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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M1: Business Administration
/ / / M16: International Business Administration
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Is negotiating with Chinese for Eastern European businessmen a paradox or a coopetition?
    by Gregor Pfajfar & Agnieszka Ma?ecka

  • 2017 The impact of home and host country institutions in the internationalization of an African multinational enterprise
    by John M. Luiz & Dustin Stringfellow & Anthea Jefthas

  • 2017 Human Capital Flows in Failing Organizations: An Integrated Conceptual Framework
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph

  • 2017 Cultivating greater self-confidence in African management research
    by Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph

  • 2017 The new automobile modular platforms: from the product architecture to the manufacturing network approach
    by Lampón, Jesús F. & Cabanelas, Pablo & Frigant, Vincent

  • 2017 Zastosowanie standardow spolecznej odpowiedzialnosci w Polsce i na swiecie
    by Marcin Zemigala

  • 2017 Omission bias under risks and Japanese companies stagnation in emerging markets: Managers f information gaps between head office and local office
    by Noriko Fujita

  • 2017 Factors Influencing SMEs Engagement in Direct Export Activities
    by Mohamad D. Revindo & Christopher Gan

  • 2017 Repatriation Taxes and Foreign Cash Holdings: The Impact of Anticipated Tax Policy
    by De Simone, Lisa & Piotroski, Joseph D. & Tomy, Rimmy E.

  • 2017 Repatriation Taxes and Foreign Cash Holdings: The Impact of Anticipated Tax Policy
    by De Simone, Lisa & Piotroski, Joseph D. & Tomy, Rimmy E.

  • 2017 Dealing With Liability Of Foreignness: The Case Of Philips In Australia, 1945-1980
    by Pierre Van Der Eng

  • 2017 Benchmarking Firm-level Resources, Capabilities, and Postures Driving Export Performance of SMEs
    by Celec Robert & Globocnik Dietfried

  • 2017 Organisational-Level Attributes of Micro-Multinationals. The Evidence From European SMEs
    by Wąsowska Aleksandra

  • 2017 The impact of financial management on innovation
    by Marcus Illmeyer & Dietmar Grosch & Maria Kittler & Pamela Priess

  • 2017 Intellectual capital as a driving force of internationalization: a case of Lithuanian SMEs
    by Renata KorsakienÄ— & AuÅ¡ra LiuÄ vaitienÄ— & AuÅ¡ra LiuÄ vaitienÄ— & Monika BužavaitÄ— & AgnÄ— Å imelytÄ—

  • 2017 Towards sustainable logistics: study of alternative delivery facets
    by Christian Otter & Christian Watzl & Daniel Schwarz & Pamela Priess

  • 2017 Clustering strategy and development of subsidiaries in China
    by Francisco Puig & Borja Portero & Miguel González-Loureiro

  • 2017 The Export Competitiveness Of Social Enterprises As Compared To With Export Smes

  • 2017 Financing of Romanian Non-governmental Organizations
    by Sebastian Ion CEPTUREANU & Eduard Gabriel CEPTUREANU & Razvan Victor SASSU

  • 2017 The Influence Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Economic Development
    by Ristovska, Natasha & Stoilkovska, Aleksandra & Ravlikj, Ivona

  • 2017 Business Model In The Hospitality Industry, From Traditional To Open Innovation
    by Mihaela DIACONU & Amalia DUTU

  • 2017 International Management of Czech Family Enterprises: Decisions on International Entrepreneurial Activities
    by Šárka Zapletalová

  • 2017 Car Motivations in the Young Target Group: An International Perspective
    by Michael Bahles & Gina Cook

  • 2017 Intercultural Variations in Personal Sales Factors in the Czech and U.S. Automotive Markets: Practical Implications for Marketing
    by David Říha & Timothy Heinze & Michael Stros

  • 2017 Analysis of state aid policy to stimulate innovation and internationalization in Lithuanian animation industry
    by Tomas Mitkus & Dimitrios I. Maditinos

