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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R0: General
/ / R1: General Regional Economics
/ / R2: Household Analysis
/ / R3: Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
/ / R4: Transportation Economics
/ / R5: Regional Government Analysis

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Urban, Rural and Regional Economics

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Wine and Food Route as a collective mark for wine tourism product: a sequential game
    by Sebastiano Patti

  • 2017 Food Support For Community Mobilization (Fscm)
    by Florina Benoit

  • 2017 Social Well-Being of the Russian Federation Regions
    by Marina Malkina

  • 2017 Do natural amenities influence undergraduate student migration decisions?
    by Kathryn R. Dotzel

  • 2017 ‘People as businesses’: Airbnb and urban micro-entrepreneurialism in New York City
    by Filip Stabrowski

  • 2017 Sharing as a postwork style: digital work and the co-working office
    by Lizzie Richardson

  • 2017 Urban economics for the developing World: An introduction
    by Glaeser, Edward & Henderson, J. Vernon

  • 2017 West German Borderland Aid and European State Aid Control
    by Eckert Astrid M.

  • 2016 Refugees and rural development: Chances from migration and challenges of integration
    by Pollermann, Kim

  • 2016 The evaluation of tourism satisfaction in island destinations: The case of the Ionian Islands of Greece
    by Eleni Gaki & Stella Kostopoulou & Evangelia Parisi & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 The sustainability of yachting tourism: A case study on Greece
    by Jamie Chen & Chrysanthi Balomenou & Peter Nijkamp & Panoraia Poulaki & Dimitris Lagos

  • 2016 Achieving the American Dream: Cultural Distance, Cultural Diversity and Economic Performance
    by Valeria Rueda & Guillaume Laval & Etienne Patin

  • 2016 The Housing Bubble: Is It Back?
    by Dean Baker & Lara Merling

  • 2016 Local and Sectoral Import Spillovers in Sweden
    by Evangelia Leda Pateli

  • 2016 The Evolution of the Regional Development Policies
    by Popescu Constanţa & Ristea Ana Lucia & Popescu Constantin

  • 2016 Urban development and control on urban land rents
    by Roberto Camagni

  • 2016 Toward a Polanyian network analysis: market and non-market forms of coordination in the rice economy of Vietnam
    by Laura Prota

  • 2016 Policies for rural development in China – objectives and achieved results
    by Andreea-Emanuela Dragoi

  • 2016 Savings And Financial Control In Students Of Economic Area And Administrative Region South High Jalisco, Mexico, El Ahorro Y Control Financiero En Estudiantes Del Area Economicoadministrativa De La Region Altos Sur De Jalisco, Mexico
    by Nadia Natasha Reus Gonzalez & Tania Reus Gonzalez

  • 2016 BRT in Brazil: Designing services in function of given infrastructure projects or designing infrastructure in function of established service quality patterns?
    by de Aragão, Joaquim José Guilherme & Yamashita, Yaeko & Orrico Filho, Romulo Dante

  • 2015 The Leader process as a European policy for local development: A comparison of the implementation in three European member states
    by Marielle Berriet-Solliec & Catherine Laidin & Denis Lépicier & Hai Vu Pham & Kim Pollermann & Petra Raue & Gitta Schnaut

  • 2015 Regional convergence and economic development in the EU: the relation between national growth and regional disparities within the old and the new member states
    by Hans Kramar

  • 2015 Accessibility Indicators for Regional Economic Development: An Application to the Regional Distributive Effects of High-Speed Rail in Spain
    by Guineng Chen & Marcos Correia & João de Abreu e Silva

  • 2015 Simulating the Impact of Compact City Policy on Two Korean Cities: Daejeon and Hwaseong
    by Donghan Kim & Haejin Han

  • 2015 Downtown or periphery? - Determinants of shopping centers site selection in Poland (The example of Silesian Voivodeship)
    by Malgorzata Twardzik & Krystian Heffner

  • 2015 The late turn-out of the Slovak star-up factories: locational and institutional factors
    by Oto Hudec & Marek Lavcak

  • 2015 Adding some context to port marketing: Exploring the content and measurement of market orientation in the port industry
    by Evangelos Kounoupas & Angeliki Pardali

  • 2015 The Effects Of Regional Policies In Romania
    by Oțil (Beţa) Maria - Daniela & Părean Mihai - Olimpiu & &

