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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R3: Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
/ / / R33: Nonagricultural and Nonresidential Real Estate Markets
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 A Note on the Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks in the US on Emerging Market REITs: A Qual VAR Approach
    by Rangan Gupta & Hardik A. Marfatia

  • 2017 Some Remarks on Real Estate Pricing
    by Cocker Liu & Adam Nowak & Patrick Smith

  • 2017 Place-based policies and the housing market
    by Hans R.A. Koster & Jos van Ommeren

  • 2017 減損会計は企業投資行動に影響を及ぼすか
    by 植杉, 威一郎 & 中島, 賢太郎 & 細野, 薫

  • 2017 Assessing the impact of renewable energy infrastructure on the “tourist value” in rural landscapes: a spatial hedonic approach
    by Olivier JOALLAND & Tina RAMBONILAZA

  • 2017 Why Are REITS Currently So Expensive?
    by van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn

  • 2017 Shopping externalities and retail concentration: Evidence from Dutch shopping streets
    by Koster, Hans R.A. & Pasidis, Ilias & van Ommeren, Jos

  • 2017 Die Umsetzung der EU-Richtlinie über Wohnimmobilienkredite
    by Dirk Meyer

  • 2017 Evaluation of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV & Bozhidar IVANOV & Desislava TOTEVA & Emilia SOKOLOVA

  • 2017 Assessing Multi-aspects and Integral Sustainability of Bulgarian Farms
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2017 Socio-economic and Ecological Sustainability of Smallholder Agricultural Holdings in Bulgaria
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2017 Modele finansowania inwestycji w domy studenckie uczelni publicznych na przykładzie Polski
    by Małgorzata Rymarzak & Dariusz Trojanowski

  • 2017 The Impact of Capital Expenditures on Property Performance in Commercial Real Estate
    by Chinmoy Ghosh & Milena T. Petrova

  • 2017 Foreclosure, REO, and Market Sales in Residential Real Estate
    by Peter Chinloy & William Hardin & Zhonghua Wu

  • 2017 Sonora state producer and strategic exporter of copper
    by Rosalina JAIME MEULY & Daniela GORMITH

  • 2017 Macroeconomic risks and REITs returns: A comparative analysis
    by Kola, Katlego & Kodongo, Odongo

  • 2016 Outdoor Billboard Real Property Valuation
    by Robert Thomas HELMER

  • 2016 Distributional price effects of rent controls in Berlin: When expectation meets reality
    by Thomschke, Lorenz

  • 2016 Spatial Planning and Segmentation of the Land Market
    by Or Levkovich & Jan Rouwendal

  • 2016 El potencial dinamizador de los grandes equipamientos comerciales en espacios metropolitanos. Un análisis comparado en tres realidades españolas
    by Fernando Alfonso Ríos

  • 2016 Rising Sea Levels and Sinking Property Values: The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York's Housing Market
    by Ortega, Francesc & Taspinar, Süleyman

  • 2016 Lending Pro-Cyclicality and Macro-Prudential Policy: Evidence from Japanese LTV Ratios
    by Ono, Arito & Uchida, Hirofumi & Udell, Gregory F. & Uesugi, Iichiro

  • 2016 A Land Tenure Module for LSMS
    by Holden, Stein T. & Ali, Daniel & Deininger, Klaus & Hilhorst, Thea

  • 2016 Risk Factors of European Non-Listed Real Estate Fund Returns
    by Jean-Christophe Delfim & Martin Hoesli

  • 2016 Property prices and the real sector: comovements in European markets
    by Magdalena Erdem & Michela Scatigna

  • 2016 Ein hedonischer Mietpreisindex für studentisches Wohnen
    by Deschermeier, Philipp & Seipelt, Björn

  • 2016 Neural Networks Modelling of Municipal Real Estate Market Rent Rates
    by Muczyński Andrzej & Walacik Marek

  • 2016 Development Of Commercial Real Estates In Bulgaria
    by Vanya Antonova Pandakova

