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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q13: Agricultural Markets and Marketing; Cooperatives; Agribusiness
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Farm productivity and agroholdings membership: Farm-level evidence from the Russian Far East
    by O. Vasilyeva & A. Bilko.

  • 2017 Collaborative networks and export intensity in family firms: a quantile regression approach
    by Raúl Serrano & Isabel Acero-Fraile & Natalia Dejo-Oricain

  • 2017 Impact of agricultural technology adoption on market participation in the rural social network system
    by Mekonnen, Tigist

  • 2017 From Val d’Orbieu to InVivo Wine: the emergence of new ways of strategic partnership and governance in French wine industry
    by Saïsset, L.A.

  • 2017 Impact of Mobile Phones on Staple Food Markets in Mozambique: Improved Arbitrage or Increased Rent Extraction?
    by Wouter Zant

  • 2017 Beef Price Volatility in Turkey: Can Import Policy Affect the Price and Its Uncertainty?
    by Meltem Gulenay Chadwick & Emine Meltem Bastan

  • 2017 The Welfare Economics of Dismantling Dairy Quota in a Confederation of States
    by G. Cornelis van Kooten

  • 2017 A flexible approach to age dependence in organizational mortality. Comparing the life duration for cooperative and non-cooperative enterprises using a Bayesian Generalized Additive Discrete Time Survival Model
    by Damien Rousselière

  • 2017 Les échanges de bovins vivants et de viande bovine dans le monde et dans l’UE : trajectoires productives et commerciales des principaux pays impliqués
    by Vincent Chatellier

  • 2017 International, European and French trade in dairy products: trends and competitive dynamics
    by Vincent Chatellier

  • 2017 Objectives’ alignment between members and agricultural cooperatives
    by François Bareille & Florence Bonnet-Beaugrand & Sabine Duvaleix-Treguer

  • 2017 Environmental sustainability of Bulgarian agricultural Farms – assessment, state, factors
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Trends of Pulses Production, Consumption and Import in India: Current Scenario and Strategies
    by Singh, Pushpa & Shahi, Brajesh & Singh, K.M.

  • 2017 Reality of Food Losses: A New Measurement Methodology
    by Delgado, Luciana & Schuster, Monica & Torero, Maximo

  • 2017 Growth Performance and Resource Use Efficiency of Maize in Bihar: An Economic Perspectives
    by Ahmad, Nasim & Sinha, D.K. & Singh, K.M. & Mishra, R.R.

  • 2017 Drivers of grain price volatility: a cursory critical review
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Lamonaca, Emilia & Contò, Francesco & Stasi, Antonio & Nardone, Gianluca

  • 2017 Market participation of smallholders and the role of the upstream segment: evidence from Guinea
    by CAMARA, Alhassane

  • 2017 Framework for analyzing and assessing the system of governance and the level of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria and China
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 An Assessment of Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Child Nutrition Outcomes of Market Participation of Smallholder Farmers in Central Ethiopia
    by Demeke, Leykun & Haji, Jemma

  • 2017 Sustainability of farms of natural persons in Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2017 Vertical price relationships between different cuts and quality grades in the U.S. beef marketing channel: a wholesale-retail analysis
    by Panagiotou, Dimitrios & Stavrakoudis, Athanassios

  • 2017 Green Farming Development Opportunities: the Case of Lithuania
    by Rita Remeikiene & Ligita Gaspareniene

  • 2017 Le coût des prix alimentaires élevés en Afrique de l'Ouest
    by Thomas Allen

  • 2017 The Cost of High Food Prices in West Africa
    by Thomas Allen

  • 2017 Do Agricultural Marketing Laws Matter for Rural Growth? Evidence from the Indian States
    by Purnima Purohit & Katsushi S. Imai & Kunal Sen

  • 2017 Development And Concentration Of Maize Seed Market In Thailand
    by Orachos Napasintuwong Author-Email :

  • 2017 Farmers' Preference On Conditions In Manufacturing Pineapple Sale Contract In Rayong Province
    by Parkpoom Pichhannaronk & Apichart Daloonpate & Santi Sanglestsawai Author-Email : -

  • 2017 Effects of standards on tea exports from developing countries : comparison of China and Sri Lanka
    by Lei, Lei

