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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q4: Energy
/ / / Q40: General
/ / / Q41: Demand and Supply; Prices
/ / / Q42: Alternative Energy Sources
/ / / Q43: Energy and the Macroeconomy
/ / / Q47: Energy Forecasting
/ / / Q48: Government Policy
/ / / Q49: Other

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics
  2. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics > Energy Consumption and Economic Growth
  3. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics > Renewable Energy Sources
  4. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Energy Economics > Energy Policy

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Forecasting Base Metal Prices with Commodity Currencies
    by Pincheira, Pablo & Hardy, Nicolas

  • 2018 Renewable Energy Assisted Traffic Aware Cellular Base Station Energy Cooperation
    by Faran Ahmed & Muhammad Naeem & Waleed Ejaz & Muhammad Iqbal & Alagan Anpalagan & Hyung Seok Kim

  • 2018 A Time for Introducing the Principle of Least Potential Energy in High School Physics
    by Yuval Ben-Abu

  • 2018 The Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Sperm Fertilization Procedure (MOSFP) Method for Solving Wireless Sensor Networks Optimization Problems in Smart Grid Applications
    by Hisham A. Shehadeh & Mohd Yamani Idna Idris & Ismail Ahmedy & Roziana Ramli & Noorzaily Mohamed Noor

  • 2018 Digital Generator Control Unit Design for a Variable Frequency Synchronous Generator in MEA
    by Weilin Li & Yang Yang & Xiaobin Zhang

  • 2018 An Improved Ant Lion Optimization Algorithm and Its Application in Hydraulic Turbine Governing System Parameter Identification
    by Tian Tian & Changyu Liu & Qi Guo & Yi Yuan & Wei Li & Qiurong Yan

  • 2018 Heating and Cooling Degree-Days Maps of Pakistan
    by Khuram Pervez Amber & Muhammad Waqar Aslam & Faraz Ikram & Anila Kousar & Hafiz Muhammad Ali & Naveed Akram & Kamran Afzal & Haroon Mushtaq

  • 2018 On the Evolution of the Integral Time Scale within Wind Farms
    by Huiwen Liu & Imran Hayat & Yaqing Jin & Leonardo P. Chamorro

  • 2018 Three-D Numerical Thermal Analysis of Electric Motor with Cooling Jacket
    by Zabdur Rehman & Kwanjae Seong

  • 2018 An Improved Grey Model and Scenario Analysis for Carbon Intensity Forecasting in the Pearl River Delta Region of China
    by Fei Ye & Xinxiu Xie & Li Zhang & Xiaoling Hu

  • 2018 Experimental Study on the Heat Release Operational Characteristics of a Soil Coupled Ground Heat Exchanger with Assisted Cooling Tower
    by Weibo Yang & Binbin Yang & Rui Xu

  • 2018 Development of an Advanced Rule-Based Control Strategy for a PHEV Using Machine Learning
    by Hanho Son & Hyunhwa Kim & Sungho Hwang & Hyunsoo Kim

  • 2018 Power Estimation of Multiple Two-State Loads Using A Probabilistic Non-Intrusive Approach
    by Nilson Henao & Kodjo Agbossou & Sousso Kelouwani & Sayed Saeed Hosseini & Michael Fournier

  • 2018 Behavior Anomaly Indicators Based on Reference Patterns—Application to the Gearbox and Electrical Generator of a Wind Turbine
    by Angel Gil & Miguel A. Sanz-Bobi & Miguel A. Rodríguez-López

  • 2018 Long-Term Battery Voltage, Power, and Surface Temperature Prediction Using a Model-Based Extreme Learning Machine
    by Xiaopeng Tang & Ke Yao & Boyang Liu & Wengui Hu & Furong Gao

  • 2018 Application and Comparison of Metaheuristic and New Metamodel Based Global Optimization Methods to the Optimal Operation of Active Distribution Networks
    by Hao Xiao & Wei Pei & Zuomin Dong & Li Kong & Dan Wang

  • 2018 Well Test Analysis for Fractured and Vuggy Carbonate Reservoirs of Well Drilling in Large Scale Cave
    by Cuiqiao Xing & Hongjun Yin & Kexin Liu & Xingke Li & Jing Fu

  • 2018 Study on the Evaluation Index System and Evaluation Method of Voltage Stability of Distribution Network with High DG Penetration
    by Jingjing Tu & Zhongdong Yin & Yonghai Xu

  • 2018 Anisotropy in Thermal Recovery of Oil Shale—Part 1: Thermal Conductivity, Wave Velocity and Crack Propagation
    by Guoying Wang & Dong Yang & Zhiqin Kang & Jing Zhao

  • 2018 Improved Krill Herd Algorithm with Novel Constraint Handling Method for Solving Optimal Power Flow Problems
    by Gonggui Chen & Zhengmei Lu & Zhizhong Zhang

  • 2018 ACT-R Cognitive Model Based Trajectory Planning Method Study for Electric Vehicle’s Active Obstacle Avoidance System
    by Aijuan Li & Wanzhong Zhao & Xibo Wang & Xuyun Qiu

  • 2018 Power Transformer Spatial Acoustic Radiation Characteristics Analysis under Multiple Operating Conditions
    by Liming Ying & Donghui Wang & Jinwei Wang & Guodong Wang & Xiaowen Wu & Jiangtao Liu

  • 2018 Thermodynamic and Environmental Analysis of Scaling up Cogeneration Units Driven by Sugarcane Biomass to Enhance Power Exports
    by João Paulo Guerra & Fernando Henrique Cardoso & Alex Nogueira & Luiz Kulay

  • 2018 Flux-Angle-Difference Feedback Control for the Brushless Doubly Fed Machine
    by Chaoying Xia & Xiaoxin Hou & Feng Chen

  • 2018 Investigation of Sectional-Stage Loading Strategies on a Two-Stage Turbocharged Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine under Transient Operation with EGR
    by Zhongchang Liu & Xing Yuan & Jing Tian & Yongqiang Han & Runzhao Li & Guanlong Gao

  • 2018 Hourly Solar Radiation Forecasting Using a Volterra-Least Squares Support Vector Machine Model Combined with Signal Decomposition
    by Zhenyu Wang & Cuixia Tian & Qibing Zhu & Min Huang

  • 2018 Combined Supporting Technology with Bolt-Grouting and Floor Pressure-Relief for Deep Chamber: An Underground Coal Mine Case Study
    by Xinxian Zhai & Guangshuai Huang & Chengyu Chen & Rubo Li

  • 2018 Rotor Position Self-Sensing of SRM Using PSO-RVM
    by Qianwen Xiang & Ye Yuan & Yanjun Yu & Kunhua Chen

  • 2018 Energy Consumption Prediction of a Greenhouse and Optimization of Daily Average Temperature
    by Yongtao Shen & Ruihua Wei & Lihong Xu

  • 2018 Practical On-Board Measurement of Lithium Ion Battery Impedance Based on Distributed Voltage and Current Sampling
    by Xuezhe Wei & Xueyuan Wang & Haifeng Dai

  • 2018 Performance Investigation and Optimization of a Novel Hybrid Saturated-Core Fault-Current Limiter Considering the Leakage Effect
    by Liangliang Wei & Baichao Chen & Yushun Liu & Cuihua Tian & Jiaxin Yuan & Yuxin Bu & Tianan Zhu

