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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M19: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Effectiveness and Challenges of Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in the Indian Hotel Sector
    by Nadda, Vipin & Rafiq, Zaman & Tyagi, Pankaj

  • 2017 Los diferentes tipos de resultados en las cooperativas portuguesas. Un estudio de caso múltiple
    by Ana Maria Bandeira & Deolinda Meira & Vera Alves

  • 2017 Tensions at the intersection of management control and innovation: a literature review
    by Eva Lövstål & Anne-Marie Jontoft

  • 2017 Improving the effectiveness of market-oriented organisation: Empirical evidence from an emerging economy
    by Tania Bucic & Liem Viet Ngo & Ashish Sinha

  • 2017 A Mathematical Modeling Approach for Materials Requirements Planning in Remanufacturing
    by Erol, Rızvan & Nakıboğlu, Gülsün

  • 2017 Logistics Services, Technics and Software in Bulgaria from the Perspective of the Manufacturing and Trading Enterprises and Their Competitive Strategy
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2017 Responsibility in Business at the University of National and World Economy
    by Daniela Tzvetkova

  • 2017 The Dark Side Of Iso 14001: The Symbolic Environmental Behavior
    by Ferrón Vílchez, Vera

  • 2017 Linking An Unlearning Context With Firm Performance Through Human Capital
    by Aledo Ruíz, María Dolores & Ortega Gutiérrez, Jaime & Martínez-Caro, Eva & Cegarra-Navarro, Juan Gabriel

  • 2017 Critical Processes Of Knowledge Management: An Approach Toward The Creation Of Customer Value
    by Cepeda-Carrion, Ignacio & Martelo-Landroguez, Silvia & Leal-Rodríguez,Antonio L. & Leal-Millán, Antonio

  • 2017 Boutique Hotels Users Experience, Experiencia De Usuarios En Hoteles Boutique
    by Driselda Patricia Sánchez Aguirre & Minerva Candelaria Maldonado Alcudia & Luis Domingo Martínez Vázquez & Verónica Salinas Villareal

  • 2017 Yetenek Yönetimi Felsefesine Farklý Lenslerle Bakabilmek Üzerine Alýþtýrmalar
    by Tamer KEÇECÝOÐLU

  • 2017 Exploring Internal and Environmental Moderators of Entrepreneurial Orientation - Performance Relationship in Bulgarian Enterprises
    by Tsvetan Davidkov & Desislava I. Yordanova

  • 2017 The Impact of Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Agility, and Quality of Internal Audit Function on Firm Performance
    by Ai Ping Teoh & Kaih Yeang Lee & Rajendran Muthuveloo

  • 2017 Marketing + internet = e-commerce: oportunidades y desafíos
    by Pedro Barrientos Felipa

  • 2017 Exploring the Impact of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certification on Financial Performance: The Case of Companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Mihaela Iona?cu & Ion Iona?cu & Marian Sacarin & Mihaela Minu

  • 2017 Total Quality Management and Business Excellence: The Best Practices at Toyota Motor Corporation
    by Sorin-George Toma & Shinji Naruo

  • 2016 Management And Marketing Sciences? Reaction To The Networked World
    by Percin Batum

  • 2016 Personal Factors Affecting to the Saving Behavior of People in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand
    by Mukda Kowhakul

  • 2016 Issues of Improvement of HR Management in Public Sector of Georgia
    by Eka Chokheli & Nugzar Paichadze & Giuli Keshelashvili & Manana Kharkheli & Shorena Tielidze & Giorgi Tchuradze

  • 2016 A Research Framework for Cross-Cultural Adjustment and Job Performance of Highly Skilled Immigrants
    by Marie-Helene Regniere & Marianne Ivers & Zhan Su

  • 2016 The impact of the competitive strategy on the success of wine companies (The Case of Georgia)
    by Eka Chokheli

  • 2016 Research On Usage Of New Marketing Tool Social Media In Hotel Firms: Rixos Hotel Chain
    by P?nar ÇEL?K & Murat ÇAYLAK

