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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q12: Micro Analysis of Farm Firms, Farm Households, and Farm Input Markets
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  • 2917 Evaluación del impacto conjunto de programas de transferencia condicionadas y de apoyo a la producción agrícola sobre la pobreza y la producción de alimentos: el caso de PROSPERA y PROCAMPO en México
    by Antonio Yúnez Naude & George Dyer Leal & Fabiola Rivera Ramírez & Omar Stabridis Arana

  • 2090 Production Risk and Farm Technology Adoption in Rain-Fed, Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya
    by Juma, Maurice & Nyangena, Wilfred & Yesuf, Mahmud

  • 2017 Farm productivity and agroholdings membership: Farm-level evidence from the Russian Far East
    by O. Vasilyeva & A. Bilko.

  • 2017 Farm Efficiency and Its Determinants in Different Farm Size and Altitude Categories: A Case of Organic Coffee Cultivation in Nepal
    by Krishna Lal Poudel & Bhawani Mishra & Thomas G. Johnson

  • 2017 Rainfall risk, fertility and development: Evidence from farm settlements during the American demographic transition
    by Grimm, Michael

  • 2017 Will climate change benefit or hurt Russian grain production? A statistical evidence from a panel approach
    by Belyaeva, Maria & Bokusheva, Raushan

  • 2017 Determinants of productivity and efficiency of wheat production in Kazakhstan: A stochastic frontier approach
    by Tleubayev, Alisher & Bobojonov, Ihtiyor & Götz, Linde & Hockmann, Heinrich & Glauben, Thomas

  • 2017 Technology Adoption, Capital Deepening, and International Productivity Differences
    by Chaoran Chen

  • 2017 Market chain participation and food security: the case of the Ugandan maize farmers
    by Pierluigi Montalbano & Rebecca Pietrelli & Luca Salvatici

  • 2017 Farm heterogeneity and agricultural policy impacts on size dynamics: evidence from France
    by Legrand D. F, Saint-Cyr

  • 2017 Biodiversity Productive Capacity in Mixed Farms of North-West of France: a Multi-output Primal System
    by François Bareille & Pierre Dupraz

  • 2017 Farmers and Pixels: Toward Sustainable Agricultural Finance with Space Technology
    by Sommarat Chantarat & Preesan Rakwatin & Chutatong Charumilind

  • 2017 National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme and Marginal Farmer Households: An Assessment
    by Kundu, AMIT

  • 2017 Environmental sustainability of Bulgarian agricultural Farms – assessment, state, factors
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Role of socio-economic variables in adoption of crop insurance: A Discriminant Function Approach
    by Kumari, Mrinali & Singh, K.M. & Sinha, D.K. & Ahmad, Nasim & Mishra, R.R.

  • 2017 Growth Performance and Resource Use Efficiency of Maize in Bihar: An Economic Perspectives
    by Ahmad, Nasim & Sinha, D.K. & Singh, K.M. & Mishra, R.R.

  • 2017 A Study on Maize Production in Samastipur (Bihar): An Empirical Analysis
    by Kumar, Amalendu & Singh, K.M.

  • 2017 Market participation of smallholders and the role of the upstream segment: evidence from Guinea
    by CAMARA, Alhassane

  • 2017 Framework for analyzing and assessing the system of governance and the level of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria and China
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 An Assessment of Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Sustainability of farms of natural persons in Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Governance, economic, social and environmental sustainability of farms of different luridical type in Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Long-term Effects of Early Life Maize Yield on Maize Productivity and Efficiency in Rural Malawi
    by Mussa, Richard

  • 2017 Mechanisms of Financial Support As A Factor Determining The Development Of The Organic Farming Sector In The Countries Of European Union
    by Joanna Rorat & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Marcin Niemiec & Jakub Sikora & Michal Cupial

  • 2017 A Survey Of Farm Management And Reproductive Managment Strategies On U.S. Commercial Dairy Farms
    by Courtney Bir & Nicole Olynk Widmar & Nathan Thompson & Christopher A. Wolf

  • 2017 The impact of climate change on crop production in Ghana: A Structural Ricardian analysis
    by Prince Etwire & David Fielding & Victoria Kahui

  • 2017 Evaluating dynamics, sources and drivers of productivity growth at the farm level
    by Raushan Bokusheva & Lukáš Čechura

  • 2017 Estimating the link between farm productivity and innovation in the Netherlands
    by Johannes Sauer

