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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R1: General Regional Economics
/ / / R10: General
/ / / R11: Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes
/ / / R12: Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity; Interregional Trade (economic geography)
/ / / R13: General Equilibrium and Welfare Economic Analysis of Regional Economies
/ / / R14: Land Use Patterns
/ / / R15: Econometric and Input-Output Models; Other Methods
/ / / R19: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Economic effects of recent social and technological developments
    by Bartholomae, Florian W.

  • 2017 Gerechtigkeitspolitische Handlungsfelder in Deutschland: Relevante Probleme angemessen angehen
    by Anger, Christina & Hüther, Michael & Klös, Hans-Peter & Niehues, Judith & Röhl, Klaus-Heiner & Schäfer, Holger

  • 2017 Testing for breaks in the weighting matrix
    by Ana Angulo & Peter Burridge & Jesús Mur

  • 2017 Discrete Choice Models for Commuting Interactions
    by Jan (J.) Rouwendal & Or Levkovich & Ismir Mulalic

  • 2017 Smooth Transition Spatial Autoregressive Models
    by Bo Pieter Johannes Andree & Francisco Blasques & Eric Koomen

  • 2017 First, Second and Third Tier Universities: Academic Excellence, Local Knowledge Spillovers and Innovation in Europe
    by Cristian Barra & Ornella Wanda Maietta & Roberto Zotti

  • 2017 Innovaciones sociales para territorios “inteligentes”: ¿ficción o realidad?
    by Parada, Jairo

  • 2017 Liveable city from an economic perspective
    by Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2017 The Economic Status of Rural America in the Trump Era
    by Goetz, Stephen & Partridge, Mark & Stephens, Heather

  • 2017 Negative Shocks and Mass Persecutions: Evidence from the Black Death
    by Jebwab, Remi & Johnson, Noel D & Koyama, Mark

  • 2017 Cost-benefit analysis of transport improvements in the presence of spillovers, matching and an income tax
    by Eliasson, Jonas & Fosgerau, Mogens

  • 2017 Innovation Effects on Employment in High-Tech and Low-Tech industries: Evidence from Large International Firms within the Triad
    by Aldieri, Luigi & Vinci, Concetto Paolo

  • 2017 Governing together: An international review of contracts across levels of government for regional development
    by Claire Charbit & Oriana Romano

  • 2017 Achieving strong and balanced regional development in India
    by Isabelle Joumard & Hermes Morgavi & Hugo Bourrousse

  • 2017 Decentralisation to promote Regional Development in Indonesia
    by Petar Vujanovic

  • 2017 The Geography of Consumption
    by Sumit Agarwal & J. Bradford Jensen & Ferdinando Monte

  • 2017 Regional Heterogeneity and Monetary Policy
    by Martin Beraja & Andreas Fuster & Erik Hurst & Joseph Vavra

  • 2017 Research Funding and Regional Economies
    by Nathan Goldschlag & Stefano Bianchini & Julia Lane & Joseba Sanmartín Sola & Bruce Weinberg

  • 2017 The empirics of agglomeration economies: the link with productivity
    by Ana Gouveia & Sílvia Santos & Marli Fernandes

  • 2017 The Fluidity of Inventor Networks
    by Michael Fritsch & Moritz Zoellner

  • 2017 Understanding the Effects of Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants
    by Monras, Joan & Vázquez-Grenno, Javier & Elias Moreno, Ferran

  • 2017 Decentralization and electoral swings
    by Ignacio Lago & André Blais

  • 2017 social benefits of WEEE re-use schemes. A cost-benefit analysis for PCs in Spain
    by Xose Manuel González & Miguel Rodríguez & Yolanda Pena-Boquete

  • 2017 Regional Equalization: Do Any Incentives for Regional Development Still Exist?
    by Deryugin Alexander

  • 2017 Are Central Cities Poor and Non-White?
    by Jenny Schuetz & Arturo Gonzalez & Jeff Larrimore & Ellen A. Merry & Barbara J. Robles

  • 2017 Multinational enterprises, service outsourcing and regional structural change
    by Andrea Ascani & Simona Iammarino

  • 2017 Growth and Agglomeration in the Heterogeneous Space: A Generalized AK Approach
    by Raouf BOUCEKKINE & Giorgio FABBRI & Salvatore FEDERICO & Fausto GOZZI

  • 2017 Urban Interactions
    by Kim, Jun Sung & Patacchini, Eleonora & Picard, Pierre M & Zenou, Yves

