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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C0: General
/ / / C01: Econometrics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Estimating Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate And Misalignment In An Oil Exporting Country: Libya's Experience
    by Abulhamid Ben-Naser & Keshab Bhattarai & Mohamed M Elheddad

  • 2018 Pythagorean generalization of testing the equality of two symmetric positive definite matrices
    by Cho, Jin Seo & Phillips, Peter C.B.

  • 2018 Nonlinear Dynamics in Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Inflation Persistence: The Case of Turkish Economy
    by Muhsin Ciftci & Muhammed Hasan Yilmaz

  • 2017 T20 resilience and inclusive growth
    by Iwata, Kazumasa & Jean, Sébastien & Kastrop, Christian & Loewald, Chris & Véron, Nicolas

  • 2017 Testing the lag length of vector autoregressive models: A power comparison between portmanteau and Lagrange multiplier tests
    by Raja Ben Hajria & Salah Khardani & Hamdi Raïssi

  • 2017 Finite Sample Optimality of Score-Driven Volatility Models
    by Francisco (F.) Blasques & Andre (A.) Lucas & Andries van Vlodrop

  • 2017 Smooth Transition Spatial Autoregressive Models
    by Bo Pieter Johannes Andree & Francisco Blasques & Eric Koomen

  • 2017 Inter-Regional Migration In Cz And Sk: The Empirical Study Of Panel Data At Nuts3 Level
    by Lucie Kureková & Pavlína Hejduková

  • 2017 Forecasting Mortality: Some Recent Developments
    by Taku Yamamoto & Hiroaki Chigira

  • 2017 Performance of Markov-Switching GARCH Model Forecasting Inflation Uncertainty
    by Raihan, Tasneem

  • 2017 Institutional Quality and Economic Performance in West Africa
    by Iheonu, Chimere & Ihedimma, Godfrey & Onwuanaku, Chigozie

  • 2017 Financial development and total factors productivity channel: Evidence from Africa
    by EZZAHID, Elhadj & ELOUAOURTI, Zakaria

  • 2017 Should we drop covariate cells with attrition problems?
    by Ferman, Bruno & Ponczek, Vladimir

  • 2017 Technology and Business Cycles: A Schumpeterian Investigation for the USA
    by Konstantakis, Konstantinos N. & Michaelides, Panayotis G.

  • 2017 Analyse empirique de la relation entre les décisions de renouvellement des brevets et les montants d’annuités
    by Mabrouki, Mohamed

  • 2017 Practical Considerations for Questionable IVs
    by Clarke, Damian & Matta, Benjamín

  • 2017 Forward Ordinal Probability Models for Point-in-Time Probability of Default Term Structure
    by Yang, Bill Huajian

  • 2017 A New Nonlinearity Test to Circumvent the Limitation of Volterra Expansion with Application
    by Hui, Yongchang & Wong, Wing-Keung & BAI, ZHIDONG & Zhu, Zhen-Zhen

  • 2017 Information Flow Interpretation of Heteroskedasticity for Capital Asset Pricing: An Expectation-based View of Risk
    by Senarathne, Chamil W & Jayasinghe, Prabhath

  • 2017 Dependence of Stock Markets with Gold and Bonds under Bullish and Bearish Market States
    by Shahzad, Syed Jawad Hussain & Raza, Naveed & Shahbaz, Muhammad & Ali, Azwadi

  • 2017 The key factors of export intensity in Tunisia: A Logistic regression with random effect model
    by Kahia, Montassar

  • 2017 A forecasting performance comparison of dynamic factor models based on static and dynamic methods
    by F. Della Marra

  • 2017 Double/Debiased Machine Learning for Treatment and Structural Parameters
    by Victor Chernozhukov & Denis Chetverikov & Mert Demirer & Esther Duflo & Christian Hansen & Whitney Newey & James Robins

  • 2017 Shock Restricted Structural Vector-Autoregressions
    by Sydney C. Ludvigson & Sai Ma & Serena Ng

  • 2017 Human Decisions and Machine Predictions
    by Jon Kleinberg & Himabindu Lakkaraju & Jure Leskovec & Jens Ludwig & Sendhil Mullainathan

  • 2017 Estimating Global Bank Network Connectedness
    by Mert Demirer & Francis X. Diebold & Laura Liu & Kamil Yılmaz

  • 2017 Angus Deaton, prix à la mémoire d'Alfred Nobel 2015 : un maître de l'économie appliquée
    by François Gardes

