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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M10: General
/ / / M11: Production Management
/ / / M12: Personnel Management; Executives; Executive Compensation
/ / / M13: New Firms; Startups
/ / / M14: Corporate Culture; Diversity; Social Responsibility
/ / / M15: IT Management
/ / / M16: International Business Administration
/ / / M19: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Study Of Digital Gap In Puerto Rico Business Sector Estudio De Brecha Digital En El Sector Empresarial De Puerto Rico
    by Antonio L. Llorens Gomez

  • 2018 Entrepreneurship And Competitiveness In Ecuador, Actividad Emprendedora Y Competitividad En El Ecuador
    by Betzabe del Rosario Maldonado Mera & Giovanna Josefina Lara Burbano & Azucena Maribel Maya Carrillo

  • 2017 Physische und digitale Erreichbarkeit von Finanzdienstleistungen der Sparkassen
    by Conrad, Alexander & Hoffmann, Alexander & Neuberger, Doris

  • 2017 Factors Affecting Employee Motivation Towards Employee Performance: A Study on Banking Industry of Pakistan
    by Khan, Abdullah & Ahmed, Shariq & Paul, Sameer & Alam Kazmi, Syed Hasnain

  • 2017 Human Capital Flows in Failing Organizations: An Integrated Conceptual Framework
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph

  • 2017 Job satisfaction and organizational commitment under Traditional and Modern T&D program: Evidence from Public Banking Sector of Pakistan
    by Faridi, Adnan & Baloch, Akhtar & Wajidi, Abuzar

  • 2017 Empirical Examination for Operational and Credit Risk Perspective – A Case of Commercial Banks of Pakistan
    by Mehmood, Mian Saqib & Sheraz, Iram & Mehmood, Asif & G. Mujtaba, Bahaudin

  • 2017 The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment within the SMEs of Karachi
    by Khan, Rao Shahzaib & Rao, Bismah & Usman, Khurram & Afzal, Safia

  • 2017 Bank Loan Loss Provisions, Investor Protection and the Macroeconomy
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 The Relationship between Female Representation at Strategic Level and Firm's Competitiveness: Evidences from Cargo Logistic Firms of Pakistan and Canada
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Faizan, Riffat & Cockrill, Antje

  • 2017 Cultivating greater self-confidence in African management research
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Business Models/Projects – Design, Venture, Manage and Evaluate
    by Rao, Narendar V. & Reddy, K.S. & Arrawatia, Rakesh

  • 2017 “Factors of Workplace Environment that Affects Employee Performance in an Organization”: A study on Greenwich University of Karachi
    by Zafar, Marium & Karim, Emadul & Abbas, Omair

  • 2017 Performance And Risk: Empirical Evidence From Rhb Bank
    by Hashim, Nur Athira

  • 2017 Gender Diversity In The Hermes Paris Boardroom And Risk Management
    by Ramlan, Siti Noreiza

  • 2017 Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad
    by Harun, Nur Ilyani

  • 2017 Measuring Organizational Commitment and Occupational Stress of Pakistani Doctors: Comparing Lahore and Karachi Public Hospitals in Gender Perspective
    by Zehra, Syeda Zufiesha & Zehra, Beenish & Nisa, Fakhr-un & Ali, Syed Zain & Zehra, Syeda Hira & Ather, Marium

  • 2017 Do Women in Highly Qualified Positions Face Higher Work-to-Family Conflicts in Germany Than Men?
    by Busch-Heizmann, Anne & Holst, Elke

  • 2017 Do Women in Highly Qualified Positions Face Higher Work-To-Family Conflicts in Germany than Men?
    by Anne Busch-Heizmann & Elke Holst

  • 2017 Do Women in Highly Qualified Positions Face Higher Work-To-Family Conflicts in Germany than Men?
    by Anne Busch-Heizmann & Elke Holst