  • 2017 Intangible Investments At Multinational Companies’ Manufacturing Subsidiaries: Do They Promote Innovation-Based Upgrading?
    by Andrea Szalavetz

  • 2017 Kinetic Corporation: an Ethos for the New Realities in Business Environment
    by Kicsi Rozalia & Ailenei Lucia

  • 2017 Dissecting embeddedness in international retailing
    by Steve Burt & Ulf Johansson & John Dawson

  • 2017 Knowledge sourcing from advanced markets subsidiaries: political embeddedness and reverse knowledge transfer barriers in emerging-market multinationals
    by Francesco Ciabuschi & Lingshuang Kong & Cong Su

  • 2017 Toward a construct of liability of origin
    by Joseph Amankwah-Amoah & Yaw A. Debrah

  • 2017 Firms’ Internalisation Theories – (non) applicability for Micro- and Small Enterprises in the Bulgarian Airfreight Forwarding Market
    by Vladislav Tsvetanov

  • 2017 The construction process of grounded theory in administration
    by Darlan José Roman & Marilei Osinski & Rolf Hermann Erdmann

  • 2017 Challenges in Measuring International Strategic Performance in Professional Team Sports - Two Case Studies from Hungary
    by Miklós Kozma & Annamária Kazai Ónodi

  • 2017 Transnational Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Investment Banker Jose Goldner
    by J. Mark MUNOZ

  • 2017 Global knowledge intensive enterprises and international technology transfer: emerging perspectives from a quadruple helix environment
    by Manlio Del Giudice & Elias G. Carayannis & Vincenzo Maggioni

  • 2017 Financing knowledge-intensive enterprises: evidence from CVCs in the US
    by Matteo Rossi & Giuseppe Festa & Ludovico Solima & Simona Popa

  • 2017 Turning point: when born globals enter post-entry stage
    by Rubina Romanello & Maria Chiarvesio

  • 2017 The labyrinth of international governance codes: The quest for harmonization
    by Erin Poulton & Lisa Barnes & Frank Clarke

  • 2017 Responsibility for Poverty: Sustainable Management by Mining Multinational Corporations in the Mekong Countries
    by Nattavud Pimpa

  • 2017 Internationalization And Performance: Evidence From Bangladeshi Banks
    by Suborna Barua & Tasneema Khan & Bipasha Barua

    by Maria Guadalupe Arredondo-Hidalgo

  • 2017 From Bit Valley To Bitcoin: The Nasdaq Odyssey
    by Mark Lennon & Daniel Folkinshteyn

  • 2017 Changes In Ifrs 3 Accounting For Business Combinations: A Feedback And Effects Analysis
    by Walid Masadeh & Ebrahim Mansour & Wasfi AL Salamat

  • 2017 Manager'S Perception About Innovation Within The Smes In Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    by Karla Saraí Basurto Gutierrez & Karla Liliana Haro-Zea & Veronica Hernandez López

  • 2017 The Impact of Heavy Perceived Nurse Workloads on Patient and Nurse Outcomes
    by Maura MacPhee & V. Susan Dahinten & Farinaz Havaei

  • 2017 Can Servant Leaders Fuel the Leadership Fire? The Relationship between Servant Leadership and Followers’ Leadership Avoidance
    by Martin Lacroix & Armin Pircher Verdorfer

  • 2017 The Functions of a Servant Leader
    by Michiel Frederick Coetzer & Mark Bussin & Madelyn Geldenhuys

  • 2017 Strategy Implementation Style and Public Service Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity
    by Rhys Andrews & Malcolm J. Beynon & Elif Genc

  • 2017 Retailers’ Responsibility towards Consumers and Key Drivers of Their Development in Poland
    by Grażyna Śmigielska & Renata Oczkowska

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2016
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2017 Too much or too little of R&D offshoring: The impact of captive offshoring and contract offshoring on innovation performance
    by Steinberg, Philip J. & Procher, Vivien D. & Urbig, Diemo