  • 2016 Analýza cen komerčních nemovitostí v zemích střední Evropy
    by Michal Hlaváček & Ondřej Novotný & Marek Rusnák

  • 2016 Risks and Risk Management in Agri-food Chains
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2016 Unpacking Agrarian and Agri-business Contracts
    by Hrabrin I. BACHEV

  • 2016 What is Sustainability of Farms?
    by Hrabrin Ianouchev BACHEV

  • 2016 Smalholders’ Market Inclusion through Improved Eco-management – The Case of Bulgaria
    by Hrabrin Ianouchev BACHEV

  • 2016 An Approach to Assess Sustainability of Agricultural Farms
    by Hrabrin Ianouchev BACHEV

  • 2016 Irodapiaci ciklusok jellemzése a hozam, a bérleti forgalom, az üresedés, a bérleti díjak és az új átadás alapján
    by Horváth, Áron & Sápi, Zoltán & Révész, Gábor

  • 2016 The Relation between the Indexation Clause and the Lessor’s Entitlement to Terminate the Amount of Rent in Commercial Lease Agreements
    by Jacek Motyka

  • 2016 25 Years of Free Real Estate Market in Poland. A SWOT Analysis
    by Leszek Kałkowski & Maciej W. Wierzchowski

  • 2016 The Concept of the Model for the Selection of Sustainable Office Building Location
    by Agnieszka Telega & Małgorzata Zięba

  • 2016 The Economics of Commercial Real Estate Preleasing
    by Robert H. Edelstein & Peng Liu

  • 2015 What's so Special about Special-Purpose Property?
    by Ron THROUPE & Kay ZHANG and Xue MAO

  • 2015 Asset Allocations: Are You Reconciling?
    by Franz H. ROSS (1) and James K. TELLATIN (2)

  • 2015 Spatial Competition and Transport Infrastructure: The Case of Moscow Office Rental Market
    by Tatiana Mikhailova

  • 2015 Retail Agglomeration and Competition Externalities: Evidence from Openings and Closings of Multiline Department Stores in the US
    by John M. Clapp & Stephen L. Ross & Tingyu Zhou

  • 2015 Natural Gas Extraction, Earthquakes and House Prices
    by Hans R.A. Koster & Jos N. van Ommeren

  • 2015 Historic Amenities and Housing Externalities: Evidence from The Netherlands
    by Hans R.A. Koster & Jan Rouwendal

  • 2015 Before a Fall: Impacts of Earthquake Regulation and Building Codes on the Commercial Building Market
    by Levente Timar & Arthur Grimes & Richard Fabling

  • 2015 Good and bad innovations in the housing sector - General background and a policy proposal
    by Borg, Lena

  • 2015 The other (commercial) real estate boom and bust: the effects of risk premia and regulatory capital arbitrage
    by Duca, John V. & Ling, David C.

  • 2015 Setting the Standard: Commercial Electricity Consumption Responses to Energy Codes
    by Maya M. Papineau

  • 2015 Energy Codes and the Landlord-Tenant Problem
    by Maya M. Papineau

  • 2015 Pricing in the office rental market in Moscow: hedonic analysis
    by Ignatenko, Anna & Mikhailova, Tatiana

  • 2015 Legal Issues Relating to the Liability of the Carrier for the Air Carriage of Passengers
    by Viktoria Rusanova

  • 2015 Aesthetic Dimension of Urban Revitalisation in Polish and Bulgarian Cities
    by Sławomir Palicki & Izabela Rącka & Ivo Kostov

  • 2015 Expectations of Real Estate Agent Customers
    by Sebastian Kokot & Katarzyna Orzechowska

  • 2015 Changes in the distribution of rental prices in Berlin
    by Thomschke, Lorenz

  • 2015 The pricing of embedded lease options
    by Amédée-Manesme, Charles-Olivier & des Rosiers, François & Grégoire, Philippe

  • 2015 A shaky business: Natural gas extraction, earthquakes and house prices
    by Koster, Hans R.A. & Ommeren, Jos van

