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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G3: Corporate Finance and Governance
/ / / G35: Payout Policy
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 The Speed of Adjustment of Corporate Cash Holdings
    by K T Vigneswara Rao & Keyur Thaker

  • 2018 Measuring firm size in empirical corporate finance
    by Dang, Chongyu & (Frank) Li, Zhichuan & Yang, Chen

  • 2017 A Panel Analysis of the Impact of Dividend per Share, Dividend Changes and Dividend Payout Ratio on Companies Performance: An Empirical Test of ``the Dividend Signaling Hypothesis"
    by Mpinda F. Mvita & Goodness C. Aye

  • 2017 Towards neutral distribution taxes and vanishing tax effects in the European Union
    by Maier, Christoph & Schanz, Deborah

  • 2017 Effect Of Repurchase Announcement On The Polish Alternative Stock Market
    by Bogna Ka?mierska-Jó?wiak & Elzbieta Wro?ska-Bukalska

  • 2017 Long-Term Stagnation And Financialisation. A Theoretical Comparison Between Kaleckian And Neo-Marxist Approaches
    by Giovanni Scarano

  • 2017 Average Pay in Banks: Do Agency Problems and Bank Performance Matter?
    by Harkin, Sean M. & Mare, Davide S. & Crook, Jonathan N.

  • 2017 Politique de distribution de dividendes des sociétés cotées sur les marchés en développement : Cas de la BRVM
    by OUATTARA, Aboudou

  • 2017 Determinants of Payout Policy and Investment Attractiveness of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz

  • 2017 Understanding Precautionary Cash at Home and Abroad
    by Michael W. Faulkender & Kristine W. Hankins & Mitchell A. Petersen

  • 2017 Price Risk, Production Flexibility, and Liquidity Management: Evidence from Electricity Generating Firms
    by Chen Lin & Thomas Schmid & Michael S. Weisbach

  • 2017 The Global Rise of Corporate Saving
    by Peter Chen & Loukas Karabarbounis & Brent Neiman

  • 2017 Share Repurchases and CEO Ownership
    by Ingmar Nyman & Devra L. Golbe

  • 2017 Determinant of Debt Policy: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia
    by Hansen Viriya

  • 2017 Factors Affecting Dividend Policy on Non-Financial Companies in Indonesia
    by Novia Wijaya

  • 2017 R&D activity and dividend policy of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Jakub Kwiatkowski

  • 2017 The Global Rise of Corporate Saving
    by Chen, Peter & Karabarbounis, Loukas & Neiman, Brent

  • 2017 Reputation and Investor Activism
    by Travis L. Johnson & Nathan Swem

  • 2017 Capital Share Dynamics When Firms Insure Workers
    by Hartman-Glaser, Barney & Lustig, Hanno & Zhang, Mindy X.

  • 2017 The Long-Term Consequences of Short-Term Incentives
    by Edmans, Alex & Fang, Vivian & Huang, Allen

  • 2017 The Information Content of Dividends: Safer Profits, Not Higher Profits
    by Roni Michaely & Stefano Rossi & Michael Weber

  • 2017 Why do firms decide to stop their share repurchase programs?
    by Mark Mietzner

  • 2017 The effect of financial reporting quality on corporate dividend policy
    by David S. Koo & Santhosh Ramalingegowda & Yong Yu

  • 2017 Effects of Bush Tax Cut and Obama Tax Increase on corporate payout policy and stock returns
    by Andre C Vianna

  • 2017 Dynamics of Lintner’s Model in the Dividend Payment Process of Nigerian Banks
    by Odunayo Magret Olarewaju & Mabutho Sibanda & Stephen Oseko Migiro

  • 2017 Impact of Dividend Taxation Changing on Dividend Policy of Romanian Companies Listed on Stock Market
    by Stela JAKOVA

  • 2017 The Effect of Global Financial Crisis on Accounting and Value-Based Business Performances
    by Akgün, Ali İhsan & Şamiloğlu, Famil

