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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M2: Business Economics
/ / / M21: Business Economics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Business value created by management accounting
    by Daraban, Marius Costin

  • 2018 When labor representatives join supervisory boards: empirical evidence of the relationship between the change to parity codetermination and working capital and operating cash flows
    by Kerstin Lopatta & Katarina Böttcher & Reemda Jaeschke

  • 2018 Entrepreneurial orientation, risk and incentives: the case of franchising
    by Cintya Lanchimba & Josef Windsperger & Muriel Fadairo

  • 2017 Zukunftsperspektiven für den Lebensmittel – Discountvertrieb Vierter Teil einer Tetralogie
    by Rose, Karl

  • 2017 Paradigmenwechsel der Discount – Vertriebsformen im Lebensmittel – Einzelhandel Dritter Teil einer Tetralogie
    by Rose, Karl

  • 2017 The Euro from a business perspective
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2017 Business takeovers and firm growth: Empirical evidence from a German panel
    by Habermann, Harald

  • 2017 Collaborative networks and export intensity in family firms: a quantile regression approach
    by Raúl Serrano & Isabel Acero-Fraile & Natalia Dejo-Oricain

  • 2017 La gestione finanziaria nelle imprese di costruzioni.Riflessioni da un’analisi empirica
    by Enrico Bracci & Roberto Crepaldi & Anna-Rita Ragazzi

  • 2017 The Pay-What-You-Want Game: What can be learned from the experimental evidence on Dictator and Trust Games?
    by Matthias Greiff & Henrik Egbert

  • 2017 The impact of Multinational Enterprises on Public Governance Institutions in Areas of Limited Statehood
    by Dirk Hanekom & John M. Luiz

  • 2017 End of 9-Endings, Price Recall, and Price Perceptions
    by Avichai Snir & Daniel Levy & Haipeng (Allan) Chen

  • 2017 Country of origin effect and perception of Romanian consumers
    by Clipa, Cătălin-Ioan & Danilet, Magdalena & Clipa, Anca-Maria

    by Ulza, Emaridial & Semenovna, Selevich Tatyana & Wijiharjono, Nuryadi & Zulpahmi, Zulpahmi & Zamzany, Faizal Ridwan

  • 2017 Religi, budaya dan ekonomi kreatif: Prospek dan pengembangan pariwisata halal di Cirebon
    by Jaelani, Aan & Setyawan, Edy & Hasyim, Nursyamsudin

  • 2017 Innovation and performance. An analysis on European and Romanian companies
    by Cadar, Otilia & Badulescu, Daniel

  • 2017 The Gift and Pay-What-You-Want Pricing
    by Egbert, Henrik

  • 2017 Freemium as Optimal Menu Pricing
    by Sato, Susumu

  • 2017 Why Do Firms Sell Out? Separating Targets’ Motives from Bidders’ Selection of Targets in M&A
    by Zha Giedt, Jenny

  • 2017 Qual a importância da Auditoria Operacional nas PME Portuguesas?
    by Meira, Liliana & Peixoto, Joao Paulo

  • 2017 Маркетинг Взаимоотношений С Поставщиками На Промышленном Рынке И Его Особенности
    by Mukhina, Alena

  • 2017 Особенности Продажи Товаров На Одностраничных Сайтах
    by Miller, Galina

  • 2017 Маркетинговые Преимущества Продвижения Товаров При Помощи Технологии «Гивэвей»
    by Koshcheeva, Angelina

  • 2017 Defining PPP Opportunities in the Road Sector of Ukraine
    by Cherevykov, Yevhen

  • 2017 Электронная Коммерция: Аутсорсинг В Электронном Бизнесе
    by Griaznova, Natalya

  • 2017 End of 9-Endings, Price Recall, and Price Perceptions
    by Snir, Avichai & Levy, Daniel & Chen, Haipeng (Allan)

  • 2017 Multi-product and Multi-region Marketing
    by Widodo, Tri

  • 2017 Bank Loan Loss Provisions Research: A Review
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 Determinants of small business survival: The impacts of capital intensity and the collateral value of fixed assets
    by Guimarães Barbosa, Evaldo

  • 2017 Financial sustainability for private higher education institutions
    by Zanna Cernostana

  • 2017 Gender Roles in Marketing Communications in Real Estate Markets
    by Beata Zatwarnicka-Madura

  • 2017 Innovation as an immanent attribute of an agile enterprise
    by Agnieszka Rzepka & Andrzej J. Olak

