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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R1: General Regional Economics
/ / / R10: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Common Business Cycles and Volatilities in US States and MSAs: The Role of Economic Uncertainty
    by Rangan Gupta & Jun Ma & Marian Risse & Mark E. Wohar

  • 2017 Modeling of innovative investment in Russian regions
    by Teplykh, Grigorii & Galimardanov, Amal

  • 2017 Quantifying the effect of labor market size on learning externalities
    by Peters, Jan Cornelius

  • 2017 What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data
    by Zheng, Liang & Zhao, Zhong

  • 2017 Quantifying the effect of labor market size on learning externalities
    by Peters, Jan Cornelius

  • 2017 Transport Infrastructure, City Productivity Growth and Sectoral Reallocation: Evidence from China
    by Yang, Yang

  • 2017 Immigration and Trade: The Case Study of Veneto Region in Italy
    by Riccardo Fiorentini & Alina Verashchagina

  • 2017 Determinants of Urban Sprawl: A Panel Data Approach
    by Joseph DeSalvo & Qing Su

  • 2017 Dynamic Responses to Labor Demand Shocks: Evidence from the Financial Industry in Delaware
    by Russell Weinstein

  • 2017 Sanitation challenges of the poor in urban and rural settings: Case studies of Bengaluru City and rural North Karnataka
    by Seshaiah, Manasi & Nagesh, Latha & Ramesh, Hemalatha

  • 2017 Regional analysis of sanitation performance in India
    by Bose, Debasree & Dutta, Arijita

  • 2017 On the optimal design of place-based policies: A structural evaluation of EU regional transfers
    by Yashar Blouri, Maximilian v. Ehrlich

  • 2017 The Impact of Employment on Housing Prices: Detailed Evidence from FDI in Ireland
    by Kerri Agnew & Ronan Lyons

  • 2017 International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobility
    by Sultan Orazbayev

  • 2017 Who do you know or what do you know? Informal recruitment channels, family background and university enrolments
    by Emanuela Ghignoni

  • 2017 East Asian Integration: Towards an East Asian Economic Community
    by Dent, Christopher M.

  • 2017 Do Border Effects Alter Regional Development: Evidence from China
    by Partridge, Mark D. & Yang, Benjian & Chen, Anping

  • 2017 Intermediate Inputs and External Economies
    by Zhou, Haiwen

  • 2017 “Decentralization” of income per capita and its relationship to administrative decentralization in the context of European Union members
    by Benos, Christos & Angelopoulou, Ioanna & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2017 Liveable city from an economic perspective
    by Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2017 The impact of agricultural activities on urbanization: Evidence and implications for India
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi & Rani, Chetana

  • 2017 Does the abolition of border controls boost cross-border commuting? Evidence from Switzerland
    by Angela Parenti & Cristina Tealdi

  • 2017 Violent conflicts in ARMM: Probing the factors related to local political, identity, and shadow-economy hostilities
    by Joseph J. Capuno

  • 2017 Subsidy competition, imperfect labor markets, and the endogenous entry of firms
    by Tadashi Morita & Yukiko Sawada & Kazuhiro Yamamoto

  • 2017 Civic Crowdfunding: A collective option for local public goods?
    by Claire Charbit & Guillaume Desmoulins

  • 2017 The Effect of the H-1B Quota on Employment and Selection of Foreign-Born Labor
    by Anna Maria Mayda & Francesc Ortega & Giovanni Peri & Kevin Shih & Chad Sparber

  • 2017 For Whom the Bell Tolls: Road Safety Effects of Tolls on Uncongested SCUT Highways in Portugal
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Marvão Pereira & João Pereira dos Santos

  • 2017 Urbanization and its Effects on the Happiness Domains
    by Cristina Bernini & Alessandro Tampieri

  • 2017 The Happiness Function in Italian Cities
    by Cristina Bernini & Alessandro Tampieri

  • 2017 Spatial Nexus in Crime and Unemployement in Times of Crisis
    by Povilas Lastauskas & Eirini Tatsi

  • 2017 What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data
    by Zheng, Liang & Zhao, Zhong

  • 2017 Spatial-Ethnic Inequalities: The Role of Location in the Estimation of Ethnic Wage Differentials
    by Longhi, Simonetta