  • 2016 An Exploratory Study on Social Media Activities of NGOs
    by Ayten Akatay & Serkan Özdemir & Abdullah K?ray

  • 2016 The Effect of Self Efficacy On Organizational Alienation: A Study on Apart Hotel Employees
    by Engin Üngüren & Serdar Arslan & Ya?ar Yi?it Kaçmaz

  • 2016 The perceptual effects of location on the performance of small businesses
    by Sefiani, Yassine & Davies, Barry & Bown, Robin

  • 2016 Quality Work-Life as predictor to Organisational Commitment under contrasting Leadership Styles: I.T Responses from Pakistan's private software houses
    by Faizan, Riffat & Zehra, Nasreen

  • 2016 Training & Development Barometer for Effective Transformation of Organizational Commitment and Overall Performance in Banking Sectors of KPK, Pakistan: Qualitative study of Workforce of Bank of Khyber
    by Zehra, Nasreen

  • 2016 The interface of networking and 'wasta' in an Arabic context
    by Sefiani, Yassine & Davies, Barry & Bown, Robin & Kite, Neilson

  • 2016 How Service Industries can Transform themselves into Green Business Industries
    by Aithal, Sreeramana & Jeevan, Preethi

  • 2016 The changing composition of the supervisory boards of the eight largest banks and insurers during 2008-2014 and the impact of the "4+4 suitability screenings"
    by Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers & Margriet Stavast-Groothuis

  • 2016 The Financial Impact of a Withdrawn ISO 9001 Certificate
    by Carlos Cândido & Luis M.S. Coelho & Ruben Peixinho

  • 2016 Managing Political Imperatives: Strategic Responses of Philips in Australia, 1939-1945
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2016 European Integration and Australian Manufacturing Industry: The Case of Philips Electronics, 1960s-1970s
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2016 Cross-Functional Inventory Research

  • 2016 Exploration of Key Success Factors that Influence Business Performance: The Experiences of Women Micro-entrepreneurs from Mazovia Voivodeship of Poland
    by Leszczyński Dariusz

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in Training and Human Capital Development: the Case of the Bank Palmas
    by Francisco Diniz & Hamilton Vale Leitão

  • 2016 La utilidad del excedente para el análisis de la información financiera en las sociedades cooperativas
    by María José Cabaleiro Casal & Carlos Iglesias Malvido

  • 2016 Los factores determinantes del comportamiento innovador de las cooperativas: un análisis para el caso de Castilla y León
    by Elías Humberto Peraza Castaneda & Jesús María Gómez García & Guillermo Aleixandre Mendizabal

  • 2016 La transparencia organizativa y económica en la Web de las fundaciones: un estudio empírico para España
    by Paloma Del Campo Moreno & Teresa C. Herrador Alcaide & Ana I. Segovia San Juan

  • 2016 El modelo del sistema viable: una referencia estratégica para el estudio organizacional del sector cooperativo chileno
    by Pedro Antonio Narvarte Arregui & Catalina Careaga Díaz

  • 2016 Top management team characteristics and organizational creativity
    by Woojin Yoon & Sang Ji Kim & Jaeyong Song

  • 2016 Innovative management control systems in knowledge work: a middle manager perspective
    by Carlos Martin-Rios

  • 2016 Strategy implementation through hierarchical couplings in a management control package: an explorative case study
    by Berend Van der Kolk & Tom Schokker

  • 2016 Business model innovation and organizational resilience: towards an integrated conceptual framework
    by Oana Buliga & Christian W. Scheiner & Kai-Ingo Voigt

  • 2016 Business model innovativeness: designing a formative measure for business model innovation
    by Patrick Spieth & Sabrina Schneider

  • 2016 Path dependence as a barrier to business model change in manufacturing firms: insights from a multiple-case study
    by Sven M. Laudien & Birgit Daxböck

  • 2016 A grouping genetic algorithm for the Order Batching Problem in distribution warehouses
    by Sören Koch & Gerhard Wäscher

  • 2016 Opening your product: impact of user innovations and their distribution platform on video game success
    by Stefan Koch & Michael Bierbamer

