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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F0: General
/ / F1: Trade
/ / F2: International Factor Movements and International Business
/ / F3: International Finance
/ / F4: Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance
/ / F5: International Relations, National Security, and International Political Economy
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 China's One Belt One Road Strategy: The New Financial Institutions and India's Options
    by Chhibber, Ajay

  • 2015 Public Toilets and Their Customers in Low-Income Accra, Ghana
    by Dorothy Peprah & Kelly K. Baker & Christine Moe & Katharine Robb & Nii Wellington & Habib Yakubu & Clair Null

  • 2015 Behavioral Economic Insights on Index Insurance Design
    by Michael Carter & Ghada Elabed & Elena Serfilippi

  • 2015 Experimental Impacts of a Teacher Professional Development Program in Chile on Preschool Classroom Quality and Child Outcomes
    by Hirokazu Yoshikawa & Diana Leyva & Catherine E. Snow & Ernesto Treviño & M. Clara Barata & Christina Weiland & Celia J. Gomez & Lorenzo Moreno & Andrea Rolla & Nikhit D’Sa & Mary Catherine Arbour

  • 2015 Do Early Warning Systems and Student Engagement Activities Reduce Dropout? Findings from the Four-Country SDPP Evaluation
    by Nancy Murray

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Tanzania Energy Sector Project: Final Update of Design Report
    by Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & Candace Miller & Ali Protik & John Schurrer

  • 2015 A Mobile Tool for Health Workers: Promising Results in Bihar, India
    by Evan Borkum & Dana Rotz & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2015 Slow Down, You're Going Too Fast: Matching Curricula to Student Skill Levels
    by Lant Pritchett & Amanda Beatty

  • 2015 Transformative Leadership
    by Clemencia Cosentino

  • 2015 Evaluation of a Rural Road Rehabilitation Project in Armenia
    by Kenneth Fortson & Randall Blair & Kathryn Gonzalez

  • 2015 All-Cause Mortality Reductions from Measles Catchup Campaigns in Africa
    by Ariel BenYishay & Keith Kranker

  • 2015 Did You Get Your Shots? Experimental Evidence on the Role of Reminders
    by Matías Busso & Julián Cristia & Sarah Humpage

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Continuum of Care Services (CCS) Intervention in Bihar
    by Evan Borkum & Anitha Sivasankaran & Swetha Sridharan & Dana Rotz & Sukhmani Sethi & Mercy Manoranjini & Lakshmi Ramakrishnan & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2015 USAID's Strategic Impact Evaluations: "LAC Reads" and E3/ED's "Reading and Access"
    by Nancy Murray

  • 2015 Impacts of Supporting Civic Participation in Local Governance: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Ali Protik & Jacqueline Berman & Matt Sloan

  • 2015 Compound-Risk Aversion, Ambiguity, and the Willingness to Pay for Microinsurance
    by Ghada Elabed & Michael R. Carter

  • 2015 Evaluation of the Zanzibar Interconnector Activity: Findings from the Hotel Study
    by John Schurrer & Nicholas Redel & Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun

  • 2015 Non-Tariff Measures and Standards in Trade and Global Value Chains
    by Beghin, John C. & Miet Maertens & Johan Swinnen

  • 2015 The Firm Size Effect On Performance Due To Intangible Resources
    by Mariia A. Molodchik & Carlos Jardon & Angel Barajas

  • 2015 France’s international insertion strategy in globalization in long run perspective 1836-1938
    by MEISSNER Christopher & BECUWE Stéphane & BLANCHETON Bertrand

  • 2015 Measuring Recovery: TTIP: Are 40 Cents a Day Big Gains?
    by David Rosnick

  • 2015 The Gains from Trade in a New Model from the IMF: Still Very Small
    by David Rosnick

  • 2015 Partners in Austerity: Jamaica, the United States and the International Monetary Fund
    by Jake Johnston

  • 2015 The Greek Economy: Which Way Forward?
    by Mark Weisbrot & David Rosnick & Stephan Lefebvre

  • 2015 Embracing Diversity
    by Puntoni, S.

  • 2015 International Transmission of Credit Shocks in an Equilibrium Model with Production Heterogeneity
    by Yuko Imura & Julia Thomas

  • 2015 Migration and young child nutrition: evidence from rural China
    by Ren Mu & Alan Brauw

  • 2015 Long Term Trends in the CZK Development
    by Ota Melcher

  • 2015 Central Asian countries at the crossroads of major economic interests
    by George Cornel Dumitrescu & Simona Moagar Poladian & Andreea-Emanuela Dragoi

  • 2015 The Redistribution of Trade Gains When Income Inequality Matters
    by Marco de Pinto

  • 2015 Effects of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education on Conflict Intensity in Africa
    by Julius A. Agbor

  • 2015 Economic Development and Government Spending: An Exploration of Wagner’s Hypothesis during Fifty Years of Growth in East Asia
    by Hassan Mohammadi & Rati Ram

  • 2015 Economies Inclusion in the Web of Science and Changes in Its Review Process
    by Ralf Fendel

