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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M41: Accounting
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and the Digital Economy: challenges and issues
    by DiGabriele, Jim & Ojo, Marianne

  • 2018 Business value created by management accounting
    by Daraban, Marius Costin

  • 2018 Does board independence substitute for external audit quality? Evidence from an exogenous regulatory shock
    by Pornsit Jiraporn & Pandej Chintrakarn & Shenghui Tong & Sirimon Treepongkaruna

  • 2018 The effect of restatements on trading volume reactions to earnings announcements
    by Chunlai Ye & Lin-Hui Yu

  • 2018 Short term real earnings management prior to stock repurchases
    by Lauren A. Cooper & Jimmy F. Downes & Ramesh P. Rao

  • 2018 Ownership Structure And Conservatism's Impact On Jordanian Bank's Financial Performance
    by Loay Jarbou & Jamal Abu-Serdaneh & Muhannad Atmeh

  • 2018 Audit Firm Tenure And Earnings Management: The Impact Of Changing Accounting Standards In UK Firms
    by Medhat N. El Guindy & Mohamed A. K. Basuony

  • 2018 Real and Accrual Earnings Management around Initial Public Offerings in Jordan
    by Mohammad M. Alhadab

  • 2018 Interest rate derivatives use in banking: Market pricing implications of cash flow hedges
    by Akhigbe, Aigbe & Makar, Stephen & Wang, Li & Whyte, Ann Marie

  • 2017 The Role of Overbilling in Hospitals’ Earnings Management Decisions
    by Jonas Heese

  • 2017 Is the SEC Captured? Evidence from Comment-Letter Reviews
    by Jones Heese & Mozaffar Khan & Karthik Ramanna

  • 2017 Country-by-country reporting: Tension between transparency and tax planning
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Meier, Ina & Spengel, Christoph

  • 2017 The implications of book-tax differences: A meta-analysis
    by Evers, Maria Theresia & Meier, Ina & Nicolay, Katharina

  • 2017 Erweitertes Management Reporting mit SAP S/4HANA auf Basis des Universal Journals: Realtime-Ergebnisreporting mit umfassenden Auswertungsmöglichkeiten durch die Weiterentwicklung der Financials-Funktionalität
    by Walz, Stefan & Tritschler, Jonas & Rupp, Reinhard

  • 2017 Financial transaction taxes: Announcement effects, short-run effects, and long-run effects
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian & Lau, Mona & Noth, Felix

  • 2017 Potentielle Risikofaktoren für die Erhöhung der Betriebsprüfungswahrscheinlichkeit - Eine analytische und empirische Untersuchung auf Basis der E-Bilanz-Taxonomie 6.0 -
    by Henselmann, Klaus & Haller, Stefanie

  • 2017 The relationship between corporate governance and tax avoidance - evidence from Germany using a regression discontinuity design
    by Kiesewetter, Dirk & Manthey, Johannes

  • 2017 Is there a Trade-Off between Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management? Evidence from Equity Compensation and Market Pricing
    by Leon Li

  • 2017 Accounting fraud in a pre-modern historical context: An accounting investigation on the use of market (fair) value in the second half of the eighteenth century in Venice
    by Marisa Agostini & Riccardo Cella & Giovanni Favero

  • 2017 Selected Aspects of Social Cooperatives in Poland
    by Albert Izdebski & Tomasz Mering & Malgorzata Oldak & Ryszard Szarfenberg

  • 2017 Whose Balance Sheet is this? Neural Networks for Banks' Pattern Recognition
    by Leon Rincon, Carlos & Moreno, José Fernando & Cely, Jorge

  • 2017 Diamonds and “the Golden Flute”: from the Golden Age of prodigies and geniuses to the Knowledge Based Digital Economy
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Chisini means and rational decision making: Equivalence of investment criteria
    by Magni, Carlo Alberto & Veronese, Piero & Graziani, Rebecca

  • 2017 Y’a-t-il vraiment un besoin pour changer de referentiel comptable au Maroc? la prétendue value relevance des normes comptables IFRS
    by Ahsina, Khalifa & Taouab, Omar

  • 2017 Analiza odporności inwestycji w nieruchomości biurowe na wzrost kosztów kredyt lub stopy pustostanów
    by Trojanowski, Dariusz & Olszewski, Krzysztof & Gałaszewska, Krystyna

  • 2017 La recherche marocaine en contrôle de gestion ; les auteurs, les institutions et les méthodes de recherche
    by Ahsina, Khalifa

  • 2017 Analyzing the critical effects of creative accounting practices in the corporate sector of Ghana
    by Ndebugri, Haruna & Tweneboah Senzu, Emmanuel

  • 2017 Chameleons in the midst of hawks: The real meaning to be attributed to the definition of fraud
    by DiGabriele, Jim & Ojo, Marianne

