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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M48: Government Policy and Regulation
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Role of Overbilling in Hospitals’ Earnings Management Decisions
    by Jonas Heese

  • 2017 Is the SEC Captured? Evidence from Comment-Letter Reviews
    by Jones Heese & Mozaffar Khan & Karthik Ramanna

  • 2017 Energy Tax and Regulatory Policy in Europe: Reform Priorities

  • 2017 The relationship between corporate governance and tax avoidance - evidence from Germany using a regression discontinuity design
    by Kiesewetter, Dirk & Manthey, Johannes

  • 2017 The evolution of the conceptual basis for the assessment of urban mobility sustainability impacts
    by Pietro Lanzini & Andrea Stocchetti

  • 2017 La gestione finanziaria nelle imprese di costruzioni.Riflessioni da un’analisi empirica
    by Enrico Bracci & Roberto Crepaldi & Anna-Rita Ragazzi

  • 2017 The Internal Control Management Development Strategy in Romania
    by Marin Popescu & Silvia Mihaela Popescu & Maria Daniela Galca

  • 2017 Budgeting and governance in Tanzanian Local Government Authorities
    by Abeid Francis Gaspar

  • 2017 Analyzing the critical effects of creative accounting practices in the corporate sector of Ghana
    by Ndebugri, Haruna & Tweneboah Senzu, Emmanuel

  • 2017 Достоверното Счетоводно Дефиниране На Научноизследователската И Развойна Дейност
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2017 Preparation and disclosure of non-financial statement based on the new Bulgarian accountancy act
    by Georgieva, Daniela

  • 2017 Bank Loan Loss Provisions Research: A Review
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2017 Earnings Management Dynamics in Portuguese Listed Firms
    by Diogo Batista da SIlva & António Cerqueira & Elísio Brandão

  • 2017 The role of comprehensive income in predicting banks’ future earnings
    by Artur Sajnog

  • 2017 Who Falls Prey to the Wolf of Wall Street? Investor Participation in Market Manipulation
    by Christian Leuz & Steffen Meyer & Maximilian Muhn & Eugene Soltes & Andreas Hackethal

  • 2017 Does Recognition versus Disclosure Affect Risk Relevance? Evidence from Finance Leases in Japan
    by Masaki Kusano

  • 2017 Effect of Capitalizing Operating Leases on Credit Ratings:Evidence from Japan
    by Masaki Kusano

  • 2017 Foreign ownership and financial reporting quality in private subsidiaries
    by Belén Gill de Albornoz Noguer & Simona Rusanescu

  • 2017 減損会計は企業投資行動に影響を及ぼすか
    by 植杉, 威一郎 & 中島, 賢太郎 & 細野, 薫

  • 2017 Corporate Governance, Financial Ratios, Political Risk and Financial Distress, A Survival Analysis
    by Farida Titik Kristanti

  • 2017 Sustainability-oriented Business Model Innovation: Context and Drivers
    by Fabio Moliterni

  • 2017 Taxing Intellectual Property in the Global Economy: A Plea for Regulated and Internationally Coordinated Profit Splitting
    by Wolfram F. Richter

  • 2017 Opportunism in disclosing pro-forma indicators: rationale and contextual drivers
    by Silvia Gardini & F. Marta L. Di Lascio & Franco Visani

  • 2017 How cultural and contextual variables affect the disclosure and transparency of pro-forma indicators
    by Silvia Gardini & F. Marta L. Di Lascio & Franco Visani

  • 2017 Joint audit, audit market structure, and consumer surplus
    by Qiang Guo & Christopher Koch & Aiyong Zhu

  • 2017 The IFRS option to reclassify financial assets out of fair value in 2008: the roles played by regulatory capital and too-important-to-fail status
    by Peter Fiechter & Wayne R. Landsman & Kenneth Peasnell & Annelies Renders

  • 2017 The standard-setters’ toolkit: can principles prevail over bright lines?
    by Darren Henderson & Patricia C. O’Brien