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of Pellagra in the American South
    by Karen Clay & Ethan Schmick & Werner Troesken

  • 2017 Expect Above Average Temperatures: Identifying the Economic Impacts of Climate Change
    by Derek Lemoine

  • 2017 Crop Disease and Agricultural Productivity
    by Christine L. Carroll & Colin A. Carter & Rachael E. Goodhue & C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell

  • 2017 Decentralization and Efficiency of Subsidy Targeting: Evidence from Chiefs in Rural Malawi
    by Pia M. Basurto & Pascaline Dupas & Jonathan Robinson

  • 2017 Agricultural Transformation in Senegal: Impacts of an integrated program
    by Abdoulaye Diagne Author-Name: Fran ois J. Cabral

  • 2017 Climate risk and food security in Guatemala
    by Renato Vargas & Pamela Escobar & Maynor Cabrera & Javier Cabrera & Violeta Hernández & Vivian Guzmán & Martin Cicowiez

  • 2017 Farm Household Incomes in OECD Member Countries over the Last 30 Years of Public Support
    by Bruno Henry de Frahan & Jérémie Dong & Rembert De Blander

  • 2017 Farm Household Incomes in OECD Member Countries over the Last 30 Years of Public Support
    by Bruno Henry de Frahan & Jérémie Dong & Rembert De Blander

  • 2017 Can money always talk? : implication for environmental compensation by international agribusiness
    by Zhou, Li & Lei, Lei

  • 2017 How Sustainable Are Benefits from Extension for Smallholder Farmers? Evidence from a Randomized Phase-Out of the BRAC Program in Uganda
    by Fishman, Ram & Smith, Stephen C. & Bobić, Vida & Sulaiman, Munshi

  • 2017 Women's Economic Capacity and Children's Human Capital Accumulation
    by de Hoop, Jacobus & Premand, Patrick & Rosati, Furio C. & Vakis, Renos

  • 2017 Drivers of farmers' income: The role of farm size and diversification
    by Varun Kumar Das & A. Ganesh Kumar

  • 2017 Agricultural Input Subsidies and Productivity: The Case of Paraguayan Farmers
    by César Augusto López & Lina Salazar & Carmine Paolo De Salvo

  • 2017 Inefficiency in Rice Production and Land Use: A Panel Study of Japanese Rice Farmers
    by Ogawa, Kazuo

  • 2017 Contract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and Agricultural intensification: The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire
    by MANO, Yukichi Y. & TAKAHASHI, Kazushi & OTSUKA, Keijiro

  • 2017 Can conservation agriculture save tropical forests? The case of minimum tillage in Zambia
    by Ngoma, Hambulo & Angelsen, Arild

  • 2017 Adoption of Soil Fertility Management Technologies in Malawi: Impact of Drought Exposure
    by Katengeza, Samson P. & Holden , Stein T. & Fisher , Monica

  • 2017 Probability Weighting and Input Use Intensity in a State-Contingent Framework
    by Holden , Stein T. & Quiggin, John

  • 2017 Adoption of Drought Tolerant Maize Varieties under Rainfall Stress in Malawi
    by Katengeza, Samson P. & Holden , Stein T. & Lunduka, Rodney W.

  • 2017 Estimating agricultural production in Scania, 1702–1881 : User guide for the Historical Database of Scanian Agriculture and overall results
    by Olsson, Mats & Svensson, Patrick

  • 2017 Weather and income: effect on household saving and well-being in South Africa
    by Helena Ting & Martina Bozzola & Timothy Swanson

  • 2017 Can Land Fragmentation Reduce the Exposure of Rural Households to Weather Variability?
    by Stefanija Veljanoska

  • 2017 Can Land Fragmentation Reduce the Exposure of Rural Households to Weather Variability?
    by Stefanija Veljanoska

  • 2017 Assessing the Competitive Advantage of Public Policy Support for Supply Chain Resilience
    by Eiji Yamaji

  • 2017 Chained to Sustainable Development Goals? The Changing Role of Entities for Enhanced Resilience along Agriculture Food Value Chains in Thailand
    by John K.M. Kuwornu

  • 2017 An Alternative Specification for Technical Efficiency Effects in a Stochastic Frontier Production Function
    by Satya Paul & Sriram Shanker

  • 2017 Price hike of staple food, nutritional impact and consumption adjustment: Evidence from the 2005-2010 rice price increase in rural Bangladesh
    by Syed Abul Hasan