  • 2017 Earnings Management to Avoid Losses and Earnings Declines in Croatia
    by Degiannakis, Stavros & Giannopoulos, George & Ibrahim, Salma & Rozic, Ivana

  • 2017 Qual a importância da Auditoria Operacional nas PME Portuguesas?
    by Meira, Liliana & Peixoto, Joao Paulo

  • 2017 What You See Is Not What You Get, Always! A Distorted but True View of Company Financials when Distressed
    by Cakir, Murat

  • 2017 The Influence of Corporate Governance on Changes In Risk Following The Plantation Industry: Evidence From Chin Teck Plantation Bhd
    by zainal, nursyafikin

  • 2017 Достоверното Счетоводно Дефиниране На Научноизследователската И Развойна Дейност
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2017 Preparation and disclosure of non-financial statement based on the new Bulgarian accountancy act
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2017 Indirect Firm Valuation and Earnings Stability
    by Janda, Karel & Kaszas, Micha

  • 2017 Bank Loan Loss Provisions Research: A Review
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 Les normes IAS/IFRS et le défi du traitement comptable du Goodwill
    by Zine-Eddine, Yasmine

  • 2017 The role of comprehensive income in predicting banks’ future earnings
    by Artur Sajnog

  • 2017 The Effect of Fair Disclosure Rule on Investment Efficiency
    by Toru Ishikawa

  • 2017 The Death of a Regulator: Strict Supervision, Bank Lending and Business Activity
    by João Granja & Christian Leuz

  • 2017 On the Economics of Audit Partner Tenure and Rotation: Evidence from PCAOB Data
    by Brandon Gipper & Luzi Hail & Christian Leuz

  • 2017 Econometric Evidence on the R&D Depreciation Rate
    by Gaétan de Rassenfosse & Adam B. Jaffe

  • 2017 Identifying the provisioning policies of Belgian banks
    by Emrah Arbak

  • 2017 Does Recognition versus Disclosure Affect Risk Relevance? Evidence from Finance Leases in Japan
    by Masaki Kusano

  • 2017 Effect of Capitalizing Operating Leases on Credit Ratings:Evidence from Japan
    by Masaki Kusano

  • 2017 Employee Downsizing and Accounting Choices: Evidence from Japan
    by Keishi Fujiyama & Makoto Kuroki

  • 2017 Foreign ownership and financial reporting quality in private subsidiaries
    by Belén Gill de Albornoz Noguer & Simona Rusanescu

  • 2017 The Effect of Bank Monitoring on the Demand for Earnings Quality in Bond Contracts
    by Akinobu Shuto & Norio Kitagawa & Naoki Futaesaku

  • 2017 Owner’s financial expertise and Resubmitted Approved Loan Proposal in the Indian banks at the loan inception stage
    by Pankaj Kumar Baag

  • 2017 減損会計は企業投資行動に影響を及ぼすか
    by 植杉, 威一郎 & 中島, 賢太郎 & 細野, 薫

  • 2017 Top Executives on Social Media and Information in the Capital Market: Evidence from China
    by Feng, Xunan & Johansson, Anders C.

  • 2017 ÔRationalÕ Farmers and the Emergence of Modern Accounting in Danish Dairying
    by Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2017 The Role of Taxes in the Disconnect between Corporate Performance and Economic Growth
    by Urooj Khan & Suresh Nallareddy & Ethan Rouen

  • 2017 External and Internal Factors Influence to the Return on Equity and Risk Investment in Jakarta Islamic Index (JII)
    by Diana Dwi Astuti

  • 2017 The Role of Firm Strategy to Intervene the Influence of Corporate Social Performance on Corporate Financial Performance
    by Bayu Aprillianto

  • 2017 Sustainable Business of Islamic Bank Through on the Islamic Corporate Governance and Islamic Financial Performance
    by Indra Siswanti

  • 2017 Factors Affecting Earnings Management in the Indonesian Stock Exchange
    by Nico Alexander

  • 2017 The Effect of Good Corporate Governance and Premium Growth on the Performance of Insurance Companies
    by Markonah

  • 2017 The Influence of the Quality of an Audit to Relationship Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) And Relevance of Value Accounting Information, And Asymmetry of Information (Study on Companies in Indonesia)
    by Yurniwati

  • 2017 The Influence of Leadership and Organizational Structure on The Quality of Accounting Information System
    by Rapina

  • 2017 Dramaturgy Budget Policy Formulation: Intuitive Response of Politics and Power
    by Syarifuddin

  • 2017 Understanding AIS User Knowledge, AIS Quality, and Accounting Information Quality
    by Yenni Carolina

  • 2017 Value Relevance of Firms’ Reportable Segment Profit or Loss Reconciliation
    by Nunung Nuryani

