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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q5: Environmental Economics
/ / / Q56: Environment and Development; Environment and Trade; Sustainability; Environmental Accounts and Accounting; Environmental Equity; Population Growth
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  1. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Environmental Economics > Environmental accounting
  2. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Environmental Economics > Environmental Kuznets Curve

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 La prudence comme origine morale de pratiques organisationnelles émergentes
    by Ben Khaled, Wafa & Jemaa, Fatma

  • 2015 Trade policy and industrial policy in China: What motivates public authorities to apply restrictions on exports?
    by Gourdon, Julien & Monjon, Stéphanie & Poncet, Sandra

  • 2015 Integrated assessment of China’s agricultural vulnerability to climate change: a multi-indicator approach
    by Li, Yingchun & Xiong, Wei & Hu, Wei & Berry, Pam & Ju, Hui & Lin, Erda & Wang, Wen & Li, Kuo & Pan, Jie

  • 2015 Les chiffres de la vie des affaires
    by Davoust, Audrey & Parigot, Julia

  • 2015 L'état de la comptabilité verte des entreprises : le cas du secteur agricole
    by Altukhova, Yulia

  • 2015 Counterproductive Environmental Performance Displays: Lessons From the Automotive Sector
    by Parguel, Béatrice & Benoît-Moreau, Florence

  • 2015 Consumer responses to elimination of overpackaging on private label products
    by Monnot, Elisa & Reniou, Fanny & Parguel, Béatrice

  • 2015 The Challenge of Analysing the Impact of Environmental Policy on Competitiveness - L’analisi dell’impatto della politica ambientale sulla competitività: una sfida ancora aperta
    by Cavalletti, Barbara & Borino, Floriana

  • 2015 Good enough! Are socially responsible companies the more successful environmental innovators?
    by Reif, Christiane & Rexhäuser, Sascha

  • 2015 Can monetary valuation undermine nature conservation? Evidence from a decision experiment
    by Rode, Julian & Le Menestrel, Marc & Cornelissen, Gert

  • 2015 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Tagungsband zum 1. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 27. November 2013 in der Paulinerkirche Göttingen
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.) & Kayser, Maike (Ed.)

  • 2015 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as a funding opportunity for development: A macroeconomic CGE analysis of the Peruvian experience
    by Montaud, Jean-Marc & Pécastaing, Nicolas

  • 2015 Performance of different approaches in international benefit transfer: Insights from a nine country experiment
    by Heini Ahtiainen & Janne Artell & Mikołaj Czajkowski & Jürgen Meyerhoff

  • 2015 Marine trade-offs: comparing the benefits of off-shore wind farms and marine protected areas
    by Aljona Karlõševa & Sulev Nõmmann & Tea Nõmmann & Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu & Wiktor Budziński & Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Is the income elasticity of the willingness to pay for pollution control constant?
    by Edward S. Barbier & Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 A Decomposition and Comparison Analysis of International Water Footprint Time Series
    by Roberto Roson & Martina Sartori

  • 2015 Environmental Kuznets Curve and Economic Growth: The Role of Institutional Quality and Distributional Heterogeneity Revisited
    by Tapas Mishra & Mamata Parhi & Claude Diebolt & Prashant Gupta

  • 2015 A Panel Data Analysis of the Effects of Constitutional Environmental Rights Provisions on Access to Improved Sanitation Facilities and Water Sources
    by Christopher Jeffords

  • 2015 Do we care about sustainability? An analysis of time sensitivity of social preferences under environmental time-persistent effects
    by Michela Faccioli & Nicholas Hanley & Catalina M. Torres Figuerola & Antoni Riera Font

  • 2015 Marine trade-offs: comparing the benefits of off-shore wind farms and marine protected areas
    by Aljona Karlõševa & Sulev Nõmmann & Tea Nõmmann & Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu & Wiktor Budzinski & Mikolaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Is the income elasticity of the willingness to pay for pollution control constant?
    by Edward B. Barbier & Mikolaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Interpreting bargaining strategies of developing countries in climate negotiations – A quantitative approach
    by Valeria Costantini & Giorgia Sforna & Mariangela Zoli

