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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M49: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Internal Control Management Development Strategy in Romania
    by Marin Popescu & Silvia Mihaela Popescu & Maria Daniela Galca

  • 2017 Corporate Sustainability Disclosure and Profitability of Petrochemicals and Chemical Industry
    by Kanibhatti Nitirojntanad & Chantanee Jaiwattanasawat

  • 2017 Static and Dynamic Indicators in the Analysis of Internal Sources of Companies’ Investments Financing
    by Bukvić, Rajko & Pavlović, Radica & Gajić, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Достоверното Счетоводно Дефиниране На Научноизследователската И Развойна Дейност
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2017 Management Control Systems and Strategy: A Resource based Perspective. Evidence from Greece
    by Nikolaos Theriou & Dimitrios Maditinos & Georgios N. Theriou

  • 2017 Towards a contingency theory of corporate planning: a systematic literature review
    by P. Maik Hamann

  • 2017 Accounting information system innovation in interfirm relationships
    by Daniela Ruggeri & Carmela Rizza

  • 2017 Performance in new product development: a comprehensive framework, current trends, and research directions
    by Benedikt Müller-Stewens & Klaus Möller

  • 2017 Research diversity in accounting doctoral education: survey results from the German-speaking countries
    by Christoph Pelger & Markus Grottke

  • 2017 Evaluation of Bank's Performance by using Balanced Score card: practical study in Libyan Environment
    by Abdurizzag Abofaied

  • 2017 The SWOT Analysis of Pre-university Education
    by Vitan Daniela

  • 2017 Challenges in Measuring International Strategic Performance in Professional Team Sports - Two Case Studies from Hungary
    by Miklós Kozma & Annamária Kazai Ónodi

  • 2017 Recognized intangibles and the present value of growth options
    by Michalis Makrominas

  • 2017 Study On The Performance In The Sector Of Production, Processing And Preserving White Meat From Romania, A Member Of The European Union
    by Ciprian APOSTOL

  • 2017 The status and determinants of corporate governance disclosure: The case of the Gulf countries
    by Nermeen F. Shehata

  • 2017 Assets evaluation role in boosting activity in Romania
    by Dumitru NICA & Laurentia Georgeta AVRAM

  • 2017 The Frauds and Errors in Auditing: A Case Study in Corum Area

  • 2017 The Effect Of Voluntary Use Of An Online Homework Management System On Course Grades In Financial Accounting
    by Susan B. Wessels & Rebecca J. Oatsvall

  • 2017 Usage And Perceptions Of Fraud Detection And Preventive Methods: Evidence From Mauritius
    by Ushad Subadar Agathee & Ushad Subadar Agathee

  • 2017 Influencia de los factores de contingencia en el desarrollo del cuadro de mando integral y su asociación con un rendimiento mejor. El caso de las empresas españolas
    by Pérez Granero, Luis & Guillén, Manuel & Bañón-Gomis, Alexis J.

  • 2017 Position practices of the present-day CFO: A reflection on historic roles at Guinness, 1920–1945
    by Martínez Franco, Carmen & Feeney, Orla & Quinn, Martin & Hiebl, Martin R.W.

  • 2017 Relationships between communication apprehension, ambiguity tolerance and learning styles in accounting students
    by Arquero, José Luis & Fernández-Polvillo, Carmen & Hassall, Trevor & Joyce, John

  • 2017 Earnings management to exceed thresholds in continental and Anglo-Saxon accounting models: The British and French cases
    by Halaoua, Sameh & Hamdi, Badreddine & Mejri, Tarek

  • 2017 Effects of business diversification on asset risk-taking: Evidence from the U.S. property-liability insurance industry
    by Che, Xin & Liebenberg, Andre P.

  • 2017 Private lenders’ demand for audit
    by Baylis, Richard M. & Burnap, Peter & Clatworthy, Mark A. & Gad, Mahmoud A. & Pong, Christopher K.M.