  • 2018 Analysis on the Amplitude and Frequency Characteristics of the Rotor Unbalanced Magnetic Pull of a Multi-Pole Synchronous Generator with Inter-Turn Short Circuit of Field Windings
    by Guangtao Zhang & Junyong Wu & Liangliang Hao

  • 2018 An Online State of Charge Estimation Algorithm for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using an Improved Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filter
    by Zhibing Zeng & Jindong Tian & Dong Li & Yong Tian

  • 2018 H ∞ Robust Control of an LCL-Type Grid-Connected Inverter with Large-Scale Grid Impedance Perturbation
    by Yingjie Wang & Jiashi Wang & Wei Zeng & Haiyuan Liu & Yushuo Chai

  • 2018 A Three-Phase Dynamic Wireless Charging System with Constant Output Voltage
    by Ruikun Mai & Hongchao Li & Yeran Liu & Kunzhuo Zhou & Ling Fu & Zhengyou He

  • 2018 Transient Stability Analysis of Islanded AC Microgrids with a Significant Share of Virtual Synchronous Generators
    by Chang Yuan & Peilin Xie & Dan Yang & Xiangning Xiao

  • 2018 Rate Decline Analysis for Modeling Volume Fractured Well Production in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    by Mingxian Wang & Zifei Fan & Guoqiang Xing & Wenqi Zhao & Heng Song & Penghui Su

  • 2018 High-Precision Speed Control Based on Multiple Phase-Shift Resonant Controllers for Gimbal System in MSCMG
    by Jian Feng & Qing Wang & Kun Liu

  • 2018 A Review of Experiments and Modeling of Gas-Liquid Flow in Electrical Submersible Pumps
    by Jianjun Zhu & Hong-Quan Zhang

  • 2018 Design Considerations for the Electrical Power Supply of Future Civil Aircraft with Active High-Lift Systems
    by J.-K. Mueller & A. Bensmann & B. Bensmann & T. Fischer & T. Kadyk & G. Narjes & F. Kauth & B. Ponick & J. R. Seume & U. Krewer & R. Hanke-Rauschenbach & A. Mertens

  • 2018 Dynamic Strategies for Yaw and Induction Control of Wind Farms Based on Large-Eddy Simulation and Optimization
    by Wim Munters & Johan Meyers

  • 2018 Characterisation of Tidal Flows at the European Marine Energy Centre in the Absence of Ocean Waves
    by Brian G. Sellar & Gareth Wakelam & Duncan R. J. Sutherland & David M. Ingram & Vengatesan Venugopal

  • 2018 Coal Matrix Deformation and Pore Structure Change in High-Pressure Nitrogen Replacement of Methane
    by Xiaofeng Ji & Dangyu Song & Xiaoming Ni & Yunbo Li & Haotian Zhao

  • 2018 Study on the Low-Temperature Oxidation Law in the Co-Mining Face of Coal and Oil Shale in a Goaf—A Case Study in the Liangjia Coal Mine, China
    by Gang Wang & Yue Wang & Lulu Sun & Xiang Song & Qiqi Liu & Hao Xu & Wenzhou Du

  • 2018 Optimal Control of Wind Farms for Coordinated TSO-DSO Reactive Power Management
    by David Sebastian Stock & Francesco Sala & Alberto Berizzi & Lutz Hofmann

  • 2018 Investigation of a Novel Coaxial Power-Split Hybrid Powertrain for Mining Trucks
    by Weiwei Yang & Jiejunyi Liang & Jue Yang & Nong Zhang

  • 2018 Fault-Tolerant Control for a Flexible Group Battery Energy Storage System Based on Cascaded Multilevel Converters
    by Junhong Song & Weige Zhang & Hui Liang & Jiuchun Jiang & Wensong Yu

  • 2018 Hydration of Magnesium Carbonate in a Thermal Energy Storage Process and Its Heating Application Design
    by Rickard Erlund & Ron Zevenhoven

  • 2018 State-Space Approximation of Convolution Term in Time Domain Analysis of a Raft-Type Wave Energy Converter
    by Changhai Liu & Qingjun Yang & Gang Bao

  • 2018 Laboratory Investigation of Flow Paths in 3D Self-Affine Fractures with Lattice Boltzmann Simulations
    by Jiawei Li & Claudia Cherubini & Sergio Andres Galindo Torres & Zi Li & Nicola Pastore & Ling Li

  • 2018 A Roadmap for Achieving Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage: Graphene-Based Composites Used Both as an Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reactions and an Electrode Material for a Supercapacitor
    by Peipei Huo & Peng Zhao & Yin Wang & Bo Liu & Guangchao Yin & Mingdong Dong

  • 2018 Exploring Vehicle Level Benefits of Revolutionary Technology Progress via Aircraft Design and Optimization
    by Yaolong Liu & Ali Elham & Peter Horst & Martin Hepperle

  • 2018 Study of Power Flow in an IPT System Based on Poynting Vector Analysis
    by Yuan Liu & Aiguo Patrick Hu

  • 2018 Installation of XLPE-Insulated 400 kV Submarine AC Power Cables under the Dardanelles Strait: A 4 GW Turkish Grid Reinforcement
    by Roberto Benato & İbrahim Balanuye & Fatih Köksal & Nurhan Ozan & Ercüment Özdemirci

  • 2018 Daily Peak Load Forecasting Based on Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise and Support Vector Machine Optimized by Modified Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm
    by Shuyu Dai & Dongxiao Niu & Yan Li

  • 2018 Energy-Saving Performance of Flap-Adjustment-Based Centrifugal Fan
    by Genglin Chen & Wei Xu & Jinyun Zhao & Haipeng Zhang

  • 2018 Energy Consumption Optimization and User Comfort Management in Residential Buildings Using a Bat Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic
    by Muhammad Fayaz & DoHyeun Kim

  • 2018 Cyclic Experimental Studies on Damage Evolution Behaviors of Shale Dependent on Structural Orientations and Confining Pressures
    by Cheng Cheng & Xiao Li

  • 2018 Cost Optimization of Mooring Solutions for Large Floating Wave Energy Converters
    by Jonas Bjerg Thomsen & Francesco Ferri & Jens Peter Kofoed & Kevin Black

  • 2018 Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage Systems for the Energy Procurement Problem in Multi-Period Markets under Uncertainties
    by Ryusuke Konishi & Akiko Takeda & Masaki Takahashi

  • 2018 Esterification Optimization of Crude African Palm Olein Using Response Surface Methodology and Heterogeneous Acid Catalysis
    by Francisco Anguebes-Franseschi & Mohamed Abatal & Ali Bassam & Mauricio A. Escalante Soberanis & Oscar May Tzuc & Lauro Bucio-Galindo & Atl Victor Cordova Quiroz & Claudia Alejandra Aguilar Ucan & Miguel Angel Ramirez-Elias

  • 2018 Cyanobacteria and Microalgae : Thermoeconomic Considerations in Biofuel Production
    by Umberto Lucia & Giulia Grisolia

  • 2018 Thermal and Electrical Characterization of a Semi-Transparent Dye-Sensitized Photovoltaic Module under Real Operating Conditions
    by Cristina Cornaro & Ludovica Renzi & Marco Pierro & Aldo Di Carlo & Alessandro Guglielmotti

  • 2018 Isobaric Expansion Engines: New Opportunities in Energy Conversion for Heat Engines, Pumps and Compressors
    by Maxim Glushenkov & Alexander Kronberg & Torben Knoke & Eugeny Y. Kenig