  • 2017 The Geography of Consumption
    by Agarwal, Sumit & Jensen, J Bradford & Monte, Ferdinando

  • 2017 Who gets the urban surplus?
    by Collier, Paul & Venables, Anthony J

  • 2017 La Línea Negra y otras áreas de protección de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: ¿han funcionado?
    by Gerson Javier Pérez-Valbuena & Iván Higuera-Mendieta & Leonardo Bonilla-Mejía

  • 2017 Income vs. property tax competition: A normative comparison
    by Florian Kuhlmey

  • 2017 Local income tax competition with progressive taxes and a fiscal equalization scheme
    by Florian Kuhlmey

  • 2017 Series enlazadas de algunos agregados economicos regionales, 1955-2014
    by Angel De la Fuente

  • 2017 Series enlazadas de algunos agregados economicos regionales, 1955-2014
    by Angel De la Fuente

  • 2017 Forecasting of Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Regions
    by Galina Gagarina & Evgeny Dziuba & Roman Gubarev & Fanil Faizullin

  • 2017 Conceptual Approach to Forming the Basic Code of Neo-Industrial Development of a Region
    by Yelena Andreyeva & Dmitriy Karkh & Yuliya Myslyakova

  • 2017 Methodology for Assessing the Quality of Agribusiness Activity Based on the Environmentally Responsible Approach
    by Anna Anfinogentova & Mikhail Dudin & Nikolai Lyasnikov & Oleg Protsenko

  • 2017 A Modern Approach to the Elaboration and Selection of Strategic Alternatives for Resource Regions
    by Valeriy Kryukov & Anastasiya Sevastyanova & Anatoliy Tokarev & Vladimir Shmat

  • 2017 The Marshallian industrial district and inclusive urban growth strategy
    by Joan Trullén-Thomas & Rafael Boix-Domenech

  • 2017 Export sophistication increases income in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from 1981–2000
    by Faqin Lin & Ermias O. Weldemicael & Xiaosong Wang

  • 2017 Urban wage inequality and economic agglomeration
    by Yiming Zhou

  • 2017 Regional analytics
    by Alan T. Murray

  • 2017 Is crime in Mexico a disamenity? Evidence from a hedonic valuation approach
    by Hector M. Nuñez & Dusan Paredes & Rafael Garduño-Rivera

  • 2017 Strengthening relationships in clusters: How effective is an indirect policy measure carried out in a peripheral technology district?
    by Giuseppe Calignano & Rune Dahl Fitjar

  • 2017 Air pollution, economic spillovers, and urban growth in China
    by Daxuan Zhao & Tien Foo Sing

  • 2017 Konwergencja czy dywergencja regionów włoskich?
    by Sławomir Pastuszka & Jurand Skrzypek

  • 2017 Desarrollo Económico Regional De España, 1986-2013: 25 Años De Evolución
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2017 La Economía De Galicia Y España En 2007-2017: Diez Años De Crisis Y Recuperación
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2017 Local Economic Effects of Brexit
    by Swati Dhingra & Stephen Machin & Henry Overman

  • 2017 A national strategy for a low-carbon economy: The contribution of regional development planning
    by Patrick Troy

  • 2017 How (not) to Estimate GDP at the Sub-State Level: The Usefulness of the Economic Census
    by José G Caraballo-Cueto

  • 2017 On the Origins and Development of Pakistan's Soccer-Ball Cluster
    by David Atkin & Azam Chaudhry & Shamyla Chaudry & Amit K. Khandelwal & Tariq Raza & Eric Verhoogen

  • 2017 Urbanization in developing economies: the assessment
    by Paul Collier & Anthony J. Venables

  • 2017 Rule of Law and Gun Ownership:A Cross-Country Study
    by Kangoh Lee

  • 2017 The adaptive life cycle of entrepreneurial ecosystems: the biotechnology cluster
    by Philip E. Auerswald & Lokesh Dani

  • 2017 A Pair-wise Analysis of Intra-city Price Convergence Within the Paris Housing Market
    by Mark J. Holmes & Jesús Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis

  • 2017 Comparative Study Of Competitiveness In Family Enterprises And Non-Family Enterprises Of The Commercial Sector Of Mexicali Valley, Estudio Comparativo De La Competitividad En Las Empresas Familiares Y Las Empresas No Familiares Del Sector Comercial Del Valle De Mexicali
    by Mariana Monserrat Valenzuela Montoya & Santiago Perez Alcala