  • 2017 Pozitif Psikolojik Sermayenin Bir Belirleyicisi Olarak Algýlanan Örgütsel Desteðin Rolü
    by Yasin CÖMERT & Senay YÜRÜR

  • 2017 Performance Reporting Choices after the Adoption of IAS 1 Revised: Comparative Evidence from Europe and the USA
    by Federica Doni & Silvia Rossetti & Roberto Verona

  • 2017 Application of Social Responsibility standards in Poland and the World
    by Marcin Żemigała

  • 2017 Análisis evaluativo a los procesos de marketing en la internacionalización de las pequeñas y medianas empresas de alimentos de Medellín
    by Samuel David Cepeda Palacio

  • 2017 Universidades influyentes en investigación sobre orientación al mercado. Una visión general entre 1990 y 2014
    by Leslier ValenzuelaFernández

  • 2017 Exploring features and opportunities of rapid-growth wine firms in Chile
    by Christian A. Cancino & Jorge J. Román & José L. Gallizo

  • 2017 Current Trends in Business Management-Working on Projects: Challenges and Issues
    by Gabriela OPREA

  • 2017 Price Reductions-an Effective Method of Attracting Customers and Improve the Level of Sales
    by Gabriela OPREA & Alina Gabriela BREZOI

  • 2017 International Experience in Upper Echelon Theory: Literature Review
    by Đerđa Dino

  • 2017 Offshoring Accounting Services: New Opportunities for Developing Countries
    by Jadranka Mrsik & Ninko Kostovski

  • 2017 Team Production in International Labor Markets: Experimental Evidence from the Field
    by Elizabeth Lyons

  • 2016 The Dispersed Multinational: Does Connectedness Across Spatial Dimensions Lead to Broader Technological Search?
    by Thomas J. Hannigan & Alessandra Perri & Vittoria Giada Scalera

  • 2016 Respect Differences: Role of National Cultures in subsidiary autonomy in global product development
    by Thunyamai Thinotai

  • 2016 Chinese investments in Africa: what have we known and what should we know?
    by Alexis Abodohoui & Marie-Helene Regniere & Zhan Su

  • 2016 Latecomer challenge: African Multinationals from the periphery
    by Grietjie Verhoef

  • 2016 A tecnologia empresarial Odebrecht como filosofia de projeto organizacional – um estudo de caso na Braskem S.A
    by Ternus Lamb, Israel & Pacheco Lacerda, Daniel & Dresch, Aline

  • 2016 Institutional Voids and Tax litigation in Emerging Economies: The verdict of Vodafone cross-border acquisition of Hutchison
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2016 Corporate Restructuring in the Asian electronics market: Insights from Philips and Panasonic
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2016 La internacionalización de la empresa gallega. Resultados 2015 de la Encuesta Ardán de empresa internacionalizada
    by Lago-Peñas, Santiago & Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio

  • 2016 Offshore Outsourcing: A positive perspective from U.S. region
    by Alvi, Mohsin

  • 2016 Quantum strategy synthesis by Alphabet Inc
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 China's evolving role in global production networks: the decoupling debate revisited
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & John Ravenhill

  • 2016 Global production sharing: exploring Australia's competitive edge
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & Tala Talgaswatta & Omer Majeed

  • 2016 Competitive Strategies: A New Perspective on the Internationalization of the Czech Enterprises
    by Šárka Zapletalová

  • 2016 Foreign acquisition and internal organization
    by Paulo Bastos & Natália P. Monteiro & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2016 Operational Hedging of Exchange Rate Risks
    by Tscheke, Jan

  • 2016 Chinese Returnees and High-tech Sector Outward FDI: The Case of Changzhou
    by Chen, Zhao & Fang, Tony

  • 2016 The Joint Influencing Mechanism of Proximities and Knowledge Base on Multinational Companies’ Global Innovation Networks
    by Liu , Ju & Liefner , Ingo

