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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M12: Personnel Management; Executives; Executive Compensation
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Abfindungen für Vorstandsmitglieder: Empirische Untersuchung der Entsprechenserklärungen von CDAX-Unternehmen
    by Schottmüller-Einwag, Ute

  • 2016 Incentive Contracts and Downside Risk Sharing
    by Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné & Sandrine Spaeter

  • 2016 Female leaders and financial inclusion: Evidence from microfinance institutions
    by R. Oystein Strøm & Bert D'Espallier & Roy Mersland

  • 2016 Organizational Behaviour in 21st Century – ‘Theory A’ for Managing People for Performance
    by Aithal, Sreeramana & Kumar, Suresh

  • 2016 Sustaining the Growth of Employee: Motivation and Career Development in Organization
    by Parvaiz, Tuba & Ahmed, Ovais

  • 2016 First-place loving and last-place loathing: How rank in the distribution of performance affects effort provision
    by David Gill & Victoria Prowse & Zdenka Kissova & Jaesun Lee

  • 2016 Do "boss effects" exist in Japanese companies? Evidence from employee-supervisor matched panel data
    by Yuko Okajima & Hisakazu Matsushige & Yuwei Ye

  • 2016 How Management Risk Affects Corporate Debt
    by Yihui Pan & Tracy Yue Wang & Michael S. Weisbach

  • 2016 The Limits of Political Meritocracy: Screening Mayors in China Under Imperfect Verifiability
    by Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato & Xiao Yu Wang & Shuang Zhang

  • 2016 Test-bedding the Replacement of the Incurred Credit Loss Model with an Expected Credit Loss Model: The Case of Trade Receivables
    by Kohamed Gomaa & Kiridaran Kanagaretnam & Stuart Mestelman & Mohamed Shehata

  • 2016 Pre-CEO Executive Skill Accumulation and Firm-CEO Matching with Pay Limits
    by Seungjin Han

  • 2016 How Do Agents React to Dynamic Wage Increases? An Experimental Study
    by Sliwka, Dirk & Werner, Peter

  • 2016 The Effect of Announced Downsizing on Workplace Performance: Evidence from a Retail Chain
    by Friebel, Guido & Heinz, Matthias & Zubanov, Nikolay

  • 2016 What Role Did Management Practices Play in SME Growth Post-Recession?
    by Bryson, Alex & Forth, John

  • 2016 Competitive Strategy, Performance Appraisal and Firm Results
    by Bayo-Moriones, Alberto & Galdon-Sanchez, Jose Enrique & Martinez-de-Morentin, Sara

  • 2016 Asymmetric information in external versus internal promotions
    by Bossler, Mario & Grunau, Philipp

  • 2016 The Role of Institutions in the Migration of Corporate Governance Practice into Emerging Economies – The Case of Africa
    by Hearn, Bruce & Oxelheim, Lars & Randøy, Trond

  • 2016 Organisational mergers: a behavioural perspective on identity management
    by Giessner, S.R.

  • 2016 Job sector and public service motivation: evidence from Colombia
    by Pablo Sanabria

  • 2016 The Effects of Financial and Recognition Incentives Across Work Contexts: The Role of Meaning
    by Kosfeld, Michael & Neckermann, Susanne & Yang, Xiaolan

  • 2016 Kritische Analyse von Employer Awards im Kontext des Employer Branding
    by Naundorf, Jessica

  • 2016 The added value of coaching compared to a friendly discussion: Insight from behavioral economics
    by Marina Psiloutsikou

  • 2016 Culture as a Determinant of Competitive Advantage in Trade
    by Dekuwmini Mornah & Raymond MacDermott

  • 2016 Subjective evaluation versus public information
    by Helmut Bester & Johannes Münster

  • 2016 Fostering strategic renewal: monetary incentives, merit-based promotions, and engagement in autonomous strategic action
    by Stefan Linder

  • 2016 Impact of gender-focused human resource management on performance: The mediating effects of gender diversity
    by Muhammad Ali

  • 2016 Work – Life Balance Practices in Romanian Organisations – A Pilot Study Conducted on HR Professionals
    by Ramona IGRE? & Cristian Virgil MARINA? & Simona AGOSTON & Ileana MIRCIOI

