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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G3: Corporate Finance and Governance
/ / / G30: General
/ / / G31: Capital Budgeting; Fixed Investment and Inventory Studies
/ / / G32: Financing Policy; Financial Risk and Risk Management; Capital and Ownership Structure; Value of Firms; Goodwill
/ / / G33: Bankruptcy; Liquidation
/ / / G34: Mergers; Acquisitions; Restructuring; Corporate Governance
/ / / G35: Payout Policy
/ / / G38: Government Policy and Regulation
/ / / G39: Other

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Financial Economics > Corporate Finance and Governance

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Preserving the future: engaging non governmental organisations and actors in sustainable environmental development
    by Ojo, Marianne & Delhaye, Helene

  • 2018 Governance of Hybrid Organizations
    by Reuer, Jeffrey J. & Klijn, Elko

  • 2018 A Simple Traffic Light Approach to Backtesting Expected Shortfall
    by Nick Costanzino & Michael Curran

  • 2018 Company Value with Ruin Constraint in a Discrete Model
    by Christian Hipp

  • 2018 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of International Journal of Financial Studies in 2017
    by International Journal of Financial Studies Editorial Office

  • 2018 Financial Crisis and Corporate Social Responsible Mutual Fund Flows
    by Sitikantha Parida & Zhihong Wang

  • 2018 Real Estate Risk Analysis: The Case of Caserma Garibaldi in Milan
    by Leopoldo Sdino & Paolo Rosasco & Sara Magoni

  • 2018 The Emerging International Taxation Problems
    by James G. S. Yang & Victor N. A. Metallo

  • 2018 Value Creation in M&A Transactions, Conference Calls, and Shareholder Protection
    by Robert Fraunhoffer & Ho Young Kim & Dirk Schiereck

  • 2018 “How relevant is capital structure for aggregate investment? a regime-switching approach”
    by Simmons-Süer, Banu

  • 2018 Measuring firm size in empirical corporate finance
    by Dang, Chongyu & (Frank) Li, Zhichuan & Yang, Chen

  • 2017 A Panel Analysis of the Impact of Dividend per Share, Dividend Changes and Dividend Payout Ratio on Companies Performance: An Empirical Test of ``the Dividend Signaling Hypothesis"
    by Mpinda F. Mvita & Goodness C. Aye

  • 2017 Democratic Governance Mechanisms in Cooperative Banks: A Reassessment
    by Mitja Stefancic & Silvio Goglio & Ivana Catturani

  • 2017 Corporate Donations and Shareholder Value
    by Liang, H. & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2017 Leveraged Buyouts : A Survey of the Literature
    by Renneboog, Luc & Vansteenkiste, Cara

  • 2017 Prioritization of Public Investment Projects in Vietnam
    by Glenn P. Jenkins & Mikhail Miklyaev & Shahryar Afra & Majid Hashemi

  • 2017 Positive and negative effects analysis in abuse of dominance
    by Marginean, Mihai

  • 2017 Greece: Still in the woods
    by Bitros, George C.

  • 2017 What twenty years of regulations have to say about M&As of U.S. banks?
    by Leledakis, George & Mamatzakis, Emmanuel & Pirgiotakis, Manos & Travlos, Nikolaos

  • 2017 The Efficiency Wage Hypothesis and monetary policy channels of transmission: developments and progress of Basel III leverage ratios
    by DiGabriele, Jim & Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Banking structure and the bank lending channel of monetary policy transmission: evidence from panel data methods
    by Chileshe, Patrick Mumbi

  • 2017 Government support and firm financial performance: New evidence from a transitional economy
    by Nguyen Trong, Co & Vu Van, Huong & Bartolacci, Francesca

  • 2017 Chisini means and rational decision making: Equivalence of investment criteria
    by Magni, Carlo Alberto & Veronese, Piero & Graziani, Rebecca

  • 2017 Boeing -Bombardier trade dispute: an indication of the growing importance of regional agreements?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Preserving global trade relations: impacts of recent global developments
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Analyzing the critical effects of creative accounting practices in the corporate sector of Ghana
    by Ndebugri, Haruna & Tweneboah Senzu, Emmanuel