  • 2017 Inter-Jurisdictional Competition For Sales Tax Revenues: A Natural Experiment Of Destination Retail Outlets
    by G. Jason JOLLEY & Anirudh V.S. RUHIL & Stephen KLEINSCHMIT & Aleksey KOLPAKOV

  • 2017 Cadenas productivas y clusters en la economía regional de Nuevo León. Un análisis con matrices de insumo-producto
    by Gilberto Martínez Sidón & Salvador Corrales Corrales

  • 2017 Inflation and consumption of nontradable goods: Global implications from regional analyses
    by Nagayasu, Jun

  • 2017 Assessing core-periphery relation through travel patterns - The case of Israel
    by Givoni, Moshe

  • 2017 Public transit access and the changing spatial distribution of poverty
    by Pathak, Rahul & Wyczalkowski, Christopher K. & Huang, Xi

  • 2017 Double danger in the double wide: Dimensions of poverty, housing quality and tornado impacts
    by Lim, Jungmin & Loveridge, Scott & Shupp, Robert & Skidmore, Mark

  • 2017 Double danger in the double wide: Dimensions of poverty, housing quality and tornado impacts
    by Lim, Jungmin & Loveridge, Scott & Shupp, Robert & Skidmore, Mark

  • 2017 Public employment policies and regional unemployment differences
    by Caponi, Vincenzo

  • 2017 On the historical roots of women's empowerment across Italian provinces: religion or family culture?
    by Bozzano, Monica

  • 2017 Agglomeration: A long-run panel data approach
    by Hanlon, W. Walker & Miscio, Antonio

  • 2017 Breaking into tradables: Urban form and urban function in a developing city
    by Venables, Anthony J.

  • 2017 Malthus living in a slum: Urban concentration, infrastructure and economic growth
    by Castells-Quintana, David

  • 2017 Identifying FDI spillovers
    by Lu, Yi & Tao, Zhigang & Zhu, Lianming

  • 2017 Measuring national energy performance via Energy Trilemma Index: A Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis
    by Song, Lianlian & Fu, Yelin & Zhou, Peng & Lai, Kin Keung

  • 2017 Sensitivity of modeling results to technological and regional details: The case of Italy's carbon mitigation policy
    by Standardi, Gabriele & Cai, Yiyong & Yeh, Sonia

  • 2017 The impact of financial and human resources on the export performance of Russian firms
    by Kadochnikov, Sergey M. & Fedyunina, Anna A.

  • 2017 Entry costs and regional productivity disparity in an open economy
    by Peng, Guohua

  • 2017 The consequences of persistent inequality on social capital: A municipal-level analysis of blood donation data
    by Oto-Peralías, Daniel & Romero-Ávila, Diego

  • 2017 Religious diversity and regional development in China
    by Ying, Zheng & Liu, Shibao & Bao, Shuming & Zhou, Jianbo

  • 2017 The Performance Of Condominium Housing Program In Jimma Town, Ethiopia: A Case Study
    by Fesseha Mulu GEBREMARIAM & Ermiyas ADMASU & Kaso TEHA

  • 2017 Gas Consumption and Metropolitan Economic Performance: Models and Empirical Studies from Guangzhou, China
    by Yiming He & Shaohui Gao

  • 2017 Rural-Urban Differences in Durations of Patient-Physician Visit Time
    by Tannista Banerjee & Arnab Nayak

  • 2017 The Effect of Increased Schooling in the Colombian Labor Market Between 2008 and 2016
    by Tomás Aristizábal Lopera & Esteban Ángel López

  • 2017 The Rural Roads Impact on Education Performance in Antioquia (Colombia): an ordered probit model
    by Guillermo David Hincapie & Ivan Montoya Gomez & John Jaime Bustamante

  • 2017 Short-Run Market Access and the Construction of Better Transportation Infrastructure in Mexico
    by Fernando Perez-Cervantes & Aldo Sandoval-Hernandez

  • 2017(XXVII) Financing regional development and competitiveness: problems and challenges at macro and micro level in Bulgaria

  • 2016 Urban cultural amenities and the migration of the creative class
    by Dalvai, Wilfried

  • 2016 Does administrative status matter for urban growth? Evidence from present and former county capitals in East Germany
    by Heider, Bastian & Kauffmann, Albrecht & Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.