  • 2017 The Returns of "I Do": Multifaceted Female Decision-making and Agricultural Yields in Tanzania
    by Rama Lionel Ngenzebuke

  • 2017 Health-Damaging Inputs, Workers Health Status and Productivity Measurement
    by Konstantinos Chatzimichael & Margarita Genius & Vangelis Tzouvelekas

  • 2017 Decentralization and Efficiency of Subsidy Targeting: Evidence from Chiefs in Rural Malawi
    by Basurto, Pia & Dupas, Pascaline & Robinson, Jonathan

  • 2017 Unintended Impacts: How roads change health and nutrition for ethnic minorities in Congo
    by Jacqueline Doremus

  • 2017 Small farms contribution to food security: a food system resilience perspective
    by Pavlos Karanikolas & Dimitrios Theocharidis & Thedoros Tsiligiridis & Konstantinos Tsiboukas

  • 2017 Incentive provision to farm workers in post-socialist settings: evidence from East Germany and North Kazakhstan
    by Petrick, Martin

  • 2017 An Analysis of Welfare Effect of Market Participation of Smallholder Farm Households in Guinea
    by Alhassane Camara

  • 2017 Cropping systems diversification, improved seed, manure and inorganic fertilizer adoption by maize producers of eastern Ethiopia
    by Musa Hasen Ahmed & Kassahun Mamo Geleta & Aemro Tazeze & Hiwot Mekonnen Mesfin & Eden Andualem Tilahun

  • 2017 Production technology and technical efficiency: irrigated and rain-fed rice farms in northern Ghana
    by Benjamin T. Anang & Stefan Bäckman & Antonios Rezitis

  • 2017 Adoption and farm-level impact of conservation agriculture in Central Ethiopia
    by Wondwossen Tsegaye & Roberto LaRovere & Germano Mwabu & Girma T. Kassie

  • 2017 Predicting minimum tillage adoption among smallholder farmers using micro-level and policy variables
    by Paswel P. Marenya & Menale Kassie & Moti Jaleta & Dil Bahadur Rahut & Olaf Erenstein

  • 2017 Categorizing households into different food security states in Nigeria: the socio-economic and demographic determinants
    by Kolawole Ogundari

  • 2017 Land, Food and Labour in Pre-Industrial Agro-Ecosystems: a Socio-Ecological Perspective on Early 19th Century Seigneurial Systems
    by Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger & Simone Gringrich & Dino Güldner & Fridolin Krausmann & Enric Tello

  • 2017 Tendencies, Problems And Prospects Of The Balanced And Competitive Development Of Agrarian Entrepreneurship In Russia

  • 2017 Financial Capacity of Rice-based Farming Households in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    by Le Canh Dung & Vo Van Ha & Vo Van Tuan & Dang Kieu Nhan & John Ward & Peter Brown

  • 2017 The Role of Gender, Risk, and Time Preferences in Farmers' Rice Variety Selection in Eastern India
    by Mamta Mehar & Takashi Yamano & Architesh Panda

  • 2017 The Effect of CAP Subsidies on the Technical Efficiency of Polish Dairy Farms
    by Jerzy Marzec & Andrzej Pisulewski

  • 2017 Lemon Technologies and Adoption: Measurement, Theory and Evidence from Agricultural Markets in Uganda
    by Tessa Bold & Kayuki C. Kaizzi & Jakob Svensson & David Yanagizawa-Drott

  • 2017 Variable Returns to Fertiliser Use and the Geography of Poverty: Experimental and Simulation Evidence from Malawi
    by Aurélie P. Harou & Yanyan Liu & Christopher B. Barrett & Liangzhi You

  • 2017 The empirics of decoupling: Alternative estimation approaches of the farm-level production response
    by Roberto Esposti

  • 2017 Analysing trade-offs between milk, feed and manure production on Dutch dairy farms
    by Gerlinda S. Samson & Cornelis Gardebroek & Roel A. Jongeneel

  • 2017 Abandonment of milk production under uncertainty and inefficiency: the case of western German Farms
    by Simone Pieralli & Silke Hüttel & Martin Odening

  • 2017 Is the risk attitude measured with the Holt and Laury task reflected in farmers’ production risk?
    by Elisabeth Vollmer & Daniel Hermann & Oliver Mußhoff

