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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R1: General Regional Economics
/ / / R19: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Spatial pattern of Russia’s market integration
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2017 Agglomeration
    by Tomoya Mori

  • 2017 Central Place Analysis
    by Tomoya Mori

  • 2017 Beyond the 'Divided City': a manifesto for spatially-balanced, sprawl-free post-crisis metropolises
    by Zitti, Marco & Efstathios Grigoriadis & Luca Salvati

  • 2017 Job Search and Labor Market Outcomes of New Graduates in China: Using the Latest Available Survey Data
    by Yang Liu

  • 2016 Climate and Happiness in the Tropics
    by Arief Yusuf & Martin Daniel Siyaranamual & Aisyah Amatul Ghina & Megananda Suryana

  • 2016 Bubbles in US Regional House Prices: Evidence from House Price/Income Ratios at the State Level
    by Yang Hu & Les Oxley

  • 2016 Risks of insolvency of households by regions
    by Yuri Danilov

  • 2016 Understanding the Changing Geography of Labour-Intensive Industries from a GPN Perspective: Case Study of the Hungarian Leather and Footwear Sector
    by Molnár, Ernő & Lengyel, István Máté

  • 2016 Local Labour System After the Turn of the Millennium in Hungary
    by Pénzes, János & Molnár, Ernő & Pálóczi, Gábor

  • 2016 Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Models of the Silver Economy in the European Union
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej

  • 2016 Modele „srebrnej gospodarki” w Unii Europejskiej w ujęciu porównawczym. Próba wprowadzenia do dyskusji
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej

  • 2016 The Path-Dependence Bias in Approximating Local Price Levels by CPIs
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2016 Multilevel Empirics For Small Banks In Local Markets
    by Francesco Aiello & Graziella Bonanno

  • 2016 Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Models of the Silver Economy in the European Union
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej

  • 2016 The Vulnerability of Polish Regions to the Challenges of the Modern Economy
    by Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel & Jacek Szlachta

  • 2016 The Path-Dependence Bias in Approximating Local Price Levels by CPIs
    by Konstantin GLUSCHENKO

  • 2016 “Porter vs Krugman”: History, Analysis and Critique of Regional Competitiveness
    by Psofogiorgos Nikolaos ALEXANDROS & Theodore METAXAS

  • 2016 Dominating factors contributing to the high(er) costs for public bus transports in Sweden
    by Camén, Carolina & Lidestam, Helene

  • 2016 Does localized imitation drive technology adoption? A case study on rooftop photovoltaic systems in Germany
    by Rode, Johannes & Weber, Alexander

  • 2016 Neoliberalism, Urbanization and Change in Africa
    by Pádraig Carmody & Francis Owusu

  • 2016 European Union and Romanian Tourism – ß and s Convergence in the Economic Development Regions of Romania
    by Gina Ionela Butnaru & Valentin Nita

  • 2015 Do local business ownership matter the city growth and sizing? The case of Phitsanulok Manufacturing 1971-2014
    by ?Bhagaporn Wattanadumrong

  • 2015 Arrendadores y arrendatarios en la explotación de la tierra sevillana (1570-1620)
    by Juan Carpio Elías

  • 2015 Regional Development in Croatia from the turn of Millennium to the EU accession
    by Rácz, Szilárd

  • 2015 Porter vs Krugman: History, Analysis and Critique of Regional Competiveness
    by Psofogiorgos, Nikolaos - Alexandros & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2015 STEM Education and Economic Performance in the American States
    by Ray, Rita

  • 2015 STEM Education and Economic Performance in the American States
    by Ray, Rita

  • 2015 Multilevel empirics for small banks in local markets
    by Aiello, Francesco & Bonanno, Graziella

  • 2015 The Rhode Island labor market in recovery: where is the skills gap?
    by Burke, Mary A.

