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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M15: IT Management
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Social Networking Continuance: When Habit Leads to Information Overload
    by Kefi, Hajer & Mlaiki, Alya & Kalika, Michel

  • 2015 The contribution of the internet to the strategic positioning of small businesses in the tourism industry
    by Favre Bonte, Véronique & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2015 Valeur et Véracité de la donnée : enjeux pour l'entreprise et défis pour le Data Scientist
    by Teboul, Bruno & Berthier, Thierry

  • 2015 La relation entre l'intensité perçue d'utilisation de la messagerie électronique et la qualité de la relation hiérarchique
    by De La Rupelle, Géraldine & Guthrie, Cameron & Kalika, Michel

  • 2015 Impact of Information Technology investments on firm productivity in peripherals countries: The case of Portugal
    by António Guerreiro & Gertrudes Guerreiro

  • 2015 Digital Dynamism: How IT and social media are enhancing business opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs
    by Anushka Wijesinha

  • 2015 Value Creation in Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 Role of Platform Providers in Software Ecosystems
    by Kibae Kim & Jörn Altmann & Sodam Baek

  • 2015 An Empirical Investigation on Factors Influencing SNS Addiction
    by Jong Uk Kim

  • 2015 A Study on the Factors Impacting Managers’ Green IT Perceptions
    by Serkan Ada & Sümeyra Ceyhan

  • 2015 Methodology for improving Romanian Linked Open Government Data ecosystem
    by Codrin-Florentin Nisioiu

  • 2015 Potential of Mobile Applications aiding Logistic Processes
    by Csaba Tapler

  • 2015 A user perspective on contrasting factors of contactless mobile payments adoption
    by Mihail Cocosila & Houda Trabelsi

  • 2015 Romanian Linked Open Government Data(LOGD) Architecture
    by Codrin-Florentin Nisioiu

  • 2015 European Quartet of Missed Opportunities for Internet Governance
    by Radka MacGregor Pelikanova

  • 2015 Using Service Design to Manage Emergent Services
    by Tung-Hsiang Chou

  • 2015 Investigating the perception of Iranian organizations on Internet of Things solutions and applications
    by Changiz Valmohammadi Imamchaei

  • 2015 Critical Factor Conceptual Model for ERP Adaption in Print Industry
    by Dasharathraj K Shetty & Avinash Kumar Singh & Srikanth Prabhu & Ramakrishna Nayak & Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues

  • 2015 Project Management in Collaborative Research Projects: Challenges and opportunities
    by Alta Van der Merwe & Aurona Gerber & Otto De Vries

  • 2015 Information use in supply chain forecasting
    by Fildes, Robert & Goodwin, Paul & Onkal, Dilek

  • 2015 Dynamic Support of Government in Online Shopping
    by Hai, Le Chi & Alam Kazmi, Syed Hasnain

  • 2015 Reporting Process Standardization in B2B System
    by Monika Lobaziewicz

  • 2015 Offshoring sector in Poland
    by Budzynska Katarzyna

  • 2015 Conditions of functional ICT structure in network organization
    by Piotr Adamczewski

  • 2015 Eye in the Sky: Contextualizing Development with Online Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries
    by Vedran Recher & Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh

  • 2015 Informational Resources Management In Tourism
    by Predrag Ubavic

  • 2015 Le SI et ses utilisa-tueurs... Perspectives sur la stratégie IT des organisations à l’heure du Cloud Computing
    by Tran, Sébastien & Bertin, Emmanuel

  • 2015 Evaluer la performance individuelle sur les résultats: de la recherche d’efficience au stress professionnel
    by Beau, Pauline

  • 2015 The “Peter Pan Syndrome” in Emerging Markets: The Productivity-Transparency Tradeoff in IT Adoption
    by K. Sudhir & Debabrata Talukdar

  • 2015 The requirements of the installation of the critical informational infrastructure and its management
    by Bela Puskas & Zoltán Rajnai