  • 2017 Management forecasts and the cost of equity capital: international evidence
    by Ying Cao & Linda A. Myers & Albert Tsang & Yong George Yang

  • 2017 Value relevance of voluntary internal control certification: An information asymmetry perspective
    by Mukesh Garg

  • 2017 Problems in Making International Financial Reporting Standards Become “National”: The Case of Turkey
    by Sarıoğlu, Kerem

  • 2017 Comparison Of Liquidity Based And Financial Performance Based Indicators In Financial Analysis
    by Igor Pustylnick

  • 2017 The role of comprehensive income in predicting banks’ future earnings based on the practice of banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Artur Sajnog

  • 2017 Does foreign ownership impact accounting conservatism adoption in Vietnam
    by Tuan Bach Le, & Drahomira Pavelkova, & Thi Thanh Nhan Do, & Minh Vu Ngo

  • 2017 Applying Benford's law into Jordanian insurance companies to identify earning's manipulations
    by Firas Al-Rawashdeh

  • 2017 Culture and Accounting Practices
    by Carataș Maria Alina & Spătariu Elena Cerasela & Drăgoi Mihaela Cristina

  • 2017 The Use of Accounting Information as a Means of Fraud
    by Spătărelu Ionuț & Petec (Călinescu) Daniela

  • 2017 Cyber Attacks and Combat Behavior
    by Carataș Maria Alina & Spătariu Elena Cerasela & Gheorghiu Gabriela

  • 2017 Historical Overview Of Auditors In Bulgaria

  • 2017 Corruption as an organizational process: Understanding the logic of the denormalization of corruption
    by David Arellano Gault

  • 2017 Corrupción como proceso organizacional: comprendiendo la lógica de la desnormalización de la corrupción
    by David Arellano Gault

  • 2017 Insider trading and response to earnings announcements: the impact of accelerated disclosure requirements
    by Semih Tartaroglu & Michael Imhof

  • 2017 Does the requirement of an engagement partner signature improve financial analysts’ information environment in the United Kingdom?
    by Shirley Liu

  • 2017 Recognized intangibles and the present value of growth options
    by Michalis Makrominas

  • 2017 Internal audit function quality and financial reporting: results of a survey on German listed companies
    by Marius Gros & Sebastian Koch & Christoph Wallek

  • 2017 Does Board Gender Diversity Influence Financial Performance? Evidence from Spain
    by Nuria Reguera-Alvarado & Pilar Fuentes & Joaquina Laffarga

  • 2017 Carbon Trading Reporting: The Case of Spanish Companies
    by A. J. Stagliano

  • 2017 Public oversight systems for statutory auditors in the European Union
    by Beatriz García Osma & Ana Gisbert & Elena Heras Cristóbal

    by Ali Mohammad Al-Attar & Bassam Mohammad Maali

  • 2017 Institutional Logics and ERP Implementation in Public Sector Agency
    by Nizar M. Alsharari Author-Email:;

  • 2017 Capital Punishment And Financial Reporting Fraud: Implications For Secular Countries
    by Mahmud Hossain & Ashraf Khallaf & Feras M. Salama

  • 2017 Impact Of The Federal Law For Prevention And Identification Of Operations With Illegal Resources To Taxpayers Who Develop Vulnerable Activities, Impacto De La Ley Federal Para La Prevención E Identificación De Operaciones Con Recursos De Procedencia Ilícita A Contribuyentes Que Desarrollan Actividades Vulnerables
    by Estela Martínez Silverio & Karla Liliana Haro Zea & María Esther López Sánchez

  • 2017 The Effect Of Accounting-Based Debt Covenant Disclosures On Shareholder Wealth
    by Ping Wang

  • 2017 Misure di benessere dei territori e programmazione strategica: il livello comunale
    by Fabio Fiorillo & Cristina Muscillo & Stefania Taralli