  • 2018 A Novel Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Machine with Flux Strengthening Effect for Low-Speed Large-Torque Applications
    by Yujun Shi & Linni Jian

  • 2018 Impacts of Bioenergy Policies on Land-Use Change in Nigeria
    by Stanley U. Okoro & Udo Schickhoff & Uwe A. Schneider

  • 2018 An Integrated Start-Up Method for Pumped Storage Units Based on a Novel Artificial Sheep Algorithm
    by Zanbin Wang & Chaoshun Li & Xinjie Lai & Nan Zhang & Yanhe Xu & Jinjiao Hou

  • 2018 Exploring the Effect of Increased Energy Density on the Environmental Impacts of Traction Batteries: A Comparison of Energy Optimized Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Sulfur Batteries for Mobility Applications
    by Felipe Cerdas & Paul Titscher & Nicolas Bognar & Richard Schmuch & Martin Winter & Arno Kwade & Christoph Herrmann

  • 2018 Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Performance of a Dry Storage Cask for Spent Nuclear Fuel
    by Heui-Yung Chang & Rong-Horng Chen & Chi-Ming Lai

  • 2018 Analytical Investigation of the Heat-Transfer Limits of a Novel Solar Loop-Heat Pipe Employing a Mini-Channel Evaporator
    by Thierno M. O. Diallo & Min Yu & Jinzhi Zhou & Xudong Zhao & Jie Ji & David Hardy

  • 2018 Analysis of Combined Cycle Power Plants with Chemical Looping Reforming of Natural Gas and Pre-Combustion CO 2 Capture
    by Shareq Mohd Nazir & Olav Bolland & Shahriar Amini

  • 2018 Effectiveness Analysis and Temperature Effect Mechanism on Chemical and Electrical-Based Transformer Insulation Diagnostic Parameters Obtained from PDC Data
    by Hanbo Zheng & Jiefeng Liu & Yiyi Zhang & Yijie Ma & Yang Shen & Xiaochen Zhen & Zilai Chen

  • 2018 Power Quality Event Detection Using a Fast Extreme Learning Machine
    by Ferhat Ucar & Omer F. Alcin & Besir Dandil & Fikret Ata

  • 2018 Scheduling Model for Renewable Energy Sources Integration in an Insular Power System
    by Gerardo J. Osório & Miadreza Shafie-khah & Juan M. Lujano-Rojas & João P. S. Catalão

  • 2018 PMU Measurement-Based Intelligent Strategy for Power System Controlled Islanding
    by Yi Tang & Feng Li & Chenyi Zheng & Qi Wang & Yingjun Wu

  • 2018 Evaluation of the Theoretical Geothermal Potential of Inferred Geothermal Reservoirs within the Vicano–Cimino and the Sabatini Volcanic Districts (Central Italy) by the Application of the Volume Method
    by Daniele Cinti & Monia Procesi & Pier Paolo Poncia

  • 2018 An Efficient Topology for Wireless Power Transfer over a Wide Range of Loading Conditions
    by Tianqing Li & Xiangzhou Wang & Shuhua Zheng & Chunhua Liu

  • 2018 Perceived and Reported Reliability of the Electricity Supply at Three Urban Locations in Indonesia
    by Kunaifi & Angèle Reinders

  • 2018 Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Integration Applying Cuckoo Search for Probabilistic Reliable Optimal Placement
    by R. A. Swief & T. S. Abdel-Salam & Noha H. El-Amary

  • 2018 Informatics Solution for Energy Efficiency Improvement and Consumption Management of Householders
    by Simona-Vasilica Oprea & Adela Bâra & Adriana Reveiu

  • 2018 Variance Characteristics of Tropical Radiosonde Winds Using a Vector-Tensor Method
    by Jing-Jin Tieo & Tieh-Yong Koh & Martin Skote & Narasimalu Srikanth

  • 2018 Entropy-Based Voltage Fault Diagnosis of Battery Systems for Electric Vehicles
    by Peng Liu & Zhenyu Sun & Zhenpo Wang & Jin Zhang

  • 2018 A Free-Piston Linear Generator Control Strategy for Improving Output Power
    by Chi Zhang & Feixue Chen & Long Li & Zhaoping Xu & Liang Liu & Guilin Yang & Hongyuan Lian & Yingzhong Tian

  • 2018 Magnetic Field and Torque Output of Packaged Hydraulic Torque Motor
    by Liang Yan & Zihao Duan & Qiongfang Zhang & Shiyong Niu & Yifeng Dong & Christopher Gerada

  • 2018 A Critical Analysis and Validation of the Accuracy of Wave Overtopping Prediction Formulae for OWECs
    by David Gallach-Sánchez & Peter Troch & Andreas Kortenhaus

  • 2018 Study on the Effect of Reciprocating Pump Pipeline System Vibration on Oil Transportation Stations
    by Hongfang Lu & Xiaonan Wu & Kun Huang

  • 2018 Determination of In-Situ Stress and Geomechanical Properties from Borehole Deformation
    by Hong Xue Han & Shunde Yin

  • 2018 High Gain Boost Interleaved Converters with Coupled Inductors and with Demagnetizing Circuits
    by Michal Frivaldsky & Branislav Hanko & Michal Prazenica & Jan Morgos

  • 2018 Control and EMS of a Grid-Connected Microgrid with Economical Analysis
    by Mohamed El-Hendawi & Hossam A. Gabbar & Gaber El-Saady & El-Nobi A. Ibrahim

  • 2018 Optimal Pole Number and Winding Designs for Low Speed–High Torque Synchronous Reluctance Machines
    by Gurutz Artetxe & Jesus Paredes & Borja Prieto & Miguel Martinez-Iturralde & Ibon Elosegui

  • 2018 Numerical Simulations for a Partial Disk MHD Generator Performance
    by Lai Li & Hu-lin Huang & Gui-ping Zhu

  • 2018 A Novel Power Flow Algorithm for Traction Power Supply Systems Based on the Thévenin Equivalent
    by Junqi Zhang & Mingli Wu & Qiujiang Liu

  • 2018 Cloud-Based Battery Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Platform for Large-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems
    by Taesic Kim & Darshan Makwana & Amit Adhikaree & Jitendra Shamjibhai Vagdoda & Young Lee

  • 2018 Evolving Microbial Communities in Cellulose-Fed Microbial Fuel Cell
    by Renata Toczyłowska-Mamińska & Karolina Szymona & Patryk Król & Karol Gliniewicz & Katarzyna Pielech-Przybylska & Monika Kloch & Bruce E. Logan

  • 2018 Application of Predictive Feedforward Compensator to Microalgae Production in a Raceway Reactor: A Simulation Study
    by Andrzej Pawłowski & José Luis Guzmán & Manuel Berenguel & Francisco G. Acíen & Sebastián Dormido

  • 2018 Energy Flexibility from Large Prosumers to Support Distribution System Operation—A Technical and Legal Case Study on the Amsterdam ArenA Stadium
    by Dirk Kuiken & Heyd F. Más & Maryam Haji Ghasemi & Niels Blaauwbroek & Thai H. Vo & Thijs van der Klauw & Phuong H. Nguyen

  • 2018 A New Control Logic for a Wind-Area on the Balancing Authority Area Control Error Limit Standard for Load Frequency Control
    by Yekui Chang & Rao Liu & Yu Ba & Weidong Li