  • 2016 The Impact of Organizational Culture Types on the Job Satisfaction of Employees
    by Fatima, Maham

  • 2016 The Effect of Perceived Quality of Meal Service Provided by Organization on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
    by Erdem, Haluk & Duman, Meral Çalış

  • 2016 Ageing society and evolving wage systems in Japan
    by Sueki, Nobuo

  • 2016 Social reciprocity as a critical success factor for small and mid-size enterprises: Work relationships as reflections of social exchange structures
    by Jochims, Thorsten

  • 2016 Comparing HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Towards a new research agenda
    by Jackson, Keith

  • 2016 HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Contexts for comparison
    by Jackson, Keith & Debroux, Philippe

  • 2016 Elderly workers in Japan: The need for a new deal
    by Debroux, Philippe

  • 2016 Expectations of the customer contact staff towards the employer and the possibilities of meeting them in banking institutions
    by Rogozinska-Pawelczyk, Anna

  • 2016 Internationalization of top management teams: A comprehensive analysis of Polish stock-listed firms
    by Dauth, Tobias & Tomczak, Agata

  • 2016 Psychological empowerment and support for innovation in Turkish manufacturing industry: Relations with individual creativity and firm innovativeness
    by Çekmecelioglu, Hülya Gündüz & Özbag, Gönül Kaya

  • 2016 Berufs- und Spartengewerkschaften. Zur Kritik des Tarifeinheitsgesetzes (Professional unions. A critique of the Act on Collective Agreement Unity)
    by Keller, Berndt

  • 2016 Entgrenzung und Grenzarbeit in Co-Konfiguration: Eine taetigkeitstheoretische Perspektive (Blurred boundaries and boundary work in co-configuration: An activity theoretic perspective)
    by Fassauer, Gabriele & Geithner, Silke

  • 2016 Entgrenzung von Organisation und Arbeit? Interorganisationale Fragmentierung als Herausforderung für Arbeitsrecht, Management und Mitbestimmung. Einleitung zum Schwerpunktheft
    by Deinert, Olaf & Helfen, Markus

  • 2016 The Complementary Use of Experiments and Field Data to Evaluate Management Practices: The Case of Subjective Performance Evaluations
    by Patrick Kampkötter & Dirk Sliwka

  • 2016 Performance measures and worker productivity
    by Jan Sauermann

  • 2016 Antecedentes Del Compromiso Afectivo De Los Empleados De Pymes Intensivas En Conocimiento / Antecedents Of Employee Affective Commitment In Knowledge-Intensive Smes
    by Vila Vázquez, Guadalupe & Castro Casal, Carmen & Álvarez Pérez, Dolores

  • 2016 The Leadership From The Succession Process In The Mexican Family Enterprise, El Liderazgo A Partir Del Proceso De La Sucesion En La Empresa Familiar Mexicana
    by Yolanda Saldana Contreras & Fernando M. Ruiz Diaz & Laura Leticia Gaona Tamez & Daniela Guadalupe Jacobo Martinez

  • 2016 Priority Strategic Projects In Companies In The Region Of Orizaba, Proyectos Estrategicos Prioritarios En Empresas De La Region De Orizaba
    by Maria Cristina Sanchez Romero & Fernando Aguirre y Hernandez & Modesto Raygoza Bello

  • 2016 Use Of The Formal Evaluation Systems And Feedback In Baja California Maquilas, El Uso De Los Sistemas Formales De Evaluacion Y El Feedback En Las Maquiladoras De Baja California
    by Monica Fernanda Aranibar & Blanca Rosa Garcia Rivera & Maria Concepción Ramirez Baron

  • 2016 Physical Environment And Technology, Components Of Organizational Behavior: Perceptions In A Departament Of A Mexican University, Ambiente Fisico Y Tecnologia, Componentes Del Clima Organizacional: Percepcion A Nivel De Facultad De Una Universidad En Mexico
    by Eduardo Alejandro Carmona & Ruben Chavez Chairez & Sergio Humberto Palomo Juarez

  • 2016 Management And Governing Systems Of Family Business From South Of Jalisco, Mexico, Direccion Y Organos De Gobierno De La Empresa Familiar Del Sur De Jalisco, Mexico
    by Patricia Rivera Espinoza & Ezequiel Ramirez Lira & Enrique Roberto Azpeitia Torres

