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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R3: Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
/ / / R30: General
/ / / R31: Housing Supply and Markets
/ / / R32: Other Spatial Production and Pricing Analysis
/ / / R33: Nonagricultural and Nonresidential Real Estate Markets
/ / / R34: Input Demand Analysis
/ / / R38: Government Policy
/ / / R39: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Reducing regional disparities in productivity in the United Kingdom
    by Peter Gal & Jagoda Egeland

  • 2018 IMatching and credit conditions:evidence from the Italian Housing Market Survey
    by Tatiana Cesaroni

  • 2018 A Welfare Analysis of Location Space Constraints with Vertically Separated Sellers
    by Youping Li & Jie Shuai

  • 2017 The urban economics of retail
    by Ioulia Ossokina & Coen Teulings & Jan Svitak

  • 2017 Pensions and housing wealth: Quantitative data on market conditions for equity release schemes in the EU
    by Hennecke, Peter & Murro, Pierluigi & Neuberger, Doris & Palmisano, Flaviana

  • 2017 Bobos in paradise: Urban politics and the new economy
    by Saint-Paul, Gilles

  • 2017 Best Land Use with Negative Externalities: Determining Land Values from Residential Rents
    by Fuess, Roland & Koller, Jan A.

  • 2017 The Silent Treatment: LGBT Discrimination in the Sharing Economy
    by Rishi Ahuja & Ronan C. Lyons

  • 2017 Storm Surges, Informational Shocks, and the Price of Urban Real Estate:An Application to the Case of Hurricane Sandy
    by Jason Barr & Jeffrey P. Cohen & Eon Kim

  • 2017 Mortgage Supply and Housing Rents
    by Gete, Pedro & reher, Michael

  • 2017 Depreciation: a Dangerous Affair
    by Cozzi, Guido

  • 2017 Indústrias de Alto Potencial Poluidor no RS: importância econômica e localização
    by Queiroz Sperotto, Fernanda

  • 2017 Wealth Effects and Macroeconomic Dynamics – Evidence from Indian Economy
    by Swamy, Vighneswara

  • 2017 Local taxation, land use regulation, and land use: A survey of the evidence
    by Hansjörg Blöchliger & Christian Hilber & Olivier Schöni & Maximilian von Ehrlich

  • 2017 Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume
    by Anthony A. DeFusco & Charles G. Nathanson & Eric Zwick

  • 2017 Prolonging Coal’s Sunset: The Causes and Consequences of Local Protectionism for a Declining Polluting Industry
    by Jonathan Eyer & Matthew E. Kahn

  • 2017 Under What Circumstances do First-time Homebuyers Overpay? – An Empirical Analysis Using Mortgage and Appraisal Data
    by Jessica Shui & Shriya Murthy

  • 2017 Do friends follow each other? FDI network effects in Central Europe
    by Gabor Bekes & Marta Bisztray

  • 2017 The pattern of structural change: testing the Product Space framework
    by Nicola D. Coniglio & Raffaele Lagravinese & Davide Vurchio & Massimo Armenise

  • 2017 Clustering, Growth, and Inequality in China
    by Guo, Di & Jiang, Kun & Xu, Cheng-Gang & Yang, Xiyi

  • 2017 Why Are REITS Currently So Expensive?
    by van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn

  • 2017 Effects of Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Labor Demand Shocks on the Housing Market
    by Gabriel Lee & Binh Nguyen Thanh & Johannes Strobel

  • 2017 The pattern of structural change: testing the Product Space framework
    by Nicola Daniele Coniglio & Raffaele Lagravinese & Davide Vurchio & Massimo Armenise

  • 2017 Land Valuation Benchmark Price Behaviour in China – a Case Study of Beijing
    by Mengmeng Dou & Lesley Hemphill & Lay-Cheng Lim

  • 2017 Reducing construction phase greenhouse gas emissions of detached houses through material supply chain management
    by Jani Laine

  • 2017 The German Real Estate Transfer Tax: Evidence for Single-Family Home Transactions
    by Carolin Fritzsche & Lars Vandrei

