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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q18: Agricultural Policy; Food Policy
This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Agricultural Economics > Agricultural Policy
  2. > Agricultural Economics > Food Policy

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2090 Production Risk and Farm Technology Adoption in Rain-Fed, Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya
    by Juma, Maurice & Nyangena, Wilfred & Yesuf, Mahmud

  • 2018 Conjunctive Implementation of Land Sparing and Land Sharing for Environmental Preservation
    by Legras, Sophie & Martin, Elsa & Piguet, Virginie

  • 2017 F.R.A.N.Z.-Studie: Hindernisse und Perspektiven für mehr Biodiversität in der Agrarlandschaft
    by Joormann, Ineke & Schmidt, Thomas G.

  • 2017 Microplots and food security: Encouraging replication studies of policy relevant research
    by Wood, Douglas Kuflick Benjamin & Vasquez, Maria

  • 2017 An evidence-based approach to ending rural hunger
    by Kharas, Homi Jamshed & McArthur, John W. & von Braun, Joachim

  • 2017 Key policy actions for sustainable land and water use to serve people
    by von Braun, Joachim & Gulati, Ashok & Kharas, Homi Jamshed

  • 2017 Текущая Роль Производственных И Обслуживающих Кооперативов В Сельском Хозяйстве Южного Казахстана
    by Kerimova, Ukiljaj

  • 2017 The outcomes of 25 years of agricultural reforms in Kyrgyzstan
    by Mogilevskii, Roman & Abdrazakova, Nazgul & Bolotbekova, Aida & Chalbasova, Saule & Dzhumaeva, Shoola & Tilekeyev, Kanat

  • 2017 Determinants of productivity and efficiency of wheat production in Kazakhstan: A stochastic frontier approach
    by Tleubayev, Alisher & Bobojonov, Ihtiyor & Götz, Linde & Hockmann, Heinrich & Glauben, Thomas

  • 2017 Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico
    by Chort, Isabelle & de la Rupelle, Maëlys

  • 2017 Assessing the cost of supplying water for agriculture: the food supply cost curve
    by Roberto Roson

  • 2017 Food security, food safety and pesticides: China and the EU compared
    by Maria Bruna Zolin & Matilde Cassin & Ilda Mannino

  • 2017 Productivity and household welfare impact of technology adoption: Micro-level evidence from rural Ethiopia
    by Mekonnen, Tigist

  • 2017 La valorisation des produits de terroir en Algérie : démarches en cours, contraintes institutionnelles et perspectives
    by Cheriet, F.

  • 2017 Determinants of the Adoption of Organic Tea Production in Northern Vietnam: A Robustness Analysis
    by Nicolas Lampach & Phu Nguyen-Van & Nguyen To-The

  • 2017 The Role of Export Restrictions in Agricultural Trade
    by Carmen Estrades & Manuel Flores & Guillermo Lezama

  • 2017 Peeling back the onion: Using latent class analysis to uncover heterogeneous responses to stated preference surveys
    by Hammitt, James K. & Herrera-Araujo, Daniel

  • 2017 Promovendo a subericultura? A política florestal de Espanha e Portugal (1852-1914)
    by Carlos M. Faísca

  • 2017 Labels, Food Safety, and International Trade
    by Wilson, Norbert L. W.

  • 2017 Farm heterogeneity and agricultural policy impacts on size dynamics: evidence from France
    by Legrand D. F, Saint-Cyr

  • 2017 The dynamics of income inequality in a dualistic economy - Malawi
    by Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Bruno Martorano & Bruno Martorano

  • 2017 Farmers and Pixels: Toward Sustainable Agricultural Finance with Space Technology
    by Sommarat Chantarat & Preesan Rakwatin & Chutatong Charumilind

  • 2017 The Impact of Citrus Exports on Economic Growth: Empirical Analysis from Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef

  • 2017 Сельское Хозяйство России В Свете Итогов Всероссийской Сельскохозяйственной Переписи 2016 Года
    by Zinchenko, Aleksey

  • 2017 Emerging trends in European food, diets and food industry
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Carlucci, Domenico & De Devitiis, Biagia & Seccia, Antonio & Stasi, Antonio & Viscecchia, Rosaria & Nardone, Gianluca

  • 2017 Environmental sustainability of Bulgarian agricultural Farms – assessment, state, factors
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Sustainability level of Bulgarian agriculture
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 Enhancing Pulses Production in Bihar: Constraints and Strategies for Sustainable Growth
    by Singh, Pushpa & Shahi, Brajesh & Singh, K.M.

