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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R3: Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
/ / / R32: Other Spatial Production and Pricing Analysis
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Housing Market Response to 2012 Northern Italy Earthquake: The role of house quality and changing risk perception
    by Marco Modica & Roberto Zoboli & Fabrizio Meroni & Vera Pessina & Thea Squarcina & Mario Locati

  • 2016 The Effects of Cameroonian Informal Sector on the Scale and Composition of Output
    by Mathurin Tchakounte Njoda & Eric Patrick Feubi Pamen

  • 2016 A comment on 'Cross-border merger, vertical structure, and spatial competition'
    by Konstantinos Eleftheriou & Nickolas J. Michelacakis & Vassilios G. Papavassiliou

  • 2016 A Comment on "Sequential Spatial Competition in Vertically Related Industries with Different Product Varieties"
    by Eleftheriou, Konstantinos & Michelacakis, Nickolas

  • 2016 Multi-plant operation and corporate headquarters separation: Evidence from Japanese plant-level
    by Toshihiro Okubo & Eiichi Tomiura

  • 2016 How Do Households Discount over Centuries? Evidence from Singapore's Private Housing Market
    by Fesselmeyer, Eric & Liu, Haoming & Salvo, Alberto

  • 2016 The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France
    by Combes, Pierre-Philippe & Duranton, Gilles & Gobillon, Laurent

  • 2016 It is Mainly About Where You Work!: Labor Demand in the Colombian Manufacturing Sector
    by Luis Eduardo Arango & Francesca Castellani & Nataly Obando

  • 2016 Structure Depreciation and the Production of Real Estate Services
    by Yoshida, Jiro

  • 2016 Understanding Gasoline Price Dispersion
    by Demet Yilmazkuday & Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2016 The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France
    by Combes, Pierre-Philippe & Duranton, Gilles & Gobillon, Laurent

  • 2016 Multilevel Transmission of Cultural Attitudes and Entrepreneurial Intention: Evidence from High-School Students
    by A. Tubadji & E. Santarelli & R. Patuelli

  • 2016 Endogenous market boundary and spatial price discrimination with a quadratic production cost function
    by Chin-Sheng Chen

  • 2016 Understanding gasoline price dispersion
    by Demet Yilmazkuday & Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2016 Industrial scope of agglomeration economies in Brazil
    by Ana Maria Bonomi Barufi & Eduardo Amaral Haddad & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2016 Spatial Nonlinear Pricing with Per-Trip versus Per-Unit Transportation Costs
    by Mark L. Burkey & Alexandra Kurepa

  • 2016 Silence is Golden: Railroad Noise Pollution and Property Values
    by Kay K. Walker

  • 2016 The Concept of the Model for the Selection of Sustainable Office Building Location
    by Agnieszka Telega & Małgorzata Zięba

  • 2016 Analyzing an elder’s desire for a reverse mortgage using an economic model that considers house bequest motivation, random death time and stochastic house price
    by Chiang, Shu Ling & Tsai, Ming Shann

  • 2016 Agglomeration within an urban area
    by Billings, Stephen B. & Johnson, Erik B.

  • 2016 Multi-plant operation and headquarters separation: Evidence from Japanese plant-level panel data
    by Okubo, Toshihiro & Tomiura, Eiichi

  • 2016 Addendum to Eleftheriou and Michelacakis (2016)
    by Eleftheriou, Konstantinos & Michelacakis, Nickolas J. & Papavassiliou, Vassilios G.

  • 2016 A comment on ‘Vertical mergers and downstream spatial competition with different product varieties’
    by Eleftheriou, Konstantinos & Michelacakis, Nickolas J.

  • 2016 Approaches to the Identification of the Boundaries of Spatial Networks as Multidimensional Territorial Socio-economic Systems
    by Andrey S. Mikhaylov

  • 2016 A Consumer and Investment Model of Housing Demand of Iran: Estimation and Policy Implications
    by Mohsen Amini Khouzani & Davoud Behboudi & Parviz Mohammadzadeh & Mahmoud Shirkosh & Ehsan Rajabi

  • 2016 Internal Geography, International Trade, and Regional Specialization
    by A. Kerem Co?ar & Pablo D. Fajgelbaum

  • 2016 Agglomeration of Invention in the Bay Area: Not Just ICT
    by Chris Forman & Avi Goldfarb & Shane Greenstein