  • 2018 Advanced Control Strategies of Induction Machine: Field Oriented Control, Direct Torque Control and Model Predictive Control
    by Fengxiang Wang & Zhenbin Zhang & Xuezhu Mei & José Rodríguez & Ralph Kennel

  • 2018 Energy Analysis of Cascade Heating with High Back-Pressure Large-Scale Steam Turbine
    by Zhihua Ge & Fuxiang Zhang & Shimeng Sun & Jie He & Xiaoze Du

  • 2018 On the Compatibility of Electric Equivalent Circuit Models for Enhanced Flooded Lead Acid Batteries Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
    by Can Aksakal & Altug Sisman

  • 2018 Comparison of Conductor-Temperature Calculations Based on Different Radial-Position-Temperature Detections for High-Voltage Power Cable
    by Lin Yang & Weihao Qiu & Jichao Huang & Yanpeng Hao & Mingli Fu & Shuai Hou & Licheng Li

  • 2018 Switched Polytopic Controller Applied on a Positive Reconfigurable Power Electronic Converter
    by Martín-A. Rodríguez-Licea & Francisco-J. Perez-Pinal & Alejandro-I. Barranco-Gutiérrez & Jose-C. Nuñez-Perez

  • 2018 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Analysis of a Slim-Type Double Skin Window System: Using an Experimental and a Simulation Method
    by Kyung-joo Cho & Dong-woo Cho

  • 2018 Flat Concentrator Photovoltaic System with Lateral Displacement Tracking for Residential Rooftops
    by Ngoc Hai Vu & Seoyong Shin

  • 2018 Performance Improvement for Reduction of Resonance in a Grid-Connected Inverter System Using an Improved DPWM Method
    by Jin-Hyuk Park & Kyo-Beum Lee

  • 2018 Impacts of Water Flow Rate on Freezing Prevention of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers in Power Plants
    by Yonghong Guo & Huimin Wei & Xiaoru Yang & Weijia Wang & Xiaoze Du & Lijun Yang

  • 2018 Phase Change Materials in Transparent Building Envelopes: A Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis
    by Ilaria Vigna & Lorenza Bianco & Francesco Goia & Valentina Serra

  • 2018 Net Power Coefficient of Vertical and Horizontal Wind Turbines with Crossflow Runners
    by Toni Pujol & Albert Massaguer & Eduard Massaguer & Lino Montoro & Martí Comamala

  • 2018 Drying and Pelletizing Analysis of Waste from Cork Granulated Industry
    by Francisco José Sepúlveda & José Ignacio Arranz & María Teresa Miranda & Irene Montero & Carmen Victoria Rojas

  • 2018 Influence of Stator MMF Harmonics on the Utilization of Reluctance Torque in Six-Phase PMA-SynRM with FSCW
    by Luming Cheng & Yi Sui & Ping Zheng & Zuosheng Yin & Chuanze Wang

  • 2018 Role and Potential of Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in Anaerobic Digestion
    by Gahyun Baek & Jaai Kim & Jinsu Kim & Changsoo Lee

  • 2018 The Recurrence Interval Difference of Power Load in Heavy/Light Industries of China
    by Chi Zhang & Zhengning Pu & Jiasha Fu

  • 2018 Modelling and Designing Cryogenic Hydrogen Tanks for Future Aircraft Applications
    by Christopher Winnefeld & Thomas Kadyk & Boris Bensmann & Ulrike Krewer & Richard Hanke-Rauschenbach

  • 2018 Harmonic Modelling of the Wind Turbine Induction Generator for Dynamic Analysis of Power Quality
    by Héctor García & Juan Segundo & Osvaldo Rodríguez-Hernández & Rafael Campos-Amezcua & Oscar Jaramillo

  • 2018 Coordinated Control Schemes of Super-Capacitor and Kinetic Energy of DFIG for System Frequency Support
    by Liansong Xiong & Yujun Li & Yixin Zhu & Ping Yang & Zhirong Xu

  • 2018 Influence of Spatial Relationships between Key Strata on the Height of Mining-Induced Fracture Zone: A Case Study of Thick Coal Seam Mining
    by Peng Li & Xufeng Wang & Wenhao Cao & Dongsheng Zhang & Dongdong Qin & Hongzhi Wang

  • 2018 A Practical Approach to Localize Simultaneous Triple Open-Switches for a PWM Inverter-Fed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive System
    by Jae-Hwan Song & Kyeong-Hwa Kim

  • 2018 Circuit Breaker Rate-of-Rise Recovery Voltage in Ultra-High Voltage Lines with Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation
    by Hongshun Liu & Zhen Wang & Jingjing Yang & Bin Li & Ang Ren

  • 2017 Energy Tax and Regulatory Policy in Europe: Reform Priorities

  • 2017 Does the stick make the carrot more attractive? State mandates and uptake of renewable heating technologies
    by Achtnicht, Martin & Germeshausen, Robert & von Graevenitz, Kathrine

  • 2017 Die Gerechtigkeitslücke in der Verteilung der Kosten der Energiewende auf die privaten Haushalte
    by Frondel, Manuel & Kutzschbauch, Ole & Sommer, Stephan & Traub, Stefan

  • 2017 Energy Tariff Reform in Ukraine: Estimated Effects and Policy Options
    by Vasily Astrov & Leon Podkaminer

  • 2017 How Does Welfare from Load Shifting Electricity Policy Vary with Market Prices? Evidence from Bulk Storage and Electricity Generation
    by J. Scott Holladay & Jacob LaRiviere

  • 2017 La transition énergétique : contrainte ou opportunité pour la croissance et l'emploi ?
    by Francesco Vona

  • 2017 From Fossil Fuels to Renewables: The Role of Electricity Storage
    by Itziar Lazkano & Linda Nøstbakken & Martino Pelli

  • 2017 The signaling effect of gasoline taxes and its distributional implications
    by Silvia Tiezzi & Stefano F. Verde

  • 2017 Does renewable energy consumption drive economic growth: Evidence from Granger-causality technique
    by Khobai, Hlalefang & Le Roux, Pierre

  • 2017 Investissement public et croissance économique au Cameroun
    by Bendoma, Marius & Messiné Essomba, Cyrille

  • 2017 Annex I and non-Annex I countries’productive performance revisited using a generalized directional distance function under a metafrontier framework: Is there any convergence-divergence pattern for technology gaps?
    by Kounetas, Kostas & Zervopoulos, Panagiotis

  • 2017 Is the Recent Low Oil Price Attributable to the Shale Revolution?
    by Bataa, Erdenebat & Park, Cheolbeom

  • 2017 Highly resolved optimal renewable allocation planning in power systems under consideration of dynamic grid topology
    by Slednev, Viktor & Bertsch, Valentin & Ruppert, Manuel & Fichtner, Wolf

  • 2017 Agricultural impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake - six years later
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ito, Fusao

  • 2017 Inflation dynamics in pre and post deregulation era in Ghana: Do petroleum prices have any influence?
    by Addae, Edna & Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2017 To Toss a Coin or Shake a Hand: An Overview of Renewable Energy Interventions and Procurement in selected African Countries
    by Ackah, Ishmael & A. Opoku, Freda & Suleman, Shafic

  • 2017 Analysis OF Energy Efficiency Practices of SMEs in Ghana: An application of Product Generational Dematerialisation
    by Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2017 Renewable Natural Gas as a Solution to Climate Goals: Response to California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard
    by Scheitrum, Daniel