  • 2017 Factors Affecting Dividend Policy on Non-Financial Companies in Indonesia
    by Novia Wijaya

  • 2017 Does Voluntary Tax Compliance Increase After Granting Tax Amnesty?
    by I Made Sudarma

  • 2017 Impact of Companies' Financial Condition and Growth toward Acceptance of Going Concern Audit Opinion: Empirical Study at Company Listed in the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII)
    by Siti Maria Wardayati

  • 2017 Overreaction Market Analysis, Dividend Policy, Firm Size, and Seasonality to Price Reversal Phenomena
    by Sulaeman Rahman Nidar

  • 2017 Earnings Management: An Advantage or Disadvantage?
    by Paulina Sutrisno

  • 2017 Do Intellectual Capital, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Good Corporate Governance Affect Indonesia’s Mining Companies Value?
    by Nadia Azalia Putri

  • 2017 Fundamental Effect of Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Value Based Management on the Equity Value of Hotels in Bali
    by Gede Adi Yuniarta

  • 2017 A Critical Analysis of Startup Business in Indonesia by Means of Mato-Based Profit Sharing Accounting
    by Hanif

  • 2017 The Influence of Ethics and Locus of Control to Do Whistleblowing Intention with Profession of Auditor and Non-Auditor as a Moderating Variable
    by Atika Zarefar

  • 2017 State Ownership, Family Ownership, and Sustainability Report Quality, The Moderating Role of Board Effectiveness
    by Astrid Rudyanto

  • 2017 Whistle Blowing in The Police Sector: The Importance of Control Behaviour Factor and Professional Commitment
    by Raja Adri Satriawan Surya

  • 2017 Prior Academic Performance and Passing Professional Accounting Examinations, Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
    by Puteh Mariam Ismail

  • 2017 Exploring the Relationship between Working Capital Management, Profitability and Capital Structure
    by Abdalla Geth Abdussalam

  • 2017 Transcendental and Social Accountability in Productive Waqf Assets
    by Tumirin

  • 2017 Determining factors for audit opinion in private family and non-family firms. Evidence from Spain
    by Santiago Lago-Peñas & Mercedes Mareque Álvarez-Santullano & Elena Rivo-López & Mónica Villanueva-Villar

  • 2017 How Does the Fed Adjust its Securities Holdings and Who is Affected?
    by Jane E. Ihrig & Lawrence Mize & Gretchen C. Weinbach

  • 2017 Micro foundations in the Great Divergence debate: opening up a new perspective
    by Zan, Luca & Deng, Kent

  • 2017 Evaluating Firm-Level Expected-Return Proxies
    by Lee, Charles M. C. & So, Eric C. & Wang, Charles C. Y.

  • 2017 "Taking Diversity into Account": the Diversity of Financial Institutions and Accounting Regulation
    by Gaëtan Le Quang

  • 2017 Changes in CEO Stock Option Grants: A Look at the Numbers
    by Athanasakou, Vasiliki & Ferreira, Daniel & Goh, Lisa

  • 2017 Whistleblower Rewards, False Reports, and Corporate Fraud
    by Buccirossi, Paolo & Immordino, Giovanni & Spagnolo, Giancarlo

  • 2017 Market-wide Effects of Off-Balance Sheet Disclosures:
    by Badia, Marc & Duro, Miguel & Jorgensen, Bjorn N. & Ormazabal, Gaizka

  • 2017 Does the Public Disclosure of the SEC's Oversight Actions Matter?
    by Duro, Miguel & Heese, Jonas & Ormazabal, Gaizka

  • 2017 Tax Havens, Accounting Experts, and Fee-Setting Rules
    by Thomas A. Gresik & Kai A. Konrad

  • 2017 Opportunism in disclosing pro-forma indicators: rationale and contextual drivers
    by Silvia Gardini & F. Marta L. Di Lascio & Franco Visani

  • 2017 How cultural and contextual variables affect the disclosure and transparency of pro-forma indicators
    by Silvia Gardini & F. Marta L. Di Lascio & Franco Visani

  • 2017 Does social capital matter in corporate decisions? Evidence from corporate tax avoidance
    by Hasan, Iftekhar & Hoi, Chun-Keung (Stan) & Wu, Qiang & Zhang, Hao

  • 2017 Secrecy, information shocks, and corporate investment : Evidence from European Union countries
    by Mazboudi, Mohamad & Hasan, Iftekhar

  • 2017 Optimal Employment Formula – Accounting and Tax Approach
    by Voinea Cristina Maria

  • 2017 Accounting practitioners perception over the impact of IFRS implementation on the performance of entities in the construction sector from the western region of Romania
    by Bogdan Oana & Mateş Dorel & Domil Aura Emanuela & Puşcaş Marina Adriana & Puşcaş Ancuţa & Teşu Ramona

