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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F0: General
/ / / F00: General
/ / / F01: Global Outlook
/ / / F02: International Economic Order and Integration

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  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 International Currency Exposure

  • 2017 Mittelstandsfinanzierung: Rahmenbedingungen, Status Quo und Entwicklung
    by Daube, Carl Heinz & Dobernig, Harald & Becker, Marco & Peskes, Markus

  • 2017 How Do Workers' Remittances Respond to Lending Rates?
    by Gazi M. Hassan & Mark J. Holmes

  • 2017 International spillovers and local credit cycles
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Julian di Giovanni & Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan & Mehmet Fatih Ulu

  • 2017 Capital flows and the international credit channel
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Julian di Giovanni & Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan & José-Luis Peydró & Mehmet Fatih Ulu

  • 2017 Does Clower’s Dual-Decision Hypothesis lead to the change in saving conclusion in Keynes’s General Theory?
    by Wu, Cheng

  • 2017 Les déterminants du misalignement du taux de change réel : Analyse empirique pour le cas de la région MENA
    by Slimani, Slah & Ben allem, Khaoula

  • 2017 The Three-Way Linkages between Export, Import and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef

  • 2017 The Impact of Domestic Investment in the Industrial Sector on Economic Growth with Partial Openness: Evidence from Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef & Mabrouki, Mohamed & elmakki, asma

  • 2017 Impact of the Presence of Foreign Missions on Trade: Evidence from Turkey
    by Bagir, Yusuf

  • 2017 The Impact of Vegetables Exports on Economic Growth in Tunisia
    by Bakari, Sayef

  • 2017 Assessing marginal, threshold and net effects of financial globalisation on financial development in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice

  • 2017 Indonesia towards 2030 and beyond: A Long-Run International Trade Foresight
    by Verico, Kiki

  • 2017 The impact of “anti-political” parties after the restoration of democracy in Greece and the challenge of confronting the crisi
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Tzagarakis, Stelios

  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance of Wct Holding Berhad
    by Othaman, Ridhuan

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance in Bertam Alliance Berhad
    by Ramlan, Nur Hu Yani

  • 2017 Cognitive abilities and sustainable development: a global analysis
    by Solieva, Mastura

  • 2017 Government size, intelligence and life satisfaction
    by Salahodjaev, Raufhon

  • 2017 Cognitive abilities, institutions and software piracy: a note
    by Odilova, Shoirahon

  • 2017 Assessment of Commerce Potency on Economic Growth in Italy: Empirical Analysis
    by Bakari, Sayef & Saaidia, Fatma

  • 2017 Income Mobility, Income Risk and Welfare
    by Tom Krebs & Pravin Krishna & William F. Maloney

  • 2017 When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality
    by SeHyoun Ahn & Greg Kaplan & Benjamin Moll & Thomas Winberry & Christian Wolf

  • 2017 Tradability and the Labor-Market Impact of Immigration: Theory and Evidence from the U.S
    by Ariel Burstein & Gordon Hanson & Lin Tian & Jonathan Vogel

  • 2017 China's GDP Growth May be Understated
    by Hunter Clark & Maxim Pinkovskiy & Xavier Sala-i-Martin

  • 2017 Aftershocks of Monetary Unification: Hysteresis with a Financial Twist
    by Tamim Bayoumi & Barry Eichengreen

  • 2017 Rethinking Detroit
    by Raymond Owens III & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg & Pierre-Daniel Sarte

  • 2017 Israel’s Triumph over Inflation: The Long and Winding Road
    by Assaf Razin

  • 2017 The fallacy of the globalization trilemma: reframing the political economy ofglobalization and implications for democracy
    by Thomas I. Palley

  • 2017 Rethinking Detroit
    by Owens, Raymond E. & Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban & Sarte, Pierre-Daniel G.

