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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q15: Land Ownership and Tenure; Land Reform; Land Use; Irrigation; Agriculture and Environment
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  • 2015 Agrarrelevante Extremwetterlagen und Möglichkeiten von Risikomanagementsystemen: Studie im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft (BMEL)
    by Gömann, Horst & Bender, Andrea & Bolte, Andreas & Dirksmeyer, Walter & Englert, Hermann & Feil, Jan-Henning & Frühauf, Cathleen & Hauschild, Marlen & Krengel, Sandra & Lilienthal, Holger & Löpmeier, Franz-Josef & Müller, Jürgen & Mußhoff, Oliver & Natkhin, Marco & Offermann, Frank & Seidel, Petra & Schmidt, Matthias & Seintsch, Björn & Steidl, Jörg & Strohm, Kathrin

  • 2015 An Ordinal Ranking of Economic Institutions
    by Scott Beaulier & Robert Elder & Cheryl Han & Joshua C. Hall

  • 2015 Production of Wind Energy and Agricultural Land Values: Evidence from Pennsylvania
    by Chris Shultz & Joshua C. Hall & Michael P. Strager

  • 2015 CREP - Cattle Receiving Enhanced Pastures? Investigating Landowner Response to Federal Incentives
    by James Manley & Jason Mathias

  • 2015 Nudging farmers to sign agri-environmental contracts: the effects of a collective bonus
    by Laure Kuhfuss & Raphaële Préget & Sophie Thoyer & Nick Hanley

  • 2015 Do agri-environmental schemes help reduce herbicide use? Evidence from a natural experiment in France
    by Laure Kuhfuss & Julie Subervie

  • 2015 Capitalising on the Irish Land Question:Land Reform and State Banking in Ireland, 1891-1938
    by Nathan Foley-Fisher & Eoin McLaughlin

  • 2015 Adapting to Climate Change: Farmers’ Responses to Heat and Drought in South Australia
    by Guy Robinson

  • 2015 Arrendadores y arrendatarios en la explotación de la tierra sevillana (1570-1620)
    by Juan Carpio Elías

  • 2015 The Fischler Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Land Prices
    by Paul Feichtinger & Klaus Salhofer

  • 2015 A study on market inclusion through enhanced eco-management in Bulgarian farms
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2015 Expert assessment on agri-food implications of March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2015 March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident impacts on Japanese agri-food sector
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2015 What can we learn about shale gas development from land values? Opportunities, challenges, and evidence from Texas and Pennsylvania
    by Weber, Jeremy & Hitaj, Claudia

  • 2015 Monks, Gents and Industrialists: The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries
    by Leander Heldring & James A. Robinson & Sebastian Vollmer

  • 2015 Food Bowl or Folly? The economics of irrigating Northern Australia
    by Jared Dent & Michael B. Ward

  • 2015 To Consume or to Conserve: Examining Water Conservation Model for Wheat Cultivation in India
    by Zareena Begum Irfan & Bina Gupta

  • 2015 Growth, green capital and public policies
    by Pierre-André Jouvet & Julien Wolfersberger

  • 2015 Does tenure insecurity explain the variations in land-related investment decisions in rural Ethiopia?
    by Muna Shifa & Murray Leibbrandt & Martin Wittenberg

  • 2015 The role of the Eurasian wheat belt to regional and global food security
    by Stephen Langrell & Sebastian Mary & Pavel Ciaian & Sergio Gomez y Paloma & Natalya SHAGAIDA & Renata Yanbykh & Peter Voight & Ashok K. Mishra & Amaranth Tripathi & Holly Wang & Thomas Fellmann & Sergio René Araujo Enciso & Jacques Delince & Guna Salputra & Thomas Fellmann & Fabien Santini & Robert M'barek & Marco Artavia

  • 2015 Water Resources 2030: Policy Recommendations
    by Liliana N. Proskuryakova

  • 2015 Russia’S Water Resources 2030: Plausible Scenarios
    by Ozcan Saritas & Liliana Proskuryakova & S Sivaev