  • 2017 Modeling With @Risk:A Tutorial Guide
    by Josiah Ringelberg & Andrew Johnson & Michael Boehlje & Michael Gunderson & Nathan Daninger

  • 2017 The Effect of Financial Ratios on the Stock Price Development
    by Tomáš Pražák & Daniel Stavárek

  • 2017 Blockbuster or Niche? Competitive Strategy under Network Effects
    by Yinbo Feng & Ming Hu

  • 2017 On the Economics of Audit Partner Tenure and Rotation: Evidence from PCAOB Data
    by Brandon Gipper & Luzi Hail & Christian Leuz

  • 2017 Advertising Spending and Media Bias: Evidence from News Coverage of Car Safety Recalls
    by Graham Beattie & Ruben Durante & Brian Knight & Ananya Sen

  • 2017 University Management Practices and Academic Spin-offs
    by Mario BENASSI & Matteo LANDONI & Francesco RENTOCCHINI

  • 2017 The attention of a society towards corporate brand name and its determinants within the information-rich economy
    by Jaroslav Bukovina

  • 2017 A critical review of entrepreneurial ecosystems research: towards a future research agenda
    by Borissenko, Janna & Boschma, Ron

  • 2017 External and Internal Factors Influence to the Return on Equity and Risk Investment in Jakarta Islamic Index (JII)
    by Diana Dwi Astuti

  • 2017 The Government Policies Effect on Initiation and Implementation of the Project: A Conceptual Model
    by Fitria Astuti Firman

  • 2017 Business Model in Islamic Perspective: Practising of Baitul Maal Wattamwil (BMT) UGT Sidogiri East Java Indonesia
    by Achsania Hendratmi

  • 2017 The Competitiveness Creation Strategy of Islamic Banking
    by Laila Refiana Said

  • 2017 Earnings Management: An Advantage or Disadvantage?
    by Paulina Sutrisno

  • 2017 A Critical Analysis of Startup Business in Indonesia by Means of Mato-Based Profit Sharing Accounting
    by Hanif

  • 2017 Franchisors'choice between royalties and fixed fees evidence from Brazil
    by Eugênio José Silva Bitti & Cintya Lanchimba & Muriel Fadairo

  • 2017 Updating the Long Term Rate in Time: A Possible Approach
    by Diana Zigraiova & Petr Jakubik

  • 2017 The Merit Order Effect of Czech Photovoltaic Plants
    by Petra Lunackova & Karel Janda & Jan Prusa

  • 2017 The merit order effect of Czech renewable energy
    by Petra Lunackova & Jan Prusa & Karel Janda

  • 2017 Disapproval Aversion or Inflated Inequity Acceptance? The Impact of Expressing Emotions in Ultimatum Bargaining
    by Josie I Chen & Kenju Kamei

  • 2017 A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision-Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial
    by Camuffo, Arnaldo & Cordova, Alessandro & Gambardella, Alfonso

  • 2017 To Bribe or not to Bribe? Corruption Uncertainty and Corporate Practices
    by Jan Hanousek & Anastasiya Shamshur & Jiri Tresl

  • 2017 Firm Efficiency, Foreign Ownership and CEO Gender in Corrupt Environments
    by Jan Hanousek & Anastasiya Shamshur & Jiri Tresl

  • 2017 Equity Crowdfunding and Early Stage Entrepreneurial Finance: Damaging or Disruptive?
    by Saul Estrin & Daniel Gozman & Susanna Khavul

  • 2017 Pirate’s Treasure
    by Jenny X. Lin & William Lincoln

  • 2017 Universities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Africa – Conference Proceedings 2016

  • 2017 End of 9-Endings, Price Recall, and Price Perceptions
    by Snir, Avichai & Levy, Daniel & Chen, Haipeng

  • 2017 Changing the philosophy of organization management in the times of e-economy
    by Bieńkowska Jolanta & Sikorski Czesław

  • 2017 External Knowledge Sourcing and Innovation Processes in Modern Economic Environment
    by Roszkowska Dorota

  • 2017 Macroeconomic Dimensions in the Clusterization Processes: Lithuanian Biomass Cluster Case
    by Navickas Valentinas & Svazas Mantas

  • 2017 Analysis of Differences in the Motivation of the Owner-Managers and Hired Managers of Regional Enterprises
    by Anna Mukhacheva & Artem Sokolov