  • 2017 Empirical Methods for the Law
    by Christoph Engel

  • 2017 Season. Mathematica Packages for Seasonal Adjustment
    by Schlicht, Ekkehart

  • 2017 Alternative GMM estimators for spatial regression models
    by Jörg Breitung & Christoph Wigger

  • 2017 Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness
    by Kanbur, Ravi & Snell, Andy

  • 2017 Inequality indices as tests for fairness
    by Ravi Kanbur & Andy Snell

  • 2017 Investing with cryptocurrencies - A liquidity constrained investment approach
    by Simon Trimborn & Mingyang Li & Wolfgang Karl Härdle

  • 2017 Tail event driven networks of SIFIs
    by Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Yarema Okhrin &

  • 2017 Some Remarks on the Causal Inference for Historical Persistence
    by KOGURE, Katsuo

  • 2017 Measurement of Validity of Corruption Indices
    by Anastasiia Shukhova & Yulii Nisnevich

  • 2017 Dutch Disease in Central and Eastern European Countries
    by João Sousa Andrade & António Portugal Duarte

  • 2017 Mapping the Stocks in MICEX: Who Is Central in Moscow Stock Exchange?
    by M. Hakan Eratalay & Evgenii Vladimirov

  • 2017 The Economic Cost of Carbon Abatement with Renewable Energy Policies
    by Jan Abrell & Mirjam Kosch & Sebastian Rausch

  • 2017 Undergraduate econometrics instruction: through our classes, darkly
    by Angrist, Joshua D. & Pischke, Jorn-Steffen

  • 2017 Identification and inference on regressions with missing covariate data
    by Aucejo, Esteban M. & Bugni, Federico A. & Hotz, V. Joseph

  • 2017 An Empirical Test for Costs Subadditivity in the Fishery Sector
    by Laura Onofri & Francesc Maynou

  • 2017 A Simple R-Estimation Method for Semiparametric Duration Models
    by Marc Hallin & Davide La Vecchia

  • 2017 Discovering pervasive and non-pervasive common cycles
    by Espasa Terrades, Antoni & Carlomagno Real, Guillermo

  • 2017 Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness
    by Kanbur, Ravi & Snell, Andy

  • 2017 Evaluación de pronósticos de modelos lineales y no lineales de la tasa de cambio de Colombia
    by Andrés González

  • 2017 High Frequency vs. Daily Resolution: the Economic Value of Forecasting Volatility Models - 2nd ed
    by F. Lilla

  • 2017 Testing the Engel's law in the consumption pattern of Romanian population
    by Neagu Mădălin-Ioan & Teodoru Mircea Constantin

  • 2017 Examining the Relationship between Financial Development and International Trade in Croatia
    by Bilas Vlatka & Bosnjak Mile & Novak Ivan

  • 2017 Estimation and asymptotic covariance matrix for stochastic volatility models
    by Maddalena Cavicchioli

  • 2017 Panel data analysis: convergence of Indian states with infrastructure
    by Flora Pandya & Suresh Maind

  • 2017 Demand for household sanitation in India using NFHS-3 data
    by Anurag N. Banerjee & Nilanjan Banik & Ashvika Dalmia

  • 2017 Econometric estimation of second-hand shipping markets using panel data analysis
    by Nikolaos D. Geomelos & Evangelos Xideas

  • 2017 Ticari Dışa Açıklık ve Dış Ticaret Hadleri Dış Borçlanma Üzerinde Etkili mi? Türkiye İçin Bir Analiz
    by Mehmet BÖLÜKBAŞ & Osman PEKER

  • 2017 Gelişmiş ve Gelişmekte Olan Ülkelerde Ar&Ge Harcamaları ve Ekonomik Büyüme Arasındaki İlişki: Panel Veri Analizi
    by Yağmur SAĞLAM & Hüseyin Avni EGELİ & Pınar EGELİ

  • 2017 Methodological and Applicative Problems of using Pearson Correlation Coefficient in the Analysis of Socio-Economic Variables
    by Daniela-Emanuela Danacica

  • 2017 Application of profit-based credit scoring models using R
    by Selcuk Bayraci

  • 2017 Investigating Dynamic Effects of Structural Shocks in Global Oil Market on Iran’s Public and Private Sector Expenditure: Structural Dynamic Model Approach
    by Memarzadeh, Abbas & Khiabani , Nasser

  • 2017 Wage Convergence across European Regions : Do International Borders Matter?
    by Naveed, Amjad & Naz, Amber & Ahmad, Nisar

  • 2017 The demand for cigarette in Tanzania: A temporal approach
    by Kidane, Asmerom & Hepelwa, Aloyce & Mdadila, Kenneth & Ngeh, Ernest & Hu, Teh Wei

  • 2017 Stochastic Frontier Models with Dependent Errors based on Normal and Exponential Margins || Modelos de frontera estocástica con errores dependientes basados en márgenes normal y exponencial
    by Gómez-Déniz, Emilio & Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V.