  • 2017 Why Do Firms Sell Out? Separating Targets’ Motives from Bidders’ Selection of Targets in M&A
    by Zha Giedt, Jenny

  • 2017 The efficiency wage hypothesis and the role of corporate governance in firm performance
    by DiGabriele, Jim & Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Chameleons in the midst of hawks: The real meaning to be attributed to the definition of fraud
    by DiGabriele, Jim & Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Guest Editorial: Institutional role, the Market for corporate control and Firm performance
    by Narendar V., Rao & K.S., Reddy

  • 2017 Forward Ordinal Probability Models for Point-in-Time Probability of Default Term Structure
    by Yang, Bill Huajian

  • 2017 The Role Of Corporate Governance And Its Impact On Risk And Firm Performance Of Real Estate Industry: Amanahraya Reit
    by Mohamad, Wahidah

  • 2017 Performance and Risk of Macroeconomics Factors: Empirical evidence from Silver Ridge Holdings
    by Lourdes, Joan Salome

  • 2017 Genting plantation berhad performance and risk
    by Arshad, Nur Shahwani

  • 2017 To Examine the Relationship Between Risk Factors and Profitability of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad
    by Ravishankar, Sandranivashni

  • 2017 The Relationship between Profitability and the Risk Factors and other Macroeconomic Factors
    by Ramarow, Sirivige

  • 2017 The Impact Of Corporate Environmental Performance Of Market Risk On Tropicana Corporation Berhad
    by Zainal Abidin, Fazlini

  • 2017 Risk and performance of ltkm berhad
    by Jafree, Anis Nashuha

  • 2017 The Role Of Corporate Governance And Its Impact On Risk And Firm Performance Of Real Estate Industry: Amanahraya Reit
    by Mohamad, Wahidah

  • 2017 Firm Performance And Risk In Real Estate Industry : Relationship Between Corporate Governance
    by badron, nur fateha

  • 2017 Performance and Risk: Empirical Evidence from Wah Seong Corporation Berhad
    by zakaria, nor amalina

  • 2017 risk and performance of amtel holdings berhad
    by gamar, mohd nur arif

  • 2017 Firm Risk And Performance: Spritzer Berhad
    by Al-Anshari, Thalhah

  • 2017 Evaluation the Impact of Specific Risk Factors on Inventory Turnover and Macroeconomics: Evidence from KUB Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    by Sylvester Andreas, Flora Kumang

  • 2017 Performance and Size of Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&N)
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 The Relationship Between Hong Leong Bank’s Performance with Leverage and Inflation
    by Rosli, Aini Rafiqah

  • 2017 Study of Relationship of Company’s Performance with Internal and External Factors on Maxis Berhad
    by Koh, Way Han

  • 2017 Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM): Study of Relationship Between Performance (ROA) and Internal, External Factor
    by Teo, Sze Wee

  • 2017 Performance And Risk: Empirical Evidence From Rhb Bank
    by Hashim, Nur Athira

  • 2017 Study of Relationship Between Performance (ROA) And Internal And External Factors On Axiata Group Berhad
    by Lim, Pei Shan

  • 2017 Empirical Evidence of Risk and Performance: Top Glove Corporation Berhad
    by lim, yu zhi

  • 2017 The Determinants of Profitability for Kerjaya Prosepk
    by Lim, Yi Lam

  • 2017 firm risk and performance: the role of corporate governance in Amfirst reit
    by rozli, alyaa asyiqin

  • 2017 Firm Risk And Performance The Role Of Corporate Governance
    by Mohd Nor, Nor Syazlinda

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance in A & M Realty Berhad
    by Jamian, Nur Hayati

  • 2017 Corporate Governance and its Impact on Firm Performance and Risk in Food and Beverages Industry: Empirical Analysis on Dutch Lady Berhad
    by Erizal, Nurulhidayu

  • 2017 The Role Of Corporate Governance And Its Impact On Risk And Firm Performance Of Real Estate Industry: Pavilion Reit
    by Kamarulzaman, Fadzilah