  • 2016 Is the relationship between innovation performance and knowledge management contingent on environmental dynamism and learning capability? Evidence from a turbulent market
    by Rifat Kamasak & Meltem Yavuz & Gultekin Altuntas

  • 2016 Postmodernist Identity Construction and Consumption
    by Irfan CAGLAR & Reyhan KARABABA

  • 2016 Effects of Motivating to Sustain Commitment of the Sales Professionals
    by Sayanjit Guha

  • 2016 The Use of Telematics Solutions in Achieving Excellency in Anti Criminal Activity in Romania
    by Emilian Cristian IRIMESCU & Cristian BANACU & Corina IOANAS

  • 2016 The Importance of Digital Adoption for Small and Medium Enterprises: Comparative Study of Romanian Service and IT&C SMEs
    by Dan POPESCU & Livia TOANCA & Cristina STATE

  • 2016 The Impact Of Medical Tourism On The Quality Of Organizational And Functional Changes In The Polish Healthcare System
    by Olkiewicz, Marcin

  • 2016 Managing A Complex Adaptive Ecosystem: Towards A Smart Management Of Industrial Heritage Tourism
    by Perfetto, Maria Concetta & Vargas-Sánchez, Alfonso & Presenza, Angelo

  • 2016 Predicting HR’s involvement and influence in strategic decision-making
    by Florkowski, Gary & Olivas-Luján, Miguel R.

  • 2016 The Role of ICT in Czech Industrial Companies in the 21st Century
    by Petra Štamfestová & Aleš Kubíček

  • 2016 Considerations Regarding the Quality Management of Banking Services
    by Anca Cristina Stanciu & Mihaela Constandache & Daniela Simona Nenciu

  • 2016 The SWOT Analysis of a Romanian Post-Sanitary Institution in Romania
    by Cristina Iorga & Andrei Serban

  • 2016 The Need To Reposition The Insurance Logistics Management In M.A.I. Units
    by Paul Gheorghe

  • 2016 The Significance of Resources Purchases over the Business’s Competitiveness
    by Paul Gheorghe & Anna-Alexandra Frunzã

  • 2016 Collaboration between Logistics Service Providers and the Bulgarian Manufacturing and Trade Enterprises
    by Nikolay Dragomirov

  • 2016 Culture and affective commitment: do they influence the internal knowledege transfer?
    by Aurora Irma Máynez Guaderrama

  • 2016 Survival probabilities of low value added microenterprises
    by Michelle Texis Flores & Martín Ramírez Urquidy & José Gabriel Aguilar Barceló

  • 2016 24th National Conference on Management and Organization
    by Þerife DEMÝRELLÝ

  • 2016 The 5th National Logistics and Supply Chain Conference
    by Ýskender PEKER

  • 2016 Is international entrepreneurship a field? A bibliometric analysis of the literature (1989–2015)
    by Vinciane Servantie & Matthieu Cabrol & Gilles Guieu & Jean-Pierre Boissin

  • 2016 Transformational leadership and employee engagement in the banking sector in Bangladesh
    by Soleman Mozammel & Perry Haan

  • 2016 Continuous Quality Improvement Programs – Part I: Survey, Critical Analysis And Future Research Directions
    by Raafat A. Samman & Jamal Ouenniche

  • 2016 Does Online Group Buying Benefit or Destroy Retail Businesses?
    by Tommy Cheung & Wai Hung Wong & Ricky S. Wong & Jia Zhu

  • 2016 Información De Los Recursos Intangibles Ocultos: ¿Memorias De Sostenibilidad O Informe Anual? / Information Hidden Intangible Resources: Sustainability Or Annual Reports?
    by Tejedo Romero, Francisca

  • 2016 Sistemas De Gestión De La Calidad: Un Estudio En Empresas Del Sur De España Y Norte De Marruecos / Quality Management Systems: A Study In Companies Of Southern Spain And Northern Morocco
    by Carmona-Calvo, Miguel Angel & Suárez, Eva María & Calvo-Mora, Arturo & Periáñez-Cristóbal, Rafael