  • 2017 Does the PCAOB international inspection program improve audit quality for non-US-listed foreign clients?
    by Fung, Simon Yu Kit & Raman, K.K. & Zhu, Xindong (Kevin)

  • 2017 Ethical Sensitivity of Accounting Students: Evidence from Malaysia
    by Suba Ranjini Nadaraja & Mazlina Mustapha

  • 2017 The Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Quantifying the Relative Importance of the Firms’ Performance Determinants
    by Gholamhossein Mahdavi & Mohammad Sadeghzadeh Maharluie & Ahmad Shokrolahi

  • 2017 Метрификация На Фактора „Четивност“ В Годишните Доклади За Дейността На Българските Публични Предприятия
    by Илиян Христов & Любомира Димитрова

  • 2017 Aplicación del modelo de revaluación de propiedades, planta y equipo en empresas chilenas del sector energético
    by Claudia Orellana Fuentes & Digna Azúa Álvarez

  • 2017 Fiscal Autonomy of Local Government Governance Flexibility and Responsiveness
    by Mentor ISUFAJ

  • 2017 Organizational culture and internal control
    by Sorin Domnisoru & Radu Ogarca & Isabela Dragomir

  • 2017 The perceived suitability of management accounting information: a contingency based investigation
    by Ewelina ZARZYCKA & Justyna DOBROSZEK & Cristina CIRCA & Alina ALMASAN

  • 2017 Using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm in financial health scoring
    by Pinar OKAN GOKTEN & Furkan BASER & Soner GOKTEN

  • 2017 Timeliness of Corporate Reporting In Developing Economies: Evidence from Turkey
    by Omer Faruk Gulec

  • 2016 Management of financial results of the organization by using management accounting techniques
    by Andrew Sokolov & Tatyana Elsukova & Albina Sadykova

  • 2016 The Effectiveness of Risk Management Committee and Hedge Accounting Practices in Malaysia
    by Abdullah, Azrul & Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah

  • 2016 The Moderating role of Capability Element of Fraud on Internal Industry Factors and Fraud Prevention in Saudi Arabian Banking Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Rayaan, Baz & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Ahmad, Ayoib B. Che

  • 2016 Determinants of Internal Audit Task Performance in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A Conceptual Approach
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Ahmad, Ayoib B Che & Kehinde, Oyewumi Hassan

  • 2016 How compliant is the Romanian accounting with the Europan directives and international accounting standards?
    by Iacob, Constanta & Bosoteanu, Maria Cristina

  • 2016 Empirical study on the effect of the return on investment on budgetary slacks in investment expenditures
    by Cadoret, Jeremy

  • 2016 The 'Typical' Club? A Configuration Analysis of Scottish Football Clubs
    by Andrew Adams & Stephen Morrow & Ian Thomson

  • 2016 The Place and Role of Information System in Exercising the Financial Control
    by Radu Florin & Giju Ciprian & Tăbîrcă Alina Iuliana

  • 2016 Quasi-Competitiveness of the Audit Services Market in Ukraine: The Aspect of European Integration
    by Inna Makarenko & Oleksiy Plastun

  • 2016 La transparencia organizativa y económica en la Web de las fundaciones: un estudio empírico para España
    by Paloma Del Campo Moreno & Teresa C. Herrador Alcaide & Ana I. Segovia San Juan

  • 2016 Methodology of complex analysis of companies’ profitability
    by Daiva TamuleviÄ ienÄ—

  • 2016 Innovative management control systems in knowledge work: a middle manager perspective
    by Carlos Martin-Rios

  • 2016 Budgeting as a Method of Cost Management Using a Residential Community as an Example (Budzetowanie jako metoda zarzadzania kosztami na przykladzie wspolnoty mieszkaniowej)
    by Bartlomiej Juras & Malgorzata Czerny

  • 2016 Utilisation of the Hungarian SAO's Work in the Light of Auditing Public Procurements
    by Nóra Gál & Nikolett Bodánszky & Zsolt Székely & Leila Mészáros

  • 2016 The Role of the Patrimonial Result Account in Rendering Performance in the Secondary Educational Institutions
    by Daniela Vitan

  • 2016 Social Accounting - In the Wake of the Sustainability
    by Zoltán Musinszki & Anita Demény

  • 2016 Social Accounting - In the Wake of the Sustainability
    by Zoltán Musinszki & Anita Demény

  • 2016 Fraud Cycles
    by Jiong Gong & R. Preston McAfee & Michael A. Williams

  • 2016 Assessment of corporate governance disclosure in the GCC countries using the UNCTAD ISAR benchmark
    by Nermeen F. Shehata

