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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F0: General
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This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Forecasting Base Metal Prices with Commodity Currencies
    by Pincheira, Pablo & Hardy, Nicolas

  • 2017 Current Account Imbalances, Real Exchange Rates, and Nominal Exchange Rate Variability
    by Adnan Velic

  • 2017 The Contribution of Aboriginal People To Future Labour Force Growth In Canada
    by Don Drummond, Andrew Sharpe, Alexander Murray and Nicolas Mask

  • 2017 The Human Development Index In Canada: Ranking the Provinces and Territories Internationally, 2000-2015: An Update
    by James Uguccioni, Andrew Sharpe and Richard Beard

  • 2017 "The Quality Of The Ecosystem Of Start-Up Companies In Poland As A Factor Of Their Internationalization In The Global Network Economy Environment - Research Project. Goals, Assumptions And Researc Methods ?
    by Agnieszka Doma?ska & Anna Anetta Janowska & Konrad Kostrzewa & Rados?aw Malik

  • 2017 Corruption and Economic Development
    by Sule Akkoyunlu & Debora Ramella

  • 2017 Impact of the Presence of Foreign Missions on Trade: Evidence from Turkey
    by Bagir, Yusuf

  • 2017 Oil Prices and Informational Frictions: The Time-Varying Impact of Fundamentals and Expectations
    by Byrne, Joseph P & Lorusso, Marco & Xu, Bing

  • 2017 Utopian Left-Wing Expectations and the Social Consequences of the 3rd Memorandum in Greece
    by Kotroyannos, Dimitrios & Tzagarakis, Stelios & Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Kamekis, Apostolos

  • 2017 Firm Risk and Performance: The Role of Corporate Governance in Bertam Alliance Berhad
    by Ramlan, Nur Hu Yani

  • 2017 Cognitive abilities and sustainable development: a global analysis
    by Solieva, Mastura

  • 2017 Capital accumulation in the center and the periphery along the neoliberal period: A comparative analysis of the United States, Spain and Brazil
    by Juan Pablo Mateo

  • 2017 Distortions and the Structure of the World Economy
    by Lorenzo Caliendo & Fernando Parro & Aleh Tsyvinski

  • 2017 Gross Capital Flows by Banks, Corporates and Sovereigns
    by Stefan Avdjiev & Bryan Hardy & Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan & Luis Servén

  • 2017 Evaluating the Asian international input-output table in comparison with the three major multiregional input-output tables
    by Uchida, Yoko & Oyamada, Kazuhiko

  • 2017 Oil Prices and Informational Frictions: The Time-Varying Impact of Fundamentals and Expectations
    by Joseph P. Byrne & Marco Lorusso & Bing Xu

  • 2017 Propagation of Commodity Market Shocks
    by Annalisa Marini & Steve McCorriston

  • 2017 ¿Es el mercado de metales eficiente?
    by Diana Carolina Osorio & Luis Eduardo Giron & Lya Paola Sierra

  • 2017 Foreign Financial Deregulation under Flexible and Fixed Exchange Rates
    by Paul J.J. Welfens

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Economics

  • 2017 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Proceedings in Polish

  • 2017 9th International Conference on Applied Economics Contemporary Issues in Economy, Torun, Poland, 22-23 June 2017

  • 2017 Trade Openness and Industrial Growth: Evidence from Nigeria
    by Fahad Muhammad Adamu & Ergun Doğan

  • 2017 Interaction of Economic Freedom and Foreign Direct Investment Globally: Special Cases from Neglected Regions
    by Yhlas Sovbetov & Mohamed Moussa

  • 2017 Theories Regarding the Role of the Growth Poles in the European Economic Integration
    by Laurenţia Georgeta Avram & Viorica Filofteia Bragă

  • 2017 Contemporary approaches to measuring competitiveness – the case of EU member states
    by Alemka Šegota & Marko Tomljanović & Ivona Huđek

  • 2017 A Comparative Analysis in the Field of the Economic Exposure to Currency Risk
    by Belascu Lucian