  • 2017 Growth factors in the agriculture of Russia
    by Uzun Vasily & Shagaida Natalia

  • 2017 Can a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder remove hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments? An application to consumer valuation of novel food products
    by Mohammed H. Alemu & Søren B. Olsen

  • 2017 Assessing the Competitive Advantage of Public Policy Support for Supply Chain Resilience
    by Eiji Yamaji

  • 2017 Chained to Sustainable Development Goals? The Changing Role of Entities for Enhanced Resilience along Agriculture Food Value Chains in Thailand
    by John K.M. Kuwornu

  • 2017 Competition in Agricultural Markets: An Experimental Approach
    by Casaburi, Lorenzo & Reed, Tristan

  • 2017 Vertical Integration and Relational Contracts: Evidence from the Costa Rica Coffee Chain
    by Macchiavello, Rocco & Miquel-Florensa, Josepa

  • 2017 An intermediary’s optimal geographical expansion choice under uncertainty
    by LEFEVRE Mélanie & THARAKAN Joe

  • 2017 Supply Uncertainty and Foreign Direct Investments in Agri-food Industry
    by Mankan M. Koné & Carl Gaigné & Lota Dabio Tamini

  • 2017 Microfinance for poverty alleviation: Do transnational initiatives overlook fundamental questions of competition and intermediation?
    by Arp, Frithjof & Ardisa, Alvin & Ardisa, Alviani

  • 2017 The emergence and proliferation of agroholdings and mega farms in a global context
    by Hermans, Frans & Chaddad, Fabio & Gagalyuk, Taras & Senesi, Sebastián & Balmann, Alfons

  • 2017 Agency costs and organizational architecture of large corporate farms: evidence from Brazil
    by Chaddad, Fabio & Valentinov, Vladislav

  • 2017 El perfeccionamiento de las UBPC y el relanzamiento del cooperativismo dentro del proceso de actualización del modelo económico cubano
    by Rubén Villegas Chádez

  • 2017 Modelo para la gestión integrada del turismo comunitario en Ecuador, caso de estudio Pastaza
    by María Victoria Reyes Vargas & Ángel Fernando Ortega Ocaña & Esther Lidia Machado Chiviano

  • 2017 Producer to retailer price transmission in cereal markets of Ethiopia
    by Muhammed A. Usman & Mekbib G. Haile

  • 2017 Hedging in Presence of Crop Yield, Crop Revenue and Rainfall Insurance
    by Thiagu Ranganathan & Usha Ananthakumar

  • 2017 Consumer responses to food produced near the Fukushima nuclear plant
    by Kentaka Aruga

  • 2017 Dynamics of EU food safety certification: a survival analysis of firm decisions
    by Catherine Ragasa & Suzanne Thornsbury & Satish Joshi

  • 2017 Koncepcja sieci w badaniach zrównoważonego rozwoju agrobiznesu
    by Joanna Wiśniewska-Paluszak

  • 2017 Technological progress in Croatian perennial agriculture
    by Tomislav Herceg & Iva Vuksanovic

  • 2017 La reforma agraria de la dictadura militar en el sur de Chile: parceleros en las provincias de Valdivia y Osorno, 1973-1989
    by Fabián Almonacid

  • 2017 Tendencies, Problems And Prospects Of The Balanced And Competitive Development Of Agrarian Entrepreneurship In Russia

  • 2017 Economic Crisis And Firms’ Performance: Empirical Evidence For The Greek Cheese Industry
    by KONTOGEORGOS, Achilleas & PENDARAKI, Konstantina & CHATZITHEODORIDIS, Fotios

  • 2017 Valuing Attributes of Fluid Milk in Laos
    by Lee, Jae Won & Kim, Taeyoon & Napasirth, Viengsakoun

  • 2017 Green farming development opportunities: the case of Lithuania
    by Rita Remeikiene & Ligita Gaspareniene

  • 2017 Products with multiple certifications: insights from the US wine market
    by Megan E. Waldrop & Jill J. McCluskey & Ron C. Mittelhammer

  • 2017 Agri-food supply chain: evolution and performance with conflicting consumer and societal demands
    by Tina L. Saitone & Richard J. Sexton

  • 2017 Consumer preferences for fair labour certification
    by Andreas C. Drichoutis & Achilleas Vassilopoulos & Jayson L. Lusk & Rodolfo M. NaygaJr.