  • 2017 International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles
    by Baskaya, Yusuf Soner & di Giovanni, Julian & Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem & Ulu, Mehmet Fatih

  • 2017 Capital Flows and the International Credit Channel
    by Baskaya, Yusuf Soner & di Giovanni, Julian & Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem & Peydró, José Luis & Ulu, Mehmet Fatih

  • 2017 International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Julian di Giovanni & Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan & Mehmet Fatih Ulu

  • 2017 Capital Flows and the International Credit Channel
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Julian di Giovanni & Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan & José-Luis Peydró & Mehmet Fatih Ulu

  • 2017 The Effect Of Cultural Integration On Financial Performance Post-Merger
    by Rishma Vedd & David Liu

  • 2017 “Conditional PPP” and real exchange rate convergence in the euro area
    by Bergin, Paul R. & Glick, Reuven & Wu, Jyh-Lin

  • 2017 Capital flows and the international credit channel
    by Baskaya, Yusuf Soner & di Giovanni, Julian & Kalemli-Özcan, Şebnem & Peydro, José-Luis & Ulu, Mehmet Fatih

  • 2017 The evolution and future of the BRICS: Unbundling politics from economics
    by Shahrokhi, Manuchehr & Cheng, Huifang & Dandapani, Krishnan & Figueiredo, Antonio & Parhizgari, Ali M. & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2017 Investigation the Links between Foreign Investment, Economic Growth and Energy Usage: Organization of the Islamic Conference Countries
    by Asma Gamoori & Alireza Jorjorzadeh & Fatemeh Mehrabani

  • 2017 Introduction of Nodal Pricing into the new Mexican Electricity Market through FTR Allocations
    by Friedrich Kunz, Juan Rosellón, and Claudia Kemfert

  • 2017 How do Price Caps in Chinas Electricity Sector Impact the Economics of Coal, Power and Wind? Potential Gains from Reforms
    by Bertrand Rioux, Philipp Galkin, Frederic Murphy, and Axel Pierru

  • 2017 Pricing Electricity and Supporting Renewables in Heavily Energy Subsidized Economies
    by David M. Newbery

  • 2017 Auction Schemes, Bidding Strategies and the Cost-Optimal Level of Promoting Renewable Electricity in Germany
    by Andreas Voss and Reinhard Madlener

  • 2017 Germanys Energiewende: A Tale of Increasing Costs and Decreasing Willingness-To-Pay
    by Mark A. Andor, Manuel Frondel, and Colin Vance

  • 2017 The Environmental Cost of Global Fuel Subsidies
    by Lucas W. Davis

  • 2017 Inventory and Distribution of Energy Subsidies of China
    by Zhan-Ming Chen

  • 2017 Crediting Wind and Solar Renewables in Electricity Capacity Markets: The Effects of Alternative Definitions upon Market Efficiency
    by Cynthia Bothwell and Benjamin F. Hobbs

  • 2017 Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy Production in Germany
    by Christoph Böhringer, Florian Landis, and Miguel Angel Tovar Reaños

  • 2017 Oil Subsidies and Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia: A General Equilibrium Approach
    by Jorge Blazquez, Lester C Hunt, and Baltasar Manzano

  • 2017 Analyzing the Effects of Renewable Energy and Climate Conditions on Consumer Welfare
    by Tarek Atalla, Simona Bigerna, Carlo Andrea Bollino, and Rolando Fuentes

  • 2017 Comparing Renewable Energy Policies in EU-15, U.S. and China: A Bayesian DSGE Model
    by Amedeo Argentiero, Tarek Atalla, Simona Bigerna, Silvia Micheli, and Paolo Polinori

  • 2017 Competition in Electricity Markets with Renewable Energy Sources
    by Daron Acemoglu, Ali Kakhbod, and Asuman Ozdaglar

  • 2017 Why Consumers Switch Energy Suppliers: The Role of Individual Attitudes
    by Xiaoping He & David Reiner

  • 2017 Geospatial, Temporal and Economic Analysis of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure: The case of freight and U.S. natural gas markets
    by Yueyue Fan & Allen Lee & Nathan Parker & Daniel Scheitrum & Rosa Dominguez-Faus & Amy Myers Jaffe & Kenneth Medlock III

  • 2017 Inter-temporal R&D and capital investment portfolios for the electricity industrys low carbon future
    by Nidhi R. Santen & Mort D. Webster & David Popp & Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga

  • 2017 The Effect of Information on TOU Electricity Use: an Irish residential study
    by Shirley Pon

  • 2017 Remuneration of Flexibility using Operating Reserve Demand Curves: A Case Study of Belgium
    by Anthony Papavasiliou & Yves Smeers

  • 2017 Cost, Contractors and Scale: An Empirical Analysis of the California Solar Market
    by Johannes Mauritzen