  • 2017 The Harmonization of Accounting
    by Hajnal Noémi

  • 2017 Specifics of IFRS Adoption by Central and Eastern European Countries: Evidence from Research
    by Procházka David

  • 2017 The influence of the trade-off between profitability and future increases in sales on cost stickiness
    by Josep Mª Argilés-Bosch & Josep García-Blandón & Diego Ravenda & Maika M. Valencia-Silva & Antonio D. Somoza

  • 2017 Los diferentes tipos de resultados en las cooperativas portuguesas. Un estudio de caso múltiple
    by Ana Maria Bandeira & Deolinda Meira & Vera Alves

  • 2017 What guides subjective performance evaluation: Incentive alignment or norm enforcement?
    by Robert M. Gillenkirch & Heike Kreienbaum

  • 2017 The impact of corporate sustainability performance on information asymmetry: the role of institutional differences
    by Jan Diebecker & Friedrich Sommer

  • 2017 Balancing difficulty of performance targets: theory and evidence
    by Michal Matějka & Korok Ray

  • 2017 The IFRS option to reclassify financial assets out of fair value in 2008: the roles played by regulatory capital and too-important-to-fail status
    by Peter Fiechter & Wayne R. Landsman & Kenneth Peasnell & Annelies Renders

  • 2017 A theory of risk disclosure
    by Mirko S. Heinle & Kevin C. Smith

  • 2017 The sharpest tool in the shed: IPO financial statement management of STEM vs. non-STEM firms
    by Tatiana Fedyk & Zvi Singer & Mark Soliman

  • 2017 Earnings co-movements and earnings manipulation
    by Andrew B. Jackson & Brian R. Rountree & Konduru Sivaramakrishnan

  • 2017 The contribution of bank regulation and fair value accounting to procyclical leverage
    by Amir Amel-Zadeh & Mary E. Barth & Wayne R. Landsman

  • 2017 Uncertainty and debt covenants
    by Peter R. Demerjian

  • 2017 Shareholder activism and voluntary disclosure
    by Thomas Bourveau & Jordan Schoenfeld

  • 2017 The oversight role of regulators: evidence from SEC comment letters in the IPO process
    by Bing Li & Zhenbin Liu

  • 2017 Accounting rules, equity valuation, and growth options
    by Dmitry Livdan & Alexander Nezlobin

  • 2017 Two-stage capital budgeting, capital charge rates, and resource constraints
    by Nicole Bastian Johnson & Thomas Pfeiffer & Georg Schneider

  • 2017 The positive externalities of IFRS R&D capitalization: enhanced voluntary disclosure
    by Ester Chen & Ilanit Gavious & Baruch Lev

  • 2017 Does the cessation of quarterly earnings guidance reduce investors’ short-termism?
    by Yongtae Kim & Lixin (Nancy) Su & Xindong (Kevin) Zhu

  • 2017 The internet as an information intermediary
    by Michael S. Drake & Jacob R. Thornock & Brady J. Twedt

  • 2017 Blockholder exit threats in the presence of private benefits of control
    by Ole-Kristian Hope & Han Wu & Wuyang Zhao

  • 2017 The effect of financial reporting quality on corporate dividend policy
    by David S. Koo & Santhosh Ramalingegowda & Yong Yu

  • 2017 The standard-setters’ toolkit: can principles prevail over bright lines?
    by Darren Henderson & Patricia C. O’Brien

  • 2017 Management forecasts and the cost of equity capital: international evidence
    by Ying Cao & Linda A. Myers & Albert Tsang & Yong George Yang

  • 2017 Accrual quality, skill, and the cross-section of mutual fund returns
    by Suresh Nallareddy & Maria Ogneva

  • 2017 Flexibility in cash-flow classification under IFRS: determinants and consequences
    by Elizabeth A. Gordon & Elaine Henry & Bjorn N. Jorgensen & Cheryl L. Linthicum

  • 2017 Estimation risk and auditor conservatism
    by Clive S. Lennox & Asad Kausar

  • 2017 Go before the whistle blows: an empirical analysis of director turnover and financial fraud
    by Yanmin Gao & Jeong-Bon Kim & Desmond Tsang & Haibin Wu

  • 2017 Corporate investment and changes in GAAP
    by Nemit Shroff

  • 2017 The changing relevance of accounting information to debt holders over time
    by Dan Givoly & Carla Hayn & Sharon Katz

  • 2017 Military experience and corporate tax avoidance
    by Kelvin K. F. Law & Lillian F. Mills

  • 2017 Integrated reporting: The current state of empirical research, limitations and future research implications
    by Patrick Velte & Martin Stawinoga