  • 2015 Water Resources – an Analysis of Trends, Weak Siglans and Wild Cards with Implications for Russia
    by Ozcan Saritas & Liliana N. Proskuryakova & E. Kyzyngasheva

  • 2015 Enclosure Norwegian Style: the Withering Away of an Institution
    by Berge, Erling & Haugset, Anne Sigrid

  • 2015 Incentives and Moral Hazard: Plot Level Productivity of Factory-Operated and Outgrower-Operated Sugarcane Production in Ethiopia
    by Mengistu Assefa Wendimu & Arne Henningsen & Tomasz Gerard Czekaj

  • 2015 The distributional effects of contractual norms: the case of cropshare agreements
    by Burke, Mary A.

  • 2015 The Conservation versus Production Trade-off: Does Livestock Intensification Increase Deforestation? The Case of the Brazilian Amazon
    by Petterson Molina Vale

  • 2015 Simple Myths and Basic Maths about Greening Irrigation
    by Carlos M. Gómez & C. Dionisio Pérez-Blanco

  • 2015 Economy-wide impacts of REDD when there is political influence
    by Timothy Laing & Charles Palmer

  • 2015 Innovation in Europe's cities: a report by LSE Cities on Bloomberg Philanthropies' 2014 Mayors Challenge
    by Ricky Burdett & Peter Griffiths & Catarina Heeckt & Francis Moss & Shan Vahidy & Philipp Rode & Tony Travers

  • 2015 Letters to the editor
    by Graham Haughton & Iain Deas & Stephen Hincks & Henry G. Overman

  • 2015 An Economic Assessment of Soil Carbon Sequestration with Biochar in Germany
    by Isabel Teichmann

  • 2015 Greenhouse gas intensity of three main crops and implications for low-carbon agriculture in China
    by Wang, Wen & Guo, Liping & Li, Yingchun & Su, Man & Lin, Yuebin & De Perthuis, Christian & Ju, Xiaotang & Lin, Erda & Moran, Dominic

  • 2015 Falling Off the Map: The Impact of Formalizing (Some) Informal Settlements in Tanzania
    by Matthew Collin & Justin Sandefur & Andrew Zeitlin

  • 2015 Long-Run Impacts of Land Regulation: Evidence from Tenancy Reform in India
    by Besley, Timothy J. & Leight, Jessica & Pande, Rohini & Rao, Vijayendra

  • 2015 Sobre algunos efectos sociales y cognitivos de la restitución de tierras
    by Francesco Bogliacino & Gianluca Grimalda & Laura Jiménez & Daniel Reyes Galvis

  • 2015 Land Reform, Latifundia and Social Development at Local Level in Colombia, 1961-2010
    by Jean-Paul Faguet & Fabio Sánchez & Marta-Juanita Villaveces

  • 2015 Land Reform, Latifundia and Social Development at Local Level in Colombia, 1961-2010
    by Jean-Paul Faguet & Fabio Sánchez & Marta-Juanita Villaveces

  • 2015 Communal Land and Agricultural Productivity
    by Charles Gottlieb & Jan Grobovšek

  • 2015 How Institutions Shape Land Deals: The Role of Corruption
    by Matthias Bujko & Christian Fischer & Tim Krieger & Daniel Meierrieks

  • 2015 Agricultural Land and the Small Parcel Size Premium Puzzle
    by B. Wade Brorsen & Damona Doye & Kalyn B. Neal

  • 2015 Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation: Leakage or Synergy?
    by Philippe Delacote & Arild Angelsen

  • 2015 Gendered Perceptions of Land Ownership and Agricultural Decision-making in Ecuador: Who Are the Farm Managers?
    by Jennifer Twyman & Pilar Useche & Carmen Diana Deere

  • 2015 Migration Pressure, Tenure Security, and Agricultural Intensification: Evidence from Indonesia
    by Michael Grimm & Stephan Klasen