  • 2017 Fossil Fuel Price Shocks and CO2 Emissions: The Case of Spain
    by Jorge Blazquez & Jose Maria Martin-Moreno & Rafaela Perez & Jesus Ruiz

  • 2017 The Impact of the Fracking Boom on Arab Oil Producers
    by Lutz Kilian

  • 2017 Fuel Prices and Station Heterogeneity on Retail Gasoline Markets
    by Justus Haucap & Ulrich Heimeshoff & Manuel Siekmann

  • 2017 Achieving the Clean Power Plan 2030 CO2 Target with the New Normal in Natural Gas Prices
    by Jeffrey C. Peters & Thomas W. Hertel

  • 2017 Optimization of Time-Varying Electricity Rates
    by Jacob Mays & Diego Klabjan

  • 2017 A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach for Estimating Energy Demand and Efficiency in the Transport Sector of Latin America and the Caribbean
    by Manuel Llorca & José Baños & José Somoza & Pelayo Arbués

  • 2017 Yardstick Regulation of Electricity Distribution Disentangling Short-run and Long-run Inefficiencies
    by Subal C. Kumbhakar & Gudbrand Lien

  • 2017 The relevance of grid expansion under zonal markets
    by Joachim Bertsch, & Tom Brown & Simeon Hagspiel & Lisa Just

  • 2017 Policy-Induced Expansion of Solar and Wind Power Capacity: Economic Growth and Employment in EU Countries
    by Jurate Jaraite & Amin Karimu & Andrius Kazukauskas

  • 2017 The Historical Roots of U.S. Energy Price Shocks
    by Hillard G. Huntington

  • 2017 Space-time modeling of electricity spot prices
    by Girum Dagnachew Abate & Niels Haldrup

  • 2017 Speculation in Commodity Futures Markets, Inventories and the Price of Crude Oil
    by Sung Je Byun

  • 2017 Green Inventions: Is Wait-and-see a Reasonable Option?
    by Tobias Stucki & Martin Woerter

  • 2017 An Econometric Assessment of Electricity Demand in the United States Using Utility-specific Panel Data and the Impact of Retail Competition on Prices
    by Agustin J. Ros

  • 2017 Energy Efficiency Premiums in Unlabeled Office Buildings
    by Maya Papineau

  • 2017 Self-Generation and Households' Willingness to Pay for Reliable Electricity Service in Nigeria
    by Musiliu O. Oseni

  • 2017 Regulating Heterogeneous Utilities: A New Latent Class Approach with Application to the Norwegian Electricity Distribution Networks
    by Luis Orea & Tooraj Jamasb

  • 2017 Inequality in Energy Intensity in the EU-28: Evidence from a New Decomposition Method
    by Luigi Grossi & Mauro Mussini

  • 2017 Cooperation on Climate Change under Economic Linkages: How the Inclusion of Macroeconomic Effects Affects Stability of a Global Climate Coalition
    by Jan Kersting & Vicki Duscha & Matthias Weitzel

  • 2017 The Effect of Transmission Constraints on Electricity Prices
    by Adam E. Clements & A. Stan Hurn & Zili Li

  • 2017 Polypropylene Price Dynamics: Input Costs or Downstream Demand?
    by Lurion M. De Mello & Ronald D. Ripple

  • 2017 Energy Affordability and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence for European Countries
    by Heinz Welsch & Philipp Biermann

  • 2017 Electricity Sector Performance: A Panel Threshold Analysis
    by Michael L. Polemis & Thanasis Stengos

  • 2017 Deregulation and Investment in Generation Capacity: Evidence from Nuclear Power Uprates in the United States
    by Zhen Lei & Chen-Hao Tsai & Andrew N. Kleit

  • 2017 Improved Regulatory Approaches for the Remuneration of Electricity Distribution Utilities with High Penetrations of Distributed Energy Resources
    by Jesse D. Jenkins & Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga

  • 2017 A Quarter Century Effort Yet to Come of Age: A Survey of Electricity Sector Reform in Developing Countries
    by Tooraj Jamasb & Rabindra Nepal & Govinda R. Timilsina

  • 2017 The Valley of Death for New Energy Technologies
    by Peter R. Hartley & Kenneth B. Medlock III

