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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M11: Production Management
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Comparative analysis of fuzzy multi-criteria decision making for location selection of Textile plant in Turkey
    by Nihan Çetin Demirel & Muhammet Deveci & Gizem Eser

  • 2016 The Intellectual Development of Supply Chain Management: 1996 – 2015
    by Hyae-Jung Lim & Chang-Kyo Suh

  • 2016 Topic Detection in Korean SCM Research Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
    by Mi-Ae Kim & Chea-Young Hwang & Chang-Kyo Suh

  • 2016 Bayesian Process Networks: An approach to systemic process risk analysis by mapping process models onto Bayesian networks
    by Oepping, Hardy

  • 2016 Procrastination in Teams
    by Joshua S. Gans & Peter Landry

  • 2016 Informational Frictions and Practice Variation: Evidence from Physicians in Training
    by David C. Chan, Jr

  • 2016 製品開発における問題解決行動は日中韓企業でどう異なるか? : 調査結果の分析と3か国への提言
    by 都留, 康

  • 2016 Management of recycling operations for iron and steel making slags
    by Christoph Meyer & Matthias G. Wichmann & Thomas S. Spengler

  • 2016 Impact of the Customers’ and Governments’ Demands on Complex Food Supply Chains
    by Alexandra Ioana IONESCU FLOREA & Rãzvan-Andrei CORBO?

  • 2016 The mediator - not what you think (for economic policy lessons)
    by Shastitko, Andrei & Golovanova, Svetlana

  • 2016 Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods on Six Sigma Projects Selection
    by Çakır, Engin & Özdemir, Muhsin

  • 2016 The diversity of European manufacturing plant roles in international manufacturing networks
    by Demeter, Krisztina & Szász, Levente

  • 2016 Entgrenzung und Grenzarbeit in Co-Konfiguration: Eine taetigkeitstheoretische Perspektive (Blurred boundaries and boundary work in co-configuration: An activity theoretic perspective)
    by Fassauer, Gabriele & Geithner, Silke

  • 2016 Entgrenzung von Organisation und Arbeit? Interorganisationale Fragmentierung als Herausforderung für Arbeitsrecht, Management und Mitbestimmung. Einleitung zum Schwerpunktheft
    by Deinert, Olaf & Helfen, Markus

  • 2016 Digital Marketing
    by Milanka Slavova

  • 2016 Collaboration between Logistics Service Providers and the Bulgarian Manufacturing and Trade Enterprises
    by Nikolay Dragomirov

  • 2016 Multiple Criteria Inventory Classification for Storage Assignment and a Case Study
    by Umut Fýrat TUZKAYA & Behlül ÞENER

  • 2016 An Application Related to Logistics Social Responsibility Evaluation with DEMATEL and ELECTRE Methods
    by Ýskender PEKER

  • 2016 The 5th National Logistics and Supply Chain Conference
    by Ýskender PEKER

  • 2016 Sustainable supply chain management: A brief literature review
    by Mohsen Varsei

  • 2016 Managing supply chain risks and vulnerabilities through collaboration: Present and future scope
    by Imran Ali & Khalid Shukran

  • 2016 Perspectives Of Directive And Research Groups, On Knowledge Management. A Case Study, Perspectivas De Los Grupos Directivos Y De Investigacion Sobre La Gestion Del Conocimiento: Un Estudio De Caso
    by Deneb Eli Magana Medina & Norma Aguilar Morales & Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Arguelles Ma

  • 2016 Sustainable Development, Environment And Knowledge Networks, Desarrollo Sustentable, Medio Ambiente Y Redes De Conocimiento
    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Armando Lagunés Blanco

  • 2016 Analysis Of Teaching Learning Process In The Comprehensive Performance Of Industrial Engineer, Analisis Del Proceso Ensenanza Aprendizaje En El Desempeno Integral Del Ingeniero Industrial
    by Guillermina Lopez Banda & Edith Margoth Melendez Lopez & Rocio del Carmen Mendoza Riojas

    by Edith Melendez Lopez & Felipe Jimenez Zavala & David Cortes Guerrero & Sandra Lilia Jasso Ibarra