  • 2017 Análisis del comportamiento del Modelo de Crecimiento de Gompertz en la predicción del crecimiento de la economía de Argentina, Bolivia, Chile y Perú/Study of Economic Growth of four Latin American Economies through the Gompertz?s Growth Model

  • 2017 Információ és tudás. A big data egyes hatásai a közgazdaságtanra
    by Vincze, János

  • 2017 The Relevance of the Monetary Model for the Euro / USD Exchange Rate Determination: a Long Run Perspective
    by Dimitris A. Georgoutsos & Georgios P. Kouretas

  • 2017 Dynamic interaction between savings, investment and economic growth in Nigeria: A Vector autoregressive (VAR) approach
    by Osaretin Kayode Omoregie & Fredrick Ikpesu

  • 2017 Rice Ecosystems and Adoption of Modern Rice Varieties in Odisha, East India: Intensity, Determinants and Policy Implications
    by Kirtti Ranjan Paltasingh & Phanindra Goyari & Kiril Tochkov

  • 2017 Identifying and measuring economic discrimination
    by Sergio Pinheiro Firpo

  • 2017 Stock markets, volatility and economic growth: evidence from Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Nigeri
    by Nzomo Tcheunta, Joseph & Dombou-Tagne, Dany Rostand

  • 2017 The Stock Market And Its Impact On The Economy: A Colombian Case Study 2001-2013, El Mercado De Valores Y Su Influencia En La Economia: Estudio Del Caso Colombiano 2001-2013
    by Juan Carlos Lezama Palomino & Miguel Angel Laverde Sarmiento & Carlos Arturo Gómez Restrepo

  • 2017 Demanda de energía eléctrica en Bolivia: un modelo SARIMA-GARCH & ARN. Demand of electric energy in Bolivia: a model SARIMA-GARCH & ARN
    by Edward E. Herman Pinaya & Alcides V. Oxa Gerónimo & Rolly R. Vásquez Macedo

  • 2017 A Fast Algorithm for the Computation of HAC Covariance Matrix Estimators
    by Jochen Heberle & Cristina Sattarhoff

  • 2017 Endogeneity, Time-Varying Coefficients, and Incorrect vs. Correct Ways of Specifying the Error Terms of Econometric Models
    by P.A.V.B. Swamy & Jatinder S. Mehta & I-Lok Chang

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Econometrics in 2016
    by Econometrics Editorial Office

  • 2017 Between Institutions and Global Forces: Norwegian Wage Formation Since Industrialisation
    by Ragnar Nymoen

  • 2017 Fractional Unit Root Tests Allowing for a Structural Change in Trend under Both the Null and Alternative Hypotheses
    by Seong Yeon Chang & Pierre Perron

  • 2017 Consistency of Trend Break Point Estimator with Underspecified Break Number
    by Jingjing Yang

  • 2017 Regime Switching Vine Copula Models for Global Equity and Volatility Indices
    by Holger Fink & Yulia Klimova & Claudia Czado & Jakob Stöber

  • 2017 A Simple Test for Causality in Volatility
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 Accuracy and Efficiency of Various GMM Inference Techniques in Dynamic Micro Panel Data Models
    by Jan Kiviet & Milan Pleus & Rutger Poldermans

  • 2017 Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulas of Multivariate Time Series
    by Bruno Rémillard

  • 2017 Testing for a Structural Break in a Spatial Panel Model
    by Aparna Sengupta

  • 2017 Structural Breaks, Inflation and Interest Rates: Evidence from the G7 Countries
    by Jesús Clemente & María Dolores Gadea & Antonio Montañés & Marcelo Reyes

  • 2017 A Note on Identification of Bivariate Copulas for Discrete Count Data
    by Pravin Trivedi & David Zimmer

  • 2017 Business Cycle Estimation with High-Pass and Band-Pass Local Polynomial Regression
    by Luis J. Álvarez

  • 2017 Explosive rents: The real estate market dynamics in exuberance
    by Fabozzi, Frank J. & Xiao, Keli

  • 2017 Commodity price shocks, growth and structural transformation in low-income countries
    by McGregor, Thomas

  • 2017 Do financial reforms help stabilize inequality?
    by Christopoulos, Dimitris & McAdam, Peter

  • 2017 Market liquidity and stock returns in the Norwegian stock market
    by Leirvik, Thomas & Fiskerstrand, Sondre R. & Fjellvikås, Anders B.