  • 2017 Financial Distress and Capital Structure Decision: An Aplication on BIST 100 Firms
    by Turaboğlu, Tuncay Turan & Erkol, Aslı Yıkılmaz & Topaloğlu, Emre Esat

  • 2017 Signaling Hypotheses Of Share Repurchase – Life Cycle Approach. The Case Of Polish Listed Companies
    by Elzbieta Wronska-Bukalska & Bogna Kazmierska-Jozwiak

  • 2017 Public Policies on Unemployment
    by Anastase Ileana (Badulescu) & Grigorut Cornel

  • 2017 Taxation and Dividend Policy: The Muting Effect of Agency Issues and Shareholder Conflicts
    by Martin Jacob & Roni Michaely

  • 2017 Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities
    by Viral V. Acharya & Hanh T. Le & Hyun Song Shin

  • 2017 Preserving the corporate superego in a time of stress: an essay on ethics and economics
    by John C. Coffee Jr

  • 2017 Reciprocity between Stock Prices and Cash Dividends of Selected Bulgarian Companies
    by Mario Kasabov

  • 2017 Ownership structure and its effect on dividend policy in the Mexican context
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Estructura de propiedad y su efecto en la política de dividendos en el contexto mexicano
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Payout flexibility and capital expenditure
    by Subramanian Rama Iyer & Harry Feng & Ramesh P. Rao

  • 2017 Do corporate payouts signal going-concern risk for auditors? Evidence from audit reports for companies in financial distress
    by Jian Cao & Thomas R. Kubick & Adi N. S. Masli

  • 2017 The impact of nominal stock price on ex-dividend price responses
    by Keith Jakob & Ryan Whitby

  • 2017 Testing the Relationship between Free Cash Flow and Company Performance in Borsa Istanbul
    by Eyup Kadioglu & Saim Kilic & Ender Aykut Yilmaz

  • 2017 Private Valuation of Compensation Stock Options
    by Diego C. Cueto

  • 2017 Do foreign investors improve stock price informativeness in emerging equity markets? Evidence from Vietnam
    by Vo, Xuan Vinh

  • 2017 Does Brazilian allowance for corporate equity reduce the debt bias? Evidences of rebound effect and ownership-induced ACE clientele
    by Portal, Márcio Telles & Laureano, Luis

  • 2017 Effects of the shareholder base on firm behavior and firm value in China
    by Yung, Kenneth & Jian, Yi

  • 2017 Does CEO ownership affect payout policy? Evidence from using CEO scaled wealth-performance sensitivity
    by James, Hui & Benson, Bradley W. & Wu, Chen (Ken)

  • 2017 Capital change and stability when dividends convey signals
    by Batabyal, Sourav & Robinson, Richard

  • 2017 Creditor rights, culture and dividend payout policy
    by Byrne, Julie & O’Connor, Thomas

  • 2017 The adoption of stock option plans and their effects on firm performance during Japan’s period of corporate governance reform
    by Hasegawa, Nobuhisa & Kim, Hyonok & Yasuda, Yukihiro

  • 2017 The diffusion of corporate governance to emerging markets: Evaluating two dimensions of investor heterogeneity
    by Kim, Woochan & Sung, Taeyoon & Wei, Shang-Jin

  • 2017 Does dividend tax impede competition for corporate charters?
    by Lai, Tat-kei & Ng, Travis

  • 2017 Investor protection, taxation and dividend policy: Long-run evidence, 1838–2012
    by Moortgat, Leentje & Annaert, Jan & Deloof, Marc

  • 2017 How do creditors respond to disclosure quality? Evidence from corporate dividend payouts
    by Byrne, Julie & O'Connor, Thomas

  • 2017 On the optimality of periodic barrier strategies for a spectrally positive Lévy process
    by Pérez, José-Luis & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2017 Optimal periodic dividend and capital injection problem for spectrally positive Lévy processes
    by Zhao, Yongxia & Chen, Ping & Yang, Hailiang