  • 2017 The Relationship between Doing Business and Economic Freedom around the World in the Period 2014-2016
    by Grădinaru Cătălin & Toma Sorin-George

  • 2017 Julien Chaisse & Tsai-yu Lin (Eds.), International Economic Law and Governance: Essays in Honour of Mitsuo Matsushita
    by Debashis CHAKRABORTY

  • 2017 A globális és regionális integrálódás és a fenntartható gazdasági növekedés néhány kérdése a visegrádi országokban
    by Losoncz, Miklós

  • 2017 The effects of foreign aid on economic growth in developing countries
    by Masha Rahnama & Fadi Fawaz & Kaj Gittings

  • 2017 Export And Population Dynamics In The States Of Baja California, Mexico And California, United States, Exportacion Y Dinamica Poblacional En Los Estados De Baja California, Mexico Y California, Estados Unidos
    by Alberto Francisco Torres Garcia & Gustavo Rodolfo Cruz Chavez & Sarha Leticia Romero Martinez

  • 2017 Methods Of Competitiveness Assessment Of Agricultural Enterprise In Eastern Europe

  • 2017 The Influence of Financial and Industrial Policy on Harmonization of European and Asian Integration Processes
    by V.V. Aksenov & A.V. Andreeva & G.A. Buryakov

  • 2017 Patent, R&D and internationalization for Korean healthcare industry
    by Nam, Hyun-Jung & An, Yohan

  • 2017 Debt thresholds and real exchange rates: An emerging markets perspective
    by Galstyan, Vahagn & Velic, Adnan

  • 2017 Quantitative wave model of macro-finance
    by Olkhov, Victor

  • 2017 Factors of Electricity Prices in Selected Eu Member States after the Financial Crisis and During Significant Market Distortions
    by France Krizanic & Zan Jan Oplotnik

  • 2017 Has Financialization in Commodity Markets Affected the Predictability in Metal Markets? The Efficient Markets Hypotheses for Metal Returns
    by Lya Paola Sierra & Luis Eduardo Girón & Carolina Osorio

  • 2017 International statistical comparisons: France-Germany figurations
    by Stéphane Tagnani & Deniz Ünal

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2017 Secular Stagnation: What the Debate is about?
    by Gergely Hudecz

  • 2016 Size and welfare costs of price differences across European countries
    by Rühl, Christian

  • 2016 Taxation, Debt and Relative Prices in the Long Run: The Irish Experience
    by Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic

  • 2016 Public Debt and Relative Prices in a Cross-Section of Countries
    by Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic

  • 2016 The organization acquiring foreign direct investment by Poland
    by Magdalena Koz?owska

  • 2016 Internal and external challenges for the European Union in the 21st century
    by Iwona Pawlas

  • 2016 The mains determinants of the attractiveness of Polish regions for foreign direct investment
    by Magdalena Koz?owska

  • 2016 The main determinants of the sectors and industries of the Polish economy for foreign direct investment
    by Magdalena Koz?owska

  • 2016 Embassies and their role in practicing economic diplomacy. The case of Romania
    by Popescu Ruxandra Gabriela

  • 2016 Editorial: Globalizacja i regionalizacja we współczesnym świecie - tom II
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz & Odrobina, Anna

  • 2016 العلاقات التجارية الفلسطينية الأوروبية الشراكة والواقع
    by Jamee, Akram

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory: Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Wu, Cheng

  • 2016 Oil prices and the world business cycle: A causal investigation
    by Tapia, Jose

  • 2016 Digital DNA of economy of scale and scope
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 Wygladzenie falkowe jako kluczowy instrument w predykcji krotkookresowej
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch

  • 2016 Innovation in the Global Firm
    by L. Kamran Bilir & Eduardo Morales

  • 2016 Risk Sharing in Europe
    by Pilar Poncela & Filippo Pericoli & Anna Manca & Filippo Michela Nardo

  • 2016 The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence
    by Armin Falk & Anke Becker & Thomas Dohmen & Benjamin Enke & David Huffman & Uwe Sunde