  • 2016 Generational Transition Under The Perception Of The Leader And Successors Of Family Businesses, Transicion Generacional Bajo La Percepcion Del Lider Y Los Sucesores De Empresas Familiares
    by Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma & Fidel Ramon Alcocer Martinez & Mario Javier Fajardo

  • 2016 The Smes And Their Digital Preparation: Guanajuato (Mexico) Study Case, Las Pymes Y La Preparaciã“N Digital: El Caso De Guanajuato, Mã‰Xico
    by Martha Ríos Manríquez

  • 2016 The Response Of Small Businesses Facing Nature Crisis: The Human Capital In The Strategic Orientationperformnace Relationship, Desempeno, Capital Humano Y Desastres Naturales: Estrategias Para El Sector Artesanal
    by Luis Mendoza-Ramirez & Arcelia Toledo-Lopez & Patricia Arieta-Melgarejo

  • 2016 Success Of The Handicraft Subsistence Business And Its Relationship With Business Perfomance, El Exito De Los Negocios De Subsistencia De Artesania Y Su Relacion Con El Desempeno
    by Arcelia Toledo-Lopez & Luis Mendoza-Ramirez & Patricia Soledad Sánchez-Medina

  • 2016 Sustainable Development, Environment And Knowledge Networks, Desarrollo Sustentable, Medio Ambiente Y Redes De Conocimiento
    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Armando Lagunés Blanco

  • 2016 The Leadership From The Succession Process In The Mexican Family Enterprise, El Liderazgo A Partir Del Proceso De La Sucesion En La Empresa Familiar Mexicana
    by Yolanda Saldana Contreras & Fernando M. Ruiz Diaz & Laura Leticia Gaona Tamez & Daniela Guadalupe Jacobo Martinez

  • 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility And Professionals Of Economic Sciences – Administrative , Responsabilidad Social Empresarial Y Los Profesionales De Las Ciencias Económico - Administrativas
    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Anahi Tlachi Cuautle

  • 2016 Stratetigic Planning Evaluation Of Some Start-Up Companies On Allende, Nuevo Leon, Evaluacion De La Planeacion Estrategica De Las Pymes En Allende, Nuevo Leon
    by Karla Liliana Haro Zea & Karla Sarai Basurto Gutirrrez

  • 2016 Establishing A Model That Efficient Management Through Performance, Estableciendo Un Modelo Que Eficiente La Gestion A Traves Del Desempeno
    by Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma & Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Deneb Eli Magana Medina & Mario Javier Fajardo

  • 2016 Strategies Design And Financing In Family Businesses Of The Deep-Water Shrimp Sector In Campeche, Mexico, Diseã‘O De Estrategias Y Financiamiento En Empresas Familiares Del Sector Camaronero De Altura De Campeche, Mexico
    by Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma & Deneb Eli Magana Medina & Fidel Ramon Alcocer Martinez

  • 2016 Competitiveness And Supply Chain In The Productive Sector Of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia,Competitividad Y Cadenas De Abastecimiento En El Sector Productivo Del Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
    by Rafael Antonio Munoz Aguilar & Santiago Roldan Zuluaga

  • 2016 A Real World Case Of Identity Theft
    by J. Drew Procaccino & Maria H. Sanchez

  • 2016 The Social Rewards For Mission-Driven Business: An Integrative Approach
    by Jose Andres Flota Rosado & Luis Ernesto Ocampo Figueroa

  • 2016 Chinese Entrepreneurs In Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes)€“ An Emic View
    by Yunke He & Heather Banham

  • 2016 High-Impact Practices: An Analysis Of Select University And Business School Programs
    by Patricia Sendall & Kristin Stowe & Lisa Schwartz & Jane Parent

  • 2016 What Universities Can Learn From Businesses: A Critical Research Study Of Adapting Corporate Organizational Development Approach In University Environment
    by Ljubomir Medenica

  • 2016 Importance of Strategic Management in Business
    by Yakup DURMAZ & Zeynep Derya DÜSÜN

  • 2016 Family Business in the Czech Republic
    by Pavla Breckova

  • 2016 Ethnicity, politics and firm performance: Evidence from Malaysia
    by Gul, Ferdinand A. & Munir, Sa'adiah & Zhang, Liang