  • 2017 Improving environmental management accounting: how to use statistics to better determine energy consumption
    by Björn Christensen & Alexander Himme

  • 2017 The relationship between audit report delay and investment opportunities
    by Zeinab Azami & Tabandeh Salehi

  • 2017 Research diversity in accounting doctoral education: survey results from the German-speaking countries
    by Christoph Pelger & Markus Grottke

  • 2017 Case Studies: Developing Financial Mathematics’ Systems
    by Luis Emilio Alvarez-Dionisi & Gladys Tapia de Vidal

  • 2017 Probability of loss reversal in Australia
    by Hai Wu

  • 2017 Value relevance of voluntary internal control certification: An information asymmetry perspective
    by Mukesh Garg

  • 2017 A few good (wo)men? Gender diversity on Australian boards
    by Maria Strydom & Hue Hwa Au Yong & Michaela Rankin

  • 2017 Ownership structure and voluntary disclosure: A synthesis of empirical studies
    by Hichem Khlif & Kamran Ahmed & Mohsen Souissi

  • 2017 Accounting for business combinations and takeover premiums: Pre- and post-IFRS
    by Martin Bugeja & Anna Loyeung

  • 2017 Panel data analysis applied in financial performance assessment
    by Elisabeta JABA & Ioan-Bogdan ROBU & Christiana Brigitte BALAN

  • 2017 According to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Analysis and Evaluation of Sustainability Reports of Selected Hotels
    by Ekergil, Vedat & Özgür Göde, Merve

  • 2017 Problems in Making International Financial Reporting Standards Become “National”: The Case of Turkey
    by Sarıoğlu, Kerem

  • 2017 The Effect of Global Financial Crisis on Accounting and Value-Based Business Performances
    by Akgün, Ali İhsan & Şamiloğlu, Famil

  • 2017 Auditing of Financial Sustainability for Publicly and Non-Publicly Listed Companies and A Research in Bursa
    by Gençoğlu, Ümit Gücenme & Aytaç, Alp

  • 2017 The Impact of Different Determination of Intangible Fixed Assets in Accordance with CAS and IPSAS on Financial Statements
    by Martin Dvořák & Lukáš Poutník

  • 2017 Asset Classification, Subsequent Measurement and Impairment Testing for Carbon Emission Trading
    by Tharatee Mookdee & Sheila Bellamy

  • 2017 Does the Auditor Have a Direct Influence on the Financial Statement Quality?
    by Tatiana Dolgikh

  • 2017 Professional Competences of Controllers: The Case of Poland
    by Bohumil Král & Grzegorz Mikołajewicz & Jarosław Nowicki & Libuše Šoljaková

  • 2017 Factors Affecting Effective Corporate Income Tax Rate of the Czech and Russian “Blue Chips” in 2012 - 2015
    by Marina Purina

  • 2017 Personal Bankruptcy in the Czech Republic: Age and Gender of the Debtors and Structure of the Creditors
    by Jan Hospodka & Ondřej Buben & Monika RANDÁKOVÁ & Jiřina Bokšová

  • 2017 Potential risks during ERP implementation: view from the perspective of accounting
    by Jana Singerová

  • 2017 Cross-border mergers on the rise - are they?
    by Iveta Plucarová & Jana Skálová

  • 2017 Debt Relief in the Czech Republic - Analysis of Income, Overall Debt and Creditor Structure of the Debtors
    by Jan Hospodka & Ondřej Buben & Jiří Šimůnek & Monika Randáková

  • 2017 Механізм Управління Дебіторською Заборгованістю Підприємства
    by Halyna Yamnenko

  • 2017 The Risk-mitigating Role of Financial Controlling at Local Government Entities. Modelling Profitability and Liquidity Aspects
    by Zoltán Zéman

  • 2017 Accounting During the Austro-Hungarian Compromise and the Post-Communist Regime Change
    by Borbély Katalin

  • 2017 Competition and Controlling in Higher Education, a Crucial Segment of the Public Sector
    by Lívia Pavlik

  • 2017 The Perception Of Budgeting In Czech Firms — Results Of A Survey
    by Jiri Dokulil & Jana Zlamalova & Boris Popesko

  • 2017 Comparison Of Liquidity Based And Financial Performance Based Indicators In Financial Analysis
    by Igor Pustylnick

  • 2017 The role of comprehensive income in predicting banks’ future earnings based on the practice of banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Artur Sajnog

  • 2017 Selection of Variables in Small Business Failure Analysis: Mean Selection vs. Median Selection || Selección de variables en el análisis de fracaso de empresas pequeñas: selección de medias frente a selección de medianas
    by Tascón, María T. & Castaño, Francisco J.