  • 2017 Corporate Governance and Performance of United Malacca Berhad
    by Harun, Nur Ilyani

  • 2017 Risk Based Corporate Governance in Damansara Realty Berhad: A Case Study Approach

  • 2017 Firm Risk And Performance: The Role Of Corporate Governance Of Redtone International Berhad
    by khoo, roushin

  • 2017 The Performance and Risk of Heineken Malaysia Berhad
    by Song, Wei Ying

  • 2017 The performance and risk of Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad
    by teoh, kun youn

  • 2017 Performances And Risk Of Landmark Berhad
    by wan moh zaki, wan fadzillah anira

  • 2017 Performance and risk: empirical evidence from gamuda berhad
    by Nadzri, Nordini

  • 2017 Risk and performances: financial performance of sime darby berhad
    by W.Hussin, Wan Nur Imani

  • 2017 Performance and Risk: Empirical Evidence from Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
    by Nayan, Norma

  • 2017 The risk and performance of Careplus Group Berhad
    by Yong, Shun Xiong

  • 2017 The performance and risk of Hartalega Holdings Berhad
    by Wong, Kah Wai

  • 2017 The Performance and Risk of Apollo Food Holdings Berhad
    by Wong, Hwee Yin

  • 2017 The Relationship Between Risk and Performance in Bank
    by Mohd Amin, Nurlida

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance of Digi Telecommunication Berhad
    by Kiew, sockyan

  • 2017 Bid-Ask Spread Determination in the FX Swap Market: Competition, Collusion or a Convention?
    by Alexis Stenfors & &

  • 2017 Estimating Publicly-Mobilised Private Finance for Climate Action: A South African Case Study
    by Lauren McNicoll & Raphaël Jachnik & Gaylor Montmasson-Clair & Shakespear Mudombi

  • 2017 Finance and productivity: A literature review
    by Mark Heil

  • 2017 Boosting productivity in Malaysia
    by Hidekatsu Asada & Stewart Nixon & Vincent Koen

  • 2017 Malaysia’s economic success story and challenges
    by Vincent Koen & Hidekatsu Asada & Stewart Nixon & Mohamed Rizwan Habeeb Rahuman & Mohd Arif, A.Z.

  • 2017 Stock Market Overvaluation, Moon Shots, and Corporate Innovation
    by Ming Dong & David Hirshleifer & Siew Hong Teoh

  • 2017 Do Public Firms Respond to Investment Opportunities More than Private Firms? The Impact of Initial Firm Quality
    by Vojislav Maksimovic & Gordon M. Phillips & Liu Yang

  • 2017 Venture Capital Investments and Merger and Acquisition Activity Around the World
    by Gordon M. Phillips & Alexei Zhdanov

  • 2017 The Impact of Bank Credit on Labor Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity
    by John (Jianqiu) Bai & Daniel Carvalho & Gordon M. Phillips

  • 2017 The Rise, the Fall, and the Resurrection of Iceland
    by Sigríður Benediktsdóttir & Gauti B. Eggertsson & Eggert Þórarinsson

  • 2017 The Complexity of Bank Holding Companies: A Topological Approach
    by Mark D. Flood & Dror Y. Kenett & Robin L. Lumsdaine & Jonathan K. Simon

  • 2017 The Capital Structure of Nations
    by Patrick Bolton & Haizhou Huang

  • 2017 Towards a Political Theory of the Firm
    by Luigi Zingales

  • 2017 Internal Capital Markets in Times of Crisis: The Benefit of Group Affiliation in Italy
    by Raffaele Santioni & Fabio Schiantarelli & Philip E. Strahan

  • 2017 What is the Business of Business?
    by Andreas Nilsson & David T. Robinson

  • 2017 Are U.S. Companies Too Short-Term Oriented? Some Thoughts
    by Steven N. Kaplan

  • 2017 Governance and Stakeholders
    by Vikas Mehrotra & Randall Morck

  • 2017 Price Risk, Production Flexibility, and Liquidity Management: Evidence from Electricity Generating Firms
    by Chen Lin & Thomas Schmid & Michael S. Weisbach