  • 2017 Behavioral Intention to Use E-Tax Service System: An Application of Technology Acceptance Model
    by Jullie Jeanette Sondakh

  • 2017 Consequences of Going Concern Opinion for Financial Reports of Business Firms and Capital Markets with Auditor Reputation as a Moderation Variable - An Experimental Study
    by Dody Hapsoro & Tulus Suryanto

  • 2017 An empirical study of audit expectation-performance gap: The case of Libya
    by Masoud, Najeb

  • 2017 It pays to write well
    by Hwang, Byoung-Hyoun & Kim, Hugh Hoikwang

  • 2017 Product recalls and security prices: New evidence from the US market
    by Unsal, Omer & Hassan, M. Kabir & Zirek, Duygu

  • 2017 Shadows in the Sun: Crash risk behind Earnings Transparency
    by Hung, Shengmin & Qiao, Zheng

  • 2017 The real effects of mandated information on social responsibility in financial reports: Evidence from mine-safety records
    by Christensen, Hans B. & Floyd, Eric & Liu, Lisa Yao & Maffett, Mark

  • 2017 Is the SEC captured? Evidence from comment-letter reviews
    by Heese, Jonas & Khan, Mozaffar & Ramanna, Karthik

  • 2017 Religion and mergers and acquisitions contracting: The case of earnout agreements
    by Elnahas, Ahmed M. & Kabir Hassan, M. & Ismail, Ghada M.

  • 2017 Audit time pressure and earnings quality: An examination of accelerated filings
    by Lambert, Tamara A. & Jones, Keith L. & Brazel, Joseph F. & Showalter, D. Scott

  • 2017 Banks' Use of Accounting Discretion and Regulatory Intervention: The Case of European Banks' Impairments on Greek Government Bonds
    by Bierey, Martin & Schmidt, Martin

  • 2017 Earnings and Dividend Announcements: Are They Interactive? Evidence from the French Context
    by Mondher Kouki

  • 2017 Why Company Should Adopt Integrated Reporting?
    by Mohammad Enamul Hoque

  • 2017 Анализ На Връзката Между Риска И Равнището На Неговите Оповестявания Във Финансовите Отчети На Банките
    by Калин Калев

  • 2017 An Explanation of Management of Local Governments in Spain Based on the Structure of the Internal Control System
    by Maria del Rocio Moreno-Enguix & Ester Gras-Gil & Joaquin Hernandez-Fernandez

  • 2017 Aplicación del modelo de revaluación de propiedades, planta y equipo en empresas chilenas del sector energético
    by Claudia Orellana Fuentes & Digna Azúa Álvarez

  • 2017 Fiscal Autonomy of Local Government Governance Flexibility and Responsiveness
    by Mentor ISUFAJ

  • 2017 Economic And Social Environment - Global Outlook 2016 And Beyond
    by BOIA Madalina

  • 2017 The new era of expected credit loss provisioning
    by Benjamin H Cohen & Gerald A. Edwards, Jr.

  • 2017 Family Ownership, Earnings Informativeness, and Role of Audit Committees: An Empirical Investigation in India
    by Prasanna Krishna & Ramanathan Geeta & Arora Bharat

  • 2017 Evolutions and tendencies regarding the Romanian transfer pricing legislation: is there a need for change?
    by Ioana NEACSU & Liliana FELEAGA

  • 2017 Adoption Process of IFRS for SMEs in Turkey: Insights from Academics and Accountants
    by Merve Kilic & Ali Uyar

  • 2017 Editorial. Small and Medium-Sized Entities Reporting In Central and Eastern Europe
    by Catalin Nicolae Albu & Karol Marek Klimczak

  • 2017-06-13 A first approach to a pay-as-you-go model for a social benefit in Spain
    by Peña Miguel, Noemí & De la Peña Esteban, Joseba Iñaki

  • 2017(XXVII) Accounting culture for preventing discimination in vulnerable communities
    by Gheorghe ZAMAN & Luminita IONESCU