  • 2017 Joint price dynamics of quality differentiated commodities: copula evidence from coffee varieties
    by Panos Fousekis & Vasilis Grigoriadis

  • 2017 Are there trade-offs in valuation with respect to greenhouse gas emissions, origin and food miles attributes?
    by Faical Akaichi & Rodolfo M. Nayga & Lawton Lanier Nalley

  • 2017 Making it personal: breach and private ordering in a contract farming experiment
    by Sebastian Kunte & Meike Wollni & Claudia Keser

  • 2017 How Competitive Are Crop Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    by Brian Dillon & Chelsey Dambro

  • 2017 Is Knowledge Power? Information and Switching Costs in Agricultural Markets
    by Tara Mitchell

  • 2017 Expected Product Market Reforms and Technology Adoption by Senegalese Onion Producers
    by Tanguy Bernard & Alain de Janvry & Samba Mbaye & Elisabeth Sadoulet

  • 2017 Corn-Ethanol Plant Investment: A Real Options Case Study
    by William G. Secor & Michael A. Boland

  • 2017 Modern Value Chains and the Organization of Agrarian Production
    by Heath Henderson & Alan G. Isaac

  • 2017 The Financialization of Food?
    by Valentina G. Bruno & Bahattin Büyükşahin & Michel A. Robe

  • 2017 Economic prospects and current situation of the planter manufacturing industry in Mexico
    by Jaime Cuauhtemoc NEGRETE

  • 2017 Products with nutrition and health claims in the Western Balkans: labelling behaviour, regulation and policy implications
    by Žaklina Stojanović & Radmila Dragutinović-Mitrović & Martine Zaouche-Laniau

  • 2017 Explaining the Ethiopian farmers’ perceptions on potential loss of traditional crop varieties: A principal components regression analysis
    by Edilegnaw Wale & Karin Holm-Mueller

  • 2017 Characterization Of The Of Red Fresh Tomato Value Chain In Mexico , Caracterizacion De La Cadena De Valor Del Tomate Rojo Fresco En Mexico
    by Maria Trinidad Alvarez Medina & Marco Alberto Núnez Ramirez & Teodoro Rafael Wendlandt

  • 2017 Public Policy As A Tool For Floriculture Development In The Municipality Of Tepetlixpa Mexico State, Politica Publica Como Herramienta De Desarrollo Para La Floricultura Del Municipio De Tepetlixpa Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Sandra Saldivar Esteba & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Yadira Rocha Gonzalez

  • 2017 Variability Of Fruit Production Across Regions
    by Viorica GAVRILA

  • 2017 Cereal Production Stability In Territorial Profile
    by Mihaela KRUZSLICIKA

  • 2017 Global Biofuels at the Crossroads: An Overview of Technical, Policy, and Investment Complexities in the Sustainability of Biofuel Development
    by Kathleen Araújo & Devinder Mahajan & Ryan Kerr & Marcelo da Silva

  • 2017 Effect of Organic, Inorganic Fertilizers and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Cabbage
    by Md Ashraful Islam & Gulam Ferdous & Akber Akter & Md Mokter Hossain & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Impact of Practice Change on Runoff Water Quality and Vegetable Yield—An On-Farm Case Study
    by Gunasekhar Nachimuthu & Neil V. Halpin & Michael J. Bell

  • 2017 Nitrous Oxide Emission from Organic Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer in Tea Fields
    by Meihua Deng & Mudan Hou & Naoko Ohkama-Ohtsu & Tadashi Yokoyama & Haruo Tanaka & Kenta Nakajima & Ryosuke Omata & Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura

  • 2017 Evaluation of Pectin Extraction Conditions and Polyphenol Profile from Citrus x lantifolia Waste: Potential Application as Functional Ingredients
    by Teresa del Rosario Ayora-Talavera & Cristina A. Ramos-Chan & Ana G. Covarrubias-Cárdenas & Angeles Sánchez-Contreras & Ulises García-Cruz & Neith A. Pacheco L.