  • 2015 Empirical Analysis of Information Security Awareness in the Business and Public Sectors of Hungary
    by Nemeslaki, Andras & Sasvari, Peter

  • 2015 Old Monarchy in the New Cyberspace: Empirical Examination of Information Security Awareness among Austrian and Hungarian Enterprises
    by Sasvari, Peter & Nemeslaki, Andras & Rauch, Wolf

  • 2015 The Examination of Using Business Intelligence Systems by Enterprises in Hungary
    by Sasvari, Peter

  • 2015 Internet governance and its legitimacy - from rethoric to facts and even beyond
    by Radka MacGregor Pelikanova & Robert K. MacGregor

  • 2015 The technological, organizational and environmental framework of IS innovation adaption in small and medium enterprises. Evidence from research over the last 10 years
    by Erind Hoti

  • 2015 Social Media as a Web-Based Marketing Tool for Romanian SMEs
    by Rocsana Tonis (Bucea-Manea)

  • 2015 The Decisional Environment – Theoretical Aspects
    by Robert Gabriel, DRAGOMIR

  • 2015 Una Taxonomía de los Factores Clave de Éxito en la Implantación de Sistemas de Gestión del Conocimiento en Instituciones de Educación (A Key Success Factors Taxonomy for Implementation of Knowledge Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions)
    by Vidalina De Freitas & Guillermo Yaber

  • 2015 Estudio del Sistema de Información y Documental en la Empresa FarmaCuba (Study of the Information and Documentation System in Farmacuba Company)
    by Claudia Fernández Rodríguez & María de los Ángeles Ruiz González & Liliam Perurena Cancio

  • 2015 Selección de Píxel Semilla mediante Wavelets para Crecimiento por Regiones Difuso (Selection of Seed Pixel Through Wavelets for Fuzzy Region Growing)
    by Damián Valdés Santiago & Daniel Mesejo León & Ángela León Mecías

  • 2015 A Review of Thresheld Convergence
    by Stephen Chen & James Montgomery & Antonio Bolufé-Röhler & Yasser Gonzalez-Fernandez

  • 2015 Business Intelligence and Performance Management
    by TANASE, George Cosmin

  • 2015 The Information Society Towards the Knowledge Based Society Driven by the Information and Communications Technologies - From the Internet of Things to the Internet of … Trees (Part 3)
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2015 The Information Society Towards the Knowledge Based Society Driven by the Information and Communications Technologies - From the Internet of Things to the Internet of… Trees (Part 2)
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2015 The Information Society Towards the Knowledge Based Society Driven by the Information and Communications Technologies - From the Internet of Things to the Internet of… Trees (Part 1)
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2015 Contemporary calendar management: Exploring the intersections of groupware and personal calendars
    by McKechnie, Sharon P. & Beatty, Joy E.

  • 2015 Using Business Intelligence Solutions For Company Performance Management
    by Luminita SERBANESCU & Marian TAICU

  • 2015 The Implementation and Employment of the Information Technologies in the Romanian Companies
    by Dumitru Valentin Florentin

  • 2015 Feedback as an Main Instrument of Managementi
    by Chi?escu Rãzvan Ion

  • 2015 The Impact of New Technologies on Customer Relationship Management
    by Cerchia Alina Elena

  • 2015 Impact Of Digital Devices And Mobile Applications On Child Development
    by Marija Smit & Zorislav Smit

  • 2015 Problems Of Transition From Classical Dedicated Ict System To Cloud Computing
    by Josip Mesaric & Nenad Stanisic

  • 2015 Firm’S Strategic Thinking In The Context Of Business Informatization
    by Lara Jelenc & Slavomir Vukmirovic & Zvonko Capko

  • 2015 Knowledge Management And Scientific Inclusion On An International Level Case Study: The Bilateral Program Republic Of Croatia - Republic Of Montenegro In The Period 2015-2017
    by Maja Lamza - Maronic & Andelko Lojpur & Jerko Glavas

  • 2015 The Relationship between Top Management Team Characteristics and Firm Performance after ERP System Adoption
    by Hsiu-Hui Tsao

