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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q4: Energy
/ / / Q48: Government Policy
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  1. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics > Energy Consumption and Economic Growth
  2. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics > Energy Policy

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  • 2015 An Assessment of the Energy-Efficiency Gap and Its Implications for Climate Change Policy
    by Todd D. Gerarden & Richard G. Newell & Robert N. Stavins & Robert C. Stowe

  • 2015 Essays on the Integration of New Energy Sources into Existing Energy Systems
    by Luise Röpke

  • 2015 Dynamic properties of energy affordability measures
    by Heindl, Peter & Schüssler, Rudolf

  • 2015 The effect of electricity taxation on the German manufacturing sector: A regression discontinuity approach
    by Flues, Florens & Lutz, Benjamin Johannes

  • 2015 Pro-environmental households and energy efficiency in Spain
    by Ramos, Ana & Labandeira, Xavier & Löschel, Andreas

  • 2015 Spatial interaction of Renewable Portfolio Standards and their effect on renewable generation within NERC regions
    by Eric Bowen & Donald J. Lacombe

  • 2015 Social acceptance of green energy and dynamic electricity tariffs - a short review
    by Anna Kowalska-Pyzalska

  • 2015 Marine trade-offs: comparing the benefits of off-shore wind farms and marine protected areas
    by Aljona Karlõševa & Sulev Nõmmann & Tea Nõmmann & Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu & Wiktor Budziński & Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Marine trade-offs: comparing the benefits of off-shore wind farms and marine protected areas
    by Aljona Karlõševa & Sulev Nõmmann & Tea Nõmmann & Evelin Urbel-Piirsalu & Wiktor Budzinski & Mikolaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Going Beyond Instrument Interactions: Towards a More Comprehensive Policy Mix Conceptualization for Environmental Technological Change
    by Karoline S. Rogge & Kristin Reichardt

  • 2015 Characterizing the policy mix and its impact on eco-innovation in energy-efficient technologies
    by Valeria Costantini & Francesco Crespi & Alessandro Palma

  • 2015 Canada 2030: An Agenda for Sustainable Development
    by Shannon Kindornay & Centre for the Study of Living Standards

  • 2015 Alternate solutions in mixing energy tax/subsidy and emission control policies
    by Shahriar Shah Heydari & Niels Vestergaard

  • 2015 CO2 abatement policies in the power sector under an oligopolistic gas market
    by Hecking, Harald

  • 2015 State and Regional Comprehensive Carbon Pricing and Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the Power Sector under EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Workshop Summary
    by Burtraw, Dallas & Bushnell, James & Munnings, Clayton

  • 2015 New Markets for Pollution and Energy Efficiency: Credit Trading under Automobile Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy StandardsAbstract: Recent changes to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards have created new opportunities for lowering the cost of meeting strict new standards through provisions for credit banking and trading. In this paper, we explore these new markets for reductions in both fuel consumption (fuel economy) and greenhouse gases (GHGs). We examine the two separate credits markets for fuel economy as regulated by NHTSA and for GHG gases under EPA and find that there are some important differences between them. For example, the market for NHTSA fuel economy credits has an effective credit price ceiling while the market for EPA GHG credits does not. We then evaluate the functionality of these markets using publicly available data on credit holdings and trades through 2013. Finally, we assess the potential for the following to interfere with well-functioning markets: overlapping regulations, lack of additionality, thin markets, and use of monopoly power. We find that features of robust trading markets are missing in these early years, and suggest reasons why. We also explore the implications of the fact that the two regulations are almost fully overlapping
    by Leard, Benjamin & McConnell, Virginia

  • 2015 A Primer on Comprehensive Policy Options for States to Comply with the Clean Power Plan
    by Palmer, Karen & Paul, Anthony

  • 2015 Does Information Provision Shrink the Energy Efficiency Gap? A Cross-City Comparison of Commercial Building Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws
    by Palmer, Karen & Walls, Margaret

  • 2015 Can Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws Provide Incentives for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Buildings?
    by Palmer, Karen & Walls, Margaret