  • 2016 Hamburg's port position: Hinterland competition in Central Europe from TEN-T corridor ports
    by Biermann, Franziska & Wedemeier, Jan

  • 2016 Optimal energy taxation in cities
    by Rainald Borck & Jan Brueckner

  • 2016 Externalities of urban agglomerations: An empirical study on Chinese case
    by Jin Guo & Yingzhi Xu

  • 2016 Does administrative status matter for urban growth? Evidence from present and former county capitals in East Germany
    by Bastian Heider & Martin T.W. Rosenfeld & Albrecht Kauffmann

  • 2016 A Well-Being Indicator for the Italian Provinces a
    by Giorgio Calcagnini & Francesco Perugini

  • 2016 Cities and the Structure of Social Interactions: Evidence from Mobile Phone Data
    by Konstantin Büchel und Maximilian von Ehrlich

  • 2016 Testing Kuznets' Hypothesis for Russian Regions: Trends and Interpretations
    by James Alm & Ruslan A. Grigoriev & Marat V. Kramin & Timur V. Kramin

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Pieter Gautier & Bo Hu & Makoto Watanabe

  • 2016 Turbulences et résilience des territoires : éléments d'analyse
    by Jean-Luc Gaffard

  • 2016 Innovation and University-Firm R&D Collaboration in the European Food and Drink Industry
    by Cristian Barra & Ornella Wanda Maietta & Roberto Zotti

  • 2016 Object Orientation, Open Regional Science,and Cumulative Knowledge Building
    by Randall Jackson & Sergio Rey & Péter Járosi

  • 2016 Climbing the property ladder: An analysis of market integration in London property prices
    by Mark J. Holmes & Jesús Otero & Theodore Panagiotidis

  • 2016 Modelling Chinese Inbound Tourism Arrivals into Christchurch
    by Fieger, Peter & Rice, John

  • 2016 Dezvoltarea Economică Regională A României În Perioada De Tranziție
    by Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2016 Distance and Decision Makers – The heterogeneity in Irish Sports Capital Funding
    by O'Connor, Sean

  • 2016 Do diversity, creativity and localized competition promote endogenous firm formation? Evidence from a high-tech US industry
    by Tsvetkova, Alexandra

  • 2016 Determinants of employment and unemployment situation in India with Special reference to North Eastern states of India
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi

  • 2016 Inflation and Bubbles in the Japanese Condominium Market
    by Nagayasu, Jun

  • 2016 Export Performance with Border Sharing Countries: An Assessment of Pakistan
    by Munir, Kashif & Sultan, Maryam

  • 2016 Determinants of Employment Situation in Large agglomerations in India: A Cross-Sectional Study
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi

  • 2016 Preferential Attachment and Pattern Formation in R&D Networks - Plausible explanation or just a widespread myth?
    by Michael Fritsch & Muhamed Kudic

  • 2016 Is Shale Development Drilling Holes in the Human Capital Pipeline?
    by Rickman, Dan S. & Wang, Hongbo & Winters, John V.

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Gautier, Pieter A. & Hu, Bo & Watanabe, Makoto

  • 2016 GTAPINGAMS, version 9: Multiregional and small open economy models with alternative demand systems
    by Bruno Lanz & Thomas F. Rutherford

  • 2016 Small shops for sale! The effects of big-box openings on grocery stores
    by Maria Sanchez Vidal

  • 2016 Location Fundamentals, Agglomeration Economies, and the Geography of Multinational Firms
    by Laura Alfaro & Maggie X. Chen

  • 2016 Open innovative governance, transparency and citizens´ quality of life: An application to Portuguese municipalities
    by João Leitão & Helena Alves & Dina Pereira

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Yannis Psycharis & Vassilis Tselios

  • 2016 What are the Perceived Barriers to Homeownership for Young Adults?
    by Larrimore, Jeff & Schuetz, Jenny & Dodini, Samuel

  • 2016 Does Zoning Help or Hinder Transit-Oriented (Re)Development?
    by Schuetz, Jenny & Giuliano, Genevieve & Shin, Eun Jin

  • 2016 Is Los Angeles Becoming Transit Oriented?
    by Schuetz, Jenny & Giuliano, Genevieve & Shin, Eun Jin

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Yannis Psycharis & Vassilis Tselios

  • 2016 The Geography of Linguistic Diversity and the Provision of Public Goods
    by Desmet, Klaus & Gomes, Joseph & Ortuño-Ortín, Ignacio