  • 2017 Predicción de fracaso en empresas latinoamericanas utilizando el método del vecino más cercano para predecir efectos aleatorios en modelos mixtos || Prediction of Failure in Latin-American Companies Using the Nearest-Neighbor Method to Predict Random Effects in Mixed Models
    by Caro, Norma Patricia & Arias, Verónica & Ortiz, Pablo

  • 2017 The Work Sample Verification and the Calculation of the Statistical, Mathematical and Economical Probability for the Risks of the Direct Procurement
    by Lazăr Cristiana Daniela & Marin Andreea Mihaela & Pereș Ion

  • 2017 Classification After Three Significant Criteria and Calculation of the Frequencies for Direct Procurement Deficiencies, Appealed in the Audit Engagement
    by Lazăr Cristiana Daniela & Marin Andreea Mihaela & Pereș Ion

  • 2017 Critical Aspects regarding the Implementation of Managerial Accounting Systems
    by Guinea Flavius-Andrei

  • 2017 Study Concerning the Measure of Using Accounting, Economical and Administrative Evaluation in Practice
    by Dreghiciu Andreea Elena

  • 2017 True and Fair View: Incentive or Inhibitor for Creative Accounting?
    by Ciocan Claudia-Cătălina

  • 2017 Culture and Accounting Practices
    by Carataș Maria Alina & Spătariu Elena Cerasela & Drăgoi Mihaela Cristina

  • 2017 The Economic Importance and Characteristics of Cost Calculation in the Clothing Industry in Romania
    by Caprian Cristina

  • 2017 Integrated Reporting for a Good Corporate Governance
    by Bobitan Roxana-Ioana & Stefea Petru

  • 2017 The Relevant Skills for Forensic Accountants – Can the Romanian Accounting Education Programs offer them?
    by Bobițan Nicolae & Dumitrescu Diana

  • 2017 The Relation between Accounting Result and Tax Result in the Case of the Profit Tax
    by Băcanu Mihaela-Nicoleta

  • 2017 Annual Financial Statements as a Financial Communication Support
    by Avram Costin Daniel & Avram Marioara & Dragomir Isabela

  • 2017 The Use of Accounting Information as a Means of Fraud
    by Spătărelu Ionuț & Petec (Călinescu) Daniela

  • 2017 Tax Rates and Corporate Decision-making
    by John R. Graham & Michelle Hanlon & Terry Shevlin & Nemit Shroff

  • 2017 A General Model for Making Short-Run Operating Decisions: Methodology and Steps
    by Michael Musov

  • 2017 Internal Control System and Activities - a Study with Albanian Companies
    by Rezarta SHKURTI & Almina MANOKU & Elfrida MANOKU

  • 2017 Financial Analysts and Their Contribution to Well-Functioning Capital Markets
    by Bradshaw, Mark & Ertimur, Yonca & O'Brien, Patricia

  • 2017 Progress in the quantity of financial information in the public sector in Mexico following the LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 Avances en la cantidad de la información financiera del sector público en México a raíz de la LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 Role and Measurement of Fair Valuation in the Hungarian Credit Institution Sector
    by Tamás Szücs & József Ulbert

  • 2017 The Effect of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty on the Use and Perceived Usefulness of Strategic Management Accounting: Some Empirical Evidence
    by Antonio Costantini & Filippo Zanin

  • 2017 3rd International conference on social sciences & education research
    by Handan ÇAM

  • 2017 The Role of the Financial-Accounting Information System in the Matrix of the Entity Functions
    by Mirela Niculae

  • 2017 Influence of the Good-Practice Principles and Codes in the Corporate Governance upon the Quality of the Financial-Accounting Information
    by Mirela Niculae

  • 2017 Improvement in clinical trial disclosures and analysts’ forecast accuracy: evidence from the pharmaceutical industry
    by Maggie Hao & Dana A. Forgione & Liang Guo & Hongxian Zhang

  • 2017 Using past experience to optimize audit sampling design
    by Alfio Marazzi & Yves Tillé

  • 2017 Product market competition and cost stickiness
    by Wu-Lung Li & Kenneth Zheng

  • 2017 Does the requirement of an engagement partner signature improve financial analysts’ information environment in the United Kingdom?
    by Shirley Liu

  • 2017 Management earnings forecasts and IPO performance: evidence of a regime change
    by Sabri Boubaker & Dimitrios Gounopoulos & Antonios Kallias & Konstantinos Kallias

  • 2017 Diversification by the audit offices in the US and its impact on audit quality
    by Sharad Asthana

  • 2017 Do board interlocks motivate voluntary disclosure? Evidence from Taiwan
    by Ann Ling-Ching Chan & Edward Lee & Jirada Petaibanlue & Ning Tan