  • 2016 The Role Of Finance In Quality Principles
    by Daniel H. Boylan

  • 2016 A Practical Management System For The Effective Use Of Offshore Software Project Opportunities
    by Alex Osadchyy & Jon Webber

  • 2016 Strengthening the Energy Policy Making Process and Sustainability Outcomes in the OECD through Policy Design
    by Andrew Chapman & Benjamin McLellan & Tetsuo Tezuka

  • 2016 Successful Control of Major Project Budgets
    by Steen Lichtenberg

  • 2016 Customer Relationship Management and Recent Developments
    by Noel Yee-Man Siu

  • 2016 Value of Uncertainty: The Lost Opportunities in Large Projects
    by Agnar Johansen & Petter Eik-Andresen & Andreas Dypvik Landmark & Anandasivakumar Ekambaram & Asbjørn Rolstadås

  • 2016 Understanding Collaboration in Integrated Forms of Project Delivery by Taking a Risk-Uncertainty Based Perspective
    by Derek Walker & Beverley Lloyd-Walker

  • 2016 The State of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research
    by Fernando Muñoz-Bullón

  • 2016 Advertising between Archetype and Brand Personality
    by Clemens Bechter & Giorgio Farinelli & Rolf-Dieter Daniel & Michael Frey

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship as Facilitator for Sustainable Development? Editorial for the Special Issue “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”
    by Jacob Hörisch

  • 2016 Is Self-Regulation Sufficient? Case of the German Transparency Code
    by Kristin Buske & Stefan Jentzsch & Clemens Bechter

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2015
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2016 A Study on the Effects of Client Company Information on the On-Site Logistics and Processes in a Supply Chain: A New Design Approach using Quality Function Deployment
    by Masamitsu KIUCHI & Kazushi NAGAI & Kenichi NAKASHIMA

  • 2016 Performans Degerlemesinde DEMATEL ve Bulanik TOPSIS Uygulamasi
    by Meltem KARAATLI & Nuri OMURBEK & Emrah ISIK & Ekrem YILMAZ

  • 2016 Influence of Benefits Realization Management on Business Strategies and Project Success in Pakistan’s Construction Projects
    by Shakir Hafeez & Shahid Hussain & Yasir Javed & Bilal Bin Saeed

  • 2016 Integrated Management of Flows in Petroleum Products Supply Chains in the Field of Hydrocarbons Deep Processing
    by Alexey I. Shinkevich & Angelika A. Farrakhova & Marina V. Shinkevich & Adeliya V. Pavlova & Adeliya V. Pavlova & Mikhail G. Vyukov

  • 2016 Seleccio?n multicriterio de aliado estrate?gico para la operacio?n de carga terrestre
    by Luz Stella Mun ?oz Mari?n & Luz Carime Urbano Guerrero & Juan Carlos Osorio Go?mez

  • 2016 Incorporating The Rural Areas’ Particularities In The Water Supply Management Systems In Romania
    by Orest Valentin TROFIN & Cristina BORCA & Alina CIOMOȘ

  • 2016 Transactional Leader In Romanian Private Banking System
    by Lucian Ciprian CRIȘAN

  • 2016 Implementing Cost Calculation Using Abc Method
    by Ana Maria UNGUREANU

  • 2016 Evaluation of distribution and customer service in the logistics systems of manufacturing companies in Bulgaria
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2016 Procurement and Operations Management in the Logistics Systems of Manufacturing Companies in Bulgaria
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2016 Performance management through budgets. Drafting and launching the company’s sales budget
    by Adriana Mihaela IONESCU & Cristina Elena BÎGIOI

  • 2016 Accounting truth and its assurance in entities from the Republic of Moldova
    by Viorel TURCANU & Irina GOLOCIALOVA

