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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G3: Corporate Finance and Governance
/ / / G35: Payout Policy
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Corporate Policies with Temporary and Permanent Shocks
    by Décamps, Jean-Paul & Gryglewicz, S. & Morellec, E. & Villeneuve, Stéphane

  • 2015 Optimal Resolution Procedures and Dividend Policy for Global-Systemically-Important-Banks
    by Ibrahim Ethem Guney

  • 2015 Tobacco Settlement Bonds: A Look At The Effect Of Securitization on the Credit of Sttates Using Capital Appreciation Bonds
    by James Estes &

  • 2015 How Talented Managers Make Dividend Decision: Evidence from U.S. Market
    by Veeranuch Leelalai

  • 2015 Evidence on European fund managers and investors views on dividends post 2008
    by Thomas Mc Cluskey

  • 2015 How does financialisation affect functional income distribution? A theoretical clarification and empirical assessment
    by Köhler, Karsten & Guschanski, Alexander & Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2015 The Development of Corporate Governance in Toulouse: 1372-1946
    by David Le Bris & William N. Goetzmann & Sébastien Pouget

  • 2015 The Long-Term Effects of Hedge Fund Activism
    by Lucian A. Bebchuk & Alon Brav & Wei Jiang

  • 2015 Capital Tax Reform and the Real Economy: The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
    by Danny Yagan

  • 2015 Unique Dividends for Retail Shareholders: Evidence from Shareholder Perks Previous studies indicate that retail investors are thought of as noise traders, price-takers, and free riders. However, many managers worldwide embrace the expense and treat their retail shareholders favorably. We examine why firms provide small individual stockholders with special treatment by using Japanese shareholder perks, which resemble dividends that are only for small individual shareholders. We find that firms with a low number of individual shareholders and high boardownership tend to initiate shareholder perks. The number of individual shareholders increases dramatically after perk initiation. The high attractiveness of perks for individual investors ispositively associated with the stock return on the initiation announcement day and negatively associated with the cost of capital after initiation. The ex-perk day return is significantly negative, and the trading volume around the ex-perk day is significantly positive. The number of individual shareholders is positively associated with the discount premium and the abnormal volume around the ex-day. These results imply that firms introduce perks to attract individuals and that a preference clientele effect clearly exists in dealings around the ex-day
    by Katsushi Suzuki

  • 2015 Optimal Dividend Policy When Cash Surplus Follows Telegraph Process
    by Igor G. Pospelov & Stanislav A. Radionov

  • 2015 Insider bank runs: community bank fragility and the financial crisis of 2007
    by Henderson, Christopher & Lang, William W. & Jackson, William E.

  • 2015 When Cutting Dividends Is Not Bad News: The Case Of Optional Stock Dividends
    by David, Thomas & Ginglinger, Edith

  • 2015 Liquidity, Innovation, and Endogenous Growth
    by Malamud, Semyon & Zucchi, Francesca

  • 2015 Corporate policies with permanent and temporary shocks
    by Décamps, Jean Paul & Gryglewicz, Sebastian & Morellec, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane

  • 2015 Nonlinear Dividend Tax and the Dynamics of the Firm
    by Seppo Kari & Jussi Laitila

  • 2015 Stock price reaction to share repurchase announcements by banks in normal and crisis times
    by Jijun Niu

  • 2015 A study on the factors affecting the adequacy, sustainability and security of retirement-income
    by Militaru Nicolae Daniel

  • 2015 Returns for Dividend-Paying and Non Dividend Paying Firms
    by Yufen Fu & George W. Blazenko

  • 2015 Idiosyncratic Risk and Earnings Noncommonality
    by Kenneth Yung & Qian Sun & Hamid Rahman

  • 2015 Do firms manipulate earnings before accelerated share repurchases?
    by Chiu, Yung-Chin & Liang, Woan-lih

  • 2015 Corporate precautionary savings: Evidence from the recent financial crisis
    by Sun, Zhenzhen & Wang, Yaping

  • 2015 Additional evidence on the frequency of share repurchases and managerial timing
    by De Ridder, Adri

  • 2015 Determinants of a firm's decision to utilize a dividend reinvestment plan and shareholder participation rates: Australian evidence
    by Abraham, Mathew & Marsden, Alastair & Poskitt, Russell

  • 2015 Why are aggregate equity payouts pro-cyclical?
    by Huang-Meier, Winifred & Freeman, Mark C. & Mazouz, Khelifa

  • 2015 Wealth transfers via equity transactions
    by Sloan, Richard G. & You, Haifeng

  • 2015 Investment and CEO compensation under limited commitment
    by Ai, Hengjie & Li, Rui

  • 2015 Juicing the dividend yield: Mutual funds and the demand for dividends
    by Harris, Lawrence E. & Hartzmark, Samuel M. & Solomon, David H.