  • 2016 Üst Kademe Teorisi’ni Yeniden Düþünmek: Üst Yönetim Ekiplerinin Biliþsel Özellikleri & Teorik Açýdan Kapsamý ve Önemi
    by Ýbrahim Taha Dursun & Yakup Köseoðlu

  • 2016 Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Empirical Investigation from Banking Sector of Sudan
    by Nazar Omer Abdallah Ahmed

  • 2016 Differences between Bulgarian Family and Non-family Businesses: A Multivariate Logit Approach
    by Desislava I. Yordanova

  • 2016 Delimitation, Description And Success Factors Of Family Businesses In Spain. A European Comparison
    by María José CHARLO & Miriam NÚÑEZ & Mercedes SÁNCHEZ-APELLÁNIZ

  • 2016 Motivaciones y barreras para la implantación del comercio electrónico en Espa˜na: un estudio Delphi
    by M. Dolores Gallego & Salvador Bueno & Juan Francisco Terre?no

  • 2016 L’émergence d’une stratégie d’innovation pérenne en très petite entreprise (TPE) : retour sur expérience d’une petite cave coopérative vinicole
    by Valérie Ceccaldi

  • 2016 Sustainable supply chain management
    by Dobroslav Emilov Mollov

  • 2016 Evaluation of distribution and customer service in the logistics systems of manufacturing companies in Bulgaria
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2016 Procurement and Operations Management in the Logistics Systems of Manufacturing Companies in Bulgaria
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2016 To Find a Standard Format That Measures the Activities of a Micro, Small or Medium Business Entity. A Pitch
    by Peter Ellis

  • 2016 The Impact of Project Manager on Project Success – The Case of ICT Sector
    by Bálint Blaskovics

  • 2016 Crowdsourcing and Outsourcing: Friends or Foes?
    by Daniela Ioniță & Lucian-Florin Onișor

  • 2016 Considerations on Gastronomic Tourism as a Component of Sustainable Local Development
    by Dan Mihnea Diaconescu & Remus Moraru & Gabriela Stanciulescu

  • 2016-11 Is it desirable, necessary and possible to perform research using case studies?
    by Villarreal Larrinaga, Oskar

  • 2016-01 Información del Capital Humano: la generación de intangibles y la responsabilidad social
    by Tejedo Romero, Francisca & Ferraz Esteves de Araújo, Joaquim Filipe

  • 2015 Opening up the strategy-making process: Comparing open strategy to open innovation
    by Leonhard Dobusch & David Seidl & Felix Werle

  • 2015 Why Employees Hesitate to Speak Up? Understanding Manager?s Attitude towards Employee Voice
    by ela ünler & sibel çal??kan

  • 2015 Profiling the dietary supplement users in Turkey

  • 2015 The The Role of Social Responsibility and the Growth Perspectives in Business (The case of Georgia))
    by Eka Chokheli

  • 2015 Study on employees? satisfaction in the Total Quality Management context. Evidence from Romanian metal industry
    by Horatiu Catalin Salagean & Liviu Ilies & Razvan Dimitrie Garbacea

  • 2015 Validez y confiabilidad de un cuestionario para la medición de la “influencia del liderazgo, estrategia y entorno en la competitividad empresarial en la pyme ecuatoriana"
    by Uzcátegui, Carolina & Solano, Javier

  • 2015 An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Turnover Intensions: Evidence from Private Sector Universities of Peshawar
    by Shah, Usman & Khan, Jangraiz

  • 2015 SWOT Analysis in Strategıc Management and a Sample Applicatıon in Public
    by Tuncay, Musa

  • 2015 About Cooperation, Selfishness and Joint Risks in Clusters
    by Gedai, Endre & Kóczy, László Á. & Meier zu Köcker, Gerd & Zombori, Zita

  • 2015 Posicionamento do Brasil face aos países mais avançados em cloud computing [Positioning of Brazil in relation to the more advanced countries on cloud computing]
    by Ana Clara Cândido