  • 2016 Innovative Food Quality Models – Developed as an Interface for Modern Consumers and Sustainable Business
    by Rodica Pamfilie & Magdalena Bobe & Lavinia Cristescu & Maria Alexandra Toma

  • 2016 Rational Inattention and Organizational Focus
    by Wouter Dessein & Andrea Galeotti & Tano Santos

  • 2015 Ambalaj atıklarında tersine lojistik: Bir simülasyon modeli uygulaması
    by Ender GÜRGEN & Tevfik AYTEMİZ & Kısmet CİNGÖZ

  • 2015 The Effect of Demand Uncertainty on the Decisions and Revenues in the Two Class Revenue Management Model

  • 2015 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Tagungsband zum 1. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 27. November 2013 in der Paulinerkirche Göttingen
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.) & Kayser, Maike (Ed.)

  • 2015 Maintenance and Production Scheduling on a Single Machine with Stochastic Failures
    by von Hoyningen-Huene, Wiebke & Kiesmüller, Gudrun P.

  • 2015 Traceability management as a multidisciplinary topic: Trends and gaps in recent scholarly research
    by Jose A. Alfaro & Szabolcs S. Sebrek

  • 2015 Globalized Robust Optimization for Nonlinear Uncertain Inequalities
    by Ben-Tal, A. & Brekelmans, Ruud & den Hertog, Dick & Vial, J.P.

  • 2015 An Efficient Way to Optimizing Multiple Quality Characteristics in Quality Management: Posterior Preference Articulation Method
    by In-Jun Jeong & Dong-Hee Lee

  • 2015 Potential of Mobile Applications aiding Logistic Processes
    by Csaba Tapler

  • 2015 Damage Assessment Analysis For A Logistics Company By Using Data Mining Tools: An Application In Turkey

  • 2015 Design Review Based on Process Mapping
    by Fernando Queiroz

  • 2015 Sharing Economy - Downstream Extension of the Value Chain of German Automotive Manufacturers and of their Competitors
    by Csizmazia, Roland Attila

  • 2015 The impact of efficient inventory management on profitability: evidence from selected manufacturing firms in Ghana
    by Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng

  • 2015 Information use in supply chain forecasting
    by Fildes, Robert & Goodwin, Paul & Onkal, Dilek

  • 2015 Worker problem-solving and the nature of the firm: new theory, new evidence
    by Dorman, Peter & Nolte, Heike

  • 2015 A Statistical Analysis on Production of Chili and Its' Prospect in Bangladesh
    by Hossen, Sayed Mohibul

  • 2015 Declining Nutrient Intake in a Growing China: Does Household Heterogeneity Matter?
    by Noriaki Matsushima & Laixun Zhao

  • 2015 Managers and Productivity Differences
    by Guner, Nezih & Parkhomenko, Andrii & Ventura, Gustavo

  • 2015 Water Resources 2030: Policy Recommendations
    by Liliana N. Proskuryakova

  • 2015 Russia’S Water Resources 2030: Plausible Scenarios
    by Ozcan Saritas & Liliana Proskuryakova & S Sivaev

  • 2015 Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries of Western Multinational Corporations: Support from Parents and Cooperation with Sister-Subsidiaries
    by Igor Gurkov

  • 2015 Water Resources – an Analysis of Trends, Weak Siglans and Wild Cards with Implications for Russia
    by Ozcan Saritas & Liliana N. Proskuryakova & E. Kyzyngasheva

  • 2015 Managers and Productivity Differences
    by Guner, Nezih & Parkhomenko, Andrii & Ventura, Gustavo

  • 2015 Managers and Productivity Differences
    by Nezih Guner & Andrii Parkhomenko & Gustavo Ventura

  • 2015 Would You Buy a Honda Made in the United States? The Impact of Production Location on Manufacturing Quality
    by Nicola Lacetera & Justin Sydnor