  • 2015 Real Estate Price Indices and Price Dynamics: An Overview from an Investments Perspective
    by David Geltner

  • 2014 Vob Property Analysis - An Additional Instrument for Assessing Real Estate Collateral in The Banking Industry
    by Thomas-Andreas ZIESENITZ

  • 2014 Greenfield Shopping Centre Development. The Integration between Environmental Features, Building Design and Investment Analysis at the Decision Making Stage
    by Aliane Vieira de CASTRO & Javier Neila GONSALEZ & Gema Pacheco RAMIREZ

  • 2014 Ground Lease Provisions. A Case Study for Leasehold Valuation
    by Don GUARINO & Cameron CHEHRAZI & Brad A. BOHL

  • 2014 Hub Airports, the knowledge economy and how close is close? Evidence from Europe
    by Alain Thierstein & Sven Conventz

  • 2014 Urban Resilience: Store Location Dynamics and Cultural Heritage
    by Mark van Duijn & Jan Rouwendal & Ruben van Loon

  • 2014 The Dynamics of Subcenter Formation: Midtown Manhattan, 1861-1906
    by Jason Barr & Troy Tassier

  • 2014 The Agglomeration of Bankruptcy
    by Efraim Benmelech & Nittai Bergman & Anna Milanez & Vladimir Mukharlyamov

  • 2014 Mietpreisentwicklung von Gewerbeimmobilien in deutschen Großstädten
    by Deschermeier, Philipp & Seipelt, Björn & Voigtläner, Michael

  • 2014 Ein hedonischer Mietpreisindex für Gewerbeimmobilien
    by Deschermeier, Philipp & Seipelt, Björn & Voigtländer, Michael

  • 2014 Property Accounting in Commercial Property Management
    by Edyta Izabela Gluszek & Ma³gorzata Ziêba

  • 2014 The Importance of Sustainable Construction of Office Buildings and its Development in Italy and in the Visegrad Countries (Mainly in Slovakia)
    by Andrej Adamušèin & Marzia Morena & Tommaso Truppi

  • 2014 An analysis of changes and structure of vacancy rates of commercial premises in Szczecin
    by Sebastian Kokot & Marcin Bas & Ma³gorzata Nega

  • 2014 Cinque problemi intorno a perequazione, diritti edificatori e piani urbanistici
    by Ezio Micelli

  • 2014 Property Assets Fair Value Accounting Under Uncertainty
    by Anastasios Tsamis & Konstantinos Liapis

  • 2014 The floor area ratio gradient: New York City, 1890–2009
    by Barr, Jason & Cohen, Jeffrey P.

  • 2014 Carbon emissions from the commercial building sector: The role of climate, quality, and incentives
    by Kahn, Matthew E. & Kok, Nils & Quigley, John M.

  • 2014 Efficient Management Of Non-Agricultural Activities For A Sustainable Development Of Rural Entrepreneurship
    by Elena, SIMA

  • 2014 Factors That Influence The Value Of Specialized Real Estate Property
    by Prof. Svetlana Albu Ph. D & Eng. Ciprian Gheorghe Ph. D Student

  • 2013 Real Estate Due Diligence - Eine praxisnahe Untersuchung
    by Nicki, Christian

  • 2013 Spatial Externalities and Place-Based Policies: Evidence from the Netherlands
    by Hans Koster & Jos Van Ommeren

  • 2013 Behavioural Real Estate
    by Diego A. Salzman & Remco C.J. Zwinkels

  • 2013 Speculating China economic growth through Hong Kong? Evidence from the stock market IPO and real estate markets
    by Leung, Charles Ka Yui & Tang, Edward Chi Ho

  • 2013 A Close Look at Loan-To-Value Ratios: Evidence from the Japanese Real Estate Market
    by Ono, Arito & Uchida, Hirofumi & Udell, Gregory & Uesugi, Iichiro

  • 2013 Price discovery over space in office markets
    by Högberg, Lovisa & Mandell, Svante & Netzell, Olof

  • 2013 Rocketing rents the magnitude and attenuation of agglomeration economies in the commercial property market
    by Koster, Hans R. A.