  • 2017 The influence of the trade-off between profitability and future increases in sales on cost stickiness
    by Josep Mª Argilés-Bosch & Josep García-Blandón & Diego Ravenda & Maika M. Valencia-Silva & Antonio D. Somoza

  • 2017 Participación en redes organizacionales y uso de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación, un estudio de su impacto en los resultados de la cooperativas de enseñanza de la comunidad valenciana
    by Vanessa Campos Climent & Cristina Navarro Babiera

  • 2017 Economic trends of business actors on daily newspaper market: case of the Slovak Republic
    by Marcel Lincényi & Michal Fabuš

  • 2017 Tackling projects on sustainability: a Lithuanian case study
    by Nomeda DobrovolskienÄ— & Manuela TvaronaviÄ ienÄ— & Rima TamoÅ¡iÅ«nienÄ—

  • 2017 Determinants of innovativeness in SMEs: disentangling core innovation and technology adoption capabilities
    by Juan A. Martínez-Román & Isidoro Romero

  • 2017 A co-utility approach to the mesh economy: the crowd-based business model
    by Abeba Nigussie Turi & Josep Domingo-Ferrer & David Sánchez & Dritan Osmani

  • 2017 Prior education and entrepreneurial intentions: the differential impact of a wide range of fields of study
    by Aurora A. C. Teixeira & Rosa Portela Forte

  • 2017 Balancing difficulty of performance targets: theory and evidence
    by Michal Matějka & Korok Ray

  • 2017 The changing relevance of accounting information to debt holders over time
    by Dan Givoly & Carla Hayn & Sharon Katz

  • 2017 Strategic risk in supply chain contract design
    by Abdolkarim Sadrieh & Guido Voigt

  • 2017 How do governance factors affect inefficiency? Stochastic frontier analysis of public utility firms in Japan
    by Fumitoshi Mizutani & Eri Nakamura

  • 2017 Discourses of leadership change or changes of leadership discourse?
    by Cornelia ILIE

  • 2017 Koncepcja sieci w badaniach zrównoważonego rozwoju agrobiznesu
    by Joanna Wiśniewska-Paluszak

  • 2017 Orientation of Public Policy by Highlighting the Relationship between Economic Development, Education and Eco-Innovation in EU Countries
    by Florin VADUVA & Rodica GHERGHINA & Ioana DUCA

  • 2017 The Size of Farms in the European Union - a Challenge to their Management
    by David-Nicolae CRECANÃ

  • 2017 Strategic Vectors of the Development of the State Support of Youth Entrepreneurship in Russia
    by Golovina, Tatyana A. & Merkulov, Pavel A. & Polyanin, Andrei V.

  • 2017 Financial Indicators As Predictors Of Illiquidity
    by Dejan JOVANOVIĆ & Mirjana TODOROVIĆ & Milka GRBIĆ

  • 2017 Paralel And Multilayer Economic Dualities: An Example From Hungary
    by Juhasz, Peter & Reszegi, Laszlo

  • 2017 Restructuring Companies Under Crisis A Real Case Study
    by SHAYB, Hezi Aviram

  • 2017 A Comparison of TOPSIS and ELECTRE Methods: An Application on the Factoring Industry
    by Alper, Değer & Başdar, Canan

  • 2017 Charakteristiky insolvenčních řízení společností s virtuálními sídly
    by Luboš Smrčka & Dagmar Čámská & Markéta Arltová & Jan Plaček

  • 2017 Dopady vlastnické struktury, firemních charakteristik a krize na efektivitu českých podniků
    by Jan Hanousek & Evžen Kočenda

  • 2017 Impact of financial crisis on ROA differences among industries of the Czech economy
    by Ladislav Šiška

  • 2017 Hidden Champions in Spain: The Path to Successful Business Decisions || Hidden Champions en España: el camino hacia la toma de decisiones empresariales de éxito
    by Perea Muñoz, Eva & Ripoll-i-Alcon, Joan & Berlanga Silvente, Vanesa

  • 2017 Negative Effects of Bureaucracy in Accounting
    by Sintea (Anghel) Lucica

  • 2017 Quality Management in E-Commerce
    by Stanciu Anca Cristina & Condrea Elena & Zamfir Cristina

  • 2017 Strategic Leadership
    by Mohammad Jaradat & Al-Rabie Mashhour

  • 2017 Analyzing the Concentration of Overnight Stays in Constanta City, over the Period 2010-2016
    by Jugănaru Mariana & Jugănaru Ion Dănut & Aivaz Kamer Ainur