  • 2016 The Role of Institutions in the Migration of Corporate Governance Practice into Emerging Economies – The Case of Africa
    by Hearn, Bruce & Oxelheim, Lars & Randøy, Trond

  • 2016 Cluster Approach to Institutional Distance: Middlemen Hypothesis Application
    by Michal Paulus & Eva Michalikova

  • 2016 Culture-Laden Imports: International Market Entry and Cultural Taboos
    by Brice William David & Chu Edward & Jones Wayne

  • 2016 Foreign Language Anxiety in Professional Contexts
    by Vasiliki Gargalianou & Katrin Muehlfeld & Diemo Urbig & Arjen van Witteloostuijn

  • 2016 Perceptions Of Diversity Management And Alienation In Multinational Companies

  • 2016 An Explanatory Research To Detect The Managerial Business Ethics Competencies And Unethical Managerial Behaviors

  • 2016 The International Environment and Its Influence on the Entrepreneurial Internationalization of Firms: The Case of Polish Businesses (Miedzynarodowe srodowisko i jego wplyw na miedzynarodowa przedsiebiorczosc firm: przypadek polskich firm)
    by Agnieszka Glodowska & Bozena Pera & Krzysztof Wach

  • 2016 SME Internationalization in Emerging Markets: Symbiotic vs. Commensal Pathways
    by Andrey Mikhailitchenko & Sanjay Varshney

  • 2016 Factores Clave De Las Inversiones Grenfield Investment Españolas: Transferencia Internacional De Actividades De I+D”
    by David de Matias Batalla

  • 2016 A Separation between Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Governance
    by Emil CRI?AN

  • 2016 Cultural Adaptation of Websites: A Comparative Study of Portuguese and Dutch Websites
    by J. Freitas SANTOS & Bahareh BIDI

  • 2016 Research on the Current Telecommuting Trends in United States and European Union Markets
    by Catalina Georgiana PICU & Alina DINU

  • 2016 Increasing Absorptive Capacity to Improve Internal and External Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Companies: A Multiple Case Study Approach
    by Béla-Gergely RÁCZ & Anca BORZA

  • 2016 Ownership Concentration, Location, and Internalization Advantage in Financial Performance
    by Fang-Yi LO & Shih-Kuan CHIU & Pei-Wen SHIH

  • 2016 Demographic Factors that affect the Entreprenuership Intentions of Students in Tourism Department: Comparison of Two State Universities
    by Yumuk Günay, Gülsevim

  • 2016 Time planning and Cost Management in Strategic Alliances
    by Ana-Maria Giurea

  • 2016 Employee share ownership in Germany: A cluster analysis of firms' aims
    by Ortlieb, Renate & Matiaske, Wenzel & Fietze, Simon

  • 2016 A born global’s radical, gradual and nonlinear internationalization: A case from Belarus
    by Vissak, Tiia & Zhang, Xiaotian

  • 2016 Emerging advanced topics in an advanced emerging market? International business research in Poland in the period 1990-2014
    by Puslecki, Lukasz & Trapczynski, Piotr & Staszków, Michal

  • 2016 Slovenian business culture – How proverbs shape dynamic leadership styles
    by Pfajfar, Gregor & Uhan, Miha & Fang, Tony & Redek, Tjasa

  • 2016 Training practices and organisational performance: A comparative analysis of domestic and international market oriented organisations in Central & Eastern Europe
    by Morley, Michael J. & Slavic, Agnes & Poór, József & Berber, Nemanja

  • 2016 SME supplier upgrading during the cooperation life cycle – Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe
    by Gancarczyk, Marta & Gancarczyk, Jacek

  • 2016 The diversity of European manufacturing plant roles in international manufacturing networks
    by Demeter, Krisztina & Szász, Levente

  • 2016 Internationalization of top management teams: A comprehensive analysis of Polish stock-listed firms
    by Dauth, Tobias & Tomczak, Agata