  • 2017 Planned Disruption? Policy Shifts, Affordable Housing and Land Value Capture in London 2005 - 2017
    by Pat McAllister & Peter Wyatt & Edward Shepherd

  • 2017 Towards Needs-Based Work Environments; Optimising Person-Environment Fit and Task-Environment Fit in Activity-Based Work Environments
    by Jan Gerard Hoendervanger & Nico W. Van Yperen & Mark P. Mobach & Casper J. Albers

  • 2017 Is it worth to be Green? A Performance analysis on European Green REITs
    by Massimo Mariani & Pierluigi Maria Patruno & Paola Amoruso & Alessandra Caragnano

  • 2017 Explaining Price Rigidities on the Housing Market with Prospect Theory
    by Lars Vandrei

  • 2017 Campus, technopole, science, technology or research park: a typology study on science parks in Europe
    by Wei Keat Benny Ng & Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek & Myriam Cloodt & Theo Arentze

  • 2017 User preferences for coworking space characteristics
    by Minou Weijs-Perrée & Jasper Van de Koevering & Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek & Theo Arentze

  • 2017 Housing portfolio asset valuation using mass appraisal methods
    by John MacFarlane

  • 2017 Chasing student satisfaction in the delivery of property higher education
    by Kathryn Robson & Guillermo Aranda-Mena & James Baxter

  • 2017 Investment risk in real estate and other financial assets
    by Rafal Wolski

  • 2017 Home Ownership Transition Influences among British Young Adults
    by Oluwadamilola Aguda & Christian Leishman & Neil Dunse

  • 2017 Evaluation of the urban and territorial attributes affecting the selection of the second home area: an empirical study of the Costa Brava, Spain
    by Elham Ghabouli & Carlos Marmolejo Duarte

  • 2017 Active innovation resistance - the example of joint building ventures
    by Ann-Kathrin Seemann & Christin Wernet

  • 2017 CRE stakeholder categorisation – Applicability of the four group technique
    by Herman Vande Putte & Tuuli Jylha

  • 2017 Maintenance Management Systems for Condominium Owners’ Associations under the German Condominium Act
    by Andreas Saxinger & Miriam Hansel

  • 2017 A New Approach to Measure Preferences of Users in Built Environments: Integrating Cognitive Mapping and Utility Models
    by Benedict Dellaert & Theo Arentze & Oliver Horeni & Harry Timmermans

  • 2017 Influence of the Physical Work Environment on Work Engagement and Performance
    by Kay Meulensteen & Pascale Le Blanc & Astrid Kemperman

  • 2017 What is Served for Breakfast? An empirical analysis of corporate real estate strategies and organizational culture
    by Ilir Nase & Monique Arkesteijn

  • 2017 Fuel stations as properties and enterprises – Selected valuation problems
    by Dariusz Trojanowski & Miroslawa Czaplinska

  • 2017 Real Estate Management of sacral buildings: Evaluation of repair and maintenance costs
    by Kathrin Quante & Christian Stoy

  • 2017 Anticipating urban mining
    by Alexander Koutamanis & Boukje Van Reijn & Ellen Van Bueren

  • 2017 ERES Evolution and Development of Topical Areas
    by Gunther Maier & Bob Martens

  • 2017 Estate autonomy and accountability of higher education institutions – the Polish case
    by Malgorzata Rymarzak

  • 2017 Real estate implications of transitions in Dutch health care institutions
    by Alexander Brand & Daan Bollinger & Peter de Jong & Theo van der Voordt

  • 2017 Digitalisation and Jobs in the Real Estate Industry
    by Daniel Piazolo

  • 2017 Exploring the Future Workplace. Results of the Futures Forum Study
    by Evi De Bruyne & Doranne Gerritse

  • 2017 Risk Factors of U.S. Real Estate Investments
    by Martin Hoesli & Jean-Christophe Delfim