  • 2015 Multilevel Empirics For Small Banks In Local Markets
    by Francesco Aiello & Graziella Bonanno

  • 2015 Trade in Services and Regional Specialization: Evidence and Theory
    by Hamid Beladi & Saibal Kar

  • 2015 Infrastructure and the International Export Performance of Turkish Regions
    by Mehmet Guney Celbis & Peter Nijkamp & Jacques Poot

  • 2015 Trade Openness and City Interaction
    by Mauricio Ramírez Grajeda & Ian M. Sheldon

  • 2015 Inter-Regional Trade in Research-Based Knowledge: The Case of the EISCAT Radar System
    by Folke Snickars & Simon Falck

  • 2015 Multipliers in an Island Economy: The Case of the Azores
    by Eduardo Haddad & Vasco Silva & Alexandre Porsse & Tomaz Dentinho

  • 2015 The Evolution of Freight Movement and Associated Non-Point-Source Emissions in the Midwest–Northeast Transportation Corridor of the United States, 1977–2007
    by Benjamin Brown-Steiner & Jialie Chen & Kieran Donaghy

  • 2015 Manufacturing Fetishism: The Neo-Mercantilist Preoccupation with Protecting Manufacturing
    by Alecia Waite Cassidy & Edward Tower & Xiaolu Wang

  • 2015 Exploring the Spatial Connectivity of US States, 1993–2007
    by Jee-Sun Lee & Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

  • 2015 Voluntary Formation of Free Trade Area in a Third Country Market Model
    by Ryoichi Nomura & Takao Ohkawa & Makoto Okamura & Makoto Tawada

  • 2015 Regional Trade in a Three Country Model
    by Henry Thompson

  • 2015 Statistical Discrimination, Endogenous Quality and North–South Trade
    by Arnab K. Basu

  • 2015 Introduction to “The Region and Trade: New Analytical Directions”
    by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2015 The Region and Trade:New Analytical Directions

  • 2015 Patent co-ownership as an example of network analysis of inter- organizational relationships from territorial perspective (Wspolwlasnosc patentowa jako przyklad analizy sieci relacji miedzyorganizacyjnych w ujeciu terytorialnym)
    by Anna Sworowska

  • 2015 Un régime monétaire traditionnel contesté par la monnaie d’État : l’histoire du kip au Nord-Laos de 1975 à 2000
    by Alary, Pierre

  • 2015 The Impact of Urbanization and its Overflows on Income Distribution of Iran Provinces using Spatial Econometrics Approach
    by Shakibaee, Ali Reza & Ahmadi Nejad, Mohammad Reza & Kamaladdini, Zahra & Taleghani, Fatemeh

  • 2015 Medición y evolución de la identidad nacionalista en España
    by Torregrosa Montaner, Ramón J.

  • 2015 Comportamento do desemprego regional no Brasil: uma aplicação de teste de convergência em painel [Behavior of regional unemployment in Brazil: an application of convergence test using panel data]
    by Tatiana Kolodin Ferrari & Gutemberg Hespanha Brasil

  • 2015 A területi identitás magatartási megnyilvánulásai, különös tekintettel a költözési szándékra és annak magyarázatára
    by Anita Marien

  • 2015 Materials used in ballistic protection - the current stage and trends
    by Alil Luminita Cristina & Barbu Cristian

  • 2015 Il paesaggio, tessera mancante nella nozione di milieu
    by Augusto Cusinato

  • 2015 Identifying the employment effect of invoking and changing the minimum wage: A spatial analysis of the UK
    by Dolton, Peter & Bondibene, Chiara Rosazza & Stops, Michael

  • 2015 An Assessment on Activities of Regional Development Agencies in Turkey
    by Burcu Yavuz Tiftikcigil

  • 2015 Aufbereitung der Kriminalstatistik zu einem aussagekräftigen Bedrohungsbild: Vorschläge der Berechnung
    by Mathias Bug & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Lokale Kriminalitätsberichterstattung: Abbild oder Zerrspiegel von Kriminalität?
    by Eric van Um & Michael Huch & Mathias Bug

  • 2015 Regionale Kriminalitätsbelastung und Kriminalitätsfurcht: Befunde der WISIND-Studie
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Gefährliche Nachbarschaft? Welches Bild von Kriminalität die deutsche lokale und regionale Tagespresse zeichnet: Ergebnisse einer standardisierten Inhaltsanalyse
    by Holger Ihle & Uli Bernhard & Marco Dohle

  • 2015 How to Obtain a More Accurate Picture of Crime through Crime Statistics: Proposals and Methods
    by Mathias Bug & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Regional Crime Rates and Fear of Crime: WISIND Findings
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2014 BJP’s Demographic Dividend in the 2014 General Elections: An Empirical Analysis
    by Basu, Deepankar & Misra, Kartik