  • 2017 Technical efficiency, productivity change and environmental degradation
    by Halkos, George & Bampatsou, Christina

  • 2017 Modeling and Forecasting Hourly Electricity Demand by SARIMAX with Interactions
    by Niematallah Elamin & Mototsugu Fukushige

  • 2017 Integrating judgment in statistical demand forecasting: An approach to confront uncertainty
    by Niematallah Elamin & Mototsugu Fukushige

  • 2017 The 2011 Japanese energy crisis: Effects on the magnitude and pattern of load demand
    by Niematallah Elamin & Mototsugu Fukushige

  • 2017 Costs of Inefficient Regulation: Evidence from the Bakken
    by Gabriel E. Lade & Ivan Rudik

  • 2017 The Efficiency Consequences of Heterogeneous Behavioral Responses to Energy Fiscal Policies
    by Sébastien Houde & Joseph E. Aldy

  • 2017 Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria: Why Investors are Paying Attention
    by Ravi Jagannathan & Ashwin Ravikumar & Marco Sammon

  • 2017 Lags, Costs, and Shocks: An Equilibrium Model of the Oil Industry
    by Gideon Bornstein & Per Krusell & Sergio Rebelo

  • 2017 Harnessing Policy Complementarities to Conserve Energy: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment
    by John A. List & Robert D. Metcalfe & Michael K. Price & Florian Rundhammer

  • 2017 Do The Effects of Social Nudges Persist? Theory and Evidence from 38 Natural Field Experiments
    by Alec Brandon & Paul J. Ferraro & John A. List & Robert D. Metcalfe & Michael K. Price & Florian Rundhammer

  • 2017 Imperfect Markets versus Imperfect Regulation in U.S. Electricity Generation
    by Steve Cicala

  • 2017 Subsidizing Fuel Efficient Cars: Evidence from China's Automobile Industry
    by Chia-Wen Chen & Wei-Min Hu & Christopher R. Knittel

  • 2017 Maximizing the Impact of Climate Finance: Funding Projects or Pilot Projects?
    by Matthew J. Kotchen

  • 2017 Electricity supply reliability and households decision to connect to the grid
    by Arnaud Millien

  • 2017 Pathways toward Zero-Carbon Electricity Required for Climate Stabilization
    by Richard Audoly & Adrien Vogt-Schilb & Céline Guivarch & Alexander Pfeiffer

  • 2017 Who Should Own a Renewable Technology? Ownership Theory and an Application
    by Talat S. Genc & Stanley S. Reynolds

  • 2017 Environmental Protectionism: The Case of CAFE
    by Arik Levinson

  • 2017 Actors, Decision-making, and Institutions in Quantitative System Modelling
    by Enrica De Cian & Shouro Dasgupta & Andries F. Hof & Mariësse A.E. van Sluisveld & Jonathan Köhler & Benjamin Pfluger & Detlef P. van Vuuren

  • 2017 The Effect of Increased Transmission and Storage in an Interconnected Europe: an Application to France and Ireland
    by Valeria Di Cosmo & Sean Collins & Paul Deane

  • 2017 Electricity supply reliability and households decision to connect to the grid
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  • 2017 Electricity supply reliability and households decision to connect to the grid
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  • 2017 Proposal for a Simplified CFD Procedure for Obtaining Patterns of the Age of Air in Outdoor Spaces for the Natural Ventilation of Buildings
    by Miguel Ángel Padilla-Marcos & Alberto Meiss & Jesús Feijó-Muñoz

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  • 2017 The Importance of Government Effectiveness for Transitions toward Greater Electrification in Developing Countries
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  • 2017 Noise Sources, Effects and Countermeasures in Narrowband Power-Line Communications Networks: A Practical Approach
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    by Sunghun Jung & Heon Jeong

  • 2017 Improving Tube Design of a Problematic Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Safety at Minimal Costs
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  • 2017 A New MCP Method of Wind Speed Temporal Interpolation and Extrapolation Considering Wind Speed Mixed Uncertainty
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  • 2017 Optimization of Drilling Layouts Based on Controlled Presplitting Blasting through Strata for Gas Drainage in Coal Roadway Strips
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  • 2017 An All-Electric-Aircraft Tailored SiC-Based Power Factor Correction Converter with Adaptive DC-Link Regulator
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    by Abderrahmane Beroual & Abderrahmane (Manu) Haddad

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  • 2017 Using SF 6 Decomposed Component Analysis for the Diagnosis of Partial Discharge Severity Initiated by Free Metal Particle Defect
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  • 2017 Energy Refurbishment of an Office Building with Hybrid Photovoltaic System and Demand-Side Management
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    by Pu Zhao & Qing Chen & Kongming Sun & Chuanxin Xi

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    by Dongliang Zhang & Xiaoming Yuan

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  • 2017 A PMU-Based Method for Smart Transmission Grid Voltage Security Visualization and Monitoring
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  • 2017 A New Methodology for Assessing the Energy Consumption of Building Stocks
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  • 2017 Optimizing the Structure of Distribution Smart Grids with Renewable Generation against Abnormal Conditions: A Complex Networks Approach with Evolutionary Algorithms
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  • 2017 Transition of Future Energy System Infrastructure; through Power-to-Gas Pathways
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  • 2017 A Comparative Study of the Effect of Turbocompounding and ORC Waste Heat Recovery Systems on the Performance of a Turbocharged Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
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  • 2017 Correlation Characteristics Comparison of SF 6 Decomposition versus Gas Pressure under Negative DC Partial Discharge Initiated by Two Typical Defects
    by Dong Yang & Ju Tang & Xu Yang & Ke Li & Fuping Zeng & Qiang Yao & Yulong Miao & Lincong Chen

  • 2017 An Approach of Quantifying Gear Fatigue Life for Wind Turbine Gearboxes Using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Data
    by Yingning Qiu & Lang Chen & Yanhui Feng & Yili Xu

  • 2017 A Polar Fuzzy Control Scheme for Hybrid Power System Using Vehicle-To-Grid Technique
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    by Jun Dong & Shengnan Li & Shuijun Wu & Tingyi He & Bo Yang & Hongchun Shu & Jilai Yu

  • 2017 Automatic Faulted Feeder Section Location and Isolation Method for Power Distribution Systems Considering the Change of Topology
    by Kongming Sun & Qing Chen & Pu Zhao

  • 2017 An Improved Droop Control Strategy Based on Changeable Reference in Low-Voltage Microgrids
    by Chunxia Dou & Zhanqiang Zhang & Dong Yue & Hanxiao Gao

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  • 2017 Energy Harvesting Based on a Novel Piezoelectric 0.7PbZn 0.3 Ti 0.7 O 3 -0.3Na 2 TiO 3 Nanogenerator
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  • 2017 Active Vibration Control of Swash Plate-Type Axial Piston Machines with Two-Weight Notch Least Mean Square/Filtered-x Least Mean Square (LMS/FxLMS) Filters
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  • 2017 Performance Simulation Integrated in Parametric 3D Modeling as a Method for Early Stage Design Optimization—A Review
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  • 2017 Review on Contactless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle Charging
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  • 2017 The Impact of Shading Type and Azimuth Orientation on the Daylighting in a Classroom–Focusing on Effectiveness of Façade Shading, Comparing the Results of DA and UDI
    by Kyung Sun Lee & Ki Jun Han & Jae Wook Lee