  • 2017 Analyzing Seasonality and Forecasting the Number of Tourists’ Overnight Stays in Constanta Municipality
    by Aivaz Kamer Ainur & Jugănaru Mariana & Jugănaru Ion Dănut

  • 2017 Economic Value Added – A General Review of the Concept
    by Daraban Marius Costin

  • 2017 Management Accounting as a Knowledge Based Organization Value Driver for the 21st Century Business
    by Daraban Marius Costin

  • 2017 Problems and Solutions for Information Provision of Clusters by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES)
    by Emil Denchev

  • 2017 Economic Efficiency of Real Estate Firms' Activity
    by Marin Galabov

  • 2017 Housing Policy of the Administrative-Territorial Units in Northeastern Bulgaria 2010-2014
    by Nikolinka Ignatova

  • 2017 The influence of culture and transparency on global research and development intensity: An overview across Europe
    by Ilídio Tomás Lopes & Rogério MarquesSerrasqueiro

  • 2017 Empirical evidence of the existence of speculative bubbles in the prices of stocks traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange
    by Carol Thiago Costa & Wesley Vieirada Silva & Lauro Britode Almeida & Claudimar Pereirada Veiga

  • 2017 Ownership structure and its effect on dividend policy in the Mexican context
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Estructura de propiedad y su efecto en la política de dividendos en el contexto mexicano
    by Juan Manuel San Martín Reyna

  • 2017 Effects of hiring former employees of multinationals in the absorptive capacity of local firms
    by Juan Carlos Leiva & Juan Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez & Ricardo Monge González

  • 2017 Efectos de la contratación de exempleados de multinacionales en la capacidad de absorción en empresas locales
    by Juan Carlos Leiva & Juan Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez & Ricardo Monge González

  • 2017 A Relationship between Stakeholder Management and Business Performance in the Czech Republic
    by Ondrej Èastek & Martin Cenek

  • 2017 Any given season?
    by Steven L. FULLERTON & James H. HOLCOMB & Thomas M. FULLERTON

  • 2017 Modele finansowania inwestycji w domy studenckie uczelni publicznych na przykładzie Polski
    by Małgorzata Rymarzak & Dariusz Trojanowski

  • 2017 Just about money? CEO satisfaction and firm performance in small family firms
    by Lucía Garcés-Galdeano & Martin Larraza-Kintana & Cristina Cruz & Ignacio Contín-Pilart

  • 2017 Targeted innovation policy and practice intelligence (TIP2E): concepts and implications for theory, policy and practice
    by Elias G. Carayannis & Dirk Meissner & Anastasia Edelkina

  • 2017 From Frequency Of Use To Social Integration: The Mediation Of Routinization And Infusion In Tuenti Community
    by Roldán, José L. & Sánchez-Franco, Manuel Jesús & Real, Juan C.

  • 2017 Diversification And Family Control As Determinants Of Performance: A Study Of Listed Business Groups
    by Hernández-Trasobares, Alejandro & Galve-Górriz, Carmen

  • 2017 Competitiveness For The Use Of Electric Energy In Gas Stations On The Frontier String Mexicali – Calexico, Competitividad Por El Uso De La Energia Electrica En Gasolineras De La Franja Fronteriza Mexicali – Calexico
    by Cesar Sanchez Ocampo & Miriam Arlyn Tong Delgado & Jose Gabriel Canela Gonzalez & Jorge Ignacio Anguiano Lizaola

  • 2017 The Incremental Information Content Of Sales In Explaining Stock Returns: A Crossindustry Study
    by Taewoo Park

  • 2017 The Growing Impact of the Macro Environment
    by KILNER, Andrew

  • 2017 The conduciveness of the South African economic environment and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise sustainability: A literature review
    by Juan-Pierré BRUWER & André VAN DEN BERG

  • 2017 Ease of doing business in the euro area
    by Erik Canton & Marta Petrucci

  • 2017 Dynamic Model of Optimal Production Control in a Hysteretic Behaviour of Economic Agents
    by Alexander Mikhailovich Batkovskiy & Viktor Antonovich Nesterov & Olga Olegovna Reshetova & Elena Georgievna Semenova & Alena Vladimirovna Fomina