  • 2016 Pricing the Transfer of Intellectual Property: A Plea for Regulated and Internationally Coordinated Profit Splitting
    by Richter, Wolfram F. & Breuer, Markus

  • 2016 Unternehmen im Spannungsfeld der Stakeholderansprüche: Möglichkeiten und Rahmenbedingungen für unternehmerische Mitverantwortung
    by Eyerund, Theresa & Möller, Marie

  • 2016 The Effects of the Financial Crisis on Cooperative Banks in Europe – A Critical Comparison –
    by Henselmann, Klaus & Ditter, Dominik & Lupp, Philipp

  • 2016 Accounting for accounting history: An exploratory study through topic modeling approach
    by Paolo Ferri & Maria Lusiani & Luca Pareschi

  • 2016 The Effectiveness of Risk Management Committee and Hedge Accounting Practices in Malaysia
    by Abdullah, Azrul & Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah

  • 2016 Untaxed Social-Media Problem and Potential Solutions
    by Kaplanhan, Fatih & Korkut, Cem

  • 2016 The Moderating role of Capability Element of Fraud on Internal Industry Factors and Fraud Prevention in Saudi Arabian Banking Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Rayaan, Baz & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah & Ahmad, Ayoib B. Che

  • 2016 Determinants of Internal Audit Task Performance in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: A Conceptual Approach
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Ahmad, Ayoib B Che & Kehinde, Oyewumi Hassan

  • 2016 An empirical effect of Fraud Specific Problem Representation on Accountants’ Skills and Fraud Risk Assessment
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Ahmad, Ayoib B Che & Abdullah, Zaimah & Idris, Kamil Md & Abu Bakar, Fathiyyah

  • 2016 Is Bank Supervision Effective? Evidence from the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses
    by Yang, Ling

  • 2016 Fraud Detection, Conservatism and Political Economy of Whistle Blowing
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2016 Zakat Accounting: Metaphor and accounting treatment for business organization
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 How compliant is the Romanian accounting with the Europan directives and international accounting standards?
    by Iacob, Constanta & Bosoteanu, Maria Cristina

  • 2016 A cross-sectoral analysis of climate change risk drivers based on companies’ responses to the CDP’s climate change information request
    by Markus Groth & Annette Brunsmeier

  • 2016 The Impact of Japanese Regulatory Changes on Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management
    by Masahiro Enomoto & Tomoyasu Yamaguchi

  • 2016 Welfare Effects of Endogenous Information Acquisition and Disclosure in Duopoly Markets
    by Kazunori Miwa

  • 2016 Opinion shopping: Partner versus firm-level evidence
    by Beatriz García Osma & Belén Gill de Albornoz Noguer & Elena De las Heras Cristobal

  • 2016 La contratación interadministrativa en Colombia: una figura frágil de la contratación pública en el modelo neoliberal
    by Luis Fernando Valenzuela Jiménez

  • 2016 Accounting in central banks
    by Bholat, David & Darbyshire, Robin

  • 2016 Are managers strategic in reporting non-earnings news? Evidence on timing and news bundling
    by Benjamin Segal & Dan Segal

  • 2016 Usefulness of fair values for predicting banks’ future earnings: evidence from other comprehensive income and its components
    by Brian Bratten & Monika Causholli & Urooj Khan

  • 2016 Relations among audit committee establishment, information transparency and earnings quality: evidence from simultaneous equation models
    by Mao-Chang Wang & Meng-Han Lee & Jia-Jiann Chuang

  • 2016 Strategy implementation through hierarchical couplings in a management control package: an explorative case study
    by Berend Van der Kolk & Tom Schokker

  • 2016 What does the financial market pricing do? A simulation analysis with a view to systemic volatility, exuberance and vagary
    by Yuri Biondi & Simone Righi

  • 2016 The Buffett critique: volatility and long-dated options
    by Neeraj J. Gupta & Mark Kurt & Reilly White