  • 2014 Technological capabilities and growth: A study of economic convergence among Chinese prefectures
    by Federico Frattini & Francesco Nicolli & Giorgio Prodi

  • 2014 Effect of Current Residency Regions across Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors on Current Subjective Financial Situation in Egyptian Population
    by Amany Hassan Abdel-Karim

  • 2014 Social risk and vulnerability assessment of the hazardous hydrological phenomena in Russia
    by Zemtsov, Stepan & Baburin, Vyacheslav & Koltermann, Klaus & Krylenko, Inna & Yumina, Natalia & Vladimir, Litvinov

  • 2014 Diffussion of ICT-products and "five Russias"
    by Baburin, Vyacheslav & Zemtsov, Stepan

  • 2014 Analysis of the importance of the Merei Parish in the tourism and agrotourism in Buzau County
    by Necula, Diana & Necula, Raluca

  • 2014 Beekeeping development opportunity for Serbian Danube”
    by Mijajlovic, Nada & Arsic, Slavica

  • 2014 Study on the importance of credit as financial leverage in agricultural development
    by Stan, Darius

  • 2014 Analysis of sunflower production, at macro and microeconomic level. Case study
    by Rotaru, Giorgiana & Nastase, Mariana

  • 2014 Impact of a Disaster on Land Price: Evidence from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
    by Managi, Shunsuke & Tanaka, Kenta

  • 2014 Crisis en la frontera
    by Andrés Sánchez Jabba

  • 2014 The Effects Of Inward Fdi On Regional Employment In Europe
    by Enrico Marelli & Laura Resmini & Marcello Signorelli

  • 2014 Magyarország településhálózata
    by Zsolt Kocsis

  • 2014 Relaciones comerciales de la producción industrial en el mercado interno colombiano
    by Edisson Castro Escobar

  • 2014 Widening social security coverage. Evaluating income distribution effects of Argentina's PROG.R.ES.AR
    by Ana P. Giovambattista & Demian Panigo

  • 2014 Globalization, Territory and Institutions: The Case of Barranquilla, Colombia, 1990-2010
    by William R. Baca-Mejia & Jairo J. Parada

  • 2013 Wage Convergence of Agricultural Workers of Brazil: 1992 - 2009
    by Patrícia Estanislau & Jefferson Staduto & Jose Luis Parré

  • 2013 Evaluating The Eu Territorial Co-Operation Policy And Programmes In The Mediterranean Basin
    by Yiannis Saratsis & Angelos Kotios

  • 2013 Isobenefit Urbanism and Isotropic Societies for visionary futures. Equations against unideal cities
    by D'Acci, Luca

  • 2013 Europe’s capital cities and the happiness penalty: an investigation using the European Social Survey
    by Piper, Alan T.

  • 2013 Effects of R&D spending on Innovation by Irish and Foreign-owned Businesses
    by Doran, Justin & Jordan, Declan & O'Leary, Eoin

  • 2013 Differential market entry determinants for for-profit and nonprofit long-term care providers
    by Katsuyoshi Nakazawa

  • 2013 General Consideration Over Regional Sustainable Development
    by Emil E. Bodnaras

  • 2013 Cocientes de localizaci�n mediante una doble parametrizaci�n
    by Xes�s Pereira L�pez & Andr� Carrascal Incera & Melchor Fern�ndez Fern�ndez

  • 2013 Returns to Communication in Specialised and Diversified US Cities
    by Suzanne Kok

  • 2013 Insumos técnicos y recomendaciones para la formulación de lineamientos de política de desarrollo territorial
    by Juan Mauricio Ramírez

  • 2013 Geographic Positioning As A Determination Of Tourism Development Of Gevgelija Region
    by Gjorgievski, Mijalce & Gramatnikovski, Sasko & Nakovski , Dejan

  • 2013 The reinvention of Medellín
    by Andrés Sánchez

  • 2013 Competitiveness, Clusters And Policy At The Regional Level: Rhetoric Vs. Practice In Designing Policy For Depressed Regions
    by Argentino Pessoa

  • 2013 Ten Million New Turkish Voters in 2011: Where they Come From? How They Voted? What It Means For The Future?
    by Ali T. Akarca