  • 2015 International Trade and the Environment: New Evidence on CO2 Emissions
    by Vinicius A. Vale & Fernando S. Perobelli, Ariaster B. Chimeli

  • 2015 Canada 2030: An Agenda for Sustainable Development
    by Shannon Kindornay & Centre for the Study of Living Standards

  • 2015 An impact analysis of climate change on the forestry industry in Quebec. A dynamic CGE model
    by Dorothée Boccanfuso & Luc Savard & Jonathan Goyette & Véronique Gosselin & Clovis Tanekou Mangoua

  • 2015 State and Needs in Using Digital Instruction for Environmental Subject of Primary Schools in Surat Thani Province
    by Chuleewan Praneetham

  • 2015 The forest roads’ Environmental Suitability based on the Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE) Method and the contribution to the sustainable development
    by Stergios Tampekis & Fani Samara & Stavros Sakellariou & Athanasios Sfougaris & Olga Christopoulou

  • 2015 Raising Tourism Competitiveness - Are Clusters The Sustainable Solution?
    by Ana-Maria NICA

  • 2015 Adapting to Climate Change: Farmers’ Responses to Heat and Drought in South Australia
    by Guy Robinson

  • 2015 Managing European Sustainable Cities
    by Nemanja Backovi & Vesna Mili & Adam Sofronijevi

  • 2015 Analysis of the Potential of New Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Measures on the Buildings for Green City
    by Jimin Kim & Taehoon Hong & Kwangbok Jeong & Choongwan Koo

  • 2015 The forest roads’ spatial planning contribution to the sustainable development of small islands. The case study of Thassos island, Greece
    by Stergios Tampekis & Fani Samara & Stavros Sakellariou & Olga Christopoulou

    by Marius Bulearca & Cristian Sima

  • 2015 Environmental and Economic Impacts of Growing Certified Organic Coffee in Colombia
    by Ibanez, Marcela & Blackman, Allen

  • 2015 Environmental awareness of nations: the interplay with institutional transformation
    by Smirnova, Janna

  • 2015 Effects Of CO2 Emissions On Economic Growth, Urbanization And Welfare: Application To Mena Countries

  • 2015 Soundscape in North-Eastern Part of Iasi City (Sararie – Ticau District)
    by Oiste, Ana-Maria & Mihai, Florin-Constantin & Chelaru, Dan-Adrian

  • 2015 Ideas, increasing return to scale, and economic growth: an application for Iran
    by Farhidi, Faraz & Isfahani, Rahim & Emadzadeh, Mostafa

  • 2015 Green Game and Societal Sustenance: A Case of London Olympic 2012
    by Dongre, Anil

  • 2015 Sustainability indicators and the shadow price of natural capital
    by Sato, Masayuki & Phim, Runsinarith & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2015 Effects of Macroeconomic Policy on Air Quality: Evidence from the US
    by Halkos, George & Paizanos, Epameinondas

  • 2015 Economic Growth, Safe Drinking Water and Ground Water Storage: Examining Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) in Indian Context
    by Hauff, Michael von & Mistri, Avijit

  • 2015 Household Electri cation and Indoor Air Pollution
    by Barron, Manuel & Torero, Maximo

  • 2015 What Are the Carbon Emissions Elasticities for Income and Population? Bridging STIRPAT and EKC via robust heterogeneous panel estimates
    by Liddle, Brantley

  • 2015 Features of energy saving potential in household evaluation
    by Zaneta Simanaviciene & Andzej Volochovic & Akvile Cibinskiene

  • 2015 Strategic Review: Implications of Proposals to Date for Mitigation Contributions
    by Sara Moarif

  • 2015 The role of the 2015 agreement in enhancing adaptation to climate change
    by Jennifer Helgeson & Jane Ellis

  • 2015 Biodiversity Policy Response Indicators
    by Christina Van Winkle & Katia Karousakis & Rosalind Bark & Martijn van der Heide