  • 2015 Common Agricultural Policy Reform and the New Priorities for Financing Rural Development in the European Union
    by Dragoi Andreea

  • 2015 Spatial elements of the military facilities – between relocation and reconversion
    by Florentina Iugan

  • 2015 Genesi dello sviluppo sociale e territoriale in québec: un percorso tra continuità e cambiamento
    by Marco Alberio & Ousmane Mbaye

  • 2015 Il marketing dei prodotti tipici locali nella prospettiva esperienziale. Il caso del tartufo
    by Tonino Pencarelli & Fabio Forlani & Mauro Dini

  • 2015 Input distortions in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: Evidence from building size
    by Lang, Bree J.

  • 2015 Die Bedeutung von LEADER in Österreich aus der Sicht von lokalen AkteurInnen
    by Theresia Oedl-Wieser

  • 2014 Problems of the transborder spatial planning in the North-West of Russia
    by Gennady Fedorov

  • 2014 What types of firms tend to be more innovative: A study on Germany
    by Stephan Brunow & Valentina Nafts

  • 2014 Cross-border labour mobility: are East-West and East-East cross-border labour flows differ?
    by TIIU PAAS

  • 2014 High Speed Rail System and the Tourism Market: Between Accessibility, Image and Coordination Tool
    by marie delaplace & sylvie bazin & francesca pagliara & Antonio Sposaro

  • 2014 Effects of the corporate tax rates on firms' location selections through the trasfer pricing system
    by Toshiharu Ishikawa

  • 2014 A new regional balance: Challenges and opportunities for intermediate city regions in Europe
    by Andreas P. Cornett

  • 2014 Environmental Economic Efficiency for the Road Construction in Indonesia: An Analytic Hierarchy Process
    by Any Wahyuni & Yuzuru Miyata

  • 2014 Spatial Methods
    by Steve Gibbons & Henry G. Overman & Eleonora Patacchini

  • 2014 Gone with the Wind: Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind Turbines through House Prices
    by Stephen Gibbons

  • 2014 Gone with the wind
    by Steve Gibbons

  • 2014 House prices and land prices under the microscope: a property-level analysis for the Washington, DC area
    by Edward J. Pinto & Stephen D. Oliner & Morris A. Davis

  • 2014 Road Infrastructure in Economically Underdeveloped North-east India
    by S.N. Nandy

  • 2014 The Future of EU Regional Policy

  • 2014 XXI Century Education and its contribution to the employment rate of romanian labour market
    by Ioana Viasu

  • 2014 Cohesion Policy - an Essential Pillar for the Achievement of the Objectives of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2014 Educational Expenditure and Remittances: Is there a Link?
    by Cristina Cattaneo

  • 2014 La politica di coesione dell’U.E. per il nuovo periodo di programmazione: un inquadramento generale
    by Aurelio Bruzzo

  • 2014 Biofuel subsidies versus the gas tax: The carrot or the stick?
    by Mazumder, Diya B.

  • 2014 Location Patterns Of Creative Capital And Regional Disparities In Spain
    by KERIMOGLU, Ebru & KARAHASAN, B. Can

  • 2013 The role of proximity relations in regional and territorial development processes
    by André Torre & Frederic Wallet Wallet

  • 2013 Public Participation in Selection of The Road Construction by AHP for Supporting of CO2 Emissions Reduction: Maros-Watampone Road Case
    by Wahyuni Any & Miyata Yuzuru

  • 2013 R and D Spillovers Across the Supply Chain: Evidence from the Indian Automobile Industry
    by Madhuri Saripalle

  • 2013 Do 'Broken Windows' Matter? Identifying Dynamic Spillovers in Criminal Behavior
    by Gregorio Caetano & Vikram Maheshri

  • 2013 Agricultural cooperatives
    by Ermanno C. Tortia & Vladislav Valentinov & Constantine Iliopoulos

  • 2013 Administrative Perspectives Concerning the European Economic Relations
    by ªeitan Silviu-Marius

  • 2013 Common Agricultural Policy – The Main Driver Of Sustainable Rural Development In European Union
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2013 Strategies of state and local government in management of urban transport problems – A case of Delhi
    by Sen, Akshaya Kumar & Tiwari, Geetam & Upadhyay, Vrajaindra