  • 2017 The relationship between regional natural gas markets and crude oil markets from a multi-scale nonlinear Granger causality perspective
    by Geng, Jiang-Bo & Ji, Qiang & Fan, Ying

  • 2017 A micro-based model for world oil market
    by Espinasa, Ramon & ter Horst, Enrique & Reyes, Sergio Guerra & Manzano, Osmel & Molina, German & Rigobon, Roberto

  • 2017 Determinants for adoption decision of small scale biogas technology by rural households in Tigray, Ethiopia
    by Kelebe, Haftu Etsay & Ayimut, Kiros Meles & Berhe, Gebresilasse Hailu & Hintsa, Kidane

  • 2017 The long-run oil–natural gas price relationship and the shale gas revolution
    by Caporin, Massimiliano & Fontini, Fulvio

  • 2017 The performance of tests on endogeneity of subsets of explanatory variables scanned by simulation
    by Kiviet, Jan F. & Pleus, Milan

  • 2017 Econometric analysis of multivariate realised QML: Estimation of the covariation of equity prices under asynchronous trading
    by Shephard, Neil & Xiu, Dacheng

  • 2017 The econometrics of unobservables: Applications of measurement error models in empirical industrial organization and labor economics
    by Hu, Yingyao

  • 2017 Dynamic factor models with infinite-dimensional factor space: Asymptotic analysis
    by Forni, Mario & Hallin, Marc & Lippi, Marco & Zaffaroni, Paolo

  • 2017 Estimation of integrated quadratic covariation with endogenous sampling times
    by Potiron, Yoann & Mykland, Per A.

  • 2017 A suggestion for constructing a large time-varying conditional covariance matrix
    by Gibson, Heather D. & Hall, Stephen G. & Tavlas, George S.

  • 2017 Is MORE LESS? The role of data augmentation in testing for structural breaks
    by Rao, Yao & McCabe, Brendan

  • 2017 Measuring real business condition in China
    by Liu, Ping & James Hueng, C.

  • 2017 An Econometric Model for the Oil Dependence of the Russian Economy
    by Theodosios Perifanis & Athanasios Dagoumas

  • 2017 Structure and Intensity Based Approach in Credit Risk Models: A Literature Review
    by Adithi Ramesh & C. B Senthil Kumar

  • 2017 Integración Espacial Del Mercado Del Café Instantáneo Y Molido En Las Tres Principales Ciudades De Colombia
    by Julio César ALONSO & Daniela ESTRADA & Andrés Mauricio ARCILA

  • 2017 An Empirical Analysis Of Growth Determinants In India And South Korea: Possible Lessons For India
    by Gulshan Farooq BHAT & Dr. Sandeep Kaur BHATIA

  • 2017 Long Run Multiple Causality Measure on Economic Growth
    by Ciprian ȘIPOȘ & Ioana VIAȘU

  • 2017 Efectos del desarrollo financiero sobre el crecimiento económico de Colombia y Chile, 1982-2014
    by Armando Lenin Támara Ayús & Lina María Eusse Ossa & Andrés Castellón Pérez

  • 2017 The Effect of Increased Schooling in the Colombian Labor Market Between 2008 and 2016
    by Tomás Aristizábal Lopera & Esteban Ángel López

  • 2017 The Rural Roads Impact on Education Performance in Antioquia (Colombia): an ordered probit model
    by Guillermo David Hincapie & Ivan Montoya Gomez & John Jaime Bustamante

  • 2017 La línea de pobreza subjetiva para Tunja, Colombia 2015
    by Eliana Marcela Tobasura Jiménez & Julián Augusto Casas Herrera

  • 2017 Pobreza y violencia en la Región Caribe colombiana: un enfoque espacial
    by José Manuel Tapias Ortega

  • 2017 Determinantes de las relaciones reales de intercambio de España con Alemania (1970-2010). Un análisis econométrico de la ventaja absoluta de costo intrasectorial
    by Fahd Boundi Chrak

  • 2017 How Can Contingent Valuation Inform the Bioethics Debate? Evidence from a Survey on Hereditary Cancers in France
    by Christel Protière & Olivier Chanel & Catherine Nogues & Isabelle Coupier & Emmanuelle Mouret-Fourme & Claire Julian-Reynier

  • 2017 Discriminating between (in)valid External Instruments and (in)valid Exclusion Restrictions
    by Kiviet Jan F.