  • 2017 Healthy Business? Managerial Education and Management in Healthcare
    by Nicholas Bloom & Renata Lemos & Raffaella Sadun & John Van Reenen

  • 2017 Drivers of going concern audit opinions: empirical evidence from Indonesia
    by Suroto Lina Rahmawati & Kusuma Hadri

  • 2017 El gobierno interno de las mayores cooperativas agroalimentarias españolas y su relación con el rendimiento
    by Elena Meliá Martí & Mª Pía Carnicer Andrés & Juan F. Juliá Igual

  • 2017 Career Administration As A Determinant Of Proactive Behavior
    by Azman Ismail & Wan Aishah Wan Mohd Nowalid & Azmawaty Mohamad Nor

  • 2017 David against Goliath - How creative communication helps small advertising agencies survive in a market led by giant agencies
    by Jenny - Maria Åström & Karim Carroum Sanz & Sofia Lena Hagström & Andreu Safont Bagué & João Pedro Teles Estima

  • 2017 Employee Engagement Factor for Organizational Excellence
    by Tzvetana Stoyanova & Ivaylo Iliev

  • 2017 The influence of positive reinforcements on motivation for education and training activities
    by Elitsa PETROVA

  • 2017 Roles Of Communities Of Practice For The Development Of The Society
    by Haradhan Kumar MOHAJAN

  • 2017 An investigation of the opportunistic relationships among shipping companies and ship-brokers
    by Angelos Pantouvakis & Stelios Krasanakis & Christos Patsiouras

  • 2017 The role of person–organization fit and perceived organizational support in the relationship between workplace ostracism and behavioral outcomes
    by Yang Woon Chung

  • 2017 Impact of Role Clarity and Strategic Fit on Average Project Success: Moderating Role of Market Turbulence on Telecom Companies of Pakistan
    by Najam UL MABOOD & Zaib MAROOF

  • 2017 Compliance Costs of Transfer Pricing in Case of SMEs: Czech Case
    by Veronika Solilová & Danuše NERUDOVÁ & Hana Bohušová & Patrik Svoboda

  • 2017 What is the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Unemployment in Visegrad Countries?
    by Ondřej Dvouletý

  • 2017 Intercultural Variations in Personal Sales Factors in the Czech and U.S. Automotive Markets: Practical Implications for Marketing
    by David Říha & Timothy Heinze & Michael Stros

  • 2017 Ownership structure and performance of professional service firms in a declining industry: Evidence from Vietnamese securities firms
    by Tien Hoang Nguyen, & Xuan Minh Nguyen, & Thi Thu Ha Nguyen, & Quoc Trung Tran

  • 2017 A MPLS Simulation for Use in Design Networking for Multi Site Businesses
    by Petac Eugen

  • 2017 Artificial Intelligence - A New Field of Computer Science Which Any Business Should Consider
    by Oprișan Oana & Tileagă Cosmin & Niţu Claudiu Valentin

  • 2017 Big Data - A Revolutionary "Space" that Changes the Way Business is Done
    by Nicodim Liliana & Niţu Claudiu Valentin & Croitoru Gabriel

  • 2017 Employee ownership and the drive to do business responsibly: a study of the John Lewis Partnership
    by John Storey & Graeme Salaman

  • 2017 Business groups, networks, and embeddedness: innovation and implementation alliances in Japanese electronics, 1985–1998
    by James R. Lincoln & Didier Guillot & Matthew Sargent

  • 2017 Empirical evidence of the existence of speculative bubbles in the prices of stocks traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange
    by Carol Thiago Costa & Wesley Vieirada Silva & Lauro Britode Almeida & Claudimar Pereirada Veiga

  • 2017 The construction process of grounded theory in administration
    by Darlan José Roman & Marilei Osinski & Rolf Hermann Erdmann

  • 2017 The influence of remuneration on the behavior of hospital employees in Brazil
    by Alcindo Mendes & Rogério João Lunkes & Leonardo Flach & Silvana Dalmutt Kruger

  • 2017 Marketing Strategies Of Low-Cost Airlines In Russia
    by Zhukova Olesia A. & Ivashkova N.I.