  • 2017 Policy Reforms & Analysis of Wheat Procurement System in Punjab, Pakistan
    by Muhammad Aamir, Shahzad

  • 2017 How Climate Change and Agriculture Fares with Food Security in Pakistan?
    by Mamoon, Dawood & Ijaz, Kinza

  • 2017 The Impact of Vegetables Exports on Economic Growth in Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef

  • 2017 Reality of Food Losses: A New Measurement Methodology
    by Delgado, Luciana & Schuster, Monica & Torero, Maximo

  • 2017 Analisis Surplus Padi dan Kaitannya Dengan Ketahanan Pangan Rumah Tangga Petani (Suatu Studi Tentang Marketable Surplus dan Marketed Surplus Komoditas Padi Serta Tingkat Ketahanan Pangan Pada Rumah Tangga Petani Padi di Kabupaten Subang)
    by Harisman, Kundang

  • 2017 Changing Scenario of Pulses in India: An Analysis of its Growth and Instability in Eastern States
    by Singh, Pushpa & Singh, K.M. & Ahmad, Nasim & Shahi, Brajesh

  • 2017 Shrinking Net Sown Area and Changing Land Use Pattern in Bihar: An Economic Analysis
    by Sinha, D.K. & Ahmad, Nasim & Singh, K.M.

  • 2017 A Study on Maize Production in Samastipur (Bihar): An Empirical Analysis
    by Kumar, Amalendu & Singh, K.M.

  • 2017 Drivers of grain price volatility: a cursory critical review
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Lamonaca, Emilia & Contò, Francesco & Stasi, Antonio & Nardone, Gianluca

  • 2017 Crop Insurance in the European Union: Lessons and Caution from the United States
    by Ramsey, Austin Ford & Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano

  • 2017 Macroeconomic Trends and Factors of Production Affecting Potato Producer Price in Developing Countries
    by Salmensuu, Olli

  • 2017 Market participation of smallholders and the role of the upstream segment: evidence from Guinea
    by CAMARA, Alhassane

  • 2017 Water Scarcity: Impacts on Food security at Macro, Meso and Micro levels in Pakistan
    by Fahim, Amir

  • 2017 Framework for analyzing and assessing the system of governance and the level of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria and China
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 An Assessment of Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Renewable Natural Gas as a Solution to Climate Goals: Response to California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard
    by Scheitrum, Daniel

  • 2017 Child Nutrition Outcomes of Market Participation of Smallholder Farmers in Central Ethiopia
    by Demeke, Leykun & Haji, Jemma

  • 2017 Sustainability of farms of natural persons in Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Regional development in the context of economic reform: The case of Limassol
    by Benner, Maximilian & Hirth, Jana & Kraatz, Fabian & Ludwig, Katja & Schrade, Jessi

  • 2017 On consumption patterns in oyster markets: the role of attitudes
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Carlucci, Domenico & De Devitiis, Biagia & Nardone, Gianluca & Viscecchia, Rosaria

  • 2017 Governance, economic, social and environmental sustainability of farms of different luridical type in Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Lithuanian Agri-Food Industry Responses to Russian Import Ban on Agricultural Products
    by Vlada Vitunskiene & Evaldas Serva

  • 2017 Le coût des prix alimentaires élevés en Afrique de l'Ouest
    by Thomas Allen

  • 2017 The Cost of High Food Prices in West Africa
    by Thomas Allen

  • 2017 Managing multi-purpose water infrastructure: A review of international experience
    by Meleesa Naughton & Nicole DeSantis & Alexandre Martoussevitch

  • 2017 Evaluating dynamics, sources and drivers of productivity growth at the farm level
    by Raushan Bokusheva & Lukáš Čechura

  • 2017 Impact of agricultural export restrictions on prices in importing countries
    by Annelies Deuss

  • 2017 Evaluation of farm programmes in the 2014 US farm bill: A review of the literature
    by OECD

  • 2017 Overcoming barriers to the adoption of climate-friendly practices in agriculture
    by Anita Wreford & Ada Ignaciuk & Guillaume Gruère

  • 2017 Agricultural Trade Reform, Reallocation and Technical Change: Evidence from the Canadian Prairies
    by Mark Brown & Shon M. Ferguson & Crina Viju