  • 2017 Identifying Critical Attributes Using an Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis (IPMA): The Case of Stratified Residential Property Management in Malaysia
    by Hishamuddin Mohd. Ali & Mustafa Omar & Shahabudin Abdullah & Maimunah Sapri & Ibrahim Sipan & Dzurllkani

  • 2017 Specifying cost-influential factors on operating costs of laboratory buildings
    by Verena Walter & Christian Stoy

  • 2017 The relationship between construction quality and energy efficiency in newly built residential buildings
    by Agnieszka Zalejska-Jonsson & Rosane Hungria-Gunnelin

  • 2017 Public tendering procedures - an optimisation approach
    by Christin Jahed & Ann-Kathrin Seemann

  • 2017 Time Varying Betas of European listed Real Estate
    by Arnaud Simon & Saadallah Zaiter

  • 2017 Request and Potential for Social Housing Projects in Germany, by the example of the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia
    by Theresa Katharina Kotulla

  • 2017 The link between monetary policy and the direct European office market: some empirical evidence
    by Alain Coen & Benoit Lefebvre & Arnaud Simon

  • 2017 Consumers’ preferences regarding department stores
    by Willem Van Laarhoven & Aloys Borgers & Pauline Van den Berg

  • 2017 The Effects of Downtown Line MRT on Property Values
    by Seow Eng Ong & Calvin Chau & Jianmei Wu

  • 2017 Decomposing the Value Effects of Sustainable Investment: International Evidence
    by Avis Devine & Eva Steiner & Erkan Yonder

  • 2017 The Challenge of Developing Business and Professional Values in the Real Estate Graduate: A Business School Perspective
    by Éamonn D'Arcy

  • 2017 Diversity and Group Performance in a Complex Real Estate Project Situation
    by Liesa Schrand

  • 2017 Image Analyses and Real Estate: Evaluation of the Quality of Location Using Remotely Sensed Imagery
    by Miroslav Despotovic & David Koch & Gunther Maier & Matthias Zeppelzauer

  • 2017 Regeneration of Urban Market Space in Ghana: A Case of Kotokuraba Market (Cape Coast) and Kumasi Central Market (Kumasi)
    by Lewis Abedi Asante

  • 2017 Green Building, Advertising and Price Premium
    by Fong-Yao Chen & Jen-Hsu Liang & Yin-Yu Liang

  • 2017 The Operational Efficiency of REITs
    by Eli Beracha & Zifeng Feng & William Hardin

  • 2017 A stress testing scenario analysis for house prices: an application to the Greek market
    by Michael Doumpos & Dimitrios Papastamos & Constantin Zopounidis & Dimitrios Andritsos

  • 2017 Unprofitable tenants: the usual suspects? A case study of modelling tenant profitability
    by Bernd Kolkmann & Ingrid Janssen

  • 2017 Gender Diversity and Financial Performance: Evidence for US Real Estate Companies
    by Liesa Schrand & Claudia Ascherl & Wolfgang Schaefers

  • 2017 Corporate real estate strategies for future higher education
    by Ronald Beckers & Jasper Driessen

  • 2017 How to develop corporate real estate? A decision support tool for CREM
    by Anne Dörr & Andreas Pfnür

  • 2017 The Performance of REIT Acquirers in the Post-Merger Period
    by Chris Ratcliffe & Bill Dimovski & Monica Keneley

  • 2017 The role of regeneration policies on the economic sustainability of property market: a case study of Manchester
    by Chien-Ling Lo

  • 2017 Inside value creation and destruction: opportunism and risk management in development deal making strategies
    by Stephen Roulac

  • 2017 The real estate disciplines' introductory principles textbooks resist Schumpeter and change
    by Stephen Roulac

  • 2017 Green Office Building Environmental Perception and Job Satisfaction
    by Sariya Saengsawang & Supeecha Panichpathom

  • 2017 Refitting Vacancy for the Creative Industry; A Strategy to Create and Maintain a Creative Community
    by Rob Geraedts & Hilde Remøy & Anniek van der Hoek

  • 2017 Assessment of development trends of real estate investment funds implementations in Turkey
    by Gulnaz Sengul & Harun Tanrivermis & Yesim Aliefendioglu