  • 2017 Building a Scientific Narrative Towards a More Resilient EU Society. Part 1: a Conceptual Framework
    by Anna Rita Manca & Peter Benczur & Enrico Giovannini

  • 2017 The Geography of Consumption
    by Sumit Agarwal & J. Bradford Jensen & Ferdinando Monte

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Bjorn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 Sketching the Contours of an Integrative Paradigm of Economic Geography
    by Hassink, Robert & Gong, Huiwen

  • 2017 Unrelated knowledge combinations: Unexplored potential for regional industrial path development
    by Grillitsch, Markus & Asheim, Bjorn & Trippl, Michaela

  • 2017 Knowledge externalities and firm heterogeneity: Effects on high and low growth firms
    by Grillitsch, Markus & Nilsson, Magnus

  • 2017 Transformation Capacity of the Innovative Entrepreneur: On the interplay between social structure and agency
    by Grillitsch, Markus

  • 2017 Urban Interactions
    by Kim, Jun Sung & Patacchini, Eleonora & Picard, Pierre M. & Zenou, Yves

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 Absolute vs Relative Income and Life Satisfaction
    by Rickardsson, Jonna & Mellander, Charlotta

  • 2017 An Assessment of the National Establishment Time Series (NETS) Database
    by Keith Barnatchez & Leland Crane & Ryan Decker

  • 2017 Preferences for living in homogenous communities and cooperation: a new methodological approach combining the hedonic price model and a field experiment
    by Riccardo Borgoni & Giacomo Degli Antoni & Marco Faillo & Alessandra Michelangeli

  • 2017 The visible hand of cluster policy makers: An analysis of Aerospace Valley (2006-2015) using a place-based network methodology
    by Delio Lucena Piquero & Jerome Vicente

  • 2017 Critical links in knowledge networks. What about proximities and gatekeeper organizations?
    by Tom Broekel & Wladimir Mueller

  • 2017 Creativity over Time and Space
    by Serafinelli, Michel & Tabellini, Guido

  • 2017 Out-of-town Home Buyers and City Welfare
    by Favilukis, Jack & van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn

  • 2017 Who gets the urban surplus?
    by Collier, Paul & Venables, Anthony J

  • 2017 Indonesia's moratorium on palm oil expansion from natural forest: Economy-wide impact and the role of international transfers
    by A.A. Yusuf & E.L. Roos & J.M. Horridge

  • 2017 Centro de Estudios Económicos Regionales (CEER): veinte años de investigación sobre economía regional
    by Leonardo Bonilla–Mejía & Luis Armando Galvis?Aponte

  • 2017 Crecimiento económico en México y manufactura global
    by Alfredo Erquizio Espinal & Roberto Ramírez Rodríguez

  • 2017 Estructura regional y polarización económico-poblacional en el centro de México
    by Alejandra Berenice Trejo Nieto

  • 2017 Sostenibilidad de pequeños productores en Tlaxcala, Puebla y Oaxaca, México
    by Tzatzil Isela Bustamante Lara & Benjamín Carrera Chávez & Rita Schwentesius Rindermann

  • 2017 On the Optimal Design of Place-Based Policies: A Structural Evaluation of EU Regional Transfers
    by Yashar Blouri & Maximilian von Ehrlich

  • 2017 Cities and the Structure of Social Interactions: Evidence from Mobile Phone Data
    by Konstantin Büchel & Maximilian von Ehrlich

  • 2017 Institutional Architecture for Financing Pan-Asian Infrastructure Connectivity
    by Biswa Nath Bhattacharyay & Madhurima Bhattacharyay

  • 2017 Information technology exports and regional development in the leading states: a shift-share analysis of India
    by Girija V. Nachnani & A.M. Swaminathan

  • 2017 Real Estate Bubbles and Urban Development
    by Edward L. Glaeser

  • 2017 Cluster performance: an attempt to evaluate the Lithuanian case
    by Salvatore Monni & Francesco Palumbo & Manuela TvaronaviÄ ienÄ—