  • 2017 On optimal joint reflective and refractive dividend strategies in spectrally positive Lévy models
    by Avanzi, Benjamin & Pérez, José-Luis & Wong, Bernard & Yamazaki, Kazutoshi

  • 2017 Dividend policy: A selective review of results from around the world
    by Booth, Laurence & Zhou, Jun

  • 2017 Institutional trading before dividend reduction announcements
    by Henry, Darren & Nguyen, Lily & Pham, Viet Hung

  • 2017 Flexible firm-level dividends in Latin America
    by von Eije, Henk & Goyal, Abhinav & Muckley, Cal B.

  • 2017 Multinational firms and cash holdings: Evidence from China
    by Wu, Weijun & Yang, Yang & Zhou, Sili

  • 2017 The relationship among information asymmetry, dividend policy and ownership structure
    by Lin, Tsui-Jung & Chen, Yi-Pei & Tsai, Han-Fang

  • 2017 Trading of foreign investors and stock returns in an emerging market - Evidence from Vietnam
    by Vo, Xuan Vinh

  • 2017 Why do CEOs agree to the discipline of dividends?
    by Smith, Deborah Drummond & Pennathur, Anita K. & Marciniak, Marek R.

  • 2017 The effect of ownership concentration and composition on dividends: Evidence from Latin America
    by Gonzalez, Maximiliano & Molina, Carlos A. & Pablo, Eduardo & Rosso, John W.

  • 2017 Political environment, financial intermediation costs, and financing patterns
    by Gungoraydinoglu, Ali & Çolak, Gönül & Öztekin, Özde

  • 2017 The impact of board gender composition on dividend payouts
    by Chen, Jie & Leung, Woon Sau & Goergen, Marc

  • 2017 Political freedom and corporate payouts
    by Guedhami, Omrane & Kwok, Chuck C.Y. & Shao, Liang

  • 2017 Do what you did four quarters ago: Trends and implications of quarterly dividends
    by Andres, Christian & Hofbaur, Ulrich

  • 2017 Managerial innovation incentives, management buyouts, and shareholders' intolerance of failure
    by Kamoto, Shinsuke

  • 2017 Stock liquidity and dividend payouts
    by Jiang, Fuxiu & Ma, Yunbiao & Shi, Beibei

  • 2017 Dividend policy and earnings management across countries
    by He, Wen & Ng, Lilian & Zaiats, Nataliya & Zhang, Bohui

  • 2017 Uncertainty and firm dividend policy—A natural experiment
    by Buchanan, Bonnie G. & Cao, Cathy Xuying & Liljeblom, Eva & Weihrich, Susan

  • 2017 Why do Firms Change Their Dividend Policy?
    by Ijaz Ali & Ali Gohar & Omar Meharzi

  • 2017 The Relationship between Ownership and Dividend Policy: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange Using the Propensity Score Matching Estimator
    by Mahdi Filsaraei & Alireza Zarei

  • 2017 Earnings Management, Equity-based Compensation, Economic Conjuncture and Governance Mechanisms: A Comparative Study between France and the United States
    by Mehdi Bouras & Mohamed Imen Gallali

  • 2017 Earnings and Dividend Announcements: Are They Interactive? Evidence from the French Context
    by Mondher Kouki

  • 2017 Uncertainty spillover and policy reactions
    by Peter Claeys

  • 2017 Is the free cash flow hypothesis valid in Turkey?
    by Eyup Kadioglu & Ender Aykut Yilmaz

  • 2017 Monetary transmission under competing corporate finance regimes
    by Paul De Grauwe & Eddie Gerba

  • 2017 Uncertainty spillover and policy reactions
    by Peter Claeys

  • 2017 Growth-Rate and Uncertainty Shocks in Consumption: Cross-Country Evidence
    by Emi Nakamura & Dmitriy Sergeyev & Jón Steinsson