  • 2013 How polycentric is a monocentric city?: centers, spillovers and hysteresis
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2013 Rocketing Rents The magnitude and attenuation of agglomeration economies in the commercial property market
    by Hans R. A. Koster

  • 2013 The development of commercial property prices and values analysis
    by Wojciech Doliński

  • 2013 Market risk of real estate: Using indirect data to understand direct risks
    by Schlumpf, Felix & Tessera, Genene & Martínez, Catalina

  • 2013 Activity Of Local Authorities In Warmia And Mazury Region In Attracting And Promoting Investment Areas In The Context Of Cooperation With Agricultural Property Agency
    by Wieslawa Lizinska

  • 2013 Price and volatility dynamics between securitized real estate spot and futures markets
    by Shi, Jing & Xu, Tracy

  • 2012 Hotele w gospodarce polskiej – zarys rozwoju, ekonomiki i ryzyka
    by Olszewski, Krzysztof

  • 2012 Rural Tourism and Ecotourism – the Main Priorities in Sustainable Development Orientations of Rural Local Communities in Romania
    by Dorobantu, Maria Roxana & Nistoreanu, Puiu

  • 2012 The Reform of Business Property Tax in Ontario: An Evaluation
    by Michael Smart

  • 2012 Do Asymmetric Causal Relationships Exist between Macroeconomic Variables and Housing Returns in Taiwan?
    by Kuan-Min Wang & Yuan-Ming Lee & Chien-Chiang Lee

  • 2012 Bubble In The Indian Real Estate Markets: Identification Using Regime-Switching Methodology
    by Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma & Ohannes George Paskelian

  • 2012 Are poor neighborhoods “retail deserts”?
    by Schuetz, Jenny & Kolko, Jed & Meltzer, Rachel

  • 2012 Liquidity dynamics across public and private markets
    by Bond, Shaun A. & Chang, Qingqing

  • 2012 Determinants of golden locations in Chiang Mai city: A photographic approach with Binary Logit analysis
    by Banthita Kuna & Komsan Suriya

  • 2011 Rethinking Brownfield Redevelopment Features through Fuzzy Delphi Method
    by Brano GLUMAC & Qi HAN & Jos SMEETS & Wim SCHAEFER

  • 2011 Skyscraper Height and the Business Cycle: International Time Series Evidence
    by Jason Barr & Bruce Mizrach & Kusum Mundra

  • 2011 Skyscrapers and Skylines: New York and Chicago, 1885-2007
    by Jason Barr

  • 2011 Flight to Quality? An Investigation of the Attributes of Sold Properties in Hot and Cold Markets
    by Franz Fuerst & Pat McAllister & Petros Sivitanides

  • 2011 Is ESG Commitment Linked to Investment Performance in the Real Estate Sector?
    by Marcelo Cajias & Franz Fuerst & Pat McAllister & Anupam Nanda

  • 2011 Taking the LEED? Analyzing Spatial Variations in Market Penetration Rates of Eco-Labeled Properties
    by Franz Fuerst & Constantine Kontokosta & Pat McAllister

  • 2011 How Accurate Are Commercial Real Estate Appraisals? Evidence from 25 Years of NCREIF Sales Data
    by Susanne, Cannon & Rebel, Cole

  • 2011 Centra handlowe wobec miejskiej przestrzeni publicznej – nie tylko imitacja
    by Celińska-Janowicz, Dorota

  • 2011 A dynamic model of house price
    by Wang, Zigan & Zhu, Youwei

  • 2011 How accurate are commercial-real-estate appraisals? evidence from 25 years of NCREIF sales data
    by Cannon, Susanne & Col, Rebel A.

  • 2011 Rushing to Overpay: The REIT Premium Revisited
    by S. Nuray Akin & Val E. Lambson & Grant R. McQueen & Brennan Platt & Barrett A. Slade & Justin Wood

  • 2011 Monument Protection and Zoning in Germany: Regulations and Public Support from an International Perspective
    by Wolfgang Maennig

  • 2011 Is the sky the limit? an analysis of high-rise office buildings
    by Koster, Hans R.A. & Rietveld, Piet & van Ommerren, Jos N.