  • 2015 An Economic Analysis of Policies for Promoting Economically Efficient Water Heater Systems Operating Under Seasonal Climatic Conditions
    by Arif Yurtsev & Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2015 Were the Hydro Dams Financed by the World Bank from 1976 to 2005 Worthwhile?
    by Omotola Awojobi & Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2015 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Of Alternative Water Heater Systems Operating With Unreliable Water Supplies
    by Arif Yurtsev & Glenn P. Jenkins

  • 2015 Code for a Sustainable Built Environment in Nigeria: A Proposed High-Level Vision of a Policy Framework
    by Oribuyaku, Damilola

  • 2015 Petroleum Product Pricing, Deregulation and Subsidies in Ghana: Perspectives on Energy Security
    by Acheampong, Theophilus & Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2015 Gone with the wind? The impact of wind turbines on tourism demand
    by Broekel, Tom & Alfken, Christoph

  • 2015 Energy Subsidies, Public Investment and Endogenous Growth
    by Mundaca, Gabriela

  • 2015 Measuring resilience to energy shocks
    by Molyneaux, Lynette & Brown, Colin & Foster, John & Wagner, Liam

  • 2015 Reviewing the Viability of Renewable Energy in Community Electrification: The Case of Remote Western Australian Communities
    by Byrnes, Liam & Brown, Colin & Wagner, Liam & Foster, John

  • 2015 March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident impacts on Japanese agri-food sector
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2015 Sense and No(n)-Sense of Energy Security Indicators
    by Christoph Böhringer & Markus Bortolamedi

  • 2015 Measuring Nuclear Power Plant Externalities Using Life Satisfaction Data: A Spatial Analysis for Switzerland
    by Heinz Welsch & Philipp Biermann

  • 2015 Competitiveness Impacts of the German Electricity Tax
    by Florens Flues & Benjamin Johannes Lutz

  • 2015 The Benefits of International Co-authorship in Scientific Papers: The Case of Wind Energy Technologies
    by Julie Poirier & Nick Johnstone & Ivan Haščič & Jérôme Silva

  • 2015 Public Interventions and Private Climate Finance Flows: Empirical Evidence from Renewable Energy Financing
    by Ivan Haščič & Miguel Cárdenas Rodríguez & Raphaël Jachnik & Jérôme Silva & Nick Johnstone

  • 2015 The Distributional Effects of U.S. Clean Energy Tax Credits
    by Severin Borenstein & Lucas W. Davis

  • 2015 Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy
    by David Popp

  • 2015 Do Building Energy Codes Have a Lasting Effect on Energy Consumption? New Evidence From Residential Billing Data in Florida
    by Matthew J. Kotchen

  • 2015 Should We Give Up After Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty
    by Mort Webster & Karen Fisher-Vanden & David Popp & Nidhi Santen

  • 2015 Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? Evidence from the Weatherization Assistance Program
    by Meredith Fowlie & Michael Greenstone & Catherine Wolfram

  • 2015 Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan
    by James B. Bushnell & Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel

  • 2015 Vehicle Miles (Not) Traveled: Why Fuel Economy Requirements Don't Increase Household Driving
    by Jeremy West & Mark Hoekstra & Jonathan Meer & Steven L. Puller

  • 2015 Regulating Internalities
    by Hunt Allcott & Cass R. Sunstein

  • 2015 Individual Time Preferences and Energy Efficiency
    by Richard G. Newell & Juha V. Siikamaki

  • 2015 An Assessment of the Energy-Efficiency Gap and its Implications for Climate-Change Policy
    by Todd D. Gerarden & Richard G. Newell & Robert N. Stavins & Robert C. Stowe

  • 2015 Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap
    by Todd D. Gerarden & Richard G. Newell & Robert N. Stavins

  • 2015 Using Field Experiments to Address Environmental Externalities and Resource Scarcity: Major Lessons Learned and New Directions for Future Research
    by Michael Price

  • 2015 On the transition from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy
    by Yacoub Bahini & Cuong Le Van

