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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M40: General
/ / / M41: Accounting
/ / / M42: Auditing
/ / / M48: Government Policy and Regulation
/ / / M49: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Transparency, Accountability, and Trust in Society
    by O. Volkova.

  • 2015 Determinants of manager pay in German state-owned enterprises and international public policy implications: 3-year study for sectors, performance and gender
    by Papenfuß, Ulf & Schmidt, Christian

  • 2015 Forensic Accountant and Auditor Knowledge and Skills Requirements for Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment in the Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2015 Decentralisation and The Evolution of Common Law
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Harmonisation du Hayek et Posner: Posner, Hayek et l'analyse économique du droit
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Harmonising Hayek and Posner: revisiting Posner, Hayek & the economic analysis of Law
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Harmonising Hayek and Posner: revisiting Posner, Hayek & the economic analysis of Law
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 New Accounting Rules for Loan Loss Provisions in Europe: Much Ado about Nothing?
    by Onali, Enrico & Ginesti, Gianluca

  • 2015 Extant Reviews on Entry-mode/Internationalization, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Diversification: Understanding Theories and Establishing Interdisciplinary Research
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Revisiting and Reinforcing the Farmers Fox Theory: A Study (Test) of Three Cases in Cross-border Inbound Acquisitions
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Long term funding and regulation: facilitating financial stability and development (low income developing countries)
    by Marianne, Ojo

  • 2015 Implementing Basel III through the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) IV: leverage ratios and capital adequacy requirements
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Long term funding and regulation: facilitating financial stability and development in low income developing countries
    by Marianne, Ojo

  • 2015 Enhancing the reliability of performance measures in empirical based research: leverage ratios and theoretical based research
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Strategic Disclosure of Demand Information by Duopolists: Theory and Experiment
    by Jos Jansen & Andreas Pollak

  • 2015 Pseudo-naïve approaches to investment performance measurement
    by Carlo Alberto Magni

  • 2015 Validity Of Accounting Information For Management In The Process Of Decision Making
    by Vukasin Lale, Maja Andjelkovic

  • 2015 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance: The Influence of Boards, Ownership and Institutions
    by Kurt A. Desender & Mircea Epure

  • 2015 The Accounting Option: Fair Or Favourable Image?
    by Carata? Maria Alina & Spãtariu Elena Cerasela & Margaritti Doina

  • 2015 A Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Supply Chain Performance by Reducing Costs
    by Nancu Dumitru & Nancu Dorinela

  • 2015 Supply Chain Management – A Theoretical Approach
    by Nancu Dumitru

  • 2015 Pension accounting disclosures and stock market reactions
    by Nor Asma Lode & Mohd Atef Md Yusof*

  • 2015 The Impact of Guarantees on the Performance of Pension Saving Schemes: Insights from the Literature
    by Alexander Bohnert

  • 2015 On the Joint Analysis of the Total Discounted Payments to Policyholders and Shareholders: Dividend Barrier Strategy
    by Eric C.K. Cheung & Haibo Liu & Jae-Kyung Woo

  • 2015 Combining Alphas via Bounded Regression
    by Zura Kakushadze

  • 2015 Hidden Markov Model for Stock Selection
    by Nguyet Nguyen & Dung Nguyen

  • 2015 Risk Classification Efficiency and the Insurance Market Regulation
    by Donatella Porrini

  • 2015 The Financial Stress Index: Identification of Systemic Risk Conditions
    by Mikhail V. Oet & John M. Dooley & Stephen J. Ong

  • 2015 Multi-Objective Stochastic Optimization Programs for a Non-Life Insurance Company under Solvency Constraints
    by Massimiliano Kaucic & Roberto Daris

  • 2015 Supervising System Stress in Multiple Markets
    by Mikhail V. Oet & John M. Dooley & Amanda C. Janosko & Dieter Gramlich & Stephen J. Ong

  • 2015 Valuation of Index-Linked Cash Flows in a Heath–Jarrow–Morton Framework
    by Jonas Alm & Filip Lindskog

  • 2015 Delivering Left-Skewed Portfolio Payoff Distributions in the Presence of Transaction Costs
    by Jacek B Krawczyk