  • 2016 Russia’s Oil Dependence and the EU
    by Becker, Torbjörn

  • 2016 Offshoring R&D
    by Tuhkuri, Joonas & Lööf, Hans & Mohammadi, Ali & Rouvinen, Petri

  • 2016 “Conditional PPP” and Real Exchange Rate Convergence in the Euro Area
    by Bergin, Paul R. & Glick, Reuven & Wu, Jyh-Lin

  • 2016 Constant Market Share Analysis: A Note
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2016 Reconstruction and Prospects of Global Economic and Trade Rules
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules for Trade and Sustainable Development
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of International Development Cooperation
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Competitive Neutrality and State-Owned Enterprises
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of International Investment
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of Intellectual Property
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of Government Procurement
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of Trade in Services
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Rules of Trade Remedies
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 International Rules of Finance
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 The Rise of Regional Economic Cooperation and Global Rule Reconstruction
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Difficulties and Prospects of the Multilateral Trading System
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 G20 and New Developments of the Global Governance Platform
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Economic Crisis in the Era of Globalization
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Introduction
    by Chen Deming

  • 2016 Economic Crisis and Rule Reconstruction
    by Deming Chen

  • 2016 Internationalization by State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) after the 2008 Crisis. Looking for Generalizations
    by Götz Marta & Jankowska Barbara

  • 2016 The Prospects, Benefits and Challenges of Sui Generis Protection of Geographical Indications of South Africa
    by Omphemetse S. Sibanda Sr

  • 2016 What Mitigates Economic Growth Volatility in Morocco? : Remittances or FDI
    by Selmi, Refk & Bouoiyour, Jamal & Miftah, Amal

  • 2016 Niemiecka polityka socjalna a kryzys migracyjny
    by Maciej Zygadlewicz

  • 2016 Considerations on the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Economies from Eastern Europe
    by Lucian Belașcu & Camelia Budac

  • 2016 Global Competitiveness and Innovation in the Period 2013-2015
    by Sorin-George Toma & Paul Marinescu & Catalin Gradinaru

  • 2016 Raja Junankar, Economics of Immigration: Immigration and the Australian Economy
    by Kacey DOUGLAS

  • 2016 Bollywood, Iindia and Economic Growth: A Hundred Years History
    by Theodore METAXAS & Eleni BOUKA & Maria-Marina MERKOURI

  • 2016 The Unresolved Mystery of the Great Divergence is Solved
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 The Postulate of the Three Regimes of Economic Growth Contradicted by Data
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Mathematical Analysis of Historical Income Per Capita Distributions
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Unified Growth Theory Contradicted by the Mathematical Analysis of the Historical Growth of Human Population
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Post-IPO performance and its association with subscription cascades and issuers’ strategic-political importance
    by Paul B. McGuinness

  • 2016 The Efficacy of Linkages for Relational Capability Building and Internationalization-Indian and Australian Mining Firms
    by Meena Chavan & Renu Agarwal

  • 2016 Export Variety And Intra-Industry Trade: Theoretical And Empirical Evidence
    by Yoko Oguro

  • 2016 Policies to overcome stagnation: the crisis, and the possible futures, of all things euro
    by Mark Blyth

  • 2016 Constant Market Share Analysis: A Note
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2016 Trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights agreements and the upsurge in foreign direct investment in developing countries
    by Zhang, Huiying & Yang, Xiaohui

  • 2016 Economic Problems of Exploring Hydrocarbons in Russian Northern Provinces in the Context of International Interests
    by Lyubov Vasilievna Larchenko & Roman Aleksandrovich Kolesnikov & Galina Pavlovna Tumanova & Valeriy Aleksandrovich Kibenko

  • 2015 Default or reactance? Identity priming effects on overconfidence in Germany and Japan
    by Duttle, Kai & Shichijo, Tatsuhiro

  • 2015 How to construct nationally Representative Firm Level Data from the ORBIS Global Database
    by Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan & Bent Sørensen & Carolina Villegas-Sanchez & Vadym Volosovych & Sevcan Yesiltas