  • 2017 Did the Renewable Fuel Standard Shift Market Expectations of the Price of Ethanol?
    by Christiane J.S. Baumeister & Reinhard Ellwanger & Lutz Kilian

  • 2017 Willingness to Pay for Low Water Footprint Food Choices During Drought
    by Hannah Krovetz & Rebecca Taylor & Sofia Villas-Boas

  • 2017 Agricultural Transformation in Senegal: Impacts of an integrated program
    by Abdoulaye Diagne Author-Name: Fran ois J. Cabral

  • 2017 Farm Household Incomes in OECD Member Countries over the Last 30 Years of Public Support
    by Bruno Henry de Frahan & Jérémie Dong & Rembert De Blander

  • 2017 Farm Household Incomes in OECD Member Countries over the Last 30 Years of Public Support
    by Bruno Henry de Frahan & Jérémie Dong & Rembert De Blander

  • 2017 Do Agricultural Marketing Laws Matter for Rural Growth? Evidence from the Indian States
    by Purnima Purohit & Katsushi S. Imai & Kunal Sen

  • 2017 The Hedonic Approach to Vineyard Site Selection: Adaptation to Climate Change and Grape Growing in Emerging Markets
    by Ashenfelter, Orley

  • 2017 STAGE_DEV. A variant of the STAGE model to analyse developing countries
    by Emerta Aragie & Hasan Dudu & Emanuele Ferrari & Alfredo Mainar & Scott McDonald & Karen Thierfelder

  • 2017 Boosting the Fertilizer Production in Kenya: a CGE analysis
    by Pierre Boulanger & Hasan Dudu & Emanuele Ferrari & Mainar Causape Alfredo & Ilaria Proietti

  • 2017 Drivers of farmers' income: The role of farm size and diversification
    by Varun Kumar Das & A. Ganesh Kumar

  • 2017 Agricultural Input Subsidies and Productivity: The Case of Paraguayan Farmers
    by César Augusto López & Lina Salazar & Carmine Paolo De Salvo

  • 2017 Inefficiency in Rice Production and Land Use: A Panel Study of Japanese Rice Farmers
    by Ogawa, Kazuo

  • 2017 Contract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and Agricultural intensification: The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire
    by MANO, Yukichi Y. & TAKAHASHI, Kazushi & OTSUKA, Keijiro

  • 2017 Design of climate tax on food consumption
    by Gren, Ing-Marie & Moberg, Emma & Röös, Elin & Säll, Sarah & Andersson, Julius

  • 2017 Probability Weighting and Input Use Intensity in a State-Contingent Framework
    by Holden , Stein T. & Quiggin, John

  • 2017 Adoption of Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties under Rainfall Stress in Malawi
    by Katengeza, Samson P. & Holden , Stein T. & Lunduka, Rodney W.

  • 2017 Between the Engine and the Fifth Wheel: An Analytical Survey of the Shifting Roles of Agriculture in Development Theory
    by Andersson, Martin & Rohne Till, Emelie

  • 2017 Deregulation and Regional Specialization: Evidence from Canadian Agriculture
    by Carter, Colin A. & Ferguson, Shon

  • 2017 Agricultural Trade Reform, Reallocation and Technical Change: Evidence from the Canadian Prairies
    by Brown, Mark & Ferguson, Shon & Viju, Crina

  • 2017 Assessing the Role of Land Use Consolidation for Consumption Growth in Rwanda
    by Nilsson, Pia

  • 2017 Can household food security predict individual undernutrition? Evidence from Cambodia and Lao PDR
    by Bühler, Dorothee & Hartje, Rebecca & Ulrike Grote

  • 2017 Growth factors in the agriculture of Russia
    by Uzun Vasily & Shagaida Natalia

  • 2017 Can a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder remove hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments? An application to consumer valuation of novel food products
    by Mohammed H. Alemu & Søren B. Olsen

  • 2017 Assessing the Competitive Advantage of Public Policy Support for Supply Chain Resilience
    by Eiji Yamaji

  • 2017 Distributional Impacts of Climate Change and Food Security in Southeast Asia
    by Srivatsan V. Raghavan & Jiang Ze & Jina Hur & Liu Jiandong & Nguyen Ngoc Son & Sun Yabin & Liong Shie-Yui