  • 2017 Climate risk and state-contingent technology adoption: shocks, drought tolerance and preferences
    by Stein T. Holden & John Quiggin

  • 2017 The incidence of biogas feed-in tariffs on farmland rental rates – evidence from northern Germany
    by Solveigh Hennig & Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

  • 2017 Returns to fertiliser use: Does it pay enough? Some new evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Estelle Koussoubé & Céline Nauges

  • 2017 Greenhouse gas emissions and efficiency in French sheep meat farming: A non-parametric framework of pollution-adjusted technologies
    by K Hervé Dakpo & Philippe Jeanneaux & Laure Latruffe

  • 2017 Does A Social Welfare Program Affect Farmland Use? Empirical Evidence Using Administrative Data in Taiwan
    by Hung-Hao Chang

  • 2017 Health and Women’s Role in Agricultural Production Efficiency
    by Ioanna G. Gkiza & Stefanos A. Nastis

  • 2017 Predicting Success in a Productive Asset Transfer Program: A Goat Program in Haiti
    by William M. Thompson & Nicholas Magnan

  • 2017 No Longer Trapped? Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Cash Transfers to Ultra-Poor Women in Northern Kenya
    by Vilas J. Gobin & Paulo Santos & Russell Toth

  • 2017 Influence of Neighbor Experience and Exit on Small Farmer Market Participation
    by Hope C. Michelson

  • 2017 Expected Product Market Reforms and Technology Adoption by Senegalese Onion Producers
    by Tanguy Bernard & Alain de Janvry & Samba Mbaye & Elisabeth Sadoulet

  • 2017 Subsidies and Technical Efficiency in Agriculture: Evidence from European Dairy Farms
    by Laure Latruffe & Boris E. Bravo-Ureta & Alain Carpentier & Yann Desjeux & Víctor H. Moreira

  • 2017 “Decoupled” Farm Program Payments are Really Decoupled: The Theory Absolute Risk Aversion Matter?
    by Robert G. Chambers & Daniel C. Voica

  • 2017 Contract Farming and Food Security
    by Marc F. Bellemare & Lindsey Novak

  • 2017 National rural employment guarantee programme and marginal farmer households: An assessment
    by Amit KUNDU

  • 2017 Derivation of netput shadow prices under different levels of pest pressure
    by Theodoros Skevas & Teresa Serra

  • 2017 Technical efficiency for Colombian small crop and livestock farmers: A stochastic metafrontier approach for different production systems
    by Ligia Alba Melo-Becerra & Antonio José Orozco-Gallo

  • 2017 Eco-efficient choice of cropping system for reducing nitrate-N leaching in an agricultural watershed
    by Emmanuel K. Yiridoe & Frederick Amon-Armah & Dale Hebb & Rob Jamieson

  • 2017 The impact of social grant-dependency on agricultural entrepreneurship among rural households in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
    by Sikhulumile Sinyolo & Maxwell Mudhara & Edilegnaw Wale

  • 2017 Rice Ecosystems and Adoption of Modern Rice Varieties in Odisha, East India: Intensity, Determinants and Policy Implications
    by Kirtti Ranjan Paltasingh & Phanindra Goyari & Kiril Tochkov

  • 2017 Impacts of exposure and access to seed on the adoption of dual-purpose Cowpea and Groundnut varieties in Ghana
    by Bright O. Asante & Renato A. Villano & Ian W. Patrick & George E. Battese

  • 2017 Development of the Capital Service Market in Agriculture: The Emergence of Tractor-Hire Services in Ghana
    by Nazaire Houssou* Author-Name: Xinshen Diao Author-Name: Collins Asante-Addo Author-Name: Shashidhara Kolavalli

  • 2017 Microfinance and rural non-farm employment in developing countries
    by Shyamal Chowdhury

  • 2017 Does Community Forest Collective Action Promote Private Tree Planting? Evidence from Ethiopia
    by Alemu Mekonnen & Randall Bluffstone

  • 2017 Labour Productivity In Romania’S Agriculture. A Regional Analysis By Farm Types
    by Cecilia ALEXANDRI

  • 2017 Gross Domestic Product And Rural Depopulation In Romania: Analysis Of Correlations Using A Quantitative Approach
    by Nicola GALLUZZO

  • 2017 Cereal Production Stability In Territorial Profile
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2017 Overview of Evaluation Parameters of Economic Effectiveness of Field Fodder Production
    by Oleksandr Marynych