  • 2015 Estimating Mobilised Private Climate Finance: Methodological Approaches, Options and Trade-offs
    by Raphaël Jachnik & Randy Caruso & Aman Srivastava

  • 2015 Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: A Role for Public Policies
    by Ada Ignaciuk

  • 2015 Public Goods and Externalities: Agri-environmental Policy Measures in the the United States
    by James S. Shortle & Tetsuya Uetake

  • 2015 Public goods and externalities: agri-environmental policy measures in Japan
    by Tetsuya Uetake

  • 2015 Public goods and externalities: agri-environmental policy measures in Australia
    by David Pannell & Anna Roberts

  • 2015 Environmental Engel Curves
    by Arik Levinson & James O'Brien

  • 2015 Why is Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing Declining? The Roles of Trade, Regulation, Productivity, and Preferences
    by Joseph S. Shapiro & Reed Walker

  • 2015 Does Quality, Quantity and Duration of Lives
    by Jean-Yves Duclos & Bouba Housseini

  • 2015 Adoption of ISO9001 through supply chain in Vietnam : impacts of FDI and product-related environmental regulation
    by Iguchi, Hakaru & Arimura, Toshi H. & Michida, Etsuyo

  • 2015 Production sharing, demand spillovers and CO2 emissions : the case of Chinese regions in GVCs
    by Pei, Jiansuo & Meng, Bo & Wang, Fei & Xue, Jinjun

  • 2015 Tracing CO2 emissions in global value chains
    by Meng, Bo & Peters, Glen & Wang, Zhi

  • 2015 Why is Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing Declining? The Roles of Trade, Regulation, Productivity, and Preferences
    by Shapiro, Joseph S. & Walker, Reed

  • 2015 Back to 1820? Spatial distribution of GDP and CO2 Emissions
    by Caspar Sauter & Jean-Marie Grether & Nicole A. Mathys

  • 2015 Threshold Preferences and the Environment
    by Ingmar Schumacher & Benteng Zou

  • 2015 Why are firms that export cleaner? International trade, Abatement and Environmental Emissions
    by Forslid, Rikard & Okubo, Toshihiro & Ulltveit-Moe, Karen Helene

  • 2015 Carbon emission and social capital in Sweden
    by Marbuah, George & Gren, Ing-Marie

  • 2015 Evaluating Intergenerational Risks: Probabillity Adjusted Rank-Discounted Utilitarianism
    by Asheim, Geir B. & Zuber, Stéphane

  • 2015 Drivers of the change in social welfare
    by Mikulas Luptácik & Eduard Nežinský & Martin Lábaj

  • 2015 The Role of Cities in the Socio-Ecological Transition of Europe (ROCSET)
    by Thomas Sauer & Stephanie Barnebeck & Yannick Kalff & Judith Schicklinski

  • 2015 Credibility of the REACH Regulation: Lessons Drawn from an ABM
    by Nabila Arfaoui & Eric Brouillat & Maïder Saint Jean

  • 2015 Regulatory push-pull effects on innovation: an evaluation of the effects of the REACH regulation on patents in the chemical sector
    by Claudia Ghisetti & Francesco Quatraro

  • 2015 Taxonomy of implemented policy instruments to foster the production of green technologies and improve environmental and economic performance
    by Francesco Crespi & Claudia Ghisetti & Francesco Quatraro

  • 2015 Modeling Growth, Distribution, and the Environment in a Stock-Flow Consistent Framework
    by Asjad Naqvi

  • 2015 Cities: Places of new European prosperity. Compendium of case studies on the socio-ecological transition of urban commons
    by Thomas Sauer & Susanne Elsen & Stefan Kuhn & Stephanie Barnebeck & Cristina Garzillo & Yannick Kalff & Judith Schicklinski

  • 2015 Financialisation of the water sector in Poland
    by Piotr Lis

  • 2015 The Unilateral Implementation of a Sustainable Growth Path with Directed Technical Change
    by Inge van den Bijgaart