  • 2016 The payout behaviour of German savings banks
    by Köhler, Matthias

  • 2016 Numerical approximation of a cash-constrained firm value with investment opportunities
    by Pierre, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane & Warin, Xavier

  • 2016 The (Self-)Funding of Intangibles
    by Robin Döttling & Tomislav Ladika & Enrico Perotti

  • 2016 The Mismeasure of Mammon: Uses and Abuses of Executive Pay Data
    by Matt Hopkins & William Lazonick

  • 2016 The influence of the CEO and the largest shareholder on dividend payout policy in Thailand
    by Thitima Sitthipongpanich

  • 2016 Connections Between Corporate Governanc E, Corporate Savings And Business Cycles In The Economic Literature Around The Great Depression
    by Giovanni Scarano

  • 2016 Dividend taxation of non-listed companies, resource allocation and productivity
    by Määttänen, Niku & Ropponen, Olli

  • 2016 Market Reaction to Actual Daily Share Repurchases in Greece
    by Drousia, Angeliki & Episcopos, Athanasios & Leledakis, George N.

  • 2016 Capital depreciation and the underdetermination of rate of return: A unifying perspective
    by Magni, Carlo Alberto

  • 2016 Are banks’ below-par own debt repurchases a cause for prudential concern?
    by Lubberink, Martien & Renders, Annelies

  • 2016 The investment-profit nexus in an era of financialisation and globalisation. A profit-centred perspective
    by Cédric Durand & Maxime Gueuder

  • 2016 Why Does Capital No Longer Flow More to the Industries with the Best Growth Opportunities?
    by Dong Lee & Han Shin & René M. Stulz

  • 2016 Corporate Deleveraging
    by Harry DeAngelo & Andrei S. Gonçalves & René M. Stulz

  • 2016 Levered Returns
    by Ivo Welch

  • 2016 Numerical approximation of a cash-constrained firm value with investment opportunities
    by Pierre, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane & Warin, Xavier

  • 2016 On Persistence of Uncertainty Shocks
    by Sergey Egiev

  • 2016 Understanding Bank Payouts during the Crisis of 2007-2009
    by Cziraki, Peter & Laux, Christian & Lóránth, Gyöngyi

  • 2016 Does gender-balancing the board reduce firm value?
    by Eckbo, B Espen & Nygaard, Knut & Thorburn, Karin S

  • 2016 Rollover Traps
    by Marco Della Seta & Erwan Morellec & Francesca Zucchi

  • 2016 Corporate Policies with Permanent and Transitory Shocks
    by Jean-Paul Decamps & Sebastian Gryglewicz & Erwan Morellec & Stephane Villeneuve

  • 2016 Uncertainty and firm dividend policy – a natural experiment
    by Buchanan, Bonnie & Cao, Xuying (Cathy) & Liljeblom, Eva & Weihrich, Susan

  • 2016 Transfer of Profit to Shareholders at Warsaw Stock Exchange in the Period 2009–2013
    by Jabłoński Bartłomiej

  • 2016 Executive Pay and Market Value Sensitivity
    by Feng-Li Lin Author-Email:

  • 2016 Ex-dividend day abnormal returns for special dividends
    by Jaideep Chowdhury & Gokhan Sonaer

  • 2016 Liquidity management with decreasing returns to scale and secured credit line
    by Erwan Pierre & Stéphane Villeneuve & Xavier Warin

  • 2016 A contemporary view of corporate finance theory, empirical evidence and practice
    by Robert W Faff & Stephen Gray & Kelvin Jui Keng Tan

  • 2016 Why do firms pay stock dividends: Is it just a stock split?
    by Xi He & Mingsheng Li & Jing Shi & Garry Twite

  • 2016 Financial constraints and dividend policy
    by Shams Pathan & Robert Faff & Carlos Fernández Méndez & Nicholas Masters

  • 2016 Agency costs, executive incentives and corporate financial decisions
    by Mahmoud Agha