  • 2011 Fifty years of urban accessibility: the impact of the urban railway network on the land gradient in Berlin 1890-1936
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2011 Is Sustainability Attractive for Corporate Real Estate Decisions ?
    by Nappi-Choulet, Ingrid & Décamps, Aurélien

  • 2011 Is the Sky the Limit? An Analysis of High-Rise Office Buildings
    by Hans R. A. Koster & Piet Rietveld & Jos N. van Ommerren

  • 2011 The ownership of industrial land in Russian cities : Explaining patterns of privatization across regions and firms
    by Pyle, William

  • 2011 The Effective Municipal Property Management In South-East European Cities - Recording Issues.The Case Of Bucharest Municipality

  • 2011 The Property Market In Poland As An Area Of Investment Activity Of Foreigners
    by Dorota Sobol

  • 2011 The Lease – An Alternative for Funding Investments in Real Estate
    by Yordanka Yovkova

  • 2011 Modeling House Pricing in the Real Estate Market of São Paulo City
    by Denisard Cneio de Oliveira Alves & Joe Akira Yoshino & Paula Carvalho Pereda & Carla Jucá Amrein

  • 2010 How polycentric is a monocentric city? The role of agglomeration economies
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2010 The Link between the Office Market and Labour Market in Germany
    by Voigtländer, Michael

  • 2010 Policies to Enhance the Physical Urban Environment for Competitiveness: A New Partnership between Public and Private Sectors
    by Tetsuya Shimomura & Tadashi Matsumoto

  • 2010 Bedrock Depth and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890-1915
    by Jason Barr & Troy Tassier & Rossen Trendafilov

  • 2010 How Polycentric is a Monocentric City? The Role of Agglomeration Economies
    by Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt & Nicolai Wendland

  • 2010 Indian Handicrafts in Globalization Times: An analysis of Global-Local Dynamics
    by Pradeep Kumar Jena

  • 2009 Bedrock Depth and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890-1915
    by Jason Barr & Troy Tassier & Rossen Trendafilov

  • 2009 An Investigation of the Effect of Eco-Labeling on Office Occupancy Rates
    by Franz Fuerst & Patrick McAllister

  • 2009 New Evidence on the Green Building Rent and Price Premium
    by Franz Fuerst & Patrick McAllister

  • 2009 Style Analysis in Real Estate Markets: Beyond the Sectors and Regions Dichotomy
    by Franz Fuerst & Gianluca Marcato

  • 2009 Monetary Policy, Term Structure and Asset Return: Comparing REIT, Housing and Stock
    by Chang, Kuang-Liang & Chen, Nan-Kuang & Leung, Charles Ka Yui

  • 2009 An Investigation of the Effect of Eco-Labeling on Office Occupancy Rates
    by Fuerst, Franz & McAllister, Patrick

  • 2009 Iowa’s Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District Tax Credit Program Evaluation Study
    by Jin, Zhong & Michael, Lipsman

  • 2009 Value Capture for Transportation Finance
    by Zhirong (Jerry) Zhao & Michael Iacono & David Levinson

  • 2009 Financing transportation with land value taxes: Effects on development intensity
    by Jason Junge & David Levinson

  • 2009 A Spatial and Temporal Autoregressive Local Estimation for the Paris Housing Market
    by Nappi-Choulet, Ingrid & Maury, Tristan-Pierre

  • 2009 The Branding Potential Of Bucharest. Strategy And Success Factors
    by Ruxandra Irina POPESCU

  • 2008 A Regional Examination of Foreclosures
    by Russell Kashian & David Welsch

  • 2008 Skyscraper Height
    by Jason Barr

  • 2008 Office Rent Determinants: a Hedonic Panel Analysis
    by Franz Fuerst

  • 2008 Green Noise or Green Value? Measuring the Price Effects of Environmental Certification in Commercial Buildings
    by Franz Fuerst & Patrick McAllister