  • 2015 Defining the links between retail price strategies and price tactics
    by Lagin, Madelen & Gebert-Persson, Sabine

  • 2015 Best Practices as to How to Support Investment in Intangible Assets
    by Alexander Ebner & Fabian Bocek

  • 2015 Revisiting 30 Years of SMA Literature: What Can We Say, Think and Do?
    by Malleret , Véronique & De La Villarmois , Olivier

  • 2015 Risk Assessment In Tourism Enterprises
    by Andreea Armean

  • 2015 Control and Coordination of Subsidiaries in Japanese Corporate Groups
    by Akira Mitsumasu

  • 2015 Practical Strategic Management:How to Apply Strategic Thinking in Business
    by Eiichi “Eric” Kasahara

  • 2015 Lasallian Pathfinders:Of Ordinary Men and Less Ordinary Leadership

  • 2015 From Performance Measurement to Strategic Management Model: Balanced Scorecard
    by Cihat SAVSAR

  • 2015 The Women Employees within the Frame of Social Responsibility and an Analyse

  • 2015 Negotiations as Part of Managing Organizational Changes: Methodological Concept & Case Study (Negocjacje w zarzadzaniu zmianami organizacyjnymi – koncepcja metodyczna i studium przypadku)
    by Andrzej Kozina

  • 2015 Organizational Creativity and Firm Performance: Towards a Multilevel Understanding (Tworczosc organizacyjna i efektywnosc organizacji – w kierunku ujecia wielopoziomowego)
    by Katarzyna Bratnicka

  • 2015 Limitations of the set of public health indicators monitored in the context of sustainable development (Ograniczenia wskaznikow zdrowia publicznego monitorowanych w kontekscie zrownowazonego rozwoju )
    by Mariola Zalewska

  • 2015 Negotiations Planning in Small & Medium-sized Consulting Enterprises. Methodological Concept & Research Results (Planowanie negocjacji w malych i srednich przedsiebiorstwach doradczych. Koncepcja metodyczna i wyniki badan)
    by Andrzej Kozina

  • 2015 Producer groups as a form of relationships in agribusiness (Grupy producenckie jako forma wiêzi w agrobiznesie)
    by Andrzej P. Wiatrak

  • 2015 Generation Y on the e-commerce market. Comparison between Polish and South Korean young consumers’ behaviour
    by Aleksandra Korzeniowska

  • 2015 About Managers, Competence and Efficiency
    by Ion VERBONCU & Andreea CONDURACHE

  • 2015 Imbalances System Enterprise: Reflections from Italian Doctrine
    by Guido MIGLIACCIO

  • 2015 Elements of Performance Management and Audit in Public Organizations
    by Gheorghe MINCULETE & Polixenia OLAR

  • 2015 Experimental Research Regarding New Models of Organizational Communication in the Romanian Tourism
    by Cristina STATE & Dan POPESCU & Antonio GARCIA-SANCHEZ & Livia TOANCÃ

  • 2015 The Employee’s Perception of Leadership Style in the Independent Public Institution as National Bank of Romania (NBR) Type
    by Sergiu GEANTÃ & Andreia SCHNEIDER (ISPAS)

  • 2015 The Objectives of the Organization: A Managerial Approach
    by Ion VERBONCU & Andrei ?ERBAN

  • 2015 Advancing the Economies through SPA Industry
    by Vandana DESWAL

  • 2015 Exploring the Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Job Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of the Level of Loyalty to Supervisor
    by Okan, Tarhan & Akyüz, Ahmet Mutlu

  • 2015 German Human Resource Management professionals under tensions: A Bourdieusian approach
    by Lang, Rainhart & Rego, Kerstin

  • 2015 Success factors of virtual research teams – Does distance still matter?
    by Hanebuth, Andrea

  • 2015 Managing international assignments in Polish companies operating in foreign markets –analysis of preliminary empirical results
    by Purgal-Popiela, Joanna

  • 2015 Working Capital Management as a routine: An action based access to the topic
    by Petra Kroflin & Norbert Kratz