  • 2017 Managing Energy Price Risk using Futures Contracts: A Comparative Analysis
    by Jim Hanly

  • 2017 Designing Compensation for Distributed Solar Generation: Is Net Metering Ever Optimal?
    by David P. Brown & David E. M. Sappington

  • 2017 Spatial Dependence in State Renewable Policy: Effects of Renewable Portfolio Standards on Renewable Generation within NERC Regions
    by Eric Bowen & Donald J. Lacombe

  • 2017 Is Productivity Growth in Electricity Distribution Negative? An Empirical Analysis Using Ontario Data
    by Dimitri Dimitropoulos and Adonis Yatchew

  • 2017 The Impact of Liberalization and Environmental Policy on the Financial Returns of European Energy Utilities
    by Daniel J. Tulloch, Ivan Diaz-Rainey, and I.M. Premachandra

  • 2017 Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil Price
    by Frank Asche, Atle Oglend, and Petter Osmundsen

  • 2017 Integration in Gasoline and Ethanol Markets in Brazil over Time and Space under the Flex-fuel Technology
    by Hector M. Nuñez and Jesús Otero

  • 2017 The Impact of Regulation on a Firm's Incentives to Invest in Emergent Smart Grid Technologies
    by Paulo Moisés Costa, Nuno Bento and Vítor Marques

  • 2017 Investment vs. Refurbishment: Examining Capacity Payment Mechanisms Using Stochastic Mixed Complementarity Problems
    by Muireann A. Lynch and Mel T. Devine

  • 2017 The Role of Continuous Intraday Electricity Markets: The Integration of Large-Share Wind Power Generation in Denmark
    by Fatih Karanfil and Yuanjing Li

  • 2017 Specifying An Efficient Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff
    by Niall Farrell, Mel T. Devine, William T. Lee, James P. Gleeson, and Sean Lyons

  • 2017 Fundamental and Financial Influences on the Co-movement of Oil and Gas Prices
    by Derek Bunn, Julien Chevallier, Yannick Le Pen, and Benoit Sevi

  • 2017 Should Developing Countries Constrain Resource-Income Spending? A Quantitative Analysis of Oil Income in Uganda
    by John Hassler, Per Krusell, Abdulaziz B. Shifa, and Daniel Spiro

  • 2017 Electricity Supply Interruptions: Sectoral Interdependencies and the Cost of Energy Not Served for the Scottish Economy
    by Rahmatallah Poudineh and Tooraj Jamasb

  • 2017 Nuclear Phase-out Under Stringent Climate Policies: A Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis
    by Lucas Bretschger and Lin Zhang

  • 2017 Welfare Effects of Nonlinear Electricity Pricing
    by Jung S. You and So Yeong Lim

  • 2017 Climate policies in a fossil fuel producing country demand versus supply side policies
    by Taran Fæhn, Cathrine Hagem, Lars Lindholt, Ståle Mæland, and Knut Einar Rosendahl

  • 2017 Price Responsiveness in Electricity Markets: Implications for Demand Response in the Midwest
    by Derya Eryilmaz, Timothy M. Smith, and Frances R. Homans

  • 2017 The CO 2 Content of Consumption Across U.S. Regions: A Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) Approach
    by Justin Caron, Gilbert E. Metcalf, and John Reilly

  • 2017 Global LNG Pricing Terms and Revisions: An Empirical Analysis
    by Mark Agerton

  • 2017 Carbon Leakage and Competitiveness of Cement and Steel Industries Under the EU ETS: Much Ado About Nothing
    by Frédéric Branger, Philippe Quirion, Julien Chevallier

  • 2017 Lessons learned from Chinas regional carbon market pilots
    by Junjie Zhang & Zhenxuan Wang & Xinming Du

  • 2017 Interactions between Market Reform and a Carbon Price in Chinas Power Sector
    by Fei Teng & Frank Jotzo & Xin Wang

  • 2017 The Future of Russian Gas Exports
    by Finn Roar Aune & Rolf Golombek & Arild Moe & Knut Einar Rosendahl & Hilde Hallre Le Tissier

  • 2017 Influence of Climate Policy and Market Forces on Coal-fired Power Plants: Evidence on the Dutch market over 2006-2014
    by Machiel Mulder & Melboy Pangan