  • 2016 Immigration Policies, Labor Complementarities, Population Size and Cultural Frictions: Theory and Evidence
    by Osang, Thomas & Weber, Shlomo

  • 2016 Marketmaking Middlemen
    by Gautier, Pieter A. & Hu, Bo & Watanabe, Makoto

  • 2016 Liberals, Socialists, and pork-barrel politics in Greece
    by Psycharis, Yannis & Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés & Tselios, Vassilis

  • 2016 Breaking into Tradables: urban form and urban function in a developing city
    by Venables, Anthony J

  • 2016 Building the city: sunk capital, sequencing, and institutional frictions
    by Henderson, J Vernon & Regan, Tanner & Venables, Anthony J

  • 2016 Juvenile Crime and the Four-Day School Week
    by Stefanie Fischer & Daniel Argyle

  • 2016 The Path to Labor Formality: Urban Agglomeration and the Emergence of Complex Industries
    by Neave O'Clery & Andres Gomez-Lievano & Eduardo Lora

  • 2016 Powerhouse of Cards? Understanding the 'Northern Powerhouse'
    by Neil Lee

  • 2016 Building the City: Urban Transition and Institutional Frictions
    by J. Vernon Henderson & Tanner Regan & Anthony J. Venables

  • 2016 Insurance Against Local Productivity Shocks: Evidence from Commuters in Mexico
    by Pérez-Cervantes Fernando

  • 2016 Series enlazadas de Contabilidad Regional para Espana (1980-2014)
    by Angel De la Fuente

  • 2016 Optimal Economic Growth Through Capital Accumulation in a Spatially Heterogeneous Environment
    by Raouf Boucekkine & Giorgio Fabbri & Salvatore Federico

  • 2016 What Are Cities Worth? Land Rents, Local Productivity, and the Total Value of Amenities
    by David Albouy

  • 2016 The Permanent Effects of Transportation Revolutions in Poor Countries: Evidence from Africa
    by Remi Jedwab & Alexander Moradi

  • 2016 Impacts of large natural disasters on regional income
    by Jianhong E. Mu & Yong Chen

  • 2016 Impact of Education and Poverty on Terrorism in Turkey: An Empirical Investigation
    by Mete Feridun

  • 2016 Behavior-driven agent-based models of spatial systems
    by Xinyue Ye & Yuri Mansury

  • 2016 The geography of financial intermediation in Turkey: 1988–2013
    by Ayse Ozden Birkan & Serpil Kahraman Akdogu

  • 2016 The regional and sectoral mobility of high-tech workers: insights from Finland
    by J. Simonen & R. Svento & P. McCann

  • 2016 Działania rewitalizacyjne w polityce rozwoju lokalnego i regionalnego
    by Agnieszka Dembicka-Niemiec & Edyta Szafranek

  • 2016 Hot Spot Policing: A Study of Place-Based Strategies for Crime Prevention
    by Natalia Lazzati & Amilcar A. Menichini

  • 2016 Beyond The North-South Divide? The Geography Of Strategic Alliances In Italy
    by Simona De Rosa & Filippo Randelli & Luca Salvati

  • 2016 A gazdaság térbelisége, városok, régiók, kereskedelem és természeti környezetünk. Összegzés a COEURE-projekt tanulmányaiból, III
    by Mátyás, László & Balázsi, László & Dömötör, Erika

  • 2016 Predicting Risks of Anchor Store Openings and Closings
    by Tingyu Zhou & John M. Clapp

  • 2016 Public debt, bailouts, and common bonds
    by Zarko Kalamov & Klaas Staal

  • 2016 The Eu’S Voice Beyond Its Borders: The European Union’S External Communication
    by Luminita SOPRONI & Ioan HORGA

  • 2016 Model To Profesionalize And Improve The Competitiveness Of Business In The Mexicali Valley, Modelo De Profesionalizacion Para Mejorar La Competitividad De Las Empresas Del Sector Comercial En El Valle De Mexicali
    by Mariana Monserrat Valenzuela Montoya & Ana Maria Vazquez Espinoza & Roberto Burgueno Romero & Griselda Guillen Ojeda

  • 2016 Identifying Productive Alternatives In Conflict Areas: Case Bajo Putumayo-Colombia , Identificación De Alternativas Productivas En Zonas De Conflicto: Caso Bajo Putumayo-Colombia
    by Alvaro Velasco Blanco

