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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G3: Corporate Finance and Governance
/ / / G39: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 The Speed of Adjustment of Corporate Cash Holdings
    by K T Vigneswara Rao & Keyur Thaker

  • 2018 Public Policy For Financing Of Msmes In The South-East Zone Of The State Of Mexico Politica Publica Dirigida Al Financiamiento De Las Mipymes En La Zona Sur Oriente Del Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Pedro Abel Hernandez Garcia & Carolina Jazmin Martinez Ponce

  • 2017 On the determinants of speculation - a case for extended disclosures in corporate risk management
    by Hecht, Andreas

  • 2017 Shareholder Engagement on Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance
    by Barkó, Tamás & Cremers, M. & Renneboog, Luc

  • 2017 Corporate monitoring mechanism and corporate governance influence CEO compensation level: Evidence from non-financial firms of Pakistan
    by Anam Tasawar

  • 2017 The Fiscal Effectiveness of the Provision of Investment Incentives
    by Václav Vybíhal

  • 2017 Earnings Management to Avoid Losses and Earnings Declines in Croatia
    by Degiannakis, Stavros & Giannopoulos, George & Ibrahim, Salma & Rozic, Ivana

  • 2017 Account receivable management across Industrial sectors in Ghana; analyzing the economic effectiveness and efficiency
    by Tweneboah Senzu, Emmanuel & Ndebugri, Haruna

  • 2017 How the corporate governance mechanisms affect bank risk taking
    by Mamatzakis, Emmanuel & Zhang, Xiaoxiang & Wang, Chaoke

  • 2017 Do ownership structures really matter? A study of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
    by Nila Firdausi Nuzula & Chitra Sriyani De Silva Lokuwaduge

  • 2017 Family businesses and non-family equity: literature review and avenues for future research
    by Felix K. Thiele

  • 2017 New Capital Investment vs. M&A: Evidence from Russian Public Corporates
    by Sholomitskaya, Elena

  • 2017 Earnings Forecasts Errors In Prospectuses: Evidence From Initial Public Offerings On The Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Anna Wawryszuk-Misztal

  • 2017 Corporate Cash Holdings and Ambiguity Aversion
    by Wolfgang Breuer & Marc O. Rieger & K. Can Soypak

  • 2017 Catering Through Nominal Share Prices Revisited
    by Perez, M. Fabricio & Shkilko, Andriy

  • 2017 Acquisitions as Lotteries? The Selection of Target-Firm Risk and its Impact on Merger Outcomes
    by Schneider, Christoph & Spalt, Oliver

  • 2017 Mexico's industrial sector companies: A measurement of intellectual capital and its impact on financial performance
    by Eleazar Villegas González & Martín Aubert Hernández Calzada & Blanca Cecilia Salazar Hernández

  • 2017 Tradeoff on corporate cash holdings: a theoretical and empirical analysis
    by Hsuan-Chu Lin & She-Chih Chiu

  • 2017 The status and determinants of corporate governance disclosure: The case of the Gulf countries
    by Nermeen F. Shehata

  • 2017 Earnings management to exceed thresholds in continental and Anglo-Saxon accounting models: The British and French cases
    by Halaoua, Sameh & Hamdi, Badreddine & Mejri, Tarek

  • 2017 Do managers overreact to salient risks? Evidence from hurricane strikes
    by Dessaint, Olivier & Matray, Adrien

  • 2017 Option repricing, corporate governance, and the effect of shareholder empowerment
    by Gulen, Huseyin & O'Brien, William J.

  • 2017 The impact of firm prestige on executive compensation
    by Focke, Florens & Maug, Ernst & Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra

  • 2017 The impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on corporate innovation
    by Gu, Yuqi & Zhang, Ling

  • 2017 Why do firms engage in selective hedging? Evidence from the gold mining industry
    by Adam, Tim R. & Fernando, Chitru S. & Salas, Jesus M.

  • 2017 Effects of business diversification on asset risk-taking: Evidence from the U.S. property-liability insurance industry
    by Che, Xin & Liebenberg, Andre P.