  • 2015 Logistic optimization in tourism networks
    by Armindo Frias & João Cabral & à lvaro Costa

  • 2015 Spatial Competition and Transport Infrastructure: The Case of Moscow Office Rental Market
    by Tatiana Mikhailova

  • 2015 Jobless Capital? The Role of Capital Subsidies
    by Carlianne E. Patrick

  • 2015 Agglomeration Economies and Productivity Growth: U.S. Cities, 1880-1930
    by Alexander Klein & Nicholas Crafts

  • 2015 Industrial Scope of Agglomeration Economies in Brazil
    by Ana Maria Bonomi Barufi & Eduardo A. Haddad, Peter Nijkamp

  • 2015 Dynamic and static asking prices in the Sydney housing market
    by Peyman Khezr & Flavio Menezes

  • 2015 Comparative study on the milk production at goats autochthonous breeds
    by Chetroiu, Rodica & Călin, Ion

  • 2015 A Unified Model of Spatial Price Discrimination
    by Eleftheriou, Konstantinos & Michelacakis, Nickolas

  • 2015 Long-Run Equilibrium Shift and Short-Run Dynamics of U.S. Home Price Tiers during the Housing Bubble
    by Damianov, Damian S & Escobari, Diego

  • 2015 A Statistical Analysis on Production of Chili and Its' Prospect in Bangladesh
    by Hossen, Sayed Mohibul

  • 2015 Socially optimal Nash equilibrium locations and privatization in a model of spatial duopoly with price discrimination
    by Eleftheriou, Konstantinos & Michelacakis, Nickolas

  • 2015 House Money and Entrepreneurship
    by Sari Kerr & William R. Kerr & Ramana Nanda

  • 2015 Moral hazard and construction procurement: A conceptual framework
    by Eriksson, Per-Erik & Lind, Hans

  • 2015 Functional Economic Regions, Accessibility and Regional Development
    by Karlsson , Charlie & Olsson, Michael

  • 2015 House Money and Entrepreneurship
    by Sari Pekkala Kerr & William R. Kerr & Ramana Nanda

  • 2015 Zoning a cross-border city
    by Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos & Casado Izaga, Francisco Javier

  • 2015 Competing with Asking Prices
    by Benjamin Lester & Ludo Visschers & Ronald Wolthoff

  • 2015 Estimating the Effect of Transit on Residential Property Values: The Case of the Portland MAX System
    by Keith Klovers & Alfredo Marvão Pereira

  • 2015 Inter- and intra-firm linkages: Evidence from microgeographic location patterns
    by Behrens, Kristian & Sharunova, Vera

  • 2015 Agglomeration Economies and Productivity Growth: U.S. Cities, 1880-1930
    by Crafts, Nicholas & Klein, Alexander

  • 2015 Revisión Metodológica de Índices de Precios de la Vivienda
    by Jéssica Fernanda Castaño Lavado & Miguel Ángel Morales Mosquera

  • 2015 The Effect of Commuting Costs to Employment Centers on Urban Property Values: A Spatial Analysis in Bogotá, Colombia
    by Fernando Carriazo & Julian Peñaranda

  • 2015 What Determines Purchasing Power Parity Exchange Rates? - Working Paper 416
    by Alan Gelb, Anna Diofasi

  • 2015 Location of Retail Stores in City Center and Outskirts under Spatial Price Competition: Improvements in Radial and Ring Roads
    by Akio Kishi & Tatsuhito Kono & Yoshitaka Nozoe

  • 2015 Forecasting Prices Of Presale Houses: A Real Option Approach
    by Ming-Cheng WU & I-Cheng LIN & Yi-Ting HUANG & Chang-Rong

  • 2015 Industrial coagglomeration: some state-level evidence for Brazil [Industrial coagglomeration: some state-level evidence for Brazil]
    by Marcelo Resende

  • 2015 The Method of Determining the Surrender Value of Water Supply and Sewage Systems
    by Piotr Mika

  • 2015 Economic Premises for Updating the Annual Fees for Perpetual Usufruct of Land in the Recession in the Property Market
    by Iwona Foryœ

  • 2015 Study Of Women'S Participation In Mamangun Tuntang Mahaga Lewu Program (Pm2l) In Gunung Mas District, Central Kalimantan
    by Kuwing BABOE