  • 2015 ETFs performance Europe- a good start or not?
    by Simona Mihai Yiannaki

  • 2015 Analysing bank real estate portfolio management by using impulse response function, Mahalanobis distance and financial turbulence
    by Ognjen Vukovic

  • 2015 Euro Zone Crisis: A Comprehensive Analysis With Special Emphasis On Portugal
    by nilasha raha

  • 2015 The Visegrad Countries and European Union Membership - Selected Issues
    by Iwona Pawlas

  • 2015 Position of the Polish economy in the international ranking of competitiveness
    by Agnieszka Puto & Helena Ko?cielniak & Katarzyna Brendzel-Skowera & Katarzyna ?ukasik

  • 2015 Degree of completion of the projects undertaken as part of preparations for Euro 2012
    by Ferrir, Richard

  • 2015 Криптовалюта Как Ключ К Развитию Мировой Экономики
    by Kessler, Kristina

  • 2015 Demokratie , öffentliche Güter und Europa
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil

  • 2015 2008 Crises in Economies of Balkan Countries
    by Paunić, Alida

  • 2015 Equilibrium Technology Diffusion, Trade, and Growth
    by Jesse Perla & Christopher Tonetti & Michael E. Waugh

  • 2015 The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence
    by Falk, Armin & Becker, Anke & Dohmen, Thomas & Enke, Benjamin & Huffman, David B. & Sunde, Uwe

  • 2015 Banking Unconditionally: The Political Economy of Chinese Finance in Latin America
    by Stephen Kaplan

  • 2015 Electoral Incentives, Term Limits and the Sustainability of Peace
    by Nicolas Sahuguet & Paola Conconi & Maurizio Zanardi

  • 2015 The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence
    by Becker, Anke & Dohmen, Thomas J & Enke, Benjamin & Falk, Armin & Huffman, David & Sunde, Uwe

  • 2015 Electoral Incentives, Term Limits and the Sustainability of Peace
    by Conconi, Paola & Sahuguet, Nicolas & Zanardi, Maurizio

  • 2015 Secular Drivers of the Global Real Interest Rate
    by Lukasz Rachel & Thomas Smith

  • 2015 Global Finance Brief: Pulp Mill Fiction: a Conflict to Solve the "Distance Puzzle"
    by Carolina Pan

  • 2015 Secular drivers of the global real interest rate
    by Rachel, Lukasz & Smith, Thomas

  • 2015 Revenue-Raising Taxes: General Equilibrium Evaluation of Alternative Taxation in U.S. Petroleum Industries
    by Jaime de Melo & Julie Stanton & David Tarr

  • 2015 Industrial Policy In The Presence Of Wage Distortions: The Case Of The Us Auto And Steel Industries

  • 2015 VERs under imperfect competition and foreign direct investment: A case study of the US–Japan auto VER
    by Jaime de Melo & David Tarr

  • 2015 Welfare Costs Of U.S. Quotas In Textiles, Steel And Autos
    by Jaime de Melo & David Tarr

  • 2015 Market Access and Welfare under Free Trade Agreements: Textiles under NAFTA
    by Olivier Cadot & Céline Carrère & Jaime de Melo & Alberto Portugal-Pérez

  • 2015 Industrial Organization Implications of QR Trade Regimes: Evidence and Welfare Costs
    by T. Condon & J. de Melo

  • 2015 Industrial Organization and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Korea
    by Jaime de Melo & David Roland-Holst

  • 2015 An Evaluation of Neutral Trade Policy Incentives Under Increasing Returns to Scale
    by Jaime de Melo & David Roland-Holst

  • 2015 Trade Policy And Resource Allocation In The Presence Of Product Differentiation
    by Jaime de Melo & Sherman Robinson

  • 2015 Distortions In The Factor Market: Some General Equilibrium Estimates
    by Jaime A. P. de Melo

  • 2015 Globalization and migratory pressures from developing countries: a simulation analysis