  • 2015 Fuzzy Logic: An Instrument?for the Evaluation of Project Status || La lógica difusa: un instrumento para la evaluación del estado del proyecto
    by Doskocil, Radek

  • 2015 Considerations Regarding Lean Approach Within Management Accounting
    by Dimi Ofileanu

  • 2015 The Success Factors for Integrating Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management
    by Andrei Serban

  • 2015 Quality Management in Healthcare Systems
    by Adriana Grigorescu & Elena Condrea & Christopher De Freitas Bradley

  • 2015 Excellence in Objective Strategic Education in the Military University
    by Liliana Nicodim & Gabriel-Iulian Tãnase & Marian Velica

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding the Application of Lean Accounting in Taking the Managerial Decisions
    by Ofileanu Dimi

  • 2015 Informal Groups in Global Work Environment: Group Work or Team Work?
    by Zoltan Raluca & Vancea Romulus

  • 2015 Efficient Management in the Educational Process
    by Nicodim Liliana & Tãnase Gabriel-Iulian & Velica Marian

  • 2015 Problems Of Transition From Classical Dedicated Ict System To Cloud Computing
    by Josip Mesaric & Nenad Stanisic

  • 2015 Relation Of Leadership And Business Performance: Balanced Scorecard Perspective
    by Ivan Miloloza

  • 2015 Change Management - Voraussetzung Fur Erfolgreiche Einfuhrung Der Projektmanagementnorm Iso 21.500 Fallstudie Aus Einem Deutschen Zulieferer Der Automobilbranche
    by Nino Grau

  • 2015 Employee Involvement In A Change Process - A Case Study For Romanian Organizations
    by Prediscan Mariana & Roiban Roxana Nadina

  • 2015 Market-oriented Logistics in Bulgarian Trade and Manufacturing Enterprises
    by Nikolay Dragomirov

  • 2015 Improving Logistics Processes in Humanitarian Assistance in Emergency Situations on the Territory of Bulgaria
    by Stilyana Stratieva

  • 2015 Long-Term Development Programs of State Owned Enterprises: Preliminary Results of Strategic Documents' Development Using Key Performance Indicators
    by Mikheev, A. & Vaganov, D.

  • 2015 An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Turnover Intensions: Evidence from Private Sector Universities of Peshawar
    by Usman SHAH & Jangraiz KHAN

  • 2015 Change Management: A Theoretical Framework
    by Yasemin KÜÇÜKÖZKAN

  • 2015 Intercultural Issues Of The Tourist Offer
    by Cristina Elena ALBU

  • 2015 Alerta Emprendedora Y Conocimiento Previo Para La Identificación De Oportunidades Emprendedoras: El Papel Moderador De Las Redes Sociales / Alertness And Prior Knowledge In The Identification Of Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The Moderating Role Of Social Networks
    by Ruiz-Arroyo, Matilde & Sanz-Espinosa, Ignacio & Fuentes-Fuentes, María del Mar

  • 2015 Generational Experience And Transmission Of Power As Organizational Culture Elements In Family Business Campeche, Mexico,Experiencia Generacional Y Transmision De Poder Como Elementos De La Cultura Organizacional En Empresas Familiares De Campeche, Mexico
    by Roman Alberto Quijano Garcia & Luis Alfredo Arguelles Ma. & Jose Alonzo Sahui Maldonado & Deneb Eli Magana Medina

  • 2015 Bibliographical Heap Diagnosis Of A Mexican Public University Library, Diagnostico Del Acervo Bibliografico De La Biblioteca De Una Universidad Publica Mexicana
    by Ma. Del Carmen Toledo Sanchez & Sonia Elizabeth Maldonado-Radillo & Lourdes Evelyn Apodaca Del Angel

    by Delia Arrieta Diaz & Ernesto Geovani Figueroa Gonzalez & Jose Enrique Luna Correa & Maria Azucena Rivera Santillan & Miguel Angel Melendez Guerrero & Jesus Guillermo Sotelo Asef

  • 2015 Diagnosis Of Individual Performance: The Case Of The Department Of Administration Of An Irrigation District Diagnostico De Desempeno Individual: El Caso Del Departamento De Administracion De Un Distrito De Riego
    by Maria del Carmen Vasquez Torres