  • 2015 Why are Walmart and Target Next-Door neighbors?
    by Schuetz, Jenny

  • 2015 Illiquidity and risk of commercial timberland assets in the United States
    by Mei, Bin

  • 2015 Small might be beautiful, but bigger performs better: Scale economies in “green” refurbishments of apartment housing
    by Michelsen, Claus & Rosenschon, Sebastian & Schulz, Christian

  • 2015 Steigende landwirtschaftliche Bodenpreise: Anzeichen für eine Spekulationsblase?
    by Silke Hüttel & Martin Odening & Vanessa von Schlippenbach

  • 2015 Determinantes del precio del suelo como variable proxy de las preferencias idiosincráticas de los individuos en un marco teórico de equilibrio general
    by Jorge Andrés Talero Bernal

  • 2015 Real Estate Price Indices and Price Dynamics: An Overview from an Investments Perspective
    by David Geltner

  • 2015 The Ongoing Evolution of US Retail: A Format Tug-of-War
    by Ali Hortaçsu & Chad Syverson

  • 2015 Can Tax Breaks Beat Geography? Lessons from the French Enterprise Zone Experience
    by Anthony Briant & Miren Lafourcade & Benoît Schmutz

  • 2014 Options in Real Estate Valuation
    by Mark POMYKACZ & Chris OLMSTED

  • 2014 Cadastral Documentation in Real Valuation
    by Adrian SAVU & Daniela RABOJ

  • 2014 Consumer flexibility, data quality and location choice
    by Baye, Irina & Hasnas, Irina

  • 2014 Repeat Sales Methods for Growing Cities and Short Horizons
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Crocker Liu & Adam Nowak

  • 2014 Detecting Collusion in Spatially Differentiated Markets
    by Matthias Firgo & Agnes Kügler

  • 2014 Location of economic activities in the Ostrava metropolitan area (Czech Republic): focused on brownfield redevelopment
    by Jana Nekolová & Jiøí Novosák

  • 2014 Spatial Competition and Flexible Manufacturing with Spatially Discriminatory Pricing
    by Wen-Jung Liang & Kuang-Cheng Wang & Hong-Ren Din

  • 2014 Accessibility analysis as an urban planning tool: Gas station location
    by Escobar D. & Cadena-Gaitán C. & Garcia F.

  • 2014 Inundation and Views in Coastal Residential Property Values. Does the Sale Price Reflect the Trade Off?
    by Alicia N. Rambaldi & K. Renuka Ganegodage & Cameron S. Fletcher & Felix Lipkin

  • 2014 Modelling the Impact of Fundamentals on County Housing Markets in Ireland
    by Morgenroth, Edgar

  • 2014 Opening Hours and Quality Choices
    by Yamada, Mai

  • 2014 Applying the Hedonic Pricing Model to the Prices of Single-Family Homes in the Oldest U.S. City, St. Augustine, Florida, Testing Whether Property Taxes Are Capitalized into Housing Prices
    by Angjellari-Dajci, Fiorentina & Cebula, Richard

  • 2014 The Agglomeration of Bankruptcy
    by Efraim Benmelech & Nittai Bergman & Anna Milanez & Vladimir Mukharlyamov

  • 2014 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2014 Firm Knowledge, Neighborhood Diversity and Innovation
    by Wixe, Sofia

  • 2014 Why Are Wal-Mart and Target Next-Door Neighbors?
    by Schuetz, Jenny

  • 2014 The incidence of transaction taxes: evidence from a stamp duty holiday
    by Timothy Besley & Neil Meads & Paolo Surico

  • 2014 Competing with Asking Prices (first version)
    by Benjamin Lester & Ludo Visschers & Ronald Wolthoff

  • 2014 Small Might Be Beautiful, but Bigger Performs Better: Scale Economies in "Green" Refurbishments of Apartment Housing
    by Claus Michelsen & Sebastian Rosenschon & Christian Schulz

  • 2014 Competing with Asking Prices
    by Wolthoff, Ronald & Visschers, Ludo & Lester, Benjamin

  • 2014 The Incidence of Transaction Taxes: Evidence from a Stamp Duty Holiday
    by Besley, Timothy J. & Meads, Neil & Surico, Paolo

  • 2014 Assessing House Price Effects on Unemployment Dynamics
    by François Geerolf & Thomas Grjebine