  • 2017 Optimal rice land protection in a command economy
    by Long Chu & Hoa-Thi-Minh Nguyen & Tom Kompas & Khoi Dang & Trinh Bui

  • 2017 Marginal analysis of income mobility effects by income source with an application to the agricultural policy mix
    by Paul Allanson

  • 2017 Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico
    by Isabelle Chort & Maelys de la Rupelle

  • 2017 The Effect of Food Price Changes on Child Labor: Evidence from Uganda
    by Raymond B. Frempong & David Stadelmann

  • 2017 From Taxing to Subsidizing Farmers in China Post-1978
    by Anderson, Kym

  • 2017 Local Food Prices and International Price Transmission
    by Bekkers, Eddy & Brockmeier, Martina & Francois, Joseph & Yang, Fan

  • 2017 Did the Renewable Fuel Standard Shift Market Expectations of the Price of Ethanol?
    by Baumeister, Christiane & Ellwanger, Reinhard & Kilian, Lutz

  • 2017 Política comercial agrícola: nivel, costos y efectos de la protección en Colombia
    by Juan José Perfetti & Jesús Botero & Sandra Oviedo & David Forero & Sebastián Higuera & Manuel Correa & José García

  • 2017 Forming State through Land Reform Policy: The Dynamics of Baldío Allocation in Peripheral Colombia
    by Laura Montenegro Helfer

  • 2017 Policy relevance of applied economist: Examining sensitivity and inferences
    by Maurice Doyon & Stéphane Bergeron & Lota Dabio Tamini

  • 2017 Price Discovery in Some Primary Commodity Markets in India
    by Raushan Kumar

  • 2017 Did the Renewable Fuel Standard Shift Market Expectations of the Price of Ethanol?
    by Christiane Baumeister & Reinhard Ellwanger & Lutz Kilian

  • 2017 Key policy actions for sustainable land and water use to serve people
    by von Braun, Joachim & Gulati, Ashok & Kharas, Homi

  • 2017 An evidence-based approach to ending rural hunger
    by Kharas, Homi & McArthur, John W. & von Braun, Joachim

  • 2017 Perception of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Certifications: A Commodity Market Perspective
    by Lolita Liberatore & Nicola Casolani & Federica Murmura

  • 2017 Implementation of Management Systems as Competitive Advantage
    by Marta Karkalikova & Dominika Nosekova

  • 2017 The political economy of food price policy during the global food price crisis of 2006-2008
    by Derrill D. Watson

  • 2017 Cropping systems diversification, improved seed, manure and inorganic fertilizer adoption by maize producers of eastern Ethiopia
    by Musa Hasen Ahmed & Kassahun Mamo Geleta & Aemro Tazeze & Hiwot Mekonnen Mesfin & Eden Andualem Tilahun

  • 2017 Risks and opportunities from key importers pushing for sustainability: the case of Indonesian palm oil
    by Yaghoob Jafari & Jamal Othman & Peter Witzke & Sufian Jusoh

  • 2017 Predicting minimum tillage adoption among smallholder farmers using micro-level and policy variables
    by Paswel P. Marenya & Menale Kassie & Moti Jaleta & Dil Bahadur Rahut & Olaf Erenstein

  • 2017 Dynamics of EU food safety certification: a survival analysis of firm decisions
    by Catherine Ragasa & Suzanne Thornsbury & Satish Joshi

  • 2017 Food Insecurity in Selected African Countries: Effect of Food Imports among Other Predictors
    by David Mautin Oke & Koye Gerry Bokana & Godwin Enaholo Uddin

  • 2017 Global Financial and Food Price Crisis: A Double Shock on ASEAN Food Security
    by Chayoot Wana & Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan

  • 2017 Optimization of Food Basket: Interconnection of Medical and economic Factors
    by Korneychuk, Boris

  • 2017 The Impact of Economic Variables on Food Security in the Provinces of Iran: Measuring and Comparing
    by Bagherzadeh Azar , Fatemeh & Ranjpour, Reza & Karami Takanlou , Zahra & Motaffaker Azad, Mohammad Ali & Assadzadeh, Ahmad

  • 2017 Valuing Attributes of Fluid Milk in Laos
    by Lee, Jae Won & Kim, Taeyoon & Napasirth, Viengsakoun

  • 2017 Intervention On The Agricultural Land Market In Relation To The End Of The Transitional Period For Purchasing Agricultural Land By Foreigners
    by Wieslawa Lizinska & Renata Marks-Bielska & Karolina Babuchowska