  • 2015 What Determines Small Champions’ Export Performance? Evidence from Korea Firm-Level Data
    by Young Gui Kim & Jeongmeen Suh

  • 2015 Alternative Forms for Promotion and Dissemination of Good Management Practices
    by Elenko Zahariev

  • 2015 Producer groups as a form of relationships in agribusiness (Grupy producenckie jako forma wiêzi w agrobiznesie)
    by Andrzej P. Wiatrak

  • 2015 Experimental Research Regarding New Models of Organizational Communication in the Romanian Tourism
    by Cristina STATE & Dan POPESCU & Antonio GARCIA-SANCHEZ & Livia TOANCÃ

  • 2015 Lean Six Sigma Strategy at Work: Ups, Downs and Lessons Learned From Implementation - A Literature Review
    by Georgiana CIOANÃ & Cãtãlina RADU

  • 2015 Failure of Brand Intoxication with the Mediating Effect of Ad Skepticism
    by Khuhro, Rafique Ahmed & Bhutto, Niaz Ahmed & Sarki, Irshad Hussain

  • 2015 Logistics Outsourcing and The Role of Logistics Service Providers: A Study About Steel Pipe Production Enterprises in Turkey
    by Yıldız, Mehmet Selami & Turan, İlker

  • 2015 An Alternative Approach for Manufacturing Performance Measurement: Preference Selection Index (PSI) Method
    by Akyüz, Gökhan & Aka, Salih

  • 2015 Neue Herausforderungen fuer die Grenzinstitution. Ganzheitliche Produktionssysteme und ihre Folgen fuer die Betriebsratsarbeit (New challenges for works councils as a result of comprehensive production systems)
    by Ittermann, Peter & Abel, Joerg

  • 2015 Product mix decisions based on ABC and TOC
    by Eva Výrostová

  • 2015 Analysis of Leader’s Characteristics on Perfomance in the Knowledge-Based Organizations
    by Tãnase Mihaela

  • 2015 The Role of Transformational Leadership in Knowledge-Based Organizations
    by Tãnase Mihaela

  • 2015 The Gemba Walk – A Tool For Management and Leadership
    by Boca Gratiela Dana

  • 2015 Example Of Lean Management In Practical Use Based On Reduction “Nvat” Activities In The Product Assembly Process
    by Robert Obraz & Zlatko Resetar & Nikolina Pavicic

  • 2015 Relation Of Leadership And Business Performance: Balanced Scorecard Perspective
    by Ivan Miloloza

  • 2015 Change Management - Voraussetzung Fur Erfolgreiche Einfuhrung Der Projektmanagementnorm Iso 21.500 Fallstudie Aus Einem Deutschen Zulieferer Der Automobilbranche
    by Nino Grau

  • 2015 5s In Quality Management

  • 2015 Competitiveness of Bulgarian Grain Producers
    by Anton Kostadinov & Dobroslav Mollov

  • 2015 Market-oriented Logistics in Bulgarian Trade and Manufacturing Enterprises
    by Nikolay Dragomirov

  • 2015 Digital Skills Demand and Supply: The Case of Three EU Neighbouring Countries Bulgaria, Greece and Romania
    by Alexander Christov & Ana Cruz & Ivan Stoychev & Milanka Slavova

  • 2015 Influence of Degree of Customers’ Co-Participation on Their Assessment of Product Design and Functionality
    by Nataliya Koleva & Ognyan Andreev

  • 2015 Quantity Discounts: An Overview and Practical Guide for Buyers and Sellers
    by Munson, Charles L. & Jackson, Jonathan

  • 2015 Sourcing in China
    by Tai-Yuen HON

  • 2015 Analysis of the Correlation between the Fodder Receipts and the Economical Performances of the Pig Breeding Units
    by Adrian Anica-Popa & Ionut-Florin Anica-Popa & Liana-Elena Anica-Popa

  • 2015 Model for Determining the Optimum Location for Performance Improvement in Supply-Chain Strategies