  • 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility And Professionals Of Economic Sciences – Administrative , Responsabilidad Social Empresarial Y Los Profesionales De Las Ciencias Económico - Administrativas
    by Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz & Anahi Tlachi Cuautle

  • 2016 A Chinese Kandi Recipe: One Part Sustainability And One Part Entrepreneurial Spirit
    by William E. Bealing, Jr & Edward Pitingolo

  • 2016 Gaap Vs. Ifrs Treatment Of Leases And The Impact On Financial Ratios
    by Thomas A. Buchman & Peter Harris & Michelle Liu

  • 2016 Social And Environmental Accounting: Evidence From The Stock Exchange Of Mauritius
    by Ushad Subadar Agathee & Mootooganagen Ramen

  • 2016 Value Relevance Of Voluntary Risk Disclosure Levels: Evidence From Saudi Banks
    by Abdullah Al-Maghzom & Khaled Hussainey & Doaa Aly

  • 2016 Utilidad percibida de la producción académica-contable. Opinión de los profesores universitarios y de los profesionales
    by Arquero, José Luis & Jiménez Cardoso, Sergio Manuel & Laffarga Briones, Joaquina

  • 2016 ¿Es neutral la información sobre resultados?
    by Suárez Fernández, Óscar

  • 2016 ¿La investigación española en Contabilidad de Gestión está alejada de la práctica profesional? La opinión académica
    by Victor-Ponce, Patricia & Muñoz Colomina, Clara Isabel

  • 2016 ISO 14051: A new era for MFCA implementation and research
    by Christ, Katherine L. & Burritt, Roger L.

  • 2016 Credit rating model development: An ordered analysis based on accounting data
    by Balios, Dimitris & Thomadakis, Stavros & Tsipouri, Lena

  • 2016 Customer concentration and corporate tax avoidance
    by Huang, Henry He & Lobo, Gerald J. & Wang, Chong & Xie, Hong

  • 2016 Does PCAOB inspection access improve audit quality? An examination of foreign firms listed in the United States
    by Lamoreaux, Phillip T.

  • 2016 Common auditors in M&A transactions
    by Cai, Ye & Kim, Yongtae & Park, Jong Chool & White, Hal D.

  • 2016 Shared auditors in mergers and acquisitions
    by Dhaliwal, Dan S. & Lamoreaux, Phillip T. & Litov, Lubomir P. & Neyland, Jordan B.

  • 2016 The information role of audit opinions in debt contracting
    by Chen, Peter F. & He, Shaohua & Ma, Zhiming & Stice, Derrald

  • 2016 Analyst coverage: Does the listing location really matter?
    by Hassan, Omaima A.G. & Skinner, Frank S.

  • 2016 Compensation or feedback: Motivating performance in multidimensional tasks
    by Christ, Margaret H. & Emett, Scott A. & Tayler, William B. & Wood, David A.

  • 2016 Creation of Provision for Doubtful Debts
    by Yuriy Ivanovich Sigidov & Marina Aleksandrovna Korovina & Aleksander Ivanovich Trubilin & Viktor Vilenovich Govdya & Nadezhda Konstantinovna Vasilieva

  • 2016 Contabilidad y RSE Objeciones a una relación planeada sin daños a terceros
    by Juan David Arias

  • 2016 La implantación del cuadro de mando integral en el sector agroalimentario: el caso del grupo alimentario guissona
    by Oriol Amat Salas & Lucia Clara Banchieri & Fernando Campa Planas

  • 2016 Relación entre los sistemas de contabilidad y control de gestión y los sesgos en la evaluación y toma de decisiones
    by Ernesto Lopez-Valeiras & Jacobo Gomez-Conde & David Naranjo-Gil

  • 2016 Incidencia de estándares internacionales en la sostenibilidad corporativa: una perspectiva de la alta dirección
    by Jorge Polanco & Fabián Ramírez & Martha Orozco

  • 2016 Towards Integrated Reporting: Analysis Of Information Published On The Companies’ Websites That Could Be Part Of The Integrated Reporting
    by Marina Trpeska & Zorica Bozinovska Lazarevska & Atanasko Atanasovski