  • 2015 The business use of Twitter by Australian listed companies
    by Feng Xiong & Kim MacKenzie

  • 2015 Green economy planning in tourism destinations: An integrated, multi-method decision support aid
    by G. Michael McGrath* & Alexandra Law & Terry DeLacy

  • 2015 The business use of Twitter by Australian listed companies
    by Feng Xiong & Kim MacKenzie

  • 2015 Application of multiple output data envelopment analysis in interpreting efficiency improvement of enterprise resource planning in integrated circuit firms
    by Bi-Huei Tsai* & Shin-Bin Chou

  • 2015 Motivational Duality in Online Consumer Behaviour: Website Usability and Flow State as Moderating Factors
    by Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar & Salvador del Barrio-García & Lucia Porcu & Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros

  • 2015 Economic Value of Location-based Big Data: Estimating the Size of Japan's B2B Market
    by Teppei KOGUCHI & Toshiya JITSUZUMI

  • 2015 Outsourcing De Sistemas De Información: Situación Actual, Evolución Y Tendencias / Information Systems Outsourcing: Current Situation, Evolution And Tendencies
    by González Ramírez, María Reyes & Gascó Gascó, José Luis & Llopis Taverner, Juan

  • 2015 Unregulated Markets And Internet Financial Communication: Qualitative And Quantitative Approaches
    by Laetitia Pozniak

  • 2015 Digital Marketer: Facing Digital Marketing Opportunities
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2015 Rethinking the Business by Ensuring Marketing Transformation
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2015 At the confluence of customer knowledge, delivery and engagement forming a challenging evolving delta of marketing, technology and management
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2015 Digital marketing, addressability and time, the new currency for CMOs
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2015 Marketing as a center of constant improvement and change
    by PURCAREA, Theodor

  • 2015 Digital Marketing, Digital Disruption, and the New Rules of Digitization
    by NEGRICEA, Costel Iliuta & PURCAREA, Ioan Matei

  • 2015 The Role of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Sustainability Transitions: A Conceptual Synthesis against the Background of the Multi-Level Perspective
    by Jacob Hörisch

  • 2015 The Rationality and Irrationality of Financing Green Start-Ups
    by Linda Bergset

  • 2015 Payment Schemes in Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: The Case of 4Ps in the Davao Region, Philippines
    by Ma Cecilia Catubig & Renato Villano & Brian Dollery

  • 2015 Local Management of National Cluster Policies: Comparative Case Studies of Japanese, German, and French Biotechnology Clusters
    by Hiroyuki Okamuro & Junichi Nishimura

  • 2015 Cluster Policy in the Light of Institutional Context—A Comparative Study of Transition Countries
    by Tine Lehmann & Maximilian Benner

  • 2015 Nonprofit Governance, Organizational Purposiveness and Design
    by Antonin Wagner

  • 2015 Leasehold: An Institutional Framework for Understanding Nonprofit Governance in a Civil Society Context
    by Martin M. Greller

  • 2015 Learning from the Co-operative Institutional Model: How to Enhance Organizational Robustness of Third Sector Organizations with More Pluralistic Forms of Governance
    by Keith Taylor

  • 2015 Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis: A Case Study of the Normative Peer Review Process
    by Gaute Wangen

  • 2015 The Balanced Scorecard: Fashion or Virus?
    by Dag Øivind Madsen & Kåre Slåtten

  • 2015 Administrative Sciences Introduces Double Blind Peer-Review
    by Martyn Rittman & Joseph Roberts

  • 2015 Is the Asset Transfer of Public Leisure Facilities in England an Example of Associative Democracy?
    by Geoff Nichols & Deborah Forbes & Lindsay Findlay-King & Gordon Macfadyen

  • 2015 Understanding Cultural Difference Management through Charles Taylor’s Philosophy: Case Studies from the Food Processing Industry
    by Samuel Marleau Ouellet & Joseph Facal & Louis Hébert