  • 2017 Limited attention by lenders and small business debt financing: Advertising as attention grabber
    by Ding, Shujun & Jia, Chunxin & Wu, Zhenyu & Yuan, Wenlong

  • 2017 The effect of corporate governance on firm value and profitability: Time-series evidence from Turkey
    by Ararat, Melsa & Black, Bernard S. & Yurtoglu, B. Burcin

  • 2017 The real effects of sustainable & responsible investing?
    by Vanwalleghem, Dieter

  • 2017 Asymmetric foreign exchange cash flow exposure: A firm-level analysis
    by Krapl, Alain A.

  • 2017 Political money contributions of U.S. IPOs
    by Gounopoulos, Dimitrios & Kallias, Antonios & Kallias, Konstantinos & Tzeremes, Panayiotis G.

  • 2017 The financial determinants of corporate cash holdings in an oil rich country: Evidence from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    by Muncef Guizani

  • 2016 Financial impact of certifications to management system standards: Evidence from Tunisian listed companies
    by Omri imen

  • 2016 Overconfidence of Students and Managers - Comparative Analysis
    by El?bieta Wro?ska-Bukalska

  • 2016 Stock Returns and Leverage: Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2000-2015
    by Edward Bace

  • 2016 Cost of Capital, Returns and Leverage: Empirical Analysis of S&P 500
    by Edward Bace

  • 2016 Monitoring Venture Capital Investments through Internal Control Prediction Markets
    by Werner, Max & Vianelli, Andrea & Bodek, Mariusz C.

  • 2016 Corwin-Schultz bid-ask spread estimator in the Brazilian stock market
    by Ripamonti, Alexandre

  • 2016 Empirical study on the effect of the return on investment on budgetary slacks in investment expenditures
    by Cadoret, Jeremy

  • 2016 Political connections and IPO underpricing: An efficiency problem
    by Gounopoulos, Dimitrios & Kallias, Konstantinos & Newton, David & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2016 Concerns Related to the Internationalisation of State-Owned Enterprises: Perspectives from regulators, government owners and the broader business community
    by Sara Sultan Balbuena

  • 2016 Board expertise, networked boards and environmental performance
    by Aurelie Cecile Dominique Slechten & Swarnodeep Homroy

  • 2016 Blockchains, Real-Time Accounting and the Future of Credit Risk Modeling
    by Byström, Hans

  • 2016 Banking Consolidation and Small Firm Financing for Research and Development
    by Andrew C. Chang

  • 2016 Export Behavior and Board Independence in Colombian Family Firms: The Reverse Causality Relationship
    by Hernan Herrera-Echeverri & Jose Galli Geleilate & Sandra Gaitan-Riaño & Jerry Haar & Nidia Soto-Echeverry

  • 2016 La utilidad del excedente para el análisis de la información financiera en las sociedades cooperativas
    by María José Cabaleiro Casal & Carlos Iglesias Malvido

  • 2016 El deber de lealtad y sus concreciones en la legislación cooperativa
    by Itziar Villafañez Pérez

  • 2016 Influence Of Financing By Factoring On Company’S Liquidity In Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Emira Kozarevic & Mirela Hodzic

  • 2016 A review of the IFRS adoption literature
    by Emmanuel T. De George & Xi Li & Lakshmanan Shivakumar

  • 2016 The Impact of CSR on Chinese Economic Development
    by Maohua Li & Zoltán Zéman & Jing Li

  • 2016 Who can better monitor a bank than another bank? Mechanisms of discipline in the Mexican interbank market ||¿Quién mejor que un banco para monitorear otro banco? Mecanismos de disciplina en el mercado interbancario mexicano
    by Tovar-García, Edgar Demetrio

  • 2016 Financing Research and Development Activities in the Construction Materials Industry. Comparative Study
    by Mircea-Iosif Rus

  • 2016 The Usefulness of Financial Statements in Making Financial Diagnosis
    by Mitica Pepi

  • 2016 Pharmaceutical patents valuation through real options: Certainty equivalents and utility function
    by Julián Pareja Vasseur & Carolina Cadavid Pérez

  • 2016 Determinants of Return on Equity for a Sustainable Growth of the Manufacturing Industry in the Czech Republic
    by Daniel Anarfi & Kofi Ampadu Boateng & Kwabena Adu-Ababio

  • 2016 Still on board configuration: SEC recommendations and the efficiency of adhering firms in Nigeria
    by Bello Lawal

  • 2016 The Determinants of Cash Holdings among Colombian Firms
    by David Yepes & Diego Restrepo-Tobón