  • 2016 Effectuation and causation: Two decision-making logics of INVs at the early stage of growth and internationalisation
    by Ciszewska-Mlinaric, Mariola & Obloj, Krzysztof & Wasowska, Aleksandra

  • 2016 Port Regionalization and Landlocked Hinterland: The Czech Republic
    by Jean-Paul Rodrigue & Petr Kolar

  • 2016 Crisis Typologies Revisited: An Interdisciplinary Approach
    by Albena Björck

  • 2016 A Comparative Analysis of Polish and Czech International New Ventures
    by Lidia Danik & Izabela Kowalik & Petr Král

  • 2016 Brief Analysis on the Share of Romania Related to International Trade in Services During 2001 – 2010
    by Ion Gr. Ionescu

  • 2016 Risk Management in Global Supply Chains
    by Dobroslav Mollov

  • 2016 Redesigning Scenarios and Defining Business Opportunities
    by Hakan BÃœTÃœNER

  • 2016 Benchmarketing - Fashionable Term Concerning Traditional Processes
    by Mircea Udrescu & Alina Gheorghe

  • 2016 Analysis About The European Shipping And Payment Trends 1975 – 2015
    by Ionescu Gr. Ion

  • 2016 A tale of soil and seeds: the external environment and entrepreneurial entry
    by Dario Maimone Ansaldo Patti & Ram Mudambi & Pietro Navarra & Daniela Baglieri

  • 2016 International SMEs from emerging markets—Insights from the Colombian textile and apparel industry
    by Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez & Eva Cristina Manotas & Luciano Ciravegna

  • 2016 The Impact Of Expatriates’ Home Country Culture On Their Time To Proficiency: Empirical Evidence From The Indian Context
    by Marie-France Waxin & Nicholas Ashill & Chris Brewster & Jean-Louis Chandon

  • 2016 Motivación Del Empresario Y Atención Informativa En La Internacionalización: Un Análisis Regional En El Sector Español De Piedra Natural / Entrepreneurial Motivation And Informational Attention In Internationalization. Regional Study To Spanish Natural Stone Industry
    by Santos-Álvarez, Valle & García-Merino, Teresa

  • 2016 Doing Business in Emerging Market: Successful Strategies
    by Manuela EPURE & Aurelian A. BONDREA

  • 2016 Competitiveness And Supply Chain In The Productive Sector Of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia,Competitividad Y Cadenas De Abastecimiento En El Sector Productivo Del Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
    by Rafael Antonio Munoz Aguilar & Santiago Roldan Zuluaga

  • 2016 An Introduction To Linking Theor
    by Janet L. Walsh

  • 2016 Identification Of Innovation Capabilities For Micro And Small Enterprises In Morelos, Mexico
    by Mayanyn Larrañaga Moreno & María Teresa Ortega Flores

  • 2016 The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance On Customer Loyalty: Evidence From Ghana
    by Evans Sokro & Ruby Melody Agbola

  • 2016 An Examination Of The Impact Of Culture On Ifrs Risk Disclosures For Firms That Cross- List In The U.S
    by Carmen B. Ríos-Figueroa

  • 2016 Organizational Support and Self-Efficacy as the Predictors of Dissenter Behavior among Hotel Employees
    by Aziz Gokhan Ozkoc & Tugba Bektas

  • 2016 Mergers And Acquisitions Strategies For Market Penetration In New Countries: The Case Of Alsea Group
    by José G. VARGAS-HERNÁNDEZ & Michelle Ángeles PÉREZ MARTÍNEZ

  • 2016 Determinants of Academic Startups’ Orientation toward International Business Expansion
    by Shinya Suzuki & Hiroyuki Okamuro

  • 2016 Project Risk Management: Challenge Established Practice
    by Ole Jonny Klakegg