  • 2015 Business Contingency, Strategy Formation, and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Chinese Apparel SMEs
    by Ting Chi

  • 2015 Vaccination Games with Peer Effects in a Heterogeneous Hospital Worker Population
    by Troy Tassier & Philip Polgreen & Alberto Segre

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2014
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2015 ICT e piccole imprese. Il Cubo della Predisposizione Tecnologica Aziendale
    by Francesca Maria Cesaroni & Domenico Consoli

  • 2015 LEAN Tools in the IT Sector
    by Zoltan VAJNA

  • 2015 Knowledge Management: The Way to Organizational Competitive Advantage
    by Nadeem Ahmad Qureshi & Usman Ghani

  • 2015 How service bundling can increase the competitiveness of low market share transportation services
    by Panou, Konstantinos & Kapros, Seraphim & Polydoropoulou, Amalia

  • 2015 Modelo de evaluación de gestión del conocimiento para las pymes del sector de tecnologías de la Información
    by Carlos Eduardo Marulanda Echeverry & Jaime Alberto Giraldo García & Héctor Mauricio Serna Gómez

  • 2015 Tendencias en el uso de las tecnologías de información y comunicación para la negociación internacional
    by Jose Alejandro Cano & Jose Jaime Baena

  • 2015 Difusión de las memorias de sostenibilidad en Latinoamérica: análisis territorial y sectorial
    by Frederic Marimon & María del Mar Alonso-Almeida & Frederic Marimon

  • 2015 Propuesta de un modelo para medir activos intangibles en empresas de software a partir de una herramienta multicriterio
    by Patricia González G

  • 2015 Informational Management System And Its Challenges At Decision Level
    by Răzvan Ion CHIȚESCU

  • 2015 The Management Accounting Tools And The Integrated Reporting
    by Gabriel JINGA & Mădălina DUMITRU

  • 2015 Niche Websites And Online Tools Used In Recruitment
    by Beniamin G. BOŞCAI

  • 2015 La Création D’Entreprise Chez Les Jeunes En Algérie : Une Approche Exploratoire De La Problématique
    by Soufyane BADRAOUI & Iness BOUGUERRA & Zeyneb GUELLIL

  • 2015 Business Modelling And Database Design In Cloud Computing
    by Mihai-Constantin AVORNICULUI & Diana-Aderina MOISUC

  • 2015 Industrie 4.0: Digitale Wirtschaft – Herausforderung und Chance für Unternehmen und Arbeitswelt
    by Irene Bertschek & Reiner Clement & Daniel Buhr & Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen & Oliver Falck & Alexandra Heimisch & Anita Jacob-Puchalska & Andreas Mazat

  • 2015 Les tableaux de bord sur données massives, pour un nouveau management de l’innovation ?
    by Jean-Sébastien Vayre

  • 2015 La capacité d’appropriation, une capacité organisationnelle immatérielle négligée dans l’adoption des systèmes d’information et de gestion
    by Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei & Karine Gauche & David Morquin & Rodolphe Bourret

  • 2015 Responsabilité économique et sociale des concepteurs de systèmes d'information : contribution à une éthique appliquée
    by Maryse Salles

  • 2015 Educational Policies And Initiatives For Improved Performance
    by Flavia, CAIA & Cristina-Nicoleta, CARANICA

  • 2015 E-Government towards Transparency: A Comparative Analysis Applied To the Italian Public Sector
    by Massimo Pollifroni

  • 2015 Considerations Concerning The E-Tourism Performance In Clisura Dunarii Destination
    by Adina Dinu & Tudor Nistorescu

  • 2015 Innovative information technologies and their impact on the performance of the entities which activate in the retail industry
    by Valentin-Florentin Dumitru & Gabriel Jinga & Florin Mihai & Aurelia Stefanescu

  • 2014 L’inclusion scolaire à l’heure des TIC : Perspective franco-japonaise
    by Mithout, Anne-Lise