  • 2017 Measuring Community Economic Resilience in Australia: Estimates of Recent Levels and Trends
    by Huong Dinh & Ben Freyens & Anne Daly & Yogi Vidyattama

  • 2017 Urban wage inequality and economic agglomeration
    by Yiming Zhou

  • 2017 Computable urban economic model incorporated with economies of scale for urban agglomeration simulation
    by Runsen Zhang & Kakuya Matsushima & Kiyoshi Kobayashi

  • 2017 Strengthening relationships in clusters: How effective is an indirect policy measure carried out in a peripheral technology district?
    by Giuseppe Calignano & Rune Dahl Fitjar

  • 2017 Regional differences in price levels across the European Union and their implications for its regional policy
    by Petr Janský & Dominika Kolcunová

  • 2017 Innovation through new blood
    by Martijn J. Smit

  • 2017 The Importance Of The Regions’ Economic Activity Evaluation In Russia, 2012-2016
    by KURCHENKOV, Vladimir Viktorovich & FETISOVA, Olga Vladimirovna & ORLOVA, Anastasiya Andreyevna & GLADKAYA, Elena Andreevna

  • 2017 A Role for Regional Scientists in a Time of Crisis
    by Brian J Cushing

  • 2017 Searching for Isard's Regional Essence
    by Doug Woodward

  • 2017 Evaluation of the Cohesion Policy Operational Program 2007-2013. The case of Extremadura
    by López-Bazo, Enrique & Moreno, Rosina & Royuela, Vicente & Suriñach, Jordi

  • 2017 Los factores explicativos del abandono temprano de la educación y la formación en las regiones españolas
    by Bayón-Calvo, Siro & Corrales-Herrero, Helena & Ogando Canabal, Olga

  • 2017 El efecto de la distancia económica sobre la colaboración científica entre universidades. Evidencia para las regiones del sur de Europa
    by Fernández Pérez, Ana & Ferrándiz León, Esther & León Rodríguez, Mª Dolores

  • 2017 Intra-National Trade as Channels of Spillovers in Developing Countries
    by He, Yong

  • 2017 Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth and Development in Communities across the United States
    by Owoye, Oluwole & Onafowora, Olugbenga A.

  • 2017 Highways and Spatial Location within Cities: Evidence from India
    by Ejaz Ghani & Arti Grover Goswami & William R. Kerr

  • 2017 Learning by Working in Big Cities
    by Jorge De La Roca & Diego Puga

  • 2017 Innovation in space: the mosaic of regional innovation patterns
    by Arne Isaksen & Michaela Trippl

  • 2017 Adjustments in the housing market after an environmental shock: evidence from a large-scale change in aircraft noise exposure
    by Christian Almer & Stefan Boes & Stephan Nüesch

  • 2017 The regional heterogeneity of wellbeing ‘expenditure’ preferences: evidence from a simulated allocation choice on the BES indicators§
    by Leonardo Becchetti & Luisa Corrado & Maurizio Fiaschetti

  • 2017 The Price Convergence of Individual Goods in the Russian Regions
    by Perevyshin, Yu. & Skrobotov, A.

  • 2017 Producción y exportación de vino en España: El caso de Castilla y León/Spains?s Wine Production and Exports: The Case of Castile and Leon

  • 2017 The Role of Festivals in Developing and Promoting the Urban Tourism in the Bucharest Municipality
    by Elena Bogan & Dana Maria (Oprea) Constantin & Ana-Maria Roanghes-Mureanu & Elena Grigore & Gabriela Dirloman

  • 2017 The Religious Tourism – An Opportunity of Promoting and Developing the Tourism in the Valcea Subcarpathians
    by Elena Bogan & Ana-Maria Roanghes-Mureanu & Dana Maria (Oprea) Constantin & Elena Grigore & Sebastian Gabor & Gabriela Dirloman

  • 2017 Academic inventors: collaboration and proximity with industry
    by Riccardo Crescenzi & Andrea Filippetti & Simona Iammarino

  • 2017 Tipo de Cambio Real entre Córdoba y Buenos Aires
    by Federico Fawaz

  • 2017 The Lead-Lag Relationship among East Asian Economies: A Wavelet Analysis
    by Buerhan Saiti