  • 2015 Declining discount rates and the ‘Fisher Effect’: Inflated past, discounted future?
    by Mark C. Greeman & Ben Groom & Ekaterini Panopoulou & Theologos Pantelidis

  • 2015 Die Relevanz von Klimawandelfolgen für Kritische Infrastrukturen am Beispiel des deutschen Energiesektors
    by Markus Groth & Jörg Cortekar

  • 2015 What blows in with the wind?
    by Dakshina De Silva & Robert P. McComb & Anita Schiller

  • 2015 Sustainable energy security for India: An assessment of energy demand sub-system
    by Kapil Narula & B. Sudhakara Reddy & Shonali Pachauri

  • 2015 Measuring and evaluating energy security and sustainability: A Case study of India
    by B.Sudhakara Reddy

  • 2015 Who will be affected by rising energy prices? Map of energy expenditures of Poles
    by Maciej Lis & Agata Miazga

  • 2015 Trade with Endogenous Transportation Costs: The Value of LNG Exports
    by Øglend, Atle & Osmundsen, Petter & Kleppe, Tore Selland

  • 2015 Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil Price
    by Asche, Frank & Osmundsen, Petter & Øglend, Atle

  • 2015 Renewable Energy Policy, Economic Growth and Employment in EU Countries: Gain without Pain?
    by Jaraite, Jurate & Karimu, Amin & Kažukauskas, Andrius & Kažukauskas, Paulius

  • 2015 Liberalizing Russian gas markets – an economic analysis
    by Aune, Finn Roar & Golombek, Rolf & Moe, Arild & Rosendahl , Knut Einar & Le Tissier, Hilde Hallre

  • 2015 Soziale Verteilungswirkungen der EEG-Umlage unter Berücksichtigung von Einkommensklassen
    by Dr. Ulrike Lehr & Dr. Thomas Drosdowski

  • 2015 Urban Agenda and Urban Sustainability Strategies. Taking Stock of Policy Implementation and Policy Discussion
    by Stephanie Barnebeck & Yannick Kalff

  • 2015 Urban Agenda and Urban Sustainability Strategies. Taking Stock of Policy Implementation and Policy Discussion
    by Stephanie Barnebeck & Yannick Kalff

  • 2015 Effects of fossil fuel prices on the transition to a low-carbon economy
    by Franco Ruzzenenti & Andreas A. Papandreou

  • 2015 The Great Recession and the transition to a low-carbon economy
    by Andreas A. Papandreou

  • 2015 An analysis of the effects of policies; the case of coal
    by Massimo Di Matteo & Silvia Ferrini & Virna Talia

  • 2015 The allocation of carbon emission permits; theoretical aspects and practical problems in the EU ETS
    by Simone Borghesi & Massimiliano Montini

  • 2015 Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap
    by Todd D. Gerarden & Richard G. Newell & Robert N. Stavins

  • 2015 Energy Efficiency Policy with Price-quality Discrimination
    by Marie-Laure Nauleau & Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet & Philippe Quirion

  • 2015 Fiscal Policy and CO2 Emissions of New Passenger Cars in the EU
    by Reyer Gerlagh & Inge van den Bijgaart & Hans Nijland & Thomas Michielsen

  • 2015 The Future of Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean. Translating Potential into Reality
    by Simone Tagliapietra

  • 2015 On the Mechanism of International Technology Diffusion for Energy Technological Progress
    by Wei Jin & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: The Case of Carbon Trading in China
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Carbon Price and Wind Power Support in Denmark
    by Claire Gavard

  • 2015 Flexibility in the Market for International Carbon Credits and Price. Dynamics Difference with European Allowances
    by Claire Gavard & Djamel Kirat

  • 2015 Rockets and Feathers Meet Joseph: Reinvestigating the Oil-gasoline Asymmetry on the International Markets
    by Ladislav Kristoufek & Petra Lunackova

  • 2015 Energy efficiency subsidies with price-quality discrimination
    by Marie-Laure Nauleau & Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet & Philippe Quirion