  • 2016 Savings And Financial Control In Students Of Economic Area And Administrative Region South High Jalisco, Mexico, El Ahorro Y Control Financiero En Estudiantes Del Area Economicoadministrativa De La Region Altos Sur De Jalisco, Mexico
    by Nadia Natasha Reus Gonzalez & Tania Reus Gonzalez

  • 2016 Online Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Firanchuk Alexander & Shagaida Natalia & Mamedov Arseny & Fomina Elena & Zubarevich Natalia

  • 2016 Online Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Firanchuk Alexander & Shagaida Natalia & Mamedov Arseny & Fomina Elena & Zubarevich Natalia

  • 2016 Smart Specialization, diversificazione correlata e resilienza regionale: note a margine di un dibattito
    by Giulio Cainelli & Roberto Ganau

  • 2016 Frammentazione comunale e spesa pubblica: una proposta di aggregazione sui sistemi locali del lavoro
    by Sabrina Iommi & Donatella Marinari

  • 2016 Labor market dynamics and the unconventional natural gas boom: Evidence from the Marcellus region
    by Komarek, Timothy M.

  • 2016 How time shapes crime: The temporal impacts of football matches on crime
    by Montolio, Daniel & Planells-Struse, Simón

  • 2016 Local economic impact of boom and bust in mineral resource extraction in the United States: A spatial econometrics analysis
    by Ouedraogo, Abdoulaye

  • 2016 Poverty concentration and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit: Effects of siting and tenant composition
    by Ellen, Ingrid G. & Horn, Keren M. & O'Regan, Katherine M.

  • 2016 Have distressed neighborhoods recovered? Evidence from the neighborhood stabilization program
    by Schuetz, Jenny & Spader, Jonathan & Cortes, Alvaro

  • 2016 Geographical structure and convergence: A note on geometry in spatial growth models
    by Fabbri, Giorgio

  • 2016 Evaluating energy security of resource-poor economies: A modified principle component analysis approach
    by Li, Yingzhu & Shi, Xunpeng & Yao, Lixia

  • 2016 Regional Peculiarities in Modernization Processes within the Territories of Central Siberia
    by Anastasia V. Kistova & Julia S. Zamaraeva & Natalia N. Pimenova & Ksenia V. Reznikova & Natalia P. Koptseva & Natalia N. Seredkina

  • 2016 Gross Domestic Product Development and Employment in Egypt (2000-2013)
    by Karel Malec & Shereen Gouda & Elena Kuzmenko & Daryoush Soleimani & Helena Rezbová & Petra Šánová

  • 2016 Forecast of Employment in Switzerland: The Macroeconomic View
    by Mansoor Maitah & Daniel Toth & Elena Kuzmenko & Karel Šrédl & Helena Rezbová & Petra Šánová

  • 2016 Gas Prices and Red light Violations in Chicago
    by Srikant Devaraj & Pankaj C Patel

  • 2016 Location Determinants of Greenfield Foreign Investment in the United States: Evidence at the Metropolitan Statistical Area Level
    by Hong Zhuang

  • 2016 A dynamic panel data study of the unemployment-crime relationship: the case of Pennsylvania
    by Sarah A. Frederick & James J. Jozefowicz & Zackary T. Nelson

  • 2016 Forty Years Of Employment By Sector And Economic Development In 17 Spanish Regions, 1976-2016
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen

  • 2016 Trade liberalization and regional productivity growth: Some lessons from Mexico's Northern Border manufacturing after 20 years
    by Adrián de León Arias & Irving Joel Llamosas Rosas

  • 2016 Preservación ambiental de la Amazonia colombiana: retos para la política fiscal
    by Francisco Azuero & Jorge Armando Rodríguez

  • 2016 Trade liberalization and regional productivity growth: Some lessons from Mexico's Northern Border manufacturing after 20 years
    by Adrián de León Arias & Irving Joel Llamosas Rosas

  • 2016 The Spatial Pattern of KIBS and their Relations with the Territorial Development in Romania
    by Zoltán Bujdosó & János Pénzes & Lóránt Dávid & Szilárd Madaras

  • 2016 The Spatial Pattern of KIBS and their Relations with the Territorial Development in Romania
    by Zoltán Bujdosó & János Pénzes & Lóránt Dávid & Szilárd Madaras

  • 2015 Urban-rural income and wage gaps in the Philippines: measurement error, unequal endowments, or factor market failure?
    by Karl Kendrick Chua & Louie Limkin & John Nye & Jeffrey Williamson

  • 2015 Manufacturing Export of Russian Regions: Looking for the Most Dynamic Markets and Industries
    by S. Kadochnikov & A. Fedyunina.