  • 2015 Lobbying, Counterlobbying, and the Structure of Tariff Protection in Poor and Rich Countries
    by Olivier Cadot & Jaime de Melo & Marcelo Olarreaga

  • 2015 Modelling The Effects Of Protection In A Dynamic Framework
    by Jaime A.P. DE MELO & Kemal DERVIS

  • 2015 Distributional Effects of Adjustment Policies: Simulations for Archetype Economies in Africa and Latin America
    by François Bourguignon & Jaime de Melo & Akiko Suwa

  • 2015 Trade Adjustment Policies And Income Distribution In Three Archetype Developing Economies
    by Jaime de MELO & Sherman ROBINSON

  • 2015 Alternative Routes to Development

  • 2015 Adjustment and income distribution
    by François Bourguignon & William H. Branson & Jaime de Melo

  • 2015 Exchange Rate-Based Disinflation, Wage Rigidity, And Capital Inflows
    by Timothy CONDON & Vittorio CORBO & Jaime DE MELO

  • 2015 Productivity Growth, External Shocks, and Capital Inflows in Chile: A General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Timothy Condon & Vittorio Corbo & Jaime de Melo

  • 2015 A General Equilibrium Analysis Of Foreign Exchange Shortages In A Developing Economy
    by Kemal Dervis & Jaime de Melo & Sherman Robinson

  • 2015 Productivity and externalities: models of export-led growth
    by Jaime de Melo & Sherman Robinson

  • 2015 Product Differentiation And The Treatment Of Foreign Trade In Computable General Equilibrium Models Of Small Economies
    by Jaime de MELO & Sherman ROBINSON

  • 2015 Modeling Developing Countries' Policies in General Equilibrium
    by Jaime de Melo

  • 2015 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Economics and Finance

  • 2015 Contemporary Issues in Economy. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Economics: Proceedings in Polish

  • 2015 Stock Market Linkages: Evidence From the US, China and India During the Subprime Crisis
    by Amanjot SINGH & Parneet KAUR

  • 2015 Global Inequality of Opportunity: How Much of Our Income Is Determined by Where We Live?
    by Branko Milanovic

  • 2015 In Search of a Strategy for Making Growth More Pro-Poor in the Philippines
    by Nobuhiko Fuwa & Arsenio M. Balisacan & Fabrizio Bresciani

  • 2015 Shifting Drivers of Growth: Policy Implications for ASEAN-5
    by Kong Yam Tan & Tilak Abeysinghe & Khee Giap Tan

  • 2015 Monetary Policy and Structural Decline: Lessons from Japan for the European Crisis
    by Gunther Schnabl

  • 2015 Identifying patterns in rare earth element patents based on text and data mining
    by Yonghan Ju & So Young Sohn

  • 2015 Contemporary economic relations between European Union and China (Wspolczesne relacje ekonomiczne pomiedzy Unia Europejska a Chinami)
    by Ewa Kedzierska

  • 2015 The Effects of Korean Country-of-Origin on Mongolian Consumer Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention
    by Sharmuud Haliun & Seong-Do Cho

  • 2015 Selected Approaches to Measurement of National Competitiveness and the Results
    by Marta Nečadová

  • 2015 Political Economy Of Japan’S Decades Long Economic Stagnation
    by Kalim Siddiqui

  • 2015 Knowledge Economy Index in the Structure of World Economies
    by Cioban Gabriela Liliana

  • 2015 The Value of Export Incentives
    by Imtiaz Ahmad

  • 2015 Örn B. Bodvarsson & Hendrik Van den Berg, The Economics of Immigration: Theory and Policy
    by Kacey DOUGLAS

  • 2015 Pursuing FDI policy in the EU – Member States and their policy space
    by Marta Anna GÖTZ

  • 2015 The Relations Between The European Union And The Russian Federation Prior And After The Creation Of The Common Economic Space
    by Razvan-Alexandru GENTIMIR

  • 2015 A Theoretical Approach On The Strategic Partnership Between The European Union And The Russian Federation
    by Razvan-Alexandru GENTIMIR

  • 2015 The U.S. housing price bubble: Bernanke versus Taylor
    by Fitwi, Abrar M. & Hein, Scott E. & Mercer, Jeffrey M.