  • 2015 Life Insurance Cash Flows with Policyholder Behavior
    by Kristian Buchardt & Thomas Møller

  • 2015 Monopolistic Insurance and the Value of Information
    by Arthur Snow

  • 2015 Best-Estimates in Bond Markets with Reinvestment Risk
    by Anne MacKay & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2015 Options with Extreme Strikes
    by Lingjiong Zhu

  • 2015 Multiscale Analysis of the Predictability of Stock Returns
    by Paweł Fiedor

  • 2015 A Two-Account Life Insurance Model for Scenario-Based Valuation Including Event Risk
    by Ninna Reitzel Jensen & Kristian Juul Schomacker

  • 2015 The Impact of Reinsurance Strategies on Capital Requirements for Premium Risk in Insurance
    by Gian Paolo Clemente & Nino Savelli & Diego Zappa

  • 2015 Interconnectedness of Financial Conglomerates
    by Gaël Hauton & Jean-Cyprien Héam

  • 2015 Custom v. Standardized Risk Models
    by Zura Kakushadze & Jim Kyung-Soo Liew

  • 2015 Rationality Parameter for Exercising American Put
    by Kamille Sofie TÃ¥gholt Gad & Jesper Lund Pedersen

  • 2015 Portability, Salary and Asset Price Risk: A Continuous-Time Expected Utility Comparison of DB and DC Pension Plans
    by An Chen & Filip Uzelac

  • 2015 Double Crowding-Out Effects of Means-Tested Public Provision for Long-Term Care
    by Christophe Courbage & Peter Zweifel

  • 2015 Safety Margins for Systematic Biometric and Financial Risk in a Semi-Markov Life Insurance Framework
    by Andreas Niemeyer

  • 2015 Paradox-Proof Utility Functions for Heavy-Tailed Payoffs: Two Instructive Two-Envelope Problems
    by Michael R. Powers

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Risks in 2014
    by Risks Editorial Office

  • 2015 Inhomogeneous Long-Range Percolation for Real-Life Network Modeling
    by Philippe Deprez & Rajat Subhra Hazra & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2015 Islamic financial institutions, corporate governance, and corporate risk disclosure in Gulf Cooperation Council countries
    by Abdallah, Abed Al-Nasser & Hassan, Mostafa Kamal & McClelland, Patrick L.

  • 2015 An empirical evaluation of the performance of binary classifiers in the prediction of credit ratings changes
    by Jones, Stewart & Johnstone, David & Wilson, Roy

  • 2015 Does the value of cash holdings deteriorate or improve with material weaknesses in internal control over financial reporting?
    by Huang, Pinghsun & Guo, Jun & Ma, Tongshu & Zhang, Yan

  • 2015 Detecting biotechnology industry's earnings management using Bayesian network, principal component analysis, back propagation neural network, and decision tree
    by Chen, Fu-Hsiang & Chi, Der-Jang & Wang, Yi-Cheng

  • 2015 Accrual-based and real earnings management and political connections
    by Braam, Geert & Nandy, Monomita & Weitzel, Utz & Lodh, Suman

  • 2015 A Copayment Auditing Scheme for Financial Misreporting
    by Ho, Shirley J. & Mallick, Sushanta K.

  • 2015 Intellectual capital and innovation. A guideline for future research
    by Stefano Zambon & David Monciardini

  • 2015 Impact of ICT Innovative Momentum on Real-Time Accounting
    by Fernando Belfo & António Trigo & Raquel Pérez Estébanez

  • 2015 Family Firms’ CSR Actions: the Case of Barilla
    by Domenico Morrone & Angeloantonio Russo & Donato Calace

  • 2015 The Entrepreneur`s Role in the Performance Growth of the Financial Audit Activity in Romania
    by Cristina Raluca Popescu & Veronica Adriana Popescu & Gheorghe N. Popescu

  • 2014 Wspolczesne wyzwania rynku finansowego (Contemporary challenges of the financial market)

  • 2014 L'accountability ou l'obligation de rendre des comptes ressenties par le praticien du marketing : variable médiatrice entre antécédents personnels et réponses comportementales
    by Casenave, Eric