  • 2015 Technology spillovers and corporate cash holdings
    by Qiu, Jiaping & Wan, Chi

  • 2015 Corporate payout, cash retention, and the supply of credit: Evidence from the 2008–2009 credit crisis
    by Bliss, Barbara A. & Cheng, Yingmei & Denis, David J.

  • 2015 Capital allocation and delegation of decision-making authority within firms
    by Graham, John R. & Harvey, Campbell R. & Puri, Manju

  • 2015 Can managers time the market? Evidence using repurchase price data
    by Dittmar, Amy & Field, Laura Casares

  • 2015 Fund managers under pressure: Rationale and determinants of secondary buyouts
    by Arcot, Sridhar & Fluck, Zsuzsanna & Gaspar, José-Miguel & Hege, Ulrich

  • 2015 Dividends as a signaling device and the disappearing dividend puzzle
    by Shapiro, Dmitry & Zhuang, Anan

  • 2015 Bank dividends and signaling to information-sensitive depositors
    by Forti, Cristiano & Schiozer, Rafael F.

  • 2015 Executive incentives and payout policy: Empirical evidence from Europe
    by De Cesari, Amedeo & Ozkan, Neslihan

  • 2015 The Lintner model revisited: Dividends versus total payouts
    by Andres, Christian & Doumet, Markus & Fernau, Erik & Theissen, Erik

  • 2015 The market valuation of share repurchases in Europe
    by Andriosopoulos, Dimitris & Lasfer, Meziane

  • 2015 Taxes, earnings payout, and payout channel choice
    by Geiler, Philipp & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2015 Net payout return: An alternative to the traditional returns approach based on dividends and share repurchases
    by Brawn, Derek & Sevǐc, Aleksandar

  • 2015 Bond and stock market response to unexpected dividend changes
    by Tsai, Hui-Ju & Wu, Yangru

  • 2015 Quantile cointegration in the autoregressive distributed-lag modeling framework
    by Cho, Jin Seo & Kim, Tae-hwan & Shin, Yongcheol

  • 2015 Pay-out policies in founding family firms
    by Isakov, Dušan & Weisskopf, Jean-Philippe

  • 2015 Governance and Payout Precommitment
    by John, Kose & Knyazeva, Anzhela & Knyazeva, Diana

  • 2015 Institutional shareholding and information content of dividend surprises: Re-examining the dynamics in dividend-reappearance era
    by Amin, Abu S. & Dutta, Shantanu & Saadi, Samir & Vora, Premal P.

  • 2015 Equity-incentive compensation and payout policy in Europe
    by Burns, Natasha & McTier, Brian C. & Minnick, Kristina

  • 2015 Do corporate managers skimp on shareholders' dividends to protect their own retirement funds?
    by Eisdorfer, Assaf & Giaccotto, Carmelo & White, Reilly

  • 2015 Majority support of shareholders, monitoring incentive, and dividend policy
    by Mori, Naoya & Ikeda, Naoshi

  • 2015 Determinants of Target Dividend Payout Ratio: A Panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag Analysis
    by Kartal Demirgüneþ

  • 2015 Measuring The Firm Value By Discounted Cash Flows: Principles And Issues Of Various Models
    by Mihaela Diaconu

  • 2015 Analysis Of Factors Influencing The Risk Of Poverty For People Aged Over 65
    by Nicolae Daniel Militaru

  • 2015 Financial Entanglement: A Theory of Incomplete Integration, Leverage, Crashes, and Contagion
    by Nicolae Gârleanu & Stavros Panageas & Jianfeng Yu

  • 2015 Measuring Uncertainty
    by Kyle Jurado & Sydney C. Ludvigson & Serena Ng

  • 2014 L’assomption de risques économiques élargis : Une clé pour la refondation du capitalisme actionnarial
    by de La Bruslerie, Hubert

  • 2014 Quantile Cointegration in the Autoregressive Distributed-Lag Modelling Framework

  • 2014 Capital Investment and Liquidity Management with collateralized debt
    by Pierre, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane & Warin, Xavier

  • 2014 Executive Remuneration and the Payout Decision
    by Geiler, P.H.M. & Renneboog, L.D.R.