  • 2016 University Knowledge Transfer Offices and Social Responsibility
    by Irene Martín-Rubio & Diego Andina

  • 2016 What Is Public Agency Strategic Analysis (PASA) and How Does It Differ from Public Policy Analysis and Firm Strategy Analysis?
    by Aidan R. Vining

  • 2016 Linking HRM Practices and Institutional Setting to Collective Turnover: An Empirical Exploration
    by Dirk Van Dierendonck & Arthur Lankester & Maria Zmyslona & Hans Rothweiler

  • 2016 Investigating the Reliability and Validity of the Leadership Practices Inventory ®
    by Barry Z. Posner

  • 2016 Drafting an Effective Ethical Code of Conduct for Professional Societies: A Practical Guide
    by Margaret C. Hardy

  • 2016 The Effect of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations on Academics’ Entrepreneurial Intention
    by Davide Antonioli & Francesco Nicolli & Laura Ramaciotti & Ugo Rizzo

  • 2016 Challenges in Cost Estimation under Uncertainty—A Case Study of the Decommissioning of Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant
    by Olav Torp & Ole Jonny Klakegg

  • 2016 Farmer-Entrepreneurs, Agricultural Innovation, and Explosive Research and Development Cycles
    by João Ricardo Faria & Franklin G. Mixon

  • 2016 The Effects of Traditional and Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Destination Image: A Case of Vacation Tourists Visiting Branson, Missouri
    by Koji Ishida & Lisa Slevitch & Katia Siamionava

  • 2016 Strengthening the Energy Policy Making Process and Sustainability Outcomes in the OECD through Policy Design
    by Andrew Chapman & Benjamin McLellan & Tetsuo Tezuka

  • 2016 Successful Control of Major Project Budgets
    by Steen Lichtenberg

  • 2016 Customer Relationship Management and Recent Developments
    by Noel Yee-Man Siu

  • 2016 Value of Uncertainty: The Lost Opportunities in Large Projects
    by Agnar Johansen & Petter Eik-Andresen & Andreas Dypvik Landmark & Anandasivakumar Ekambaram & Asbjørn Rolstadås

  • 2016 Understanding Collaboration in Integrated Forms of Project Delivery by Taking a Risk-Uncertainty Based Perspective
    by Derek Walker & Beverley Lloyd-Walker

  • 2016 The State of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research
    by Fernando Muñoz-Bullón

  • 2016 Advertising between Archetype and Brand Personality
    by Clemens Bechter & Giorgio Farinelli & Rolf-Dieter Daniel & Michael Frey

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship as Facilitator for Sustainable Development? Editorial for the Special Issue “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”
    by Jacob Hörisch

  • 2016 Is Self-Regulation Sufficient? Case of the German Transparency Code
    by Kristin Buske & Stefan Jentzsch & Clemens Bechter

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2015
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office

  • 2016 Factors of Attracting Customers in Jordanian Consumer Markets: A Case Study of Amman Markets
    by Hisham Ali SHATNAWI & Hamdi Jaber AL-BARAKAT

  • 2016 Phenomenon of “Born Globals” in the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic
    by Iveta Simberova & Eliska Rekova

  • 2016 Measuring corporate social responsibility using composite indices: Mission impossible? The case of the electricity utility industry
    by Paredes-Gazquez, Juan Diego & Rodriguez-Fernandez, José Miguel & de la Cuesta-Gonzalez, Marta

  • 2016 Cross-border acquisitions by state-owned and private enterprises: A perspective from emerging economies
    by Reddy, K.S. & Xie, En & Huang, Yuanyuan

  • 2016 Marketing within the Boundaries of Psychology: What Influences the Choice Whether to go for International Education?
    by Huda Hudaverdi & Yuliya Yankova

  • 2016 Effect of Self-esteem on Customer Citizenship Behaviors among International University Branch Campus Students
    by Vie Ming Tan & Farzana Quoquab & Fauziah Sh. Ahmad & Jihad Mohammad