  • 2016 Content Validity Of A Measuring Instrument For Transformationalleadership
    by Marisela Vargas Salgado & Aurora Irma Maynez Guaderrama & Judith Cavazos Arroyo & Laura Elizabeth Cervantes Benavides

  • 2016 A Practical Management System For The Effective Use Of Offshore Software Project Opportunities
    by Alex Osadchyy & Jon Webber

  • 2016 Is 360 Degree Feedback Appraisal an Effective Way of Performance Evaluation?
    by Ece Kuzulu Kanaslan & Cemal Iyem

  • 2016 The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Personal Branding through the Learning Organization and Consideration of Future Consequences
    by Ali Osman Uymaz

  • 2016 The Impact of Employee Training and Innovation on Turnover Intention: An Empirical Research
    by Mustafa Kesen

  • 2016 Successful Control of Major Project Budgets
    by Steen Lichtenberg

  • 2016 Customer Relationship Management and Recent Developments
    by Noel Yee-Man Siu

  • 2016 The State of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research
    by Fernando Muñoz-Bullón

  • 2016 Advertising between Archetype and Brand Personality
    by Clemens Bechter & Giorgio Farinelli & Rolf-Dieter Daniel & Michael Frey

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship as Facilitator for Sustainable Development? Editorial for the Special Issue “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurshipâ€
    by Jacob Hörisch

  • 2016 Is Self-Regulation Sufficient? Case of the German Transparency Code
    by Kristin Buske & Stefan Jentzsch & Clemens Bechter

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2015
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2016 Yonetim Kurulundaki Yabanci Uye Sayisinin ve Yabanci Sahipliginin Finansal Performans Uzerindeki Etkisi
    by Mesut DOGAN & Yusuf TOPAL

  • 2016 Is Ilanlarinin Cekiciligi: Mesaj Belirginliginin Etkisi
    by Esra ALNIACIK

  • 2016 How costly is corporate bankruptcy for the CEO?
    by Eckbo, B. Espen & Thorburn, Karin S. & Wang, Wei

  • 2016 Compliance and the power of authority
    by Karakostas, Alexandros & Zizzo, Daniel John

  • 2016 What types of companies have female directors? Evidence from Japan
    by Morikawa, Masayuki

  • 2016 Do accountants make better chief financial officers?
    by Hoitash, Rani & Hoitash, Udi & Kurt, Ahmet C.

  • 2016 Experimentation and project selection: Screening and learning
    by Gomes, Renato & Gottlieb, Daniel & Maestri, Lucas

  • 2016 The effect of CEO departure on target firms’ post-takeover performance: Evidence from not-delisting target firms
    by Demirtas, Gul & Simsir, Serif Aziz

  • 2016 Daðýtýmcý Liderlik, Karmaþýk Sistemlerde Liderlik ve Öz Liderlik Teorileri Kapsamýnda Makrodan Mikroya Liderlik
    by Ýbrahim Halil KAYRAL

  • 2016 Impact of Spiritual Intelligence on Organizational Performance
    by Muhammad Shaukat Malik & Sana Tariq

  • 2016 The Impact of the Psychological Capital on Job Performance: A Case Study on Faculty Members at Philadelphia University
    by Omar Durrah & Adnan Al-Tobasi & Ashraf A’aqoulah & Moinuddin Ahmad

  • 2016 A Literature Review on Personality, Creativity and Innovative Behavior
    by Iqra Abdullah & Rozeyta Omar & Siti Aisyha Panatik

  • 2016 Social Network Analysis as an Organizational Diagnostic Tool: The Case of Small Business in Russia
    by Sergey Rasskazov & Mariia Rubtcova & Pavel Derugin & Nikolay Prujel & Valerij Malyshev

  • 2016 Efectos del miedo en los trabajadores y la organizacio?n
    by Cristian Bedoya Dorado & Mo?nica Garci?a Solarte

  • 2016 Romanian Business Women: Managers Or Leaders?
    by Adriana UNGUREANU & Alexandrina VASILE

  • 2016 Transactional Leader In Romanian Private Banking System
    by Lucian Ciprian CRIȘAN