  • 2017 Innovative Originality, Profitability, and Stock Returns
    by David Hirshleifer & Po-Hsuan Hsu & Dongmei Li

  • 2017 All the President’s Friends: Political Access and Firm Value
    by Jeffrey R. Brown & Jiekun Huang

  • 2017 Asset Allocation in Bankruptcy
    by Shai Bernstein & Emanuele Colonnelli & Ben Iverson

  • 2017 Competing for Capital: Auditing and Credibility in Financial Reporting
    by Raphael Boleslavsky & Bruce I. Carlin & Christopher Cotton

  • 2017 Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field
    by John R. Graham & Campbell R. Harvey & Jillian Popadak & Shivaram Rajgopal

  • 2017 Firm Selection and Corporate Cash Holdings
    by Juliane Begenau & Berardino Palazzo

  • 2017 Are Larger Banks Valued More Highly?
    by Bernadette A. Minton & René M. Stulz & Alvaro G. Taboada

  • 2017 Assignment of Stock Market Coverage
    by Briana Chang & Harrison Hong

  • 2017 How do Quasi-Random Option Grants Affect CEO Risk-Taking?
    by Kelly Shue & Richard Townsend

  • 2017 Diversity in Innovation
    by Paul A. Gompers & Sophie Q. Wang

  • 2017 Do Shareholders Value Bond Offerings? A Meta-Analysis
    by Paul-Olivier KLEIN

  • 2017 Banks in Tax Havens: First Evidence based on Country-by-Country Reporting
    by Vincent Bouvatier & Gunther Capelle & Anne-Laure Delatte

  • 2017 The scale of predictability
    by Bandi, F.M & Perron, B & Tamoni, Andrea & Tebaldi, C.

  • 2017 The multiplex dependency structure of financial markets
    by Musmeci, Nicoló & Nicosia, Vincenzo & Aste, Tomaso & Di Matteo, Tiziana & Latora, Vito

  • 2017 Populism and central bank independence
    by Goodhart, Charles & Lastra, Rosa

  • 2017 Fundamentals versus market sentiments in the euro bond markets: implications for QE
    by de Grauwe, Paul & Ji, Yuemei & Macchiarelli, Corrado

  • 2017 The fiscal theory of the price level in a world of low interest rates
    by Bassetto, Marco & Cui, Wei

  • 2017 Mortgage debt and entrepreneurship
    by Bracke, Philippe & Hilber, Christian A. L. & Silva, Olmo

  • 2017 Structural change and economic growth in the British economy before the Industrial Revolution, 1500-1800
    by Wallis, Patrick & Colson, Justin & Chilosi, David

  • 2017 Springwell-watch: new insights into the nature of contractual estoppel
    by Braithwaite, Jo

  • 2017 Asset volatility
    by Correia, Maria & Kang, Johnny & Richardson, Scott

  • 2017 A Central Bank’s optimal balance sheet size?
    by Goodhart, Charles

  • 2017 The European deposit insurance in perspective
    by Kiriazidis, Theo

  • 2017 The Greek dra(ch)ma: 5 years of austerity. The three economists’ view and a comment
    by Karanasos, Menelaos G. & Koutroumpis, Panagiotis & Hatgioannides, John & Karanassou, Marika & Sala, Hector

  • 2017 Survey under-coverage of top incomes and estimation of inequality: what is the role of the UK’s SPI adjustment?
    by Burkhauser, Richard V. & Hérault, Nicolas & Jenkins, Stephen P. & Wilkins, Roger

  • 2017 The long-term effect of digital innovation on bank performance: An empirical study of SWIFT adoption in financial services
    by Scott, Susan V. & Van Reenen, John & Zachariadis, Markos

  • 2017 Transfer taxes and household mobility: distortion on the housing or labor market?
    by Hilber, Christian A. L. & Lyytikainen, Teemu

  • 2017 Evaluating market consolidation in mobile communications
    by Genakos, Christos & Valletti, Tommaso & Verboven, Frank

  • 2017 International expansion and riskiness of Banks
    by Faia, Ester & Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P. & Sanchez Arjona, Irene

  • 2017 Global banking: Risk taking and competition
    by Faia, Ester & Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.