  • 2017 Surface and Subsurface Transport of Nitrate Loss from the Selected Bioenergy Crop Fields: Systematic Review, Analysis and Future Directions
    by Suresh Sharma & Indrajeet Chaubey

  • 2017 Impacts of Rural Labor Resource Change on the Technical Efficiency of Crop Production in China
    by Ning Yin & Yapeng Wang

  • 2017 Changes in Carbon Cycling during Development of Successional Agroforestry
    by Tomas Selecky & Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura & Yuji Kobata & Masaaki Yamada & Iraê A. Guerrini & Helio M. Umemura & Dinaldo A. Dos Santos

  • 2017 Phytochemistry and Agro-Industrial Potential of Native Oilseeds from West Africa: African Grape ( Lannea microcarpa ), Marula ( Sclerocarya birrea ), and Butter Tree ( Pentadesma butyracea )
    by Adama Hilou & Adjima Bougma & Mamoudou H. Dicko

  • 2017 Fusarium Wilt Affecting Chickpea Crop
    by Warda Jendoubi & Mariem Bouhadida & Amal Boukteb & Mohamed Béji & Mohamed Kharrat

  • 2017 Development and Evaluation of Poly Herbal Molluscicidal Extracts for Control of Apple Snail ( Pomacea maculata )
    by Guruswamy Prabhakaran & Subhash Janardhan Bhore & Manikam Ravichandran

  • 2017 Suppression of CH4 Emission by Rice Straw Removal and Application of Bio‐Ethanol Production Residue in a Paddy Field in Akita, Japan
    by Fumiaki Takakai & Jota Ichikawa & Masato Ogawa & Saki Ogaya & Kentaro Yasuda & Yukiya Kobayashi & Takashi Sato & Yoshihiro Kaneta & Ken‐ichiro Nagahama

  • 2017 The Impact of a Warming Micro‐Climate on Muooni Farmers of Kenya
    by Cush Ngonzo Luwesi & Joy Apiyo Obando & Chris Allan Shisanya

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Conservation Tillage for Organic Farming
    by Patrick M. Carr

  • 2017 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Properties and the Growth, Yield and Quality of Tomato in Mymensingh, Bangladesh
    by M. Ashraful Islam & Sumiya Islam & Ayasha Akter & Md Habibur Rahman & Dilip Nandwani

  • 2017 Erratum: Ghasemi, M., et al. The Evaluation of Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid on Physiological Characteristics, Proline and Essential Oil Content of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) under Normal and Heat Stress Conditions. Agriculture 2016, 6, 31
    by Mojtaba Ghasemi & Mohammad Modarresi & Nadali Babaeian Jelodar & Nadali Bagheri & Abbas Jamali

  • 2017 Ammonia and Methane Emission Factors from Cattle Operations Expressed as Losses of Dietary Nutrients or Energy
    by Zifei Liu & Yang Liu & James P. Murphy & Ronaldo Maghirang

  • 2017 Changes in the Polyphenolic Profile, Carotenoids and Antioxidant Potential of Apricot ( Prunus armeniaca L.) Leaves during Maturation
    by Alam Zeb & Nadia Khadim & Waqar Ali

  • 2017 Assessment of Photosynthetic Pigment and Water Contents in Intact Sunflower Plants from Spectral Indices
    by Antonio José Steidle Neto & Daniela de Carvalho Lopes & João Carlos Ferreira Borges Júnior

  • 2017 Achieving Sustainability: Insights from Biogas Ecosystems in India
    by Gita Surie

  • 2017 Advances in Eco-Efficient Agriculture: The Plant-Soil Mycobiome
    by Marcela Claudia Pagano & Eduardo J. Azevedo Correa & Neimar F. Duarte & Bakhytzhan Yelikbayev & Anthonia O’Donovan & Vijai Kumar Gupta

  • 2017 Mitigating Global Warming Potential and Greenhouse Gas Intensities by Applying Composted Manure in Cornfield: A 3-Year Field Study in an Andosol Soil
    by Ikabongo Mukumbuta & Mariko Shimizu & Ryusuke Hatano

  • 2017 Durum Wheat Cover Analysis in the Scope of Policy and Market Price Changes: A Case Study in Southern Italy
    by Si Mokrane Siad & Andrea Gioia & Gerrit Hoogenboom & Vito Iacobellis & Antonio Novelli & Eufemia Tarantino & Pandi Zdruli