  • 2017 Motivation and Organizational Behavior. Staff between Value Added and Conflict Generating Losses
    by Mircea A. Udrescu & Alina Gheorghe

  • 2017 The campus as entrepreneurial ecosystem: the University of Chicago
    by David J. Miller & Zoltan J. Acs

  • 2017 Strategic Planning for Xiaomi: Smart Phones, Crisis, Turning Point
    by Lung-Tan Lu

  • 2017 Organizational Culture In Touristic Msmes Of Campeche, Mexico Cultura Organizacional En Mipymes Turisticas De Campeche, Mexico
    by Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma & Fernando Medina Blum & Mario Javier Fajardo

  • 2017 Relationship Between Of The Organizational Commitment, The Organizational Communication And The Work Satisfaction: Evidence From Mexico Nivel De Relacion Del Compromiso Organizacional, Comunicacion Organizacional Y La Satisfaccion Del Trabajo: Evidencia Desde Mexico
    by Erik Ocon Cedillo & Maria Concepcion Ramirez Baron & Paulina Flores Martinez

  • 2017 Social Responsibility In Strategic Planning Of Institutional Public Universities In Mexico La Responsabilidad Social En La Planeacion Estrategica Institucional De Las Universidades Publicas En Mexico
    by Fany Thelma Solis Rodriguez & Ana Karen Garduno Perez

  • 2017 The Poblanas Micro Enterprises And Corporate Social Responsibility, Las Microempresas Poblanas Y La Responsabilidad Social Empresarial
    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Itzel Martinez Lagunas

  • 2017 Impact Of Distrust In The Family Business Dynamic, Impacto De La Desconfianza En La Dinamica De La Empresa Familiar
    by Yolanda Saldana Contreras & Fernando M. Ruiz Diaz & Laura Leticia Gaona Tamez & Juan Jesus Nahuat Arreguín & Maria Viririana Castillo Camacho

  • 2017 Business With An Organic Fertilizer Sustainable Approach, El Negocio De Abono Organico Con Enfoque Sustentable
    by Juventino Reza Salgado & Mariana Ginez Rodriguez & Laura Rodriguez Pelaez

  • 2017 Training In Agricultural Enterprises In The Valle De San Quintin, Baja California, La Capacitacion En Las Empresas Agricolas En El Valle De San Quintin, Baja California
    by Imelda Cuevas Merecias & Lizzette Velasco Aulcy & Luis Alberto Morales Zamorano

  • 2017 Real Estate As A Business Niche In Ensenada Baja California, Mexico, Las Empresas De Bienes Raices Como Nicho De Negocio En Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
    by Guadalupe Espinoza Guerrero & Maria de Lourdes Solis Tirado

  • 2017 Knowledge Systematization Of The Case Study Method To Research The Family Business
    by Yolanda Saldaña Contreras & Fernando M. Ruiz Díaz & Juan Jesús Nahuat Arreguín & Laura Leticia Gaona Tamez & María Viririana Castillo Camacho

  • 2017 Service Quality In Public Service: A Case Of Ghana National Service Scheme
    by Kwame Owusu Kwateng & Hannah Vivian Osei & Frank Akoto Acquaah

  • 2017 Intellectual Capital and Its Impact on the Financial Performance of Russian Manufacturing Companies
    by Tatiana Andreeva & Tatiana Garanina

  • 2017 The Impact of Heavy Perceived Nurse Workloads on Patient and Nurse Outcomes
    by Maura MacPhee & V. Susan Dahinten & Farinaz Havaei

  • 2017 Can Servant Leaders Fuel the Leadership Fire? The Relationship between Servant Leadership and Followers’ Leadership Avoidance
    by Martin Lacroix & Armin Pircher Verdorfer