  • 2016 Intercultural Competence Between Desirability And Necessity
    by Angelica-Nicoleta NECULAESEI (ONEA)

  • 2016 Generation Z And Its Perception Of Work
    by Maria-Cristina IORGULESCU

  • 2016 Romanian Cultural Specificity Reflected In The Romanian Post-December Studies
    by Angelica-Nicoleta NECULAESEI (ONEA)

  • 2016 Present Times Sport Management
    by Silvia GRĂDINARU

  • 2016 Cartels et comportements des managers : analyse et implications pour les politiques publiques
    by Emmanuel Combe & Constance Monnier-Schlumberger

  • 2016 Human Resources or Information Technology: What is More Important for Companies in the Digital Era?
    by Lejla Turulja & Nijaz Bajgorić

  • 2016 Don't Demotivate, Discriminate
    by Jurjen J. A. Kamphorst & Otto H. Swank

  • 2016 Playing the Boys Game: Golf Buddies and Board Diversity
    by Sumit Agarwal & Wenlan Qian & David M. Reeb & Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Does the Market Value CEO Styles?
    by Antoinette Schoar & Luo Zuo

  • 2015 Temeljne funkcije upravljanja
    by Duro Horvat & Davor Perkov & Marinko Kovacic & Natasa Trojak & Ana Krajnovic

  • 2015 Does codetermination affect the composition of variable versus fixed parts of executive compensation?
    by Dyballa, Katharina & Kraft, Kornelius

  • 2015 Corporate governance, state ownership and cross-listing: Evidence from Chinese A-share listed firms
    by Xu, Hongmei

  • 2015 Chancen und Risiken von CSR im Mittelstand
    by Icks, Annette & Levering, Britta & Maaß, Frank & Werner, Arndt

  • 2015 Akzeptanz von Führungskräften: Analyse wahrgenommener Verhaltensweisen von Frauen und Männern in Führungspositionen
    by Weissenrieder, Caprice Oona & Spura, Anastassja

  • 2015 Explorative Untersuchung der Unternehmenskultur auf die Karrierechancen von Frauen
    by Weissenrieder, Caprice Oona & Graml, Regine & Hagen, Tobias & Ziegler, Yvonne

  • 2015 Komparativna analiza obilježja kontrolera u poduzećima koja kotiraju na zagrebačkoj i frankfurtskoj burzi
    by Nidžara Osmanagić Bedenik & Alexia Lizzul

  • 2015 Competitiveness and sustainability of HRM activities in Croatia –CRANET survey results
    by Nina Pološki Vokić

  • 2015 L’intention de création de spin-offs académiques : le cas des établissements supérieurs bas-normands
    by Jean Bonnet

  • 2015 Matching and Winning? The Impact of Upper and Middle Managers on Team Performance
    by Thomas Peeters & Steven Salaga & Matthew Juravich

  • 2015 Labor in the Twenty-First Century:The Top 0.1% and the Disappearing Middle-Class
    by William Lazonick

  • 2015 Workforce diversity, productivity and wages in France: the role of managers vs. the proprietary structure of the firm
    by Andrea Garnero

  • 2015 The Impact of 'A - Day' on Executive Pensions and Pay for Performance
    by Damon Morris & Ian Gregory-Smith & Brian Main & Alberto Montagnoli & Peter Wright

  • 2015 Knowledge economy determined by cultural dimensions
    by Markéta Adamová & Růžena Krninská

  • 2015 Particularities of Sport Organizations Management
    by Gradinaru Silvia & Bibu Nicolae

  • 2015 A Comparison For Assessing Organizational Capacity Ability At Municipalities In Turkey (Istanbul And Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities Examples)

  • 2015 Romanian Managerial Approaches
    by Liviu Dumitru Rusu

  • 2015 Leading Leadership style to motivate cultural-oriented female employees in the I.T sector of developing country: I.T Sectors responses from Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Faizan, Riffat & Zehra, Nasreen & Baloch, Akhtar & Nadda, Vipin & Riaz, Fayyaz

  • 2015 Leading Leadership style to motivate cultural-oriented female employees in the I.T sector of developing country: I.T Sectors responses from Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Faizan, Riffat & Zehra, Nasreen & Baloch, Akhtar & Nadda, Vipin & Riaz, Fayyaz