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  • 2017 Examining the Feasibilities of Industry 4.0 for the Hospitality Sector with the Lens of Management Practice
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  • 2017 Research and Application of Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on an Optimal Feature Selection System—A Case Study on Electrical Load Forecasting
    by Yunxuan Dong & Jianzhou Wang & Chen Wang & Zhenhai Guo

  • 2017 Impact of Copper Loading on NH 3 -Selective Catalytic Reduction, Oxidation Reactions and N 2 O Formation over Cu/SAPO-34
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  • 2017 Improvement of Transient Stability in a Hybrid Power Multi-System Using a Designed NIDC (Novel Intelligent Damping Controller)
    by Ting-Chia Ou & Kai-Hung Lu & Chiou-Jye Huang

  • 2017 Operating Energy Savings of a Liquid Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling-Assisted Air-Handling System in Marine Applications
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  • 2017 Optimal Charging Schedule Planning and Economic Analysis for Electric Bus Charging Stations
    by Rong-Ceng Leou & Jeng-Jiun Hung

  • 2017 A Highly Relevant Method for Incorporation of Shunt Connected FACTS Device into Multi-Machine Power System to Dampen Electromechanical Oscillations
    by Le Van Dai & Doan Duc Tung & Le Cao Quyen

  • 2017 Co-Production Performance Evaluation of a Novel Solar Combi System for Simultaneous Pure Water and Hot Water Supply in Urban Households of UAE
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  • 2017 A Novel Caving Model of Overburden Strata Movement Induced by Coal Mining
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  • 2017 System Identification of a Heaving Point Absorber: Design of Experiment and Device Modeling
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    by In-Jae Shin & Byung-Kwen Song & Doo-Seop Eom

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    by Mohammed H. Alsharif

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  • 2017 Using Grass Cuttings from Sports Fields for Anaerobic Digestion and Combustion
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  • 2017 A Novel High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductor and Switched Clamp Capacitor Techniques for Photovoltaic Systems
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  • 2017 Pulse Detonation Assessment for Alternative Fuels
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  • 2017 Neighborhood Effects in Wind Farm Performance: A Regression Approach
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  • 2017 The Social Costs of Electricity Generation—Categorising Different Types of Costs and Evaluating Their Respective Relevance
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  • 2017 Pollutant Formation during the Occurrence of Flame Instabilities under Very-Lean Combustion Conditions in a Liquid-Fuel Burner
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  • 2017 Effects of Syngas Cooling and Biomass Filter Medium on Tar Removal
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  • 2017 Detoxification of a Lignocellulosic Waste from a Pulp Mill to Enhance Its Fermentation Prospects
    by Tamara Llano & Natalia Quijorna & Alberto Coz

  • 2017 Why Electricity Demand Is Highly Income-Elastic in Spain: A Cross-Country Comparison Based on an Index-Decomposition Analysis
    by Julián Pérez-García & Julián Moral-Carcedo

  • 2017 Comprehensive Analysis of LCL Filter Interfaced Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter-Based DSTATCOM
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  • 2017 Application of Nanoparticles in Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Critical Review of Recent Progress
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  • 2017 Consideration of Reactor Installation to Mitigate Voltage Rise Caused by the Connection of a Renewable Energy Generator
    by Yeonho Ok & Jaewon Lee & Jaeho Choi

  • 2017 Reliability Assessment of Power Generation Systems Using Intelligent Search Based on Disparity Theory
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  • 2017 A New Method of Ground Fault Location in 2 × 25 kV Railway Power Supply Systems
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    by Mersedeh Ghadamgahi & Patrik Ölund & Nils Å. I. Andersson & Pär Jönsson

  • 2017 Development of a Vibration-Based Electromagnetic Energy Harvester by a Conductive Direct-Write Process
    by Yao-Yun Feng & Shih-Jui Chen & You-Lin Tu

  • 2017 An Improved LCL Filter Design in Order to Ensure Stability without Damping and Despite Large Grid Impedance Variations
    by Marwa Ben Said-Romdhane & Mohamed Wissem Naouar & Ilhem Slama Belkhodja & Eric Monmasson

  • 2017 Orchestrating an Effective Formulation to Investigate the Impact of EMSs (Energy Management Systems) for Residential Units Prior to Installation
    by Danish Mahmood & Nadeem Javaid & Sheraz Ahmed & Imran Ahmed & Iftikhar Azim Niaz & Wadood Abdul & Sanaa Ghouzali

  • 2017 Flame Structure and Chemiluminescence Emissions of Inverse Diffusion Flames under Sinusoidally Driven Plasma Discharges
    by Maria Grazia De Giorgi & Aldebara Sciolti & Stefano Campilongo & Antonio Ficarella

  • 2017 Improved Electrogeometric Model Suitable for EHV and UHV Transmission Lines Developed through Breakdown Testing for Long Air Gaps
    by Yeqiang Deng & Yu Wang & Zhijun Li & Min Dai & Xishan Wen & Lei Lan & Yunzhu An & Shenglong E

  • 2017 Study the Flow behind a Semi-Circular Step Cylinder (Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD))
    by S. M. Sayeed-Bin-Asad & Tord Staffan Lundström & Anders Gustav Andersson

  • 2017 Signal-Based Gas Leakage Detection for Fluid Power Accumulators in Wind Turbines
    by Jesper Liniger & Nariman Sepehri & Mohsen Soltani & Henrik C. Pedersen

  • 2017 Effect of Load Change on the Thevenin Equivalent Impedance of Power System
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  • 2017 Optimized Design and Feasibility of a Heating System with Energy Storage by Pebble Bed in a Solar Attic
    by Hao Cheng & Xinke Wang & Min Zhou

  • 2017 Biogas Engine Waste Heat Recovery Using Organic Rankine Cycle
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  • 2017 Development of Decision Support Process for Building Energy Conservation Measures and Economic Analysis
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  • 2017 A Witricity-Based High-Power Device for Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
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  • 2017 Exploring the Environment/Energy Pareto Optimal Front of an Office Room Using Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Interactive Optimization Method
    by Kangji Li & Wenping Xue & Guohai Liu

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  • 2017 Fourier, Wavelet, and Hilbert-Huang Transforms for Studying Electrical Users in the Time and Frequency Domain
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  • 2017 Using a Reactive Transport Simulator to Simulate CH4 Production from Bear Island Basin in the Barents Sea Utilizing the Depressurization Method†
    by Khadijeh Qorbani & Bjørn Kvamme & Tatiana Kuznetsova

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  • 2017 Application of Liquid Hydrogen with SMES for Efficient Use of Renewable Energy in the Energy Internet
    by Xin Wang & Jun Yang & Lei Chen & Jifeng He

  • 2017 Investigating How an Artificial Neural Network Model Can Be Used to Detect Added Mass on a Non-Rotating Beam Using Its Natural Frequencies: A Possible Application for Wind Turbine Blade Ice Detection
    by Sudhakar Gantasala & Jean-Claude Luneno & Jan-Olov Aidanpää

  • 2017 Discrete Fracture Network Modelling in a Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoir in the Jingbei Oilfield, China
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  • 2017 How Do Dietary Choices Influence the Energy-System Cost of Stabilizing the Climate?
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  • 2017 Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT Controller for a PV System
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  • 2017 The Tripartite Game Model for Electricity Pricing in Consideration of the Power Quality
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  • 2017 Joint Evaluation of the Wave and Offshore Wind Energy Resources in the Developing Countries
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    by Abi Munajad & Cahyo Subroto & Suwarno