  • 2014 Theoretical Perspectives on Localised Knowledge Spillovers and Agglomeration
    by Leppälä, Samuli

  • 2014 Productivity and welfare: an application to the Spanish banking industry
    by Alfredo Martín Oliver & Sonia Ruano Pardo & Vicente Salas Fumás

  • 2014 Does living close to a vineyard increase the willingness-to-pay for organic and local wine?
    by Jean-Sauveur Ay & Raja Chakir & Stephan Marette

  • 2014 Quo vadis German Housing Policy?
    by Hiller, Norbert & Schultewolter, Daniel

  • 2014 The Portuguese Residential Real Estate Market. An Evaluation of the Last Decade Abstract: This article presents an integrated vision of the context of the residential real estate market in Portugal. It analyses the evolution of several macroeconomic indicators during the last decade. The article is complemented with the analysis of the house prices, where an evaluation of average prices of apartments in Portugal according to different typologies and regions have been done. Regarding the market environment, several indicators are assessed, such as the evolution of interest rates, the evolution of households’ credit, the consumption and construction confidence indexes and the evolution of foreign direct investment in housing. The conclusion is that after a booming period, the future of the real estate market is somehow worrying
    by Fernando A. de Oliveira Tavares & Elisabeth T. Pereira & António Carrizo Moreira

  • 2014 The Mortgage Interest Deduction and its Impact on Homeownership Decisions
    by Christian A. L. Hilber & Tracy M. Turner

  • 2014 Sunspots and Self-Fulfilling Beliefs in the U.S. Housing Market
    by Masanori Kashiwagi

  • 2014 Determinants of direct-to-consumer sales on French farms
    by Danièle Capt & Pierre Wavresky

  • 2014 Analysis of Production - Inventory Decisions in a Decentralized Supply Chain
    by Saeed Alaei & Masoud Behravesh & Nayere Karegar

  • 2014 The Size and the Structure of the Supply of Two–Room Flats in Cracow and Pricing Implications
    by Piotr Kwapieñ

  • 2014 How planning decisions impact real estate property values (as exemplified by Oborniki Œl¹skie municipality)
    by £ukasz Damurski & Piotr Laskowski

  • 2014 Changes on the single-family homes market in the years 2003-2012 in the districts of Krakow and Wieliczka
    by Piotr Mika

  • 2014 The Relationship Between Hdi And Its Indicators With Regional Growth In Iranian Provinces
    by Mohammad Reza POURMOHAMMADI & Mojtaba VALIBEIGI & Mir Sattar SADRMOUSAVI

  • 2014 Focus on industrial districts and local production systems. Esportazioni e investimenti diretti all’estero nelle imprese distrettuali italiane
    by Stefania Trenti

  • 2014 Location competition in an Alonso–Mills–Muth city
    by Takahashi, Takaaki

  • 2014 The incidence of transaction taxes: Evidence from a stamp duty holiday
    by Besley, Timothy & Meads, Neil & Surico, Paolo

  • 2014 Provision and price of child care services: For-profits and nonprofits
    by Owens, Mark F. & Rennhoff, Adam D.

  • 2014 A search-theoretic model of the rental and homeownership markets
    by Kashiwagi, Masanori

  • 2014 A public firm in a model of spatial duopoly with price discrimination
    by Beladi, Hamid & Chakrabarti, Avik & Marjit, Sugata

  • 2014 Trade Advantage Of Italian Industrial Districts:Persistence And Change
    by Marco PLATANIA

  • 2014 Le marché du logement ancien
    by Claude Taffin

  • 2014 La construction et les marchés des logements neufs en France
    by Bernard Coloos

  • 2014 Are Incentives for R&D Effective? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Approach
    by Raffaello Bronzini & Eleonora Iachini

  • 2014 Patent Laws, Product Life-Cycle Lengths, and Multinational Activity
    by L. Kamran Bilir

  • 2014 Spatial Development
    by Klaus Desmet & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

  • 2013 Possibilities for Romanian Valuers to Cope With The Realities of Future Real Estate Market in the Context of Sustainable Development
    by Irina Ana-Maria BENE

  • 2013 An Alternative Sales Analysis Approach for Vacant Land Valuation
    by D. Richard WINCOTT