  • 2017 Corporate taxes, capital structure, and valuation: Combining Modigliani/Miller and Miles/Ezzell
    by Stefan Dierkes & Ulrich Schäfer

  • 2017 Recognized intangibles and the present value of growth options
    by Michalis Makrominas

  • 2017 The return premiums to accruals quality
    by Sati P. Bandyopadhyay & Alan Guoming Huang & Kevin Jialin Sun & Tony S. Wirjanto

  • 2017 Say it again Sam: the information content of corporate conference calls
    by James Cicon

  • 2017 What Does CEOs’ Pay-for-Performance Reveal About Shareholders’ Attitude Toward Earnings Overstatements?
    by Katherine Guthrie & Illoong Kwon & Jan Sokolowsky

  • 2017 Adoption of Activity-Based Costing: A Survey of the Education Sector of Greece
    by John Sorros & Alkiviadis Karagiorgos & Nikos Mpelesis

  • 2017 Methodological Aspects Of Development And Implementation Of Management Policy At Industrial Enterprises
    by Natalia SKOROBOGATOVA

  • 2017 Corporate Disclosure and Cultural Values: A Test for Multinational Corporations
    by Bassam Mohammad Maali & Ali Al-Attar

  • 2017 The effect of using fair value accounting on fundamental analysis: Some evidence from the emerging economies
    by Elsayed Elsiefy & Walid ElGammal

    by Ali Mohammad Al-Attar & Bassam Mohammad Maali

  • 2017 Institutional Logics and ERP Implementation in Public Sector Agency
    by Nizar M. Alsharari Author-Email:;

  • 2017 IFRS Adoption and Audit Fees-Evidence from New Zealand
    by Muhammad Nurul Houqe

  • 2017 Assets evaluation role in boosting activity in Romania
    by Dumitru NICA & Laurentia Georgeta AVRAM

  • 2017 The Role of Entrepreneurs and Accountants in Fighting against Corruption
    by Luminita IONESCU

  • 2017 The Role of Leverage to Profitability at a Time of Economic Crisis
    by Panagiotis Papadeas & Kossieri Evangelia & Katsouleas George

  • 2017 Productive Processes, Costs And Competitiveness: The Case Of A Company Producer Of Tequila Artesanal, Procesos Productivos, Costos Y Competitividad: Caso Empresa Productora De Tequila Artesanal
    by Jovita Georgina Neri Vega & Rafael Gonzalez Zarza & Aaron Ivan Gonzalez Neri & Rafael Albertti Gonzalez Neri & Héctor Miguel González Neri

  • 2017 Best Practices For Validation For An Upgrade Or New Erp System
    by Mitch Kramer

  • 2017 Corporate Accounting Malfeasance And Financial Reporting Restatements In The Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Era
    by Peter Harris & Katherine Kinkela & Liz Washington Arnold & Michelle Liu

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    by Rubio Martín, Gracia & Rodríguez Paredes, Mercedes & Maroto Acín, Juan Antonio

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  • 2013 Views on the Internal Control System of Economic Entities
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  • 2013 The Romanian Banking System’s EfficiencyAbstract:This paper is a review of the literature on the concept of efficiency, especially in the banking system of our country expressing our opinion regarding the banking system in Romania at the beginning of the global crisis. Data were collected for the period December 2008 - June 2013
    by Tofãnicã Ramona-Ionela & Sãveanu Cristina

  • 2013 Economic and Financial Analysis – Integrated Part of the Economic and Social Dimension through the Specter of the Positive Theory of AccountingAbstract:Financial analysis was always considered a reliable instrument for companies, knowing a multitude of changes over time in accordance to the social, economic or governance demands. The purpose of this paper is the interdisciplinary description of elements in financial analysis, highlighting its role starting from the assumption that financial analysis information was a necessary stage in enterprise business continuity, and then turned into an integral part in social and economic dynamics, reaching eventually to be an impact factor for economic development
    by Stefan-Duicu Viorica Mirela & Stefan-Duicu Adrian

  • 2013 The Interest of Shareholders in Terms of IFRS vs. U.S. GAAPAbstract:Found transfer to the emerging markets by investments, is requiring knowledge about the world’s two main accounting systems: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). IFRS is used in the European Union and many other countries although GAAP system is used principally in the United States. Many countries have their own accounting systems, although most conform to one main system or the other as they work to keep their markets modern. All accounting systems follow double-entry practices that categorize transactions as revenue or expenses, assets or liabilities. In the paper we intend to underline differences between the two primary accounting systems that may affect the results. We appreciate that the understanding about both GAAP and IFRS, it can make a better evaluation of numbers from companies that follow neither system
    by Radu Riana Iren & Isai Violeta