  • 2016 “Made In China” Products and the Implication of Ethnic Identification Strength
    by Huat Wei Huang & Ernest Cyril de Run & Ernest Cyril de Run & Hiram Ting & Hiram Ting & Huong Sung Colin Ting

  • 2016 Análisis de atracción de inversión extranjera a países de la Alianza del Pacífico
    by Oscar Alberto Gómez & José Roberto Concha

  • 2016 Presencia de la expansión internacional en la misión y visión de las principales empresas privadas y estatales de América Latina
    by José Satsumi López Morales & Isabel Ortega Ridaura

  • 2016 Influencia de los estilos de liderazgo en el desempeno de las empresas ˜ exportadoras colombianas
    by Diana Marcela Escandon-Barbosa & Andrea Hurtado-Ayala

  • 2016 Romanian Cultural Specificity Reflected In The Romanian Post-December Studies
    by Angelica-Nicoleta NECULAESEI (ONEA)

  • 2016 Knowledge - Imperative Assets For The Management And Performance Of Modern Business
    by Laurentia Elena, SCURTU

  • 2016 Partner Choice Multi-Criteria Model At The Strategic Business Alliances Forming
    by KHARLAMOVA Ganna & BALAN Valeriy & KUKHTA Pavlo

  • 2016 The rights of shareholders – basic principle of corporate governance by means of case-specific jurisprudence
    by Adrian Doru BÎGIOI & Cristina Elena DUMITRU

  • 2016 The Role Of Accounting Information Systems In Making Investment Decisions
    by Emad Eldin Mahmoud ALI EID

  • 2016 The Role Of Accounting Information Systems In Making Investment Decisions
    by Emad Eldin Mahmoud ALI EID

  • 2016 Korporacje transnarodowe a standardy CSR w zakresie ochrony środowiska / Transnational Corporations and CSR Standards in Environmental Protection
    by Agnieszka Drzymała

  • 2016 The Internationalization Motives of SMEs from the Czech Republic in the Context of EU Accession
    by Lea Kubíčková & Martina Toulová & Marcela Tuzová & Lucie Veselá

  • 2016 How to Transfer a Coupon-Based Event into a Hedonic Shopping Experience? Retail Branding Implications Based on the Glamour Shopping Days
    by Zita Kelemen & Péter Nagy & Ildikó Kemény

  • 2016-12-30 La internacionalización de la industria alimenticia española. El caso de Ebro Foods
    by De Matías Batalla, David

  • 2016-04 El resultado internacional de las nuevas empresas. Una visión relacional asociada a la orientación al mercado de la red
    by Monferrer Tirado, Diego & Estrada Guillén, Marta

  • 2016 (Volume XVIII) Intercultural Competence Between Desirability And Necessity
    by Angelica-Nicoleta NECULAESEI (ONEA)

  • 2015 A Critical Review of Theoretical Perspectives on Emerging Economy Multinationals
    by Yuksel Ayden

  • 2015 The Management Control Exerted By American And Japanese Multinational Corporations Operating In Thailand
    by Santidhorn Pooripakdee

  • 2015 Trans-nationalisation of a main office in a multinational firm
    by Fumihiko Isada & Yuriko Isada

  • 2015 Study on employees? satisfaction in the Total Quality Management context. Evidence from Romanian metal industry
    by Horatiu Catalin Salagean & Liviu Ilies & Razvan Dimitrie Garbacea

  • 2015 Risk Perception in an Arab Country
    by Adel Al Khattab

  • 2015 The Impact of Fractionalization on Cultural Distance Measures
    by John M Luiz

  • 2015 Global Strategy of Asian Market Enterprises
    by Sircar, Sanjoy & Agrawal, Rajat & SK, Shanthi & Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Teleological Dynamics of Organizational Performance: From Process to Practice and Performance
    by Chatterjee, Sidharta