  • 2017 Excess reciprocity distorts reputation in online social networks
    by Livan, Giacomo & Caccioli, Fabio & Aste, Tomaso

  • 2017 Burden sharing in deficit countries: a questionnaire-experimental investigation
    by Gaertner, Wulf & Schwettmann, Lars

  • 2017 Populism and central bank independence
    by Goodhart, Charles & Lastra, Rosa

  • 2017 ‘Alternatives’ to austerity: a critique of financialized infrastructure in India and beyond
    by Bear, Laura

  • 2017 Exchange rates and monetary policy uncertainty
    by Mueller, Philippe & Tahbaz-Salehi, Alireza & Vedolin, Andrea

  • 2017 Brexit, the EU and its investment banker: rethinking ‘equivalence’ for the EU capital market
    by Moloney, Niamh

  • 2017 Pathways towards instability in financial networks
    by Bardoscia, Marco & Battiston, Stefano & Caccioli, Fabio & Caldarelli, Guido

  • 2017 Sovereign wealth funds and ethical investment guidelines:the role of regime type
    by Braunstein, Jürgen

  • 2017 Corporate volunteering climate: mobilizing employee passion for societal causes and inspiring future charitable action
    by Rodell, Jessica B. & Booth, Jonathan E. & Lynch, John W. & Zipay, Kate P.

  • 2017 From an idea of a scalable working model: merging economic benefits with social values in Sardex
    by Littera, Giuseppe & Sartori, Laura & Dini, Paolo & Antoniadis, Panayotis

  • 2017 Assessing contaminated land cleanup costs and strategies
    by Barrieu, Pauline & Bellamy, Nadine & Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard

  • 2017 The European Union in international financial governance
    by Moloney, Niamh

  • 2017 An analytical solution for the two-sided Parisian stopping time, its asymptotics and the pricing of Parisian options
    by Dassios, Angelos & Lim, Jia Wei

  • 2017 The numéraire property and long-term growth optimality for drawdown-constrained investments
    by Kardaras, Constantinos & Obłój, Jan & Platen, Eckhard

  • 2017 Stability of the exponential utility maximization problem with respect to preferences
    by Xing, Hao

  • 2017 Why Do Boards Exist? Governance Design in the Absence of Corporate Law
    by Burkart, Mike & Miglietta, Salvatore & Ostergaard, Charlotte

  • 2017 Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors
    by Giannetti, Mariassunta & Yu, Xiaoyun

  • 2017 Mergers and Acquisitions and the Value of Control
    by Aminadav, Gur & Massa, Massimo & Zhang, Hong & Zhu, Weikang

  • 2017 Are stock-financed takeovers opportunistic?
    by Eckbo, B Espen & Makaew, Tanakorn & Thorburn, Karin S

  • 2017 Equity Crowdfunding and Early Stage Entrepreneurial Finance: Damaging or Disruptive?
    by Saul Estrin & Daniel Gozman & Susanna Khavul

  • 2017 Do Firms Mitigate or Magnify Capital Misallocation? Evidence from Plant-Level Data
    by Matthias Kehrig & Nicolas Vincent

  • 2017 Bank capital allocation under multiple constraints
    by Tirupam Goel & Ulf Lewrick & Agnė Nikola Tarashev

  • 2017 Why did sponsor banks rescue their SIVs?
    by Anatoli Segura

  • 2017 A Cross- country study of the effect of institutional ownership on credit ratings
    by AlHares, Aws & Ntim, Collins

  • 2017 Methods of Raising Funds for Purchasing of New Cruise Ships by International Corporations
    by Kizielewicz Joanna

  • 2017 Is Corruption Detrimental For Stock Returns? Evidence From A Panel Of Latin American Firms (2004-2013): A Note
    by Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini & Raul Caruso