  • 2014 Taxes, Earnings Payout, and Payout Channel Choice
    by Geiler, P.H.M. & Renneboog, L.D.R.

  • 2014 Testing for Distortions in Performance Measures: An Application to Residual Income Based Measures like Economic Value Added
    by Randolph Sloof & Mirjam van Praag

  • 2014 Rational Dividend Addiction in Banking
    by Benoît D'Udekem

  • 2014 Effectiveness of Signaling Theory in Pakistan- testing the relationship between current dividend and future profits
    by Misbah Iqbal

  • 2014 Taxation, Profit Distribution and Investment of Non-listed Companies in Finland
    by Määttänen, Niku & Ropponen, Olli

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Are banks’ below-par own debt repurchases a cause for prudential concern?
    by Lubberink, Martien

  • 2014 Revisiting Executive Pay in Family-Controlled Firms: Family Premium in Large Business Groups
    by Cheong, Juyoung & Kim, Woochan

  • 2014 The Diffusion of Corporate Governance to Emerging Markets: Evaluating Two Dimensions of Investor Heterogeneity
    by Kim, Woochan & Sung, Taeyoon & Wei, Shang-Jin

  • 2014 Information Asymmetry and the Market Response to Open Market Share Repurchases
    by Lee, Bong Soo & Mauck, Nathan

  • 2014 Market Imperfections and Dividend Policy Decisions of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan
    by Darakhshan Younis & Attiya Yasmin Javid

  • 2014 Catering approach to the dividend payment policy on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz

  • 2014 Debt, Taxes, and Liquidity
    by Patrick Bolton & Hui Chen & Neng Wang

  • 2014 The Global Preference for Dividends in Declining Markets
    by Michael A. Goldstein & Abhinav Goyal & Brian M. Lucey & Carl B. Muckley

  • 2014 Capital Investment and Liquidity Management with collateralized debt
    by Pierre, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane & Warin, Xavier

  • 2014 Bank holding company dividends and repurchases during the financial crisis
    by Hirtle, Beverly

  • 2014 Optimal Liquidity management and Hedging in the presence of a non-predictable investment opportunity
    by Villeneuve, Stéphane & Warin, Xavier

  • 2014 Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities
    by Acharya, Viral V & Le, Hanh & Shin, Hyun Song

  • 2014 Dynamic Panels with Threshold Effect and Endogeneity
    by Myung Hwan Seo & Yongcheol Shin

  • 2014 Open Market Share Repurchases in Germany - A Conditional Event Study Approach
    by Christian Andres & André Betzer & Markus Doumet & Erik Theissen

  • 2014 When does cash matter? Evidence for private firms
    by Paul Ehling & David Haushalter

  • 2014 Dividend Policy Of Public Companies In Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Dzidic, Ante

  • 2014 The Choice Of Insolvency Regime In Hybrid Proceeding By Entrepreneuers
    by Tomáš MORAVEC

  • 2014 Managers’ Views on Dividend Policy of Nepalese Enterprises
    by Nabaraj Adhikari Ph.D.

  • 2014 Identification and Evaluation of Factors of Dividend Policy
    by Sead Omerhodzic

  • 2014 Quarterly Earnings Management Around The World: Loss Avoidance Or Earnings Decrease Avoidance?

  • 2014 Creditor rights and corporate cash holdings: International evidence
    by Yung, Kenneth & Nafar, Nadia A.

  • 2014 Controlling shareholder, split-share structure reform and cash dividend payments in China
    by Liu, Chunyan & Uchida, Konari & Yang, Yufeng

  • 2014 Cash dividends, expropriation, and political connections: Evidence from China
    by Su, Zhong-qin & Fung, Hung-Gay & Huang, Deng-shi & Shen, Chung-Hua

  • 2014 Controlling ownership and firm performance in Taiwan: The role of external competition and internal governance
    by Chen, Anlin & Kao, Lanfeng & Lu, Cheng-Shou

  • 2014 What do firms do when dividend tax rates change? An examination of alternative payout responses
    by Hanlon, Michelle & Hoopes, Jeffrey L.