  • 2015 Relationship between quality certification and financial & non-financial performance of organizations
    by Md. Mazharul Islam & M.A. Karim & Essam Mohammed Habes

  • 2015 Does organizational culture moderate the relationship between ISO 9000 soft factors and organizational performance?
    by Rohaizah Saad & Mohd Norhasni & Mohd Asaad

  • 2015 Earnings Management and Firm Performance: A Case of Karachi Stock Exchange Listed Firms in Pakistan
    by Waseemullah & Isamil Safi & Anam Shehzadi

  • 2015 Bonding Capital, Explotación De Conocimiento E Innovación Incremental En Los Clusters De Turismo Cultural: Las Ciudades Patrimonio De La Humanidad En España / Bonding Capital, Knowledge Exploitation And Incremental Innovation In Clusters Of Cultural Tourism: The World Heritage Cities In Spain
    by Elche-Hortelano, Dioni & Martínez-Pérez, Ángela & García-Villaverde, Pedro M.

  • 2015 Hospital Kanban System Implementation: Evaluating Satisfaction Of Nursing Personnel / Implantación Del Sistema Kanban En Hospitales: Evaluación De La Satisfacción De Enfermería
    by Aguilar-Escobar, Víctor G. & Bourque, Sarah & Godino-Gallego, Nicolás

  • 2015 Statistical Analysis in SPSS of Enterprise Activity in the Short Term
    by Georgescu FLOAREA

    by Luis Aguilera Enriquez & Octavio Hernandez Castorena & Oscar Perez Veyna

  • 2015 Strategic Analysis For Development Of Brick Producers In Saltillo City, Coahuila, Mexico, Analisis Estrategico Para El Desarrollo De Los Productores De Ladrillo En La Ciudad De Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
    by Baltazar Rodriguez Villanueva & Yolanda Mejia de Leon & Rosalva D. Vasquez Mireles & Natalia Rodriguez Ruiz

  • 2015 Public Policies And Business Incubators In Mexico: Longitudinal Study 1994-2013 Politicas Publicas E Incubadoras De Empresas En Mexico: Estudio Longitudinal 1994-2013
    by Norma Leticia Vizcarra Vizcarra & Virginia Guadalupe Lopez Torres & Imelda Yanez Ruiz

  • 2015 Determining Optimal Flow-Time Schedules For The Multiple-Product Batch-Flow Problem
    by Paul Schikora & Andrew Manikas & Michael Godfrey

  • 2015 Reverse Logistics Practies in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry: Experiences from Ghana
    by Kwame Owusu Kwateng & Bernice Debrah & Daniel Vroom Parker & Reginald Nana Owusu & Hilda Prempeh

  • 2015 An Economic Order Quantity Model for Defective Items under Permissible Delay in Payments and Shortage
    by Harun Sulak & Abdullah Eroglu & Mustafa Bayhan & M. Ali Avci

  • 2015 The Dilemma of Incumbents in Sustainability Transitions: A Narrative Approach
    by Karoline Augenstein & Alexandra Palzkill

  • 2015 The Role of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Sustainability Transitions: A Conceptual Synthesis against the Background of the Multi-Level Perspective
    by Jacob Hörisch

  • 2015 The Rationality and Irrationality of Financing Green Start-Ups
    by Linda Bergset

  • 2015 Payment Schemes in Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: The Case of 4Ps in the Davao Region, Philippines
    by Ma Cecilia Catubig & Renato Villano & Brian Dollery

  • 2015 Local Management of National Cluster Policies: Comparative Case Studies of Japanese, German, and French Biotechnology Clusters
    by Hiroyuki Okamuro & Junichi Nishimura

  • 2015 Cluster Policy in the Light of Institutional Context—A Comparative Study of Transition Countries
    by Tine Lehmann & Maximilian Benner

  • 2015 Nonprofit Governance, Organizational Purposiveness and Design
    by Antonin Wagner