  • 2015 Leveraging Wealth from Farmland Appreciation: Borrowing, Land Ownership, and Farm Expansion
    by Jeremy G. Weber & Nigel Key

  • 2015 Is There a Farm Size–Productivity Relationship in African Agriculture? Evidence from Rwanda
    by Daniel Ayalew Ali & Klaus Deininger

  • 2015 Bundles, Duties, and Rights: A Revised Framework for Analysis of Natural Resource Property Rights Regimes
    by Christopher S. Galik & Pamela Jagger

  • 2015 Partial Land Rights and Agricultural Outcomes: Evidence from Thailand
    by Thanyaporn Chankrajang

  • 2015 Allocation of Land Tenure Rights in Tigray: How Large Is the Gender Bias?
    by Therese Dokken

  • 2015 Changing Distribution of Land and Assets in Indian Agriculture
    by Debarshi Das

  • 2015 Oil boom, human capital and economic development: Some recent evidence
    by Franklin Obeng-Odoom

  • 2015 Implications of out-migration in rural agriculture: a case study of Manapang village, Tanahun, Nepal
    by Uttam Khanal & Khorshed Alam & Ramesh C. Khanal & Punya P. Regmi

  • 2015 Recognizing Novel Red Sea Conservation Strategies Solving Environmental Issues and CO2 Storage
    by Syedah Shan E Ahmad

  • 2015 Economic and Legal Nature of the Rights to Use Land
    by Antonina Korinenko

  • 2015 Assessment of Above-Ground Biomass of Borneo Forests through a New Data-Fusion Approach Combining Two Pan-Tropical Biomass Maps
    by Andreas Langner & Frédéric Achard & Christelle Vancutsem & Jean-Francois Pekel & Dario Simonetti & Giacomo Grassi & Kanehiro Kitayama & Mikiyasu Nakayama

  • 2015 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics in Relation to Shifting Inundation and Fire Regimes: Disentangling Environmental Variability from Land Management Decisions in a Southern African Transboundary Watershed
    by Narcisa G. Pricope & Andrea E. Gaughan & John D. All & Michael W. Binford & Lucas P. Rutina

  • 2015 An Approach for Simulating Soil Loss from an Agro-Ecosystem Using Multi-Agent Simulation: A Case Study for Semi-Arid Ghana
    by Biola K. Badmos & Sampson K. Agodzo & Grace B. Villamor & Samuel N. Odai

  • 2015 How to Make a Barranco: Modeling Erosion and Land-Use in Mediterranean Landscapes
    by C. Michael Barton & Isaac Ullah & Arjun Heimsath

  • 2015 Transitions in Land Use Architecture under Multiple Human Driving Forces in a Semi-Arid Zone
    by Issa Ouedraogo & Cheikh Mbow & Michael Balinga & Henry Neufeldt

  • 2015 Exploring Long-Term Impact of Grazing Management on Land Degradation in the Socio-Ecological System of Asteroussia Mountains, Greece
    by Costas Kosmas & Vassilis Detsis & Mina Karamesouti & Kate Kounalaki & Penny Vassiliou & Luca Salvati

  • 2015 Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production (HANPP) in an Agriculturally-Dominated Watershed, Southeastern USA
    by C. Brannon Andersen & R. Kyle Donovan & John E. Quinn

  • 2015 Sensitivity Analysis of a Land-Use Change Model with and without Agents to Assess Land Abandonment and Long-Term Re-Forestation in a Swiss Mountain Region
    by Julia Maria Brändle & Gaby Langendijk & Simon Peter & Sibyl Hanna Brunner & Robert Huber

  • 2015 Revealing Regional Deforestation Dynamics in North-Eastern Madagascar—Insights from Multi-Temporal Land Cover Change Analysis
    by Julie G. Zaehringer & Sandra Eckert & Peter Messerli

  • 2015 How Land Concessions Affect Places Elsewhere: Telecoupling, Political Ecology, and Large-Scale Plantations in Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia
    by Ian G. Baird & Jefferson Fox