  • 2015 Market-Based Mechanisms to Promote Renewable Energy in Asia
    by Venkatachalam ANBUMOZHI & Alex BOWEN & Puthusserikunnel Devasia JOSE

  • 2015 Market Power Rents and Climate Change Mitigation: A Rationale for Coal Taxes?
    by Philipp M. Richter & Roman Mendelevitch & Frank Jotzo

  • 2015 Is the Price Elasticity of Demand for Coal in China Increasing?
    by Paul J. Burke & Hua Liao

  • 2015 Carbon Emissions Trading in China: The Evolution from Pilots to a Nationwide Scheme
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Product Homogeneity, Knowledge Spillovers, and Innovation: Why Energy Sector is Perplexed by a Slow Pace of Technological Progress
    by Wei Jin & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Individual Choice in a residential building and heating model - An application case for Germany
    by Klaas Bauermann & Christoph Weber

  • 2015 A Coordinated Strategic Reserve to Safeguard the European Energy Transition
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Jochen Diekmann & Friedrich Kunz & Sophia Rüster & Wolf-Peter Schill & Sebastian Schwenen

  • 2015 Modelling a Market Stability Reserve in Carbon Markets
    by Anne Schopp & William Acworth & Daniel Huppmann & Karsten Neuhoff

  • 2015 Market Power Rents and Climate Change Mitigation: A Rationale for Coal Taxes?
    by Philipp M. Richter & Roman Mendelevitch & Frank Jotzo

  • 2015 A Greenfield Model to Evaluate Long-Run Power Storage Requirements for High Shares of Renewables
    by Alexander Zerrahn & Wolf-Peter Schill

  • 2015 Two Price Zones for the German Electricity Market: Market Implications and Distributional Effects
    by Jonas Egerer & Jens Weibezahn & Hauke Hermann

  • 2015 Dynamic Properties of Energy Affordability Measures
    by Peter Heindl & Rudolf Schüssler

  • 2015 Fiscal policy and CO2 emissions of new passenger cars in the EU
    by Thomas Michielsen & Reyer Gerlagh & Inge van den Bijgaart & Hans Nijland

  • 2015 Financing energy and low-carbon investment: public guarantees and the ECB
    by Michel Aglietta & Étienne Espagne

  • 2015 Should We Give Up After Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty
    by Mort D. Webster & Karen Fisher-Vanden & David Popp & Nidhi R. Santen

  • 2015 Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy
    by David Popp

  • 2015 Phasing out Nuclear Power in Europe
    by Finn Roar Aune & Rolf Golombek & Hilde Hallre

  • 2015 Liberalizing Russian Gas Markets - An Economic Analysis
    by Finn Roar Aune & Rolf Golombek & Hilde Hallre & Arild Moe & Knut Einar Rosendahl

  • 2015 Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil Price
    by Frank Asche & Atle Oglend & Petter Osmundsen

  • 2015 Trade with Endogenous Transportation Costs: The Value of LNG Exports
    by Atle Oglend & Petter Osmundsen & Tore Selland Kleppe

  • 2015 Capacity market design options: a dynamic capacity investment model and a GB case study
    by Daniel Hach & Chi Kong Chyong & Stefan Spinler

  • 2015 Distributed Generation: Opportunities for Distribution Network Operators, Wider Society and Generators
    by Karim L. Anaya & Michael G. Pollitt

  • 2015 Coherence, efficiency, and independence of the EU environmental policy system: results of complementary statistical and econometric analyses
    by F. Zagonari

  • 2015 Who Benefits from Environmental Regulation? Evidence from the Clean Air Act Amendments
    by Antonio Bento & Matthew Freedman & Corey Lang

  • 2015 Wind and Solar Power in Brazil and China: Interests, State–Business Relations, and Policy Outcomes
    by Kathryn Hochstetler & Genia Kostka

  • 2015 Power and Carbon Sovereignty in a Non-Traditional Capitalist State: Discourses of Carbon Trading in China
    by Alex Y. Lo & Michael Howes

  • 2015 Negotiating Authority in Global Biofuel Governance: Brazil and the EU in the WTO
    by Sarah L. Stattman & Aarti Gupta

  • 2015 Inefficiencies in Residential Use of Energy — A Critical Overview of Literature and Energy Efficiency Policies in the EU
    by Broberg, Thomas & Kazukauskas, Andrius

  • 2015 Designing Fiscal Policy to Address the External Costs of Energy
    by Parry, Ian

  • 2015 Prospects for Exports of Russian Gas
    by Drebentsov, V.