  • 2017 The Functions of a Servant Leader
    by Michiel Frederick Coetzer & Mark Bussin & Madelyn Geldenhuys

  • 2017 Strategy Implementation Style and Public Service Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity
    by Rhys Andrews & Malcolm J. Beynon & Elif Genc

  • 2017 Retailers’ Responsibility towards Consumers and Key Drivers of Their Development in Poland
    by Grażyna Śmigielska & Renata Oczkowska

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2016
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2017 Ensuring Financial Stability of Companies on the Basis of International Experience in Construction of Risks Maps, Internal Control and Audit
    by N.G. Vovchenko & M.G. Holina & A.S. Orobinskiy & R.A. Sichev

  • 2017 Wind power feasibility analysis under uncertainty in the Brazilian electricity market
    by Aquila, Giancarlo & Rotela Junior, Paulo & de Oliveira Pamplona, Edson & de Queiroz, Anderson Rodrigo

  • 2017 Investigating Critical Success Factors of Brand Loyalty: A Meta-data Analysis Approach
    by Syahida Abd Aziz & Muhammad Shahar Jusoh & Mohammad Harith Amlus

  • 2017 Investigating the Impact of Talent Management on the Retention of Human Resources: A Study in Zahedan Municipality
    by Zohreh Kohestany & Nour Mohammad Yaghoubi

  • 2017 Total Quality Management Tools: Are they Necessary for Improving Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction?
    by Tasneem F. Alfalah

  • 2017 The Roles of Strategic Planning in Organizational Crisis Management: The Case of Jordanian Banking Sector
    by Hasan Yousef Aljuhmani & Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali

  • 2017 Investigating of Trust and Perceived Organizational Support Effects on Organizational Commitment in Educational Organizations, using Structural Equation Modeling and Partial Least Squares Model
    by Saghar Rahmani & Marzieh Heydari

  • 2017 The Issues of Second Layer Charging Fee in Wakalah Takaful Model Practices
    by Mohamad Yazid Isa & Ahmad Khilmy Abd. Rahim & Asmadi Mohamed Naim & Muhammad Zarunnaim Haji Wahab

  • 2017 Small and Medium Enterprises’ Risk Modeling
    by Shahryar Sorooshian & Nursofea Iman Ahmad Suffian

  • 2017 Governance Improvement Post E-government Adoption: A Case of Jordanian Public Entities
    by Ahnaf Ali Al-smady

  • 2017 Examining the Factors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Reference to Corporate Sectors in Sultanate of Oman
    by Subrahmanian Muthuraman & Mohammed Al-Haziazi

  • 2017 Mapping the Terrain of Business Education
    by Mohammad Rishad Faridi & S. M. Arif & Harish Kumar

  • 2017 The Impact of Self-efficacy on International Student Entrepreneur Intention
    by Oladapo Rasul & Festus Victor Bekun & Seyi Saint Akadiri

  • 2017 Methodological Approaches to the Formation of the Quality Management System for Hotels in Russian Federation
    by Sergey Sergeevich Skobkin & Yana Andreevna Belavina & Kalita Gleb Vadimovich

  • 2017 Is Going Green Good for Profit? Empirical Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Firms in Indonesia
    by Andewi Rokhmawati & Ardi Gunardi

  • 2017 Environmental corporate social responsibility : A note on the first-mover advantage under price competition
    by Kosuke Hirose & Sang-ho Lee & Toshihiro Matsumura

  • 2017 The bigger, the better? An investigation of optimal volume of big data
    by Bonyoung Koo & Seung Ho Yoo & Byung Cho Kim

  • 2017 L’entreprise familiale : état et perspectives de la recherche francophone - Family business:state of art and perspectives of French research
    by Audrey Missonier & Katherine Gundolf

  • 2017 Competencias directivas y virtudes: un camino a la excelencia
    by German Serrano