  • 2015 Assessing Site Availability of Aspen and Northern Hardwoods for Potential Feedstock Development in Michigan: A Case Study
    by Sara Alian & Ann Maclean

  • 2015 Landscape Epidemiology Modeling Using an Agent-Based Model and a Geographic Information System
    by S. M. Niaz Arifin & Rumana Reaz Arifin & Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts & M. Sohel Rahman & Sara Nowreen & Gregory R. Madey & Frank H. Collins

  • 2015 “ Bring Back the Land ”—A Call to Refocus on the Spatial Dimension of Zimbabwe’s Land Reform
    by Konrad Hentze & Gunter Menz

  • 2015 Monitoring 60 Years of Land Cover Change in the Marathon Area, Greece
    by Apostolos Gaitanis & Kleomenis Kalogeropoulos & Vassilis Detsis & Christos Chalkias

  • 2015 Building Bridges across Sectors and Scales: Exploring Systemic Solutions towards A Sustainable Management of Land —Experiences from 4th Year Status Conference on Research for Sustainable Land Management
    by Annegret Repp & Thomas Weith

  • 2015 Landcover Change, Land Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo and Topography in the Plateau Region of North-Central Nigeria
    by Shakirudeen Odunuga & Gbolahan Badru

  • 2015 Agent-Based Models as “Interested Amateurs”
    by Peter George Johnson

  • 2015 Translocation of Cd and Mn from Bark to Leaves in Willows on Contaminated Sediments: Delayed Budburst Is Related to High Mn Concentrations
    by Bart Vandecasteele & Paul Quataert & Frederic Piesschaert & Suzanna Lettens & Bruno De Vos & Gijs Du Laing

  • 2015 Carbon Cycling, Climate Regulation, and Disturbances in Canadian Forests: Scientific Principles for Management
    by Jean-Sébastien Landry & Navin Ramankutty

  • 2015 Integrating Forest Cover Change with Census Data: Drivers and Contexts from Bolivia and the Lao PDR
    by Sébastien Boillat & Hy Dao & Patrick Bottazzi & Yuri Sandoval & Abraham Luna & Sithong Thongmanivong & Louca Lerch & Joan Bastide & Andreas Heinimann & Frédéric Giraut

  • 2015 High-Precision Land-Cover-Land-Use GIS Mapping and Land Availability and Suitability Analysis for Grass Biomass Production in the Aroostook River Valley, Maine, USA
    by Chunzeng Wang & Jason Johnston & David Vail & Jared Dickinson & David Putnam

  • 2015 Soil and Water Conservation Strategies in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde in Portuguese) and Their Impacts on Livelihoods: An Overview from the Ribeira Seca Watershed
    by Isaurinda Baptista & Luuk Fleskens & Coen Ritsema & António Querido & Jacques Tavares & António D. Ferreira & Eduardo A. Reis & Samuel Gomes & Anabela Varela

  • 2015 Detection of Shoreline and Land Cover Changes around Rosetta Promontory, Egypt, Based on Remote Sensing Analysis
    by Ali Masria & Kazuo Nadaoka & Abdelazim Negm & Moheb Iskander

  • 2015 Mapping Vegetation Morphology Types in Southern Africa Savanna Using MODIS Time-Series Metrics: A Case Study of Central Kalahari, Botswana
    by Niti B. Mishra & Kelley A. Crews & Jennifer A. Miller & Thoralf Meyer

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Land in 2014
    by Land Editorial Office

  • 2015 Valuation of Ecosystem Services from Wetlands Mitigation in the United States
    by Naveen Adusumilli

  • 2015 Examining Social Adaptations in a Volatile Landscape in Northern Mongolia via the Agent-Based Model Ger Grouper
    by Julia K. Clark & Stefani A. Crabtree

  • 2015 Land Use and Wildfire: A Review of Local Interactions and Teleconnections
    by Van Butsic & Maggi Kelly & Max A. Moritz