  • 2014 Analysis of dividend policy of dual and single class U.S corporations
    by Amoako-Adu, Ben & Baulkaran, Vishaal & Smith, Brian F.

  • 2014 Limited attention, share repurchases, and takeover risk
    by Lin, Ji-Chai & Stephens, Clifford P. & Wu, YiLin

  • 2014 The behavioral foundations of corporate dividend policy a cross-country analysis
    by Breuer, Wolfgang & Rieger, M. Oliver & Soypak, K. Can

  • 2014 Ownership structure and performance: Evidence from the public float in IPOs
    by Michel, Allen & Oded, Jacob & Shaked, Israel

  • 2014 Shareholder wealth effects of stock dividends in a unique environment
    by Al-Yahyaee, Khamis Hamed

  • 2014 On optimal periodic dividend strategies in the dual model with diffusion
    by Avanzi, Benjamin & Tu, Vincent & Wong, Bernard

  • 2014 Optimal dividends in the dual model under transaction costs
    by Bayraktar, Erhan & Kyprianou, Andreas E. & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2014 The influence of moral hazard on investment in financially constrained and unconstrained firms
    by Keefe, Michael O’Connor & Kieschnick, Robert

  • 2014 Corporate dividend policy in Thailand: Theory and evidence
    by Fairchild, Richard & Guney, Yilmaz & Thanatawee, Yordying

  • 2014 Direct evidence of dividend tax clienteles
    by Dahlquist, Magnus & Robertsson, Göran & Rydqvist, Kristian

  • 2014 Gentlemen do not talk about money: Remuneration dispersion and firm performance relationship on British boards
    by Zalewska, Anna

  • 2014 Does the information content of payout initiations and omissions influence firm risks?
    by von Eije, Henk & Goyal, Abhinav & Muckley, Cal B.

  • 2014 Liquidity provisions by individual investor trading prior to dividend announcements: Evidence from Taiwan
    by Chen, Zhijuan & Lin, William T. & Ma, Changfeng & Tsai, Shih-Chuan

  • 2014 The value of financial flexibility and corporate financial policy
    by Rapp, Marc Steffen & Schmid, Thomas & Urban, Daniel

  • 2014 The impact of insider trading laws on dividend payout policy
    by Brockman, Paul & Tresl, Jiri & Unlu, Emre

  • 2014 An international analysis of dividend smoothing
    by Javakhadze, David & Ferris, Stephen P. & Sen, Nilanjan

  • 2014 Declining propensity to pay? A re-examination of the lifecycle theory
    by Banyi, Monica L. & Kahle, Kathleen M.

  • 2014 Share repurchases and institutional supply
    by Jared DeLisle, R. & Morscheck, J.D. & Nofsinger, John R.

  • 2014 Capital structure, equity mispricing, and stock repurchases
    by Bonaimé, Alice Adams & Öztekin, Özde & Warr, Richard S.

  • 2014 Corporate payout policy in dual-class firms
    by Jordan, Bradford D. & Liu, Mark H. & Wu, Qun

  • 2014 Dividends: Relevance, rigidity, and signaling
    by Karpavičius, Sigitas

  • 2014 Stock dividend ex-day effect and market microstructure in a unique environment
    by Khamis Hamed Al-Yahyaee

  • 2014 Payout Policy
    by Joan Farre-Mensa & Roni Michaely & Martin Schmalz

  • 2014 The Dividend Clientele Hypothesis: Evidence from the 2003 Tax Act
    by Laura Kawano

  • 2014 How University Endowments Respond to Financial Market Shocks: Evidence and Implications
    by Jeffrey R. Brown & Stephen G. Dimmock & Jun-Koo Kang & Scott J. Weisbenner

  • 2013 Comportement décisionnel et juste valeur des instruments financiers : le cas des stock-options
    by Bahaji, Hamza

  • 2013 Die Auswirkungen des Steuersystemwechsels vom Halbeinkünfteverfahren zur Abgeltungssteuer auf die Ausschüttungspolitik von Unternehmen
    by Podlech, Nils

  • 2013 The Lintner model revisited: Dividends versus total payouts
    by Andres, Christian & Doumet, Markus & Fernau, Erik & Theissen, Erik

  • 2013 Open market share repurchases in Germany: A conditional event study approach
    by Andres, Christian & Betzer, André & Doumet, Markus & Theissen, Erik