  • 2013 Entrepreneurial land developers: Joint production, local externalities, and mixed housing developments
    by Konishi, Hideo

  • 2013 Do foreclosures cause crime?
    by Ellen, Ingrid Gould & Lacoe, Johanna & Sharygin, Claudia Ayanna

  • 2013 Creation of cooperation conditions based on triple helix model: the case study of Bialystok metropolis
    by Tadeusz Truskolaski

  • 2013 Bydgoszcz–Toruń Metropolitan Area as the Area of New Residential Construction in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship within years 1996–2011
    by Pawel Brodowski & Roman Rudnicki

  • 2012 Surveying Romanian Migrants in Italy Before and After the EU Accession: Migration Plans, Labour Market Features and Social Inclusion
    by Isilda Mara

  • 2012 An Overview of Carbon Offsets from Agriculture
    by Gonzalex-Ramirez, Jimena & Kling, Catherine Louise & valcu, adriana

  • 2012 Revisiting Wal-Mart's Impact on Iowa Small Town Retail: Twenty-Five Years Later
    by Stone, Kenneth E. & Artz, Georgeanne M.

  • 2012 Revisiting Wal-Mart's Impact on Iowa Small Town Retail: Twenty-Five Years Later
    by Stone, Kenneth E. & Artz, Georgeanne M.

  • 2012 First Time Underwater: The Impact of the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit
    by Dean Baker

  • 2012 Financing Road Construction and Maintenance After the Fuel Tax Reform
    by Asian Development Bank (ADB) & Asian Development Bank (ADB) & Asian Development Bank (ADB) & Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • 2012 Assessing The Potential Of Bulgarian Folklore For The Realization Of Cultural Tourist Travel
    by Krasimira Yancheva

  • 2012 The impact on landscape generated by works of improving the navigation conditions on Danube between Calarasi – Braila
    by Petronela-Sonia NEDEA & Emilia PASCU & Oana-Maria MILEA

  • 2012 The Evolving Concept Of Sustainable Agriculture

  • 2012 Quality Of Products And Services, Factors With Major Impact On Tourism Activity

  • 2012 Fundamental Aspects Of Sustainable Developmentin European Union And Romania

  • 2012 Women’s Time Use with ICT and Physical Travel in Greek Urban and Rural Areas
    by Amalia Polydoropoulou & Athena Tsirimpa

  • 2012 Steps Toward Measuring Urban Sustainability In Romania
    by Bogdana NEAM?U

  • 2012 Premises for Developing the Port of Ust-Dunajsk
    by Makhurenko Gennadii

  • 2012 Sustainable Development Aspects In Romania-Republic Of Serbia Ipa Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
    by Popescu (Stingaciu) Ana-Maria & Munteanu Nicolae-Eugen

  • 2012 Foreign Tour Operators and Travel Agents Knowledge of a Potential Tourism Destination: The Vojvodina Region of Serbia
    by Ivo Mulec & Nicholas Wise

  • 2012 Geography, choice and participation in higher education in England
    by Gibbons, Stephen & Vignoles, Anna

  • 2012 Migration, housing market, and labor market responses to employment shocks
    by Zabel, Jeffrey E.

  • 2012 Dialects, cultural identity, and economic exchange
    by Falck, Oliver & Heblich, Stephan & Lameli, Alfred & Südekum, Jens

  • 2012 Urban spatial structure, suburbanization and transportation in Barcelona
    by Garcia-López, Miquel-Àngel

  • 2012 Value added of teachers in high-poverty schools and lower poverty schools
    by Sass, Tim R. & Hannaway, Jane & Xu, Zeyu & Figlio, David N. & Feng, Li

  • 2012 Understanding Business Improvement District formation: An analysis of neighborhoods and boundaries
    by Meltzer, Rachel

  • 2012 Primary prevention and health outcomes: Treatment of residential lead-based paint hazards and the prevalence of childhood lead poisoning
    by Jones, David J.