  • 2015 How Can Social Safeguards of REDD+ Function Effectively Conserve Forests and Improve Local Livelihoods? A Case from Meru Betiri National Park, East Java, Indonesia
    by Kazuhiro Harada & Dede Prabowo & Arif Aliadi & Jun Ichihara & Hwan-Ok Ma

  • 2015 Estimated Fresh Produce Shrink and Food Loss in U.S. Supermarkets
    by Jean C. Buzby & Jeanine T. Bentley & Beth Padera & Cara Ammon & Jennifer Campuzano

  • 2015 Ecophysiology of C 4 Forage Grasses—Understanding Plant Growth for Optimising Their Use and Management
    by Sila Carneiro da Silva & André Fischer Sbrissia & Lilian Elgalise Techio Pereira

  • 2015 Nutrient Composition, Forage Parameters, and Antioxidant Capacity of Alfalfa ( Medicago sativa , L.) in Response to Saline Irrigation Water
    by Jorge F. S. Ferreira & Monica V. Cornacchione & Xuan Liu & Donald L. Suarez

  • 2015 Effect of Additives and Fuel Blending on Emissions and Ash-Related Problems from Small-Scale Combustion of Reed Canary Grass
    by Sébastien Fournel & Joahnn H. Palacios & Stéphane Godbout & Michèle Heitz

  • 2015 Transferability of Models for Estimating Paddy Rice Biomass from Spatial Plant Height Data
    by Nora Tilly & Dirk Hoffmeister & Qiang Cao & Victoria Lenz-Wiedemann & Yuxin Miao & Georg Bareth

  • 2015 Mycotoxins: Producing Fungi and Mechanisms of Phytotoxicity
    by Ahmed A. Ismaiel & Jutta Papenbrock

  • 2015 Beneficial Effects of Temperate Forage Legumes that Contain Condensed Tannins
    by Jennifer W. MacAdam & Juan J. Villalba

  • 2015 Adverse Effects of Larkspur ( Delphinium spp.) on Cattle
    by Kevin D. Welch & Daniel Cook & Benedict T. Green & Dale R. Gardner & James A. Pfister & Tara G. McDaneld & Kip E. Panter

  • 2015 Extension of Small-Scale Postharvest Horticulture Technologies—A Model Training and Services Center
    by Lisa Kitinoja & Diane M. Barrett

  • 2015 The Occurrence and Toxicity of Indospicine to Grazing Animals
    by Mary T. Fletcher & Rafat A. M. Al Jassim & A. Judith Cawdell-Smith

  • 2015 A Modified Thermal Time Model Quantifying Germination Response to Temperature for C 3 and C 4 Species in Temperate Grassland
    by Hongxiang Zhang & Yu Tian & Daowei Zhou

  • 2015 Testing of Eight Medicinal Plant Extracts in Combination with Kresoxim-Methyl for Integrated Control of Botrytis cinerea in Apples
    by Burtram C. Fielding & Cindy-Lee Knowles & Filicity A. Vries & Jeremy A. Klaasen

  • 2015 Challenges of Reducing Fresh Produce Waste in Europe—From Farm to Fork
    by Michael Blanke

  • 2015 Development of Bioelectrochemical Systems to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
    by Xiaojin Li & Ibrahim M. Abu-Reesh & Zhen He

  • 2015 Variation in Response to Moisture Stress of Young Plants of Interspecific Hybrids between White Clover ( T. repens L.) and Caucasian Clover ( T. ambiguum M. Bieb.)
    by Athole H. Marshall & Matthew Lowe & Rosemary P. Collins

  • 2015 Aflatoxin Accumulation in a Maize Diallel Cross
    by W. Paul Williams & Gary L. Windham

  • 2015 Linking Management, Environment and Morphogenetic and Structural Components of a Sward for Simulating Tiller Density Dynamics in Bahiagrass ( Paspalum notatum )
    by Masahiko Hirata