  • 2017 Global Biofuels at the Crossroads: An Overview of Technical, Policy, and Investment Complexities in the Sustainability of Biofuel Development
    by Kathleen Araújo & Devinder Mahajan & Ryan Kerr & Marcelo da Silva

  • 2017 Effect of Organic, Inorganic Fertilizers and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Cabbage
    by Md Ashraful Islam & Gulam Ferdous & Akber Akter & Md Mokter Hossain & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Impact of Practice Change on Runoff Water Quality and Vegetable Yield—An On-Farm Case Study
    by Gunasekhar Nachimuthu & Neil V. Halpin & Michael J. Bell

  • 2017 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Organic Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer in Tea Fields
    by Meihua Deng & Mudan Hou & Naoko Ohkama-Ohtsu & Tadashi Yokoyama & Haruo Tanaka & Kenta Nakajima & Ryosuke Omata & Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura

  • 2017 Evaluation of Pectin Extraction Conditions and Polyphenol Profile from Citrus x lantifolia Waste: Potential Application as Functional Ingredients
    by Teresa del Rosario Ayora-Talavera & Cristina A. Ramos-Chan & Ana G. Covarrubias-Cárdenas & Angeles Sánchez-Contreras & Ulises García-Cruz & Neith A. Pacheco L.

  • 2017 Surface and Subsurface Transport of Nitrate Loss from the Selected Bioenergy Crop Fields: Systematic Review, Analysis and Future Directions
    by Suresh Sharma & Indrajeet Chaubey

  • 2017 Impacts of Rural Labor Resource Change on the Technical Efficiency of Crop Production in China
    by Ning Yin & Yapeng Wang

  • 2017 Changes in Carbon Cycling during Development of Successional Agroforestry
    by Tomas Selecky & Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura & Yuji Kobata & Masaaki Yamada & Iraê A. Guerrini & Helio M. Umemura & Dinaldo A. Dos Santos

  • 2017 Phytochemistry and Agro-Industrial Potential of Native Oilseeds from West Africa: African Grape ( Lannea microcarpa ), Marula ( Sclerocarya birrea ), and Butter Tree ( Pentadesma butyracea )
    by Adama Hilou & Adjima Bougma & Mamoudou H. Dicko

  • 2017 Fusarium Wilt Affecting Chickpea Crop
    by Warda Jendoubi & Mariem Bouhadida & Amal Boukteb & Mohamed Béji & Mohamed Kharrat

  • 2017 Development and Evaluation of Poly Herbal Molluscicidal Extracts for Control of Apple Snail ( Pomacea maculata )
    by Guruswamy Prabhakaran & Subhash Janardhan Bhore & Manikam Ravichandran

  • 2017 Suppression of CH4 Emission by Rice Straw Removal and Application of Bio‐Ethanol Production Residue in a Paddy Field in Akita, Japan
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Jota Ichikawa & Masato Ogawa & Saki Ogaya & Kentaro Yasuda & Yukiya Kobayashi & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta & Ken‐ichiro Nagahama

  • 2017 The Impact of a Warming Micro‐Climate on Muooni Farmers of Kenya
    by Cush Ngonzo Luwesi & Joy Apiyo Obando & Chris Allan Shisanya

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Conservation Tillage for Organic Farming
    by Patrick M. Carr

  • 2017 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Properties and the Growth, Yield and Quality of Tomato in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    by M. Ashraful Islam & Sumiya Islam & Ayasha Akter & Md Habibur Rahman & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Erratum: Ghasemi, M., et al. The Evaluation of Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid on Physiological Characteristics, Proline and Essential Oil Content of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) under Normal and Heat Stress Conditions. Agriculture 2016, 6, 31
    by Mojtaba Ghasemi & Mohammad Modarresi & Nadali Babaeian Jelodar & Nadali Bagheri & Abbas Jamali

  • 2017 Ammonia and Methane Emission Factors from Cattle Operations Expressed as Losses of Dietary Nutrients or Energy
    by Zifei Liu & Yang Liu & James P. Murphy & Ronaldo Maghirang

  • 2017 Changes in the Polyphenolic Profile, Carotenoids and Antioxidant Potential of Apricot ( Prunus armeniaca L.) Leaves during Maturation
    by Alam Zeb & Nadia Khadim & Waqar Ali