  • 2015 A Theoretical Approach to Power Sources and Styles of Leadership
    by Demir, Beyhan & Derya Düşün, Zeynep

  • 2015 The Necessities of HR practices in RMG Sector of Bangladesh
    by Chowdhury, Sabbir Hassan

  • 2015 Generational Differences at Work in Spain
    by Lasierra, Jose Manuel & Molina, Jose Alberto & Ortega, Raquel

  • 2015 Management system of knowledge workers in the contemporary enterprise
    by Michal Igielski

  • 2015 Shaping Japanese Management Abroad: How and Why Japanese Companies are Embedded with Particular Practices in India
    by Mohan Pyari Maharjan & Tomoki Sekiguchi

  • 2015 The Rise of Domestic Outsourcing and the Evolution of the German Wage Structure
    by Deborah Goldschmidt & Johannes F. Schmieder

  • 2015 Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance
    by Luca Flabbi & Mario Macis & Andrea Moro & Fabiano Schivardi

  • 2015 A Dynamic Agency Theory of Investment and Managerial Replacement
    by Hiroshi Osano & Keiichi Hori

  • 2015 The Role of Verifiability and Privacy in the Strategic Provision of Performance Feedback: Theory and Experimental Evidence
    by Seda Ertac & Levent Kockesen & Duygu Ozdemir

  • 2015 Role of Human Resource Practices in Absorptive Capacity and R&D Cooperation
    by Ipsita Roy

  • 2015 Heterogeneity of Skill Needs and Job Complexity: Evidence from the OECD PIAAC Survey
    by Pouliakas, Konstantinos & Russo, Giovanni

  • 2015 The Role of Establishments and the Concentration of Occupations in Wage Inequality
    by Handwerker, Elizabeth & Spletzer, James R.

  • 2015 First-Place Loving and Last-Place Loathing: How Rank in the Distribution of Performance Affects Effort Provision
    by Gill, David & Kissová, Zdenka & Lee, Jaesun & Prowse, Victoria L.

  • 2015 The Complementary Use of Experiments and Field Data to Evaluate Management Practices: The Case of Subjective Performance Evaluations
    by Kampkötter, Patrick & Sliwka, Dirk

  • 2015 Performance Measurement and Incentive Intensity
    by Bayo-Moriones, Alberto & Galdon-Sanchez, Jose Enrique & Martinez-de-Morentin, Sara

  • 2015 Innovative work practices, ICT use and employees' motivations
    by MARTIN Ludivine

  • 2015 Measuring the use of human resources practices and employee attitudes : the Linked Personnel Panel
    by Kampkötter, Patrick & Mohrenweiser, Jens & Sliwka, Dirk & Steffes, Susanne & Wolter, Stefanie

  • 2015 Gender and Dynamic Agency: Theory and Evidence on the Compensation of Top Executives
    by Stefania Albanesi & Claudia Olivetti & Maria Jose Prados

  • 2015 Does Conceptual Decision-Making Style Make School Principal An Efficient Reforms Promoter
    by Rustam F. Bayburin & Nadezhda V. Bycik & Nikolay B. Filinov & Natalya V. Isaeva & Anatoly G. Kasprzhak

  • 2015 Velocity shifts in the creative economy: incumbent-entrant dynamics in the emergence of Japanese social games
    by Ernkvist, Mirko

  • 2015 A remuneração dos administradores nas sociedades cotadas: determinantes e enquadramento jurídico
    by Daniela Machado & Maria Elisabete Ramos & Pedro Godinho

  • 2015 Measuring cultural intelligence: a new test of the CQ scale
    by Bücker, Joost‏ JLE & Furrer, Olivier & Lin, Yanyan

  • 2015 Gender and dynamic agency: theory and evidence on the compensation of top executives
    by Albanesi, Stefania & Olivetti, Claudia & Prados, María José

  • 2015 Interlocked Executives and Insider Board Members: An Empirical Analysis
    by Gayle, George-Levi & Golan, Limor & Miller, Robert A.

  • 2015 Building people-oriented organizations
    by van Dierendonck, D.

  • 2015 Management Risk and the Cost of Borrowing
    by Pan, Yihui & Wang, Tracy Yue & Weisbach, Michael S.