  • 2015 Leasehold: An Institutional Framework for Understanding Nonprofit Governance in a Civil Society Context
    by Martin M. Greller

  • 2015 Learning from the Co-operative Institutional Model: How to Enhance Organizational Robustness of Third Sector Organizations with More Pluralistic Forms of Governance
    by Keith Taylor

  • 2015 Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis: A Case Study of the Normative Peer Review Process
    by Gaute Wangen

  • 2015 The Balanced Scorecard: Fashion or Virus?
    by Dag Øivind Madsen & Kåre Slåtten

  • 2015 Administrative Sciences Introduces Double Blind Peer-Review
    by Martyn Rittman & Joseph Roberts

  • 2015 Is the Asset Transfer of Public Leisure Facilities in England an Example of Associative Democracy?
    by Geoff Nichols & Deborah Forbes & Lindsay Findlay-King & Gordon Macfadyen

  • 2015 Understanding Cultural Difference Management through Charles Taylor’s Philosophy: Case Studies from the Food Processing Industry
    by Samuel Marleau Ouellet & Joseph Facal & Louis Hébert

  • 2015 Business Contingency, Strategy Formation, and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Chinese Apparel SMEs
    by Ting Chi

  • 2015 Vaccination Games with Peer Effects in a Heterogeneous Hospital Worker Population
    by Troy Tassier & Philip Polgreen & Alberto Segre

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2014
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2015 #Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy: Politics and Policies in the Twitter Coverage of a Religious Media Event
    by Nicola FERRIGNI & Marica SPALLETTA

  • 2015 ICT e piccole imprese. Il Cubo della Predisposizione Tecnologica Aziendale
    by Francesca Maria Cesaroni & Domenico Consoli

  • 2015 The Role of Professionalization and Managerialization in Family Business Succession
    by Lucrezia Songini & Paola Vola

  • 2015 Competence Utilization for Innovation Capabilities A Question of Trust?
    by Britta BOLZERN-KONRAD & Carolin EGGER & Erika SUMILO

  • 2015 An Investigation of the Factors Affecting Performance of Environmental Impact Assessment Practices (EIA) in Pakistan
    by Shahbaz Hussain & Hafiza Hafza Nayyab & Zeeshan Fareed & Rubina Baqir & Bushra Zulfiqar & Farrukh Shahzad

  • 2015 Measuring eco-efficiency based on green indicators and potentials in energy saving and undesirable output abatement
    by Rashidi, Kamran & Farzipoor Saen, Reza

  • 2015 Performance Assessment and Optimization of Biomass Steam Turbine Power Plants by Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Nattanin Ueasin & Anupong Wongchai & Sakkarin Nonthapot

  • 2015 Effets perçus de l’intégration relationnelle entre fournisseur et client:le cas de la prestation logistique au Vietnam
    by Huu Tuyen Duong & Gilles Paché

  • 2015 Presente y futuro de las empresas coreanas en el sector de energía e infraestructura argentinos, presencia china y otros desafíos a superar
    by Ih – joon Chang

  • 2015 Gestión de carreras contemporáneas: desafíos críticos para la gestión humana
    by Carlos Fernando Torres Oviedo

  • 2015 Complementariedad de las inversiones a largo plazo y de capital de trabajo ante oportunidades de negocios y consideraciones de liquidez en pai?ses latinoamericanos
    by Humberto Valencia Herrera

  • 2015 Complementariedad de las inversiones a largo plazo y de capital de trabajo ante oportunidades de negocios y consideraciones de liquidez en pai?ses latinoamericanos
    by Humberto Valencia Herrera

  • 2015 Revisión de la literatura sobre gestión de la calidad: caso de las revistas publicadas en Hispanoamérica y España
    by Alex J. Ruiz-Torres & Jorge Ayala-Cruz & Nelson Alomoto & Jose L. Acero-Chavez

  • 2015 Using Rfid And Gis Technologies For Advanced Luggage Tracking
    by Zoltan KATO