  • 2016 Impact of New Standard “IFRS 16 Leases” on Statement of Financial Position and Key Ratios: A Case Study on an Airline Company in Turkey
    by Öztürk, Meryem & Serçemeli, Murat

  • 2016 Public Sector Accounting Policy Reform in the Czech Republic: Experience from Local Governments (pilot)
    by Filip Hrůza & Petr Valouch

  • 2016 Modernisation of Public Sector Financial Reporting Systems in Europe - Challenges and Milestones
    by Michal Svoboda

  • 2016 IFRS vs. CAL: summary of practical knowledge and identification of research questions
    by Kristýna Havlová

  • 2016 Simple accounting versus tax records
    by Iris Šimíková

  • 2016 The rate of implementation of accrual based accounting in the EU public sector
    by Martin Dvořák

  • 2016 EPSAS: Investment Into the Future. European Public Sector Accounting: Present and Future
    by Gergely Harsányi & László István Lukács & Mihály Ormos & Krisztina Sisa & Krisztina Szedlák & Attila Veres

  • 2016 Contribution of the Supreme Audit Office of Poland to Legislation and Experiences of Some Other SAIs
    by Jacek Mazur

  • 2016 Culmination of the Powers of the State Audit Office of Hungary within the Scope of New Legislation on Public Funds
    by László Domokos

  • 2016 ¿Pueden considerarse significativas las reformas fiscales de México? || Can the Tax Reforms in Mexico be Considered Significant?
    by Lagunas Puls, Sergio & Ramírez Pacheco, Julio César

  • 2016 The Importance of Accounting Information in Decision Making
    by Ionu? Spãtãrelu & Daniela Petec (Cãlinescu)

  • 2016 Considerations on the Fiscal Consequences of Accounting Result
    by Petec ( Cãlinescu) Daniela & Ionu? Spãtãrelu

  • 2016 The Study On International Cooperation Made By The Romanian Professional Accountancy Bodies
    by Greti Daniela Avram & Marioara Avram & Veronel Avram

  • 2016 Shock-Based Causal Inference in Corporate Finance and Accounting Research
    by Atanasov, Vladimir & Black, Bernard

  • 2016 Say-on-Pay: Is Anybody Listening?
    by Stephani A. Mason & Ann F. Medinets & Dan Palmon

  • 2016 Balance sheet classification of compound financial instruments and the judgment of securities market analysts
    by Jorge Vieira da Costa Jr & Alfredo Sarlo Neto & Andrea Bispo da Silva

  • 2016 Corporate patents, R&D success, and tax avoidance
    by Lei Gao & Leo L. Yang & Joseph H. Zhang

  • 2016 Sneaking in the back door? An evaluation of reverse mergers and IPOs
    by Troy Pollard

  • 2016 The impact of SEC investigations and accounting and auditing enforcement releases on firms’ cost of equity capital
    by Curtis Nicholls

  • 2016 Changes in analyst following for less covered firms accompanying Regulation Fair Disclosure: the roles of ability and industry experience
    by Hueiling Chen & Cheng-Tsu Huang & Hsiou-Wei W. Lin

  • 2016 Sustainable financial reporting practice in Australian companies - does quality matter?
    by Omar Al Farooque

  • 2016 What Drives Corporate Governance Quality In Emerging African Economies? Evidence From Ghana
    by Andrews Owusu

  • 2016 A Chinese Kandi Recipe: One Part Sustainability And One Part Entrepreneurial Spirit
    by William E. Bealing, Jr & Edward Pitingolo

  • 2016 Gaap Vs. Ifrs Treatment Of Leases And The Impact On Financial Ratios
    by Thomas A. Buchman & Peter Harris & Michelle Liu

  • 2016 Awareness Of Human Resource Accounting Practices And Costing: Evidence From The Philippines
    by Venus C. Ibarra & Corazon A. Cosico

  • 2016 Substantial Authority Update: Tax Penalty Avoidance By Good Faith Reference To Judicial, Administrative And Legislative Authorities
    by Albert D. Spalding & Nancy W. Spalding

  • 2016 How Does Corporate Governance Structure Affect Risk-Taking Activities In Japanese Firms?