  • 2014 The effects of disclosure policy on risk management incentives and market entry
    by Hoang, Daniel & Ruckes, Martin

  • 2014 Corporate Governance in der Energiewirtschaft – zwischen Unternehmenswert und Public Value
    by Ahrend, Klaus-Michael

  • 2014 Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Accountant and Auditor Knowledge and Mindset in Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Impact of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Skills and Mindsets: Experience from Nigeria
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Fraud and Forensic Accounting: Knowledge and Risk Assessment Task Performance in Malaysian Public Sector – Conceptual study
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Forensic Accounting Knowledge and Mindset on Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Forensic Accounting and Fraud: Capability and Competence Requirements in Malaysia
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 An Empirical Investigation of Fraud Risk Assessment and Knowledge Requirement on Fraud Related Problem Representation in Nigeria
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Achieving an adequate balance between the level of complexity, objectivity and comparability which is required within the capital framework: credit ratings and the Standardized Approach (SA-CCR) for measuring Exposure at Default (EAD) for Counter-Party Credit Risk
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2014 Organizacijski aspekti računovodstvenih informacijskih sustava i njihova važnost
    by Tomić, Bojan & Strancarić, Sandra

  • 2014 ‘Cold, Calculating Political Economy’: Fixed costs, the Rate of Profit and the Length of the Working Day in the Factory Act Debates, 1832-1847
    by Toms, Steven

  • 2014 Strategies on initial public offering of company equity at stock exchanges in imperfect highly volatile global capital markets with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Mergers and acquisitions transactions strategies in diffusion - type financial systems in highly volatile global capital markets with nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Accounting Integration issues of EU Member States
    by Aldona Kamela-Sowinska

  • 2014 An average-based accounting approach to capital asset investments: The case of project finance
    by Carlo Alberto Magni

  • 2014 Strategic Disclosure of Demand Information by Duopolists: Theory and Experiment
    by Jos Jansen & Andreas Pollak

  • 2014 Impuesto Diferido bajo NIIF: Impacto en empresas intensivas en propiedades, planta y equipos
    by Raúl A. Cardona Montoya & Marisol Gil Henao & Jhon W. Ochoa Flórez

  • 2014 Benchmarking for Routines and Organizational Knowledge
    by Mircea Epure

  • 2014 Strategic Disclosure of Demand Information by Duopolists: Theory and Experiment
    by Jos Jansen & Andreas Pollak

  • 2014 Adaequanz von Innovationskompetenz und Innovationskommunikation deutscher Unternehmen: Eine empirische Analyse (Congruence of innovation capabilities and innovation communication in German firms: An empirical analysis)
    by Ackermann, Malte & Burr, Wolfgang & Stephan, Michael

  • 2014 Non-linear corrections in market method of patent valuation
    by Katarzyna Kopczewska & Mateusz Kopyt

  • 2014 Fair Value Measurement - The New Ifrs 13 - Conceptual Suitability As A Data Basis For Controlling And Impact On Performance Measurement
    by Bodo Runzheimer

  • 2014 Practical Application Examples For Special Cases In The Scope Of Consolidation According To Ifrs
    by Markus Hafele & Celine Frei

  • 2014 The Impact of Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure on Earnings Management Practices: Evidence from Listed Companies in Pakistan
    by Kamran & Attaullah Shah

  • 2014 The Association between Firm Characteristics and Corporate Financial Disclosures: Evidence from UAE Companies
    by Khaled Aljifri & Abdulkareem Alzarouni & Chew Ng & Mohammad Iqbal Tahir

  • 2014 Debates on Intellectual Property Rights
    by Paula – Angela VIDRASCU

  • 2014 Worst-Case Portfolio Optimization under Stochastic Interest Rate Risk
    by Tina Engler & Ralf Korn

  • 2014 Special Issue on Risk Management Techniques for Catastrophic and Heavy-Tailed Risks
    by Alejandro Balbás & José Garrido

  • 2014 A Duality Result for the Generalized Erlang Risk Model
    by Lanpeng Ji & Chunsheng Zhang