  • 2017 Small-Scale Vegetable Farmers’ Participation in Modern Retail Market Channels in Indonesia: The Determinants of and Effects on Their Income
    by Alim Setiawan Slamet & Akira Nakayasu & Masahiro Ichikawa

  • 2017 Efflux of Soil Nitrous Oxide from Applied Fertilizer Containing Organic Materials in Citrus unshiu Field in Southwestern Japan
    by Yo Toma & Takeshi Higuchi & Osamu Nagata & Yasuhiko Kato & Tooru Izumiya & Shingo Oomori & Hideto Ueno

  • 2017 Rice Cultivation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Review and Conceptual Framework with Reference to Ghana
    by Kofi K. Boateng & George Y. Obeng & Ebenezer Mensah

  • 2017 Beyond Food Provisioning: The Transformative Potential of Grassroots Innovation around Food
    by Adanella Rossi

  • 2017 State Support in Brazil for a Local Turn to Food
    by Ana Paula Matei & Paul Swagemakers & Maria Dolores Dominguez Garcia & Leonardo Xavier da Silva & Flaminia Ventura & Pierluigi Milone

  • 2017 Practices for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rice Production in Northeast Thailand
    by Noppol Arunrat & Nathsuda Pumijumnong

  • 2017 Development and Testing of a Device to Increase the Level of Automation of a Conventional Milking Parlor through Vocal Commands
    by Mauro Zaninelli

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2016
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2017 Can Phosphate Salts Recovered from Manure Replace Conventional Phosphate Fertilizer?
    by Andrea Ehmann & Inga-Mareike Bach & Sukhanes Laopeamthong & Jennifer Bilbao & Iris Lewandowski

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Trunin Pavel & Ponomareva Ekaterina & Zubarevich Natalia & Kiyutsevskaya Anna & Larionova M. & Sakharov A. & Shelepov A. & Gurevich Vladimir & Magomedov R. & Rakhmangulov M.

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Drobyshevsky Sergey & Turuntseva Marina & Loginova Daria & Bozhechkova Alexandra & Trunin Pavel & Averkiev Vladimir

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Bobylev Yuri & Uzun Vasily & Deryugin Alexander & Kaukin Andrey & Gurevich Vladimir & Miller Evgenia & Burdyak Alexandra

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Trunin Pavel & Khromov Mikhail & Tsukhlo Sergey & Uzun Vasily & Kaukin Andrey & Ponomarev Yuri & Kiyutsevskaya Anna & Miller Evgenia & Pleskachev Yuri & Khudko Elizaveta

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Trunin Pavel & Ponomareva Ekaterina & Zubarevich Natalia & Kiyutsevskaya Anna & Larionova M. & Sakharov A. & Shelepov A. & Gurevich Vladimir & Magomedov R. & Rakhmangulov M.

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Bobylev Yuri & Uzun Vasily & Deryugin Alexander & Kaukin Andrey & Gurevich Vladimir & Miller Evgenia & Burdyak Alexandra

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Trunin Pavel & Khromov Mikhail & Tsukhlo Sergey & Uzun Vasily & Kaukin Andrey & Ponomarev Yuri & Kiyutsevskaya Anna & Miller Evgenia & Pleskachev Yuri & Khudko Elizaveta

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Drobyshevsky Sergey & Turuntseva Marina & Loginova Daria & Bozhechkova Alexandra & Trunin Pavel & Averkiev Vladimir

  • 2017 The Deming Cycle (PDCA) Concept as a Tool for the Transition to the Innovative Path of the Continuous Quality Improvement in Production Processes of the Agro-Industrial Sector
    by Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin & Olga Olegovna Smirnova & Nataliya Vladimirovna Vysotskaya & Evgenia Evgenevna Frolova & Nina Grigorevna Vilkova

  • 2017 Role of Agricultural Import Substitution Policy in Ensuring Food Safety of the Country
    by Nadezhda Vasilievna Sedova & Nikolay Nikolaevich Gagiev & Dariya Mikhailovna Melnikova

  • 2017 The excessive choice effect meets the market: A field experiment on craft beer choice
    by Malone, Trey & Lusk, Jayson L.