  • 2017 Additive Nonparametric Instrumental Regressions: A Guide to Implementation
    by Centorrino Samuele & Feve Frederique & Florens Jean-Pierre

  • 2017 Effective Policies for Transportation and Pollution Reduction on North America’s International Borders
    by Fernandez Linda & Das Monica

  • 2017 Pobreza y violencia en la Región Caribe colombiana: un enfoque espacial
    by José Manuel Tapias Ortega

  • 2017 The State of Applied Econometrics: Causality and Policy Evaluation
    by Susan Athey & Guido W. Imbens

  • 2017 Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly
    by Joshua D. Angrist & Jörn-Steffen Pischke

  • 2017 Identification and Asymptotic Approximations: Three Examples of Progress in Econometric Theory
    by James L. Powell

  • 2017 Mr Malinvaud and Econometrics
    by Pascal Mazodier

  • 2017 Introduction
    by Jacques Mairesse & Alain Monfort & Pierre Picard & Alain Trognon

  • 2016 Measuring economic potential via the gravity model of trade
    by Nikkin Beronilla & Patrocinio Jude Esguerra & Jamir Ocampo

  • 2016 Estimating Fixed Effects Logit Models with Large Panel Data
    by Stammann, Amrei & Heiß, Florian & McFadden, Daniel

  • 2016 Do preferences for pop music converge across countries? Empirical evidence from the Eurovision Song Contest
    by Budzinski, Oliver & Pannicke, Julia

  • 2016 Beyond dimension two: A test for higher-order tail risk
    by Bormann, Carsten & Schaumburg, Julia & Schienle, Melanie

  • 2016 Automatic identification of general vector error correction models
    by Arbués, Ignacio & Ledo, Ramiro & Matilla-García, Mariano

  • 2016 Jumps and Information Asymmetry in the US Treasury Market
    by Dumitru, Ana-Maria & Urga, Giovanni

  • 2016 Pythagorean Generalization of Testing the Equality of Two Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices

  • 2016 Estimation and Application of Fully Parametric Multifactor Quantile Regression with Dynamic Coefficients
    by Paraschiv, Florentina & Bunn, Derek & Westgaard, Sjur

  • 2016 Structural Break Tests Robust to Regression Misspecification
    by Abi Morshed, Alaa & Andreou, E. & Boldea, Otilia

  • 2016 Flexible Mixture-Amount Models for Business and Industry using Gaussian Processes
    by Aiste Ruseckaite & Dennis Fok & Peter Goos

  • 2016 Latent Instrumental Variables: A Critical Review
    by Irene Hueter

  • 2016 Green Microfinance and Ecosystem Services - A quantitative study on outcomes and effectiveness
    by Davide Forcella & Frédéric Huybrechs

  • 2016 Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth In Turkey After The Global Financial Crisis
    by Mustafa Göktu? Kaya & Perihan Hazel Kaya

  • 2016 Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth in Botswana: The Keynesian approach
    by Teboho Jeremiah Mosikari & Diteboho Lawrance Xaba & Johannes Tshepiso Tsoku

  • 2016 On the Treatment of a Measurement Error Regression Model

  • 2016 Non-Economic Quality of Life and Population Density in South Africa
    by Dr. Talita Greyling & Dr. Stephanié Rossouw

  • 2016 Productivity Change Analysis of Polish Dairy Farms After Poland’s Accession to the EU – An Output Growth Decomposition Approach
    by Makieła, Kamil & Marzec, Jerzy & Pisulewski, Andrzej

  • 2016 Government spending, GDP and exchange rate in Zero Lower Bound: measuring causality at multiple horizons
    by MAO TAKONGMO, Charles Olivier

  • 2016 Türkiye'de Yüksek Öğretim ve Ekonomik Büyüme
    by Turan, Güngör

  • 2016 Choice of the Group Increases Intra-Cooperation
    by Babkina, Tatiana & Myagkov, Mikhail & Lukinova, Evgeniya & Peshkovskaya, Anastasiya & Menshikova, Olga & Berkman, Elliot T.