  • 2017 The Impacts of India's Food Security Policies on South Asian Wheat and Rice Markets
    by Nelson Benjamin Villoria & Elliot Wamboka Mghenyi

  • 2017 Grain Price Spikes and Beggar-thy-Neighbor Policy Responses: A Global Economywide Analysis
    by Hans G. Jensen & Kym Anderson

  • 2017 Agriculture after Brexit
    by Dieter Helm

  • 2017 A Green Revolution for Sub-Saharan Africa: Past Failures and Future Prospects
    by Keijiro Otsuka & Rie Muraoka

  • 2017 Agriculture and Structural Transformation in Africa: An Overview
    by Lemma W. Senbet & Witness Simbanegavi

  • 2017 On the Structural Transformation of Rural Africa
    by Christopher B. Barrett & Luc Christiaensen & Megan Sheahan & Abebe Shimeles

  • 2017 Tariffs, Smuggling and Economic Welfare: A Spatial Analysis of Nigerian Rice Policy Options
    by Michael E. Johnson & Paul Dorosh

  • 2017 Variable Returns to Fertiliser Use and the Geography of Poverty: Experimental and Simulation Evidence from Malawi
    by Aurélie P. Harou & Yanyan Liu & Christopher B. Barrett & Liangzhi You

  • 2017 Consumer acceptance and rejection of emerging agrifood technologies and their applications
    by Lynn J. Frewer

  • 2017 Agri-food supply chain: evolution and performance with conflicting consumer and societal demands
    by Tina L. Saitone & Richard J. Sexton

  • 2017 Research of European Union's Common Agricultural Policy: disciplinary boundaries and beyond
    by Emil Erjavec & Marko Lovec

  • 2017 The empirics of decoupling: Alternative estimation approaches of the farm-level production response
    by Roberto Esposti

  • 2017 Climate risk and state-contingent technology adoption: shocks, drought tolerance and preferences
    by Stein T. Holden & John Quiggin

  • 2017 Returns to fertiliser use: Does it pay enough? Some new evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Estelle Koussoubé & Céline Nauges

  • 2017 What World Price?
    by Nelissa Jamora & Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel

  • 2017 The Potential Role for a Nitrogen Compliance Policy in Mitigating Gulf Hypoxia
    by Marc Ribaudo & Nigel Key & Stacy Sneeringer

  • 2017 Labeling Food Processes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    by Kent D. Messer & Marco Costanigro & Harry M. Kaiser

  • 2017 Evaluating the Policy Proposals of the Food Movement
    by Jayson L. Lusk

  • 2017 A Cost of Tractability? Estimating Climate Change Impacts Using a Single Crop Market Understates Impacts on Market Conditions and Variability
    by Wyatt Thompson & Scott Gerlt & J. Elliott Campbell & Lara M. Kueppers & Yaqiong Lu & Mark A. Snyder

  • 2017 Foodservice Composting Crowds Out Consumer Food Waste Reduction Behavior in a Dining Experiment
    by Danyi Qi & Brian E. Roe

  • 2017 On the Measurement of Food Waste
    by Marc F. Bellemare & Metin Çakir & Hikaru Hanawa Peterson & Lindsey Novak & Jeta Rudi

  • 2017 Influence of Neighbor Experience and Exit on Small Farmer Market Participation
    by Hope C. Michelson

  • 2017 Efficiency-Equity Tradeoffs in Targeting Payments for Ecosystem Services
    by JunJie Wu & Jialing Yu

  • 2017 Balancing the Health Risks and Benefits of Seafood: How Does Available Guidance Affect Consumer Choices?
    by Hirotsugu Uchida & Cathy A. Roheim & Robert J. Johnston

  • 2017 Re-Examining the Reported Rates of Return to Food and Agricultural Research and Development: Reply
    by Terrance M. Hurley & Xudong Rao & Philip G. Pardey

  • 2017 Re-Examining the Reported Rates of Return to Food and Agricultural Research and Development: Comment
    by James F. Oehmke

  • 2017 Subsidies and Technical Efficiency in Agriculture: Evidence from European Dairy Farms
    by Laure Latruffe & Boris E. Bravo-Ureta & Alain Carpentier & Yann Desjeux & Víctor H. Moreira