  • 2017 Education, Research – Development And Innovation In The South-East Development Region – A Case Study
    by Marioara RUSU

  • 2017 Examining The Existence Of Co2 Emission Per Capita Convergence In East Asia
    by Kenichi SHIMAMOTO

  • 2017 Indicators And A Mechanism To Ensure Economic Security Of The Regions
    by Irina V. CHISTNIKOVA & Marina V. ANTONOVA & Svetlana V. YAKIMCHUK & Anastasia S. GLOTOVA & Yevgeniy A. DYNNIKOV

  • 2017 The Main Approaches to the Cluster Development in the Russian Economy
    by I.M. Ablaev

  • 2017 Autonomous vehicles: The next jump in accessibilities?
    by Meyer, Jonas & Becker, Henrik & Bösch, Patrick M. & Axhausen, Kay W.

  • 2017 International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobility
    by Orazbayev, Sultan

  • 2017 City seeds: Geography and the origins of the European city system
    by Bosker, Maarten & Buringh, Eltjo

  • 2017 Economic growth and convergence: Do institutional proximity and spillovers matter?
    by Ahmad, Mahyudin & Hall, Stephen G.

  • 2017 “Lock-in” effect of emission standard and its impact on the choice of market based instruments
    by Haoqi, Qian & Libo, Wu & Weiqi, Tang

  • 2017 Immigration, regional conditions, and crime: Evidence from an allocation policy in Germany
    by Piopiunik, Marc & Ruhose, Jens

  • 2017 What drives spatial clusters of entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from economic census data
    by Zheng, Liang & Zhao, Zhong

  • 2017 Localización y especialización productiva regional en Colombia
    by Henry Antonio Mendoza Tolosa & Jacobo Campo Robledo

  • 2017 Regional Effects Of The Eu Funds Absorption For Educational Infrastructure In Romania 2007-2013 Programming Period
    by Aida Catana

  • 2017 Youth Unemployment in Europe from a Regional Perspective
    by Joachim Möller

  • 2017 Die Anreizwirkungen des kommunalen Finanzausgleichs
    by David Bauer

  • 2017(XXVII) Regional development and criminality rate in Romania: insights from a spatial analysis
    by Zizi GOSCHIN

  • 2016 Price Convergence Patterns across U.S. States
    by Christina Christou & Juncal Cunado & Rangan Gupta

  • 2016 Do Open Borders Tempt a Saint? Evidence from Schengen on Crime Rates in German Border Regions
    by Wassmann, Pia

  • 2016 Spillovers of banking regulation: The effect of the German bank levy on the lending rates of regional banks and their local competitors
    by Haskamp, Ulrich

  • 2016 Die Großstädte im Wachstumsmodus: Stochastische Bevölkerungsprognosen für Berlin, München und Frankfurt am Main bis 2035
    by Deschermeier, Philipp

  • 2016 Multidimensional Well-being and Regional Disparities in Europe
    by Döpke, Jörg & Knabe, Andreas & Lang, Cornelia & Maschke, Philip

  • 2016 Macro-geographic location and internet adoption in poor countries: What is behind the persistent digital gap?
    by Dohse, Dirk & Lim, Cheng Yee

  • 2016 Economic issues of innovation clusters-based industrial policy : a critical overview
    by Iritié, B. G. Jean Jacques

  • 2016 Quantifying the effect of labor market size on learning externalities
    by Peters, Jan Cornelius

  • 2016 Regional development in Spain 1989-2010: Capital widening and productivity stagnation
    by Paulino Montes-Solla & Andres Faina & Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez

  • 2016 Spatio-temporal variation in peer effects - The case of rooftop photovoltaic systems in Germany
    by Johannes Rode & Sven Müller

  • 2016 Do open borders tempt a saint? Evidence from Schengen on crime rates in German border regions
    by Pia Wassmann

  • 2016 A study on evaluation of the factors for the industrial complex regeneration projects successful by applying the PCSI model and revised-IPA matrix based on the Kano theory
    by Yeong Kim & Jae-Won Shin & Hwa-Soo Kim

  • 2016 Reducing disparity through a regions-focused development: A modeling approach of assessing the Indonesian MP3EI
    by Arief Anshory Yusuf & Mark Horridge & Edimon Ginting & Priasto Aji