  • 2013 Real estate companies' size and the production of energy-efficient housing services: Evidence from Germany's apartment housing market
    by Michelsen, Claus & Rosenschon, Sebastian & Schulz, Christian

  • 2013 An econometric analysis of the demand surge effect
    by Döhrmann, David & Gürtler, Marc & Hibbeln, Martin

  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2013 Ranking German regions using interregional migration - What does internal migration tells us about regional well-being?
    by Benjamin Wirth

  • 2013 Creation and Exploitation of Knowledge in Multinationals The Importance of Local and Global Spillovers for Domestic and Foreign Exporters
    by Hans Lööf

  • 2013 Ethnic segregation and heterogeneous preferences of homeowners for housing and neighbourhood characteristics : evidence from the Netherlands
    by Ong C. & Witte K. de

  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2013 Count Models and Wildfire in British Columbia
    by Zhen Xu & G. Cornelis van Kooten

  • 2013 International Trade and Local Labor Markets: Are Foreign and Domestic Shocks Created Differently?
    by Partridge, Mark D. & Rickman, Dan & Olfert, M. Rose & Tan, Ying

  • 2013 Una Aplicación de Métodos de Detección de Burbuja Inmobiliaria: Caso Chile
    by Idrovo Aguirre, Byron & Lennon S., Joaquín

  • 2013 Caracterizando a los emprendedores impulsados por necesidad en Lima: Una aproximación usando experimentos de campo
    by José Carlos Raunelli & Mauricio Power & Francisco Galarza

  • 2013 Housing Affordability in New Zealand: Evidence from Household Surveys
    by David Law & Lisa Meehan

  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2013 Institutions and Firm Formation: an Empirical Analysis of Portuguese Municipalities
    by Simão Arouca

  • 2013 Regional Integration and Firm Location Choices: A Long Run Approach to the Cork Industry in the Iberian Peninsula
    by Francisco Parejo & Amélia Branco & João Carlos Lopes & José Rangel Preciado

  • 2013 Automated Valuation Modelling: A Specification Exercise
    by Rainer Schulz & Martin Wersing & Axel Werwatz &

  • 2013 A method to determine capitalization in small data samples
    by Kopsch, Fredrik

  • 2013 A more transparent two-step categorization of valuation methods
    by Lind, Hans & Nordlund, Bo

  • 2013 Challenging the idyll: Does crime affect property prices in small towns?
    by Ceccato, Vania & Wilhelmsson, Mats

  • 2013 The Impact of Spatial Externalities: Skills, Education and Firm Productivity
    by Wixe, Sofia

  • 2013 Internal and External Knowledge – Innovation of Export Varieties
    by Johansson, Börje & Johansson, Sara & Wallin, Tina

  • 2013 Learning and Productivity of Swedish Exporting Firms: The importance of Innovation Efforts and the Geography of Innovation
    by Lööf, Hans & Nabavi, Pardis

  • 2013 Heterogeneity in house price dynamics
    by Gabriele Galati & Federica Teppa & Rob Alessie

  • 2013 Evaluating the law of one price using micro panel data
    by Gobillon, Laurent & Guillotreau, Patrice & Wolff, François-Charles

  • 2013 Land Use Regulation and Productivity - Land Matters: Evidence from a UK Supermarket Chain
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis

  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance And The Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross

  • 2013 Credit conditions in a boom and bust property market
    by McCarthy, Yvonne & McQuinn, Kieran

  • 2013 Évaluation de l’Impact du Dispositif Scellier sur les Prix Fonciers
    by Pierre-Henri Bono & Alain Trannoy

  • 2013 Corruption and Housing Price Volatility: Empirical Evidence - Corruzione e volatilità del mercato immobiliare: evidenze empiriche
    by Goel, Rajeev K. & Punzi, Maria Teresa

  • 2013 Un Análisis Empírico De La Diferenciación Horizontal De Los Polígonos Industriales Gallegos / An Empirical Analysis Of Horizontal Differentiation Of Galician Industrial Estates
    by de Carlos, Pablo & Domínguez, Trinidad & Alén, Elisa

  • 2013 Polycentric Patterns and Housing Affordability: Does a Relationship Exist?
    by Sabrina Iommi

  • 2013 Un’analisi territoriale del lavoro sommerso nel settore delle costruzioni in Italia
    by Maria Felice Arezzo & Giorgio Alleva

  • 2013 Automatic selection of a spatial weight matrix in spatial econometrics: Application to a spatial hedonic approach
    by Seya, Hajime & Yamagata, Yoshiki & Tsutsumi, Morito

  • 2013 Price and transaction volume in the Dutch housing market
    by de Wit, Erik R. & Englund, Peter & Francke, Marc K.