  • 2017 Assessment of Photosynthetic Pigment and Water Contents in Intact Sunflower Plants from Spectral Indices
    by Antonio José Steidle Neto & Daniela de Carvalho Lopes & João Carlos Ferreira Borges Júnior

  • 2017 Achieving Sustainability: Insights from Biogas Ecosystems in India
    by Gita Surie

  • 2017 Advances in Eco-Efficient Agriculture: The Plant-Soil Mycobiome
    by Marcela Claudia Pagano & Eduardo J. Azevedo Correa & Neimar F. Duarte & Bakhytzhan Yelikbayev & Anthonia O’Donovan & Vijai Kumar Gupta

  • 2017 Mitigating Global Warming Potential and Greenhouse Gas Intensities by Applying Composted Manure in Cornfield: A 3-Year Field Study in an Andosol Soil
    by Ikabongo Mukumbuta & Mariko Shimizu & Ryusuke Hatano

  • 2017 Durum Wheat Cover Analysis in the Scope of Policy and Market Price Changes: A Case Study in Southern Italy
    by Si Mokrane Siad & Andrea Gioia & Gerrit Hoogenboom & Vito Iacobellis & Antonio Novelli & Eufemia Tarantino & Pandi Zdruli

  • 2017 Small-Scale Vegetable Farmers’ Participation in Modern Retail Market Channels in Indonesia: The Determinants of and Effects on Their Income
    by Alim Setiawan Slamet & Akira Nakayasu & Masahiro Ichikawa

  • 2017 Efflux of Soil Nitrous Oxide from Applied Fertilizer Containing Organic Materials in Citrus unshiu Field in Southwestern Japan
    by Yo Toma & Takeshi Higuchi & Osamu Nagata & Yasuhiko Kato & Tooru Izumiya & Shingo Oomori & Hideto Ueno

  • 2017 Rice Cultivation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Review and Conceptual Framework with Reference to Ghana
    by Kofi K. Boateng & George Y. Obeng & Ebenezer Mensah

  • 2017 Beyond Food Provisioning: The Transformative Potential of Grassroots Innovation around Food
    by Adanella Rossi

  • 2017 State Support in Brazil for a Local Turn to Food
    by Ana Paula Matei & Paul Swagemakers & Maria Dolores Dominguez Garcia & Leonardo Xavier da Silva & Flaminia Ventura & Pierluigi Milone

  • 2017 Practices for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rice Production in Northeast Thailand
    by Noppol Arunrat & Nathsuda Pumijumnong

  • 2017 Development and Testing of a Device to Increase the Level of Automation of a Conventional Milking Parlor through Vocal Commands
    by Mauro Zaninelli

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2016
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2017 Can Phosphate Salts Recovered from Manure Replace Conventional Phosphate Fertilizer?
    by Andrea Ehmann & Inga-Mareike Bach & Sukhanes Laopeamthong & Jennifer Bilbao & Iris Lewandowski

  • 2017 The demand for public–private crop insurance and government disaster relief
    by Liesivaara, Petri & Myyrä, Sami

  • 2017 Farmers’ preferences for supermarket contracts in Kenya
    by Ochieng, Dennis O. & Veettil, Prakashan C. & Qaim, Matin

  • 2017 How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women?
    by Palacios-Lopez, Amparo & Christiaensen, Luc & Kilic, Talip

  • 2017 Non-farm entrepreneurship in rural sub-Saharan Africa: New empirical evidence
    by Nagler, Paula & Naudé, Wim

  • 2017 Labor productivity and employment gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by McCullough, Ellen B.

  • 2017 Agricultural commercialization and nutrition revisited: Empirical evidence from three African countries
    by Carletto, Calogero & Corral, Paul & Guelfi, Anita

  • 2017 Welfare impacts of improved chickpea adoption: A pathway for rural development in Ethiopia?
    by Verkaart, Simone & Munyua, Bernard G. & Mausch, Kai & Michler, Jeffrey D.

  • 2017 Economic incentive and factors affecting tree planting of rural households: Evidence from the Central Highlands of Vietnam
    by Dinh, Hoang Huu & Nguyen, Trung Thanh & Hoang, Viet-Ngu & Wilson, Clevo

  • 2017 Technological innovation and dispersion: Environmental benefits and the adoption of improved biomass cookstoves in Tigrai, northern Ethiopia
    by Gebreegziabher, Zenebe & van Kooten, G. Cornelis & van Soest, Daan P.