  • 2015 When trade stops: Lessons from the Gaza blockade 2007–2010
    by Etkes, Haggay & Zimring, Assaf

  • 2015 Energy And Innovation Sector Seen As Essential Factors Of Economic Security In The Third Millennium
    by Florin CORNEANU

  • 2015 Shades and Penumbra of Globalization
    by Mircea PERPELEA & Marin OPRITESCU & Sebastian PERPELEA

  • 2014 Modeling dynamics of metal price series via state space approach with two common factors
    by Golosnoy, Vasyl & Rossen, Anja

  • 2014 SACUNOMICS: The Impact of Trade Liberalisation on the South African Economy
    by Farai Manwa

  • 2014 Foreign Direct Investment And Export In Turkey: A Cointegration Analysis
    by Adem Ö?üt & Mehmet Mucuk & Mustafa Tahir Demirsel

  • 2014 Competitiveness of the Polish Economy against the Background of Other European Union Member States. Selected issues
    by Iwona Pawlas

  • 2014 Business Cycle Synchronization in Asia: The Role of Financial and Trade Linkages
    by Dai, Yuwen

  • 2014 Inversión extranjera y compra masiva de tierras
    by Vargas, Carlos Eduardo

  • 2014 Diferencias tecnológicas y ventajas comparativas en el comercio internacional
    by Ávalos, Eloy

  • 2014 Economic Determinants of Regional Integration in Developing Counties
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2014 Regional Economic Integration in Africa
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2014 A note: Constant Market Share Analysis
    by Bonanno, Graziella

  • 2014 Splitting up Beta’s change
    by Suarez, Ronny

  • 2014 Determinants of International Tourism Demand for the Philippines: An Augmented Gravity Model Approach
    by Deluna, Roperto Jr & Jeon, Narae

  • 2014 Cooperación internacional para la protección ambiental en municipios mexicanos
    by Navarro Arredondo, Alejandro

  • 2014 Philippine Export Efficiency and Potential: An Application of Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model
    by Deluna, Roperto Jr & Cruz, Edgardo

  • 2014 Analysis of Public, Private and Financial Sectors in European Countries Through the Statis Methodology
    by Catarina Lourenço Soares & Adelaide Maria de Sousa Figueiredo & Fernanda Otília de Sousa Figueiredo

  • 2014 A Fable of Bees and Gravity
    by Ferdinand Rauch

  • 2014 A Gravity Model of Barriers to Trade in New Zealand
    by Murat Genç & David Law

  • 2014 Trying to Understand the PPPs in ICP2011: Why are the Results so Different?
    by Angus Deaton & Bettina Aten

  • 2014 The Political Economy of Sovereign Debt: Global Finance and Electoral Cycles
    by Stephen B. Kaplan

  • 2014 European Commission merger control: combining competition and the creation of larger European firms
    by Thatcher, Mark

  • 2014 Evolución de la red de comercio internacional: una aproximación a través de la Teoría de Redes Sociales (1970-2011)
    by David Ricardo Andrade Martínez & Carlos Eduardo Güisa Díaz

  • 2014 Open Innovation as a Response to Constraints and Risks: Evidence from China
    by Xiaolan Fu & Jizhen Li & Hongru Xiong & Henry Chesbrough

  • 2014 Productivity Spillovers from FDI in the People's Republic of China: A Nuanced View
    by Cheryl Xiaoning Long & Galina Hale & Hirotaka Miura

  • 2014 Being A Woman In Oecd Countries: An Application

  • 2014 Market, Cultural Heritage And The Solution To The Corporate Governance Problems
    by Adalberto Rangone

  • 2014 Retos para la economía internacional en un mundo cambiante/Challenges for the Global Economy in a Changing World

  • 2014 Európai uniós tagságunk tízéves évfordulójára
    by Halm, Tamás

  • 2014 The informal economy of Veracruz state during the fox administration
    by Gregory Brock & Jie Tian & Robert Yarbrough

  • 2014 IPO firm value and its connection with cornerstone and wider signalling effects
    by McGuinness, Paul B.