  • 2015 Pricing Model Management: Evidence from Employee Stock Option (Un)Fair Valuation
    by Larmande , Francois & Belze , Loïc & Schneider , Lorenz

  • 2015 Do Japanese MNCs use Expatriates to Contain Risk in Asian Host Countries?
    by Jean-Pascal Bassino & Marion Dovis & Pierre van der Eng

  • 2015 How costly is corporate bankruptcy for the CEO?
    by Eckbo, B Espen & Thorburn, Karin S & Wang, Wei

  • 2015 Recruitment and Selection in Organizations
    by Alonso, Ricardo

  • 2015 Motivating Informed Decisions
    by Andres Zambrano

  • 2015 Family business: management effort and firm performance
    by Oriana Bandiera & Andrea Prat & Raffaella Sadun

  • 2015 The Role of Establishments and the Concentration of Occupations in Wage Inequality
    by Elizabeth Weber Handwerker & James R. Spletzer

  • 2015 Managerial Compensation Duration and Stock Price Manipulation
    by Josef Schroth

  • 2015 The Effect of Mergers, Divestitures, and Board Composition on CEO Compensation Before and After the Financial Crisis
    by Ralph Sonenshine & Nathan Larson & Michael Cauvel

  • 2015 Age Management In The Light Of Neurosciences Development
    by Beata Jamka

  • 2015 Empowerment – A New Look At Activaiting Human Potential In An Organization. Measures Of Empowerment
    by Joanna M. Moczydłowska

  • 2015 Universitaetsmanagement und universitaere Individualitaet
    by Gralke, Hans-Juergen

  • 2015 Personalarbeit im demografischen Wandel. Ergebnisse aus dem Verbundprojekt PerDemo

  • 2015 Mikropolitik am Arbeitsplatz. Qualitative Studien zur Anwendung von Taktiken in Unternehmen

  • 2015 Lernprozesse im Unternehmen als betriebliche Arbeitspolitik. Formen, Methoden und Strategien der gewerblich-technischen Qualifizierung in der Automobilindustrie: Analyse und Instrumente anhand zweier Fallstudien
    by Tengbeh, Lucy Messie

  • 2015 Wellbeing at Work: A Survey on Perception of Health Care Workers
    by Stefania De Simone

  • 2015 Effect Of Workplace Stress On Job Performance
    by Azman Ismail & Noorshafine Saudin & Yusof Ismail & Ainon Jauhariah Abu Samah & Rizal Abu Bakar & Norish Norsiah Aminudin

  • 2015 Shaping Financial And Economic Competencies In The Process Of Training Personnel For The Hospitality Industry

  • 2015 Do Personality Types Make Consumers Exhibit Different Complaint Behaviors?
    by Olgun Kitapci & Ibrahim Taylan Dortyol

  • 2015 The implementation of scientific management theories and its effects within dentist practice
    by C. Ionescu

  • 2015 The representative model of teamwork adapted administrative management theory where leadership is owned exclusively by physician
    by Valentina Zaharia & I. Donciu & M.Dogaru & V.Perianu

  • 2015 Disappearing women: Why do women leave senior roles in finance? Further evidence
    by Carolyn Neck

  • 2015 Disappearing women: Why do women leave senior roles in finance?
    by Carolyn Neck

  • 2015 Measurement and analysis of the efficiency of human capital in a small enterprises in Poland
    by Anna Bagieñska

  • 2015 The Dynamic Character of a Psychological Contract between the Superior and the Employee (According to Empirical Research)

    by Shahzad, Saqib & Khan, Zunnoorain & Khan, Shahzad

  • 2015 The Impact Of Managerial Competencies On The Managerial Performance In The Educational System
    by Cristina, STAN

  • 2015 Exploring the Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Job Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of the Level of Loyalty to Supervisor
    by Okan, Tarhan & Akyüz, Ahmet Mutlu

  • 2015 An Investigation of the Effect of Cyberloafing Behaviors on Organizational Learning Capacity
    by Keklik, Belma & Kılıç, Recep & Yıldız, Harun & Yıldız, Bora

  • 2015 Big Five Personality Traits and Organizational Dissent: The Moderating Role of Organizational Climate
    by Ötken, Ayşe Begüm & Cenkci, Tuna