  • 2015 Fermented Apple Pomace as a Feed Additive to Enhance Growth Performance of Growing Pigs and Its Effects on Emissions
    by Chandran M. Ajila & Saurabh J. Sarma & Satinder K. Brar & Stephane Godbout & Michel Cote & Frederic Guay & Mausam Verma & Jose R. Valéro

  • 2015 Finding Ways to Improve Australia’s Food Security Situation
    by Quentin Farmar-Bowers

  • 2015 Effect of Date Palm Cultivar, Particle Size, Panel Density and Hot Water Extraction on Particleboards Manufactured from Date Palm Fronds
    by Said S. Hegazy & Khaled Ahmed

  • 2015 Agricultural Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Climate Change—Challenges and Opportunities
    by Ognjen Zurovec & Pål Olav Vedeld & Bishal Kumar Sitaula

  • 2015 Evaluation of Single or Double Hurdle Sanitizer Applications in Simulated Field or Packing Shed Operations for Cantaloupes Contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes
    by Cathy C. Webb & Marilyn C. Erickson & Lindsey E. Davey & Michael P. Doyle

  • 2015 Effectiveness of Organic Wastes as Fertilizers and Amendments in Salt-Affected Soils
    by Mariangela Diacono & Francesco Montemurro

  • 2015 Achieving Water and Food Security in 2050: Outlook, Policies, and Investments
    by Dennis Wichelns

  • 2015 Emerging Perspectives on the Natural Microbiome of Fresh Produce Vegetables
    by Colin R. Jackson & Bram W. G. Stone & Heather L. Tyler

  • 2015 Effect of Ozone Treatment on Inactivation of Escherichia coli and Listeria sp. on Spinach
    by Shreya Wani & Jagpreet K. Maker & Joseph R. Thompson & Jeremy Barnes & Ian Singleton

  • 2015 A Contemporary Introduction to Essential Oils: Chemistry, Bioactivity and Prospects for Australian Agriculture
    by Nicholas Sadgrove & Graham Jones

  • 2015 Pine Woodchip Biochar Impact on Soil Nutrient Concentrations and Corn Yield in a Silt Loam in the Mid-Southern U.S
    by Katy E. Brantley & Mary C. Savin & Kristofor R. Brye & David E. Longer

  • 2015 Community Perspectives on the On-Farm Diversity of Six Major Cereals and Climate Change in Bhutan
    by Tirtha Bdr. Katwal & Singay Dorji & Rinchen Dorji & Lhab Tshering & Mahesh Ghimiray & Ganesh B. Chhetri & Tashi Yangzome Dorji & Asta Maya Tamang

  • 2015 Provenancing Flower Bulbs by Analytical Fingerprinting: Convallaria Majalis
    by Saskia M. van Ruth & Ries de Visser

  • 2015 Food Safety Information Processing and Teaching Behavior of Dietitians: A Mental Model Approach
    by Lydia C. Medeiros & Jeffrey T. LeJeune

  • 2015 National Livestock Policy of Nepal: Needs and Opportunities
    by Upendra B. Pradhanang & Soni M. Pradhanang & Arhan Sthapit & Nir Y. Krakauer & Ajay Jha & Tarendra Lakhankar

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2014
    by Agriculture Editorial Office

  • 2015 Modeling European agri-environmental measure of spatial impact in the region of Sardinia, Italy, through fuzzy clustering means
    by Germana Manca

  • 2015 Spatial interactions in habitat conservation: Evidence from prairie pothole easements
    by Lawley, Chad & Yang, Wanhong

  • 2015 Impact of policies and subsidies in agribusiness: The case of oil palm and biofuels in Colombia
    by Castiblanco, Carmenza & Moreno, Alvaro & Etter, Andrés

  • 2015 Volunteer and satisfied? Rural households' participation in a payments for environmental services programme in Inner Mongolia
    by Démurger, Sylvie & Pelletier, Adeline

  • 2015 Using tradeable permits to improve efficiency, equity and animal protection in the commercial kangaroo harvest
    by Boronyak-Vasco, Louise & Perry, Neil