  • 2015 Factors Influencing The Sustainability Of Competitive Advantage Of The Eastern-European Auto Sector
    by Lucian-Ovidiu CINADE

  • 2015 Implications Of Spatial And Relational Reconfiguration On The Dynamics Of The Competitive Advantage In The Auto Sector
    by Lucian-Ovidiu CINADE

  • 2015 Participative creativity serving product design in SMEs: a case study
    by Sabine Cullmann & Claude Guittard & Eric Schenk

  • 2015 Sanctions and unethical human factor behavior in corporate management
    by Ivaylo Stoyanov

  • 2015 Innovation and evolution of tourism supply chain
    by Nadezhda Kraycheva

  • 2015 Business models along supply chain position and servitisation: An empirical investigation of European manufacturers
    by Levente Szász & Krisztina Demeter

  • 2015 Matrix Model for Choosing Green Marketing Sustainable Strategic Alternatives
    by Catalina Sitnikov & Laura Vasilescu & Radu Ogarca & Sorin Tudor

  • 2015 Sales Forecasting in the Context of Seasonal Activities and Company Sustainable Growth
    by Ion Stancu & Dumitra Stancu & Dalina Dumitrescu & Andrei Tinca

  • 2015 Factoryless Goods Producing Firms
    by Andrew B. Bernard & Teresa C. Fort

  • 2015 The Virtues of Hesitation: Optimal Timing in a Non-stationary World
    by Urmee Khan & Maxwell B. Stinchcombe

  • 2015 Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry
    by Allan Collard-Wexler & Jan De Loecker

  • 2015-03 Geschäftsmodell-Innovation: Nicht nur Technologie
    by Müller, Hans-Erich

  • 2014 Arbeitsgruppen und ihre Bestimmungsgründe: Eine empirische Untersuchung im deutschen Maschinenbau
    by Müller, Harry

  • 2014 On the tractability of the piecewise-linear approximation for general discrete-choice network revenue management
    by Sumit Kunnumkal & Kalyan Talluri

  • 2014 Measuring the efficiency of heritage institutions: Example of historic buildings in Czech Republic
    by Zdenek Patek & Michal Straka

  • 2014 An integrative framework of attributions after a business failure
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph

  • 2014 Computer system for farms (SITEFA) - an opportunity for performant agricultural management
    by Cofas, Elena

  • 2014 The system of indicators of estimation the economic efficiency in the production of goat milk
    by Chetroiu, Rodica & Calin, Ion

  • 2014 Optimal inventory policies with an exact cost function under large demand uncertainty
    by Halkos, George & Kevork, Ilias & Tziourtzioumis, Chris

  • 2014 随机需求下的weee双回收渠道管理研究
    by Li, Chuanfa & Feng, Lipan & Wang, Xuehong

  • 2014 移动互联网背景下全渠道零售策略研究
    by Feng, Lipan

  • 2014 随机需求下的weee双回收渠道管理研究
    by Li, Chuanfa & Feng, Lipan & Wang, Xuehong

  • 2014 Design of Financial Derivatives: Statistical Power does not Ensure Risk Management Power
    by Bell, Peter Newton

  • 2014 Consequence of Job Satisfaction Factors on the Productivity Level of Operating Core
    by Baaren, Terence & Galloway, Cornelia

  • 2014 On the convexity of the cost function for the (Q,R) inventory model
    by Halkos, George & Kevork, Ilias & Tziourtzioumis, Chris

  • 2014 The New Empirical Economics of Management
    by Nicholas Bloom & Renata Lemos & Raffaella Sadun & Daniela Scur & John Van Reenen

  • 2014 An analysis of how 2002 judicial reorganisation has impacted on the performance of the First Instance Courts (Preture) in Ticino
    by Roberto Ippoliti & Massimiliano Vatiero

  • 2014 製品開発プロセスにおける問題発生と解決行動:エンジニア個人レベルでの日中韓比較
    by 都留, 康 & 徳丸, 宜穂 & 中島, 賢太郎 & 福澤, 光啓