  • 2015 Multivector strategy vs quantum strategy by Apple Inc
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Worker problem-solving and the nature of the firm: new theory, new evidence
    by Dorman, Peter & Nolte, Heike

  • 2015 Determinants of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: A Comprehensive Review and Future Direction
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Why do Cross-border Merger/Acquisition Deals become Delayed, or Unsuccessful? – A Cross-Case Analysis in the Dynamic Industries
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 The State of Case Study Research in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Review of the Literature in Different Management Streams
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Market for Corporate Control and Contractual Buyout (CoBO): A New “Collective Ownership-and-Administrative” Strategy
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Extant Reviews on Entry-mode/Internationalization, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Diversification: Understanding Theories and Establishing Interdisciplinary Research
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 The impact of the global financial crisis on border-crossing mergers and acquisitions: A continental/industry analysis
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Macroeconomic Change, and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Indian Experience, 1991-2010
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Revisiting and Reinforcing the Farmers Fox Theory: A Study (Test) of Three Cases in Cross-border Inbound Acquisitions
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Shaping Japanese Management Abroad: How and Why Japanese Companies are Embedded with Particular Practices in India
    by Mohan Pyari Maharjan & Tomoki Sekiguchi

  • 2015 Internationalization Process of Entrepreneurial Activities: A Comparative Study of Czech Companies
    by Šárka Zapletalová

  • 2015 Does Foreign Entry Spur Innovation?
    by Yuriy Gorodnichenko & Jan Svejnar & Katherine Terrell

  • 2015 Does Foreign Entry Spur Innovation?
    by Gorodnichenko, Yuriy & Svejnar, Jan & Terrell, Katherine

  • 2015 How Travelers Use Online and Social Media Channels to Make Hotel Choice Decisions. A Comparative Study of Russian Federation and American Tourists’ Online Consumer Behavior
    by Sergey P. Kazakov & Marina D. Predvoditeleva

  • 2015 A Case Study on Multinational Companies’ Global Innovation Networks and Global Production Networks: Toward a Theoretical Conceptualisation
    by Liu, Ju

  • 2015 The Impact of Board Internationalization on Earnings Management
    by Hooghiemstra, Reggy & Hermes, Niels & Oxelheim, Lars & Randøy, Trond

  • 2015 The Links between the Companies` Market Price Quality and that of its Management and Business Quality: A System Panel Data Approach
    by Dinis Santos & Elias Soukiazis

  • 2015 Measuring cultural intelligence: a new test of the CQ scale
    by Bücker, Joost‏ JLE & Furrer, Olivier & Lin, Yanyan

  • 2015 Management in China: Cultural, institutional roots and pragmatism. An inquiry in Shanghai
    by Grégory Wegmann & Ivan Ruviditch

  • 2015 Logistics and transport in Colombia: factors affecting the export performance
    by Diana Marcela Escandon Barbosa

  • 2015 Do Japanese MNCs use Expatriates to Contain Risk in Asian Host Countries?
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  • 2014 A Content Analysis Of The Mission Statements Of Iran, Turkey, India And United States Pharmaceutical Companies
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  • 2014 Exploring An Emerging Field: The Implications Of Global Social Entrepreneurship
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  • 2014 Exploring An Emerging Field: The Implications Of Global Social Entrepreneurship
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  • 2014 Exploring An Emerging Field: The Implications Of Global Social Entrepreneurship
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  • 2012 The effect of family-oriented objectives on board composition
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  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
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  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
    by Florin IORDANOAIA

  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
    by Florin IORDANOAIA

  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
    by Florin IORDANOAIA

  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
    by Florin IORDANOAIA

  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
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  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
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  • 2010 Master Of The Ship, Manager And Instructor
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 Strategic Approaches With Effects On Competitiveness And Profitability Of Textile Market In Iraq
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Internationalization Of Business As An Option In The Marketing Strategy Of The Entrepreneur
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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  • 2010 The Training Of International Managers – Success Factor In International Business
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