  • 2016 Classifying Industries Into Types of Relative Concentration
    by Ludwig von Auer & Andranik Stepanyan & Mark Trede

  • 2016 Damming Trans-boundary Rivers: A Welfare Analysis of Conflict and Cooperation
    by Yuyu Zeng & Harold Houba & Ariel Dinar & Miroslav Marence

  • 2016 Are clusters more resilient in crises? Evidence from French exporters in 2008-2009
    by Philippe Martin & Thierry Mayer & Florian Mayneris

  • 2016 Recession Propagation in Small Regional Economies: Spatial Spillovers and Endogenous Clustering
    by Sergei Shibaev

  • 2016 Default, Mortgage Standards and Housing Liquidity
    by Allen Head & Hongfei Sun & Chenggang Zhou

  • 2016 Has Canadian House Price Growth been Excessive?
    by Allen Head & Huw Lloyd-Ellis

  • 2016 Egyetemi funkciók és helyi gazdasági hatások: módszertani problémák és lehetséges megoldások
    by Kotosz, Balázs & Lukovics, Miklós & Zuti, Bence & Molnár, Gabriella

  • 2016 Inteligentne miasta przyjazne starzeniu się - przykłady z krajów Grupy Wyszehradzkiej
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej & Tomczyk, Łukasz

  • 2016 Price Levels across Russian Regions
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin & Karandashova, Maria

  • 2016 Commuting links between settlement hierarchy levels in Hungary
    by Gerse, József & Szilágyi, Dániel

  • 2016 Mapping the position of cities in corporate research and development through a gravity model-based bidimensional regression analysis
    by Tóth, Géza & Csomós, György

  • 2016 Health inequalities regarding territorial differences in Hungary by discussing life expectancy
    by Uzzoli, Annamária

  • 2016 Analysis of the lowest airfares considering the different business models of airlines, the case of Budapest
    by Dudás, Gábor & Boros, Lajos & Pál, Viktor & Pernyész, Péter

  • 2016 Group-specific analysis of commuting in the most disadvantaged areas of Hungary
    by Alpek B., Levente & Tésits, Róbert & Bokor, László

  • 2016 Internal migration transition in Romania?
    by Horváth, István

  • 2016 Attempts to delineate functional regions in Hungary based on commuting data
    by Pálóczi, Gábor & Pénzes, János & Hurbánek, Pavol & Halás, Marián & Klapka, Pavel

  • 2016 Researching commuting to work using the methods of complex network analysis
    by Pálóczi, Gábor

  • 2016 The impact of urban concentration on countries’ competitiveness and entrepreneurial performance

  • 2016 Understanding the Changing Geography of Labour-Intensive Industries from a GPN Perspective: Case Study of the Hungarian Leather and Footwear Sector
    by Molnár, Ernő & Lengyel, István Máté

  • 2016 Divergence in the Socioeconomic Development Paths of Hungary and Slovakia
    by Bartha, Zoltán & Szita Tóthné, Klára

  • 2016 International Migration Diversity in Hungary in the 2011 Population Census Data
    by Kincses, Áron

  • 2016 The Role Weight of Key Factors Determining the (Infrastructure and Traffic) Intensity of Aviation for the Countries of the World
    by Erdősi, Ferenc

  • 2016 Spatial Layers and Spatial Structure in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Egri, Zoltán & Tánczos, Tamás

  • 2016 Urban Sprawl and Loss of Agricultural Land in Peri-urban Areas of Lagos
    by Dekolo, Samuel & Oduwaye, Leke & Nwokoro, Immaculata

  • 2016 How to Measure the Local Economic Impact of Universities? Methodological Overview
    by Kotosz, Balázs & Lukovics, Miklós & Molnár, Gabriella & Zuti, Bence

  • 2016 Краснодарска Покрајина И Република Србија: Могућности И Перспективе Сарадње
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 Source of Inequality in consumption Expenditure in India: A Regression Based Inequality Decomposition Analysis
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi

  • 2016 Demographic determinants of car ownership in Japan
    by Yagi, Michiyuki & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2016 Public health expenditure in Spain: is there partisan behaviour?
    by Clemente, Jesús & Lazaro, Angelina & Montanes, Antonio