  • 2012 Housing submarkets and the impacts of foreclosures on property prices
    by Biswas, Arnab

  • 2012 Regional Inequality in Contemporary China
    by Qinghua Zhang & Heng-fu Zou

  • 2011 Impact Of The Eu Funds In The Field Of Transport Infrastructure – National And Regional Dimension
    by Jacek Bialek & Adam Oleksiuk

  • 2011 Considerations Regarding the Reduction of Rural-Urban Disparities in the Developing North-East Region: Study on Iasi Metropolitan Area
    by Borza Mioara & Talmaciu Mihai

  • 2011 La futura politica di coesione dell’U.E.: una ricostruzione del dibattito politico
    by Aurelio Bruzzo

  • 2011 Pupil mobility and school disruption
    by Gibbons, Stephen & Telhaj, Shqiponja

  • 2010 Management And Leadership In Community Gardens: Two Initiatives In Greater Christchurch, New Zealand
    by Sonja Burtscher

  • 2010 Is agglomeration taxable?
    by Jordi Jofre-Monseny

  • 2010 Migrants’ International Transfers and Educational Expenditure: Empirical Evidence from Albania
    by Cristina Cattaneo

  • 2010 The Gains from Right to Rent
    by Dean Baker & Hye Jin Rho

  • 2010 Innovation - The Cornerstone Of Economic Succes At European Level
    by Anca Maria Hristea

  • 2010 The Diagnosis Analysis Of Regional Innovation-Approaches And Opinion
    by Anca Maria Hristea

  • 2010 L’agglomerazione delle imprese multinazionali: determinanti e implicazioni di politica industriale
    by Stefano Elia & Sergio Mariotti & Lucia Piscitello

  • 2010 The effects of human and infrastructural capital on the entry rates of new technology-based firms at the local level
    by Luca Grilli & Camilla Lenzi & Evila Piva & Cristina Rossi-Lamastra

  • 2010 Politische Mitbestimmung von Frauen in ländli-chen Regionen – Empirische Befunde aus Österreich
    by Theresia Oedl-Wieser

  • 2009 Государственно-Частное Партнерство В Сфере Дорожной Инфраструктуры
    by Khalturin Roman Alexandrovich

  • 2009 Impact of social and human capital on business performance of migrant entrepreneurs - a comparative dutch-us study
    by Nijkamp, P. & Stough, R. & Sahin, M.

  • 2009 Housing Tenure Choice Implications of Social Networks: A Structural Model Approach
    by Abdul Munasib

  • 2009 Housing Tenure Choice Implications of Social Networks
    by Jeffry Jacob & Abdul Munasib

  • 2009 The demand for football tickets depending on the number of clubs in a city – Empirical evidence from Germany –
    by Markus Breuer

  • 2009 Hitting Bottom? An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas
    by Danilo Pelletiere & Hye Jin Rho & Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Gains from Right to Rent
    by Dean Baker & Hye Jin Rho

  • 2009 The Right to Rent Plan
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus
    by Dean Baker

  • 2009 The Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts After the Collapse of the Housing Bubble
    by Dean Baker & David Rosnick

  • 2009 Access, Choice and Participation in Higher Education
    by Steve Gibbons & Anna Vignoles

  • 2009 Urban Comfort In Bucharest.Social-Economic Parameters
    by Carmen Beatrice Pauna & Dana Ileana G. Chirvai

  • 2009 A risk map of international tourist regions in Spain
    by Bartolomé, Ana & McAleer, Michael & Ramos, Vicente & Rey-Maquieira, Javier

  • 2009 Development Policy, Public Spending and Regional Convergence in Italy (1996-2007)
    by DANIELE, Vittorio

  • 2009 Employment Intensity Of Growth In Italy. A Note Using Regional Data
    by PERUGINI, Cristiano

  • 2008 The Rise of the Sunbelt
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Kristina Tobio

  • 2008 Socializing Interactions and Social Attitude Formation
    by Abdul Munasib & Devesh Roy

  • 2008 Analysing Regional Sustainability Through a Systemic Approach: The Lombardy Case Study
    by Pietro Caratti & Ludovico Ferraguto

  • 2008 The Changing Prospects for Building Home Equity: An Updated Analysis of Rents and the Price of Housing in 100 Metropolitan Areas
    by Hye Jin Rho & Danilo Pelletiere & Dean Baker

  • 2008 Ownership, Rental Costs, and the Prospects of Building Home Equity: An Analysis of 100 Metropolitan Areas
    by Hye Jin Rho & Dean Baker & Danilo Pelletiere

  • 2008 The Cost of Maintaining Ownership in the Current Crisis: Comparisons in 20 Cities
    by Dean Baker & Danilo Pelletiere & Hye Jin Rho