  • 2016 Terrorism Financing. The Socio-Economic and Political Implications of Boko Haram Insurgency in Lake Chad Basin
    by Akepe Linus Enobi & Samuel F. Johnson-Rokosu

  • 2016 Assessment of corporate governance disclosure in the GCC countries using the UNCTAD ISAR benchmark
    by Nermeen F. Shehata

  • 2016 Credit Risk Factors During The Asian And Global Financial Crises
    by Hsiu-Yun Chang

  • 2016 System of Financial Security as a Tool of Financial Market Participant
    by Roman Snishhenko

  • 2016 Does geography matter in a geographically small and culturally homogeneous country? Firm location and corporate credit risk
    by Chen, Tsung-Kang

  • 2016 Underwriter networks, investor attention, and initial public offerings
    by Bajo, Emanuele & Chemmanur, Thomas J. & Simonyan, Karen & Tehranian, Hassan

  • 2016 The causal effect of option pay on corporate risk management
    by Bakke, Tor-Erik & Mahmudi, Hamed & Fernando, Chitru S. & Salas, Jesus M.

  • 2016 The bright side of managerial over-optimism
    by Hilary, Gilles & Hsu, Charles & Segal, Benjamin & Wang, Rencheng

  • 2016 Directors’ duties of care and the value of auditing
    by Banerjee, Suman & Humphery-Jenner, Mark

  • 2016 How do independent directors view powerful CEOs? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment
    by Jiraporn, Pornsit & Jumreornvong, Seksak & Jiraporn, Napatsorn & Singh, Simran

  • 2016 Executives' horizon, internal governance and stock market liquidity
    by Jain, Pawan & Jiang, Christine & Mekhaimer, Mohamed

  • 2016 Media-expressed negative tone and firm-level stock returns
    by Ahmad, Khurshid & Han, JingGuang & Hutson, Elaine & Kearney, Colm & Liu, Sha

  • 2016 The Performance Analysis of Saud Bahwan Group, Oman: An Empirical Study
    by Md Shabbir Alam & Naushad Alam & Md Abdul Imran Khan

  • 2016 L'hétérogénéité des administrateurs des entreprises cotées en France:influence de la complexité de la firme et de la latitude managériale et conséquences sur la performance financière - Director heterogeneity of French listed firms:influence of firm's complexity and managerial latitude and consequences on financial performance
    by Jérôme Maati & Christine Maati-Sauvez

  • 2016 L’impact sur les marchés financiers européens de la diffusion d’alertes sociétales et de leurs évènements déclencheurs
    by Pierre Chollet & Blaise W. Sandwidi

  • 2016 Exposure to interbank market and risk-taking by Mexican banks
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

  • 2016 Relación entre la gestión del capital de trabajo y la rentabilidad en la industria de distribución de químicos en Colombia
    by Sebastián Jaramillo Aguirre

  • 2016 Study On The Performance Of Romanian Companies Listed On Bucharest Stock Exchange Using A General Diagnosis Model
    by STEFAN Iulia-Oana

  • 2016 Teorijsko - Empirijska Razmatranja Determinanti Salda Gotovine U Multinacionalnoj Kompaniji
    by Nermina Pobrić

  • 2015 Risikoorientierte Kundenbewertung: Eine Fallstudie
    by Hock, Thorsten

  • 2015 State And Perspectives Of Enterprise Risk Management System Development- The Case Of Croatian Companies
    by Danijela Milos Sprcic & Antonija Ko?ul & Ena Pecina

  • 2015 Mode of Islamic Bank Financing: Does Effectiveness of Shariah Supervisory Board Matter?
    by Waemustafa, Waeibrorheem & Abdullah, Azrul

  • 2015 Stocktaking of Anti-Corruption and Business Integrity Measures for Southern African SOEs
    by Mary Crane-Charef

  • 2015 The Value of Political Ties versus Market Credibility: Evidence from Corporate Scandals in China
    by T.J. Wong & Mingyi Hung & Fang Zhang

  • 2015 The Value of Corporate Citizenship: Protection
    by Dylan Minor

  • 2015 The Causal Effect of Option Pay on Corporate Risk Management
    by Bakke, Tor-Erik & Mahmudi, Hamed & Fernando, Chitru S. & Salas, Jesus M.