  • 2014 A Markov Chain Model for Contagion
    by Angelos Dassios & Hongbiao Zhao

  • 2014 A Note on the Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing under Model Uncertainty
    by Erhan Bayraktar & Yuchong Zhang & Zhou Zhou

  • 2014 Measuring Risk When Expected Losses Are Unbounded
    by Alejandro Balbás & Iván Blanco & José Garrido

  • 2014 Tail Risk in Commercial Property Insurance
    by Enrico Biffis & Erik Chavez

  • 2014 An Optimal Three-Way Stable and Monotonic Spectrum of Bounds on Quantiles: A Spectrum of Coherent Measures of Financial Risk and Economic Inequality
    by Iosif Pinelis

  • 2014 Model Risk in Portfolio Optimization
    by David Stefanovits & Urs Schubiger & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2014 Joint Asymptotic Distributions of Smallest and Largest Insurance Claims
    by Hansjörg Albrecher & Christian Y. Robert & Jef L. Teugels

  • 2014 Random Shifting and Scaling of Insurance Risks
    by Enkelejd Hashorva & Lanpeng Ji

  • 2014 The Impact of Systemic Risk on the Diversification Benefits of a Risk Portfolio
    by Marc Busse & Michel Dacorogna & Marie Kratz

  • 2014 Elementary Bounds on the Ruin Capital in a Diffusion Model of Risk
    by Vsevolod K. Malinovskii

  • 2014 Initial Investigations of Intra-Day News Flow of S&P500 Constituents
    by Jim Kyung-Soo Liew & Zhechao Zhou

  • 2014 Demand of Insurance under the Cost-of-Capital Premium Calculation Principle
    by Michael Merz & Mario V. Wüthrich

  • 2014 When the U.S. Stock Market Becomes Extreme?
    by Sofiane Aboura

  • 2014 Neumann Series on the Recursive Moments of Copula-Dependent Aggregate Discounted Claims
    by Siti Norafidah Mohd Ramli & Jiwook Jang

  • 2014 Optimal Consumption and Investment with Labor Income and European/American Capital Guarantee
    by Morten Tolver Kronborg

  • 2014 Attracting Health Insurance Buyers through Selective Contracting: Results of a Discrete-Choice Experiment among Users of Hospital Services in the Netherlands
    by Evelien Bergrath & Milena Pavlova & Wim Groot

  • 2014 Effectively Tackling Reinsurance Problems by Using Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence Algorithms
    by Sancho Salcedo-Sanz & Leo Carro-Calvo & Mercè Claramunt & Ana Castañer & Maite Mármol

  • 2014 1980–2008: The Illusion of the Perpetual Money Machine and What It Bodes for the Future
    by Didier Sornette & Peter Cauwels

  • 2014 Modeling Cycle Dependence in Credit Insurance
    by Anisa Caja & Frédéric Planchet

  • 2014 Modeling and Performance of Bonus-Malus Systems: Stationarity versus Age-Correction
    by Søren Asmussen

  • 2014 Catastrophe Insurance Modeled by Shot-Noise Processes
    by Thorsten Schmidt

  • 2014 An Academic Response to Basel 3.5
    by Paul Embrechts & Giovanni Puccetti & Ludger Rüschendorf & Ruodu Wang & Antonela Beleraj

  • 2014 Publishing Risks
    by Mogens Steffensen

  • 2014 On the relation between forecast precision and trading profitability of financial analysts
    by Marinelli, Carlo & Weissensteiner, Alex

  • 2014 Board directors’ preferences – What are good aggregation rules?
    by Duran, Mihael

  • 2014 The effect of concentration and regulation on audit fees: An application of panel data techniques
    by Evans, Lawrance & Schwartz, Jeremy

  • 2014 The Impact of Creative Accounting of Frozen Assets on the Company Performance
    by Victoria FIRESCU & Jenica POPESCU

  • 2014-12-30 Auditores de cuentas ante una formación más exigente y de mayor alcance
    by García Delgado, Sonia M. & Ipiñazar Petralanda, Izaskun

  • 2013 Corporate governance and corporate social performance: The influence of boards, ownership and institutions
    by Kurt A. Desender & Mircea Epure