  • 2008 Inter-city Variation in Prices
    by Sonia Ahmad & Ahmed Gulzar

  • 2007 Türkiye’de Büyükşehir Belediyelerine Küre-Yerelleşme (Glocalization) ve Yerellik (Subsidiarity) Kavramları Çerçevesinde Bir Bakış
    by Hürriyet OLGUN

  • 2007 Konkurenceschopnost regionů a možnosti jejího hodnocení
    by Milan Viturka

  • 2007 Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth : Evidence from Indonesia
    by Fauziah Swasono

  • 2006 Two Speed Regional Convergence In Portugal And the Importance of Structural Funds on Growth
    by Elias Soukiazis & Micaela Antunes

  • 2006 Irrigation externalities: pricing and charges
    by Gavan Dwyer & Robert Douglas & Deb Peterson & Jo Chong & Kate Maddern

  • 2006 Are NIMBY's commuters?
    by Saveyn Bert

  • 2006 Are NIMBY'S commuters?
    by Bert Saveyn

  • 2006 Review of Price Regulation of Airports Services
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2006 Waste Management
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2006 Clusters Et Systèmes Locaux D'Innovation - Retour Critique Sur Les Hypothèses Naturalistes De Transmission Des Connaissances À L'Aide Des Catégories De L'Économie De La Proximité
    by André TORRE

  • 2006 Türkiye’de Büyükşehir Belediyeleri ve Küreselleşme Sürecine Eklemlenmeleri
    by Hürriyet Olgun

  • 2006 El problema empresarial en la Teoría Económica
    by Homero Cuevas

  • 2005 Policy Issues in Rural Transformation (The Indain Scenerio)
    by Harsh Bhargava & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 An Introduction to Water Management
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Precio de la tierra con presión urbana: Un modelo para España
    by Esther Decimavilla & Carlos San Juan Mesonada & Stefan Sperlich

  • 2005 Precio de la tierra con presión urbana: Un modelo para España
    by Esther Decimavilla & Carlos San Juan Mesonada & Stefan Sperlich

  • 2005 Efectos Ultra Frontera Y Convergencia Regional. Una Reflexión A Partir Del Mac 94-99 En Andalucía
    by Antonio Morillas & Laura Moniche & J Marcos Castro

  • 2005 CAMBIOS EN LA ESTRUCTURA PRODUCTIVA ESPAÑOLA, 1980-1995 Un análisis estructural mediante la teoría de grafos
    by Antonio Morillas

  • 2005 Identificación De Sectores Clave Mediante Análisis De Conglomerados Difuso. El Caso De España
    by Bárbara Díaz & Laura Moniche & Antonio Morillas

  • 2005 Relaciones interindustriales y difusión de la innovación: una aproximación desde la Teoría de Redes
    by Ana Salomé García & Antonio Morillas & Carmen Rueda

  • 2005 FUZZY COMPARATIVE CONCORDANCE ANALYSIS. Proposal and evaluation by a case study
    by Antonio Morillas & Bárbara Díaz & Jesús González

  • 2005 Análisis dinámico de los efectos de la estructura de demanda sobre crecimiento y medio ambiente en Andalucía
    by Antonio Morillas & Elías Melchor & J Marcos Castro

  • 2005 Las regiones europeas: una tipología basada en técnicas multivariantes
    by Díaz Bárbara & Cruces Eugenia & Morillas Antonio

  • 2005 Aplicación de la teoría de grafos al estudio de los cambios en las relaciones intersectoriales de la economía andaluza en la década de los 80
    by Antonio Morillas

  • 2005 Competitive Dynamics of Southern California's Clothing Industry
    by Allen J. Scott

  • 2005 The Cultural Economy of Paris
    by Allen J. Scott

  • 2005 Regional Cluster Analysis in the Mexican Telecommunications Sector. Impact of Economies of Agglomeration, Clusters and networking in medium-sized Mexican Telecommunication firms
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista

  • 2005 The Locational Impact of Wal-Mart Entrance: A Panel Study of the Retail Trade Sector in West Virginia
    by Michael J. Hicks & Kristy Wilburn

  • 2005 What Do Quarterly Workforce Dynamics Tell Us About Wal-Mart? Evidence from New Stores in Pennsylvania
    by Michael J. Hicks