  • 2016 Specific Restrictions And Theoretical Background For Joint-Stock Company Equity
    by CHIRILOV Nelea

  • 2016 The importance of professional judgement applied in the context of the International Financial Reporting Standards
    by Ionela IVAN

  • 2016 A comprehensive conceptual profile on control
    by Sorin DOMNISORU & Radu OGARCA & Cosmin BALOI

  • 2016 The relationship between the audit committee
    by Emilia VASILE & Daniela MITRAN

  • 2016 Etyczny aspekt teorii normatywnych rachunkowosci / Ethical Aspect of the Normative Theories of Accounting
    by Beata Rogowska

  • 2016 Standard Calculation Per Product In The Chemical Fertilizer Industry
    by Ion Ionescu

  • 2016 Evaluating The Role Of The Regulators Of The External Audit Profession In Achieving The Audit Quality In Iraq
    by Fedaa Abd Almajid Sabbar Alaraji & Andrea Gabriela Ponorîc? & Ahmed Hamid Juhi Al Saedi & Elena Iuliana Ion

  • 2016 The Quality And Utility Of Annual Financial Reports Between Expectations And Reality
    by Magdalena Mihai & Adriana Cr?i?ar

  • 2016 Financial And Non-Financial Indicators For Organizational Performance Measurement
    by Elena-Iuliana Ion & Maria Criveanu

  • 2016-01 Información del Capital Humano: la generación de intangibles y la responsabilidad social
    by Tejedo Romero, Francisca & Ferraz Esteves de Araújo, Joaquim Filipe

  • 2015 Financial Balance ? An Important Objective for the Stakeholders in Romanian?s Energy Sector
    by Miron Vasile Cristian Ioachim

  • 2015 New Didactic Approaches in Accounting: Moving Beyond the Calculation Exercise
    by Pavel Strach & Irena Stejskalova

  • 2015 Ownership Structure and Dividend Policy: An Analysis of Consumer Goods Indusry in Nigeria
    by Mukhtar Musa BAko

  • 2015 Going Concern Research Assessment for Quoted Romanian Agricultural Companies
    by Flavia Stoian & Geanina Gabriela Tudose & Grazia-Oana Petroianu & DANIELA NICOLETA MEDINTU

  • 2015 The impact of moral intensity dimensions in ethical decision making process of Albanian accounting students
    by Loreta Bebi

  • 2015 Risk Management Committee and Disclosure of Hedging Activities Information among Malaysian Listed Companies
    by Abdullah, Azrul & Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah & Mat Isa, Norshamshina

  • 2015 Forensic Accounting and Fraud: A Review of Literature and Policy Implications
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2015 Mode of Islamic Bank Financing: Does Effectiveness of Shariah Supervisory Board Matter?
    by Waemustafa, Waeibrorheem & Abdullah, Azrul

  • 2015 Does The Accrual Anomaly Exists In Stock Market? Evidence From Pakistan
    by Baloch, Muhammad Saad

  • 2015 Forensic Accountant and Auditor Knowledge and Skills Requirements for Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment in the Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2015 Financial Ratios and Prediction on Corporate Bankruptcy in the Atlantic Salmon Industry
    by Misund, Bård

  • 2015 Accounting, Management Control and the Financial Function in the Mission of the Firm
    by Rosanas, Josep Maria

  • 2015 When Organizations Deinstitutionalize Control Practices: A Multiple-Case Study of Budget Abandonment
    by Becker , Sebastian

  • 2015 Harmonization Of Accounting Systems, A Need For The Foreign Investors In Romania
    by Oana Bogdan

  • 2015 Influencing Factors on Earnings Management, Empirical Evidence from Listed German and Austrian Companies
    by Thomas Dilger & Sabine Graschitz

  • 2015 Do Estate Tax Rates Really Affect Charitable Bequests? A Regression Model Analysis Of Estate Distributions

  • 2015 Agronomists and accounting. The beginnings of capitalist rationalisation on the farm (1800-1850)
    by Thomas Depecker & Nathalie Joly

  • 2015 The Effect of Advanced Management Accounting Practices on the Competitive Strategies and Performance
    by Yücel, Rahmi & Ahmetoğulları, Kayhan

  • 2015 Considerations Regarding Lean Approach Within Management Accounting
    by Dimi Ofileanu