  • 2017 New Strategic Orientation of Firms Based on Value Innovation
    by Corina M. RÃDULESCU

  • 2017 The Role of the Negotiation in Management and the Results of an Organization. The Formation of the Team of Negotiation, Features, Guidance
    by Rada-Florina HAHN

  • 2017 Conceptual Approaches On Sustainable Development In Public Administration In Romania
    by Ramona BIRAU

  • 2017 Competitiveness Through Quality In The Hospitality Industry - Theoretical Aspects And Measurement Methods In The International Practice
    by Ioana Crina POP COHUT

  • 2017 Determinants of Nordic Entrepreneurship: A Reverse Engineered Pitch
    by Ondrej Dvoulety

  • 2017 Total Quality Management and Business Excellence: The Best Practices at Toyota Motor Corporation
    by Sorin-George Toma & Shinji Naruo

  • 2016 Towards design thinking as a management practice: a learning experiment in teaching innovation
    by Nunzia Coco & Monica Calcagno & Maria Lusiani

  • 2016 Keeping tensions up: A reflexive analysis of the (strategy)-making-of Dolomiti Contemporanee
    by Maria Lusiani & Gianluca D'Inca' Levis

  • 2016 Culture on top: Beyond museification and culture-led regeneration of industrial heritage
    by Maria Lusiani & Fabrizio Panozzo

  • 2016 Is there a difference in financing efficiency? Conventional banks versus ethical banks
    by Juan José Durán Herrera & María José García López & Carmen Avilés Palacios & Oriol Amat

  • 2016 A framework for Open Innovation practices: Typology and characterisation
    by María Isabel Rodríguez-Ferradas & José A. Alfaro-Tanco & Francesco Sandulli

  • 2016 The Future of Knowledge in the Internal Audit
    by Emilia Vasile & Daniela Mitran

  • 2016 Pengaruh Kompetensi Dan Disiplin Terhadap Kepuasan Serta Implikasinya Pada Prestasi Kerja Karyawan
    by Hadiwijaya, Hendra & Hanafi, Agustina

  • 2016 Reengineering knowledge for e-tourism and hospitality curricula
    by Fu, Jing & Kapiki, Soultana Tania

  • 2016 Exploring Factors that Influence Domestic Tourists’ Satisfaction with Budget Hotel Services in Egypt
    by Hossam, Samy

  • 2016 Effects of co-creation in a tourism destination brand image through twitter
    by Revilla Hernández, Mercedes & Santana Talavera, Agustín & Parra López, Eduardo

  • 2016 Extending tourism marketing: Implications for targeting the senior tourists’ segment
    by Nella, Athina & Christou, Evangelos

  • 2016 Competitiveness factors of a tourism destination and impact on residents’ quality of life: The case of Cittaslow-Seferihisar
    by Küçükaltan, Ebru Günlü & Pirnar, Ige

  • 2016 E-learning adoption in hospitality education: An analysis with special focus on Singapore
    by Nair, Revi & George, Babu P.

  • 2016 Governance Structures and Trust: a Study of Real Estate Networks
    by Boaventura, Joao Mauricio & Carnaúba, A.A.C. & Todeva, Emanuela & Azevedo, A.C. & Armando, Eduardo

  • 2016 Retention Strategies to Increase Organizational Commitment and Reduce Employee Turnover in Hospitality Sector of Karachi, Pakistan
    by Shaikh, Taha & Zahid, Marium

  • 2016 The interaction effect of Institutional Ownership and Firm Size on the relationship between Managerial Ownership and Earnings Management
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Ratnawati, Vince & Hamid, Mohamad Ali Abdul

  • 2016 A Relationship Between Occupational Stress and Organisational Commitment of I.T Sector's Employees in Contrasting economies
    by Adnan ul, Haque & John, Aston