  • 2013 The Impact of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Skills and Mindsets: A Conceptual Model
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Yussof, Rushami Zien

  • 2013 Forensic Accounting Knowledge and Skills on Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment: Nigerian Public Sector Experience
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2013 An Examination of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Accountant Knowledge and Mindset in Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Ahmad, Hartini

  • 2013 Audits, audit quality and signalling mechanisms: concentrated ownership structures
    by Marianne, Ojo

  • 2013 Share repurchases, signaling effect and implications for corporate governance: Evidence from India
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa & Nangia, Vinay Kumar & Agrawal, Rajat

  • 2013 Firms’ disclosure compliance with IASB’s Management Commentary framework:an empirical investigation
    by Riccardo, Macchioni & Giuseppe, Sannino & Gianluca, Ginesti & Carlo, Drago

  • 2013 Audits, audit quality and signalling mechanisms: concentrated ownership structures
    by Marianne, Ojo

  • 2013 Sarbanes Oxley, Non Audit Services (NAS) and the mandatory rotation of audit firms
    by Marianne, Ojo

  • 2013 Creative accounting in the British Industrial Revolution: Cotton manufacturers and the ‘Ten Hours’ Movement
    by Toms, Steven & Shepherd, Alice

  • 2013 Growth and dispersion of accounting research about New Zealand before and during a National Research Assessment Exercise: Five decades of academic journals bibliometrics
    by Dixon, Keith

  • 2013 Achieving Amicable Settlements and Possible Reconciliations : The Role of Forensic Accountants in Equitable Distributions
    by Ojo, Marianne & DiGabriele, Jim

  • 2013 Achieving Amicable Settlements and Possible Reconciliations : The Role of Forensic Accountants in Equitable Distributions
    by Ojo, Marianne & DiGabriele, Jim

  • 2013 Recovering from the Global Financial Crisis: achieving financial stability in times of uncertainty
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Restaurer la crédibilité des fondements juridiques et économiques de la stabilité financière: la nécessité d'incorporation des théories économiques?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Restaurar a credibilidade das fundações jurídica e económica da estabilidade financeira: A necessidade de incorporação de teorias econômicas?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Wiederherstellung der Glaubwürdigkeit der rechtlichen und wirtschaftlichen Grundlagen der finanziellen Stabilität: die Notwendigkeit für eine Gründung der Wirtschaftstheorien?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Recuperar la credibilidad de los fundamentos jurídicos y económicos de estabilidad financiera: la necesidad de la incorporación de las teorías económicas?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Restoring the credibility of the legal and economic foundations of financial stability: The need for incorporation of economic theories?
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 Recovering from the Global Financial Crisis: achieving financial stability in times of uncertainty
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2013 The impact of human capital accounting on the efficiency of English professional football clubs
    by Goshunova, Anna

  • 2013 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?
    by Santosh Anagol & Alvin Etang & Dean Karlan

  • 2013 The Twilight Zone: OTC Regulatory Regimes and Market Quality
    by Ulf Brüggemann & Aditya Kaul & Christian Leuz & Ingrid M. Werner

  • 2013 Continued Existence ofr Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?
    by Dean Karlan & Santosh Anagol & Alvin Etang

  • 2013 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?
    by Anagol, Santosh & Etang, Alvin & Karlan, Dean S.

  • 2013 Online publishing and citation success in the business and economic history of Spain, 1997-2011
    by Bernardo Batiz-Lazo & Rasol Eskandari & John Goddard

  • 2013 Trends and Directions in the Accounting, Business and Economic History of Spain, 1997-2011
    by Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo & Rasol Eskandari

  • 2013 International Review of National Competitiveness
    by Dong-Sung Cho & Hwy-Chang Moon

  • 2013 Entrepreneurship and Multinationals
    by Geoffrey Jones

  • 2013 Audit tenure and audit Qualifications in a low litigation risk setting: An analysis of the Spanish market
    by Josep García Blandón & Josep María Argilés Bosch

  • 2013 Manifestation and Identification of Fraud Risk in Accounting
    by DUCU Corina-Maria & CHILAREZ Dănuț