  • 2016 Cantidad y calidad de información de riesgos divulgada por las empresas españolas: Un análisis en periodos diferentes del ciclo económico
    by Cabedo Semper, J. David & Tirado Beltrán, José Miguel

  • 2016 Explanatory factors for the use of the financial report in decision-making: Evidence from Local Government in Portugal
    by Nogueira, Sónia Paula S. & Jorge, Susana Margarida F.

  • 2016 Remuneration committee effectiveness and narrative remuneration disclosure
    by Kanapathippillai, Sutharson & Johl, Shireenjit K. & Wines, Graeme

  • 2016 Market reactions to the appointment of women to the boards of Malaysian firms
    by Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah & Abdul Manaf, Kamarul Bahrain

  • 2016 Stock returns and future tense language in 10-K reports
    by Karapandza, Rasa

  • 2016 Voluntary monthly earnings disclosures and analyst behavior
    by Tsao, Shou-Min & Lu, Hsueh-Tien & Keung, Edmund C.

  • 2016 Rank and file employees and the discovery of misreporting: The role of stock options
    by Call, Andrew C. & Kedia, Simi & Rajgopal, Shivaram

  • 2016 The informativeness of non-GAAP earnings after Regulation G?
    by Shiah-Hou, Shin-Rong & Teng, Yi-Yun

  • 2016 Discussion of “Security Returns and Volume Responses around International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Earnings Announcements”
    by Perkins, Jon D.

  • 2016 Fiscal Support and Earnings Management
    by He, Guanming

  • 2016 Client Following Former Audit Partners and Audit Quality: Evidence from Unforced Audit Firm Changes in China
    by Su, Xijia & Wu, Xi

  • 2016 Customer Accounting and Environmental Uncertainty: Sequential Explanatory Study
    by Hamzah Al-Mawali & Tri-Dung Lam

  • 2016 Analysis of Income Elasticities of Brazil’s Energy Matrix
    by Marcos Gonçalves Perroni & Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da Costa & Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da Costa & Wesley Vieira da Silva & Edson Pinheiro de Lima & Edson Pinheiro de Lima & Claudimar Pereira da Veiga & Claudimar Pereira da Veiga

  • 2016 Accountants’ Perceptions on the Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in Yemen
    by Mujeeb Saif Mohsen Al-Absy & Ku Nor Izah Ku Ismail & Shehabaddin Abdullah A. Al-Dubai

  • 2016 Възможности За Оптимизиране Счетоводното Отчитане На Хотелиерската Дейност В Контекста На Облагането Ѝ С Данък Добавена Стойност
    by Йорданка Илийкова

  • 2016 Towards Integrated Reporting: Analysis Of Information Published On The Companies’ Websites That Could Be Part Of The Integrated Reporting
    by Marina Trpeska & Zorica Bozinovska Lazarevska & Atanasko Atanasovski

  • 2016 The Role Of Documentation In The Audit Mission
    by Niculina, STANESCU

  • 2016 Difficulties In Limiting The Expansion Of The Romanian Public Sector
    by Aura Emanuela, DOMIL

  • 2016 The Audit Of The Management System For State Subsidies And Financial Support Granted To Agricultural Producers
    by DASCALU Elena Doina & NASTA Laura

  • 2016 Economic Performance Forecasting According To The Type Of Management

  • 2016 Credit Risk Management in Banks under the Basel Accord and IFRS 9: Challenges and Projections
    by Radka Andasarova

  • 2016 Internal audit practices and trends in Romania and worldwide
    by Ionela-Corina CHERSAN

  • 2016 Model for dimensioning the audit structures in the public sector
    by Elena Doina Dascalu

  • 2016 History of auditing in Russia. Periodization and challenges of development
    by Iurii N. GUZOV