  • 2017 Incentivizing firm compliance with Chinas national emissions trading system
    by Valerie J. Karplus & Xiliang Zhang

  • 2017 Chinas National Carbon Dioxide Emission Trading System: An Introduction
    by Lawrence H. Goulder & Richard D. Morgenstern & Clayton Munnings & Jeremy Schreifels

  • 2017 Key issues in designing Chinas national carbon emissions trading system
    by Maosheng Duan & Li Zhou

  • 2017 Prosumage of solar electricity: pros, cons, and the system perspective
    by Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn, and Friedrich Kunz

  • 2017 A regulatory framework for an evolving electricity sector: Highlights of the MIT utility of the future study
    by Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga, Jesse D. Jenkins, and Carlos Batlle

  • 2017 Performance Incentives in Capacity Mechanisms: Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Evidence
    by Paolo Mastropietro, Pablo Rodilla and Carlos Batlle

  • 2017 Consumers or prosumers, customers or competitors? - Some Australian perspectives on possible energy users of the future
    by Iain MacGill and Robert Smith

  • 2017 Climate Policy with the Chequebook An Economic Analysis of Climate Investment Support
    by Karol Kempa and Ulf Moslener

  • 2017 Prosumage and the future regulation of utilities: An introduction
    by Christian Von Hirschhausen

  • 2017 An Option Analysis of the European Union Renewable Energy Support Mechanisms
    by Laura N. Haar and Lawrence Haar

  • 2017 Prosumage and the British Electricity Market
    by Richard Green and Iain Staffell

  • 2016 Weak and Strong Cross-Sectional Dependence: a Panel Data Analysis of International Technology Diffusion
    by Antonio Musolesi & Cem Ertur

  • 2016 Optimal Monetary Policy in the Presence of Sizable Informal Sector and Firm Level Credit Constraint
    by Waqas Ahmed & Sajawal Khan & Muhammad Rehman

  • 2016 Regulative mechanism of integrative unity “Eurasian Economic Union”: problems and prospects
    by Alexey Tenetko

  • 2016 Place and role of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the regulative mechanism “Eurasian Economic Union”
    by Alexey Tenetko

  • 2016 Offshoring R&D
    by Tuhkuri, Joonas & Lööf, Hans & Mohammadi, Ali & Rouvinen, Petri

  • 2016 The relationship between Export, Import, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth in Egypt: Empirical Analysis
    by Bakari, Sayef

  • 2016 La Relation entre la Croissance Economique, les Exportations et les Importations en Maroc : Une Validation Empirique Basée sur des Techniques de Modélisation VAR et de Causalité au Sens de Granger
    by Bakari, Sayef & MABROUKI, Mohamed

  • 2016 An Empirical Analysis of the Structure of Imports in Sub-Sahara Africa
    by AYODOTUN, Ayorinde & FARAYIBI, Adesoji

  • 2016 International tax planning by multinationals: Simulating a tax-minimising intercompany response to the OECD's recommendation on BEPS Action 4
    by Kayis-Kumar, Ann

  • 2016 About Political Change in Greece
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Tzagarakis, Stelios

  • 2016 Do international migration and remittances reduce poverty in developing countries?
    by Siddique, Hafiz Muhammad Abubakar & Shehzadi, Iram & Manzoor, Muhammad Rizwan & Majeed, Muhammad Tariq

  • 2016 IPR protection, intelligence and economic growth: a cross-country empirical investigation
    by Odilova, Shoirahon & Xiaomin, Gu

  • 2016 Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
    by Liew, Siew-Ling

  • 2016 Review on Determinants of Capital Flight
    by Liew, Siew-Ling

  • 2016 The Foreign Policy of a Democratic Socialist Regime: From Intervention to Protection to Warfare
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory: Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Wu, Cheng

  • 2016 TFP and Intelligence: a cross-national empirical evidence
    by Evgeniya, Gorlova

  • 2016 Digital DNA of economy of scale and scope
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 Migration as Subtle Catalyst: Institution Building in India
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2016 Understanding Inflation in India
    by Laurence Ball & Anusha Chari & Prachi Mishra

  • 2016 How Large Are the Gains from Economic Integration? Theory and Evidence from U.S. Agriculture, 1880-1997
    by Arnaud Costinot & Dave Donaldson