  • 2017 Women on boards and bank efficiency in ASEAN-5: the moderating role of the independent directors
    by Zulkufly Ramly & Sok-Gee Chan & Mohd Zulkhairi Mustapha & Noor Sharoja Sapiei

  • 2017 Investment, Uncertainty and Credit Market Imperfection in India
    by Vikash Gautam & Vikash Vaibhav

  • 2017 Security issuance decisions, idiosyncratic risk, and macroeconomic dynamics
    by Abdul Rashid

  • 2017 Corporate governance reform and risk management disclosures: evidence from Nigeria
    by Mohammed Mahmud Kakanda, & Basariah Salim, & Sitraselvi Chandren

  • 2017 Delving into the Secular Stagnation Hypothesis: A Firm-Level Analysis of the Private Sector’s Excess Savings in Advanced Economies
    by Rodrigo Pérez Artica & Leandro Brufman & Lisana Belén Martinez

  • 2017 Accounting in Historical Costs – since when and until when?
    by Guni Claudia

  • 2017 Product Market Competition and the Severity of Distressed Asset Sales
    by Pablo Salgado & Vinicius Carrasco & João Manoel Pinho De Mello

  • 2017 Managerial Performance Incentives and Firm Risk during Economic Expansions and Recessions
    by Tanseli Savaser & Elif Şişli-Ciamarra

  • 2017 Corporate donations and shareholder value
    by Hao Liang & Luc Renneboog

  • 2017 Preserving the corporate superego in a time of stress: an essay on ethics and economics
    by John C. Coffee Jr

  • 2017 Leveraged Buyouts: Motives and Sources of Value
    by Renneboog, Luc & Vansteenkiste, Cara

  • 2017 Ownership structure and its effect on dividend policy in the Mexican context
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Estructura de propiedad y su efecto en la política de dividendos en el contexto mexicano
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Private equity managers’ fees: estimation and sensitivity analysis using Monte Carlo simulation
    by Dorra Najar

  • 2017 Post-innovation CSR Performance and Firm Value
    by Dev R. Mishra

  • 2017 Board Independance and The Efficiency of Internal Capital Markets
    by Bilal Al Dah Author-Name: Mustafa A. Dah & Mohammad Hani Zantout

  • 2017 A General Framework for Incorporating Stochastic Recovery in Structural Models of Credit Risk
    by Albert Cohen & Nick Costanzino

  • 2017 Stable Weak Approximation at Work in Index-Linked Catastrophe Bond Pricing
    by Krzysztof Burnecki & Mario Nicoló Giuricich

  • 2017 Special Issue “Actuarial and Financial Risks in Life Insurance, Pensions and Household Finance”
    by Luca Regis

  • 2017 An Analysis and Implementation of the Hidden Markov Model to Technology Stock Prediction
    by Nguyet Nguyen

  • 2017 Bounded Brownian Motion
    by Peter Carr

  • 2017 An EM Algorithm for Double-Pareto-Lognormal Generalized Linear Model Applied to Heavy-Tailed Insurance Claims
    by Enrique Calderín-Ojeda & Kevin Fergusson & Xueyuan Wu

  • 2017 A Review and Some Complements on Quantile Risk Measures and Their Domain
    by Sebastian Fuchs & Ruben Schlotter & Klaus D. Schmidt

  • 2017 Optimal Claiming Strategies in Bonus Malus Systems and Implied Markov Chains
    by Arthur Charpentier & Arthur David & Romuald Elie

  • 2017 Non-Parametric Integral Estimation Using Data Clustering in Stochastic dynamic Programming: An Introduction Using Lifetime Financial Modelling
    by Gaurav Khemka & Adam Butt

  • 2017 Optional Defaultable Markets
    by Mohamed N. Abdelghani & Alexander V. Melnikov

  • 2017 Optimal Form of Retention for Securitized Loans under Moral Hazard
    by Georges Dionne & Sara Malekan

  • 2017 Exposure as Duration and Distance in Telematics Motor Insurance Using Generalized Additive Models
    by Jean-Philippe Boucher & Steven Côté & Montserrat Guillen