  • 2016 Does the Catering Theory of Dividend Apply to the French Listed Firms?
    by Nicolas Aubert

  • 2016 Financialisation of wages and works councils’ policy: Profit sharing in the German metalworking and electrical engineering industries
    by Haipeter, Thomas

  • 2016 Theoretical Models of Dividend Policy
    by Christian Tanushev

  • 2016 Results and financial situation of firms in 2015
    by I. Rubbrecht & D. Vivet

  • 2016 The performance of Taiwanese firms after a share repurchase announcement
    by Chuan-Hao Hsu & Hung-Gay Fung & Yi-Ping Chang

  • 2016 Corporate patents, R&D success, and tax avoidance
    by Lei Gao & Leo L. Yang & Joseph H. Zhang

  • 2016 A comparison of alternative models for estimating firm’s growth rate
    by Ivan E. Brick & Hong-Yi Chen & Chia-Hsun Hsieh & Cheng-Few Lee

  • 2016 Why Share Repurchases Are Not A Panacea For Increasing Share Prices
    by Tai-Yuan Chen & Ching-Hua Yu & Lie-Jane Kao

  • 2016 Ex day effects of the 2003 dividend tax cut
    by Bali, Rakesh & Francis, Jack Clark

  • 2016 Signaling, corporate governance, and the equilibrium dividend policy
    by Esqueda, Omar A.

  • 2016 Stock repurchases in Japan: A solution to excessive corporate saving?
    by Tong, Jiao & Bremer, Marc

  • 2016 The dark side of liquidity creation: Leverage and systemic risk
    by Acharya, Viral V. & Thakor, Anjan V.

  • 2016 Socially responsible firms
    by Ferrell, Allen & Liang, Hao & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2016 Are Friday announcements special? Overcoming selection bias
    by Michaely, Roni & Rubin, Amir & Vedrashko, Alexander

  • 2016 Passive investors, not passive owners
    by Appel, Ian R. & Gormley, Todd A. & Keim, Donald B.

  • 2016 Stock repurchases and liquidity
    by Hillert, Alexander & Maug, Ernst & Obernberger, Stefan

  • 2016 The real effects of share repurchases
    by Almeida, Heitor & Fos, Vyacheslav & Kronlund, Mathias

  • 2016 Effect of institutional ownership on dividends: An agency-theory-based analysis
    by Chang, Kiyoung & Kang, Eun & Li, Ying

  • 2016 Sensitivity to investor sentiment and stock performance of open market share repurchases
    by Liang, Woan-lih

  • 2016 Do corporate policies follow a life-cycle?
    by Faff, Robert & Kwok, Wing Chun & Podolski, Edward J. & Wong, George

  • 2016 Institutional stock ownership and firms’ cash dividend policies: Evidence from China
    by Firth, Michael & Gao, Jin & Shen, Jianghua & Zhang, Yuanyuan

  • 2016 Finance methodology of Free Cash Flow
    by Yaari, Uzi & Nikiforov, Andrei & Kahya, Emel & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2016 Idiosyncratic risk and share repurchases
    by Hsu, Yuan-Teng & Huang, Chia-Wei

  • 2016 Foreign investors and corporate risk taking behavior in an emerging market
    by Vo, Xuan Vinh

  • 2016 Dividend payout policies: Evidence from Latin America
    by Benavides, Julian & Berggrun, Luis & Perafan, Hector

  • 2016 New findings on repurchase anomaly — The first-month effect
    by Li, Lingxiang

  • 2016 A macro-analysis of financial decisions: An examination of special dividend announcements
    by Beladi, Hamid & Chao, Chi Chur & Hu, May

  • 2016 Does institutional ownership increase stock return volatility? Evidence from Vietnam
    by Vo, Xuan Vinh

  • 2016 Political affiliation and dividend tax avoidance: Evidence from the 2013 fiscal cliff
    by Peyer, Urs & Vermaelen, Theo

  • 2016 Corporate payout smoothing: A variance decomposition approach
    by Hoang, Edward C. & Hoxha, Indrit