  • 2016 Do causes and consequences of stress affect genders differently at operational level? Comparison of the IT sectors in the UK and Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Aston, John & Kozlovski, Eugene

  • 2016 The Pros and Cons of Workplace Tournaments
    by Sheremeta, Roman

  • 2016 Institutional Voids and Tax litigation in Emerging Economies: The verdict of Vodafone cross-border acquisition of Hutchison
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2016 Turnaround or Contract Merger: A conceptual model to protect sick and government companies
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2016 Corporate Restructuring in the Asian electronics market: Insights from Philips and Panasonic
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2016 Le climat social et la performance organisationnelle : Etude de cas de la société RM CONFECTION SARL
    by ELHARMOUCHI, Ouarda

  • 2016 A Model of Business Innovation in the Context of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Davao Del Sur
    by Castillo-Sam, Eva Marie & Tormis, Jeaneth & Murcia, John Vianne

  • 2016 Nanotechnology Innovations and Commercialization – Opportunities, Challenges & Reasons for Delay
    by Aithal, Sreeramana & Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna

  • 2016 Determinants of Small Business Survival: The Case of Very Small Enterprises of the Traditional Manufacturing Sectors in Brazil

  • 2016 The Perception of People Regarding Selection of Petrol Pump in Karachi
    by Alvi, Mohsin & Ikram, Midra & Mirza, Mohammad Haris & Khan, M. Mubashir Q.

  • 2016 Analyzing the Factors for Creating Competition among Products
    by Alvi, Mohsin & Mirza, Mohammad Haris & Khan, M. Mubashir Q. & Aqeel, Beenish & Ikram, Midra

  • 2016 Application of ABCD Analysis Framework on Private University System in India
    by Aithal, Sreeramana & V.T., Shailashree & Kumar, Suresh

  • 2016 Business Strategy for Nanotechnology based Products and Services
    by Aithal, Sreeramana & Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna

  • 2016 Leadership Style and Organization Performance
    by Khan, Dr. Rahul

  • 2016 A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research
    by Alvi, Mohsin

  • 2016 Measures of Ensuring Value for Money in Public Procurement: A Case of Selected Polytechnics in Ghana
    by Nsiah-Asare, Evelyn & Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng

  • 2016 Sustaining the Growth of Employee: Motivation and Career Development in Organization
    by Parvaiz, Tuba & Ahmed, Ovais

  • 2016 Quantum strategy synthesis by Alphabet Inc
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 Teacher Assessments versus Standardized Tests: Is Acting "Girly" an Advantage?
    by Di Liberto, Adriana & Casula, Laura

  • 2016 Family office: a new category in family business research?
    by Elena Rivo-López & Mónica Villanueva-Villar & Alberto Vaquero-García

  • 2016 Does Managerial Capital also Matter Among Micro and Small Firms in Developing Countries?
    by Axel Demenet

  • 2016 The Pros and Cons of Workplace Tournaments
    by Roman M. Sheremeta

  • 2016 Staffing Strategy of Japanese Companies in China (JCC) : Selection of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    by Lau Chung Ming, Kevin

  • 2016 Empirical analysis of Hungarian firms according to venture capital investment criteria
    by Judit Edit FUTÓ

  • 2016 Collaboration network of knowledge creation and dissemination on Management research: ranking the leading institutions
    by Guillermo Armando Ronda-Pupo & Luis Ángel Guerras-Martín

  • 2016 Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: The Role of Artifacts in Interpretive Schema Change
    by Stefan W. Konlechner & Barbara Müller & Wolfgang H. Güttel & Irina Koprax & Karin Link

  • 2016 Agent-based modeling in managerial science: an illustrative survey and study
    by Friederike Wall

  • 2016 Government and family Guanxi in Chinese private firms: perceptions and preference
    by Zhong Qin & Xin Deng

  • 2016 The benefits of specific risk-factor disclosures
    by Ole-Kristian Hope & Danqi Hu & Hai Lu