  • 2014 Evolution et nouveau rôle des DSI ? Le SI et ses utilisa-tueurs…
    by Bertin, Emmanuel & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 Des systèmes d’information à géométrie variable
    by Bertin, Emmanuel & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 Disentangling the Effects of Legal Intervention on Unethical IT Use in the Post-Adoption Phase
    by Charki, Mohamed Hédi & Josserand, Emmanuel & Boukef-Charki, Nabila

  • 2014 Seeking legitimacy with ‘best practices’ for ICT in higher education facilities projects
    by Mukherjee, Anouk

  • 2014 Affordances and constraints of rules on material agency of a collaborative IS
    by Ulmer, Galadriele & Pallud, Jessie

  • 2014 Rules and IT-based practices: A sociomaterial analysis
    by de Vaujany, François-Xavier & Fomin, Vladislav & Lyytinen, Kalle & Haefliger, Stefan

  • 2014 Quelle contribution des technologies collaboratives à la configuration des organisations ?
    by Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 Les fondamentaux
    by David, Albert

  • 2014 Contribution des S.I. aux innovations managériales : le cas Valeo
    by Canet, Emilie & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 Quel rôle pour le SI dans l'appropriation d'une innovation managériale ? Le cas de la méthode 5 steps
    by Canet, Emilie & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 La ville, le SI et l’entreprise : du fonctionnel au multipolaire
    by Bertin, Emmanuel & Tran, Sébastien

  • 2014 Messagerie électronique, facteur de stress dans le cadre de la relation managériale
    by De La Rupelle, Géraldine & Fray, Anne-Marie & Kalika, Michel

  • 2014 Introduction to the HICCS-47 Minitrack on Information and Information Systems in Crisis Response
    by Leidner, Dorothy E. & Adrot, Anouck

  • 2014 Mobile information systems and organisational control: beyond the panopticon metaphor?
    by Leclercq, Aurélie & Isaac, Henri & Kalika, Michel

  • 2014 Differences In The Use Of IT Infrastructure Among Business Enterprises Operating In The Visegrád Group Of Countries
    by Attila Jóczik & Péter Sasvári

  • 2014 E-government: the youngest brother
    by Raquel Insa-Ciriza & Maria Pujol-Jover & Carme Riera-Prunera

  • 2014 How do knowledge brokers work? The case of WERS
    by Hilary Drew & Anna King & Ritchie Felix

  • 2014 End-user collaboration for process innovation in services: The role of internal resources
    by Narula R. & Martinez-Noya A. & Ashok M.

  • 2014 Adaptation : A Partially Automated Approach
    by Manjing, Tham & Bukhsh, F.A. & Weigand, H.

  • 2014 ICT and environmental innovations in a complementary fashion. Is the joint adoption by firms economically visible?
    by Davide Antonioli & Grazia Cecere

  • 2014 Cloud Goliath Versus a Federation of Cloud Davids: Survey of Economic Theories on Cloud Federation
    by Kibae Kim & Songhee Kang & Jorn Altmann

  • 2014 Cost Model Based Service Placement in Federated Hybrid Clouds
    by Jorn Altmann & Mohammad Mahdi Kashef

  • 2014 Exploring the role of Social Media Systems on Knowledge Management for SMEs
    by Jiachen Hou

  • 2014 Identification of Electronic Banking Acceptance Components in Branches of Keshavarzi Bank of Guilan Province (Northern of Iran)
    by Mohammad Taleghani

  • 2014 Refined Personal Factors Underlying Internet Addiction: An Analogy with Pathological Gambling
    by Victor K. Y. Chan & Robben S. P. Chong & Josephine K. K. Si & Athena S. I. Cheong

  • 2014 Satisfaction With The Selection Of An Erp System. Experts Opinions For Sme
    by Claudia van der Vorst

  • 2014 Network Business Environment for Open Innovation in SMEs
    by Ţoniş BuceaManea, Rocsana & Catană, Mădălin Gabriel & Tonoiu, Sergiu