  • 2016 Dominant Currency Paradigm
    by Camila Casas & Federico J. Díez & Gita Gopinath & Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

  • 2016 Will the Paris Accord Accelerate Climate Change?
    by Laurence J. Kotlikoff & Andrey Polbin & Andrey Zubarev

  • 2016 Better, Faster, Stronger: Global Innovation and Trade Liberalization
    by Federica Coelli & Andreas Moxnes & Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

  • 2016 Sovereign Risk and Bank Lending: Evidence from 1999 Turkish Earthquake
    by Yusuf Soner Baskaya & Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

  • 2016 Emergence of Asia: Reforms, Corporate Savings, and Global Imbalances
    by Jingting Fan & Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

  • 2016 What Makes US Government Bonds Safe Assets?
    by Zhiguo He & Arvind Krishnamurthy & Konstantin Milbradt

  • 2016 Conditional PPP and Real Exchange Rate Convergence in the Euro Area
    by Paul R. Bergin & Reuven Glick & Jyh-Lin Wu

  • 2016 Winners and Losers in International Trade: The Effects on U.S. Presidential Voting
    by J. Bradford Jensen & Dennis P. Quinn & Stephen Weymouth

  • 2016 The IMF failure that wasn’t: tournaments of conditionality and strategic ignorance during the european debt crisis
    by Penet, Pierre

  • 2016 Better, Faster, Stronger: Global Innovation and Trade Liberalization
    by Coelli, Federica & Moxnes, Andreas & Ulltveit-Moe, Karen-Helene

  • 2016 Israel and the 1990-2015 Global Developments: Riding with the Global Flows and Weathering the Storms
    by Razin, Assaf & Rosefielde, Steven

  • 2016 Foreign direct investment, competition and industrial development in the host country
    by Salvador Barrios & Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Multinational companies and indigenous development: An empirical analysis
    by Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Multinational Companies, Technology Spillovers and Plant Survival
    by Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Suppliers of multinationals and the forced linkage effect: Evidence from firm level data
    by Olivier N. Godart & Holger Görg

  • 2016 Creating Backward Linkages from Multinationals: Is there a Role for Financial Incentives?
    by Holger Görg & Aoife Hanley & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Spillovers from Foreign Firms through Worker Mobility: An Empirical Investigation
    by Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Estimating direct and indirect effects of foreign direct investment on firm productivity in the presence of interactions between firms
    by Sourafel Girma & Yundan Gong & Holger Görg & Sandra Lancheros

  • 2016 Spillovers through backward linkages from multinationals: Measurement matters!
    by Salvador Barrios & Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Exporting, linkages and productivity spillovers from foreign direct investment
    by Sourafel Girma & Holger Görg & Mauro Pisu

  • 2016 Much Ado about Nothing? Do Domestic Firms Really Benefit from Foreign Direct Investment?
    by Holger Görg & David Greenaway

  • 2016 Multinational Companies And Productivity Spillovers: A Meta-Analysis
    by Holger Görg & Eric Strobl

  • 2016 Foreign acquisition, plant survival, and employment growth
    by Roger Bandick & Holger Görg

  • 2016 ‘Footloose’ Multinationals?

  • 2016 Foreign Direct Investment, Access to Finance, and Innovation Activity in Chinese Enterprises
    by Sourafel Girma & Yundan Gong & Holger Görg

  • 2016 Foreign Acquisitions, Domestic Multinationals, and R&D
    by Roger Bandick & Holger Görg & Patrik Karpaty

  • 2016 Why Do Foreign-Owned Firms Pay More? The Role of On-the-Job Training
    by Holger Görg & Eric Strobl & Frank Walsh

  • 2016 Evaluating the foreign ownership wage premium using a difference-in-differences matching approach
    by Sourafel Girma & Holger Görg

  • 2016 Multinationals’ Productivity Advantage: Scale Or Technology?