  • 2015 Economic Development in Southeast Asia
    by David Dapice

  • 2015 Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty Revisited: Evidence from Egypt
    by Mesbah Fathy Sharaf

  • 2015 How Offshoring Can Affect the Industries’ Skill Composition
    by Daniel Horgos & Lucia Tajoli

  • 2015 Estimating Interest Rate Setting Behavior in Brazil: A LSTR Model Approach
    by Yosra Baaziz

  • 2015 Understanding Cultural Geography as a Pseudo-Diffusion Process: The Case of the Veneto Region
    by Guido Ferilli & Pier Luigi Sacco & Massimo Buscema & Giorgio Tavano Blessi

  • 2015 Competitiveness, Migration, and Mobility in the Global City: Insights from Sydney, Australia
    by Richard Hu

  • 2015 Does a Least-Preferred Candidate Win a Seat? A Comparison of Three Electoral Systems
    by Yoichi Hizen

  • 2015 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Economies in 2014
    by Economies Editorial Office

  • 2015 The determinants of FDI and the impact of the economic crisis on the implementation of RTAs: A static and dynamic gravity model
    by Kahouli, Bassem & Maktouf, Samir

  • 2015 Energy trade efficiency and its determinants: A Malmquist index approach
    by Sheng, Yu & Wu, Yanrui & Shi, Xunpeng & Zhang, Dandan

  • 2015 Path Dependency in the Energy Industry: The Case of Long-term Oil-indexed Gas Import Contracts in Continental Europe
    by Peter Buhanist

  • 2014 Accelerating Development in the Least Developed Countries through International Support Measures: Findings from Country Case Studies
    by Ana Luiza Cortez & Ian Kinniburgh & Rolland Mollerus

  • 2014 Policy Challenges for the Next 50 Years
    by Henrik Braconier & Giuseppe Nicoletti & Ben Westmore

  • 2014 Exports, agglomeration and workforce diversity: An empirical assessment of German establishments
    by Stephan Brunow & Luise Grünwald

  • 2014 MCC Indonesia Nutrition Project Impact Evaluation Design
    by Amanda Beatty & Evan Borkum & Anu Rangarajan & Anna Gage & Clair Null & Sukhmani Sethi

  • 2014 Promising Findings from the Frontline Health Worker Team-Based Goals and Incentives Intervention in Bihar
    by Dana Rotz & Anu Rangarajan & Evan Borkum Swetha Sridharan & Sukhmani Sethi & Mercy Manoranjini

  • 2014 Evaluation of the Team-Based Goals and Performance-Based Incentives (TBGI) Innovation in Bihar
    by Evan Borkum & Anu Rangarajan & Dana Rotz & Swetha Sridharan & Sukhmani Sethi & Mercy Manorajini

  • 2014 Lessons on Improving Governance in a Complex Policy Environment in Rwanda
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Jacqueline Berman & Ali Protik & Anu Rangarajan & Matt Sloan & Lindsay Wood

  • 2014 The Millennium Challenge Corporation's Vocational Training Activity in Namibia: Evaluation Design Report
    by Arif Mamun & Evan Borkum & Kristen Velyvis & Luke Heinkel & John Middleton

  • 2014 Midline Findings from the Evaluation of the Ananya Program in Bihar
    by Evan Borkum & Dana Rotz & Anu Rangarajan & Swetha Sridharan & Sukhmani Sethi & Mercy Manoranjini & Lakshmi Ramakrishnan & Lalit Dandona & Rakhi Dandona & Priyanka S. Kochar & G. Anil Kumar & Priyanka Singh

  • 2014 Using the Infrastructure of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program to Deliver a Scalable Integrated Early Child Development Program in Colombia: Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
    by Orazio P. Attanasio & Camila Fernández & Emla O. A. Fitzsimons & Sally M. Grantham-McGregor & Costas Meghir & Marta Rubio-Codina

  • 2014 Experiences of Germany and the Netherlands in Serving Transition-Age Youth
    by Todd Honeycutt & Lorenzo Moreno

  • 2014 Interview Interruption and Responses to Questions About Domestic Violence in India
    by Brenna V. Rabel & Solveig A. Cunningham & Rob Stephenson

  • 2014 Rwanda Threshold Program Evaluation
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Jacqueline Berman & Ali Protik & Anu Rangarajan & Matt Sloan & Lindsay Wood

  • 2014 2014 Facts and Findings
    by Mathematica Policy Research

  • 2014 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Investments in Data Infrastructure
    by Bonnie O'Day & Tessa Kieffer & Sarah Forrestal & Dominick Esposito

  • 2014 Can Trade be good for the environment?
    by Lapan, Harvey E. & Sikdar, Shiva

  • 2014 The Brazilian Economy in Transition: Macroeconomic Policy, Labor and Inequality
    by Mark Weisbrot & Jake Johnston & Stephan Lefebvre

  • 2014 Latin American Growth in the 21st Century: The 'Commodities Boom' That Wasn't
    by David Rosnick & Mark Weisbrot

  • 2014 Did NAFTA Help Mexico? An Assessment After 20 Years
    by Mark Weisbrot & Stephan Lefebvre & Joseph Sammut

  • 2014 Do loss profiles on the mortgage market resonate with changes in macro economic prospects, business cycle movements or policy measures?
    by Noordegraaf-Eelens, L.H.J. & Franses, Ph.H.B.F.