  • 2017 Current Considerations of Counter Terrorism in Real Estate Developments: Protecting People and Places
    by David Mcilhatton & Jim Berry & Pernille Christensen & Mike Hardy

  • 2017 Does the risk match the returns: an examination of US commercial property market data
    by David Higgins

  • 2017 Applying ‘capability approach’ to the identification of losses to landowners in land acquisition cases in Scotland
    by Jyoti Rao & Piyush Tiwari & Norman Hutchison

  • 2017 Professionalism of construction client organisations
    by Marleen Hermans & Simon van Zoest & Lizet Kuitert

  • 2017 Interdependence of Emerging Real Estate Markets: The GCC Experience
    by Sulaiman Al-Abduljader

  • 2017 The Framework of Risk Management in A Real Estate Development Project With A Focus on Macroeconomics Aspects: A Case of Mixed-Use Real Estate Project in Ankara Province
    by Akin Ozturk & Harun Tanrivermis & Yunus Emre Kapusuz

  • 2017 Determining Risk Management Dynamics: An Analysis of Risk Perceptions of Real Estate Development Firms in Turkey
    by Harun Tanrivermis & Yesim Aliefendioglu & Akin Ozturk & Yunus Emre Kapusuz

  • 2017 Revaluation of Investment Properties by REITs
    by Quan Gan

  • 2017 Urban Development and Its Implications for Housing Policy: The Case Study of Burkina Faso
    by Rodrigue Bazame & Harun Tanrivermis

  • 2017 Urban Growth, Spatial Change, Land Use, Housing and Population Relations: The Case of Ankara Province
    by Yesim Aliefendioglu & Sibel Canaz Sevgen & Gizem Var & Harun Tanrivermis

  • 2017 Customer Behaviors on Housing Demand and A Proposal for Policy Makers: A Discussion on Ankara Province Example
    by Yunus Emre Kapusuz & Harun Tanrivermis & Akin Ozturk

  • 2017 A Sustainable Tourism Approaches for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development: The Case of Göreme Municipality of Nevehir Province
    by Yesim Aliefendioglu & Gizem Var & Harun Tanrivermis

  • 2017 Property Valuations in the Family Law Courts of Australia
    by Deborah Leshinsky

  • 2017 Flexible Market, Investment and Space Triangular Strategy for Office Investments
    by Serhat Basdogan & Hilde Remøy & Ruud Binnekamp

  • 2017 House price dynamics of the top 13 cities in China
    by Justine Jing Wang & Alla Koblyakova & Piyush Tiwari & John S. Croucher

  • 2017 House prices dynamics of Australia’s largest four cities
    by Justine JingJing Wang & Alla Koblyakova & Piyush Tiwari & John S. Croucher

  • 2017 Is the China Housing Market in a bubble?
    by Justine Jing Wang & Alla Koblyakova & Piyush Tiwari & John S. Croucher

  • 2017 Diversifying Motivations of International Second Home Owners
    by Joaquim Montezuma & Jennifer McGarrigle

  • 2017 Adjustment of corporate real estate during a period of significant business change
    by Howard Cooke & Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek & Theo Arentze & Bauke de Vries

  • 2017 How not to acquire land by compulsion
    by Ken Rayner & John Sheehan

  • 2017 Income distribution, housing and poverty in Poland: the impact of housing affordability problems on poverty
    by Magdalena Teska & Paloma Taltavull de La Paz

  • 2017 Construction of daily hedonic housing indexes for apartments in Sweden
    by Mo Zheng

  • 2017 Income distribution, housing affordability and poverty. The case of Spain
    by Paloma Taltavull de La Paz & Francisco Juarez

  • 2017 Determinants of rents in the French private rental housing sector
    by Ingrid Nappi-Choulet & Julie Le Gallo & Marie-Laure Breuille & Kassoum Ayouba & Camille Grivault

  • 2017 Domains of description to understand real estate market in the historic cities
    by Laura Gabrielli & Salvatore Giuffrida & Maria Rosa Trovato