  • 2016 Factors supporting an adequate sizing of internal audit departments in the public sector
    by Elena Doina DASCALU

  • 2016 Convergence of Romanian accounting regulations with IFRS. A longitudinal analysis
    by Nadia ALBU & Ioana PALARIE

  • 2016 The relationship between the audit committee
    by Emilia VASILE & Daniela MITRAN

  • 2016 Corporate responsibility reporting according to Global Reporting Initiative: an international comparison
    by Ionela-Corina CHERSAN

  • 2016 Human capital reporting in Romania: from corporate costs to social responsability and vocational training
    by Daniela MARDIROS, & Roxana DICU & Mihai CARP

  • 2016 Auditors’ and auditees’ perception on the internal audit quality
    by Kartika Djati & Rahmawati & Payamta & Lia Uzliawati

  • 2016 The profile of the internal auditor in the Romanian banking sector
    by Eugeniu TURLEA & Mihaela MOCANU

  • 2016 The development of a corporate governance assessment model for the Romanian public sector
    by Aurelia STEFANESCU & Gabriela Lidia TANASE

  • 2016 The Role Of The Financial Audit In Preventing And Combating Money Laundering
    by Emilia VASILE & Nelu BURCEA

  • 2016 The Role Of The Financial Audit In Preventing And Combating Money Laundering
    by Emilia VASILE & Nelu BURCEA

  • 2016 An Empä°Rä°Cal Analysä°S Of Audä°T Delay Ä°N Turkey
    by Emir Tuncay Turel

  • 2016 Views on the Credibility of the Nonfinancial Information – New approaches
    by Attila Tamas-Szora

  • 2016 Research On The International Accounting Harmonization Process
    by Tatiana D?nescu & Alexandra Boto?

  • 2016 Fraud Between Definition And Ways To Defraud Illustrated By Examples
    by Ionu? Sp?t?relu & Daniela Petec (C?linescu)

  • 2016 Performance Management and Monitoring of Internal Audit for the Public Sector in Romania
    by Elena Doina Dascalu & Nicu Marcu & Ioan Hurjui

  • 2016 Executive Compensation: A Modern Primer
    by Alex Edmans & Xavier Gabaix

  • 2015 Development of a Valuation System for Closed-Ended Alternative Investment Funds in Sales Prospectuses and Performance Reports
    by Michael Hertel & Robin Zorzi

  • 2015 Does legality matter? The case of tax avoidance and evasion
    by Blaufus, Kay & Braune, Matthias & Hundsdoerfer, Jochen & Jacob, Martin

  • 2015 Periodenerfolgsmessung und Risikovorsorge im Kreditgeschäft: Ein grundlegender Überblick und Vergleich alternativer Ansätze der Bewertung von Kreditforderungen
    by Hopp, Janina & Nippel, Peter

  • 2015 Eine finanzwirtschaftliche Analyse der Risikovorsorge für erwartete Verluste im Kreditgeschäft
    by Nippel, Peter

  • 2015 Does legality matter? The case of tax avoidance and evasion
    by Blaufus, Kay & Braune, Matthias & Hundsdoerfer, Jochen & Jacob, Martin

  • 2015 Boon or bane of advance tax rulings as a measure to mitigate tax uncertainty and foster investment
    by Diller, Markus & Kortebusch, Pia & Schneider, Georg & Sureth, Caren

  • 2015 Recursos comunes, conflictos y turismo
    by Elvio Accinelli & Edgar Sánchez Carrera

  • 2015 Aspects on the implementation of corporate governance policies by companies in Romania
    by Ciprian Apostol

  • 2015 National Regulations And Implementation Of International Accounting Solutions In The Practice Of Small And Medium Enterprises. The Example Of Poland And Italy
    by Katarzyna ?wietla & Mario Nicoliello

