services In Bangladesh: A Survey Research
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  • 2012 The Role Of Branding In Marketing Strategy
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  • 2011 Impact Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction: Evidences From The Restaurant Industry In Pakistan
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  • 2011 Impact Of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction: Evidences From The Restaurant Industry In Pakistan
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  • 2011 Brand Loyalty Of Female Consumers - Study Carried In Sfântu Gheorghe And The Surrounding Areas
    by Erika KULCSÁR & Szende BARTIS

  • 2011 Brand Loyalty Of Female Consumers - Study Carried In Sfântu Gheorghe And The Surrounding Areas
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  • 2011 Museums, Marketing, Tourism And Urban Development. The British Museum – A Successful Model For Romanian Museums
    by Razvan-Andrei CORBOS & Ruxandra Irina POPESCU

  • 2011 Museums, Marketing, Tourism And Urban Development. The British Museum – A Successful Model For Romanian Museums
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  • 2011 Study Of Wines Positioning On The Romanian Market
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  • 2011 Study Of Wines Positioning On The Romanian Market
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  • 2011 Study Of Wines Positioning On The Romanian Market
    by Alex GAVRILESCU

  • 2011 Using Branding To Attract, Recruit, And Retain Talented Staff
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  • 2011 Using Branding To Attract, Recruit, And Retain Talented Staff
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  • 2011 Using Branding To Attract, Recruit, And Retain Talented Staff
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  • 2011 Non-Functional Shopping Motives Among Iranian Consumers
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  • 2011 Non-Functional Shopping Motives Among Iranian Consumers
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  • 2011 Non-Functional Shopping Motives Among Iranian Consumers
    by Shahriar AZIZI & Amir SHARIFFAR

  • 2011 Determining Consumers’ Propensity To Buy Romanian Products
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  • 2011 Determining Consumers’ Propensity To Buy Romanian Products
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  • 2011 Determining Consumers’ Propensity To Buy Romanian Products
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  • 2011 E-Banking: A Case Study Of Askari Commercial Bank Pakistan
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  • 2011 E-Banking: A Case Study Of Askari Commercial Bank Pakistan
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  • 2011 Strategic Influence Of Promotional Mix On Organisation Sale Turnover In The Face Of Strong Competitors
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  • 2011 Strategic Influence Of Promotional Mix On Organisation Sale Turnover In The Face Of Strong Competitors
    by Adebisi SUNDAY & Babatunde BAYODE

  • 2011 Strategic Influence Of Promotional Mix On Organisation Sale Turnover In The Face Of Strong Competitors
    by Adebisi SUNDAY & Babatunde BAYODE

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    by Muhammad Shakil AHMAD & Ehtesham ul MUJEEB & Amir RAJPUT

  • 2011 Does Brand Extension Impact Parent Brand: A Case Of Johnson, Uk
    by Muhammad Shakil AHMAD & Ehtesham ul MUJEEB & Amir RAJPUT

  • 2011 Does Brand Extension Impact Parent Brand: A Case Of Johnson, Uk
    by Muhammad Shakil AHMAD & Ehtesham ul MUJEEB & Amir RAJPUT

  • 2011 Consumer Panacea Over Internet Usage In Pakistan
    by Bilal AFSAR & Jawaria Andleeb QURESHI & Asim REHMAN & Rehmat Ullah BANGASH

  • 2011 Consumer Panacea Over Internet Usage In Pakistan
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  • 2011 Consumer Panacea Over Internet Usage In Pakistan
    by Bilal AFSAR & Jawaria Andleeb QURESHI & Asim REHMAN & Rehmat Ullah BANGASH

  • 2011 Perceived Risk, Price And Online Travel Agencies: Does Price Always Matter?
    by Patricea Elena BERTEA & Ovidiu I. MOISESCU

  • 2011 Perceived Risk, Price And Online Travel Agencies: Does Price Always Matter?
    by Patricea Elena BERTEA & Ovidiu I. MOISESCU

  • 2011 Perceived Risk, Price And Online Travel Agencies: Does Price Always Matter?
    by Patricea Elena BERTEA & Ovidiu I. MOISESCU

  • 2011 Cultural Adaptation Of Products
    by Catalin Mihail BARBU

  • 2011 Cultural Adaptation Of Products
    by Catalin Mihail BARBU

  • 2011 Cultural Adaptation Of Products
    by Catalin Mihail BARBU

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  • 2011 The Role Of The Orientation Towards Innovation Within Organisation
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  • 2010 Is There Any Difference Between The Attitude Of Romanian Tourists As Compared To The Foreign Ones?
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  • 2010 Is There Any Difference Between The Attitude Of Romanian Tourists As Compared To The Foreign Ones?
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  • 2010 A Study On Customer Relationship Management In Consumer Markets: Grandiosity/ Reality?
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  • 2010 A Study On Customer Relationship Management In Consumer Markets: Grandiosity/ Reality?
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  • 2010 Comparative Aspects Regarding Consumption And Consumers In European Countries
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  • 2010 Comparative Aspects Regarding Consumption And Consumers In European Countries
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  • 2010 Consumer Decision-Making Styles And Young-Adult Consumers: An Indian Exploration
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  • 2010 Consumer Decision-Making Styles And Young-Adult Consumers: An Indian Exploration
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  • 2010 Determinants Of Consumer Preferences In Addis Ababa Restaurants
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  • 2010 Determinants Of Consumer Preferences In Addis Ababa Restaurants
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  • 2010 Determinants Of Customer Loyalty And Proposing A Customer Loyalty Model For The Banking Sector Of Pakistan
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  • 2010 Determinants Of Customer Loyalty And Proposing A Customer Loyalty Model For The Banking Sector Of Pakistan
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 A Comparative Study Of The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty And Market Share Among Durable And Non-Durable Products
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  • 2010 A Comparative Study Of The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty And Market Share Among Durable And Non-Durable Products
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  • 2009 Demand Side Analysis of Microlending Markets in Germany
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  • 2007 How Retailing Has Changed? What Marketing Did For This Change?
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  • 2007 How Retailing Has Changed? What Marketing Did For This Change?
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  • 2007 Is the price right? Pricing for long term profitability
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