  • 2013 Technology gap and China's regional energy efficiency: A parametric metafrontier approach
    by Lin, Boqiang & Du, Kerui

  • 2013 Convergencia regional en el índice de desarrollo humano en Colombia
    by Diego Ismael León Nieto & Héctor Fabio Ríos Hernández

  • 2013 La reinvención de Medellín
    by Sánchez Jabba, Andrés

  • 2013 Regionalization, Element Of Economic And Social Development
    by Florina Popa

  • 2012 Eficiência técnica das agropecuárias familiar e patronal – diferenças regionais no Brasil
    by Imori, Denise & Guilhoto, Joaquim José Martins & Postali, Fernando Antonio Slaibe

  • 2012 What Determines Attitudes to Immigration in European Countries? An Analysis at the Regional Level
    by Yvonni Markaki & Simonetta Longhi

  • 2012 Spatial Knowledge Spillovers in Europe: A Meta-Analysis
    by Karlsson, Charlie & Warda, Peter & Gråsjö, Urban

  • 2012 Ten years of metropolization in economics: a bibliometric approach (In French)
    by Aurélie LALANNE (GREThA, CNRS, UMR 5113) & Guillaume POUYANNE ( GREThA, CNRS, UMR 5113)

  • 2012 What Determines Attitudes to Immigration in European Countries? An Analysis at the Regional Level
    by Yvonni Markaki & Simonetta Longhi

  • 2012 La reinvención de Medellín
    by Andrés Sánchez Jabba

  • 2012 La desnutrición en los primeros años de vida: Un análisis regional para Colombia
    by Karina Acosta O.

  • 2012 Social conformity and suicide
    by A. Bussu & C. Detotto & V. Sterzi

  • 2012 The Intangible Wealth and the Sustainability of Romania’s Development in the World Context
    by Roxana Arabela DUMITRASCU & Vadim DUMITRASCU

  • 2012 Az Érmellék mint határ menti kistérség stratégiai értékelése és lehetséges jövőbeli státusza
    by Ferenc Szilágyi

  • 2012 The impact of inter-firm networks on regional development: the case of Mendoza’s wine cluster
    by María Alderete & Miguel Bacic

  • 2012 Tourism And Regional Development – The Case Of Romania
    by Gina-Ionela Butnaru & Clara Minut

  • 2012 The Mobility Of The Processes Of Regional Intra-Industry Specialization In Romania
    by Oana Ancuta Stangaciu

  • 2012 Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Business Competitiveness In The Service-Producing Sector: Implementation To Mainland Portugal
    by Orlando Petiz PEREIRA & Isabel M. CORREIA

  • 2012 The impact of inter-firm networks on regional development: the case of Mendoza´s wine cluster
    by Alderete, María Verónica & Bacic, Miguel Juan

  • 2011 L’influence des conditions de travail sur les dépenses de santé
    by Thierry Debrand

  • 2011 Il Turismo del Golf e la Sicilia
    by Rosario La Rosa

  • 2011 Mathematical Modelling with Fuzzy Sets of Sustainable Tourism Development
    by Nenad Stojanoviæ

  • 2011 Analytical Support Tools For Sustainable Futures
    by Aliye Ahu Akgün & Eveline van Leeuwen & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2011 Study Regarding the Ways of Measuring Cities Competitiveness
    by Ruxandra Irina POPESCU

  • 2011 Influence of regional factors on expansion of retail chains in the Russian Federation
    by Balashova, Svetlana & Zueva, Olga

  • 2011 The Sources of Regional Development Funding and the European Regional Development Fund
    by Vãduva Maria

  • 2011 Regional Development Strategy
    by Vãduva Cecilia Elena

  • 2011 Short Review On European Turism In 2010 Through The Influence Of The Financial Crisis

  • 2011 On trade vouchers called “local money”
    by István Nándor Helmeczi & Gergely Kóczán

  • 2011 A szolidáris és szociális gazdaság elemei a magyarországi helyi gazdaságfejlesztésben
    by Éva G. Fekete

  • 2011 European Union And Development Of Romanian Tourism
    by Gina-Ionela Butnaru & Florina-Iuliana Timu

  • 2011 Threshold transitions in a regional urban system
    by García, Jorge H. & Garmestani, Ahjond S. & Karunanithi, Arunprakash T.