  • 2017 The Hybrid Nature of Real Estate Trusts
    by Tom Emmerling & Crocker Liu & Yildiray Yildirim

  • 2017 Geographic Focus and Systematic Risk in REITs
    by Brigitte Frutig & Prashant Das

  • 2017 A Descriptive Analysis of Valuers’ Cognitive Reasoning During a Commercial Property Valuation Task
    by Abdul-Rasheed Amidu & David Boyd & Fernand Gobet

  • 2017 Zoning change, anticipation behaviour and land value: a case study on overage payments
    by Arno Van der Vlist & Ed F. Nozeman & Terry van Dijk

  • 2017 Listing strategies and housing busts: cutting loss or cutting list price?
    by Xiaolong Liu & Arno Van der Vlist

  • 2017 The interests of stakeholders when valuating commercial property
    by Alina Nichiforeanu

  • 2017 Disposal strategies in corporate real estate portfolios
    by Sander Rovers & Hilde Remøy & Ilir Nase

  • 2017 Cross-Cultural Competence in Real Estate Studies - The Benefits of International Student Competitions for Success in Management, Leadership, and Decision Making
    by Dieter Rebitzer & Anna Jasmin Pahl

  • 2017 Building safety index: Structural Equation Modelling approach
    by Fung Darren & Rita Yi Man Li & Li Herru & Beiqi Tang

  • 2017 Non-financial performance and real estate firms' cost of debt capital
    by Vlad-Andrei Porumb & Ion Anghel & Costin Ciora

  • 2017 Modelling the Goals and Features of an Ideal Islamic City for use in Future Conformance Analyses of Contemporary Urban Forms and Planning
    by Deborah Laura Isaacs & Ali Parsa & Seow Eng Ong

  • 2017 Are There Investment Premiums for Mixed Use Properties?
    by Richard Peiser & Raymond Torto & Shohei Nakamura

  • 2017 The potential of adapting existing rating tools to incorporate resilience at the building scale
    by Sara Wilkinson

  • 2017 The value of park and green space as reflected by house prices in Taiwan
    by Peddy PiYing Lai

  • 2017 RMB and housing price in Hong Kong
    by Rita Yi Man Li & Kung Chun Wah & Beiqi Tang

  • 2017 Evolution of mortgage regulations in Asian countries
    by Rita Yi Man Li & Beiqi Tang

  • 2017 Risk Factors in Indian non-listed Real Estate Funds
    by Ashish Gupta

  • 2017 Determinants of foreign direct investment inflow in real estate sector
    by Rita Yi Man Li & Beiqi Tang

  • 2017 Property Portfolio Management - Monitoring, Managing and Mitigating Property Market Risk
    by Charles Ostroumoff

  • 2017 The role and impact of Data Centres on developing new Corporate Real Estate Strategies for resilient business
    by Gheorghe Multescu

  • 2017 Decomposing the Value Effects of Sustainable Investment: International Evidence
    by Avis Devine & Eva Steiner & Erkan Yonder

  • 2017 Inflation and its adulteration through government Interventionism at the example of Germany – impacts on Real Estates
    by Mark Renz

  • 2017 Housing policy, market intervention and provision of affordable and social housing in Shanghai
    by Albert Junjian Cao & Yunqing Xu

  • 2017 Perceived success VS real added value in project development. Analysing cognitive content and information modalization in the early phase concept development: A case study of a commercial real estate project in Norway in the 2010s
    by Jørgen Skatland & Ole Møystad

  • 2017 Situations Vacant: A Conceptual Framework for Commercial Real Estate Vacancy
    by Kevin Muldoon-Smith & Paul Greenhalgh

  • 2017 Library - a Place for Connected Learning and Coworking
    by Suvi Nenonen & Ruud van Wezel & Evita Berkouwer

  • 2017 Market maturity and the availability of data in Sub - Saharan Real Estate Markets
    by François Viruly & Stan Garrun