  • 2015 Why Do Firms Engage in Selective Hedging? Evidence from the Gold Mining Industry
    by Adam, Tim R. & Fernando, Chitru S. & Salas, Jesus M.

  • 2015 Effet des changements de dirigeant sur la performance RSE des entreprises cotées.Le cas français (1999-2011). Does CEOs' turnover influence CSP of listed French firms in the stock exchange?
    by Yohan Bernard & Laurence Godard & Mohamed Zouaoui

  • 2015 Wpływ nadzoru korporacyjnego na transparentność polityki wynagradzania kadry kierowniczej w bankach w Polsce
    by Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska & Piotr Urbanek

  • 2015 Working Capital Management as a routine: An action based access to the topic
    by Petra Kroflin & Norbert Kratz

  • 2015 The Modernization Of The Budget Process Of Romania: Gaps And The Need Of The Efficient Management Of The Budget
    by Mariana IAGAR

  • 2015 It Pays to Be an Executive in Malaysia
    by Zahiruddin Ghazali & Fauziah Md. Taib

  • 2015 Using Options Pricing Theory To Value Safety & Ergonomics Projects: A Case Study
    by Luke Miller & Jennifer W. Kelber

  • 2015 Governance Changes For Firms Added To The S&P 500
    by Xin Li & Tih Koon Tan

  • 2015 Earnings Management in Auto Sector Enterprises in India: The Corporate Governance Review
    by Sandeep Goel

  • 2015 Dynamics of CEO compensation: Old is gold
    by Adhikari, Hari P. & Bulmash, Samuel B. & Krolikowski, Marcin W. & Sah, Nilesh B.

  • 2015 Social learning and corporate peer effects
    by Kaustia, Markku & Rantala, Ville

  • 2015 Costs and benefits of friendly boards during mergers and acquisitions
    by Schmidt, Breno

  • 2015 When firms talk, do investors listen? The role of trust in stock market reactions to corporate earnings announcements
    by Pevzner, Mikhail & Xie, Fei & Xin, Xiangang

  • 2015 Housing price growth and the cost of equity capital
    by Ding, Xiaoya (Sara) & Ni, Yang & Rahman, Abdul & Saadi, Samir

  • 2015 Corporate social responsibility and social capital
    by Jha, Anand & Cox, James

  • 2015 Bank holding company performance, risk, and “busy” board of directors
    by Elyasiani, Elyas & Zhang, Ling

  • 2015 Managerial overconfidence and corporate risk management
    by Adam, Tim R. & Fernando, Chitru S. & Golubeva, Evgenia

  • 2015 CEO entrenchment and corporate liquidity management
    by Elyasiani, Elyas & Zhang, Ling

  • 2015 Does corporate governance influence corporate risk-taking? Evidence from the Institutional Shareholders Services (ISS)
    by Jiraporn, Pornsit & Chatjuthamard, Pattanaporn & Tong, Shenghui & Kim, Young Sang

  • 2015 Value and risk dynamics over the innovation cycle
    by Dockner, Engelbert J. & Siyahhan, Baran

  • 2015 The effects of stock liquidity on firm value and corporate governance: Endogeneity and the REIT experiment
    by Cheung, William Mingyan & Chung, Richard & Fung, Scott

  • 2015 Mind the gap: The age dissimilarity between the chair and the CEO
    by Goergen, Marc & Limbach, Peter & Scholz, Meik

  • 2015 The public corporation as an intermediary between “Main Street” and “Wall Street”
    by Rao, Ramesh K.S.

  • 2015 Institutional trading during a wave of corporate scandals: “Perfect Payday”?
    by Bernile, Gennaro & Sulaeman, Johan & Wang, Qin

  • 2015 Valuing diversity: CEOs' career experiences and corporate investment
    by Hu, Conghui & Liu, Yu-Jane

  • 2015 La Finance Islamique, Des Fondements Au Système
    by Fatima Zahra ALIOUI & Zeyneb GUELLIL & Soufyane BADRAOUI

  • 2015 Study Regarding The Analysis Of The Financial Situation Of The Societies From The Pharmaceutical Industry In Terms Of The Correlation Between The Liquidity And The Profitability
    by MINCULETE (PIKO) Georgiana Daniela & BALTES Nicolae & DRAGOE Alexandra-Gabriela-Maria