  • 2014 FDI inflow as an international business operation by MNCs and economic growth: An empirical study on Turkey
    by Temiz, Dilek & Gökmen, Aytaç

  • 2014 Economic Freedom And Foreign Direct Investment In Ecowas Countries: A Panel Data Analysis
    by Kazeem Bello AJIDE & P.B. EREGHA

  • 2014 Competitiveness - Key Issues Of The Romanian Economy
    by Gabriela-Liliana, CIOBAN

  • 2014 Choques macroeconómicos y los precios de los activos. El caso de las propiedades urbanas en Argentina
    by Luis N. Lanteri

  • 2014 La balance des paiements de la France selon les nouvelles normes internationales : une réponse statistique à la mondialisation de l’économie
    by COLLÈS, B. & PAVOT, J. & URI, J.

  • 2014 Firm Performance in a Global Market
    by Jan De Loecker & Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg

  • 2013 Optimizing sparse mean reverting portfolios
    by Sipos, I. Róbert & Levendovszky, János

  • 2013 Innovative Transformation and Transformational Potential of Socio-Economic Systems
    by Dudin, Mikhail & Ljasnikov, Nikolaj & Kuznetsov, Alexander & Fedorova, Irina

  • 2013 Supply Chains and Credit-Market Shocks: Some Implications for Emerging Markets
    by Jinjarak, Yothin

  • 2013 Регионалните Интеграционни Общности В Африка
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2013 Кризата В Ес – Финансови Рискове За Африка
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2013 Африканската Зона За Свободна Търговия – Стъпка Към Континентална Интеграция
    by Marinov, Eduard

  • 2013 Regional development policy in context of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2013 Commodity Price Uncertainty and Manufactured Exports in Morocco and Tunisia: Some Insights from a Novel GARCH Model
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Selmi, Refk

  • 2013 Barreiro – Modelo para a implementação de um Agência de Investimento Local
    by Rosa, Frederico

  • 2013 African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses

  • 2013 Not all international monetary shocks are alike for the Japanese economy
    by Vespignani, Joaquin L. & Ratti, Ronald A.

  • 2013 Operational Currency Mismatch and Firm Level Performance: Evidence from India
    by Dhasmana, Anubha

  • 2013 China and India: Reforms and the Response: How Differently have the Economies Behaved
    by Manmohan Agarwal & John Whalley

  • 2013 Analysis of International R&D Spillover from International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Channel: Evidence from Asian Newly Industrialized Countries
    by Samuel Nursamsu & Fithra Faisal Hastiadi

  • 2013 When the claim hits: bilateral investment treaties and bounded rational learning
    by Poulsen, Lauge N. Skovgaard & Aisbett, Emma

  • 2013 Did the Euro Change the Effect of Fundamentals on Growth and Uncertainty?
    by Taamouti, Abderrahim & Luque, Jaime

  • 2013 Epilogue
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Smart Villages and Cities
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Green Supply Chains
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Location Analysis
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Global Supply Chain Redesign
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Governance
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Innovation
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Supply Chain Risk
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Performance Analysis
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 The Supply Chain Ecosystem Framework
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Introduction
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Trade Elasticity Parameters for a Computable General Equilibrium Model
    by Hillberry, Russell & Hummels, David

  • 2013 Ecosystem-Aware Global Supply Chain Management
    by N Viswanadham & S Kameshwaran

  • 2013 From Adam Smith to Michael Porter:Evolution of Competitiveness Theory
    by Dong-Sung Cho & Hwy-Chang Moon

  • 2013 The Micro-Macro Disconnect of Purchasing Power Parity
    by Paul R. Bergin & Reuven Glick & Jyh-Lin Wu

  • 2013 Couplage Ou Découplage Des Cycles Économiques Des Mena : Une Approche En Termes De Modèle A Facteurs Dynamiques
    by Kamel GARFA

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