  • 2017 Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux wine
    by Gergaud, Olivier & Livat, Florine & Rickard, Bradley & Warzynski, Frederic

  • 2017 The impact of farm input subsidies on maize marketing in Malawi
    by Sibande, Lonester & Bailey, Alastair & Davidova, Sophia

  • 2017 Food safety recall effects across meat products and regions
    by Shang, Xia & Tonsor, Glynn T.

  • 2017 Farmers’ preferences for supermarket contracts in Kenya
    by Ochieng, Dennis O. & Veettil, Prakashan C. & Qaim, Matin

  • 2017 Consumer preferences before and after a food safety scare: An experimental analysis of the 2010 egg recall
    by Li, Tongzhe & Bernard, John C. & Johnston, Zachary A. & Messer, Kent D. & Kaiser, Harry M.

  • 2017 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and spatial price dispersion
    by Andersson, Camilla & Bezabih, Mintewab & Mannberg, Andrea

  • 2017 Sustainable Seafood From Aquaculture and Wild Fisheries: Insights From a Discrete Choice Experiment in Germany
    by Bronnmann, Julia & Asche, Frank

  • 2017 Mapping of Featured Micro-small-medium Enterprises in Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia
    by Made Antara & Made Sri Sumarniasih

  • 2017 Price Transmission in Iranian Wholesale-retail Meat Market: Implications for Market Power
    by Mohammad Omrani & Mohammad Nabi Shahiki Tash & Ahmad Akbari

  • 2017 Factores que el fabricante/distribuidor toma en consideración para la comercialización de alimentos especiales en mercados foráneos
    by Karen L. Orengo Serra

  • 2017 Las grandes empresas agropecuarias en Argentina: los casos de Cresud y El Tejar
    by Gastón Caligaris

  • 2017 Oil palm development and forced displacement in Colombia: Causal or spurious?
    by Mónica Hurtado & Catherine Pereira-Villa & Edgar Villa

  • 2017 Transport et logistique des circuits courts alimentaires de proximité : la diversité des trajectoires d’innovation
    by Ludovic Vaillant & Amélie Gonçalves & Gwenaëlle Raton & Corinne Blanquart

  • 2017 The Economics of Farm Animal Welfare
    by Harald Grethe

  • 2017 Economics of US State and Local Regulation of Farm Practices, with Emphasis on Restrictions of Interstate Trade
    by Daniel A. Sumner

  • 2017 Best Practices for Integrating the Romanian Small Farmers into the Agri-Food Chain
    by Dan Boboc & Gabriel Popescu & Mirela Stoian & Georgiana-Raluca Ladaru and Dan Cosmin Petrache

  • 2017 MBNQA Approach in Quality Management Supporting Sustainable Business Performance in Agribusiness
    by Radovan Savov & Juraj Cheben & Drahoslav Lancaric & Roman Serencéš

  • 2017 (Volume XIX) Made In Romania. Traditional Food Products
    by Cezar Ionuț BICHESCU & Silvius STANCIU

  • 2016 Impact of US Biofuel Policy on Food Price in South Africa: Implication for Health and Nutrition
    by Goodness C. Aye

  • 2016 Banana production and cooperatives in the Philippines: a structure for self-reliance of farmer growers under agrarian reform
    by Katsumi Nozawa

  • 2016 Import substitution in the Russian agri-food market: Expectations and capabilities
    by A. Golubev.

  • 2016 The Impact of Credit Constraints on the Performance of Chinese Agricultural Wholesalers
    by Lifang Hu & Lopez, Rigoberto A. & Yinchu Zeng

  • 2016 Studie über die Erzeugungs- und Vermarktungsstruktur des Bienenzuchtsektors in Deutschland
    by Efken, Josef & Bernhardt, Angelina

  • 2016 Entwicklung des Gemüsebaus in Deutschland von 2000 bis 2015: Anbauregionen, Betriebsstrukturen, Gemüsearten und Handel
    by Strohm, Kathrin & Garming, Hildegard & Dirksmeyer, Walter

  • 2016 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Nachhaltigkeit und Regionalität - Chancen und Herausforderungen für den Gartenbau. Tagungsband zum 2. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 01. März 2016 im Thünen-Institut in Braunschweig
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Schulte, Michael (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.)