  • 2013 A Discussion of Fair Value Accounting and Accounting Measurement RegimesAbstract:Accounting is sometimes seen as a veil—as a mere detail of measurement—leaving the economic fundamentals unaffected. The validity of such a view would be overwhelming in the context of completely frictionless competitive markets. Accounting would be irrelevant in such a world, since market prices are fully observable and common knowledge among all. Or, to put it another way, accounting is relevant only because we live in an imperfect world where transaction prices may not correspond to the hypothetical market prices that would prevail in frictionless competitive markets. Therefore, the nature and consequences of the imperfections are key to the debate about mark—to—market / fair value accounting versus historical cost accounting. Proponents of fair value accounting argue that the market price of an asset or liability reflects the amount at which that asset or liability could be bought or sold in a current transaction between willing parties
    by Nicolae Traian Cristin

  • 2013 The Predictive Analysis of Going Concern Business at the level of Economic EntitiesAbstract:Accounting estimations, predictions and evaluations need consistancy when applying accounting principles. The accounting principles represent a main element in the structure of accounting theory. They make a unitary whole being complementary, and the development of accounting works under normal conditions depends on their correct and integral application. In business environment the principle of going concern is not only as an accounting principle, but also as an absolutely necessary element in the quarantee of financial accounting information. For the users of accounting information there must be clear the reason for which a company is considered to continue its business, which are the assumptions leading to this conclusion and which are the risks for which real developments are different from estimations. The risks about going concern are evident with some economic entities and subtle with others. Therefore, going concern of an economic entity is assured if the risks are prevented and correctly managed
    by Morariu Ana & Petroianu Grazia-Oana & Dãucianu (Avram) Mihaela

  • 2013 Development of Internal Corporative Regulations and Accounting StandardsAbstract:It is noted that a national regulation for accounting firms is inappropriate. Good corporate governance is proved to be important to develop internal regulations and accounting standards. The necessity of forming regulations and standards for the three-level hierarchical scheme is indicated. The basic principles which should be kept to build a complete system of rules regulating corporate accounting and reporting are defined. United requirements to the structure, presentation and terminology standards and specified sections of each are developed. We prove that the accounting policy is the same document for the entire corporate union that reflects aspects of accounting and reporting. The conclusion about the possibility of operation of the integrated accounting system in a single information system as part of the common information to provide appropriate economic union is done
    by Kutsyk Petro

  • 2013 Modalities of Financing and Acknowledgement in Accounting for the Worship Entities of RomaniaAbstract:Religion represents a social, but also an individual reality, which must be analyzed in the context of the society, in terms of the institutional process. Considering the worship entities role in the social life of community, they are supported by the state with budgetary subventions, but also with fiscal facilities and citizens sponsorships encouragement. View as a patrimonial entity, each worship institution must organize its own accounting, the bookkeeping being realized in the simple-entry system. The worship entities elaborate yearly their own Budget of Incomes and Expenses, controlling permanently the respecting of legal sources for incomes and legal destinations for expenses. The incomes and expenses are grouped on activities types: activities without lucrative purpose and economic activities. The bookkeeping is yearly verified by the censors commission of the church. On the level of central institutions, the bookkeeping is kept in double-entry system, with Check Balance and Balance Sheet
    by Isai Violeta & Radu Riana Iren

  • 2013 The Influence of the Inflationary Phenomenon on the Financial Reporting of an EntityAbstract:In today’s business context, there is a need for understanding the economic imbalances which can affect the life of an entity. Also, we must emphasize the consequences of these imbalances in the life and the financial reporting of the entities, because the information reported by the accounting may undergo major changes. The inflation is one of the most controversial and complex phenomena in economics, which raises numerous definitions, interpretations and attempts to counter measurement and its effects on the enterprises. This paper attempts to present the effects of the inflationary phenomena on the financial position and performance of an entity, on its monetary accounts and on the financial management and diagnosis, especially on enterprise’s self-financing capacity
    by Dicu Roxana-Manuela & Mardiros Daniela-Neonila

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  • 2013 This paper empirically tests the relation between a firm’s degree of accounting conservatism and its level of operating risk. This paper constitutes the first empirical study in the accounting literature to test the risk signaling theory of accounting conservatism which is recently proposed by Wang, O hOgartaigh and van Zijl (2010), who argue that a firm optimally selects a degree of accounting conservatism in order to signal its own operating risk to the capital market. Consistent with the signaling theory, this paper reports empirical evidence that US firms with a lower level of operating risk are more likely to adopt a higher level of accounting conservatism than are firms with a higher level of operating risk. This finding indicates that a signaling separating equilibrium indeed exists in the capital market, where firms use accounting conservatism as a signaling device. The findings of this paper highlights the important economic role that accounting conservatism plays in reducing the capital market’s information asymmetry with regard to the firm’s operating risk
    by Richard Zhe Wang

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