  • 2017 “Decoupled” Farm Program Payments are Really Decoupled: The Theory Absolute Risk Aversion Matter?
    by Robert G. Chambers & Daniel C. Voica

  • 2017 Efficiency Impacts of Utilizing Soil Data in the Pricing of the Federal Crop Insurance Program
    by Joshua D. Woodard & Leslie J. Verteramo-Chiu

  • 2017 Rationality of Choices in Subsidized Crop Insurance Markets
    by Xiaodong Du & Hongli Feng & David A. Hennessy

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Fertilizer Subsidy Programs in Africa: Evidence from Zambia
    by Nicole M. Mason & Thomas S. Jayne & Nicolas van de Walle

  • 2017 Impacts of Federal Crop Insurance on Land Use and Environmental Quality
    by Roger Claassen & Christian Langpap & JunJie Wu

  • 2017 Do School Food Programs Improve Child Dietary Quality?
    by Travis A. Smith

  • 2017 Crop Choice, School Participation, and Child Labor in Developing Countries: Cotton Expansion in Burkina Faso
    by Harounan Kazianga & Francis Makamu

  • 2017 Learning about a Moving Target in Resource Management: Optimal Bayesian Disease Control
    by Matthew J. MacLachlan & Michael R. Springborn & Paul L. Fackler

  • 2017 Socioeconomic and Demographic Determinants of the Nutritional Content of National School Lunch Program Entrée Selections
    by Janet G. Peckham & Jaclyn D. Kropp & Thomas A. Mroz & Vivian Haley-Zitlin & Ellen M. Granberg & Nicole Hawthorne

  • 2017 Role Of Marketing In Food Economy Development Strategies

  • 2017 Modeling the Distributive Effects of an Agricultural Shock on Household Income in South Africa: A Sam Multiplier Decomposition and Structurel Path Analysis
    by Julius MUKARATI & Godswill MAKOMBE

  • 2017 Assessment of Climate Change on Sesame Cultivation in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria
    by Jacqueline A.C. EZIHE & Ikechi K. AGBUGBA & Gift E. SHAIBU & Hrabrin BACHEV

  • 2017 Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg, The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and The Market Turn
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2017 Nicholas Eberstadt, Men without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2017 Time in eating and food preparation among single adults
    by Mark C. Senia & Helen H. Jensen & Oleksandr Zhylyevskyy

  • 2017 Welfare effects of payment truncation in piece rate tournaments
    by Zhen Wang & Tomislav Vukina

  • 2017 An EU Recycling Target: What Does the Dutch Evidence Tell Us?
    by Elbert Dijkgraaf & Raymond Gradus

  • 2017 The Silence of the Lambs: Payment for Carnivore Conservation and Livestock Farming Under Strategic Behavior
    by Anders Skonhoft

  • 2017 Will The Eastern Partnership Become A Driver For Agriculture?
    by Oksana OKHRIMENKO & Alexander OKHRIMENKO

  • 2017 Can Agricultural Input Subsidy Help The Poor More Than Food Aid Supplies In Malawi?
    by Alabi Reuben Adeolu & Adams Oshobugie Ojor & Osasogie Daniel Izevbuwa

  • 2017 Factors Influencing Adoption, Productivity and Efficiency of Hybrid Rice in Bangladesh
    by M.A. Samad Azad & Sanzidur Rahman

  • 2017 Preliminary Results Of The Public Consultation On The Future Of The Common Agricultural Policy
    by Emilia-Mary Bălan

  • 2017 Public Policy As A Tool For Floriculture Development In The Municipality Of Tepetlixpa Mexico State, Politica Publica Como Herramienta De Desarrollo Para La Floricultura Del Municipio De Tepetlixpa Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Sandra Saldivar Esteba & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Yadira Rocha Gonzalez

  • 2017 Research Study On The Economic Efficiency Of Conventional And Organic Production Systems In The Context Of Application Of Agricultural Policy Measures In Romania
    by Ana URSU

  • 2017 Gross Domestic Product And Rural Depopulation In Romania: Analysis Of Correlations Using A Quantitative Approach
    by Nicola GALLUZZO

  • 2017 Structural and Institutional Transformations in Agricultural Sector of Ukrainian Economy
    by Serhiy Petrukha

  • 2017 Influence of agricultural factors of production on the emission of greenhouse gases worldwide
    by José Ruiz Chico & Antonio Rafael Peña Sánchez & Mercedes Jiménez García