  • 2017 The Problem of Individualization of Legal Entities in Terms of Innovative Development of the Russian Federation and the European Union Economy
    by T.V. Shatkovskaya & N.G. Romanenko & Y.A. Naumenko & E.A. Parshina

  • 2017 The signal effect of Government R&D Subsidies in China: Does ownership matter?
    by Wu, Aihua

  • 2017 Patent, R&D and internationalization for Korean healthcare industry
    by Nam, Hyun-Jung & An, Yohan

  • 2017 Remittances, banks and stock markets: Panel evidence from developing countries
    by Issahaku, Haruna & Abor, Joshua Yindenaba & Harvey, Simon Kwadzogah

  • 2017 Family ownership and financial performance relations in emerging markets
    by Wang, Kun Tracy & Shailer, Greg

  • 2017 Independent boards and innovation
    by Balsmeier, Benjamin & Fleming, Lee & Manso, Gustavo

  • 2017 Pirate's treasure
    by Lin, Jenny X. & Lincoln, William F.

  • 2017 Customer value creation in B2B relationships: Sawn timber value chain perspective
    by Makkonen, Marika & Sundqvist-Andberg, Henna

  • 2017 The merit order effect of Czech photovoltaic plants
    by Luňáčková, Petra & Průša, Jan & Janda, Karel

  • 2017 Levelized cost of storage — Introducing novel metrics
    by Belderbos, Andreas & Delarue, Erik & Kessels, Kris & D'haeseleer, William

  • 2017 A formal model of firm boundaries and haggling
    by Mori, Yusuke

  • 2017 Heteroscedasticity-robust model screening: A useful toolkit for model averaging in big data analytics
    by Xie, Tian

  • 2017 Welfare-improving vertical separation with network externality
    by Choi, Kangsik & Lee, DongJoon

  • 2017 The behaviour of SMEs' capital structure determinants in different macroeconomic states
    by Daskalakis, Nikolaos & Balios, Dimitrios & Dalla, Violetta

  • 2017 Monetary policy, cash holding and corporate investment: Evidence from China
    by Yang, Xingquan & Han, Liang & Li, Wanli & Yin, Xingqiang & Tian, Lin

  • 2017 CO2 volatility impact on energy portfolio choice: A fully stochastic LCOE theory analysis
    by Lucheroni, Carlo & Mari, Carlo

  • 2017 Hastane Hizmetleri Sektörünün Aktif ve Özsermaye Karlýlýk Performansýnýn Analizi: Hastane Hizmetleri Sektör Bilançolarýnda Bir Araþtýrma
    by Erdinç KARADENÝZ & Levent KOÞAN

  • 2017 Introduction to Cultural Entrepreneurship: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
    by Mohamad Taghi Toghraee & Mahsa Monjezi

  • 2017 Innovation of a Technological Product with Utilizing the Target Costing Methodology
    by Marek Potkány & Petr Novák & Róbert Kovác & Miloš Hitka

  • 2017 The Features of Management of Innovation Risks at Pre-investment Stage of the Project in Modern Economic Realities
    by Valentina Zozulya & Olga Romanchenko & Andrey Zuykov & Inga Zozulya

  • 2017 Experiential Marketing Creative Antecedence for Success of Brand Loyalty (A Study on the Users of Perfume for Body in Indonesia)
    by Gita Sugiyarti & Gita Sugiyarti & Hendar

  • 2017 Relationships between Institutional Capital, Dynamic Capabilities and Competitive Advantage: Empirical Examination of the Agribusiness Sector
    by Vilani Sachitra & Siong-Choy Chong

  • 2017 Optimization by Integration: A Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management Dimension
    by Olabode Adeleke Oyewunmi & Omotayo Adewale Osibanjo & Hezekiah Oluwabusayo Falola & Olusola Joshua Olujobi

  • 2017 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as a Driver of Innovative Development of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex
    by Ivan A. Kapitonov & Vladimir I. Voloshin & Irina V. Zhukovskaya & Aleksei A. Shulus

  • 2017 Factors Affecting on the Restructuring of Vietnamese Textile and Garment Enterprises
    by Pham Dinh Long & Pham Dinh Cuong

  • 2017 Awareness and Perceptions of Islamic Micro-Entrepreneurs on Mudharabah Finance and Justice for Financing Access in Malang Territory Indonesia
    by Hendrik Suhendri & Iwan Triyuwono & Aji Dedi Mulawarman & Zaki Baridwan