  • 2016 Does low-carbon supply chain management reduce greenhouse gas emissions more effectively than existing environmental initiatives? An empirical analysis of Japanese manufacturing firms
    by Kimitaka Nishitani & Katsuhiko Kokubu & Takehisa Kajiwara

  • 2016 A grouping genetic algorithm for the Order Batching Problem in distribution warehouses
    by Sören Koch & Gerhard Wäscher

  • 2016 Cost-effectiveness analysis of EGFR mutation testing in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with gefitinib or carboplatin–paclitaxel
    by Oscar Arrieta & Pablo Anaya & Vicente Morales-Oyarvide & Laura Alejandra Ramírez-Tirado & Ana C. Polanco

  • 2016 Publicly funded principal investigators allocation of time for public sector entrepreneurship activities
    by James A. Cunningham & Paul O’Reilly & Brendan Dolan & Conor O’Kane & Vincent Mangematin

  • 2016 Population composition, urban neighborhoods, and future scenarios: a crystal ball perspective, from past to future
    by Lawrence A. Brown

  • 2016 Intended rationality in exit decisions: The organizational field of rivals as a source of signal in segment exit decisions by Korean SI ventures, 2000–2006
    by Dongyoub Shin & Sunhyuk Kim & Kiwon Jung

  • 2016 Model for an Insurance Market Analysis. New Challenges for Companies Management
    by Cristina Elena PROTOPOPESCU

  • 2016 Evaluating the Greek Version of Religious Commitment Inventory 10 on a Sample of Pomak Households
    by Nikolaos Satsios

  • 2016 HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Contexts for comparison
    by Jackson, Keith & Debroux, Philippe

  • 2016 Success of Digitalization in Service Procurement
    by Reuter, Ute

  • 2016 The Usage Of E-Commerce In The Area Of Evros, Greece
    by Elpida TENIDOU & Dimosthenis PAPPAS & Ioannis KAZANIDIS & Stavros VALSAMIDIS

  • 2016 Attitude of Management Students towards Whistleblowing: Evidence from Croatia
    by Mario Bogdanovic & Ladislav Tyll

  • 2016 The impact of Institutional Distance on FDI inflows in the Czech Republic
    by Pietro Andrea Podda

  • 2016 Determinants of Regional Entrepreneurial Activity in the Czech Republic
    by Ondrej Dvoulety & Jan Mares

  • 2016 Do generic strategies impact performance in higher educational institutions? A SEM-based investigation
    by Ahlam Mohammad Alzoubi & Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali

  • 2016 Dental Practice Management
    by Gheorghe Raftu

  • 2016 Considerations Concerning the Redesign of the Management System at the Level of the Organization – Quality Perspective
    by Oana Oprișan & George Bucăţa & Cosmin Tileagă

  • 2016 The Role and Importance of the Manager in the Management Process
    by Oana Oprișan & George Bucăţa & Cosmin Tileagă

  • 2016 Quantitative Investigation on the Influence of Social Customer Relationship Management on the Profitability of Companies
    by Liliana Nicodim & Claudiu Valentin Niţu & Gabriel Croitoru

  • 2016 Entrepreneurial Coordinator Management of Individual Career Planning of the Organizations in Romania
    by Liliana Nicodim & Gabriel Croitoru & Mircea Duica

  • 2016 About Security Solutions in Fog Computing
    by Eugen Petac & Andreea-Oana Petac

  • 2016 The Challenge of Private Cloud for the Digital Business
    by Eugen Petac & Andreea-Oana Petac

  • 2016 Issues Regarding the Need of Transformation of Educational Management in the Current European Context
    by Liliana Nicodim & George Bucãþa & Claudiu Valentin Niþu

  • 2016 Aspects of the Transformation of Educational Management in Schools
    by Liliana Nicodim & George Bucãþa & Emanoil Muscalu