  • 2015 Measuring Structural Vulnerability to Allocate Development Assistance and Adaptation Resources
    by Patrick GUILLAUMONT

  • 2015 Measuring Structural Vulnerability to Allocate Development Assistance and Adaptation Resources
    by Patrick GUILLAUMONT

  • 2015 Carbon-motivated border tax adjustment: a proposal for the EU
    by Paola Rocchi & Iñaki Arto & Jordi Roca & Mònica Serrano

  • 2015 Equitable and effective climate policy: Integrating less developed countries into a global climate agreement
    by Lucas Bretschger & Alexandra Vinogradova

  • 2015 Las estadísticas ambientales de México: una evaluación de su disponibilidad y calidad
    by Alfonso Mercado García & Carlos Roberto López Pérez

  • 2015 Asymmetric industrial energy prices and international trade
    by Misato Sato & Antoine Dechezlepretre

  • 2015 Efficiency or Equity? Simulating the Carbon Emission Permits Trading Schemes in China Based on an Inter-Regional CGE Model
    by Libo Wu & Weiqi Tang

  • 2015 Drivers of Industrial and Non-Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    by Luis F. Sanchez & David I. Stern

  • 2015 Carbon dioxide emissions in the short run: The rate and sources of economic growth matter
    by Paul J. Burke & Md Shahiduzzaman & David I. Stern

  • 2015 Mitigation and adaptation are not enough: turning to emissions reduction abroad
    by Alain Ayong Le Kama & Aude Pommeret

  • 2015 Why is Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing Declining? The Roles of Trade, Regulation, Productivity, and Preferences
    by Joseph S. Shapiro & Reed Walker

  • 2015 El metabolismo energético de las Islas Baleares (1986-2012). Del turismo de masas a la crisis financiero-inmobiliaria
    by Javier Ginard-Bosch & Jesus Ramos-Martin & Ivan Murray

  • 2015 La Niña y los niños: Effects of an Unexpected Winter on Early Life Human Capital and Family Responses
    by Juan Felipe Brando & Rafael J. Santos

  • 2015 Sustainability, Resource Efficiency and Competitiveness. An Assessment of Resource Efficiency Policies in the European Union
    by Florian Flachenecker

  • 2015 Top-down and Bottom-up. Testing a mixed approach to the generation of priorities for sustainable urban mobility
    by E. Pieralice & F. Mameli & G. Marletto

  • 2015 Quality, Quantity and Duration of Lives
    by Jean-Yves Duclos & Bouba Housseini

  • 2015 Trade policy and industrial policy in China: What motivates public authorities to apply restrictions on exports?
    by Stéphanie Monjon & Julien Gourdon & Sandra Poncet

  • 2015 Asymmetric Industrial Energy Prices and International Trade
    by Antoine Dechezleprêtre & Misato Sato

  • 2015 Why is Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing Declining? The Roles of Trade, Regulation, Productivity, and Preferences
    by Joseph S. Shapiro & Reed Walker

  • 2015 A Decomposition and Comparison Analysis of International Water Footprint Time Series
    by Roberto Roson & Martina Sartori

  • 2015 On the Environmental Consequences of Intra-Industry Trade
    by Jayjit Roy

  • 2015 Intégrer l'agriculture dans les politiques d'atténuation chinoises
    by Wang, Wen

  • 2015 2010-2014: A Comparative Evolution of Sustainability Reporting and its Assurance in Europe and the U.S.A
    by Diana-Maria TÎNJALĂ & Lavinia Mirela PANTEA & Alexandru BUGLEA

  • 2015 Borders, Geography, and Oligopoly: Evidence from the Wind Turbine Industry
    by A. Kerem Cosar & Paul L. E. Grieco & Felix Tintelnot

  • 2015 Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade
    by Rahel Aichele & Gabriel Felbermayr

  • 2015 Wind and Solar Power in Brazil and China: Interests, State–Business Relations, and Policy Outcomes
    by Kathryn Hochstetler & Genia Kostka