  • 2016 Investor protection and dividend policy: The case of Islamic and conventional banks
    by Athari, Seyed Alireza & Adaoglu, Cahit & Bektas, Eralp

  • 2016 Dynamic panels with threshold effect and endogeneity
    by Seo, Myung Hwan & Shin, Yongcheol

  • 2016 Can we predict dividend cuts?
    by Onali, Enrico

  • 2016 How to regulate bank dividends? Is capital regulation an answer?
    by Ashraf, Badar Nadeem & Bibi, Bushra & Zheng, Changjun

  • 2016 The shadow costs of repos and bank liability structure
    by Klimenko, Nataliya & Moreno-Bromberg, Santiago

  • 2016 Leveraged buybacks
    by Lei, Zicheng & Zhang, Chendi

  • 2016 Governance and post-repurchase performance
    by Caton, Gary L. & Goh, Jeremy & Lee, Yen Teik & Linn, Scott C.

  • 2016 The cost of financial flexibility: Evidence from share repurchases
    by Bonaimé, Alice A. & Hankins, Kristine W. & Jordan, Bradford D.

  • 2016 Comparative Study on Performance of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks: Evidence from Oman
    by Zaroug Osman Bilal & Omar Mohammad Durrah & Tariq Mohamed Atiya

  • 2016 Does Basil III Implementation Impact on Financial Performance? Evidence from Omani’s Commercial Banks
    by Zaroug Osman Bilal & Badreldin F. Salim

  • 2016 Stock Price Volatility and Role of Dividend Policy: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
    by Syed Akif Shah & Umara Noreen

  • 2016 Market Reaction on Dividend Announcement in Oman: An Event Study Methodology
    by Shireen Rosario & Kavita Chavali

  • 2016 Dividend payments in companies with foreign direct investors
    by Michal Marcin Kupc & Krzysztof Makowski

  • 2016 Does Opaqueness Make Equity Capital Expensive for Banks?
    by Karlo Kauko

  • 2016 The Determinants of Dividend Payment: the Effect of the Legal and Contractual Obligatory Minimum in Brazilian Companies
    by Daniel Francisco Vancin & Jairo Laser Procianoy

  • 2016 An Integrated Model for the Cost-Minimizing Funding of Corporate Activities over Time
    by Manak C. Gupta

  • 2016 Study on the Stock Market Evolution of Companies Listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Iulia-Oana Stefan

  • 2016 Sticky Leverage
    by João Gomes & Urban Jermann & Lukas Schmid

  • 2016 On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends: Reply
    by Jules H. van Binsbergen & Ralph S. J. Koijen

  • 2016 On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends: Comment
    by Florian Schulz

  • 2015 How does financialisation affect functional income distribution? A theoretical clarification and empirical assessment
    by Köhler, Karsten & Guschanski, Alexander & Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2015 Corporate Policies with Temporary and Permanent Shocks
    by Décamps, Jean-Paul & Gryglewicz, S. & Morellec, E. & Villeneuve, Stéphane

  • 2015 Labor in the Twenty-First Century:The Top 0.1% and the Disappearing Middle-Class
    by William Lazonick

  • 2015 Optimal Resolution Procedures and Dividend Policy for Global-Systemically-Important-Banks
    by Ibrahim Ethem Guney

  • 2015 Voluntarily lower-dividend paying firms: Determinants and consequences
    by Hyunseok Kim & Kyeong-Seop Choi

  • 2015 Tobacco Settlement Bonds: A Look At The Effect Of Securitization on the Credit of Sttates Using Capital Appreciation Bonds
    by James Estes &

  • 2015 How Talented Managers Make Dividend Decision: Evidence from U.S. Market
    by Veeranuch Leelalai

  • 2015 Evidence on European fund managers and investors views on dividends post 2008
    by Thomas Mc Cluskey