  • 2017 The Financial Performance of «Green» REITs Revisited
    by Alain Coen & Patrick Lecomte & Dorra Abdelmoula

  • 2017 Railway vibrations: a challenge for sustainable real estate?
    by Pieter Jong

  • 2017 Spatial and Temporal House Price Diffusion in the Netherlands: A Bayesian Network Approach
    by Alfred Larm Teye & Daniel Felix Ahelegbey

  • 2017 Cognitive and Emotional Bias in Commercial Property Investment
    by Pau Blasi & Arnaud Simon

  • 2017 Analysis of Factors Influencing Property Market Dynamics in the UK
    by Jurgita Banyte & Vida Maliene

  • 2017 Global investors change the rules
    by Stephen Ryan & Matthew Richardson

  • 2017 An empirical investigation exploring the relationship between listed real estate and infrastructure companies
    by Martin Haran & Jim Berry & Daniel Lo & Michael McCord

  • 2017 Assessing urban quality of life through activity modeling
    by Lida Aminian & Harry Timmermans

  • 2017 Public vs. Private Market Arbitrage – Can Growth REITs Benefit from their High Valuation?
    by David H. Downs & Steffen Sebastian & René-Ojas Woltering

  • 2017 Social media, civil unrest and fallout for cities and hotels
    by Sofia Dermisi

  • 2017 The Interest Rate Sensitivity of Value and Growth Stocks - Evidence from Listed Real Estate
    by Weis Christian & René-Ojas Woltering & Steffen Sebastian

  • 2017 Trust and Places - Case Interorganizational Product Development Project
    by Mervi Huhtelin & Suvi Nenonen & Juha-Matti Junnonen & Arja-Liisa Kaasinen & Minna Andersson

  • 2017 The search for a Long Term/ Sustainable Real Estate Appraisal/Valuation for Secured Lending
    by Neil Crosby

  • 2017 Bridging the Gap between Sustainable FM and Sustainable Buildings – Will the Green shift create a friendly restructuring?
    by Tore Haugen & Dave Collins

  • 2017 Flood impact on property value: The case of Canada
    by Philippe Bélanger & Michael Bourdeau-Brien

  • 2017 The significance and performance of UK healthcare property
    by Graeme Newell & Jufri Marzuki

  • 2017 A model for the renovation and reuse of derelict real estate properties in Athens. Financial, legal and governance issues
    by Nikolaos Triantafyllopoulos

  • 2017 The determinants of European non-listed real estate funds’ performance
    by Giacomo Morri & Ugo Perini

  • 2017 Impact of New Public Management and Public Governance on municipal real estate management in Poland
    by Bartlomiej Marona

  • 2017 Founding facts for the green agenda in commercial real estate portfolios - current pay-off evidence from Europe
    by Jonas Hahn & Christian Ott

  • 2017 Forecasting the Greek office price index using macroeconomic leading indicators
    by Vasiliki Vlachostergiou & Anastasios Karaganis

  • 2017 The Real Impact of Residential Property Stamp Duties
    by Ervi Liusman & Danika Wright

  • 2017 University education assets as a property sector
    by Graeme Newell

  • 2017 Interdisciplinary learning in real estate education: the case of the urban redevelopment game
    by Yawei Chen & Tom Daamen & Erwin Heurkens & Fred Hobma & Wouter Jan Verheul

  • 2017 The Influence of Inter-city Metro System on Regional Integration: Empirical Analysis of Residential Property Transactions in Foshan, China
    by Yiming He

  • 2017 Alternative Financing Models in Public Facilities : The case study of Medical Campuses, Healthcare PPP Program in Turkey
    by Dilek Pekdemir

  • 2017 Promises and lures of open creative space for innovative teams
    by Hélène Sicotte & Andrée De Serres & Virginie Ménard & Hélène Delerue

  • 2017 Sustainable Development of the European Port-City Interface: Evolving Insights in Research and Practice
    by Tom Daamen & Erik Louw

  • 2017 International Real Estate Investment Trusts: The existence of macro-calendar effect in the REIT market
    by Kevin Teung Chan & Ytzen van der Werf