  • 2015 How To Identify Disruptive New Businesses
    by Elizabeth Robles

  • 2015 Reverse Logistics Practies in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry: Experiences from Ghana
    by Kwame Owusu Kwateng & Bernice Debrah & Daniel Vroom Parker & Reginald Nana Owusu & Hilda Prempeh

  • 2015 Empreendedorismo E Inovação Social Na Formação E Desenvolvimento Do Capital Humano: O Caso Do Banco Palmas
    by Hamilton VALE LEITÃO & Francisco DINIZ

  • 2015 Evolution of Capabilities in the Discovery Cycle of an Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Market
    by Claudimar Pereira da Veiga & Cassia Rita Pereira da Veiga & Mônica Maier Giacomini & Heitor Takashi Kato & Jansen Maia Del Corso

  • 2015 The Examination Of The Relations Of Personal Resources, Task Significance, Trust In Supervisor And Person-Job Fit With Perceived Work Engagement: A Research Study In A Sample Of Employees Working In Local And Multinational Organizations
    by Hasan Demirci

  • 2015 La dinámica del empresario en la sociedad. De la Escuela Austriaca a la economía social de mercado
    by Santiago García Echevarría

  • 2015 Análisis de las decisiones estratégicas: caso UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones
    by Alicia Millán Villanueva Millán Villanueva & Iván Alonso Montoya Restrepo & Luz Alexandra Montoya Restrepo

  • 2015 Los estudios críticos en administración: origen, evolución y posibilidades de aporte al desarrollo del campo de los estudios organizacionales en América Latina
    by Mauricio Sanabria & Juan Javier Saavedra Mayorga & Ali Smida

  • 2015 La adquisicio?n de empresas. ¿En que? nivel de relacio?n industrial son un modo ma?s apropiado de diversificacio?n empresarial?
    by Daniel Arturo Cernas Ortiz & Patricia Mercado Salgado

  • 2015 La adquisición de empresas. ¿En qué nivel de relación industrial son un modo más apropiado de diversificación empresarial?
    by Daniel Arturo Cernas Ortiz & Patricia Mercado Salgado

  • 2015 Lean Accounting – By When In Romania?
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    by Agnieszka Zur

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    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz

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  • 2014 Organizational Ambidexterity And Competitive Advantage: Toward A Research Model
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  • 2014 Organizational Ambidexterity And Competitive Advantage: Toward A Research Model
    by Gheorghe PREDA

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  • 2013 A Strategic Management Model For Service Organizations
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  • 2013 Provisions in Metallurgical Industry and Financial Crisis
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  • 2013 Estimating the Duration of a Project Using PERT TechniqueAbstract:In this study we intend to address two important problems: accomplishing a project, which was designed especially for projects that take place with European funds and eliminating “dead” time. It is known that accomplishing a project implies several types of resources concentrated at one place, but also a series of different activities. All these have to be correlated with one another and also depending on time so as to achieve all the objectives set. We have planned to conduct a brief overview of all steps that are involved in such a project and estimate its duration by using the PERT technique. The novelty consists in the fact that we applied this technique to some training and professional activities, calculating the critical path, the estimated time of the project and the probability of its accomplishment under certain conditions imposed by the decision makers
    by Dãneci-Pãtrãu Daniel & Neacºu Gabriela

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    by Hilario Diaz Guzman & Estela Carolina Fuentes Garcia

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  • 2013 Factori De Natură Stereotipică În Turism
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    by Carine Luangsay-Catelin & Rajaa Roybier

  • 2012 Les enquêtes client mystère:un dispositif de gestion au service des transformations organisationnelles ou comment réorganiser l'entreprise «au nom du client» - The Mystery shopping: a management mechanism in order to support organizational changes or how to reorganize the company “in the name of the customer”
    by Damien Collard

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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2006 A model for enterprises’ environmental scanning
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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  • 2005 Consideratii Asupra Unor Sintagme Referitoare La Factorul Uman
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