  • 2015 Trade credit and risk of insolvency
    by Galya Taseva-Petkova

  • 2015 The Financial Performance of the Companies Approached from the Perspective of Commercial Banks
    by Mirela SICHIGEA (GANEA)

  • 2014 The Impact of Working Capital Management on Firm Profitability and Fixed Investment in Pakistan
    by Ali, Madiha & Ali, Syed Babar

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Book Review: Islamic Finance: Issues in Ṣukūk and Proposals for Reform
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Methods for Multicountry Studies of Coporate Governance: Evidence from the BRIKT Countries
    by Black, Bernard & De Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Khanna, Vikramaditya & Kim, Woochan & Yurtoglu, Burcin

  • 2014 An Analysis of Omitted Shareholder Proposals
    by Foley, Maggie & Cebula, Richard & Boylan, Robert

  • 2014 SPACs with focus on China
    by Shachmurove, Yochanan & Vulanovic, Milos

  • 2014 Exploring Potential Data Sources for Estimating Private Climate Finance
    by Randy Caruso & Raphaël Jachnik

  • 2014 State-owned Enterprises in Southern Africa: A Stocktaking of Reforms and Challenges
    by Sara Sultan Balbuena

  • 2014 Performance Effects of Appointing Other Firms' Executive Directors to Corporate Boards: An Analysis of UK Firms
    by Muravyev, Alexander & Talavera, Oleksandr & Weir, Charlie

  • 2014 Do Managers Overreact to Salient Risks? Evidence from Hurricane Strikes
    by Dessaint , Olivier & Matray , Adrien

  • 2014 De la nécessité d’une vision partenariale en gouvernance de l’entreprise:une note
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2014 Public pressure and corporate tax behaviour
    by Scott D Dyreng & Jeffrey L Hoopes & Jaron H Wilde

  • 2014 An Adjusted Dupont Model For Enterprise Performance Evaluation

  • 2014 Estimación alternativa de una prima de seguro de gastos médicos mayores bajo el contexto de las opciones financieras / Alternative estimation of major medical expensive prime in the financial options context
    by Hermosillo Ramírez, Fernando Gamaliel & Sierra Juárez, Guillermo

  • 2014 Dividends And Earnings Quality In Poland
    by Mieczys³aw Kowerski

  • 2014 The Role Of Culture In Accounting In The Light Of Hofstede’S, Gray’S And Schwartz’S Cultural Dimensions Theories – A Literature Review
    by Katarzyna Koleœnik

  • 2014 The Role Of Debt Capital In Corporate Financing – Overview Of Selected Surveys
    by Katarzyna Czapiñska

  • 2014 Debt Collection Prevention Management Of Receivables/Debts In A Company
    by Dariusz Stach

  • 2014 Asset Valuation Standards: A Functional-Institutional Approach
    by Tomáš Krabec

  • 2014 Financial Management of Sports Clubs in the Czech Republic
    by Marek Pavlík

  • 2014 Green Banking In Romania
    by Dumitrascu Mihaela & Feleagã Liliana & Feleagã Niculae

  • 2014 The Conceptual Foundations, Principles And Criteria For Stability Of Banks In The Context Of Their Financial Security
    by Dina MĂRGINEANU

  • 2014 Financial Solvency of Russian Regions in 2005-2011: Experience of Classification Analysis
    by Blagoveschensky, Yu. & Vinukov, I.

  • 2014 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megyei KKV-k aktuális hitellehetőségei és preferenciái - egy kérdőíves kutatás eredményei
    by Zsolt Zsombori

  • 2014 Una gestión activa de los intangibles empresariales y su incidencia en los resultados financieros de un modo sostenible /Management of Firms' Intangibles and Their Impact on Sustainable Financial Performance

  • 2014 The Significance of 18 Weeks in Internet Business Reporting Research (IBR): A New Dimension in Data Collection Procedures
    by Siti Rosmaini Binti Mohd Hanafi & Mohd Ariff Bin Kasim

  • 2014 Theoretical Aspects of Development of Socially Responsible Investing in Ukraine
    by Alla Ivashchenko

  • 2014 The Volatility of Market Risk In Viet Nam Listed Public Utilities Company Groups during and after the Financial Crisis 2007-2009
    by Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy

  • 2014 Mutual funds’ holdings and listed firms’ earnings management: Evidence from China
    by Chi, Jing & Yang, Jingjing & Young, Martin