  • 2013 Die Auswirkungen des Steuersystemwechsels vom Halbeinkünfteverfahren zur Abgeltungssteuer auf die Ausschüttungspolitik von Unternehmen
    by Podlech, Nils

  • 2013 Payout policies of privately held firms: Flexibility and the role of income taxes
    by Jacob, Martin & Alstadsæter, Annette

  • 2013 Tier 1 MFIs Financial Performance: Cash-flow statement analysis
    by Gautier Dumont & Mathias Schmit

  • 2013 Dividend Policy in Regulated Firms
    by Francisca Bremberger & Carlo Cambini & Klaus Gugler & Laura Rondi

  • 2013 R&D Intensity and Financing Decisions: Evidence from European Firms
    by ELKEMALI, Taoufik & BEN REJEB, Aymen & MATOUSSI, Hamadi

  • 2013 Caractéristiques informationnelles du secteur d'activité et recours au crédit fournisseur
    by Vigneron, Ludovic & Daïri, Meriam

  • 2013 Financialisation and Crisis in an Agent Based Macroeconomomic Model
    by Riccetti, Luca & Russo, Alberto & Gallegati, Mauro

  • 2013 Intraday analysis of the limit order bias at the ex-dividend day of U.S. common stocks
    by Efthymiou, Vassilis A. & Leledakis, George N.

  • 2013 Dividend Policy in Regulated Firms
    by rondi, laura & cambini, carlo & bremberger, francisca & gugler, klaus

  • 2013 Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities
    by Viral V. Acharya & Hanh Le & Hyun Song Shin

  • 2013 Do not wake sleeping dogs: Pay-out policies in founding family firms
    by Isakov, Dusan & Weisskopf, Jean-Philippe

  • 2013 Reforming Finance; A Literature Review
    by Ton Notermans

  • 2013 Studies in Financial Systems No 3 The German Financial System
    by Daniel Detzer & Nina Dodig & Trevor Evans & Eckhard Hein & Hansjörg Herr

  • 2013 Corporate governance of banks: A survey
    by Jakob de Haan & Razvan Vlahu

  • 2013 Share repurchase: Does it increase the informativeness of market prices?
    by de La Bruslerie, Hubert

  • 2013 Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities
    by Acharya, Viral V & Le, Hanh & Shin, Hyun Song

  • 2013 Buybacks versus Ordinary Dividends: Marginal Investor Reactions to Cash-return Announcements
    by Warwick Anderson & Samuel McLaughlin

  • 2013 Corporate tax policy under the Labour government, 1997–2010
    by Giorgia Maffini

  • 2013 Tailoring Bank Capital Regulation for Tail Risk
    by Nataliya Klimenko

  • 2013 Law and Finance After a Decade of Research
    by La Porta, Rafael & Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio & Shleifer, Andrei

  • 2013 Behavioral Corporate Finance: An Updated Survey
    by Baker, Malcolm & Wurgler, Jeffrey

  • 2013 Determinants of Dividend Policy: Evidence from Listed Firms in the African Stock Exchanges
    by Matthias Nnadi & Nyema Wogboroma & Bariyima Kabel

  • 2013 Corporate saving in the United States: about a recent publication
    by Giancarlo Mazzocchi

  • 2013 Corporate self-financing and the theory of the business cycle
    by Giancarlo Mazzocchi

  • 2013 The Relationship between Dividend Payout Policy and Foreign Institutional Investment in India
    by Poulomi Lahiri

  • 2013 The Determinants Of The Dividend Size In Croatia
    by Kožul, Antonija & Mihalina, Emil

  • 2013 Closing the value gap by the means of stock repurchase announcement – the case of Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Tomasz Slonski & Bartosz Zawadzki

  • 2013 Investors' Dividend Preference On The Romanian Equity Market: A Cross-Sectional Empirical Investigation
    by Andrei Anghel & Tudor Cristiana

  • 2013 Do Neglected Firms Suffer from an Information Deficit?
    by Kenneth Yung & Hamid Rahman & Qian Sun

  • 2013 Ownership Structure And Stock Repurchase Policy: Evidence From France
    by Rim El Houcine

  • 2013 How do bond investors perceive dividend payouts?
    by Mathur, Ike & Singh, Manohar & Nejadmalayeri, Ali & Jiraporn, Pornsit