  • 2017 Bayesian Modelling, Monte Carlo Sampling and Capital Allocation of Insurance Risks
    by Gareth W. Peters & Rodrigo S. Targino & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2017 The Impact of Risk Management in Credit Rating Agencies
    by A. Seetharaman & Vikas Kumar Sahu & A. S. Saravanan & John Rudolph Raj & Indu Niranjan

  • 2017 An Integrated Approach to Pricing Catastrophe Reinsurance
    by Carolyn W. Chang & Jack S. K. Chang

  • 2017 Interest Rates Term Structure under Ambiguity
    by Silvia Romagnoli & Simona Santoro

  • 2017 Model Uncertainty in Operational Risk Modeling Due to Data Truncation: A Single Risk Case
    by Daoping Yu & Vytaras Brazauskas

  • 2017 A Cointegrated Regime-Switching Model Approach with Jumps Applied to Natural Gas Futures Prices
    by Daniel Leonhardt & Antony Ware & Rudi Zagst

  • 2017 Assessment of Policy Changes to Means-Tested Age Pension Using the Expected Utility Model: Implication for Decisions in Retirement
    by Johan G. Andréasson & Pavel V. Shevchenko

  • 2017 Optimal Insurance Policies in the Presence of Costs
    by Knut K. Aase

  • 2017 A Low Price Correction for Improved Volatility Estimation and Forecasting
    by George-Jason Siouris & Alex Karagrigoriou

  • 2017 Existence and Uniqueness for the Multivariate Discrete Terminal Wealth Relative
    by Andreas Hermes & Stanislaus Maier-Paape

  • 2017 On the First Crossing of Two Boundaries by an Order Statistics Risk Process
    by Dimitrina S. Dimitrova & Zvetan G. Ignatov & Vladimir K. Kaishev

  • 2017 Stochastic Period and Cohort Effect State-Space Mortality Models Incorporating Demographic Factors via Probabilistic Robust Principal Components
    by Dorota Toczydlowska & Gareth W. Peters & Man Chung Fung & Pavel V. Shevchenko

  • 2017 Robust Estimation of Value-at-Risk through Distribution-Free and Parametric Approaches Using the Joint Severity and Frequency Model: Applications in Financial, Actuarial, and Natural Calamities Domains
    by Sabyasachi Guharay & KC Chang & Jie Xu

  • 2017 The Class of ( p , q )-spherical Distributions with an Extension of the Sector and Circle Number Functions
    by Wolf-Dieter Richter

  • 2017 Valuation of Non-Life Liabilities from Claims Triangles
    by Mathias Lindholm & Filip Lindskog & Felix Wahl

  • 2017 Stress Testing German Industry Sectors: Results from a Vine Copula Based Quantile Regression
    by Matthias Fischer & Daniel Kraus & Marius Pfeuffer & Claudia Czado

  • 2017 Bubbles, Blind-Spots and Brexit
    by John Fry & Andrew Brint

  • 2017 A Robust Approach to Hedging and Pricing in Imperfect Markets
    by Hirbod Assa & Nikolay Gospodinov

  • 2017 Implied Distributions from GBPUSD Risk-Reversals and Implication for Brexit Scenarios
    by Iain J. Clark & Saeed Amen

  • 2017 Backtesting the Lee–Carter and the Cairns–Blake–Dowd Stochastic Mortality Models on Italian Death Rates
    by Carlo Maccheroni & Samuel Nocito

  • 2017 Analyzing the Gaver—Lewis Pareto Process under an Extremal Perspective
    by Marta Ferreira & Helena Ferreira

  • 2017 Effects of Gainsharing Provisions on the Selection of a Discount Rate for a Defined Benefit Pension Plan
    by Robert J. Rietz & Evan Cronick & Shelby Mathers & Matt Pollie

  • 2017 Actuarial Geometry
    by Stephen J. Mildenhall

  • 2017 State Space Models and the K alman -Filter in Stochastic Claims Reserving: Forecasting, Filtering and Smoothing
    by Nataliya Chukhrova & Arne Johannssen