  • 2014 Kanał YouTube jako przykład wykorzystania mediów społecznościowych w procesie transferu wiedzy do biznesu turystycznego
    by Kopera, Sebastian & Najda-Janoszka, Marta & Wszendybył-Skulska, Ewa

  • 2014 CRM Implementation: A Descriptive Study of the Service Industry in Pakistan
    by Khan, Sana Akbar & Qureshi, Salman Ali & Hunjra, Ahmed Imran

  • 2014 Canibalización del servicio: ¿influye la distribución multicanal en la prestación incorrecta del servicio?
    by Estrella Díaz Sánchez & David Martín-Consuegra Navarro & Águeda Esteban Talaya

  • 2014 ERP Diffusion and Mimetic Behaviors
    by Erick Leroux & Pierre-Charles Pupion & Jean-Michel Sahut

  • 2014 Improving Quality Of Service For Radio Station Hosting: An Online Recommender System Based On Information Fusion
    by Dmitry I. Ignatov & Sergey I. Nikolenko & Taimuraz Abaev & Jonas Poelmans

  • 2014 Social Media Technology Deployment in B2B: A Case Study
    by Lashgari, Maryam

  • 2014 Information And Communication Technology As A Motivational Factor Of Evolution From Electronic Toward “Lean” Government
    by Jelena Lukiæ, Vladimir Mitroviæ

  • 2014 Understanding Usages and Affordances of Enterprise Social Networks: A Sociomaterial Perspective
    by Ulmer, Galadriele & Pallud, Jessie

  • 2014 Le community manager et son système d’action : analyse de son rôle dans la construction de la réputation organisationnelle
    by Gour, Anthony & Lambrix, Hélène

  • 2014 Applying and theorizing institutional frameworks in IS research: a systematic comparison from 1999 to 2009
    by de Vaujany, François-Xavier & Carton, Sabine & Mitev, Nathalie & Romeyer, Cécile

  • 2014 Teconologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (TIC'S) en las empresas colombianas
    by Diana Carolina López Becerra & David Hernando Medina Cifuentes & Andrea Milena Novoa Ospina

  • 2014 ICT Driven Public Service Innovation
    by Csoto, Mihaly & Robert, Imre & Krasznay, Csaba & Merkovity, Norbert & Molnar, Szilard & Monda, Eszter & Nemeslaki, Andras & Ocskay, Gyula & Rab, Arpad & Rauch, Wolf & Sasvari, Peter & Major, Stella & Szadeczky, Tamas

  • 2014 The Penetration of Business Information Systems in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Italy and Hungary: A Comparative Study
    by Aureli, Selena & Ciambotti, Massimo & Sasvári, Péter

  • 2014 Austria and Hungary: Different stages of readiness to create added value by using business information systems
    by Sasvari Peter & Rauch, Wolf

  • 2014 Information Systems and Economic Value Added: A Comparative Illustration of Austria and Hungary
    by Sasvari, Peter & Rauch, Wolf

  • 2014 Knowledge, Economic Models And Market Value Of Companies
    by IANCU, Eugenia & SOCACIU, Tiberiu

  • 2014 Management of Innovative Projects through Agile Technology
    by Rocsana Bucea-Manea-Tonis & Radu Bucea-Manea-Tonis

  • 2014 Open source MySQL Browser for Open Innovation
    by Radu Bucea-Manea-Tonis

  • 2014 Actual cash financing situation of SMEs in Romania and further recommendations
    by Rocsana Bucea-Manea-Tonis & Radu Bucea-Manea-Tonis

  • 2014 The impact of e-readiness in the development of knowledge society; a case study of Albania
    by Dafina Nazaj & Klodiana Gorica & Ermelinda Kordha

  • 2014 Green ICT Awareness in Organization - An Empirical Study in Romanian Companies
    by Minodora URSÃCESCU

  • 2014 Awareness of Electronic Banking System among Management Students in Pakistan
    by Zeeshan FAREED & Minhas AKBAR & Farrukh SHAHZAD & Muhammad ARSHAD & Allah RAKHA