  • 2013 Payout policies on U.S. closed-end funds
    by Kim, Doseong & Kim, Yura & Song, Kyojik Roy

  • 2013 Dividends, investment and cash flow uncertainty: Evidence from China
    by Deng, Lu & Li, Sifei & Liao, Mingqing & Wu, Weixing

  • 2013 Demographics and the long-horizon returns of dividend-yield strategies
    by Lee, King Fuei

  • 2013 How product market competition affects dividend payments in a weak investor protection economy: Evidence from Taiwan
    by Kao, Lanfeng & Chen, Anlin

  • 2013 Effects of dividend tax and signaling on firm valuation: Evidence from taxable stock dividend announcements
    by Kuo, Nan-Ting & Lee, Cheng-Few

  • 2013 Ex-dividend prices and investor trades: Evidence from Taiwan
    by Chen, Hung-Ling & Chow, Edward H. & Shiu, Cheng-Yi

  • 2013 Corporate governance and payout policy: Evidence from Korean business groups
    by Hwang, Lee-Seok & Kim, Hakkon & Park, Kwangwoo & Park, Rae Soo

  • 2013 Financial management in China
    by Jiang, Zhan & Kim, Kenneth A.

  • 2013 The dividend month premium
    by Hartzmark, Samuel M. & Solomon, David H.

  • 2013 Collateral and capital structure
    by Rampini, Adriano A. & Viswanathan, S.

  • 2013 Firm characteristics and long-run stock returns after corporate events
    by Bessembinder, Hendrik & Zhang, Feng

  • 2013 What drives the disappearing dividends phenomenon?
    by Kuo, Jing-Ming & Philip, Dennis & Zhang, Qingjing

  • 2013 Investing at home and abroad: Different costs, different people?
    by Christelis, Dimitris & Georgarakos, Dimitris

  • 2013 Sustainable growth rate, optimal growth rate, and optimal payout ratio: A joint optimization approach
    by Chen, Hong-Yi & Gupta, Manak C. & Lee, Alice C. & Lee, Cheng-Few

  • 2013 The impact of technical defaults on dividend policy
    by Bulan, Laarni & Hull, Tyler

  • 2013 Buyback behavior of initial public offering firms
    by Chen, Sheng-Syan & Ho, Kim Wai & Huang, Chia-Wei & Wang, Yanzhi

  • 2013 Information disclosure, CEO overconfidence, and share buyback completion rates
    by Andriosopoulos, Dimitris & Andriosopoulos, Kostas & Hoque, Hafiz

  • 2013 The effect of a reduction in price discreteness on ex-day stock returns in a unique environment
    by Al-Yahyaee, Khamis Hamed

  • 2013 Optimal dividends and ALM under unhedgeable risk
    by Pelsser, Antoon A.J. & Laeven, Roger J.A.

  • 2013 Dividend optimization for regime-switching general diffusions
    by Zhu, Jinxia & Chen, Feng

  • 2013 On a periodic dividend barrier strategy in the dual model with continuous monitoring of solvency
    by Avanzi, Benjamin & Cheung, Eric C.K. & Wong, Bernard & Woo, Jae-Kyung

  • 2013 Cash dividends and investor protection in Asia
    by Goyal, Abhinav & Muckley, Cal

  • 2013 The determinants of share repurchases in Europe
    by Andriosopoulos, Dimitris & Hoque, Hafiz

  • 2013 Determinants of dividend smoothing in emerging market: The case of Korea
    by Jeong, Jinho

  • 2013 Demographics of dividends
    by Nicolosi, Gina

  • 2013 Investment opportunities and share repurchases
    by Boudry, Walter I. & Kallberg, Jarl G. & Liu, Crocker H.

  • 2013 Do senior citizens prefer dividends? Local clienteles vs. firm characteristics
    by Krieger, Kevin & Lee, Bong-Soo & Mauck, Nathan

  • 2013 Share repurchases, catering, and dividend substitution
    by Jiang, Zhan & Kim, Kenneth A. & Lie, Erik & Yang, Sean

  • 2013 Catering driven substitution in corporate payouts
    by Kulchania, Manoj

  • 2013 How do share repurchases affect ownership concentration?
    by Golbe, Devra L. & Nyman, Ingmar

  • 2013 Do multinational and domestic corporations differ in their leverage policies?
    by Park, Soon Hong & Suh, Jungwon & Yeung, Bernard