  • 2015 The Residential Demand for Electricity in South Korea
    by Tingwen Liu

  • 2015 Barriers, Risks and Policies for Renewables in the Gulf States
    by Johan Lilliestam & Anthony Patt

  • 2015 A Cell-in-the-Loop Approach to Systems Modelling and Simulation of Energy Storage Systems
    by James Marco & Neelu Kumari & W. Dhammika Widanage & Peter Jones

  • 2015 Prediction Performance of an Artificial Neural Network Model for the Amount of Cooling Energy Consumption in Hotel Rooms
    by Jin Woo Moon & Sung Kwon Jung & Yong Oh Lee & Sangsun Choi

  • 2015 Global Energy Development and Climate-Induced Water Scarcity—Physical Limits, Sectoral Constraints, and Policy Imperatives
    by Christopher A. Scott & Zachary P. Sugg

  • 2015 Design and Field Tests of an Inverted Based Remote MicroGrid on a Korean Island
    by Woo-Kyu Chae & Hak-Ju Lee & Jong-Nam Won & Jung-Sung Park & Jae-Eon Kim

  • 2015 Comparative Study of Surface Temperature Behavior of Commercial Li-Ion Pouch Cells of Different Chemistries and Capacities by Infrared Thermography
    by Shovon Goutam & Jean-Marc Timmermans & Noshin Omar & Peter Van den Bossche & Joeri Van Mierlo

  • 2015 Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Oil from Wet Microalgae Scenedesmus sp. G4
    by Shuhao Huo & Zhongming Wang & Fengjie Cui & Bin Zou & Pengxiang Zhao & Zhenhong Yuan

  • 2015 Coelectrodeposition of Ternary Mn-Oxide/Polypyrrole Composites for ORR Electrocatalysts: A Study Based on Micro-X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and X-ray Fluorescence Mapping
    by Benedetto Bozzini & Patrizia Bocchetta & Alessandra Gianoncelli

  • 2015 Combined Biogas and Bioethanol Production: Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial Application
    by Alessandra Cesaro & Vincenzo Belgiorno

  • 2015 Space Charge Behavior in Paper Insulation Induced by Copper Sulfide in High-Voltage Direct Current Power Transformers
    by Ruijin Liao & Ende Hu & Lijun Yang & Yuan Yuan

  • 2015 Numerical Analysis on Combustion Characteristic of Leaf Spring Rotary Engine
    by Yan Zhang & Zhengxing Zuo & Jinxiang Liu

  • 2015 Electromagnetic Design and Analysis of a Novel Fault-Tolerant Flux-Modulated Memory Machine
    by Qingsong Wang & Shuangxia Niu

  • 2015 Fluidized-Bed Gasification of Plastic Waste, Wood, and Their Blends with Coal
    by Lucio Zaccariello & Maria Laura Mastellone

  • 2015 Optimal Real-Time Scheduling for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems and Wind Farms Based on Model Predictive Control
    by Meng Xiong & Feng Gao & Kun Liu & Siyun Chen & Jiaojiao Dong

  • 2015 Design and Experimental Study of a VCM-Based Stewart Parallel Mechanism Used for Active Vibration Isolation
    by Weichao Chi & Dengqing Cao & Dongwei Wang & Jie Tang & Yifan Nie & Wenhu Huang

  • 2015 Experimental Fitting of the Re-Scaled Balje Maps for Low-Reynolds Radial Turbomachinery
    by Roberto Capata & Enrico Sciubba