  • 2017 Global Biofuels at the Crossroads: An Overview of Technical, Policy, and Investment Complexities in the Sustainability of Biofuel Development
    by Kathleen Araújo & Devinder Mahajan & Ryan Kerr & Marcelo da Silva

  • 2017 Effect of Organic, Inorganic Fertilizers and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Cabbage
    by Md Ashraful Islam & Gulam Ferdous & Akber Akter & Md Mokter Hossain & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Impact of Practice Change on Runoff Water Quality and Vegetable Yield—An On-Farm Case Study
    by Gunasekhar Nachimuthu & Neil V. Halpin & Michael J. Bell

  • 2017 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Organic Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer in Tea Fields
    by Meihua Deng & Mudan Hou & Naoko Ohkama-Ohtsu & Tadashi Yokoyama & Haruo Tanaka & Kenta Nakajima & Ryosuke Omata & Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura

  • 2017 Evaluation of Pectin Extraction Conditions and Polyphenol Profile from Citrus x lantifolia Waste: Potential Application as Functional Ingredients
    by Teresa del Rosario Ayora-Talavera & Cristina A. Ramos-Chan & Ana G. Covarrubias-Cárdenas & Angeles Sánchez-Contreras & Ulises García-Cruz & Neith A. Pacheco L.

  • 2017 Surface and Subsurface Transport of Nitrate Loss from the Selected Bioenergy Crop Fields: Systematic Review, Analysis and Future Directions
    by Suresh Sharma & Indrajeet Chaubey

  • 2017 Impacts of Rural Labor Resource Change on the Technical Efficiency of Crop Production in China
    by Ning Yin & Yapeng Wang

  • 2017 Changes in Carbon Cycling during Development of Successional Agroforestry
    by Tomas Selecky & Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura & Yuji Kobata & Masaaki Yamada & Iraê A. Guerrini & Helio M. Umemura & Dinaldo A. Dos Santos

  • 2017 Phytochemistry and Agro-Industrial Potential of Native Oilseeds from West Africa: African Grape ( Lannea microcarpa ), Marula ( Sclerocarya birrea ), and Butter Tree ( Pentadesma butyracea )
    by Adama Hilou & Adjima Bougma & Mamoudou H. Dicko

  • 2017 Fusarium Wilt Affecting Chickpea Crop
    by Warda Jendoubi & Mariem Bouhadida & Amal Boukteb & Mohamed Béji & Mohamed Kharrat

  • 2017 Development and Evaluation of Poly Herbal Molluscicidal Extracts for Control of Apple Snail ( Pomacea maculata )
    by Guruswamy Prabhakaran & Subhash Janardhan Bhore & Manikam Ravichandran

  • 2017 Suppression of CH4 Emission by Rice Straw Removal and Application of Bio‐Ethanol Production Residue in a Paddy Field in Akita, Japan
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Jota Ichikawa & Masato Ogawa & Saki Ogaya & Kentaro Yasuda & Yukiya Kobayashi & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta & Ken‐ichiro Nagahama

  • 2017 The Impact of a Warming Micro‐Climate on Muooni Farmers of Kenya
    by Cush Ngonzo Luwesi & Joy Apiyo Obando & Chris Allan Shisanya

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Conservation Tillage for Organic Farming
    by Patrick M. Carr

  • 2017 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Properties and the Growth, Yield and Quality of Tomato in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    by M. Ashraful Islam & Sumiya Islam & Ayasha Akter & Md Habibur Rahman & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Erratum: Ghasemi, M., et al. The Evaluation of Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid on Physiological Characteristics, Proline and Essential Oil Content of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) under Normal and Heat Stress Conditions. Agriculture 2016, 6, 31
    by Mojtaba Ghasemi & Mohammad Modarresi & Nadali Babaeian Jelodar & Nadali Bagheri & Abbas Jamali

  • 2017 Ammonia and Methane Emission Factors from Cattle Operations Expressed as Losses of Dietary Nutrients or Energy
    by Zifei Liu & Yang Liu & James P. Murphy & Ronaldo Maghirang

  • 2017 Changes in the Polyphenolic Profile, Carotenoids and Antioxidant Potential of Apricot ( Prunus armeniaca L.) Leaves during Maturation
    by Alam Zeb & Nadia Khadim & Waqar Ali

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