  • 2016 Determinantes del Desempleo en la República Dominicana: Dinámica Temporal y Microsimulaciones
    by Ramírez, Nerys F.

  • 2016 Negative binomial quasi-likelihood inference for general integer-valued time series models
    by Aknouche, Abdelhakim & Bendjeddou, Sara

  • 2016 A General framework for modelling mortality to better estimate its relationship with interest rate risks
    by Apicella, Giovanna & Dacorogna, Michel M

  • 2016 A New Nonlinearity Test to Circumvent the Limitation of Volterra Expansion with Applications
    by Hui, Yongchang & Wong, Wing-Keung & Bai, Zhidong & Zhu, Zhenzhen

  • 2016 A real-time measure of business conditions in Malta
    by Ellul, Reuben

  • 2016 Nonlinear relationship between exchange rate volatility and economic growth: A South African perspective
    by Fourie, Justin & Pretorius, Theuns & Harvey, Rhett & Henrico, Van Niekerk & Phiri, Andrew

  • 2016 Emergence of a urban traffic macroscopic fundamental diagram
    by Ranjan, Abhishek & Fosgerau, Mogens & Jenelius, Erik

  • 2016 The impact of (co-) ownership of renewable energy production facilities on demand flexibility
    by Roth, Lucas & Lowitzsch, Jens & Yildiz, Özgür & Hashani, Alban

  • 2016 Bounds of Herfindahl-Hirschman index of banks in the European Union
    by Tóth, József

  • 2016 Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects
    by Abonazel, Mohamed R.

  • 2016 Estimating the gender penalty in House of Representative elections using a regression discontinuity design
    by Anastasopoulos, Lefteris

  • 2016 Does a small cost share reflect a negligible role for energy in economic production? Testing for aggregate production functions including capital, labor, and useful exergy through a cointegration-based method
    by Santos, João & Domingos, Tiago & Sousa, Tânia & St. Aubyn, Miguel

  • 2016 Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects
    by Abonazel, Mohamed R.

  • 2016 Models of Financial Return With Time-Varying Zero Probability
    by Sucarrat, Genaro & Grønneberg, Steffen

  • 2016 ZD-GARCH model: a new way to study heteroscedasticity
    by Li, Dong & Ling, Shiqing & Zhu, Ke

  • 2016 Balancing, Regression, Difference-In-Differences and Synthetic Control Methods: A Synthesis
    by Nikolay Doudchenko & Guido W. Imbens

  • 2016 Sets of Models and Prices of Uncertainty
    by Lars P. Hansen & Thomas J. Sargent

  • 2016 Discriminating between (in)valid external instruments and (in)valid exclusion restrictions
    by Jan F. Kiviet

  • 2016 A Random Shock Is Not Random Assignment
    by Christoph Engel

  • 2016 Eigenvalue Ratio Estimators for the Number of Dynamic Factors
    by Maddalena Cavicchioli & Mario Forni & Marco Lippi & Paolo zaffaroni

  • 2016 Testing threshold cointegration in Wagner's Law: the role of military spending
    by Maddalena Cavicchioli & Barbara Pistoresi

  • 2016 Testing threshold cointegration in Wagner's Law: the role of military spending
    by Maddalena Cavicchioli & Barbara Pistoresi

  • 2016 A real-time measure of business conditions in Malta
    by Rueben Ellul

  • 2016 Property price misalignment with fundamentals in Malta
    by Brian Micallef

  • 2016 Credit Rating Score Analysis
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Phoon Kok Fai & David Lee Kuo Chuen

  • 2016 PanJen: A test for functional form with continuous variables
    by Cathrine Ulla Jensen & Toke Emil Panduro

  • 2016 Non-Stationary Dynamic Factor Models for Large Datasets
    by Barigozzi, Matteo & Lippi, Marco & Luciani, Matteo

  • 2016 Dynamic Factor Models, Cointegration, and Error Correction Mechanisms
    by Barigozzi, Matteo & Lippi, Marco & Luciani, Matteo

  • 2016 Demand for household sanitation in India using NFHS-3 data
    by Anurag N Banerjee & Nilanjan Banik & Ashvika Dalmia

  • 2016 Distinguishing the Confounding Factors: Policy Evaluation, High-Dimension and Variable Selection
    by Jérémy L'Hour