  • 2015 Determinants of agricultural land values in Argentina
    by Choumert, Johanna & Phélinas, Pascale

  • 2015 Kurz zum Klima: Emissionen aus Landnutzung und Landnutzungsänderungen
    by Jana Lippelt

  • 2015 Sustainable Rural Development In Romania. Opportunities And Perspectives. Case Study: The Sibiu County
    by POPESCU Doris-Louise

  • 2015 Commons and the standard of living debate in Spain, 1860–1930
    by Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia

  • 2015 Does Agriculture Generate Local Economic Spillovers? Short-Run and Long-Run Evidence from the Ogallala Aquifer
    by Richard Hornbeck & Pinar Keskin

  • 2014 Sustainability of the Dry Forest in Androy: A Viability Analysis
    by Zaccour, Georges & Smala Fanokoa, Pascaux & Andrés-Domenech, Pablo & Saint-Pierre, Patrick

  • 2014 Poor parents, rich children: the role of schooling, nonfarm work, and migration in rural Philippines
    by Jonna P. Estudillo & Yukichi Mano & Yasuyuki Sawada & Keijiro Otsuka

  • 2014 Time to let go of CARP? Not so fast
    by Toby C. Monsod & Sharon A. Piza

  • 2014 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to let go
    by Raul V. Fabella

  • 2014 Eficiencia y equilibrio en un modelo de formación de derechos de propiedad
    by Da-Rocha, José-María. & Pujolás, Pau. S. & Sempere, Jaume

  • 2014 How institutions shape land deals: The role of corruption
    by Bujko, Matthias & Fischer, Christian & Krieger, Tim & Meierrieks, Daniel

  • 2014 Does the Nomination Scheme of the City Manager Matter for Urban Development Policies?
    by Garmann, Sebastian

  • 2014 An unexpected discovery: Johann Heinrich von Thuenen and the tragedy of the commons
    by Nellinger, Ludwig

  • 2014 The impact of the increasing demand for biofuels in the EU on the possibility to conduct collective action for reaching a common good: The changes in the community-based management of the common pastures in Ethiopia
    by Miteva, Pavlina

  • 2014 Geographies of transition: The political and geographical factors of agrarian change in Tajikistan
    by Hofman, Irna & Visser, Oane

  • 2014 Non-financial hurdles for human capital accumulation: Landownership in Korea under Japanese rule
    by Jun, Bogang & Kim, Tai-Yoo

  • 2014 A policy of demand-driven management for agricultural water use in Japan
    by Katsuhiro Sakurai & Ataru Nakamura & Shintaro Kobayashi & Hiroyuki Shibusawa & Hajime Tanji

  • 2014 Renewable Energy and Negative Externalities: The Effect of Wind Turbines on House Prices
    by Martijn Droes

  • 2014 Evaluation of the Obstacles against the Economic Development of Cihanbeyli Rural Area
    by Fadim Yavuz & Ayla Bozdað

  • 2014 Land-abundance, frontier expansion and the hypothesis of appropriability revisited from an historical perspective: settler economies during the First Globalization
    by Henry Willebald

  • 2014 Il ruolo della politica di coesione dell'UE a favore del processo di sviluppo sul territorio
    by Aurelio Bruzzo

  • 2014 The Economic Potential for Forest-Based Carbon Sequestration under Different Emissions Targets and Accounting Schemes
    by David Walker

  • 2014 Renewable Energy and Negative Externalities: The Effect of Wind Turbines on House Prices
    by Martijn I. Dr�es & Hans R.A. Koster

  • 2014 The Effect of Land Title on Child Labor Supply: Empirical Evidence from Brazil
    by Mauricio José Serpa Barros de Moura & Rodrigo de Losso da Silveira Bueno

  • 2014 Land Inequality in a Coffee Economy: São Paulo During the Early Twentieth Century
    by Renato Colistete & Maria Lucia Lamounier

  • 2014 Measuring the Effects of Decollectivization on China's Agricultural Growth: A Panel GMM Approach, 1970-1987
    by Shengmin Sun & Qiang Chen