  • 2013 The lasting effects of crime: The relationship of discovered methamphetamine laboratories and home values
    by Congdon-Hohman, Joshua M.

  • 2013 Agglomeration in a city with choosy consumers under imperfect information
    by Takahashi, Takaaki

  • 2013 A model of China's export strengthening outward FDI
    by Dong, Baomin & Guo, Guixia

  • 2013 Desigualdad industrial: una aproximación no-paramétrica al caso colombiano
    by Andrés Camacho Murillo

  • 2013 Stratégie optimale de stockage de déchets radioactifs à vie longue sous contrainte de capacité
    by Bertrand Villeneuve

  • 2013 Diferenciais Regionais de Competitividade Industrial do Brasil no Século 21
    by Daniela Schettini & Carlos R. Azzoni

  • 2013 A Review of Enrico Moretti's The New Geography of Jobs
    by Edward Glaeser

  • 2013 Too Far Away? The Effect of Distance to Headquarters on Business Establishment Performance
    by Arturs Kalnins & Francine Lafontaine

  • 2012 Banks in Disadvantaged Areas
    by Johann Burgstaller

  • 2012 The effect of Stackelberg cost reductions on spatial competition with heterogeneous firms
    by Matthew Beacham

  • 2012 Production Externalities in the Wood Furniture Industry in Central Java
    by Roos K. Andadari & Henri L.F. de Groot & Piet Rietveld

  • 2012 The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
    by Yasmeen, & Masood, Sarwar & Saghir, Ghauri & Muhammad, Waqas

  • 2012 Housing Market Spillovers: Evidence from the End of Rent Control in Cambridge Massachusetts
    by David H. Autor & Christopher J. Palmer & Parag A. Pathak

  • 2012 Studying Composite Demand Using Scanner Data: The Case of Ground Beef in the US
    by Schulz, Lee L. & Schroeder, Ted C. & Xia, Tian

  • 2012 Evidence from a UK supermarket chain
    by Paul C. Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis

  • 2012 The Value of Good Neighbors: A Spatial Analysis of the California and Washington State Wine Industries
    by Nan Yang & Jill J. McCluskey & Michael P. Brady

  • 2012 Acceso a la movilidad en corredores urbanos y su impacto en el precio de la propiedad residencial: el caso de la avenida Díaz Mirón en Veracruz
    by Ortiz-Ramírez, Julio Fernando & Vázquez-Cotera, Daniel

  • 2012 Love thy neighbor: Income distribution and housing preferences
    by Leung, Tin Cheuk & Tsang, Kwok Ping

  • 2012 Pricing the US residential asset through the rent flow: A cross-sectional study
    by Goswami, Gautam & Tan, Sinan

  • 2012 Understanding interstate trade patterns
    by Yilmazkuday, Hakan

  • 2012 Product differentiation decisions under ambiguous consumer demand and pessimistic expectations
    by Król, Michał

  • 2012 Population density and efficiency in energy consumption: An empirical analysis of service establishments
    by Morikawa, Masayuki

  • 2012 Welfare properties of strategic R&D investments in Hotelling models
    by Matsumura, Toshihiro & Matsushima, Noriaki

  • 2012 Determinants of golden locations in Chiang Mai city: A photographic approach with Binary Logit analysis
    by Banthita Kuna & Komsan Suriya

  • 2011 Assessing Technical Efficiency of Sugar Industry in Uttar Pradesh: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis

  • 2011 Directional Imbalance in Transport Prices: An Application to Inland Shipping in North-West Europe
    by Olaf Jonkeren & Jos N. van Ommeren & Piet Rietveld

  • 2011 Causality of Residential Properties Price Movements in Malaysia
    by Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Faizal

  • 2011 Love Thy Neighbor: Income Distribution and Housing Preferences
    by Leung, Tin Cheuk & Tsang, Kwok Ping

  • 2011 Luxembourg : les marchés fonciers et immobiliers transfrontaliers à l'épreuve de la métropolisation
    by DIOP Lanciné