  • 2005 Spesialisasi Dan Konsentrasi Spasial Pada Sektor Industri Manufaktur Di Jawa Timur
    by Erlangga Agustino Agustino

  • 2005 Empresarialidad e instituciones: dos nuevas perspectivas del analisis regional contemporáneo
    by Viego Valentina

  • 2005 Irascom Journal November Issue 2005
    by Issa Kelly

  • 2005 Cultural-Products Industries And Urban Economic Development: Prospects For Growth And Market Contestation In Global Context
    by Allen J Scott

  • 2005 The shoe industry of Marikina City, Philippines: a developing country cluster in crisis
    by Allen J. Scott

  • 2005 Demanda De Trabajo De La Industria Maquiladora De Ciudad Juarez
    by Cuauhtemoc CALDERON VILLARREAL & R. Ponce

  • 2005 Determinantes Regionales De La Maquila De Exportacion En La Frontera Norte
    by Cuauhtemoc CALDERON VILLARREAL & Eduardo Mendoza

  • 2005 Smart Card Driving License System in Gujarat
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Le teck javanais : de l'exploitation illégale au boycott dramatique
    by Philippe Guizol & Jean Marc Roda & Dwi R Muhtaman & Pierre Laburthe & Swan Fauveaud

  • 2005 Infrastructure, Productivity and Urban Dynamics in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa Region Working Paper Series No. 86 (July 2005), The World Bank, Washington D.C
    by Zeljko Bogetic & Issa Sanogo

  • 2005 Analytic Network Process Model For Highway Corridor Planning
    by Mongkut Piantanakulchai

  • 2005 A procura de cinema nas cidades urbanas – como as segmentações de mercados podem segmentar as relações nos circuitos culturais urbanos
    by Duarte Fonseca & Paulo Rosário

  • 2005 The Rent-Price Ratio for the Aggregate Stock of Owner-Occupied Housing
    by Morris A. Davis & Andreas Lehnert & Robert F. Martin

  • 2005 Poverty Exacerbates Hiv/Aids Mortality
    by Johnson S. Adari

  • 2005 Corporate location decision making in light of terrorism threaten city environments – The cases of New York and Chicago
    by Sofia Dermisi

  • 2005 Tenant reaction patterns to the threat of a terrorist attack after September 11, 2001, in downtown Chicago office market
    by Sofia Dermisi

  • 2005 Attracting redevelopment in “inner-ring” municipalities of U.S. metropolitan areas – focusing on Los Angeles and Boston
    by Sofia Dermisi

  • 2005 Industry location patterns in metropolitan area office markets - Central Business Districts versus suburbs
    by Sofia Dermisi

  • 2005 Socio Economic status of Tribals in Udayagiri Panchayath
    by Biju Abraham

  • 2005 Local Economic Planning Strategy Based On Sectoral Advantaged And Potential In Eastern Java Province
    by Rossanto Dwi Handoyo

  • 2005 Competitiveness and regional growth in the European Union: Disparities in unit labour costs

  • 2005 Economic Growth of Indonesian Port Cities
    by Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto & Arief Heru Prasetyo

  • 2005 Specialization and Geographic Concentration of East Java Manufacturing Industries
    by Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto & Anindita Pradana & Sri kusreni

  • 2005 Reinforcing Interactions Between The Advanced Technology Program And The States Volume 2: Case Studies Of Technology Pioneering Start-Up Companies And Their Use Of State And Federal Programs
    by Maryann P. Feldman & Maryellen R. Kelley & Joshua Schaff & Gabriel Farkas

  • 2005 Transformation in Road Transport System in Bogota: An Overview
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Book Review--Seeking the Calm in the Storm – Managing Chaos in Your Business Life
    by Deepak Kumar & Dr. G S R Somayaji

  • 2005 Photogrammetric Mapping
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 The Demand For New Housing In Turkey: An Application Of Ardl Model
    by Ferda HALICIOGLU

  • 2005 Evaluation monétaire de la qualité de paysage / Evaluation of the landscape quality
    by Alexandre Tangerini & Nils Soguel

  • 2005 Debilidades Metodológicas en la Medición de la Capacidad Innovadora de los Sistemas Regionales de Innovación en la UE
    by Jon Mikel Zabala Iturriagagoitia & Fernando Jiménez Sáez

  • 2005 Evaluation monétaire de la qualité du paysage. Monetary valuation of the landscape quality
    by Alexandre Tangerini & Nils Soguel