  • 2015 A survey of managerial perspective on corporate dividend policy: evidence from Turkish listed firms
    by Kuzucu, Narman

  • 2015 The Development of Corporate Governance in Toulouse: 1372-1946
    by David Le Bris & William N. Goetzmann & Sébastien Pouget

  • 2015 The Long-Term Effects of Hedge Fund Activism
    by Lucian A. Bebchuk & Alon Brav & Wei Jiang

  • 2015 Capital Tax Reform and the Real Economy: The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
    by Danny Yagan

  • 2015 Unique Dividends for Retail Shareholders: Evidence from Shareholder Perks
    by Katsushi Suzuki

  • 2015 Rebound Effect of Allowance for Corporate Equity on Debt Bias
    by Márcio Telles Portal & Luís Laureano

  • 2015 Optimal Dividend Policy When Cash Surplus Follows Telegraph Process
    by Igor G. Pospelov & Stanislav A. Radionov

  • 2015 Insider bank runs: community bank fragility and the financial crisis of 2007
    by Henderson, Christopher & Lang, William W. & Jackson, William E.

  • 2015 Reconsidering the rise of ‘shareholder value’ in the United States, 1960-2000
    by Taylor, Blake Edward

  • 2015 Liquidity, Innovation, and Endogenous Growth
    by Malamud, Semyon & Zucchi, Francesca

  • 2015 Corporate policies with permanent and temporary shocks
    by Décamps, Jean Paul & Gryglewicz, Sebastian & Morellec, Erwan & Villeneuve, Stéphane

  • 2015 Liquidity, Innovation, And Endogenous Growth
    by Semyon MALAMUD & Francesca ZUCCHI

  • 2015 The Shadow Cost of Repos and Bank Liability Structure
    by Nataliya KLIMENKO & Santiago MORENO-BROMBERG

  • 2015 Catering Approach To The Dividend Payment Policy On The Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Aleksandra Pieloch-Babiarz

  • 2015 Determinants of Corporate Dividend Payout in Nepal
    by Nabaraj Adhikari, Ph.D.

  • 2015 Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratio: Evidence from Indian Companies
    by Nishant B. Labhane & Ramesh Chandra Das

  • 2015 Nonlinear Dividend Tax and the Dynamics of the Firm
    by Seppo Kari & Jussi Laitila

  • 2015 Stock price reaction to share repurchase announcements by banks in normal and crisis times
    by Jijun Niu

  • 2015 The Determinants of Corporate Dividend Policy in Pakistan
    by Aliya Bushra & Nawazish Mirza

  • 2015 A study on the factors affecting the adequacy, sustainability and security of retirement-income
    by Militaru Nicolae Daniel

  • 2015 Returns for Dividend-Paying and Non Dividend Paying Firms
    by Yufen Fu & George W. Blazenko

  • 2015 Idiosyncratic Risk and Earnings Noncommonality
    by Kenneth Yung & Qian Sun & Hamid Rahman

  • 2015 Optimal default and liquidation with tangible assets and debt renegotiation
    by Goto, Makoto & Suzuki, Teruyoshi

  • 2015 Do firms manipulate earnings before accelerated share repurchases?
    by Chiu, Yung-Chin & Liang, Woan-lih

  • 2015 Corporate precautionary savings: Evidence from the recent financial crisis
    by Sun, Zhenzhen & Wang, Yaping

  • 2015 Additional evidence on the frequency of share repurchases and managerial timing
    by De Ridder, Adri

  • 2015 Determinants of a firm's decision to utilize a dividend reinvestment plan and shareholder participation rates: Australian evidence
    by Abraham, Mathew & Marsden, Alastair & Poskitt, Russell

  • 2015 The value of corporate financial flexibility in emerging countries
    by Yung, Kenneth & Li, DeQing Diane & Jian, Yi

  • 2015 Why are aggregate equity payouts pro-cyclical?
    by Huang-Meier, Winifred & Freeman, Mark C. & Mazouz, Khelifa

  • 2015 Payout policy through the financial crisis: The growth of repurchases and the resilience of dividends
    by Floyd, Eric & Li, Nan & Skinner, Douglas J.