  • 2015 Aspects Regarding the Application of Lean Accounting in Taking the Managerial Decisions
    by Ofileanu Dimi

  • 2015 Comprehensive Income Reporting by Listed Companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Econometric Study
    by Grosu Maria & Mihalciuc Camelia

  • 2015 Evolution And Quality Of Financial Reporting In Romania: An Overview From 1990 To Present
    by NICHITA Mirela & GAJEVSZKY Andra & &

  • 2015 An Internal Audit Perspective on Differences between European Corporate Governance Codes and OECD Principles
    by Raluca Ivan

  • 2015 Profit Return In Civil Aviation And Fleet Insurance: Gaap, Financial Reporting And Tax Applications
    by Onder Kaymaz & Ozgur Kaymaz

  • 2015 Same Song, Same Dance: Evidence Of Patterns In Securities And Exchange Commission Funding
    by William E. Bealing & Edward Pitingolo

  • 2015 The Effectiveness Of Mobile Based Learning Technology Versus Face-To-Face Learning Of Accounting Information Systems
    by Diah Hari Suryaningrum & Eni Wuryani & Intan Yuniar Purbasari

  • 2015 Relationships Between Institutional Ownership, Capital Structure And Research And Development Investment
    by Hsueh-En Hsu & Chiulien C Venezia & Chelsea Schrader

  • 2015 Efectos de la reforma contable en el patrimonio neto consolidado a 1 de enero de 2008 de los grupos españoles que no aplican normativa NIIF
    by Legaz Ortiz, Javier & Montoya del Corte, Javier & Rodríguez Ariza, Lázaro

  • 2015 Lean Accounting – By When In Romania?
    by Dimi OFILEANU

  • 2015 Regression Model For Risk Reporting In Financial Statements Of Accounting Services Entities
    by Mirela NICHITA

  • 2015 Why Is Important To Do The Performance Analysis?
    by Maria-Mădălina VOINEA

  • 2015 An Overview On State Of Knowledge Of Risk And Risk Management In Economics Fields
    by Mirela NICHITA

  • 2015 The Long Term Impact Of Different Methods Of Boosting The Activity
    by George CALOTA & Bogdan STICLOSU & Bogdan PIRVULESCU

  • 2015 Some Issues Related To Cash Flow Statement in Accounting Education: The Case of Turkey
    by Can Ozturk

  • 2015 Blended Learning in Tertiary Accounting Education in the CEE Region – A Polish Perspective
    by Konrad Grabinski & Marcin Kedzior & Joanna Krasodomska

  • 2015 An Empirical Analysis of Metadiscourse in the Abstracts of Romanian Accounting Research Articles
    by Mihaela Mocanu

  • 2015 Can Be Used The Income Approach In Plant,Machinery And Equipment Valuation
    by Sorin Adrian Achim

  • 2015 Opinions Concerningthe Organizationof Standard Costs Accountancy
    by Ion Ionescu

  • 2015 Employees Stimulation Policies From Accounting And Fiscal Perspective
    by Cristian Dragan & Valeriu Brabete & Carmen Maria Dindiri

  • 2015 About Ethics In Plant,Machinery And Equipment Valuation Domain
    by Sorin Adrian Achim

  • 2015 Reporting of Non-Financial Performance Indicators – a Useful Tool for a Sustainable Marketing Strategy
    by Adriana Calu & Costel Negrei & Daniela Artemisa Calu & Viorel Avram

  • 2015-10-06 Traditional budgeting during financial crisis
    by Lorain, Marie Anne & García Domonte, Aurora & Sastre Peláez, Francisco

  • 2014 The Development of Accounting in Turkey and Analysis of the Accounting Culture In Terms of International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    by Esin Yelgen & Nilüfer Tetik

  • 2014 The Development of Accounting in Turkey and Analysis of the Accounting Culture In Terms of International Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    by Nilüfer Tetik & Esin Yelgen

  • 2014 The Issue Of Management Accounting In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises
    by Ma?orzata Kucharczyk & Iwona Cie?lak

  • 2014 Green Accounting - The Fifth Element Of A The Balanced Scorecard
    by Iwona Cie?lak & Ma?grzata Kucharczyk