  • 2015 Translating as response to paradoxes – when implementing HRM strategies in service organisations
    by Sandoff, Mette & Widell, Gill

  • 2015 Can employability do the trick? Revealing paradoxical tensions and responses in the process of adopting innovative employability enhancing policies and practices in organizations
    by Peters, Pascale & Lam, Willem

  • 2015 Delegating HR work to the line: Emerging tensions and insights from a paradox perspective
    by Link, Karin & Mueller, Barbara

  • 2015 The right strategy? Examining the business partner model’s functionality for resolving Human Resource Management tensions and discussing alternative directions
    by Gerpott, Fabiola H.

  • 2015 State-of-the-art and future directions for HRM from a paradox perspective: Introduction to the Special Issue
    by Aust, Ina & Brandl, Julia & Keegan, Anne

  • 2015 Managing knowledge integration: Balancing professional and managerial logics in an engineering consulting firm
    by Ollila, Susanne & Styhre, Alexander & Werr, Andreas

  • 2015 Human Resource Management in Professional Service Firms: Learning from a framework for research and practice
    by Kaiser, Stephan & Kozica, Arjan & Swart, Juani & Werr, Andreas

  • 2015 Herding cats – Future professionals’ expectations of attractive employers
    by Bullinger, Bernadette & Treisch, Corinna

  • 2015 Human Resource Management in Professional Service Firms: Too good to be true? Transcending conflicting institutional logics
    by Bévort, Frans & Poulfelt, Flemming

  • 2015 Handling paradoxical tensions through conventions: The case of performance appraisal
    by Kozica, Arjan & Brandl, Julia

  • 2015 Coping with demographic change in job markets: How age diversity management contributes to organisational performance
    by Bieling, Gisela & Stock, Ruth Maria & Dorozalla, Florian

  • 2015 The influence of temporary time offs from work on employer attractive-ness – An experimental study
    by Altmann, Sarah & Suess, Stefan

  • 2015 Between work and non-work: Institutional settings of boundary management in case of German self-employed lawyers
    by Rybnikova, Irma & Krueger, Josephine

  • 2015 Contemporary calendar management: Exploring the intersections of groupware and personal calendars
    by McKechnie, Sharon P. & Beatty, Joy E.

  • 2015 Perceptions of HRM and their effect on dimensions of innovative work behaviour: Evidence from a manufacturing firm
    by Veenendaal, Andre & Bondarouk, Tanya

  • 2015 Impacts of entrepreneurs’ stress and family members on SMEs’ business success in Serbian family-owned firms
    by Mihic, Marko M. & Arsic, Sinisa M. & Arsic, Milos Z.

  • 2015 Poland, a workforce in transition: Exploring leadership styles and effectiveness of Polish vs. Western expatriate managers
    by Eisenberg, Jacob & Pieczonka, Artur & Eisenring, Martin & Mironski, Jacek

  • 2015 Return migration, informal learning, human capital development and SME internationalization in the CEE region: A systematic literature review
    by Gittins, Tim & Fink, Matthias

  • 2015 Integrating stakeholders’ multiple intelligences into the leadership development of a cross-cultural entity: Evidence from the CI Ljubljana
    by Peterlin, Judita & Dimovski, Vlado & Uhan, Miha & Penger, Sandra

  • 2015 Rethinking dialogue and education between Slovenia and China: Sustainability – our common language?
    by Penger, Sandra & Dimovski, Vlado & Peterlin, Judita

  • 2015 Managing international assignments in Polish companies operating in foreign markets –analysis of preliminary empirical results
    by Purgal-Popiela, Joanna

  • 2015 Considering the gap between Implicit Leadership Theories and expectations of actual leader behaviour: A three-study investigation of leadership beliefs in Romania
    by Fein, Erich C. & Tziner, Aharon & Vasiliu, Cristinel & Felea, Mihai

  • 2015 Successful leadership behaviours in Slovak organizations’ environment – an introduction to Slovak implicit leadership theories based on GLOBE study findings
    by Bauer, Dávid

  • 2015 Do Cultural Values Drive Quotas?
    by Zuzana Křečková

  • 2015 Dark Triad of Croatian Management Students
    by Mario Bogdanovic & Domagoj Cingula