  • 2014 Human Resource Management In Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries Of Multinational Corporations
    by Igor B. Gurkov

  • 2014 Corporate Parenting Style In The Global Economy
    by Igor Gurkov

  • 2014 The Integrating System Of Business Performance Measur?Ment
    by Natasa Stojkoviæ-Krstiæ

  • 2014 Quality Management In Construction Companies
    by Slavko Božinović,Vuk Miletić

  • 2014 The Contemporary Concepts Of Business Performance Measur?Ment
    by Natasa Stojkoviæ Krstiæ,

  • 2014 Quantifying spillovers in open source content production: evidence from Wikipedia
    by Aleksi Ville Aaltonen & Stephan Seiler

  • 2014 Quantifying Spillovers in Open Source Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia
    by Aaltonen, Aleksi & Seiler, Stephan

  • 2014 The Operational Consequences of Private Equity Buyouts: Evidence from the Restaurant Industry
    by Bernstein, Shai & Sheen, Albert

  • 2014 La fuite managériale devant la complexité : l'exemple historique du "lean management"
    by Lorino, Philippe

  • 2014 A conic optimization approach for SKU rationalization
    by KEGELART, Tanguy & VAN VYVE, Mathieu

  • 2014 Rig Services and Taxation
    by Petter Osmundsen

  • 2014 Quantifying Spillovers in Open Source Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia
    by Aleksi Aaltonen & Stephan Seiler

  • 2014 Wikipedia: the value of open content production
    by Aleksi Aaltonen & Stephan Seiler

  • 2014 On the Tractability of the Piecewiselinear Approximation for General Discrete-Choice Network Revenue Management
    by Sumit Kunnumkal & Kalyan Talluri

  • 2014 Einfluss des Verhaltens von Inhaber-Unternehmern auf Innovationen und deren Erfolg in ihren Unternehmen. Eine empirische Studie nach der Grounded-Theory-Methodologie
    by Hauser, Tobias

  • 2014 Application of the VARMA Model for Sales Forecast: Case of Urmia Gray Cement Factory
    by Ramin Bashir KHODAPARASTI & Samad MOSLEHI

  • 2014 Small And Medium-Sized Enterprise Restructuring For Divergent And Sustained Competitive Performance
    by Andrius TAMOŠIUNAS

  • 2014 System preferencyjnego kredytowania rozwoju małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw w Niemczech
    by Joanna Karpowicz

  • 2014 Experience, Learning, and Returns to Scale
    by Daniel G. Arce

  • 2014 An innovative way of improving just in time delivery by using the Quality Scheduling Index
    by George Cristian Gruia & Michal Kavan

  • 2014 Innovative Way of Optimizing the Manufacturing Processes on Parallel Production Lines in SME
    by George Cristian GRUIA & Michal KAVAN

  • 2014 The Bullwhip Effect in Different Manufacturing Paradigm: An Analysis
    by Shamila Nabi Khan & Mohammad Ajmal Khan & Ramsha Sohail

  • 2014 The Historical Conditions Of Development Of Small Industry In Romania Until The Beginning Of The 20th Century
    by Ion VOROVENCI

  • 2014 Erp Systems – Software Solutions For Company’S Management
    by Sabina POPESCU

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  • 2012 The Strategic Role Of Purchasing Management In The Knowledge Based Society
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  • 2011 The Impact Of Priorities Setting On Company Performance. Analysis Of The Industrial Production In Romania And The Eu
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  • 2010 Particularities Of Quality Evaluation In A Software Company
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  • 2009 MANAGERIAL Culture – “Mental EquipmenT” at the Employees Disposal in the Tourism Units
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  • 2009 MANAGERIAL Culture – “Mental EquipmenT” at the Employees Disposal in the Tourism Units
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  • 2009 Senior Employees On The Job Market Of European Union
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