  • 2010 Children with Jobless parents: National and Small Area Trends for Australia in the Past Decade
    by Riyana Miranti & Ann Harding & Justine McNamara & Vu Quoc Ngu & Robert Tanton

  • 2010 Local Determinants of Crime: Do Military Bases Matter?
    by Paloyo, Alfredo R. & Vance, Colin & Vorell, Matthias

  • 2010 The Regional Economic Effects of Military Base Realignments and Closures in Germany
    by Paloyo, Alfredo R. & Vance, Colin & Vorell, Matthias

  • 2010 Competitiveness, Clusters and Policy at the Regional Level: Rhetoric vs. Practice in Designing Policy for Depressed Regions
    by Argentino Pessoa

  • 2010 O Marketing e o Desenvolvimento Turístico: O Caso de Montalegre
    by Ricardo Correia & Carlos Brito

  • 2010 Regions as Networks: Towards a Conceptual Framework of Territorial Dynamics
    by Carlos Brito & Ricardo Correia

  • 2010 Economic Geographers and the Limelight: The Reaction to the 2009 World Development Report
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • 2010 Bayesians in Space: Using Bayesian Methods to Inform Choice of Spatial Weights Matrix in Hedonic Property Analyses
    by Mueller, Julie M. & Loomis, John B.

  • 2010 The Law of One Price in the Russian Economic Space
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2010 Optimization Strategy to Capitalize on the Romanian Tourism Potential
    by PhD Lecturer Dindire Laura & PhD Reader Dugan Silvia

  • 2010 Time Series Analysis of Transatlantic Market Interactions: Evidence from Crude Oil and Gasoline Prices
    by Takamitsu Kurita

  • 2010 Analysis of the 2009 Turkish Election Results from an Economic Voting Perspective
    by Ali T. Akarca

  • 2010 Una Valoracion Del Grado De Segregación Socioeconómica Existente En El Sistema Educativo Español. Un Analisis Por Comunidades Autonómas A Partir De Pisa 2006

  • 2010 La competitividad de los departamentos colombianos desde la perspectiva de la geografía económica
    by Lotero, Jorge & Posada, Héctor Mauricio & Valderrama, Daniel

  • 2010 Characteristics of Global Supply Chain Management
    by Miroslava Rakovska

  • 2010 Education and Training Needs in the Field of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Lower Danube Region
    by Nicolae Istudor & Margarita Bogdanova & Victor Manole & Raluca Ignat & Irina Elena Petrescu

  • 2009 The interplay between entrepreneurship education and regional knowledge potential in forming entrepreneurial intentions
    by Walter, Sascha G. & Dohse, Dirk

  • 2009 Retornos a la educación en Argentina. Estructura regional
    by Jorge A. Paz

  • 2009 How cities develop: Affinity Factor Model for forecasting city development and dispersion
    by Deodhar, Rahul Prakash

  • 2009 Trashëgimia kulturore dhe historike si potencial i zhvillimit të turizmit- me fokus në regjionet e Kosovës
    by Ukaj, Fatos

  • 2009 I did it my way
    by Paunic, Alida

  • 2009 Análise Conjunta da Dinâmica Territorial e Industrial: O Caso da IKEA – Swedwood
    by Ricardo Correia & Carlos Brito

  • 2009 Clean Evidence on Face-to-Face: Why Experimental Economics is of Interest to Regional Economists
    by Björn Frank

  • 2009 Neighbourhoods, economic incentives and post compulsory education choices
    by Lindvall, Lars

  • 2009 Terrorism and the Regional and Religious Risk Perception of Foreigners: The Case of German Tourists
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Bastian Franke & Wolfgang Maennig

  • 2009 Disruption Management of Rolling Stock in Passenger Railway Transportation
    by Nielsen, L.K. & Maróti, G.