  • 2011 Love Thy Neighbor: Income Distribution and Housing Preferences
    by Tin Cheuk Leung & Kwok Ping Tsang

  • 2011 The Lasting Effects of Crime: The Relationship of Discovered Methamphetamine Laboratories and Home Values
    by Joshua Congdon-Hohman

  • 2011 Intranational Trade and Regional Tax Rates: A Welfare Analysis on the U.S. Economy
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2011 Understanding Interstate Trade Patterns
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2011 Evaluating the effects of planning policies on the retail sector: or do town centre first policies deliver the goods?
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis

  • 2011 The influence of urban form on spatial costs
    by Hugh B. WENBAN - SMITH

  • 2011 Intermediaries, transport costs and interlinked transactions
    by Lefèvre, Mélanie & Tharakan, Joe

  • 2011 Evaluating the Effects of Planning Policies on the Retail Sector: Or do Town Centre First Policies Deliver the Goods?
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis

  • 2011 Land use planning: the impact on retail productivity
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis

  • 2011 How do consumer prices change in an island economy? Empirical evidence from the prices of four food and beverage products in the Canary Islands
    by Rodríguez Feijoo , Santiago & González Correa , Carlos & Rodríguez Caro, Alejandro

  • 2011 Infraestructura pública y precios de vivienda: una aplicación de regresión geográficamente ponderada en el contexto de precios hedónicos
    by Juan Carlos Duque & Hermilson Velásquez & Jorge Agudelo

  • 2011 The influence of urban form on spatial costs
    by Hugh B. Wenban-Smith

  • 2011 An Expert System for Online Residential Properties Valuation
    by Beatriz Larraz

  • 2010 Pay as you go: a new proposal for museum pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Tender prices in local bus transport in Germany - an application of alternative regression techniques
    by Beck, Arne & Walter, Matthias

  • 2010 Agglomeration and Trade: State-Level Evidence from U.S. Industries
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2010 Property Tax Capitalization within a National Historic District versus Property Tax Capitalization outside that National Historic District: Another Application of the Tiebout Hypothesis
    by Cebula, Richard & Foley, Maggie & Houmes, Robert

  • 2010 Dwindling U.S. Internal Migration: Evidence of Spatial Equilibrium?
    by Mark D., Partridge & Dan S., Rickman & M. Rose, Olfert & Kamar, Ali

  • 2010 A Simple Repeat Sales House Price Index: Comparative Properties Under Alternative Data Generation Processes
    by Arthur Grimes & Chris Young

  • 2010 Effects of Regional Human Capital Structure on Business Entry: A Comparison of Independent Startups and New Subsidiaries in Different Industries
    by Kenta Ikeuchi & Hiroyuki Okamuro

  • 2010 Pay as You Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Endogenous Spatial Differentiation with Vertical Contracting
    by Kourandi, Frago & Vettas, Nikolaos

  • 2010 Pay as you Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Does housing really lead the business cycle?
    by Luis J. Álvarez & Alberto Cabrero

  • 2010 Housing Cycles In The Major Euro Area Countries
    by Luis J. Álvarez & Guido Bulligan & Alberto Cabrero & Laurent Ferrara & Harald Stahl

  • 2010 Beach Re-nourishment and Property Value Growth: The Case of Folly Beach, South Carolina
    by Blackwell, Calvin & Sheldon, Susannah & Lansbury, David & Vaught, Dyanne

  • 2010 Urban Sprawl and Transportation Externalities
    by Holcombe, Randall G. & Williams, DeEdgra W.

  • 2010 Economic and Regional Determinants of the Location of Payday Lenders and Banking Institutions in Mississippi: Reconsidering the Role of Race and Other Factors in Firm Location
    by Wheatley, W. Parker

  • 2010 Regionale Unterschiede in China: Konvergenz noch zu schwach
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Eric Girardin

  • 2010 What Causes Industry Agglomeration? Evidence from Coagglomeration Patterns
    by Glenn Ellison & Edward L. Glaeser & William R. Kerr

  • 2010 Place Based Policies, Heterogeneity, and Agglomeration
    by Patrick Kline

  • 2009 The Evolution of Opinion Maker's Perceptions on Local Real Estate Markets from Peak to Mid-crisis - Was There a Shift on Real Estate Rationales?
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