  • 2014 Accounting Of Environmental Costs: A Comparision Of Ready Mixed Concrete Industry And Cement Industry

  • 2014 A Model of Social Interactivity through Internet-based Technologies: Implications for Marketing Communications
    by Boonchai Hongcharu

  • 2014 Tax Agents Perceptions of the Corporate Taxpayersâ?? Compliance Costs under the Self-assessment System
    by Noor Sharoja Sapiei

  • 2014 Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Accountant and Auditor Knowledge and Mindset in Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Impact of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Skills and Mindsets: Experience from Nigeria
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Fraud and Forensic Accounting: Knowledge and Risk Assessment Task Performance in Malaysian Public Sector – Conceptual study
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Forensic Accounting Knowledge and Mindset on Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 Forensic Accounting and Fraud: Capability and Competence Requirements in Malaysia
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 An Empirical Investigation of Fraud Risk Assessment and Knowledge Requirement on Fraud Related Problem Representation in Nigeria
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2014 An Integrated Model For Assessing The Activity Of The Enterprise
    by Iliyan Hristov

  • 2014 Application of ‘cost-volume-profit’ Analysis In The Hotel Industry (Based on Survey Data of High-ranking Hotels in the North-east Region of Bulgaria)
    by Dragan Georgiev

  • 2014 Work–Family Conflicts of Practitioners of Accountancy: Practice of Diyarbakir
    by Mustafa ZİNCİRKIRAN & Hidayet TİFTİK

  • 2014 Corporate governance and securities class actions
    by Larelle Chapple & Victoria J Clout & David Tan

  • 2014 The Use of Cost Information in Frozen Food Logistics
    by Durak, Mustafa Gürol & Ünverdi, İdil

  • 2014 Notes to some types of external frauds from the perspective of criminal legislation in the Czech Republic
    by Vladimír Králíček & Jan Molín

  • 2014 Considerations On Entity'S Risk Analysis
    by Mirela Monea

  • 2014 Controlling in Romania. A Literature Review
    by Mocanu Mihaela

  • 2014 The Significance of 18 Weeks in Internet Business Reporting Research (IBR): A New Dimension in Data Collection Procedures
    by Siti Rosmaini Binti Mohd Hanafi & Mohd Ariff Bin Kasim

  • 2014 Financiación Del Servicio Público De Transporte Urbano: Un Estudio Empírico En Las Empresas Españolas / Financing Public Urban Transport: An Empirical Study In Spanish Companies
    by Delgado Jalón, M. Luisa & Sánchez de Lara, Miguel A. & Gómez Ortega, Alba

  • 2014 A Strategic Analysis Of Collective Urban Transport In Spain Using The Five Forces Model / Un Análisis Estratégico De Transporte Urbano Colectivo En España Usando Elmodelo De Las Cinco Fuerzas
    by Gómez Ortega, Alba & Delgado Jalón, M. Luisa & Rivero Menéndez, José Ángel

  • 2014 Observatorio De Costes Y Financiación Del Transporte Urbano Colectivo: Un Programa De Investigación / Cost And Funding Of Urban Transport Watchdog: A Research Program
    by Sánchez Toledano, Daniel & Carrasco Díaz, Daniel & Sánchez Toledano, Joaquín

  • 2014 Análisis De Las Empresas Concesionarias Del Servicio Público De Transporte Urbano Colectivo En España (2008-2010) / An Analysis Of Concessionaries Of The Public Service Of Urban Collective Transport Industry In Spain (2008-2010)
    by Balboa la Chica, Pedro Manuel & Mesa Mendoza, Margarita & Suárez Falcón, Heriberto

  • 2014 The Importance of the Sustainability of Environmental Accounting

  • 2014 The Neutrality Of The Forward-Looking Information,La Neutralidad De La Informacion Previsional
    by Oscar Suarez Fernandez

  • 2014 The Association between Firm Characteristics and Corporate Financial Disclosures: Evidence from UAE Companies
    by Khaled Aljifri & Abdulkareem Alzarouni & Chew Ng & Mohammad Iqbal Tahir

  • 2014 Determinants Of Balanced Scorecard Usage: Indirect Correlation Through Attitudinal Factors
    by Wasatorn Shutibhinyo