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    by Meenakshi Jayaraman & Sreedevi VT

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  • 2017 An Improved Optimization Function for Maximizing User Comfort with Minimum Energy Consumption in Smart Homes
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    by Dwi Riana Aryani & Jung-Su Kim & Hwachang Song

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  • 2017 A Real-Time Digital Solver for Smart Substation Based on Orders
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    by Keon Hee Kim & Eun Yeol Lee

  • 2017 Evaluation of Electrical Tree Degradation in Cross-Linked Polyethylene Cable Using Weibull Process of Propagation Time
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    by Ming-Shyan Wang & Tse-Ming Tsai

  • 2017 Analysis of Determinants of the Impact and the Grid Capability to Evaluate and Improve Grid Resilience from Extreme Weather Event
    by Fauzan Hanif Jufri & Jun-Sung Kim & Jaesung Jung

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  • 2017 Enhancement of Condensation Heat Transfer Rate of the Air-Steam Mixture on a Passive Condenser System Using Annular Fins
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  • 2017 Applicability of Compressive Sensing for Wireless Energy Harvesting Nodes
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  • 2017 An Economical Route Planning Method for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Real World
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  • 2017 A New Concept of Active Demand Side Management for Energy Efficient Prosumer Microgrids with Smart Building Technologies
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  • 2017 Probabilistic Optimal Power Dispatch in Multi-Carrier Networked Microgrids under Uncertainties
    by Vahid Amir & Shahram Jadid & Mehdi Ehsan

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  • 2017 Disturbance Elimination for Partial Discharge Detection in the Spacer of Gas-Insulated Switchgears
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    by Christos-Spyridon Karavas & Konstantinos Arvanitis & George Papadakis

  • 2017 Using the PROSA Method in Offshore Wind Farm Location Problems
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  • 2017 A Review on the Recent Development of Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer Technology
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  • 2017 A Novel Methodology for Estimating State-Of-Charge of Li-Ion Batteries Using Advanced Parameters Estimation
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  • 2017 Alternative Diesel from Waste Plastics
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  • 2017 Comprehensive Parametric Study of a Solar Absorption Refrigeration System to Lower Its Cut In/Off Temperature
    by Osman Wageiallah Mohammed & Guo Yanling

  • 2017 Assessment of Methods for Forecasting Shale Gas Supply in China Based on Economic Considerations
    by Xiaoqian Guo & Qiang Yan & Anjian Wang

  • 2017 Advanced Wind Speed Prediction Model Based on a Combination of Weibull Distribution and an Artificial Neural Network
    by Athraa Ali Kadhem & Noor Izzri Abdul Wahab & Ishak Aris & Jasronita Jasni & Ahmed N. Abdalla

  • 2017 Stress Inversion of Coal with a Gas Drilling Borehole and the Law of Crack Propagation
    by Tianjun Zhang & Lei Zhang & Shugang Li & Jialei Liu & Hongyu Pan & Shuang Song

  • 2017 Evaluation of Comfort Level and Harvested Energy in the Vehicle Using Controlled Damping
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  • 2017 The Effects of Additives on the Dehydrogenation of Amorphous Manganese Borohydride and Its Crystalline Form after Solvent Filtration/Extraction
    by Robert A. Varin & Deepak K. Mattar & Marek Polanski & Amirreza Shirani Bidabadi & Leszek Stobinski

  • 2017 Approximate Analysis of Multi-State Weighted k -Out-of- n Systems Applied to Transmission Lines
    by Xiaogang Song & Zhengjun Zhai & Yangming Guo & Peican Zhu & Jie Han

  • 2017 Stability Analysis of Aircraft Power Systems Based on a Unified Large Signal Model
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  • 2017 New Approach for Optimal Location and Parameters Setting of UPFC for Enhancing Power Systems Stability under Contingency Analysis
    by Muhammad Zahid & Jinfu Chen & Yinhong Li & Xianzhong Duan & Qi Lei & Wang Bo & Ghulam Mohy-ud-din & Asad Waqar

  • 2017 A Human-Machine-Cooperative-Driving Controller Based on AFS and DYC for Vehicle Dynamic Stability
    by Jian Wu & Shuo Cheng & Binhao Liu & Congzhi Liu

  • 2017 A Transient Stability Numerical Integration Algorithm for Variable Step Sizes Based on Virtual Input
    by Yifan Gao & Jianquan Wang & Tannan Xiao & Daozhuo Jiang

  • 2017 A New Approach of Minimizing Commutation Torque Ripple for BLDCM
    by Bo Tan & Zhiguang Hua & Lu Zhang & Chun Fang

  • 2017 Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass in a Ceramic Reactor: Long-Time Batch Experiments
    by Daniele Castello & Birgit Rolli & Andrea Kruse & Luca Fiori

  • 2017 Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Placement of Multiple DGs for Voltage Sensitive Loads
    by Navdeep Kaur & Sanjay Kumar Jain

  • 2017 Investigation on the Energy Saving Potential of Using a Novel Dew Point Cooling System in Data Centres
    by Yin Bi & Yugang Wang & Xiaoli Ma & Xudong Zhao

  • 2017 Simulating Extreme Directional Wave Conditions
    by Samuel Draycott & Thomas Davey & David M. Ingram

  • 2017 Review: Characterization and Modeling of the Mechanical Properties of Lithium-Ion Batteries
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  • 2017 Modelling of Spouted and Spout-Fluid Beds: Key for Their Successful Scale Up
    by Cristina Moliner & Filippo Marchelli & Barbara Bosio & Elisabetta Arato

  • 2017 Controllability and Leader-Based Feedback for Tracking the Synchronization of a Linear-Switched Reluctance Machine Network
    by Bo Zhang & Jianping Yuan & Jianfei Pan & Xiaoyu Wu & Jianjun Luo & Li Qiu

  • 2017 Devising Hourly Forecasting Solutions Regarding Electricity Consumption in the Case of Commercial Center Type Consumers
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  • 2017 Implementation, Comparison and Application of an Average Simulation Model of a Wind Turbine Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator
    by Lidula N. Widanagama Arachchige & Athula D. Rajapakse & Dharshana Muthumuni

  • 2017 Testing Open-Air Storage of Stumps to Provide Clean Biomass for Energy Production
    by Luigi Pari & Antonio Scarfone & Vincenzo Alfano & Simone Bergonzoli & Francesco Gallucci & Enrico Santangelo

  • 2017 CO 2 Storage Capacity for Multi-Well Pads Scheme in Depleted Shale Gas Reservoirs
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  • 2017 Determination of the Optimum Heat Transfer Coefficient and Temperature Rise Analysis for a Lithium-Ion Battery under the Conditions of Harbin City Bus Driving Cycles
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  • 2017 Optimal and Learning-Based Demand Response Mechanism for Electric Water Heater System
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    by Francesca Capelli & Jordi-Roger Riba & Joan Pérez

  • 2016 Development of a PEM Fuel Cell City Bus with a Hierarchical Control System
    by Siliang Cheng & Liangfei Xu & Jianqiu Li & Chuan Fang & Junming Hu & Minggao Ouyang

  • 2016 A Design Alternative to Improve the Interconnection Capability of New Distributed-Generation Installations into Existing Griddle
    by José Agüero-Rubio & Javier López-Martínez & José Ignacio Rojas-Sola & Ángel Jesús Callejón-Ferre