  • 2014 Investment performance of “environmentally-friendly” firms and their initial public offers and seasoned equity offers
    by Chan, Pak To & Walter, Terry

  • 2014 The evolution of corporate governance in Brazil
    by Black, Bernard S. & de Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Sampaio, Joelson Oliveira

  • 2014 Methods for multicountry studies of corporate governance: Evidence from the BRIKT countries
    by Black, Bernard & de Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Khanna, Vikramaditya & Kim, Woochan & Yurtoglu, Burcin

  • 2014 The value of firms' voluntary commitment to improve transparency: The case of special segments on Euronext
    by Kim, Abby

  • 2014 Renewable Energy Support Mechanism in Turkey: Financial Analysis and Recommendations to Policymakers
    by Mustafa Gözen

  • 2014 Valoración de opciones reales a través de equivalentes de certeza
    by Cecilia Maya Ochoa & Julián Pareja Vasseur

  • 2014 The Analysis Of The Correlation Between Financialautonomy And Financial Equilibrium Of Thepharmaceutical Companies Listed On The Buchareststock Exchange
    by Georgiana Daniela Minculete (Piko) & Nicolae Baltes & Maria Daciana Rodean (Cozma)

  • 2014 Impact Of Cyclical Evolution On Budget Balance- Romania’S Case
    by Alexandru Avram & Veronel Avram & Roxana Adriana Hetes-Gavra

  • 2013 Business Cooperatives as a social response to unemployment
    by Arvind Ashta

  • 2013 What we have learnt from financial econometrics modeling?
    by Dhaoui, Elwardi

  • 2013 Intraday analysis of the limit order bias at the ex-dividend day of U.S. common stocks
    by Efthymiou, Vassilis A. & Leledakis, George N.

  • 2013 Usefulness of Executive Development Programs to Corporate Executives
    by Raval, Vishvesh & Vyas, Khyati & Raval, Brahmaghosh

  • 2013 Portfolio Management and Disposition Effect Empirical Evidence From Pakistan
    by Muhammad Wajid, Raza

  • 2013 Do Managers Do Good with Other People's Money?
    by Ing-Haw Cheng & Harrison Hong & Kelly Shue

  • 2013 Innovation and the Financial Guillotine
    by Ramana Nanda & Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

  • 2013 Do Entrepreneurs Matter?
    by Becker, Sascha O. & Hvide, Hans K.

  • 2013 Bank Holding Company Performance, Risk and "Busy" Board of Directors
    by Elyasiani, Elyas & Zhang, Ling

  • 2013 Do entrepreneurs matter?
    by Becker, Sascha O. & Hvide, Hans K

  • 2013 EVA Performance Measurement is Faulty: So You May Be Persuaded to Switch to a Robust OEVA-TEVA Alternative
    by Rauf Ibragimov, Ignacio Velez-Pareja, Joseph Tham & Ignacio Vélez-Pareja & Joseph Tham

  • 2013 Mejora de la Medición del Desempeño con el VEA (EVA) Operativo Y Total (Sharpening Performance Measurement with the Operating and Total EVA)
    by Rauf Ibragimov, Ignacio Velez-Pareja, Joseph Tham & Ignacio Vélez-Pareja & Joseph Tham

  • 2013 Do Entrepreneurs Matter?
    by Sascha Becker & Hans K. Hvide

  • 2013 Cómo responden a la crisis económica actual las sociedades cooperativas agrarias. El caso de las almazaras cooperativas andaluzas
    by Carmen Ruiz Jiménez & Elia García Martí & María Jesús Hernández Ortiz

  • 2013 ¿Son las cooperativas más favorables a la presencia de mujeres en los consejos que otras entidades?
    by María Luisa Esteban Salvador

  • 2013 Optimizing of the Capital Structure of the Concrete Enterprise and Branch Standards
    by Milan Hrdý

  • 2013 Operationalizing a Behavioral Finance Risk Model: A Theoretical and Empirical Framework
    by Rassoul Yazdipour & William P. Neace

  • 2013 Corporate Governance Codes Of Best Practice Of Top Romanian Banks
    by Pirtea Marilen & Nicolescu Ana-Cristina

  • 2013 Mitigating the Impact of Managerial Anchoring: The Case for Management by Committee for Major Corporate Financial Decisions
    by Prasad Padmanabhan & Wenqing Zhang & Chia-Hsing Huang