  • 2016 Looking Backward and Looking Forward
    by GAO, Zhengyuan & HAFNER, Christian M,

  • 2016 Market Risk Management in a Post-Basel II Regulatory Environment
    by Branko Uroševic & Mikica Drenovak & Vladimir Rankovic & Ranko Jelic & Milos Ivanovic

  • 2016 Tax Potential and Tax Effort: An Empirical Estimation for Non-resource Tax Revenue and VAT’s Revenue
    by Jean-François BRUN & Maïmouna DIAKITE

  • 2016 High Frequency vs. Daily Resolution: the Economic Value of Forecasting Volatility Models
    by F. Lilla

  • 2016 Structural and cyclical factors of Greece’s current account balances: a note
    by Ioanna C. Bardakas

  • 2016 Long and short-run components in explanatory variables and different panel-data estimates
    by Alfonso Ugarte

  • 2016 Non-Economic Quality of Life and Population Density in South Africa
    by Talita Greyling & Stephanié Rossouw

  • 2016 Retrieving Risk-Neutral Densities Embedded in VIX Options: a Non-Structural Approach
    by Andrea Barletta & Paolo Santucci de Magistris & Francesco Violante

  • 2016 Effectiveness of Climate Policies: Empirical Methods and Evidence
    by Julian Dieler

  • 2016 Automatic identification of general vector error correction models
    by Arbués, Ignacio & Ledo, Ramiro & Matilla-García, Mariano

  • 2016 The Efficiency of OLS Estimators of Structural Parameters in a Simple Linear Regression Model in the Calibration of the Averages Scheme
    by Kowal Robert

  • 2016 An Analysis of Conditional Dependencies of Covariance Matrices for Economic Processes in Selected EU Countries
    by Janiga-Ćmiel Anna

  • 2016 Characteristics and Properties of a Simple Linear Regression Model
    by Kowal Robert

  • 2016 The Profitability of the Strategy Linking Fundamental, Portfolio and Technical Analysis on the Polish Capital Market
    by Flotyński Marcin

  • 2016 Asymptotic distribution of quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of dynamic panels using long difference transformation when both N and T are large
    by Cheng Hsiao & Qiankun Zhou

  • 2016 Critical issues in spatial models: error term specifications, additional endogenous variables, pre-testing, and Bayesian analysis
    by Harry H. Kelejian

  • 2016 Scale effect in Turkish manufacturing industry: stochastic metafrontier analysis
    by Saeid Hajihassaniasl & Recep Kök

  • 2016 A J test for dynamic panel model with fixed effects, and nonparametric spatial and time dependence
    by Harry H. Kelejian & Gianfranco Piras

  • 2016 Monetary Effectiveness in Small Transition Economy – The Case of the Republic of Serbia

  • 2016 La Evasión Fiscal del IVA en México 2004-2013
    by Delfín Ortega, Odette Virginia & Hernánez Barriga, Plinio & Ramírez Sepúlveda, Noemí

  • 2016 Estimación de la volatilidad del tipo de cambio en México y Brasil. Un enfoque con modelos Markov Switching Garch
    by Caballero Martínez, Rolando & Caballero Claure, Benigno

  • 2016 Determinants of South Africa's Exports of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Products to SADC: A Gravity Model Approach - Le determinanti delle esportazioni di prodotti agri coli, della silvicoltura e della pesca dal Sud Africa verso i paesi della Comunità di Sviluppo del l’Africa Meridionale
    by MOSIKARI, Teboho Jeremiah & EITA, Joel Hinaunye

  • 2016 Does India have a stable demand for money function after reforms? A macroeconometric analysis
    by Nitin, Arora & Asghar, OsatiEraghi

  • 2016 Textile Industry Crisis in Pakistan
    by Aramish Altaf Alvi & Uzma Shahid

  • 2016 Innovative undertakings in the Polish industry
    by Jan Zwolak

  • 2016 A Nonlinear Approach to Tunisian Inflation Rate
    by Thouraya Boujelbène Dammak & Kamel Helali

  • 2016 The Factors of Growth of Small Family Businesses. A Robust Estimation of the Behavioural Consistency in Panel Data Models
    by Vladimír Benáček & Eva Michalíková

  • 2016 Nonlinear Trend and Purchasing Power Parity
    by Yinghao LUO

  • 2016 The Effects of Economic Policies in Turkey: An Application for the Period After 2000
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