  • 2005 Convergence and Economic Growth considering Human Capital and R&D Spillovers Convergencia y Crecimiento Economico en Mexico considerando al Capital Humano y derrames en Investigacion y Desarrollo
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista

  • 2005 Population Growth in European Cities: weather matters – but only nationally
    by Paul Cheshire & Stefano Magrini

  • 2005 Modelling Water Trade in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin
    by D. Peterson & G. Dwyer & D. Appels & J. Fry

  • 2005 Private Sector Participation in Indian Agriculture : An Overview
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Book Review ----Private Participation in Infrastructure in
    by Deepak Kumar & P Nair

  • 2005 Book Review --Working with Private Sector Providers for Better Health Care: An Introductory Guide
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Infrastructure in India
    by Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Online Data Management System for On-farm Trials
    by Deepak Kumar & AP Maurya

  • 2005 Vallarpadam Container Terminal Project: Enabling Port Infrastructure
    by N Janardhan Rao & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Mumbai Urban Transport Project—Development and Challenges
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Towards the Development of a Definitive Infrastructure Policy in
    by P Nair & Deepak Kumar

  • 2005 Individual Contacts, Collective Patterns. Prato 1975-97, a story of interactions
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2005 Agent-Based Models of Industrial Clusters and Districts
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2005 Testing the 'new economic geography': a comparative analysis based on EU regional data
    by Bernard Fingleton

  • 2005 Analysis and measurement of interactions in European Innovation
    by Jon Mikel Zabala Iturriagagoitia

    by Clive Coetzee

  • 2005 Kinerja Keuangan dan Strategi Pembangunan Kota di Era Otonomi
    by erlangga agustino landiyanto

  • 2005 konsentrasi spasial industri manufaktur: tinjauan empiris di kota surabaya
    by erlangga agustino landiyanto

  • 2005 Regioni e Territori nello Spazio Europeo della Ricerca
    by Raul Caruso

  • 2005 Synchronization of the Mexican and the U.S. Economies: The Case of the Manufacturing Sector. Sincronización entre las economías de México y Estados Unidos: el caso del Sector Manufacturero
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista & Ramon A. Castillo Ponce & Edna Fragoso Pastrana

  • 2005 Responsiveness of Demand for Irrigation Water: A Focus on the Southern Murray-Darling Basin
    by D. Appels & R. Douglas & G. Dwyer

  • 2005 Review of National Competition Policy Reforms
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Growth and Convergence in Southeast Asia Sugarcane Industries
    by Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto & Wirya Wardaya

  • 2005 General Geographical Economics Model with Congestion
    by Charles van Marrewijk

  • 2005 Forecasting Investment Needs in South Africa's Electricity and Telecom Sectors
    by Željko Bogetic & Johannes Fedderke

  • 2005 Trends in Australian Agriculture
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Determinants of City Growth in Brazil
    by Daniel da Mata & U. Deichmann & J. Vernon Henderson & Somik V. Lall & H.G. Wang

  • 2005 The Private Cost Effectiveness of Improving Energy Efficiency
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2005 Review of National Competition Policy Reforms
    by Productivity Commission

  • 2004 The Price and Quantity of Residential Land in the United States
    by Jonathan Heathcote & Morris Davis

  • 2004 Eu Agricultural Policy And The Regional Differentiation Of Agriculture In Poland
    by Riccardo Crescenzi

  • 2004 On the Function of Two Variables of Urban Population Density
    by Ovidiu Racorean

  • 2004 Geographical Concentration and Economic Growth: Do Externalities Matter?
    by Mihai Nica

  • 2004 Urban Area Development in Stochastic Cellular Automata
    by Ivan Mulianta & Yun Hariadi

  • 2004 Convergence in West German Regional Unemployment Rates
    by Christian Bayer & Falko Juessen

  • 2004 Criterios Para La Selección De Dominios E Indicadores Objetivos Para La Medición Del Bienestar Social
    by Coro Chasco Yrigoyen & Inve Hernández Asensio

  • 2004 El futuro de la industria y los servicios auxiliares de la agricultura de Almería
    by David Uclés Aguilera

  • 2004 The Neoclassical Model, Corporate Retained Earnings, And The Regional Flows Of Financial Capital
    by Stanley C. W. Salvary

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