  • 2015 Does labor supply modeling affect findings of transport policy analyses?
    by Hirte, Georg & Tscharaktschiew, Stefan

  • 2015 Can State Tax Policies Be Used to Grow Small and Large Businesses?
    by Eric Borchers & John Deskins & Amanda Ross

  • 2015 Corruption and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Random Audit Program
    by Jamie Bologna & Amanda Ross

  • 2015 Globalisation, Structural Change and Labour Productivity Growth in BRICS Economy
    by Jagannath Mallick

  • 2015 Export Performance and Survival in Russia: Why some Regions grow fast and others don't
    by Sergey Kadochnikov & Anna Fedyunina

  • 2015 Geography of Regional Imbalance: The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Brazil
    by Mauricio Serra & Louise Kempton & Paul Vallance & Ana Paula Bastos & Cassio Rolim

  • 2015 Economic crisis and innovation: Do regions matter?
    by Adelheid Holl & Ruth Rama

  • 2015 Políticas Públicas de Ciência e Tecnologia no Rio Grande do Sul como um Instrumento de Desenvolvimento Regional
    by Mário Jaime Gomes de Lima & Juliana de Oliverira Nascimento

  • 2015 Spatial Aspects of Agent-Based Modeling of Large Economy
    by Larisa Melnikova & Victor Suslov & Alexander Tsyplakov & Naimdjon Ibragimov & Dmitry Domozhirov & Vitaly Kostin

  • 2015 Urban microclusters and tourism governance in Salvador/BA
    by Carolina Spinola & Jorge Antonio Silva

  • 2015 A new regional balance: Regional specialization and growth: An analysis of spatial divergence in Northern Europe
    by Andreas P. Cornett

  • 2015 A model of cross-border tourism competition
    by Tatsuaki Kuroda & Kaifan Chen

  • 2015 Why not to choose the most convenient labor supply model? The impact of labor supply modeling on policy evaluation
    by Georg Hirte & Stefan Tscharaktschiew

  • 2015 Accessibility to Amenities and Urban Inequality
    by Alessandra Michelangeli & Eugenio Peluso

  • 2015 Effects of Cultural Diversity on Economic Performance in Russian Regions
    by Marina Nesena & Leonid Limonov

  • 2015 Effects of Cultural Diversity on Economic Performance in Russian Regions
    by Leonid Limonov & Marina Nesena

  • 2015 Critérios de Institucionalização e Governança Metropolitana: A Região Metropolitana de Porto Alegre
    by Mário Jaime Gomes de Lima

  • 2015 A Dynamic Spatial Model of Rural-Urban Transformation with Public Goods
    by Dan Biller & Luis Andres & David Cuberes

  • 2015 Are there evidences of race to the bottom and welfare migration in Brazilians municipalities?
    by Erika Ribeiro & Eduardo Almeida

  • 2015 Regional resilience to displacements: Explaining the regional capacity to re-employ displaced workers
    by Kristina Nyström

  • 2015 Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Socio-Spatial Resilience based on Sectoral Changes in Kayseri City Region
    by Arzu Taylan & Elif Gunduz & Mehmet Akif Sag & Kubra Karkin

  • 2015 Retail Agglomeration and Competition Externalities: Evidence from Openings and Closings of Multiline Department Stores in the US
    by John M. Clapp & Stephen L. Ross & Tingyu Zhou

  • 2015 Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China
    by Trevor Tombe & Xiaodong Zhu

  • 2015 Does improving Public Transport decrease Car Ownership? Evidence from the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area
    by Ismir Mulalic & Ninette Pilegaard & Jan Rouwendal

  • 2015 Determinants of Tourism in French Overseas Departments and Collectivities
    by Serge REY & Florent DEISTING

  • 2015 What’s Manhattan Worth? A Land Values Index from 1950 to 2013
    by Jason Barr & Fred Smith & Sayali Kulkarni

  • 2015 Toward Consistent Cross-Hauling Estimation for Input-Output Regionalization
    by Randall Jackson & Christa Court

  • 2015 Location Quotient,Coefficient of Specialization and Shift-Share
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