  • 2015 Release of Extracellular Polymeric Substance and Disintegration of Anaerobic Granular Sludge under Reduced Sulfur Compounds-Rich Conditions
    by Takuro Kobayashi & Kai-Qin Xu & Haruyuki Chiku

  • 2015 Photovoltaic Electricity for Sustainable Building. Efficiency and Energy Cost Reduction for Isolated DC Microgrid
    by Manuela Sechilariu & Fabrice Locment & Baochao Wang

  • 2015 A Distributed Control Strategy for Frequency Regulation in Smart Grids Based on the Consensus Protocol
    by Rong Fu & Yingjun Wu & Hailong Wang & Jun Xie

  • 2015 Computational Fluid Dynamics Prediction of a Modified Savonius Wind Turbine with Novel Blade Shapes
    by Wenlong Tian & Baowei Song & James H. VanZwieten & Parakram Pyakurel

  • 2015 Lignin-Furfural Based Adhesives
    by Prajakta Dongre & Mark Driscoll & Thomas Amidon & Biljana Bujanovic

  • 2015 Thermal Analysis of a Novel Cylindrical Transverse-Flux Permanent-Magnet Linear Machine
    by Bin Yu & Shukuan Zhang & Jidong Yan & Luming Cheng & Ping Zheng

  • 2015 State-of-Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a Kalman Filter Based on Local Linearization
    by Zhihao Yu & Ruituo Huai & Linjing Xiao

  • 2015 A Comparison of Numerical Modelling Techniques for Tidal Stream Turbine Analysis
    by Ian Masters & Alison Williams & T. Nick Croft & Michael Togneri & Matt Edmunds & Enayatollah Zangiabadi & Iain Fairley & Harshinie Karunarathna

  • 2015 The Future of Solar Power in the United Kingdom
    by Gerard Reid & Gerard Wynn

  • 2015 Enhancement of Oxygen Reduction and Mitigation of Ionomer Dry-Out Using Insoluble Heteropoly Acids in Intermediate Temperature Polymer-Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
    by Alessandro Stassi & Irene Gatto & Ada Saccà & Vincenzo Baglio & Antonino S. Aricò

  • 2015 The Impacts of Environmental Tax in China: A Dynamic Recursive Multi-Sector CGE Model
    by Bowen Xiao & Dongxiao Niu & Xiaodan Guo & Xiaomin Xu

  • 2015 An Environmental and Economic Assessment for Selecting the Optimal Ground Heat Exchanger by Considering the Entering Water Temperature
    by Jimin Kim & Taehoon Hong & Myeongsoo Chae & Choongwan Koo & Jaemin Jeong

  • 2015 Stability Analysis for Li-Ion Battery Model Parameters and State of Charge Estimation by Measurement Uncertainty Consideration
    by Shifei Yuan & Hongjie Wu & Xuerui Ma & Chengliang Yin

  • 2015 A Novel Grouping Method for Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Based on a Fractional Joint Kalman Filter and a New Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm
    by Xiaoyu Li & Kai Song & Guo Wei & Rengui Lu & Chunbo Zhu

  • 2015 Measurement of the Relative Free Radical Content of Insulating Oils of Petroleum Origin
    by Issouf Fofana & John Sabau & Amidou Betie

  • 2015 Software-Based Wireless Power Transfer Platform for Various Power Control Experiments
    by Sun-Han Hwang & Chung G. Kang & Yong-Ho Son & Byung-Jun Jang

  • 2015 Engineering Plant Biomass Lignin Content and Composition for Biofuels and Bioproducts
    by Cassie Marie Welker & Vimal Kumar Balasubramanian & Carloalberto Petti & Krishan Mohan Rai & Seth DeBolt & Venugopal Mendu

  • 2015 A Multi-Function Conversion Technique for Vehicle-to-Grid Applications
    by Ying Fan & Weixia Zhu & Zhongbing Xue & Li Zhang & Zhixiang Zou

  • 2015 Who Is Behaving? Consequences for Energy Policy of Concept Confusion
    by Kajsa Ellegård & Jenny Palm