  • 2015 Comparative Politics of Sub-Federal Cap-and-Trade: Implementing the Western Climate Initiative
    by David Houle & Erick Lachapelle & Mark Purdon

  • 2015 Subnational Adaptation Finance Allocation: Comparing Decentralized and Devolved Political Institutions in Kenya
    by Sam Barrett

  • 2015 The Contentious Political Economy of Biofuels
    by Kate J. Neville

  • 2015 SMEs Role in Achieving Sustainable Development
    by Rocsana Tonis (Bucea-Manea)

  • 2015 Environmental Protection versus Incentives for FDI Inflows: Abatement Technologies Matter
    by Young-Han Kim & Eun Mo Yang

  • 2015 Response to Lipow on Climate Change Policy
    by Robin Hahnel

  • 2015 Shutting Down the Fog Machine
    by Gar W. Lipow

  • 2015 Causality among Energy Consumption, CO2 Emission, Economic Growth and Trade
    by P. Srinivasan & Inder Siddanth Ravindra

  • 2015 Strategic Environmental Assessment: necessity, principles and specificities
    by Monika Sabeva

  • 2015 Tourism, Trade, Externalities, And Public Goods In A Three-Sector Growth Model
    by Zhang, Wei-Bin

  • 2015 Collaborative Sustainability: Analyzing Economic and Social Outcomes in the Context of Cittaslow
    by Üstündağlı, Elif & Baybars, Miray & Güzeloğlu, Ebru Belkıs

  • 2015 On the issue of RoÅŸia Montană gold exploitation An application and extension of the Arrow-Fisher uncertainty model on local issues
    by Mircea Săveanu

  • 2015 The Latest Trends in the Corporate Sustainability and its Implications for Czech Businesses
    by Zuzana Křečková Kroupová

  • 2015 Health Tourism Development In Continental Croatia
    by Vladimir Cini & Natasa Drvenkar & Mario Banozic

  • 2015 Management Systems Standards: Diffusion, Impact and Governance of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and Other Management Standards
    by Castka, Pavel & Corbett, Charles J.

  • 2015 Game Theory and Water Resources Critical Review of its Contributions, Progress and Remaining Challenges
    by Dinar, Ariel & Hogarth, Margaret

  • 2015 Sustainable Economic Growth
    by Constanta Chitiba & Anca Costea-Dunarintu

  • 2015 Environmental Trends and Sustainable Business
    by Anca Costea-Dunarintu & Constanta Chitiba

  • 2015 Development of the Social Inventory Database in Thailand Using Input–Output Analysis
    by Seksan Papong & Norihiro Itsubo & Pomthong Malakul & Masanori Shukuya

  • 2015 The Unintended Consequences of Technological Change: Winners and Losers from GM Technologies and the Policy Response in the Organic Food Market
    by Stuart Smyth & William Kerr & Peter W. B. Phillips

  • 2015 Local Knowledge of Pond Fish-Farming Ecosystem Services: Management Implications of Stakeholders’ Perceptions in Three Different Contexts (Brazil, France and Indonesia)
    by Syndhia Mathé & Hélène Rey-Valette

  • 2015 Sustainable Development in Maramures County
    by Corina Rădulescu & Rita Toader & Gratiela Boca & Madela Abrudan & Cristian Anghel & Diana Cezara Toader

  • 2015 The Performance of the Smart Cities in China—A Comparative Study by Means of Self-Organizing Maps and Social Networks Analysis
    by Dong Lu & Ye Tian & Vincent Y. Liu & Yi Zhang

  • 2015 How National Culture and Parental Style Affect the Process of Adolescents’ Ecological Resocialization
    by Elodie Gentina & Pallavi Singh

  • 2015 Efficient Sustainable Operation Mechanism of Distributed Desktop Integration Storage Based on Virtualization with Ubiquitous Computing
    by Hyun-Woo Kim & Jong Hyuk Park & Duinkhorjav Majigsuren & Young-Sik Jeong

  • 2015 Structural Decomposition Analysis of Carbon Emissions and Policy Recommendations for Energy Sustainability in Xinjiang
    by Changjian Wang & Fei Wang