  • 2014 Types Of Restatement Decisions And Ex-Ante Red Flags Of Internal Control Quality
    by Ya-Fang Wang & Yu-Ting Huang

  • 2014 Integrating Writing Assignments Into An Historically Non-Writing Intensive Course
    by William E. Bealing, Jr

  • 2014 Internet Financial Disclosure: Evidence From Saudi Arabia And Oman
    by Mohamed A. K. Basuony & Ehab K. A. Mohamed

  • 2014 A Standardized Net Income Shares Model To Develop Basic Child Support Guidelines
    by Juan Pablo Navarro Acevedo

  • 2014 Entorno virtual de aprendizaje y resultados académicos: evidencia empírica para la enseñanza de la Contabilidad de Gestión
    by Montagud Mascarell, M. Dolores & Gandía Cabedo, Juan L.

  • 2014 L’apport de la méthode DEA au pilotage de la performance des centres de coût : l’exemple de la logistique amont
    by Laurent Cavaignac & Fabienne Villesèque-Dubus

  • 2014 Aplicación contable del valor presente en el contexto venezolano
    by Heiberg Andrés Castellanos Sánchez

  • 2014 Presença dos pilares da teoria da estruturação na controladoria com o processo de convergência contábil
    by Dalci Mendes Almeida & Ilse Maria Beuren

  • 2014 Is the activity based costing system a viable instrument for small and medium enterprises? The case of Mexico
    by Martha Ríos Manríquez & Clara I. Muñoz Colomina & M. Lourdes Rodríguez Vilariño Pastor

  • 2014 Revelación de información en las empresas bursátiles chilenas: el efecto de la propiedad de los inversionistas institucionales y el nivel de endeudamiento
    by Ricardo Álex Campos Espinoza & Hanns Aníbal de la Fuente Mella & Berta Silva Palavecinos & Paola Andrea Díaz Riffo

  • 2014 The Relevance Of Goodwill Reporting In An Islamic Context
    by Radu-Daniel LOGHIN & Crina SERIA

  • 2014 The Expansion Of Accounting To The Cloud
    by Otilia DIMITRIU & Marian MATEI

  • 2014 Activity-Based Costing In The Manufacturing Sector: A Managerial Instrument For Decision-Making
    by Ioana D. BUFAN

  • 2014 Towards A Definition Of Controlling
    by Mihaela Mocanu

  • 2014 Contributions To Optimize Quality Costs In The Automotive Industry
    by Ion Ionescu

  • 2014 Considerations Regarding The Quality Cost Of Traded Products And Services In The Context Of Performing Management Of The Entity
    by Cristian Dragan & Valeriu Brabete

  • 2014 Considerations Regarding The Accounting Principles Applied In Insolvency Proceedings
    by Marioara Avram & Veronel Avram

  • 2013 Accounting conservatism in the post-IFRS period: Do provisions matter?

  • 2013 Relationships Between Stakeholders And Reports Using Fuzzy Relations
    by Paula A. D’Onofrio & Inés García Fronti

  • 2013 The Impact of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Skills and Mindsets: A Conceptual Model
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Yussof, Rushami Zien

  • 2013 Forensic Accounting Knowledge and Skills on Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment: Nigerian Public Sector Experience
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2013 An Examination of Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment on Forensic Accountant Knowledge and Mindset in Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Ahmad, Hartini

  • 2013 Colonial Life Insurance Company Limited - From Growth to Failure: An Analysis of Reported Financial Activity 2003-2008
    by Gordon, Leo-Rey

  • 2013 Role of work overload toward turnover intention among newly hired public accountants
    by Pradana, Andika & Salehudin, Imam

  • 2013 Shared Auditors in Mergers and Acquisitions
    by Dhaliwal, Dan S. & Lamoreaux, Phillip T. & Litov, Lubomir P. & Neyland, Jordan B.

  • 2013 Benefits and Costs of Auditor's Assurance: Evidence from the Review of Quarterly Financial Statements
    by Jean Bédard & Lucie Courteau

  • 2013 A Study Of The Controlling Function, Under The Influence And Effect Of The Financial And Controlling Activity Of The Public Financial Inspection Agency (PFIA)
    by Plamena Nedyalkova

  • 2013 The Role of Managerial Accounting in the Management Process
    by BUFAN Ioana-Diana

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