  • 2016 The Costs and Benefits of Alternative Development Patterns: A Paradigm of Two Universities
    by asif, numra & Asghar, Zahid

  • 2016 Does crisis affect convergence process? The case of the Spanish provinces
    by Montañés, Antonio & Olmos, Lorena & Reyes, Marcelo

  • 2016 Export Performance with Border Sharing Countries: An Assessment of Pakistan
    by Munir, Kashif & Sultan, Maryam

  • 2016 The Safest Path: Analyzing the Effects of Crash Costs on Route Choice and Accessibility
    by Mengying Cui & David Levinson

  • 2016 Real Estate Bubbles and Urban Development
    by Edward L. Glaeser

  • 2016 Competitiveness and export performance of CEE countries
    by Beata Bierut & Kamila Kuziemska-Pawlak

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico.Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Territorial Unbalances in Quality of Life. A focus on Italian Inner and Rural Areas
    by Paola Bertolini & Francesco Pagliacci

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico. Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Territorial Unbalances in Quality of Life. A focus on Italian Inner and Rural Areas
    by Paola Bertolini & Francesco Pagliacci

  • 2016 Measuring population mobility speed from space
    by Keola, Souknilanh & Kumagai, Satoru

  • 2016 Research Funding and Regional Economies
    by Goldschlag, Nathan & Bianchini, Stefano & Lane, Julia & SanMartin Sola, Joseba & Weinberg, Bruce A.

  • 2016 Conversion of regional data between NUTS classifications. Adapting the RHOMOLO database to different uses
    by Montserrat Lopez-Cobo

  • 2016 Mapping population density in Functional Urban Areas - A method to downscale population statistics to Urban Atlas polygons
    by Filipe Batista e Silva & Hugo Poelman

  • 2016 Non-Linearities in the Relationship between House Prices and Interest Rates: Implications for Monetary Policy
    by Guay Lim & Sarantis Tsiaplias

  • 2016 Side effects of the new German minimum wage on (un-)employment : first evidence from regional data
    by Garloff, Alfred

  • 2016 Regional resilience to displacement: Evidence from Panel and Quantile regressions
    by Nyström, Kristina

  • 2016 Of urban commons
    by Berge, Erling

  • 2016 Smart Specialization as an innovation-driven strategy for economic diversification: Examples from Scandinavian regions
    by Asheim, Bjørn & Grillitsch, Markus & Trippl, Michaela

  • 2016 Paving the way for new regional industrial paths: Actors of change in Scania’s games industry
    by Miörner, Johan & Trippl, Michaela

  • 2016 NIMBYs for the rich and YIMBYs for the poor: Analyzing the property price effects of infill development
    by Brunes, Fredrik & Hermansson, Cecilia & Song, Han-Suck & Wilhelmsson, Mats

  • 2016 Strategic Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Spillovers: Spatial and Aspatial Perspectives
    by Tavassoli, Sam & Bengtsson, Lars & Karlsson , Charlie

  • 2016 The Economic Effects of the EU Eastern Enlargement on Border Regions in the Old Member States
    by Wassmann, Pia

  • 2016 Multiple core regions: regional inequality in switzerland, 1860 to 2008
    by Stohr, Christian

  • 2016 Labor force participation in New England vs. the United States, 2007–2015: why was the regional decline more moderate?
    by Burke, Mary A.

  • 2016 Promoting Rural Development, Employment, and Inclusive Growth in ASEAN
    by VO Tri Thanh & NGUYEN Anh Duong

  • 2016 El proceso de convergencia regional en México: un análisis de la dinámica de transición bajo heterogeneidad estatal y temporal
    by José Ángel López González

  • 2016 The geography of wage inequality in British cities
    by Lee, Neil & Sissons, Paul & Jones, Katy

  • 2016 International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobility
    by Sultan Orazbayev

  • 2016 Classifying Industries Into Types of Relative Concentration
    by Ludwig von Auer & Andranik Stepanyan & Mark Trede