  • 2017 The climate challenge for agriculture and the value of climate services: Application to coffee-farming in Peru
    by Lechthaler, Filippo & Vinogradova, Alexandra

  • 2017 The climate challenge for agriculture and the value of climate services: Application to coffee-farming in Peru
    by Lechthaler, Filippo & Vinogradova, Alexandra

  • 2017 Revisiting Pesticide Taxation Schemes
    by Finger, Robert & Möhring, Niklas & Dalhaus, Tobias & Böcker, Thomas

  • 2017 Endogenous time horizon and behavioral poverty trap: Theory and evidence from Mozambique
    by Laajaj, Rachid

  • 2017 Do disaster experience and knowledge affect insurance take-up decisions?
    by Cai, Jing & Song, Changcheng

  • 2017 Off-farm employment and agricultural specialization in China
    by Wang, Xiaobing & Huang, Jikun & Rozelle, Scott

  • 2017 An efficiency-based concept to assess potential cost and greenhouse gas savings on German dairy farms
    by Wettemann, Patrick Johannes Christopher & Latacz-Lohmann, Uwe

  • 2017 Relationships between Institutional Capital, Dynamic Capabilities and Competitive Advantage: Empirical Examination of the Agribusiness Sector
    by Vilani Sachitra & Siong-Choy Chong

  • 2017 Устойчивост На Управленческите Структури В Българското Земеделие – Равнище, Фактори, Перспективи
    by Храбрин БАШЕВ

  • 2017 The Sustainability Of Management Structures In Bulgarian Agriculture – Level, Factors And Prospects
    by Hrabrin BASHEV

  • 2017 Determinantes de la explotación de maderables en Antioquia entre el 2006 y el 2010: una aproximación desde las instituciones
    by Alexander Cuartas Acosta

  • 2017 Assessment of sustainability of agricultural farms of Natural Persons in Bulgaria (Îöåíêà íà óñòîé÷èâîñòòà íà çåìåäåëñêèòå ñòîïàíñòâà íà ôèçè÷åñêè ëèöà â Áúëãàðèÿ)
    by Hrabrin Bachev

  • 2017 Agricultural Insurance and Economic Development
    by Shawn A. Cole & Wentao Xiong

  • 2017 Untitled Land, Occupational Choice, and Agricultural Productivity
    by Chaoran Chen

  • 2017 Wealth Heterogeneity and the Income Elasticity of Migration
    by Samuel Bazzi

  • 2017 Challenges to Replication and Iteration in Field Experiments: Evidence from Two Direct Mail Shots
    by Jake Bowers & Nathaniel Higgins & Dean Karlan & Sarah Tulman & Jonathan Zinman

  • 2016 Risk management and coping strategies: climate change and agriculture in the Philippines
    by Majah-Leah V. Ravago & James Roumasset & Karl Jandoc

  • 2016 Agricultural Risk Management and Land Tenure
    by Schwerhoff, Gregor & Kalkuhl, Matthias & Waha, Katharina

  • 2016 Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswirkungen von Alternativen zur betäubungslosen Ferkelkastration in Deutschland
    by Verhaagh, Mandes & Deblitz, Claus

  • 2016 Entwicklung des Gemüsebaus in Deutschland von 2000 bis 2015: Anbauregionen, Betriebsstrukturen, Gemüsearten und Handel
    by Strohm, Kathrin & Garming, Hildegard & Dirksmeyer, Walter

  • 2016 Agrarstrukturelle Unterschiede und Veränderungen in benachteiligten und nicht-benachteiligten Gebieten von Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Eine Analyse von Landkreis- und Gemeindedaten
    by Dickel, Regina & Plankl, Reiner

  • 2016 Auswirkungen des Mindestlohns in Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau: Erfahrungen aus dem ersten Jahr und Ausblick
    by Garming, Hildegard

  • 2016 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Nachhaltigkeit und Regionalität - Chancen und Herausforderungen für den Gartenbau. Tagungsband zum 2. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 01. März 2016 im Thünen-Institut in Braunschweig
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Schulte, Michael (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.)

  • 2016 Social capital and large-scale agricultural investments: An experimental investigation in Zambia
    by Khadjavi, Menusch & Sipangule, Kacana & Thiele, Rainer

  • 2016 Obstacles to crop diversification and cotton harvest mechanisation: Farm survey evidence from two contrasting districts in Uzbekistan
    by Petrick, Martin & Djanibekov, Nodir

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