  • 2014 A Siad Achievement Based On The Collection Of The Industry Costs
    by TOFAN, Cezarina Adina

  • 2014 Information Technology and the Need for Clear Communication for Effective User's Approach
    by Setti, Adriane & Cesário, Marisa & Fernandes, Silvia & Mendes, Júlio

  • 2014 Consumption Values and Destination Evaluation in Destination Decision Making
    by Denys, Vasyl & Mendes, Júlio

  • 2014 Actitud y actuación estratégica para la transformación de la industria del Aluminio en Venezuela (Attitude and Strategic Action to Transform the Aluminum Industry in Venezuela)
    by Pedro Vicente Oronoz & Idalia Romero-Lamorú

  • 2014 El Control como éxito de los Emprendimientos de la Parroquia de Quichinche, Cantón Otavalo, Provincia de Imbabura (The Control as Success in Entrepreneurship of Quichinche Municipality, Otavalo Canton, Imbabura Province)
    by Miriam Janneth Pantoja Burbano & Olga Germania Arciniegas Paspuel

  • 2014 Análisis estructural para el fortalecimiento estratégico del Instituto Universitario de Tecnología del Estado Bolívar-IUTEB (Structural Analysis for Strategic Strengthening at the Institute of Technology of the State Bolivar-IUTEB)
    by Domingo Bastarrica & Idalia Romero Lamorú

  • 2014 Detección de Idioma en Twitter (Language Detection on Twitter)
    by Yudivián Almeida-Cruz & Suilan Estévez-Velarde & Alejandro Piad-Morffis

  • 2014 Ejes de Vigilancia Tecnológica Aplicados en Universidades con Estudios a Distancia (Axes of Technological Surveillance Applied in Distance Learning Universities)
    by Arlin J. Izarra Reverol & José G. Sánchez Morles & Norma M. Caira Tovar

  • 2014 Transferencia Tecnológica, de Conocimientos y Aprendizaje en las Alianzas Interorganizativas (Technology, Knowledge and Learning Transfer in Inter-organizational Alliances)
    by Dinaidys Gómez-Selemeneva & Luis Camilo Ortigueira-Sánchez & Idalia Romero-Lamorú

  • 2014 Minimum Population Search, an Application to Molecular Docking
    by Antonio Bolufé-Röhler & Alex Coto-Santiesteban & Marta Rosa Soto & Stephen Chen

  • 2014 El Reto de la Transformación de las Soluciones Tecnológicas en Soluciones de Negocio (The Challenge of transform Technological Solutions into Business Solutions)
    by Mario Alberto Guerrero Mendoza

  • 2014 Diseño de Aprendizaje para Entornos Virtuales Colaborativos (Learning design for collaborative virtual environments)
    by Maria Elena Maciá Gravier

  • 2014 Los Cursos en Línea Masivos y Abiertos (MOOC) como alternativa para la educación a distancia (Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), an alternative to distance learning)
    by Hector Matías González & Anabel Pérez Avila

  • 2014 Las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones en los usos del conocimiento sociohumanístico (Information and Communications Technologies in the uses of social-humanistic knowledge)
    by Roberto López Dosagües & Yulenis Pérez Claro

  • 2014 Modelo de capacitación en la línea de desarrollo de software de la empresa DESOFT (Training Approach for DESOFT software development)
    by Antonio Roberto López López & José Cobas Rodríguez & Juan Luis Rodríguez & Carlos Alberto Hidalgo Guzman

  • 2014 Procedimiento para determinar las Tendencias Estadísticas del Desarrollo de la Competencia Investigativa del Ingeniero en Ciencias Informáticas (Procedure to Determinate the Statistical Trends of Development of Research Competence in Comp. Sci. Engineers)
    by Odiel Estrada Molina & Misleydi Alfonso Pulido & Leonardo Hidalgo Iglesia & Sahara María Blanco Hernández & Febe Ángel Ciudad Ricardo