  • 2016 Estructura del Sector Comercial en Manizales
    by Alejandro Barrera Escobar & Oscar Andrés Jiménez Orozco & Juan Felipe Castellanos Martinez & Sandra Milena Gómez Vallejo

  • 2016 Determinantes socioeconómicos e institucionales para promover el desarrollo económico local en Nariño, Cundinamarca, municipio de sexta categoría en Colombia
    by Adolfo VÉLEZ MONTOYA & Olga Marina García Norato

  • 2016 Aspectos socioeconómicos de la mortalidad en el Pacífico colombiano
    by Julio E. Romero-Prieto

  • 2016 City of Dreams
    by Jorge De la Roca & Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano & Diego Puga

  • 2016 Desarrollo regional y terciarización: los casos de Guanajuato y Querétaro, México
    by Jordy Micheli Thirión

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Pieter A. Gautier & Bo Hu & Makoto Watanabe

  • 2016 Household debt and income inequality: evidence from Italian survey data
    by David Loschiavo

  • 2016 Impactos Económicos Regionales del “Shale Gas” en la Reforma Energética de México
    by Joana Chapa Cantú & Javier Oyakawa Nakamoto

  • 2016 The Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs: Methods and Practices
    by Franco Boneu & David Alfaro Serrano & Alessandro Maffioli & Carlo Pietrobelli & Rodolfo Stucchi & Gabriel Casaburi & Victoria Castillo & Lucas Figal Garone & Elisa Giuliani & David Giuliodori & Andrés Matta & Lucía Pittaluga & Alejandro Rodríguez & Sofía Rojo

  • 2016 Die Innovationsfähigkeit deutscher Metropolregionen — ein Vergleich
    by Hendrik Hüning & Jan Wedemeier

  • 2016 Labour productivity convergence and structural changes: simultaneous analysis at country, regional and industry levels
    by Amjad Naveed & Nisar Ahmad

  • 2016 Distribution dynamics of Russian regional prices
    by Konstantin Gluschenko

  • 2016 Role of tolerance in communication with diverse people
    by Ryusuke Ihara & Shizu Yamamoto

  • 2016 An Integrated Spatial Model of Population Change in South Carolina Counties
    by Willis Lewis, Jr. & Brooke Stanley

  • 2016 Poverty and Gender Analysis: Evidences from a Village-based Study of Uttarakhand Hill Region
    by Awasthi, Ishwar & Nathan, Dev

  • 2016 Super-Proximity and Spatial Development
    by Kourtit, Karima

  • 2016 Dark and Light: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in New Technology Spaces
    by Cooke, Philip

  • 2016 Afterthoughts on urban economic theory and its focus
    by Camagni, Roberto

  • 2016 Envisioning Experiments on Regional Science Frontiers
    by Kourtit, Karima & Royuela, Vicente & Ponce-Dentinho, Tomaz & Nijkamp, Peter

  • 2016 Some Challenges for Regional Science Research
    by Stimson, Robert J.

  • 2016 Regionalism, subnational variation and gravity: A four-country tale
    by Márquez-Ramos , Laura

  • 2016 Location determinants of creative industries’ firms in Spain
    by Sánchez Serra , Daniel

  • 2016 The Effect of Creative Class on Economic Development of Cities: The Case of Turkey
    by Doğrul, Habibe Günsel & Çelikkol, Mediha Mine & Murat, Naci

  • 2016 Using spatial econometric models for regional unemployment forecasting
    by Semerikova, Elena & Demidova, Olga

  • 2016 Управління Соціальною Сферою Як Чинник Позитивного Іміджу Держави У Сучасному Світі
    by Alevtyna Pakulina & Hanna Pakulina

  • 2016 Динамическая Модель Экономического Каркаса Несырьевого Развития Региона
    by Asiyat Dorgushaova

  • 2016 Стратегические Приоритеты Государственной Политики Сбалансированного Регионального Развития
    by Ol'ga Chernova

  • 2016 Business Cycle Synchronization In European Union: Regional Perspective
    by Krzysztof Beck

  • 2016 Contemporary tools for security assessment
    by Tsvetan Tsvetkov

  • 2016 What Concept îf Political Economy is Adequate for Strategy of Regional Growth in Russia?
    by Vladimir Juryevich Malov

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