  • 2015 A Dynamically Adaptable Impedance-Matching System for Midrange Wireless Power Transfer with Misalignment
    by Thuc Phi Duong & Jong-Wook Lee

  • 2015 Performance Comparison between Steam Injected Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle during Frequency Drops
    by Saeed Bahrami & Ali Ghaffari & Magnus Genrup & Marcus Thern

  • 2015 Application of Artificial Bee Colony in Model Parameter Identification of Solar Cells
    by Rongjie Wang & Yiju Zhan & Haifeng Zhou

  • 2015 An Optimal PR Control Strategy with Load Current Observer for a Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
    by Xiaobo Dou & Kang Yang & Xiangjun Quan & Qinran Hu & Zaijun Wu & Bo Zhao & Peng Li & Shizhan Zhang & Yang Jiao

  • 2015 Pyrolysis of Municipal Green Waste: A Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Analysis
    by Mohammed J. Kabir & Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury & Mohammad G. Rasul

  • 2015 Screening and Evaluation of Some Green Algal Strains (Chlorophyceae) Isolated from Freshwater and Soda Lakes for Biofuel Production
    by Ramganesh Selvarajan & Tamás Felföldi & Tamás Tauber & Elumalai Sanniyasi & Timothy Sibanda & Memory Tekere

  • 2015 Flow Regime Changes: From Impounding a Temperate Lowland River to Small Hydropower Operations
    by Petras Punys & Antanas Dumbrauskas & Egidijus Kasiulis & Gitana Vyčienė & Linas Šilinis

  • 2015 Study on Pyroelectric Harvesters Integrating Solar Radiation with Wind Power
    by Chun-Ching Hsiao & Jia-Wai Jhang & An-Shen Siao

  • 2015 Characteristic Analysis and Control of a Hybrid Excitation Linear Eddy Current Brake
    by Baoquan Kou & Yinxi Jin & Lu Zhang & He Zhang

  • 2015 Facile and Economical Preparation of SiAlON-Based Composites Using Coal Gangue: From Fundamental to Industrial Application
    by Jinfu Li & Changsheng Yue & Mei Zhang & Xidong Wang & Zuotai Zhang

  • 2015 Data Mining Techniques for Detecting Household Characteristics Based on Smart Meter Data
    by Krzysztof Gajowniczek & Tomasz Ząbkowski

  • 2015 Automated Linear Function Submission-Based Double Auction as Bottom-up Real-Time Pricing in a Regional Prosumers’ Electricity Network
    by Tadahiro Taniguchi & Koki Kawasaki & Yoshiro Fukui & Tomohiro Takata & Shiro Yano

  • 2015 A Solar Automatic Tracking System that Generates Power for Lighting Greenhouses
    by Qi-Xun Zhang & Hai-Ye Yu & Qiu-Yuan Zhang & Zhong-Yuan Zhang & Cheng-Hui Shao & Di Yang

  • 2015 Enhancing Wave Energy Competitiveness through Co-Located Wind and Wave Energy Farms. A Review on the Shadow Effect
    by Sharay Astariz & Gregorio Iglesias

  • 2015 Autonomous Household Energy Management Based on a Double Cooperative Game Approach in the Smart Grid
    by Bingtuan Gao & Xiaofeng Liu & Wenhu Zhang & Yi Tang

  • 2015 Effects of Pilot Injection Timing and EGR on Combustion, Performance and Exhaust Emissions in a Common Rail Diesel Engine Fueled with a Canola Oil Biodiesel-Diesel Blend
    by Jun Cong Ge & Min Soo Kim & Sam Ki Yoon & Nag Jung Choi

  • 2015 Smart Home Communication Technologies and Applications: Wireless Protocol Assessment for Home Area Network Resources
    by Tiago D. P. Mendes & Radu Godina & Eduardo M. G. Rodrigues & João C. O. Matias & João P. S. Catalão

  • 2015 Energy Performance Database of Building Heritage in the Region of Umbria, Central Italy
    by Cinzia Buratti & Francesco Asdrubali & Domenico Palladino & Antonella Rotili