  • 2015 The Competences of HR Managers and their Impact on the Organizational Success of MNCs’ Subsidiaries in the CEE Region
    by József Poór & Agneš Slavić & Nemanja Berber

  • 2015 Informal Groups in Global Work Environment: Group Work or Team Work?
    by Zoltan Raluca & Vancea Romulus

  • 2015 Analysis of Leader’s Characteristics on Perfomance in the Knowledge-Based Organizations
    by Tãnase Mihaela

  • 2015 The Role of Transformational Leadership in Knowledge-Based Organizations
    by Tãnase Mihaela

  • 2015 Social Entrepreneur and Skills Profile
    by Munteanu Valentina

  • 2015 The High Performance Working Systems within Romanian Companies
    by Antohi Ionut

  • 2015 Relational Network, Absorption Capacity And Access To External Resources By Tunisian Contractors
    by Adel Ghodbane & Habib Affes

  • 2015 Relation Of Leadership And Business Performance: Balanced Scorecard Perspective
    by Ivan Miloloza

  • 2015 5s In Quality Management

  • 2015 Romanian Managerial Aproaches
    by Rusu Liviu Dumitru

  • 2015 Employee Involvement In A Change Process - A Case Study For Romanian Organizations
    by Prediscan Mariana & Roiban Roxana Nadina

  • 2015 Knowledge Sharing Behaviour and Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    by Anna Slocinska & Adam Depta

  • 2015 Is Your Boss Really Smarter Than You Are? The Influence of the Length of Employment and the Level of Hierarchy on Employee Knowledge about Risk Management
    by Michael Schwandt

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  • 2012 What Explains the Rise in CEO Pay in Germany? A Panel Data Analysis for 1977-2009
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  • 2010 A Profile Of The Employees Of “Success” Within The Distribution Firms – An Exploratory Study
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  • 2010 Job Satisfaction And Employees’ Work Performance: A Case Study Of People’S Bank In Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka
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  • 2010 Proximity Management In Crisis Conditions
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  • 2009 Trust and Control at the Workplace: Evidence from Representative Samples of Employees in Europe
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  • 2009 Coordination under the Shadow of Career Concerns
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  • 2009 Treating Equals Unequally: Incentives in Teams, Workers' Motivation and Production Technology
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  • 2009 Personality and Career: She's Got What It Takes
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    by Ronald Hartz & Olaf Kranz & Thomas Steger

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    by Martin Behrens

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    by Markus Hertwig

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    by Thomas Haipeter

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    by Rainer Dombois

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    by Adelheid Hege & Christian Dufour

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    by Axel Hauser-Ditz & Markus Hertwig & Ludger Pries

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    by Peter Ellguth

  • 2009 Organisatorischer Wandel von Gewerkschaften in postkommunistischen Laendern. Der Fall der Solidarnosc (Organisational Change of Trade Unions in Postcommunist Countries. The Case of Solidarnosc)
    by Martin Krzywdzinski

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  • 2009 Opening to the World through the Lived Body: Relating Theory and Practice in Organisation Consulting
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  • 2007 Avoiding Labor Shortages by Employer Signaling - On the Importance of Good Work Climate and Labor Relations
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  • 2007 The Management Of Knowledge Workers – Key Factor Of Succes
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  • 2007 Trainings And Management Development At Tesco In Szeged
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  • 2006 Moral Hazard Contracts: Does One Size Fit All?
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  • 2006 Regulating Damage Clauses in (Labor) Contracts
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  • 2006 CEO Turnover, Firm Performance and Enterprise Reform in China: Evidence from New Micro Data
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  • 2006 The Puzzle of Non-Participation in Continuing Training – An Empirical Study of Permanent vs. Occasional Non-Participation
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  • 2006 The quality cost analysis
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  • 2005 Reference Dependent Preferences and the Impact of Wage Increases on Job Satisfaction: Theory and Evidence
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  • 2005 Women and Competition in Elimination Tournaments: Evidence from Professional Tennis Data
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  • 2005 Executive Compensation, Firm Performance, and Corporate Governance in China: Evidence from Firms Listed in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
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  • 2005 Optimal Incentive Contracts under Inequity Aversion
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  • 2005 Effort-Based Career Opportunities and Working Time
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