  • 2016 The role of market forces and food safety institutions in the adoption of sustainable farming practices: the case of the fresh tomato export sector in Morocco and Turkey
    by Codron, J.M. & Adanacioglu, H. & Aubert, M. & Bouhsina, Z. & El Mekki, A.A. & Rousset, S. & Tozanli, S. & Yercan, M.

  • 2016 How does Market Access for Smallholders affect Export Supply? The Case of Tobacco Marketing in Malawi
    by Wouter Zant

  • 2016 Quality Observability and the Structure of Agricultural Supply Chains
    by Tara Mitchell

  • 2016 „Altreier Kaffee“ – Entwicklung der Südtiroler Produktions- und Vermarktungsinitiative als regionales soziales Netzwerk
    by Karin Grießmair & Manuela Larcher & Stefan Vogel

  • 2016 The Market for Wastewater Sludge (Biosolids)
    by Villy Søgaard

  • 2016 Price Gap along the Ugandan Coffee Value Chain
    by Lodovico Muratori

  • 2016 Direct-selling farming and urban externalities: what impact on products quality and market size?
    by Anne Fournier,

  • 2016 Pulses for Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security
    by Singh, Pushpa & Singh, K.M. & Shahi, Brajesh

  • 2016 Проблемы Продовольственного Обеспечения Нуждающихся Слоев Населения:Концептуальные Основы, Инфраструктура, Ресурсная База, Земельные Ресурсы Для Производства Экологически Чистого Продовольствия, Государственная Поддержка В Рамках Норм Вто
    by Stukach, Victor & Starovoytova, Nataliy

  • 2016 Институты Социальной Инфраструктуры: Социальная Сфера Села, Территориальный Кластер, Рыночные Барьеры, Государственно-Частные Структуры, Трансакционные Издержки
    by Stukach,, Victor & Astashova, Ekaterina and & Zinich, Alla & Ushakova,, Elena & Starovoytova, Natali & Zinich,, Lubov & Якубенко, Марина

  • 2016 An analysis of Marketed Surplus and Price Spread of Cauliflower in S. Chotanagpur (Jharkhand) for Sustainable financial inclusion of Tribal Farmers
    by Shankar, Tara & Singh, K.M.

  • 2016 An Analysis on Problems of Vegetables Marketing in Farmers’ Market of Jharkhand - A Case Study in Ranchi District
    by Shankar, Tara & Singh, K.M.

  • 2016 Price dependence between coffee qualities: a copula model to evaluate asymmetric responses
    by Stavrakoudis, Athanassios & Panagiotou, Dimitrios

  • 2016 “Agricultural Economics and Rural Development - realities and perspectives for Romania”
    by Ursu, Ana

  • 2016 Statistical research of development of integration processes in Russian agriculture
    by Demichev, Vadim

  • 2016 A holistic approach for assessing the system of governance of agrarian sustainability
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2016 Инфраструктура Распределения Продовольственной Помощи В Регионе
    by Стукач, Виктор & Помогаев, Виталий & Старовойтова, Наталья & Зинич, Алла

  • 2016 Инфраструктура Распределения Продовольственной Помощи В Регионе
    by Стукач, Виктор & Помогаев, Виталий & Старовойтова, Наталья & Зинич, Алла

  • 2016 An Analysis of Institutional Credit, Agricultural Policy and Investment to Agriculture in India
    by saravanan, saravanan

  • 2016 On Perishability and Vertical Price Transmission: empirical evidences from Italy
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & von Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan

  • 2016 Sustainability of Farming Enterprise – Governance and Evaluation
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2016 Analysis of the Marketing Behaviour of African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables among Smallholder Farmers in Nyamira County, Kenya
    by Momanyi, Denis & Lagat, Prof. Job K. & Ayuya, Dr. Oscar I.

  • 2016 An analysis of the paddy/rice value chains in Sri Lanka
    by S.M.P.Senanayake & S.P. Premaratne

  • 2016 Asymmetric threshold vertical price transmission in wheat and flour markets in Dhaka (Bangladesh): seemingly unrelated regression analysis
    by Mohammad J Alam & Raghbendra Jha

  • 2016 Prioritizing Management Focus Areas For Commercial Farms
    by Jacqueline Holland & Nicole Widmar & David Widmar & Michael Gunderson & David Ortega

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  • 2015 Modeling the determinants of Agriculture: an assessment and a report of Albania’s current situation with a future perspective
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