  • 2015 The Vie Cave Geomorphological Site in Southern Tuscany (Italy): Problems of Decay and Conservation
    by Elena Pecchioni & Alba Patrizia Santo & Leonardo Piccini & Luciano Di Fazio & Fabio Fratini & Pasquino Pallecchi & Riccardo Trevisan & Carlo Alberto Garzonio

  • 2015 The Role of Biotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture: Views and Perceptions among Key Actors in the Swedish Food Supply Chain
    by Karin Edvardsson Björnberg & Elisabeth Jonas & Håkan Marstorp & Pernilla Tidåker

  • 2015 Environmental and Social Sustainability of the Proximity Waste Collection System: A Case-Study Evaluation at an Italian Local Scale
    by Manuela Carchesio & Fabio Tatàno & Margherita Goffi & Michele Radi

  • 2015 Analysis of Land-Use Emergy Indicators Based on Urban Metabolism: A Case Study for Beijing
    by Qing Huang & Xinqi Zheng & Yecui Hu

  • 2015 The Justice Dimension of Sustainability: A Systematic and General Conceptual Framework
    by Klara Helene Stumpf & Stefan Baumgärtner & Christian U. Becker & Stefanie Sievers-Glotzbach

  • 2015 Co-Benefits of Household Waste Recycling for Local Community’s Sustainable Waste Management in Thailand
    by Amornchai Challcharoenwattana & Chanathip Pharino

  • 2015 Alternative Labeling Programs and Purchasing Behavior toward Organic Foods: The Case of the Participatory Guarantee Systems in Brazil
    by Giovanna Sacchi & Vincenzina Caputo & Rodolfo M. Nayga

  • 2015 Trees in Canadian Cities: Indispensable Life Form for Urban Sustainability
    by Peter N. Duinker & Camilo Ordóñez & James W. N. Steenberg & Kyle H. Miller & Sydney A. Toni & Sophie A. Nitoslawski

  • 2015 The Biodiversity Offsetting Dilemma: Between Economic Rationales and Ecological Dynamics
    by Coralie Calvet & Claude Napoléone & Jean-Michel Salles

  • 2015 Ecosystem Service Value Assessment and Contribution Factor Analysis of Land Use Change in Miyun County, China
    by Ping Zhang & Liang He & Xin Fan & Peishu Huo & Yunhui Liu & Tao Zhang & Ying Pan & Zhenrong Yu

  • 2015 External Costs to Parties Involved in Highway Traffic Accidents: The Perspective of Highway Users
    by Rong-Chang Jou & Tzu-Ying Chen

  • 2015 Social Sustainability Issues and Older Adults’ Dependence on Automobiles in Low-Density Environments
    by Hitomi Nakanishi & John Black

  • 2015 A MCDM Analysis of the Roşia Montană Gold Mining Project
    by Adriana Mihai & Adina Marincea & Love Ekenberg

  • 2015 Evaluating the CO 2 Emission of the Milk Supply Chain in Italy: An Exploratory Study
    by Biancamaria Torquati & Chiara Taglioni & Alessio Cavicchi

  • 2015 Fitting the Stocking Rate with Pastoral Resources to Manage and Preserve Mediterranean Forestlands: A Case Study
    by Elisa Bianchetto & Ivan Buscemi & Piermaria Corona & Giovanni Giardina & Tommaso La Mantia & Salvatore Pasta

  • 2015 Implications of Climate Change for Ghana’s Economy
    by Channing Arndt & Felix Asante & James Thurlow

  • 2015 What’s in a Dog’s Breakfast? Considering the Social, Veterinary and Environmental Implications of Feeding Food Scraps to Pets Using Three Australian Surveys
    by Kirrilly Thompson & Lisel O'Dwyer & Anne Sharp & Bradley Smith & Christian John Reynolds & Tegan Hadley & Susan Hazel

  • 2015 Workplace Waste Recycling Behaviour: A Meta-Analytical Review
    by Adekunle Oke