  • 2013 Time Evolution Analysis And Forecast Of Key Performance Indicators In A Balanced Scorecard
    by Bernard Morard & Alexandru Stancu & Christophe Jeannette

  • 2013 State Finance Statistics and its Harmonization with International Standards
    by Lyudmyla Momotyuk

  • 2013 Combined use of foreign debt and currency derivatives under the threat of currency crises: The case of Latin American firms
    by Gatopoulos, Georgios & Loubergé, Henri

  • 2013 Ownership change, institutional development and performance
    by Knyazeva, Anzhela & Knyazeva, Diana & Stiglitz, Joseph E.

  • 2013 Overseas listing as a policy tool: Evidence from China’s H-shares
    by Sun, Qian & Tong, Wilson H.S. & Wu, Yujun

  • 2013 Sustainable finance: A new paradigm
    by Fatemi, Ali M. & Fooladi, Iraj J.

  • 2013 The effect of corporate governance on CEO luck: Evidence from the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)
    by Chintrakarn, Pandej & Jiraporn, Pornsit & Kim, J.C.

  • 2013 The issuance of callable bonds under information asymmetry
    by Choi, Seungmook & Jameson, Mel & Jung, Mookwon

  • 2013 The value of “boutique” financial advisors in mergers and acquisitions
    by Song, Weihong & Wei, Jie (Diana) & Zhou, Lei

  • 2013 The Disciplining Effect of the Internal Control Provisions of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act on the Governance Structures of Firms
    by Goh, Beng Wee & Li, Dan

  • 2013 The future of corporate governance in knowledge-dispersed companies
    by Martin Krause

    by Adina APÃTÃCHIOAE

  • 2013 Methods of optimizing corporate governance performance
    by Mihai C. SAVIN

  • 2013 Film Production Financing In Romania (The National Cinema Centre)

  • 2013 Financing with Receivables: Factoring, Securitization and Collateral
    by Ioana Benea & Florin Duma

  • 2012 Determinants of capital structuring: an empirical study of growth and financing behavior of firms of textile sector in Pakistan
    by Chhapra, Imran Umer & Asim, Muhammad

  • 2012 Rolul întreprinderilor publice în dezvoltarea economică a statelor din centrul și estul Europei
    by Zaharioaie, Marina

  • 2012 Financial Constraints on Corporate Goodness
    by Harrison Hong & Jeffrey D. Kubik & Jose A. Scheinkman

  • 2012 CEO letters of securities brokerage firms in times of financial market distress
    by Gina PONCINI & Lorene HIRIS

  • 2012 Why Do Firms Engage in Selective Hedging?
    by Tim R. Adam & Chitru S. Fernando & Jesus M. Salas

  • 2012 Managerial Overconfidence and Corporate Risk Management
    by Tim R. Adam & Chitru S. Fernando & Evgenia Golubeva

  • 2012 Does Corporate Governance Determine Corporate Performance and Dividends during Financial Crisis: Evidence from Poland
    by Kowalewski, Oskar

  • 2012 Value Added to Invested Capital (VAIC): New Financial Performance Metric and Valuation Tool
    by Rauf Ibragimov & Ignacio Velez Pareja & Jospeh Tham

  • 2012 The New Role Of The Going Concern Concept In Corporate Finance Management

  • 2012 Corporate Governance for the Southeast Europe Banks
    by Spãtariu Elena Cerasela & Epure Dãnuþ Tiberius & Carataº Maria Alina

  • 2012 The Sound Of Corporate Governance

  • 2012 Australian evidence on CEO option grants
    by Jean Canil & Bruce Rosser

  • 2012 The Relationship Between Structural Equation Modeling And Balanced Scorecard: Evidence From A Swiss Non Profit Organization
    by Bernard Morard & Alexandru Stancu & Christophe Jeannette

  • 2012 Active risk management and loan contract terms: Evidence from rated microfinance institutions
    by Tchakoute-Tchuigoua, Hubert

  • 2012 Acquisition valuations of withdrawn IPOs: When IPO plans turn into mergers
    by Lian, Qin & Wang, Qiming

  • 2012 Cross-country analysis of secular cash trends
    by Iskandar-Datta, Mai E. & Jia, Yonghong

  • 2012 Going overboard? On busy directors and firm value
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