  • 2016 Indonesia: Growth and Stability in a Global Economy
    by Lakshmi Iyer & David Lane

  • 2016 India: The Challenges of Governance
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Richard H. K. Vietor

  • 2016 The World Bank in 2012: Choosing a Leader
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Ian Mckown Cornell

  • 2016 Indonesia's OJK: Building Financial Stability
    by Lakshmi Iyer & David Lane

  • 2016 Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property (B)
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Namrata Arora

  • 2016 Hollywood in India: Protecting Intellectual Property (A)
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Namrata Arora

  • 2016 Dhārāvi: Developing Asia's Largest Slum (B)
    by Lakshmi Iyer & John Macomber

  • 2016 Dhārāvi: Developing Asia's Largest Slum (A)
    by Lakshmi Iyer & John Macomber & Namrata Arora

  • 2016 Urbanizing China
    by Lakshmi Iyer & G. A. Donovan

  • 2016 Land Acquisition in India: Public Purpose and Private Property (C)
    by Laura Alfaro & Lakshmi Iyer & Rachna Tahilyani

  • 2016 Tata Motors in Singur: Public Purpose and Private Property (B)
    by Laura Alfaro & Lakshmi Iyer & Namrata Arora

  • 2016 Special Economic Zones in India: Public Purpose and Private Property (A)
    by Laura Alfaro & Lakshmi Iyer

  • 2016 Unilateralism in Trade Policy: A Survey of Alternative Political-Economy Approaches

  • 2016 Protection Versus Promotion: An Empirical Investigation

  • 2016 On The Endogenous Choice Between Protection And Promotion

  • 2016 Can we obtain realistic parameter estimates for the ‘protection for sale’ model?
    by Devashish Mitra & Dimitrios D. Thomakos & Mehmet Ulubaşoğlu

  • 2016 “Protection For Sale” In A Developing Country: Democracy Vs. Dictatorship
    by Devashish Mitra & Dimitrios D. Thomakos & Mehmet A. Ulubaşoğlu

  • 2016 Reciprocated unilateralism in trade reforms with majority voting
    by Pravin Krishna & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Impacts of Ideology, Inequality, Lobbying, and Public Finance
    by Pushan Dutt & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Labor versus capital in trade-policy: The role of ideology and inequality
    by Pushan Dutt & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Political Ideology And Endogenous Trade Policy: An Empirical Investigation
    by Pushan Dutt & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Endogenous trade policy through majority voting: an empirical investigation
    by Pushan Dutt & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Reciprocated unilateralism in trade policy
    by Pravin Krishna & Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Endogenous Lobby Formation and Endogenous Protection: A Long-Run Model of Trade Policy Determination

  • 2016 Multinational Enterprises and Host Country Development
    by Holger Görg

  • 2016 Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance in Emerging Markets
    by Lakshmi Iyer

  • 2016 The Political Economy of Trade Policy:Theory, Evidence and Applications
    by Devashish Mitra

  • 2016 Financial frictions in Latvia
    by Ginters Buss

  • 2016 Political Risks of Western Companies in a Transforming Country. Evidence from Russia 2014
    by Ewa Martyna-David

  • 2016 The Seventh International Conference on Eurasian Economies (AVEKON 2016)
    by Mustafa Batuhan TUFANER

  • 2016 Institutions and Local Supplier Quality
    by Hasan Faruq & Michael Webb & David T Yi

  • 2016 Capital Account Liberalization, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Presence of Structural Breaks and Cross-Section Dependence
    by Hichem Saidi & Khaled Guesmi & Houssem Rachdi

  • 2016 Are investment promotion agencies doing the right thing? evidence from China
    by Bin Ni

  • 2016 Analyzing a Long-Run Relationship between Exports and Imports Revisited: Evidence from G-7 Countries
    by Jungho Baek

  • 2016 A note on implementing gravity datasets with abundant zeros
    by Jordi Paniagua

  • 2016 Estudio de la región Michoacana de Zamora como polo de competitividad internacional agrícola
    by América I. Zamora-Torres & Estefanía Riveros-Figueroa

  • 2016 ¿Hacia dónde va américa latina? El desarrollo desigual en la periferia globalizada
    by Andrés Wainer & Paula Belloni

  • 2016 Coordinating Cross-Country Congestion Management: Evidence from Central Europe
    by Friedrich Kunz and Alexander Zerrahn

  • 2016 Renewable Energy Support, Negative Prices, and Real-time Pricing
    by Michael Pahle, Wolf-Peter Schill, Christian Gambardella, and Oliver Tietjen

  • 2016 European Scenarios of CO2 Infrastructure Investment until 2050
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  • 2013 Supply Chains and Credit-Market Shocks : Some Implications for Emerging Markets
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  • 2013 Editorial
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