  • 2013 Predicción de quiebras empresariales en economías emergentes: uso de un modelo logístico mixto || Bankruptcy Prediction in Emerging Economies: Use of a Mixed Logistic Model
    by Caro, Norma Patricia & Díaz, Margarita & Porporato, Marcela

  • 2013 Features on Risk Assessment in Financial Audit
    by Salomia Maria Mãdãlina, & Pirnea Ionela Carmen

  • 2013 Transfer Pricing: Alibi for Cross-Border Tax Evasion
    by Georgescu Iuliana Eugenia & Afrãsinei Mihai-Bogdan

  • 2013 Operational Techniques and Methods Used in the Internal Control Process
    by Ducu Corina Maria

  • 2013 La Contabilidad Pública en América Latina y el Devengo en Ecuador
    by Jazmín Sánchez & David Pincay

  • 2013 Gaap Vs. Ifrs Treatment Of Leases And The Impact On Financial Ratios
    by Peter Harris & William Stahlin & Liz Washington Arnold & Katherine Kinkela

  • 2013 Financial Contracts In Conventional And Islamic Financial Institutions: An Agency Theory Perspective
    by Khaled Aljifri & Sunil Kumar Khandelwal

  • 2013 Determinants of Chief Executive Officer Compensation
    by Hwei Cheng Wang & Chiulien C. Venezia & Yung-I Lou

  • 2013 Gaussian and Affine Approximation of Stochastic Diffusion Models for Interest and Mortality Rates
    by Marcus C. Christiansen

  • 2013 Ruin Time and Severity for a Lévy Subordinator Claim Process: A Simple Approach
    by Claude Lefèvre & Philippe Picard

  • 2013 Impact of Climate Change on Heat Wave Risk
    by Romain Biard & Christophette Blanchet-Scalliet & Anne Eyraud-Loisel & Stéphane Loisel

  • 2013 U.S. Equity Mean-Reversion Examined
    by Jim Liew & Ryan Roberts

  • 2013 A Risk Model with an Observer in a Markov Environment
    by Hansjörg Albrecher & Jevgenijs Ivanovs

  • 2013 Optimal Dynamic Portfolio with Mean-CVaR Criterion
    by Jing Li & Mingxin Xu

  • 2013 Optimal Deterministic Investment Strategies for Insurers
    by Nicole Bäuerle & Ulrich Rieder

  • 2013 A Welfare Analysis of Capital Insurance
    by Ekaterina Panttser & Weidong Tian

  • 2013 Optimal Reinsurance: A Risk Sharing Approach
    by Alejandro Balbas & Beatriz Balbas & Raquel Balbas

  • 2013 Surrounding Risks
    by Mogens Steffensen

  • 2013 Understanding the “Black Box†of Employer Decisions about Health Insurance Benefits: The Case of Depression Products
    by Kathryn Rost & Airia Papadopoulos & Su Wang & Donna Marshall

  • 2013 Evaluating Risk Measures and Capital Allocations Based on Multi-Losses Driven by a Heavy-Tailed Background Risk: The Multivariate Pareto-II Model
    by Alexandru V. Asimit & Raluca Vernic & Riċardas Zitikis

  • 2013 Early Warning to Insolvency in the Pension Fund: The French Case
    by Noël Bonneuil

  • 2013 Cambios en la comunicación de las incertidumbres en el informe de auditoría
    by Azkue Irigoyen, Itziar

  • 2013 State ownership and bank equity in the Asia-Pacific region
    by Hossain, Mahmud & Jain, Pankaj K. & Mitra, Santanu

  • 2013 Does investor protection regime affect the effectiveness of outside directorship on the board?
    by Pathak, Jagdish & Sun, Jerry

  • 2013 Product market power, industry structure, and corporate earnings management
    by Datta, Sudip & Iskandar-Datta, Mai & Singh, Vivek

  • 2013 Alternative bankruptcy prediction models using option-pricing theory
    by Charitou, Andreas & Dionysiou, Dionysia & Lambertides, Neophytos & Trigeorgis, Lenos

  • 2013 Do managers define non-GAAP earnings to meet or beat analyst forecasts?
    by Doyle, Jeffrey T. & Jennings, Jared N. & Soliman, Mark T.