  • 2015 Sustainability Assessment Framework for VET Organizations
    by Liviu Moldovan

  • 2015 The Accelerated Urbanization Process: A Threat to Soil Resources in Eastern China
    by Jiadan Li & Jinsong Deng & Qing Gu & Ke Wang & Fangjin Ye & Zhihao Xu & Shuquan Jin

  • 2015 Determinants of Electricity Demand in Nonmetallic Mineral Products Industry: Evidence from a Comparative Study of Japan and China
    by Gang Du & Chuanwang Sun

  • 2015 The Bumpy Road toward Low-Energy Urban Mobility: Case Studies from Two UK Cities
    by Tim Schwanen

  • 2015 Assessment and Management of the Geomorphological Heritage of Monte Pindo (NW Spain): A Landscape as a Symbol of Identity
    by Manuela Costa-Casais & María Isabel Caetano Alves & Ramón Blanco-Chao

  • 2015 Approaching Integrated Urban-Rural Development in China: The Changing Institutional Roles
    by Yuheng Li & Zhichao Hu

  • 2015 Organizational Approaches to the Facilitation of Education for Sustainability: An Interpretive Case Study
    by Michael S. Duggan & Timothy F. Smith & Dana C. Thomsen

  • 2015 The Garbage Project Revisited: From a 20th Century Archaeology of Food Waste to a Contemporary Study of Food Packaging Waste
    by La Vergne Lehmann

  • 2015 Balance of Comparative Advantages in the Processed Food Sector of the Danube Countries
    by Svetlana Ignjatijević & Ivan Milojević & Gorica Cvijanović & Mersida Jandrić

  • 2015 Modeling Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Agriculture Demand in the Volta Basin and other Basin Systems in Ghana
    by Barnabas A. Amisigo & Alyssa McCluskey & Richard Swanson

  • 2015 Linking an Integrative Behavior Model to Elements of Environmental Campaigns: An Analysis of Face-to-Face Communication and Posters against Littering
    by Ralph Hansmann & Nora Steimer

  • 2015 Vulnerability Analysis of Urban Rail Transit Networks: A Case Study of Shanghai, China
    by Daniel (Jian) Sun & Yuhan Zhao & Qing-Chang Lu

  • 2015 Unlocking the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” of Corporate Water Stewardship in South Africa—Exploring Corporate Power and Legitimacy of Engagement in Water Management and Governance
    by Suvi Sojamo

  • 2015 Teaching Scenario-Based Planning for Sustainable Landscape Development: An Evaluation of Learning Effects in the Cagliari Studio Workshop
    by Christian Albert & Christina von Haaren & Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno & Carl Steinitz

  • 2015 Implementing Sustainability Criteria for Selecting a Roof Assembly Typology in Medium Span Buildings
    by Julian Canto-Perello & Maria P. Martinez-Garcia & Jorge Curiel-Esparza & Manuel Martin-Utrillas

  • 2015 Boosting Blue Growth in a Mild Sea: Analysis of the Synergies Produced by a Multi-Purpose Offshore Installation in the Northern Adriatic, Italy
    by Barbara Zanuttigh & Elisa Angelelli & Giorgio Bellotti & Alessandro Romano & Yukiko Krontira & Dimitris Troianos & Roberto Suffredini & Giulia Franceschi & Matteo Cantù & Laura Airoldi & Fabio Zagonari & Andrea Taramelli & Federico Filipponi & Carlos Jimenez & Marina Evriviadou & Stefanie Broszeit

  • 2015 Phenological Changes of Corn and Soybeans over U.S. by Bayesian Change-Point Model
    by Yonglin Shen & Xiuguo Liu

  • 2015 The Water Footprint of Agriculture in Duero River Basin
    by Ángel de Miguel & Malaak Kallache & Eloy García-Calvo

  • 2015 Business Engagement with Sustainable Water Resource Management through Water Footprint Accounting: The Case of the Barilla Company
    by Marta Antonelli & Luca Fernando Ruini