  • 2008 Asymmetric Space Market Adjustment in the London Office Market
    by Patric Hendershott & Colin Lizieri & Bryan MacGregor

  • 2008 International Financial Centres, Office Market Rents and Volatility
    by Colin Lizieri

  • 2008 Spatial Determinants of CBD Emergence: A Micro-level Case Study on Berlin∗
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendlan, Nicolai

  • 2008 Green Noise or Green Value? Measuring the Price Effects of Environmental Certification in Commercial Buildings
    by Fuerst, Franz & McAllister, Patrick

  • 2008 Fifty Years of Urban Accessibility: The Impact of Urban Railway Network on the Land Gradient in Industrializing Berlin
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Nicolai Wendland

  • 2008 Time Sharing at Leisure Facility Centres: Analysis of Sales Performance Indicators
    by Rajagopal

  • 2008 A Spatiotemporal Autoregressive Price Index for the Paris Office Property Market
    by Nappi-Choulet, Ingrid & Maury, Tristan-Pierre

  • 2008 The real estate risk premium : A developed/emerging country panel data analysis
    by John-John, D’ARGENSIO & Frederic, LAURIN

  • 2008 The real estate risk premium: A developed/emerging country panel data analysis
    by D’ARGENSIO, John-John & LAURIN, Frédéric

  • 2008 Bank lending effect on German commercial property prices
    by Gruber, Johannes & Lee, Gabriel

  • 2008 Local development and competitive soccer teams location. The Portuguese case
    by Mourão, Paulo Reis

  • 2008 Financial Crisis on Czech Real Estate Market
    by Martin Makovec

  • 2007 Skyscrapers and the Skyline: Manhattan, 1895-2004
    by Jason Barr

  • 2007 Office Rent Determinants: A Hedonic Panel Analysis
    by Fuerst, Franz

  • 2006 Is the Compensation Model for Real Estate Brokers Obsolete?
    by Thomas J. Miceli & Katherine A. Pancak & C. F. Sirmans

  • 2006 Environmental Liability and Redevelopment of Old Industrial Land
    by Hilary Sigman

  • 2006 Predictable or Not? Forecasting Office Markets with a Simultaneous Equation Approach
    by Fuerst, Franz

  • 2006 The Aftermath of the 9/11 Attack in the New York City Office Market: A Review of Key Figures and Developments
    by Fuerst, Franz

  • 2006 The importance of the regional development on the location of professional soccer teams. The Portuguese case 1970-1999
    by Paulo Reis Mourão

  • 2006 Is Terrorism Eroding Agglomeration Economies in Central Business Districts? Lessons from the Office Real Estate Market in Downtown Chicago
    by Alberto Abadie & Sofia Dermisi

  • 2006 Efectos Ambientales y Socieconómicos de los Procesos Productivos del Café y del Banano: Una Mirada Multifactorial
    by José Alfredo Vásquez & Marleny Cardona A & Luz Dinora Vera & Alejandra García, German Escobar, Juan David Ortíz

  • 2005 What are the Effects of Contamination Risks on Commercial and Industrial Properties? Evidence from Baltimore, Maryland
    by Alberto Longo & Anna Alberini

  • 2005 Suggested vs. Actual Institutional Allocattion to Real Estate in Europe: A Matter of Size
    by Martin Hoesli & Jon Lekander

  • 2004 Effects of Zoning on Residential Option Value
    by Jonathan Young

  • 2004 Rooms of One’s Own: Gender, Race and Home Ownership as Wealth Accumulation in the United States
    by Sedo, Stanley A. & Kossoudji, Sherrie

  • 2004 Rooms of One’s Own: Gender, Race and Home Ownership as Wealth Accumulation in the United States
    by Sedo, Stanley A. & Kossoudji, Sherrie A.