  • 2013 Cost of capital and earnings transparency
    by Barth, Mary E. & Konchitchki, Yaniv & Landsman, Wayne R.

  • 2013 Property rights, R&D spillovers, and corporate accounting transparency in China
    by Fan, Joseph P.H. & Gillan, Stuart L. & Yu, Xin

  • 2013 Behavior-based pricing with experience goods
    by De Nijs, Romain & Rhodes, Andrew

  • 2013 Risk premia in multi-national enterprises
    by Lutz, Stefan

  • 2013 Signaling over income smoothing and IFRS adoption by banks: a panel data analysis on MENA countries
    by Mouna Ben rejeb attia & Houda Sassi & Naima Lassoued

  • 2013 Paraconsistent and fuzzy logic applied to company profitability analysis
    by Rodrigo P. Dill & Newton Da Costa Jr. & André A. P. Santos

  • 2013 Cash flow, earnings, and dividends: A comparison between different valuation methods for Brazilian companies
    by Cesar Cupertino & Newton Da Costa & Reinaldo Coelho & Emilio Menezes

  • 2013 Epistémologie et méthodologie des CIFRE:Illustration par des thèses soutenues en Finance Contrôle Stratégie
    by Fana Rasolofo-Distler & Cindy Zawadzki

  • 2013 Contabilitatea - O Reprezentare Normativă A Realului Economic?
    by Maria Mădălina VOINEA

  • 2013 Generating Innovative Research Ideas
    by Donald STOKES

  • 2013 Suggestion of legal regulation of tax advisory services to ensure its higher quality – case study from Slovenia
    by Stanko Čokelc & Jan Žan Oplotnik

  • 2013 6Month: June The Problem Of Tax Havens And The Romanian Tax Authorities’ Reaction
    by Mihai Bogdan Afrasinei

  • 2012 Les enjeux de la valorisation des marques
    by Farjaudon, Anne-Laure

  • 2012 Benchmarking for routines and organizational knowledge
    by Mircea Epure

  • 2012 Simultaneous determination of market value and risk premium in the valuation of firms
    by Stefan Lutz

  • 2012 The Mediating Effect between Some Determinants of SME Performance in Nigeria
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Shehu, Aliyu Mukhtar & Aminu, Ibrahim Murtala & Nik Mat, Nik Kamariah & Nasiru, Abdullahi & Tsagem, Musa Muhammad Tsagem & Kura, Kabiru Maitama

  • 2012 Corporate Governance and Accounting Practices in Pakistan
    by Ali, Syed Babar

  • 2012 Corporate mergers and financial performance: A new assessment of Indian cases
    by Reddy, K. Srinivasa & Nangia, Vinay Kumar & Agrawal, Rajat

  • 2012 Designing case studies from secondary sources – A conceptual framework
    by Reddy, K. Srinivasa & Agrawal, Rajat

  • 2012 Why the transfer of bank supervisory powers back to the Bank of England is a step in the right direction: Revisiting the role of external auditors in bank and financial services supervision
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2012 La nécessité d'une adoption (et l'adaptation) mondiale des IFRS (des normes internationales d'information financière): conséquences post-Enron et la restauration de la confiance aux marchés financiers à la suite des crises de 2008 financières et boursières
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2012 The need for global adoption and adaptation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): post Enron consequences and the restoration of confidence to capital markets following the 2008 financial and stock market crises
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2012 Forensic accounting and the law: The forensic accountant in the capacity of an expert witness
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2012 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting: A Stocktaking of Government Schemes
    by Céline Kauffmann & Cristina Tébar Less & Dorothee Teichmann

  • 2012 IFRS for SMEs: What will the implementation of IFRS for SME bring for timber industry?
    by Hana Bohusova & Patrik Svoboda & Petr Valouch

  • 2012 Risk premia in multi-national enterprises
    by Stefan Lutz

  • 2012 Economic profitability and the accounting rate of return
    by Carlo Alberto Magni & Ken Peasnell

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