  • 2015 Development Financing and Economic Governance: Analysis of the Liquidity Crisis and Circularity Debts in Pakistan
    by Khan, Dr. Muhammad Irfan & Mehar, Dr. Muhammad Ayub & Iqbal, Dr. Athar Iqbal

  • 2015 Risk Management Committee and Disclosure of Hedging Activities Information among Malaysian Listed Companies
    by Abdullah, Azrul & Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah & Mat Isa, Norshamshina

  • 2015 Forensic Accounting and Fraud: A Review of Literature and Policy Implications
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2015 Mode of Islamic Bank Financing: Does Effectiveness of Shariah Supervisory Board Matter?
    by Waemustafa, Waeibrorheem & Abdullah, Azrul

  • 2015 Fraud and Financial Scandals: A Historical Analysis of Opportunity and Impediment
    by Toms, Steven

  • 2015 Assessment of financial control practices in Polytechnics in Ghana. A case study of Sunyani Polytechnic
    by Prempeh, Kwadwo Boateng & Twumasi, Patrick & Kyeremeh, Kwadwo

  • 2015 Forensic Accountant and Auditor Knowledge and Skills Requirements for Task Performance Fraud Risk Assessment in the Nigerian Public Sector
    by Popoola, Oluwatoyin Muse Johnson & Che-Ahmad, Ayoib & Samsudin, Rose Shamsiah

  • 2015 Determinanty aktywowania w bilansie nakladow na prace rozwojowe w przedsiebiorstwach prowadzacych dzialalnosc badawczo-rozwojowa
    by Marek Zukowski & Anna Bialek-Jaworska

  • 2015 The Relationships between Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosures: Unobservable Precision Choices by Management
    by Toru Ishikawa

  • 2015 Public Audit Oversight and Reporting Credibility: Evidence from the PCAOB Inspection Regime
    by Brandon Gipper & Christian Leuz & Mark Maffett

  • 2015 Much ado about making money:The impact of disclosure, news and rumors over the formation of security market prices over time
    by Yuri Biondi & Simone Righi

  • 2015 The Convergence of IFRS and US GAAP: Evidence from the SEC’s Removal of Form 20-F Reconciliations
    by Stuart Mestelman & Emad Mohammad & Mohamed Shehata

  • 2015 Discontinuities in Earnings and Earnings Change Distributions after J-SOX Implementation: Empirical evidence from Japan
    by Masahiro Enomoto & Tomoyasu Yamaguchi

  • 2015 Improving Enterprise Interests Through The Process Of Business Communication
    by Slavomir Miletic, Djuro Djurovic

  • 2015 Novi Zakon O Računovodstvu – Usporedni I Kritički Prikaz
    by Marica Javorovic

  • 2015 Climate Change and Firm Valuation: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment
    by Philipp KRÜGER

  • 2015 Pricing the Transfer of Intellectual Property as a Problem of Second-Best Tax Policy
    by Wolfram F. Richter & Markus Breuer

  • 2015 The inner structure of pyramid and capital structure: Evidence from China
    by Su, Kun

  • 2015 Environmental and social responsibility reporting. Do Macedonian companies disclose those information and how?
    by Jadranka MRSIK & Ninko KOSTOVSKI

  • 2015 Aplicación de la Orden EHA/3360/2010 sobre aspectos contables de las cooperativas: efectos en los fondos propios de las cooperativas de la Comunidad Autónima del País Vasco
    by Miguel Angel Zubiaurre Artola & Lorea Andicoechea Orondo & Ainhoa Saitua Iribar

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  • 2012 Identifying The Industry Business Cycle Using The Markov Switching Approach In Central And Eastern Europe
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  • 2012 Identifying The Industry Business Cycle Using The Markov Switching Approach In Central And Eastern Europe
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  • 2012 Identifying The Industry Business Cycle Using The Markov Switching Approach In Central And Eastern Europe
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  • 2010 Piracy, Music, and Movies: A Natural Experiment
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  • 2010 Piracy, Music and Movies: A Natural Experiment
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