  • 2017 Maximum Market Price of Longevity Risk under Solvency Regimes: The Case of Solvency II
    by Susanna Levantesi & Massimiliano Menzietti

  • 2017 Asymptotic Estimates for the One-Year Ruin Probability under Risky Investments
    by Jing Liu & Huan Zhang

  • 2017 Risk Management under Omega Measure
    by Michael R. Metel & Traian A. Pirvu & Julian Wong

  • 2017 Bond and CDS Pricing via the Stochastic Recovery Black-Cox Model
    by Albert Cohen & Nick Costanzino

  • 2017 Enhancing Singapore’s Pension Scheme: A Blueprint for Further Flexibility
    by Koon-Shing Kwong & Yiu-Kuen Tse & Wai-Sum Chan

  • 2017 Applying spectral biclustering to mortality data
    by Gabriella Piscopo & Marina Resta

  • 2017 Actuarial Applications and Estimation of Extended CreditRisk+
    by Jonas Hirz & Uwe Schmock & Pavel V. Shevchenko

  • 2017 Asymmetric Return and Volatility Transmission in Conventional and Islamic Equities
    by Zaghum Umar & Tahir Suleman

  • 2017 Multivariate Functional Time Series Forecasting: Application to Age-Specific Mortality Rates
    by Yuan Gao & Han Lin Shang

  • 2017 The Shifting Shape of Risk: Endogenous Market Failure for Insurance
    by Thomas G. Koch

  • 2017 n -Dimensional Laplace Transforms of Occupation Times for Spectrally Negative Lévy Processes
    by Xuebing Kuang & Xiaowen Zhou

  • 2017 Change Point Estimation in Panel Data without Boundary Issue
    by Barbora Peštová & Michal Pešta

  • 2017 Optimal Investment and Liability Ratio Policies in a Multidimensional Regime Switching Model
    by Bin Zou & Abel Cadenillas

  • 2017 Minimum Protection in DC Funding Pension Plans and Margrabe Options
    by Pierre Devolder & Sébastien de Valeriola

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2016
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2017 The Effects of Largest Claim and Excess of Loss Reinsurance on a Company’s Ruin Time and Valuation
    by Yuguang Fan & Philip S. Griffin & Ross Maller & Alexander Szimayer & Tiandong Wang

  • 2017 Optimal Time to Enter a Retirement Village
    by Jinhui Zhang & Sachi Purcal & Jiaqin Wei

  • 2017 On Comparison of Stochastic Reserving Methods with Bootstrapping
    by Liivika Tee & Meelis Käärik & Rauno Viin

  • 2017 Immunization and Hedging of Post Retirement Income Annuity Products
    by Changyu Liu & Michael Sherris

  • 2017 Context Moderates Priming Effects on Financial Risk Taking
    by Silvio Aldrovandi & Petko Kusev & Tetiana Hill & Ivo Vlaev

  • 2017 The Impact of Changes to the Unemployment Rate on Australian Disability Income Insurance Claim Incidence
    by Gaurav Khemka & Steven Roberts & Timothy Higgins

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  • 2014 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2014 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2014 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2013 General Aspects Concerning Groups of CompaniesAbstract:The general tendency to concentrate several companies is shown due to the fact that a company tries increasingly more not to become vulnerable, and to remain as efficient as possible. This can be done either by integrating the stages of manufacturing distribution of a product, or based on the integration of complementary or similar activities, even if these are of a different nature either in the case of the connections between different enterprises with the only purpose to diversify the risks and maximize the profit
    by Guni Claudia Nicoleta & Munteanu Victor

  • 2013 Considerations on the Need for Consolidated Accounts, on Determining the Consolidation Perimeter and the Percentages of Control and InterestAbstract:The emergence of the groups is linked to the development strategy of the company. Therefore, when the presence on the foreign markets is intensifying or the production is diversifying a lot, enterprises can choose one of the following two possibilities: they either retain their legal unit and create departments or branches, or create new companies that have their own legal personality, being under the control of the parent company
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  • 2013 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2013 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2013 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2013 Финансовые Рынки
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  • 2013 Финансовые Рынки
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