  • 2009 Competitiveness of Colombian Departments observed from an Economic geography Perspective
    by Lotero Contreras, Jorge & Posada Duque, Héctor Mauricio & Valderrama, Daniel

  • 2009 Climate Change: From Global Concern To Regional Challenge
    by Eveline van Leeuwen & Peter Nijkamp & Piet Rietveld

  • 2009 Philosophy And Methods Of Examining The Impact Of The European Regional Policy
    by Tron Zsuzsanna

  • 2009 The Competitiveness of Colombian Departments: An Analysis from the Economic Geography Perspective
    by Jorge Lotero Contreras & Héctor Mauricio Posada Duque & Daniel Valderrama

  • 2009 El crecimiento metropolitano en el contexto del subdesarrollo Latinoamericano: El caso de México
    by Sousa González, Eduardo

  • 2009 Agricultural Direct Marketing And Rural Development

  • 2009 Individual Religiosity, Religious Context, and the Creation of Social Trust in Germany
    by Richard Traunmüller

  • 2008 Rivalry and Learning Among Clustered and Isolated Firms
    by Boari, Cristina & Fioretti, Guido & Odorici, Vincenza

  • 2008 On the Emergence of Glocalisation
    by Sucháček, Jan

  • 2008 Tourism and Regional Competitiveness: the Case of the Portuguese Douro Valley
    by Argentino Pessoa

  • 2008 Convergencia: del análisis del nivel de actividad económica a las variables sociales. Una revisión de la literatura del caso colombiano
    by Katherine Aguirre Tobón

  • 2008 Inventors and the Geographical Breadth of Knowledge Soillovers
    by Paola Giuri & Myriam Mariani

  • 2008 Countries In Mirror: Reflections Of Lustrationin The Cyech Republic And Romania (English Version)
    by Octavian- Cornel ARON

  • 2008 Approche de construction d'une base de donnée en Intelligence Economique permettant d'évaluer les opportunités d'affaire dans l'entreprise
    by Marc GUIRAUD

  • 2008 Effects of agroindustrial SEM production in Mérida, Venezuela: A response with environmental indicators
    by Aura Elena Peña & Hiner Eveli González

  • 2008 Micro Climatic House Design: A Way To Adapt To Climate Change? The Case Of Ghar Kumarpur Village In Bangladesh
    by Kh Md NAHIDUZZAMAN & Tigran HAAS

  • 2008 Differences in the Investment Capacity of the Territorial Entities – State and Changes
    by Yana Kirilova

  • 2008 Differences in Development of the Territorial Entities in the Country for the Period 2003-2004
    by Nina Yankova

  • 2008 Ecological Parameters and Territories
    by Nikolay Chkorev

  • 2007 Species Diversity And Human Well-Being: A Spatial Econometric Approach
    by Katrin Rehdanz

  • 2007 Happiness Over Space And Time
    by David J. Maddison & Katrin Rehdanz

  • 2007 Spatial Pillage Game
    by Jung, Hanjoon Michael / HM

  • 2007 Spatial Pillage Game
    by Jung, Hanjoon Michael

  • 2007 Mapping environmental services in Guatemala
    by Pagiola, Stefano & Colom, Ale & Zhang, Wei

  • 2007 Regional Asymmetries in the Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Prices: Evidence from US Cities
    by David Fielding & Kalvinder Shields

  • 2007 Food Markets in Russia. Dynamics of Their Integration
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin & Khimich, Alexandra

  • 2007 Les Retraités : Quel Impact Socio-Économique Sur Les Territoires ? Illustration A Partir De La Zone De Bourganeuf Dans La Creuse
    by Dominique VOLLET & Véronique ROUSSEL & S. HERVIOU

  • 2007 The Economic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries and Transition Economies
    by 0smail Çevi_ & Burak Çamurdan

  • 2007 Industrial agglomeration and difference of regional productivity
    by FAN Jianyong


  • 2006 Local Environmental Quality and Life-Satisfaction in Germany
    by Katrin Rehdanz & David J. Maddison