  • 2014 Boosting Government Performance with Open Source Software? – A Roadmap for Germany (¿Impulsar el desempeño del estado con software de código abierto? - Plan de trabajo para Alemania)
    by Norbert Jesse & Odette Fernández López

  • 2014 La Gestión Documental y su Impacto en el Sector Empresarial Cubano (Document Management and its Impact on the Cuban Enterprise Sector)
    by María de los Ángeles Ruiz González & Ariel Bodes Bas

  • 2014 Propuesta de una metodología para el análisis de la información delictiva de alto impacto en el Estado de Morelos, México 2012 -2013 (Proposal of a methodology for the analysis of criminal information with high impact on the State of Morelos, Mexico)
    by Luis Alonso Vázquez Segovia & Claudia Ortiz Guerrero & Julio César López Luna & María Victoria Guzmán Sánchez

  • 2014 Usuarios de la biblioteca del CICIMAR-IPN en México desde un enfoque organizacional (Users of the CICIMAR-IPN library in Mexico from an organizational approach)
    by Teresa de J. Barriga Ramírez & José Luis Ortiz Galindo

  • 2014 Prácticas Participativas y Capital Social. Una perspectiva desde el Plan Maestro de Intervención Urbana de la ZOCM (Participatory Practices and Social Capital. A View from the Urban Intervention Master Plan for ZOCM)
    by Leticia Alcaraz Zubeldia

  • 2014 Propuesta de factores a considerar en el posicionamiento de los sitios web de salud (Proposal of Factors to be considered for positioning of Health Websites)
    by Mercedes Moráguez Bergues & Lilliam Perurena Cancio

  • 2014 Context-Aware Communications and IT - A New Paradigm for the Optimization of the Information Society towards the knowledge Based Society (Part 2)
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2014 Context Aware Communications and IT - A New Paradigm for the Optimization of the Information Society towards the knowledge Based Society (Part 1)
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2014 Information and communications technologies are learning from nature’s “research” to push the performance limits
    by GREU, Victor

  • 2014 E-fulfillment - a new challenge for electronic business
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  • 2011 Methods For Testing Discriminant Validity
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  • 2011 Methods For Testing Discriminant Validity
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  • 2011 Methods For Testing Discriminant Validity
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  • 2011 Methods For Testing Discriminant Validity
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  • 2010 Itc Solutions To Achieve Performance And Efficiency Of Health Services:Online Virtual Clinic
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  • 2010 Itc Solutions To Achieve Performance And Efficiency Of Health Services:Online Virtual Clinic
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  • 2010 Itc Solutions To Achieve Performance And Efficiency Of Health Services:Online Virtual Clinic
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  • 2010 Itc Solutions To Achieve Performance And Efficiency Of Health Services:Online Virtual Clinic
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  • 2010 Itc Solutions To Achieve Performance And Efficiency Of Health Services:Online Virtual Clinic
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  • 2010 The Border Between Business Intelligence And Psychology- Segmentation Based On Customer Behavior
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  • 2010 The Border Between Business Intelligence And Psychology- Segmentation Based On Customer Behavior
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  • 2010 The Border Between Business Intelligence And Psychology- Segmentation Based On Customer Behavior
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  • 2010 The Border Between Business Intelligence And Psychology- Segmentation Based On Customer Behavior
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  • 2010 The Border Between Business Intelligence And Psychology- Segmentation Based On Customer Behavior
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  • 2010 The Role Of Database Marketing In The Operationalization Of The Services Relationship Marketing
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  • 2010 The Role Of Database Marketing In The Operationalization Of The Services Relationship Marketing
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  • 2010 The Role Of Database Marketing In The Operationalization Of The Services Relationship Marketing
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  • 2010 The Role Of Database Marketing In The Operationalization Of The Services Relationship Marketing
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  • 2010 The Role Of Database Marketing In The Operationalization Of The Services Relationship Marketing
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  • 2009 Information and knowledge management – a strategy for performing medical services in the informational era
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  • 2009 Information and knowledge management – a strategy for performing medical services in the informational era
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