  • 2017 The Effect of Baltic Dry Index, Gold, Oil and USA Trade Balance on Dow Jones Sustainability Index World
    by Grigoris Giannarakis & Christos Lemonakis & Asterios Sormas & Christos Georganakis

  • 2017 Influence of Country Factors on Entry Mode Through Knowledge and Transactional Cost Economics: Market Entry: Evidence from Construction Firms
    by Kausar Yasmeen & Kuperan Viswanathan

  • 2017 An Analysis of Determinants Affecting the Returns of Dow Jones Sustainability Index United States
    by Electra Pitoska & Androniki Katarachia & Grigoris Giannarakis & Charalampos Tsilikas

  • 2017 The Impact of Dow Jones Sustainability Index on US Dollar Value
    by Grigoris Giannarakis & Alexandros Garefalakis & Christos Lemonakis & Nikolaos Sariannidis

  • 2017 Correlation Based Clustering of the Amman Stock Exchange
    by Hussein A. Abdoh

  • 2017 Интернет-Предпринимательство В России И Новые Формы Подготовки Молодых Предпринимателей
    by Наталья Алтухова & Елена Васильева

  • 2017 Съвременен Поглед Върху Приложението На Съвместното Потребление В Туризма
    by Петя Иванова

  • 2017 A Contemporary Overview Of The Application Of Collaborative Consumption In Tourism
    by Petya Ivanova

  • 2017 Проблеми И Рискове На Комерсиализацията На Иновациите В Руската Икономика
    by Наталия Голованова & Анна Бекаева

  • 2017 Problems And Risks Of Commercialization Of Innovations In The Russian Economy
    by Nataliya Golovanova & Anna Bekaeva

  • 2017 Los conglomerados empresariales en el Ecuador: un análisis histórico, económico y político
    by Giuseppe Vanoni Martínez & Carlos Rodríguez-Romero

  • 2017 Evaluation of the perception and application of social responsibility practices in micro, small and medium companies in Barranquilla. An analysis from the theory of Stakeholders
    by Guillén León

  • 2017 Does ownership structure affect trade credit policy in small- and medium-sized firms? Evidence from China
    by Pengxiang Zhai & Rufei Ma

  • 2017 Pérdidas esperadas y detrimento patrimonial por hurto de vehículos en Colombia
    by Santiago Medina Hurtado & Jorge Restrepo-Morales & Alejandro Bedoya

  • 2017 An Examination Of Servitization As A Breakthrough Success Factor Along The Supply Chain
    by Judit OLÁH & József POPP & Domicián MÁTÉ

  • 2017 Aspects Of Seasonality Touristic Activity Specific To Mamaia Station
    by Mariana C. JUGANARU & Kamer Ainur M. AIVAZ & Ion Danut I. JUGANARU

  • 2017 Innovative Development Of Warehouse Technology
    by Judit OLÁH & Mónika HARANGI–RAKOS & József POPP

  • 2017 Impact of Knowledge Management Clusters in Albanian SME’s
    by Gratiela Dana BOCA & Lindita MUKAJ & Marsida VISHKURTI

  • 2017 The Use of Social Media and E-Commerce: a Winning Strategy for Small Businesses
    by Domenico CONSOLI

  • 2017 The Place And Role Of Financing In The Management Of Small Businesses In The Tourism And Hospitality Industry
    by Iuliana CIOCHINA & Carmen IORDACHE

  • 2017 Small And Medium Enterprises. Development Trends
    by Ion MOROZNIUC & Liliana MOROZNIUC

  • 2017 Unilateral Technology Sharing among Competitors in Markets with Heterogeneous Consumers
    by Yoshida Shohei & Pan Cong

  • 2017 The Impact Of Creative Accounting On The Preparing And Presentation Of Financial Statements
    by MARZA Bogdan & MARCUTA Alina & MARCUTA Liviu

  • 2017 Economic Consequences Of The Use Of A Trade Mark By A Non-Proprietor, But With The Tacit Consent Of The Proprietor. Case Studies
    by FANTANA Raul Sorin

  • 2017 Characteristics Of Supply Chain Risk Management Culture In The Republic Of Serbia
    by Aleksandra Andjelković

  • 2017 Od Dobrih Smernica Do Dobre Prakse: Novi Model Korporativnog Upravljanja U Javnim Preduzećima U Srbiji (From Good Guidelines To Good Practice: New Model Of Corporate Governance In Public Enterprises In Serbia)
    by Zorica Čeliković