  • 2013 Legal Institutions, Ownership Concentration, and Stock Repurchases Around the World: Signal Mimicking?
    by Haw, In-Mu & Ho, Simon S.M. & Hu, Bingbing & Zhang, Xu

  • 2013 Capital Structure, Cost of Debt and Dividend Payout of Firms in New York and Shanghai Stock Exchanges
    by Jun Jiang & Komain Jiranyakul

  • 2013 Modes de gouvernance et performances des entreprises familiales françaises en fonction des conflits d’agence - Modes of Organization and Performances of French families firms according to the agency conflicts
    by Patrice Charlier & Gilles Lambert

  • 2013 Analysis of Dividend Policy of the Romanian Financial Investment Companies
    by Nicoleta BARBUTA-MISU

  • 2013 Efects Of The European Union Fiscal Governance Pact On Romania
    by Roxana Ispas

  • 2012 Notwendigkeit der Ausschüttungssperre des § 268 Abs. 8 HGB: Eine empirische Untersuchung der Einzelabschlüsse der DAX 30 Unternehmen
    by Rohleder, Stephan & Rogler, Silvia

  • 2012 Dividenden und Aktienrückkäufe unter der Abgeltungssteuer
    by Podlech, Nils

  • 2012 Changes in the composition of publicly traded firms: Implications for the dividend-price ratio and return predictability
    by Jank, Stephan

  • 2012 Dividend announcements reconsidered: Dividend changes versus dividend surprises
    by Andres, Christian & Betzer, André & van den Bongard, Inga & Haesner, Christian & Theissen, Erik

  • 2012 Dividenden und Aktienrückkäufe unter der Abgeltungssteuer
    by Podlech, Nils

  • 2012 Family involvement and dividend policy in listed and non-listed firms
    by González, Maximiliano & Guzmán, Alexander & Pombo, Carlos & Trujillo, María Andréa

  • 2012 How Insiders Traded before Rules
    by Braggion, F. & Moore, L.

  • 2012 Executive Stock Options and Time Diversification
    by Carmona, Julio & León, Ángel & Vaello-Sebastià, Antoni

  • 2012 Do Individual Investors in Pakistan Prefer Dividends?
    by Ahmad, Baseer & Ali, Syed Babar

  • 2012 Financialization of the U.S. corporation: what has been lost, and how it can be regained
    by Lazonick, William

  • 2012 Do Senior Citizens Prefer Dividends? Local Clienteles vs. Firm Characteristics
    by Krieger, Kevin & Lee, Bong-Soo & Mauck, Nathan

  • 2012 Consistent Valuation Cash Flow
    by Uzi Yaari & Andrei Nikiforov & Emel Kahya & Yochanan Shachmurove

  • 2012 Dividends as Reference Points: A Behavioral Signaling Approach
    by Malcolm Baker & Jeffrey Wurgler

  • 2012 Declining Labor Shares and the Global Rise of Corporate Saving
    by Loukas Karabarbounis & Brent Neiman

  • 2012 The Mystery of Zero-Leverage Firms
    by Ilya A. Strebulaev & Baozhong Yang

  • 2012 Shareholder and creditor legal rights and the outcome model of dividends
    by Thomas O'Connor & Julie Byrne

  • 2012 Why is equity capital expensive for opaque banks?
    by Kauko, Karlo

  • 2012 Non-linear dividend tax and dynamics of the firm
    by Seppo Kari & Jussi Laitila

  • 2012 A Primer on Private Equity at Work: Management, Employment, and Sustainability
    by Eileen Appelbaum & Rosemary Batt

  • 2012 Politique des dividendes et stabilité macroéconomique
    by Sébastien CHARLES

  • 2012 Agency, Firm Growth and Managerial Turnover
    by Anderson, Ronald W. & Bustamante, Maria Cecilia & Guibaud, Stéphane

  • 2012 Caught between Scylla and Charybdis? Regulating bank leverage when there is rent-seeking and risk-shifting
    by Acharya, Viral V & Mehran, Hamid & Thakor, Anjan

  • 2012 Dividends and Bank Capital in the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
    by Acharya, Viral V & Gujral, Irvind & Kulkarni, Nirupama & Shin, Hyun Song

  • 2012 A Theory of Income Smoothing When Insiders Know More Than Outsiders
    by Acharya, Viral V & Lambrecht, Bart

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