  • 2015 Evaluating the Sustainability in Complex Agri-Food Systems: The SAEMETH Framework
    by Cristiana Peano & Nadia Tecco & Egidio Dansero & Vincenzo Girgenti & Francesco Sottile

  • 2015 Preventive Indicators for Creating Brownfields
    by Marija Burinskienė & Dovilė Lazauskaitė & Vytautas Bielinskas

  • 2015 GIS Modelling for Site-Specific Nitrogen Fertilization towards Soil Sustainability
    by Antonis Papadopoulos & Dionissios Kalivas & Thomas Hatzichristos

  • 2015 Saving the Planet’s Climate or Water Resources? The Trade-Off between Carbon and Water Footprints of European Biofuels
    by Markus Berger & Stephan Pfister & Vanessa Bach & Matthias Finkbeiner

  • 2015 Energy Usage of Residents on Offshore Islands in Taiwan
    by Szu-Cheng Lu & Keh-Chin Chang & Wei-Min Lin & Kung-Ming Chung

  • 2015 Albanian and UK Consumers’ Perceptions of Farmers’ Markets and Supermarkets as Outlets for Organic Food: An Exploratory Study
    by Athina-Evera Qendro

  • 2015 Urban Freight Truck Routing under Stochastic Congestion and Emission Considerations
    by Taesung Hwang & Yanfeng Ouyang

  • 2015 Design Charrette as Methodology for Post-Disaster Participatory Reconstruction: Observations from a Case Study in Fukushima, Japan
    by Hui Zhang & Zijun Mao & Wei Zhang

  • 2015 Farmer’s Knowledge and Perception of Diversified Farming Systems in Sub-Humid and Semi-Arid Areas in Benin
    by Alcade C. Segnon & Enoch G. Achigan-Dako & Orou G. Gaoue & Adam Ahanchédé

  • 2015 Risks of Coastal Storm Surge and the Effect of Sea Level Rise in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
    by James E. Neumann & Kerry A. Emanuel & Sai Ravela & Lindsay C. Ludwig & Caroleen Verly

  • 2015 The State of Soil Degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Baselines, Trajectories, and Solutions
    by Katherine Tully & Clare Sullivan & Ray Weil & Pedro Sanchez

  • 2015 Sustainability Aspects of Real Estate Development: Lithuanian Case Study of Sports and Entertainment Arenas
    by Rasa Apanavičienė & Ala Daugėlienė & Tautvydas Baltramonaitis & Vida Maliene

  • 2015 Social Business, Business as if People Mattered: Variations on a Theme by Schumacher (1973)
    by Michael Baker

  • 2015 Consumer-Related Food Waste: Causes and Potential for Action
    by Jessica Aschemann-Witzel & Ilona de Hooge & Pegah Amani & Tino Bech-Larsen & Marije Oostindjer

  • 2015 The Water Footprint of Food Aid
    by Nicole Jackson & Megan Konar & Arjen Y. Hoekstra

  • 2015 Perspectives on Cultural and Sustainable Rural Tourism in a Smart Region: The Case Study of Marmilla in Sardinia (Italy)
    by Chiara Garau

  • 2015 Profile of Green Consumers in Romania in Light of Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities
    by Teodora Roman & Ionel Bostan & Adriana Manolică & Iustin Mitrica

  • 2015 Benchmarking Environmental Impacts of Peat Use for Electricity Generation in Ireland—A Life Cycle Assessment
    by Fionnuala Murphy & Ger Devlin & Kevin McDonnell

  • 2015 Climate Variability and Household Adaptation Strategies in Southern Ethiopia
    by Wassie Berhanu & Fekadu Beyene

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  • 2011 To B(TA) or not to B(TA)? On the Legality and Desirability of Border Tax Adjustments from a Trade Perspective
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  • 2011 What Role for Trade in a Post 2012 Global Climate Policy Regime
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  • 2011 Is the value of humanity increasing? A critical-level enquiry
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  • 2011 To what extent are African Countries Vulnerable to climate change? Lessons from a new indicator of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change
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