  • 2016 What Is to Be Done to Reduce the Effects of Emotionality and Conflicts on One’s Satisfaction at Workplace
    by Aurelia Stãnescu

  • 2016 Some Particularities of Rural Tourism Management in Romania through Indirect Quantification
    by Alina Gheorghe & Mircea Udrescu

  • 2016 Benchmarking for routines and organizational knowledge: a managerial accounting approach with performance feedback
    by Mircea Epure

  • 2016 Growth determinants in entrepreneurship: A longitudinal study of Spanish technology-based university spin-offs
    by María Jesús Rodríguez-Gulías & Sara Fernández-López & David Rodeiro-Pazos

  • 2016 Expressions of Relationship Networking in International Entrepreneurship
    by Yákara Vasconcelos Pereira Leite & Walter Fernando Araújo Moraes & Viviane Santos Salazar

  • 2016 Meaning of integrity from the upper echelons’ perspective
    by Manjit Monga

  • 2016 Integrity and its antecedent: A unified conceptual framework of integrity
    by Manjit Monga

  • 2016 The ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ effects of FDI technology spillovers: Some evidence
    by Xiaowen Tian & Vai Io Lo & Moxi Song

  • 2016 The Impact Of Expatriates’ Home Country Culture On Their Time To Proficiency: Empirical Evidence From The Indian Context
    by Marie-France Waxin & Nicholas Ashill & Chris Brewster & Jean-Louis Chandon

  • 2016 Continuous Quality Improvement Programs – Part I: Survey, Critical Analysis And Future Research Directions
    by Raafat A. Samman & Jamal Ouenniche

  • 2016 ‘Despotic Democrats’ Versus Good Governance: Challenges Of Administration Of Nigeria’S Fourth Republic
    by Adeleke Adegbami & Charles I. N. Uche

  • 2016 Emprendimiento: Perspectiva Cubana En La Creación De Empresas Familiares / Entrepreneurship: Cuban Perspective On The Creation Of Family Businesses
    by Silveira-Pérez, Yahilina & Cabeza-Pullés, Dainelis & Fernández-Pérez, Virginia

  • 2016 Sistemas De Gestión De La Calidad: Un Estudio En Empresas Del Sur De España Y Norte De Marruecos / Quality Management Systems: A Study In Companies Of Southern Spain And Northern Morocco
    by Carmona-Calvo, Miguel Angel & Suárez, Eva María & Calvo-Mora, Arturo & Periáñez-Cristóbal, Rafael

  • 2016 Generational Transition Under The Perception Of The Leader And Successors Of Family Businesses, Transicion Generacional Bajo La Percepcion Del Lider Y Los Sucesores De Empresas Familiares
    by Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma & Fidel Ramon Alcocer Martinez & Mario Javier Fajardo

  • 2016 The Response Of Small Businesses Facing Nature Crisis: The Human Capital In The Strategic Orientationperformnace Relationship, Desempeno, Capital Humano Y Desastres Naturales: Estrategias Para El Sector Artesanal
    by Luis Mendoza-Ramirez & Arcelia Toledo-Lopez & Patricia Arieta-Melgarejo

  • 2016 Success Of The Handicraft Subsistence Business And Its Relationship With Business Perfomance, El Exito De Los Negocios De Subsistencia De Artesania Y Su Relacion Con El Desempeno
    by Arcelia Toledo-Lopez & Luis Mendoza-Ramirez & Patricia Soledad Sánchez-Medina

  • 2016 Individual Behavior And Competitive Advantage
    by Maria Guadalupe Barrera Garcia & Werner Varela Castro & Jerome Paolacci & Ramón Heredia Martinez

  • 2016 Transmission Of Knowledge In Companies With Profuse Use Labor Comparative Analysis, Transmisión De Conocimientos En Empresas Con Profuso Empleo De Mano De Obra Un Análisis Comparativo
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  • 2015 Disappearing women: Why do women leave senior roles in finance?
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