  • 2016 CFD Analysis on the Thermal Hydraulic Performance of an SAH Duct with Multi V-Shape Roughened Ribs
    by Anil Kumar & Man-Hoe Kim

  • 2016 Numerical Modeling of Variable Fluid Injection-Rate Modes on Fracturing Network Evolution in Naturally Fractured Formations
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    by Blanca Corona & Diego Ruiz & Guillermo San Miguel

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    by Weichao Zhuang & Xiaowu Zhang & Huei Peng & Liangmo Wang

  • 2016 Development of a Novel Bidirectional DC/DC Converter Topology with High Voltage Conversion Ratio for Electric Vehicles and DC-Microgrids
    by Ching-Ming Lai

  • 2016 A New Predictive Model Based on the ABC Optimized Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines Approach for Predicting the Remaining Useful Life in Aircraft Engines
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    by Chao Wang

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    by Poria Hasanpor Divshali & Bong Jun Choi

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    by Xiangdong Liu & Zhongxin Gu & Jing Zhao

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  • 2016 Economic Impacts of Increased U.S. Exports of Natural Gas: An Energy System Perspective
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  • 2016 The Applicability of Traditional Protection Methods to Lines Emanating from VSC-HVDC Interconnectors and a Novel Protection Principle
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    by Masoud Rokni

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    by Jong Bum Lee & Hyun Jung Kim & Dong-Kwon Kim

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  • 2016 Comparative Study of the Subsurface Thermal Structure in Northern Honshu, Japan, Based on Normalized Temperature Data and Solute Geothermometers
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  • 2016 Black Start Strategy for PV-ESS Multi-Microgrids with Three-Phase/Single-Phase Architecture
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  • 2016 Assessment of the Variability of Biogas Production from Sugar Beet Silage as Affected by Movement and Loss of the Produced Alcohols and Organic Acids
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  • 2016 Energy Performance of Verandas in the Building Retrofit Process
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  • 2016 Lithium Ion Batteries—Development of Advanced Electrical Equivalent Circuit Models for Nickel Manganese Cobalt Lithium-Ion
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  • 2016 LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Road Lighting in Practice: An Evaluation of Compliance with Regulations and Improvements for Further Energy Savings
    by Annika K. Jägerbrand

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  • 2016 High Spatial Resolution Simulation of Annual Wind Energy Yield Using Near-Surface Wind Speed Time Series
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  • 2016 The Study of Fuzzy Proportional Integral Controllers Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbine Converters
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  • 2016 Performance Analysis of a Grid-Connected Upgraded Metallurgical Grade Silicon Photovoltaic System
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  • 2016 An Adaptive Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles Based on Driving Cycle Identification and Wavelet Transform
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  • 2016 Evaluation of Batteries for Safe Air Transport
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  • 2016 Forecasting the Allocative Efficiency of Carbon Emission Allowance Financial Assets in China at the Provincial Level in 2020
    by Shihong Zeng & Yan Xu & Liming Wang & Jiuying Chen & Qirong Li

  • 2016 A Novel Neural Network Vector Control for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters with L, LC and LCL Filters
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  • 2016 Distributed Measuring System for Predictive Diagnosis of Uninterruptible Power Supplies in Safety-Critical Applications
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  • 2016 A Complete and Simplified Datasheet-Based Model of PV Cells in Variable Environmental Conditions for Circuit Simulation
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  • 2016 Methodology to Calculate the Costs of a Floating Offshore Renewable Energy Farm
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  • 2016 Extracting Steady State Components from Synchrophasor Data Using Kalman Filters
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  • 2016 Economic Impact of Intelligent Dynamic Control in Urban Outdoor Lighting
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  • 2016 Optimal Day-Ahead Scheduling of a Smart Distribution Grid Considering Reactive Power Capability of Distributed Generation
    by Rongxiang Yuan & Timing Li & Xiangtian Deng & Jun Ye

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  • 2016 Responses of Ecosystem Service to Land Use Change in Qinghai Province
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  • 2016 Power Quality Improvement and LVRT Capability Enhancement of Wind Farms by Means of an Inductive Filtering Method
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  • 2016 Code-to-Code Validation and Application of a Dynamic Simulation Tool for the Building Energy Performance Analysis
    by Annamaria Buonomano

  • 2016 Preliminary Development of a Free Piston Expander–Linear Generator for Small-Scale Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Waste Heat Recovery System
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  • 2016 Numerical Study on the Formation of Shear Fracture Network
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  • 2016 Multi-Objective Predictive Balancing Control of Battery Packs Based on Predictive Current
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  • 2016 Smart Distribution Systems
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  • 2016 Decomposition Analysis in Decoupling Transport Output from Carbon Emissions in Guangdong Province, China
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  • 2016 How Can the Context Affect Policy Decision-Making: The Case of Climate Change Mitigation Policies in the Greek Building Sector
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  • 2016 Study on the System Design of a Solar Assisted Ground Heat Pump System Using Dynamic Simulation
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  • 2016 Robust Longitudinal Speed Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with a Two-Degree-of-Freedom Fuzzy Logic Controller
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  • 2016 High Pressure Oxydesulphurisation of Coal Using KMnO 4 —Effect of Coal Slurry Concentration, pH and Alkali
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  • 2016 A High-Performance Adaptive Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems
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  • 2016 A Method for Estimating Annual Energy Production Using Monte Carlo Wind Speed Simulation
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  • 2016 Optimal Design of an Axial-Flux Permanent-Magnet Motor for an Electric Vehicle Based on Driving Scenarios
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  • 2016 Impact of Biodiesel Blends and Di-Ethyl-Ether on the Cold Starting Performance of a Compression Ignition Engine
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  • 2016 Study on the Performance of the “Pendulor” Wave Energy Converter in an Array Configuration
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  • 2016 Simultaneous Fault Detection and Sensor Selection for Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines
    by Wenna Zhang & Xiandong Ma

  • 2016 Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Volumetric Expander Suitable for Waste Heat Recovery from an Automotive Internal Combustion Engine Using an Organic Rankine Cycle with Ethanol
    by José Galindo & Vicente Dolz & Lucía Royo-Pascual & Regine Haller & Julien Melis

  • 2016 Robust Optimization-Based Scheduling of Multi-Microgrids Considering Uncertainties
    by Akhtar Hussain & Van-Hai Bui & Hak-Man Kim

  • 2016 Short-Circuit Calculation in Distribution Networks with Distributed Induction Generators
    by Niancheng Zhou & Fan Ye & Qianggang Wang & Xiaoxuan Lou & Yuxiang Zhang

  • 2016 Exploring Local and Community Capacity to Reduce Fuel Poverty: The Case of Home Energy Advice Visits in the UK
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  • 2016 Effect of Guide Vane Clearance Gap on Francis Turbine Performance
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  • 2016 Analysis and Optimization of Three-Resonator Wireless Power Transfer System for Predetermined-Goals Wireless Power Transmission
    by Jin Zhang & Chonghu Cheng

  • 2016 Agricultural Business Strategy: Theory and Methods for Cost-Effectiveness Investment Analysis in Agro-Energy Production
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  • 2016 Critical Filler Concentration in Sulfated Titania-Added Nafion™ Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications
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  • 2016 Optimal Siting of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Based on Fuzzy Delphi and Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approaches from an Extended Sustainability Perspective
    by Huiru Zhao & Nana Li

  • 2016 Thermal Efficiency of Cogeneration Units with Multi-Stage Reheating for Russian Municipal Heating Systems
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