  • 2014 Costa Rica's outward-looking development: from ‘Agriculture of Change’ to food insecurity (1990-2008)
    by Elisa Botella Rodríguez

  • 2014 Success and failures of inward-looking development in Cuba (1990-2008): opportunities and problems for small farmers
    by Elisa Botella-Rodríguez

  • 2014 Formosa: tierra prometida-tierra arrasada. La Argentina de los márgenes (1884-1955)
    by Noemí M. Girbal-Blacha

  • 2014 South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends 1991–2014
    by Janssen, Larry & Kim Dillivan & Bronc McMurtry

  • 2014 Does the Nomination Scheme of the City Manager Matter for Urban Development Policies?
    by Sebastian Garmann

  • 2014 On the Impact of Weather Variability and Climate Change on Agriculture: Evidence from Ethiopia
    by Bezabih, Mintewab & Di Falco, Salvatore & Mekonnen, Alemu

  • 2014 Rôle des institutions et des régulations foncières sur le marché foncier agricole : illustration dans la région Bretagne
    by Elodie Letort & Michel Pech

  • 2014 Biodiesel vs. ethanol, UE vs. US biofuels: So different in terms of LUC impact?
    by Agneta Forslund & Alexandre Gohin & Chantal Le Mouël & Fabrice Levert

  • 2014 Quantifying the changes in landscape configuration using open source GIS. Case study: Bistrita subcarpathian valley
    by Chelaru, Dan-Adrian & Oiste, Ana-Maria & Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2014 Land Productivity, Artisanal Efficiency & Income Generation in Artisanal Silk Industry of West Bengal
    by Roy, Chandan & Roy Mukherjee, Sanchari

  • 2014 Improvement of natural grassland as a factor of rural development in lower Danube Region
    by Jovanovic, Marijana & Arsic, Slavica & Pajcin, Djuro

  • 2014 Fighting against drought in Dobrogea by protective forest belts
    by Lup, Aurel & Miron, Liliana

  • 2014 Socio-economic Characterization of Rural Households: A Village Level Analysis in Bihar
    by Singh, K.M. & Kumar, Abhay & Meena, M.S. & Singh, R.K.P.

  • 2014 Agricultural Production performance on Small farm holdings: Some Empirical Evidences from Bihar, India
    by Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay & Singh, K.M. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2014 Environmental Management in Agriculture – Case of Bulgaria
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2014 Value Chains and Global Inequalities: Plantain, Contract Farming, and Vulnerability of the Small-Scale Farmers in Colombia (Discussion Paper)
    by Baquero Melo, Jairo

  • 2014 Labour out migration from rice based cropping system: A case of Bihar, India
    by Kumar, Abhay & Singh, R.K.P. & Singh, K.M. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2014 Land Titling and Investment In Tanzania: An Empirical Investigation
    by Kassa, Woubet

  • 2014 The effect of land fragmentation on labor allocation and the economic diversity of farm households: The case of Vietnam
    by Nguyen, Huy

  • 2014 Equitable and Sustainable Development of Foreign Land Acquisitions: what have we learnt on policy syndromes and implications?
    by Asongu, Simplice & Nguena, Christian

  • 2014 Farmland Ownership Policy: Technical Paper
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2014 Farmland Ownership Restrictions: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2014 The Price of Empowerment: Experimental Evidence on Land Titling in Tanzania
    by Stefan Dercon & Daniel Ayalew & Klaus Deininger & Justin Sanefur & Andrew Zeitlin

  • 2014 What Drives the Global 'Land Rush'?
    by Rabah Arezki & Klaus Deininger & Harris Selod

  • 2014 Race, Ethnicity, and Discriminatory Zoning
    by Allison Shertzer & Tate Twinam & Randall P. Walsh

  • 2014 From Saddles to Harrows: Agricultural Technology Adoption during the Russian Colonization in Kazakhstan
    by Elena Shubina & Sabine Henry

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