  • 2017 Using quality indicators to assess urban regeneration in residential areas
    by Lida Aminian & Harry Timmermans

  • 2017 Energy behaviour in offices and the impact on pricing decisions
    by Jorn van de Wetering & Franz Fuerst

  • 2017 Debt Diversification in Public Real Estate Companies
    by Alexey Zhukovskiy & Heidi Falkenbach & Ranoua Bouchouicha

  • 2017 Construction waste management: a study with special reference to practice in Indian micro construction sites
    by Anupam Saxena & Tushar Jindal

  • 2017 Land pricing on extension of leases in public leasehold systems
    by Willem Korthals Altes

  • 2017 Residential Real Estate, Risk, Return and Home Characteristics: Evidence from Sydney 2002-14
    by Daniel Melser

  • 2017 Campus NL - past, present and future of the Dutch campus
    by Alexandra den Heijer & Monique Arkesteijn & Peter de Jong

  • 2017 The Uneven Geography of Financing Cities through a Betterment Tax: Using the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) in England
    by Graham Squires & Alex Lord

  • 2017 Factors Effecting the Locations of Public and Private Hospitals in Turkey
    by Kerem Yavuz Arslanli & Vedia Dokmeci

  • 2017 Does ‘clean’ pay off? Integrating heating technology in hedonic pricing models
    by Jonas Hahn & Jens Hirsch & Joseph-Alexander Zeitler & Sven Bienert

  • 2017 Real estate and urbanism – In search of a rationale that inserts real estate into mainstream spatial sciences
    by João-Manuel Carvalho

  • 2017 Presale pricing strategy and developer competitive intensity: A case of the residential market of Foshan, China
    by Yaoxuan Huang

  • 2017 Individual Payoffs and the Effect of Homeownership on Social Capital Investment
    by Eric Fesselmeyer & Kiat Ying Seah

  • 2017 Privatisation and institutionalisation of organisational learning in urban development pilots
    by Erwin Heurkens

  • 2017 Housing Market Response to Public Housing Projects in Seoul: The Case of National Rental Housing and Affordable Chonsei Housing
    by Jun Hyung Kim & Jeongseob Kim

  • 2017 Investigating UAE Residential valuation systems: results and recommendations
    by Ebraheim Ali Lahbash & Simon Huston & Ali Parsa

  • 2017 Valuers' national professional qualification system in Estonia: development and perspectives
    by Kaia Kask & Ene Kolbre & Aivar Tomson

  • 2017 From walls to experience - servitization of workplace
    by Vitalija Petrulaitiene & Pia Pässilä & Suvi Nenonen & Tuuli Jylha & Seppo Junnila

  • 2017 What the Future Holds – a Study on the Environmental Pressure Affecting the Real Estate Market
    by Saija Toivonen & Riikka Kyrö

  • 2017 Neighborhood Segregation and Black Entrepreneurship
    by Eric Fesselmeyer & Kiat Ying Seah

  • 2017 Developing the master project manager
    by Louis Lousberg & John Heintz

  • 2017 User-focused design factors of workspace for nearly zero energy office renovation: findings from literature review
    by Minyoung Kwon & Hilde Remøy & Andy Van den Dobbelsteen & Ulrich Knaack

  • 2017 Correction Procedures for Appraisal-Based Real Estate Indices
    by Andreas Gohs

  • 2017 A Spatial Analysis of the Central London Office Market
    by Qiulin Ke & Karen Sieracki & Michael White

  • 2017 Context dependence of project manager competence – implications for education
    by Steven Nijhuis

  • 2017 An Empirical Study of Constraints on Housing Supply in Urban Ghana
    by Anthony Owusu-Ansah & Kenneth W. Soyeh

  • 2017 Product Availability Insight as an Omni Channel Strategy for Retailers
    by Marius Rob & Astrid Kemperman & Aloys Borgers

  • 2017 Effective workplaces - A multi-level study
    by Lukas Windlinger

  • 2017 The Planning System and Housing Sector in Turkey
    by Elif Alkay & Craig Watkins