  • 2006 La démarche qualité est née dans les grandes entreprises en raison du développement de la production de masse et de la division du travail. Dans l’entreprise artisanale en revanche, la division du travail est peu développée et l’entrepreneur-artisan occupe des différentes fonctions (productives et administratives). Aussi la qualité en tant que processus normatif n’a pas de raison d’être. La qualité est une qualité informelle fait d’un ensemble de pratiques qui ne sont pas le monopole d’un service particulier. Cette conclusion s’appuie sur une enquête qui a été menée dans 12 entreprises artisanales dans le Nord/Pas-de-Calais à partir du concept du Potentiel de Ressources de l’entrepreneur. Quality, as an industrial standard, was born in big companies with the development of mass production and the division of labour. In the small enterprise, the division of labour is not very developed and the entrepreneur has in charge different functions (production and management). In the small enterprise, quality as a normative process doesn’t exist and quality is thus informal. There is a set of practices which are not implemented by a special service. This conclusion is based on a research study in 12 small enterprises in the Nord/Pas-de-Calais region in France. This research study is based on the concept of the potential of resources of the entrepreneur
    by Sophie Boutillier

  • 2006 Cost Effectiveness in River Management: Evaluation of Integrated River Policy System in Tidal Ouse
    by Tao Wang

  • 2006 Biases in cross-spave comparisons through cross-time price indexes : the case of Russia
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2006 La redefinición de los derechos de propiedad: A propósito de los decretos sobre cercados de las Cortes de Cádiz (1810-1823)
    by Felipa Sánchez Salazar

  • 2006 Cluster de serviços: contribuições conceituais com base em evidências do pólo médico do Recife [Service clusters: conceptsbased on the Recife Medical hub]
    by Ana Cristina Fernandes & João Policarpo R. Lima

  • 2006 Les modes de communication et leurs combinaisons. Quand l'espace compte toujours
    by Sylvie Charlot & Gilles Duranton

  • 2006(XVI) Defining Aspects Of The New Acceptation Of The Urban Development Policy
    by Livia CHISAGIU

  • 2005 Forecasting Regional Labour Market Developments Under Spatial Heterogeneity and Spatial Autocorrelation
    by Simonetta Longhi & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2005 College cheating in Portugal: results from a large scale survey
    by Maria de Fátima Rocha & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2005 A Model of the Learning Process with Local Knowledge Externalities Illustrated with an Integrated Graphical Framework
    by Mário Alexandre Silva & Aurora A. C. Teixeira

  • 2005 Crime and Prices
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2005 Los Efectos Del Conflicto Armado En El Desarrollo Social Colombiano, 1990-2002
    by Fabio Sánchez Torres & Ana María Díaz

  • 2005 Impacto De Transmilenio En El Crimen De La Avenida Caracas Y Sus Vecindades
    by Álvaro José Moreno García

  • 2005 Um sistema de dinâmica demográfica para os municípios amazônicos
    by Ricardo Alexandrino Garcia & Britaldo Silveira Soares Filho

  • 2005 Are Knowledge Intensive Business Services always so Efficient as they Are Said to? An Empirical Approach of KIBS in a Peripheral Region
    by Rubiera,F & Quindos, M.P. & Vicente, M.R.

  • 2005 Sostenibilidad de la Cuenta Corriente del Valle del Cauca: una aproximación desde la econometría
    by Julio Cesar Alonso C. & Esperanza Rincón Montes

  • 2005 Convergencia en indicadores sociales en Colombia. Una aproximación desde los enfoques tradicional y no paramétrico
    by Aguirre Tobón Katherine

  • 2005 Les communautés virtuelles : la coordination sans proximité ? Les fondements de la coopération au sein des communautés du logiciel libre
    by Marie Coris & Yannick Lung

  • 2005 Specialisation of Regions in Bulgaria by Processing Industry Sectors
    by Grigor Sariiski & Stoyan Totev

  • 2005 Economic Relations of the European Union with East Asian Countries
    by Iliyan Mateev

  • 2004 Endogenizing the Reservation Value in Models of Land Development Over Time and Under Uncertainty
    by Amitrajeet Batabyal & Basudeb Biswas

  • 2004 The Law of one Price in the Russian Economy
    by Konstantin Gluschenko

  • 2004 Economic Cooperation and Social Identity: Towards a Model of Economic Cross-Cultural Integration
    by Olsen, Karsten Bjerring

  • 2004 As Unidades De População Homogênea (Uph) Como Instrumento Para Diagnóstico E Desenho De Políticas Públicas
    by Sonia Rocha & Roberto Cavalcanti de Albuquerque & Ari Nascimento Silva & Bruno Cortez

  • 2004 A spatial model of regional per capita product: empirical evidence from the Spanish provinces, "comarcas" and municipalities
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