  • 2004 Migração Inter-Regional No Brasil: Evidências A Partir De Um Modelo Espacial
    by Wellington Ribeiro Justo & Raul da Mota Silveira Neto

  • 2003 Determinants of Cross-Sectional Variation in Discount Rates, Growth Rates, and Exit Cap Rates

  • 2003 Trends and Spectral Response: An Examination of the US Realty Market
    by Patrick Wilson & Ralf Zurbruegg

  • 2002 Implicit Forward Rents as Predictors of Future Rents

  • 2002 Do high technology agglomerations encourage urban sprawl?
    by Daniel Felsenstein

  • 2002 Developments in Land Prices and Bank Lending in Interwar Japan: Effects of the Real Estate Finance Problem on the Banking Industry
    by Nanjo, Takashi

  • 2002 The Impact of Noosa National Park on Surrounding Property Values: An Application of the Hedonic Price Method
    by Pearson, L. J. & Tisdell, C. & Lisle, A. T.

  • 2001 Rent stabilization and the long-run supply of housing
    by Alastair McFarlane

  • 2000 Spatial planning of industrial sites in Europe : a benchmark approach to competitiveness analysis
    by Bruinsma, Frank & Nijkamp, Peter & Vreeker, Ron

  • 1999 Poverty, Tenure Security and Access to Land in Central Uganda: The Role of Market and Non-Market Processes
    by Baland, J.M. & Gaspart, F. & Place, F. & Platteau, J.P.

  • 1999 Poverty, Tenure Security and Access to Land in Central Uganda: The Role of Market and Non-Market Processes
    by Baland, J.M. & Gaspart, F. & Place, F. & Platteau, J.P.

  • 1999 Global Real Estate Markets: Cycles And Fundamentals
    by William N. Goetzmann & Bradford Case & K. Geert Rouwenhorst

  • 1998 Environmental Quality Perceptions of Urban Commercial Real Estate
    by Bender, A. & Din, A. & Hoesli, M. & Laakso, J.

  • 1998 A survey of methods for sustainable city planning and cultural heritage management
    by Nijkamp, Peter & Bal, Frans & Medda, Francesca

  • 1998 Land Prices in Finland - Information System and Price Developments
    by Heikki A. Loikkanen & Samu Kurri & Seppo Laakso

  • 1997 Waterfront revitalization projects: a comparative study of London Docklands and Yokohama Minato Mirai 21
    by Medda, Francesca & Nijkamp, Peter

  • 1997 Las repercusiones de la reforma del suelo en el mercado de la CAPV
    by Javier Olaverri

  • 1997 La regulación legal del mercado del suelo
    by Tomás-Ramón Fernández

  • 1996 Land Values, Speculation, and Land Taxation in Rapid Developing Countries
    by Riew, J.

  • 1996 "Location, Location, Location!" The Market for Vacant Urban Land: New York 1835-1900
    by Jeremy Atack & Robert A. Margo

  • 1994 Bubbles in Metropolitan Housing Markets
    by Jesse M. Abraham & Patric H. Hendershott

  • 1993 Land and Stock Prices in Japan
    by Douglas Stone & William T. Ziemba

  • 1989 A model of land value in the urban metropolitan area of Merida
    by Lina Vecchione de Ochoa

  • Suburban hotels and the atomization of tourist space in large cities: the case of Rome
    by Filippo Celata

  • Re-thinking Commercial Real Estate Market Segmentation
    by Franz Fuerst & Gianluca Marcato

  • Transaction-Based and Appraisal-Based Capitalization Rate Determinants
    by Alain Chaney & Martin Hoesli

  • The Effect of Lock-Ups on the Suggested Real Estate Portfolio Weight
    by Martin Hoesli & Eva Liljeblom & Anders Löflund

  • Are REITs Real Estate? Evidence from International Sector Level Data
    by Martin Hoesli & Elias Oikarinen

  • Global Securitized Real Estate Benchmarks and Performance
    by Camilo SERRANO & Martin HOESLI

  • The Inflation Hedging Characteristics of US and UK Investments: A Multifactor Error Correction Approach
    by Martin Hoesli & Colin Lizieri & Bryan MacGregor

  • This information is provided to you by IDEAS at the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis using RePEc data.