  • 2015 Reinforcement Learning–Based Energy Management Strategy for a Hybrid Electric Tracked Vehicle
    by Teng Liu & Yuan Zou & Dexing Liu & Fengchun Sun

  • 2015 Coordinated Control Strategies of VSC-HVDC-Based Wind Power Systems for Low Voltage Ride Through
    by Xinyin Zhang & Zaijun Wu & Minqiang Hu & Xianyun Li & Ganyun Lv

  • 2015 Investigation of Fault Permeability in Sands with Different Mineral Compositions (Evaluation of Gas Hydrate Reservoir)
    by Sho Kimura & Hiroaki Kaneko & Takuma Ito & Hideki Minagawa

  • 2015 Development of Optical Fiber-Based Daylighting System and Its Comparison
    by Irfan Ullah & Allen Jong-Woei Whang

  • 2015 Effects of Low-Carbon Technologies and End-Use Electrification on Energy-Related Greenhouse Gases Mitigation in China by 2050
    by Zheng Guo & Pei Liu & Linwei Ma & Zheng Li

  • 2015 Online Fault Identification Based on an Adaptive Observer for Modular Multilevel Converters Applied to Wind Power Generation Systems
    by Hui Liu & Ke Ma & Poh Chiang Loh & Frede Blaabjerg

  • 2015 A Supply-Chain Analysis Framework for Assessing Densified Biomass Solid Fuel Utilization Policies in China
    by Wenyan Wang & Wei Ouyang & Fanghua Hao

  • 2015 Improved Adaptive Droop Control Design for Optimal Power Sharing in VSC-MTDC Integrating Wind Farms
    by Xiaohong Ran & Shihong Miao & Yingjie Wu

  • 2015 Characterization of Anion Exchange Membrane Containing Epoxy Ring and C–Cl Bond Quaternized by Various Amine Groups for Application in Fuel Cells
    by Sung Kuk Jeong & Ju Sung Lee & Sahng Hyuck Woo & Jin Ah Seo & Byoung Ryul Min

  • 2015 Development and Characterization of Non-Conventional Micro-Porous Layers for PEM Fuel Cells
    by Riccardo Balzarotti & Saverio Latorrata & Paola Gallo Stampino & Cinzia Cristiani & Giovanni Dotelli

  • 2015 A Mathematical Model of Hourly Solar Radiation in Varying Weather Conditions for a Dynamic Simulation of the Solar Organic Rankine Cycle
    by Taehong Sung & Sang Youl Yoon & Kyung Chun Kim

  • 2015 Ejin Oasis Land Use and Vegetation Change between 2000 and 2011: The Role of the Ecological Water Diversion Project
    by Xiaoli Hu & Ling Lu & Xin Li & Jianhua Wang & Xuegang Lu

  • 2015 A Novel Ground Fault Identification Method for 2 × 5 kV Railway Power Supply Systems
    by Jesus Serrano & Carlos A. Platero & Maximo López-Toledo & Ricardo Granizo

  • 2015 Transformation toward a Secure and Precaution-Oriented Energy System with the Guiding Concept of Resilience—Implementation of Low-Exergy Solutions in Northwestern Germany
    by Urte Brand & Arnim von Gleich

  • 2015 Analysis on the Initial Cracking Parameters of Cross-Measure Hydraulic Fracture in Underground Coal Mines
    by Yiyu Lu & Liang Cheng & Zhaolong Ge & Binwei Xia & Qian Li & Jiufu Chen

  • 2015 Multi-Objective Reservoir Optimization Balancing Energy Generation and Firm Power
    by Fang-Fang Li & Jun Qiu

  • 2015 An Environmentally-Friendly Tourist Village in Egypt Based on a Hybrid Renewable Energy System––Part Two: A Net Zero Energy Tourist Village
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  • 2013 Pareto Optimal Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems Using a Genetic Algorithm Based on NSGA-II
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  • 2013 Energy Production and Regional Economic Growth in China: A More Comprehensive Analysis Using a Panel Model
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  • 2013 Experimental and Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of a Water/Steam Cavity Receiver
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