  • 2017 REITs and the Mixed-asset Portfolio over the Business Cycle
    by Stephen Lee

  • 2017 Retrofitting a 1970s social housing neighborhood for carbon neutrality - a case study from Austria
    by Paul Erian & Gunther Maier & Hans-Martin Neumann & Julia Schmidmayer & Tim Selke

  • 2017 Trust and the Effectiveness of Land Use Policies: Perception, Attitude and Behaviour of Rural Residents in China
    by Helen Bao & Lei Feng & Ye Jin & Scott Ziyou Wang

  • 2017 Housing investment and house prices in China: an institutional analysis with Suzhou as a case study
    by Yunqing Xu

  • 2017 The Relations between Infrastructure Investments and Imbalance Regional Economic Development in Great Britain
    by Regina FangYing Lin

  • 2017 How does abolishment of rent control affect returns on residential investments in the long run?
    by Sviatlana Engerstam

  • 2017 Mobile Promotions as an Omni Channel Retail Strategy in Shopping Centers
    by Roel Vos & Aloys Borgers & Astrid Kemperman

  • 2017 Obsolescence – understanding the underlying processes
    by André Thomsen

  • 2017 Value for Money framework for managing the renegotiation of Public Private Partnership projects
    by Anil Kashyap & O. P. Agarwal

  • 2017 Compliance with International Valuation Standards : What does it mean ? Practice Paper : the case of the Netherlands
    by Sake van den Berg & Aart Hordijk

  • 2017 Applying behavioural economics to residential energy efficiency policy
    by Jiefang Ma & Queena K. Qian & Henk J. Visscher & Kun Song

  • 2017 Future yield after taxes (FYT): A more realistic yield rate than IRR or other types of yields?
    by Jan Paul Becker & Bertram Ingolf Steininger

  • 2017 House price fluctuations in the context of credit cycles: European perspective
    by Karolina Czechowska & Konrad Zelazowski

  • 2017 Installation of elevator in old condos: value for money?
    by Anne Wenche Emblem & Theis Theisen

  • 2017 Measuring the noise cost of aviation – the impact of the Limited Use Area around Warsaw Chopin Airport on property values
    by Radoslaw Trojanek & Sonia Huderek-Glapska

  • 2017 Information Asymmetry, Lease Incentives, and the Role of Advisors in the Market for Commercial Real Estate
    by Martijn Dröes & Philip Koppels & Boris Ziermans

  • 2017 Environmental satisfaction in multi-tenant office buildings: A holistic approach
    by Nienke Rovers & Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek & Astrid Kemperman

  • 2017 The Impact of Proximity to Railway on Land Prices
    by Justyna Tanas

  • 2017 Housing market in Baltic countries: business as usual?
    by Angelika Kallakmaa

  • 2017 Housing at the later stages of life
    by Theis Theisen

  • 2017 Modelling of optimal office location in sustainable urban environment – investors’ perspective and planning policy
    by Malgorzata Zieba & Agnieszka Telega

  • 2017 Airport noise, land use controls and real estate values: critical review and meta-analysis
    by Michal Gluszak & Iwona Forys & Jan Konowalczuk

  • 2017 Energy and climate policy for the building sector – Which perspectives have to be taken into account and what are their requirements regarding successful policy implications?
    by Nikolas D. Müller & Andreas Pfnür

  • 2017 Convergence of regional housing markets in Poland
    by Konrad Zelazowski

  • 2017 The Drivers of Discrimination in Mortgage Lending
    by Olayiwola Oladipo Oladiran

  • 2017 Influence of Less Cash Economy on Real Estate as Asset Class in India
    by Rakesh Jain

  • 2017 Performance-oriented office work environments in Germany – Concept testing in a real life change project
    by Annette Kämpf-Dern & Jenniver Konkol

  • 2017 Profitability calculations of future energy efficiency standards for residential buildings from the perspectives of owners and tenants. A case from Germany
    by Nikolas D. Müller & Andreas Pfnür

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