  • 2015 Wealth transfers via equity transactions
    by Sloan, Richard G. & You, Haifeng

  • 2015 Investment and CEO compensation under limited commitment
    by Ai, Hengjie & Li, Rui

  • 2015 Juicing the dividend yield: Mutual funds and the demand for dividends
    by Harris, Lawrence E. & Hartzmark, Samuel M. & Solomon, David H.

  • 2015 Technology spillovers and corporate cash holdings
    by Qiu, Jiaping & Wan, Chi

  • 2015 Corporate payout, cash retention, and the supply of credit: Evidence from the 2008–2009 credit crisis
    by Bliss, Barbara A. & Cheng, Yingmei & Denis, David J.

  • 2015 Capital allocation and delegation of decision-making authority within firms
    by Graham, John R. & Harvey, Campbell R. & Puri, Manju

  • 2015 Can managers time the market? Evidence using repurchase price data
    by Dittmar, Amy & Field, Laura Casares

  • 2015 Fund managers under pressure: Rationale and determinants of secondary buyouts
    by Arcot, Sridhar & Fluck, Zsuzsanna & Gaspar, José-Miguel & Hege, Ulrich

  • 2015 Dividends as a signaling device and the disappearing dividend puzzle
    by Shapiro, Dmitry & Zhuang, Anan

  • 2015 Takeover vulnerability and the credibility of signaling: The case of open-market share repurchases
    by Huang, Chia-Wei

  • 2015 Bank dividends and signaling to information-sensitive depositors
    by Forti, Cristiano & Schiozer, Rafael F.

  • 2015 Executive incentives and payout policy: Empirical evidence from Europe
    by De Cesari, Amedeo & Ozkan, Neslihan

  • 2015 The Lintner model revisited: Dividends versus total payouts
    by Andres, Christian & Doumet, Markus & Fernau, Erik & Theissen, Erik

  • 2015 The market valuation of share repurchases in Europe
    by Andriosopoulos, Dimitris & Lasfer, Meziane

  • 2015 Taxes, earnings payout, and payout channel choice
    by Geiler, Philipp & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2015 Global dividend payout patterns: The US and the rest of the world and the effect of financial crisis
    by Bildik, Recep & Fatemi, Ali & Fooladi, Iraj

  • 2015 Net payout return: An alternative to the traditional returns approach based on dividends and share repurchases
    by Brawn, Derek & Sevǐc, Aleksandar

  • 2015 Aggregate dividends and consumption smoothing
    by Huang-Meier, Winifred & Freeman, Mark C.

  • 2015 Geographic location, excess control rights, and cash holdings
    by Boubaker, Sabri & Derouiche, Imen & Lasfer, Meziane

  • 2015 Price adjustment method and ex-dividend day returns in a different institutional setting
    by Asimakopoulos, Panagiotis N. & Tsangarakis, Nickolaos V. & Tsiritakis, Emmanuel D.

  • 2015 Bond and stock market response to unexpected dividend changes
    by Tsai, Hui-Ju & Wu, Yangru

  • 2015 Quantile cointegration in the autoregressive distributed-lag modeling framework
    by Cho, Jin Seo & Kim, Tae-hwan & Shin, Yongcheol

  • 2015 Dividend changes and stock price informativeness
    by De Cesari, Amedeo & Huang-Meier, Winifred

  • 2015 Pay-out policies in founding family firms
    by Isakov, Dušan & Weisskopf, Jean-Philippe

  • 2015 Governance and Payout Precommitment
    by John, Kose & Knyazeva, Anzhela & Knyazeva, Diana

  • 2015 Institutional shareholding and information content of dividend surprises: Re-examining the dynamics in dividend-reappearance era
    by Amin, Abu S. & Dutta, Shantanu & Saadi, Samir & Vora, Premal P.

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