  • 2017 Does ownership structure affect trade credit policy in small- and medium-sized firms? Evidence from China
    by Pengxiang Zhai & Rufei Ma

  • 2017 Construction industry and bank loans in Italy: towards a new equilibrium
    by Filippo Monge & Nicola Miglietta & Enrico Battisti

  • 2017 Consulting provided by the internal public audit function
    by Vasile Cosmin Nicula

  • 2017 Accounting research in Romania: state of affairs, possible causes and deviations
    by Ionela-Corina Chersan

  • 2017 Does Simplified Accounting Limit Small and Micro Companies’ Access To Bank Financing?
    by Halina Waniak-Michalak

  • 2017 Transfer prices – a debate amongst multinational companies and tax authorities
    by Gheorghe MATEI & Andreea - Lavinia CAZACU (NEAMÅ¢U)

  • 2017 Assessment of the State of Implementation of Excellence Model Common Assessment Framework (CAF) 2013 by the National Institutes of Research – Development – Innovation in Romania
    by Cristina Raluca Popescu & Gheorghe N. Popescu & Veronica Adriana Popescu

  • 2017 Development and Operationalization of a Model of Innovation Management System as Part of an Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety System
    by Dorin Maier & Irmer Sven-Joachim & Astrid Fortmüller & Andreea Maier

  • 2016 Bedingte Aktiengeschäfte
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2016 ISO/IEC 3850x - Die Normenreihe zur IT-Governance
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2016 Dynamic pricing with reference price dependence
    by Chenavaz, Régis

  • 2016 Cluster activities in different institutional environments. Case studies of ICT-Clusters from Austria, Germany, Ukraine and Serbia
    by Anastasiia Konstantynova & Tine Lehmann

  • 2016 The role of innovation and management practices in determining firm productivity in developing economies
    by Bartz, Wiebke & Mohnen, Pierre & Schweiger, Helena

  • 2016 What drives firm profitability? A comparison of the US and EU food processing industry
    by Adelina Gschwandtner & Stefan Hirsch

  • 2016 The Impact of Formal Networking on the Performance of SMEs
    by Maurizio Cisi & Francesco Devicienti & Alessandro Manello & Davide Vannoni

  • 2016 A Survey of the Empirical Evidence on PWYW Pricing
    by Matthias Greiff & Henrik Egbert

  • 2016 The Financial and Economic Analysis of the Situation of Business Entities using Quantitative Methods
    by Anna Wi?niewska-Sa?ek & Sylwia ??gowik-?wi?cik & Katarzyna Grondys & Marcin St?pie?

  • 2016 Enterprise Management Using The System Of Rationalization Of Information Processes

  • 2016 Innovative processes in managing the production enterprise
    by Robert Sa?ek & Tomasz Szczepanik & Ma?gorzata ??gowik-Ma?olepsza & Jaros?aw Jasi?ski

  • 2016 Building the attractiveness of the sector based on solid co-opertition relations
    by Anna Wi?niewska-Sa?ek & Sylwia ??gowik-?wi?cik & Marcin St?pie? & Katarzyna Grondys

  • 2016 Evaluation of the level of a courier services by individual customers
    by Katarzyna Grondys & Katarzyna Sukiennik & Anna Wi?niewska-Sa?ek & Konrad Sikora

  • 2016 Network structures as a factor stimulating innovative changes in enterprises
    by Nicoletta Baskiewicz & Ma?gorzata ??gowik-Ma?olepsza & Micha? Dziadkiewicz & Aneta Pachura

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    by ªtreangã Constantin

  • 2013 The Economic Development of the Settlements from Oneºti Depression. The Role of SMEs in the Region’s Economy Abstract:In the last 20 years a leading role in developing the economy was undertaken by the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which tend to replace large industrial units raised during the socialist period. In the Oneºti Depression, in the past, the most important settlements were significantly trading with the surrounding areas, then starting the mid-XIXth century, the industry has become increasingly important, fact which, after 1950, boosted a powerful local centre, Oneºti. In the post-revolutionary period, the decay of industrial giants determined the investment of large amounts in the creation of new SMEs, which have emerged in this region, too. Even if most of them are small-scaled, they better adapt to the economic conditions of the present
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  • 2011 The Importance of Measuring the Delivery of Services via Commercial Presence of Offshore Foreign Affiliates : Some Case Studies from Australian Business Experience
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  • 2006 The positive analysis about the condition of Chinese technology gain FDI
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