  • 2014 Eurobonds for EMU Stability, Convergence and Growth
    by Alberto Quadrio Curzio

  • 2014 International Transmission Channels of U.S. Quantitative Easing: Evidence from Canada
    by Tatjana Dahlhaus & Kristina Hess & Abeer Reza

  • 2014 Global Inflation Dynamics in the Post-Crisis Period: What Explains the Twin Puzzle?
    by Christian Friedrich

  • 2014 Immigrant assimilation into US prisons, 1900–1930
    by Carolyn Moehling & Anne Piehl

  • 2014 Impact Of Foreign Institutional Investment On The Volatility Of Indian Stock Market

  • 2014 Competition Internalization in the European Market Economy, as an Objective of Romanian Economic Programs and Strategies
    by Niþu Oana & Niþu Claudiu Valentin & Tileagã Cosmin Virgil

  • 2014 A New Managerial Tool For Scenarios In Scheduling
    by George Cristian Gruia & Michal Kavan

  • 2014 The Emerging World Order

  • 2014 Do Multilateral Trade Agreements Help Or Hinder The U.S. Current Account Balance?
    by Mehdi Hojjat

  • 2014 Urban Economy
    by Peter Karl Kresl

  • 2014 Can Courts Make Federalism Work? A Game Theory Approach to Court-Induced Compliance and Defection in Federal Systems
    by Gemma Sala

  • 2014 Social Context and the Spread of HIV: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Investigation on the Impacts of Social Stigma on Epidemic Outcomes
    by William D. Ferguson & Trang Kieu Nguyen

  • 2014 Household Debt and Consumption Inequality: The Spanish Case
    by Gonzalo Paz Pardo & José Manuel Sánchez Santos

  • 2014 Union Bargaining in an Oligopoly Market with Cournot-Bertrand Competition: Welfare and Policy Implications
    by Elizabeth Schroeder & Victor J. Tremblay

  • 2014 Access to Media and HIV Knowledge in India
    by Smriti Agarwal & Pedro de Araujo

  • 2014 The Formation of New Monetary Policies: Decisions of Central Banks on the Great Recession
    by Ana Esther Castro & José Francisco Teixeira

  • 2014 Internet Education and Economic Growth: Evidence from Cross-Country Regressions
    by Lawrence Jin & Jang C. Jin

  • 2014 Measuring Voting Power in Convex Policy Spaces
    by Sascha Kurz

  • 2014 A Game-Theoretic History of the Cuban Missile Crisis
    by Frank C. Zagare

  • 2014 The global financial crisis: World market or regional contagion effects?
    by Morales, Lucía & Andreosso-O'Callaghan, Bernadette

  • 2014 Do changes in the rules of the game affect FDI flows in Latin America? A look at the macroeconomic, institutional and regional integration determinants of FDI
    by Sánchez-Martín, Miguel Eduardo & de Arce, Rafael & Escribano, Gonzalo

  • 2014 Cross-border mergers with flexible policy regime: The role of efficiency and market size
    by Fikru, Mahelet G. & Lahiri, Sajal

  • 2014 Evidence Of Segmentation Among African Equity Markets
    by Zivanemoyo Chinzara & Tinashe Harry Dumile Kambadza

  • 2013 Dynamics among Nations: The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States
    by Root, Hilton L.

  • 2013 Competition policy and poverty reduction: A holistic approach
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Müller, Anna Caroline

  • 2013 Evaluation of the Water-to-Market Activity in Armenia
    by Kenneth Fortson & Anu Rangarajan & Randall Blair & Joanne Lee & Valentine Gilbert

  • 2013 Enriching the Home Environment of Low-Income Families in Colombia: A Strategy to Promote Child Development at Scale
    by Orazio Attanasio & Sally Grantham-McGregor & Camila Fernández & Emla Fitzsimons & Marta Rubio-Codina & Costas Meghir

  • 2013 Measuring Multi-Dimensional Change: Challenges and Opportunities in The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (Presentation)
    by Barry Burciul & Matt Sloan

  • 2013 Should Foreign Aid Fund Agricultural Training? Evidence from Armenia
    by Randall Blair & Kenneth Fortson & Joanne Lee & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2013 Subsidized Childcare and Child Development in Colombia: Effects of Hogares Comunitarios de Bienestar as a Function of Timing and Length of Exposure
    by Raquel Bernal & Camila Fernández

  • 2013 Baseline Findings from the Ananya Evaluation
    by Anu Rangarajan & Evan Borkum & Swetha Sridharan & Dana Rotz & Mercy Manoranjini & Seth Morgan & Lalit Dandona & Rakhi Dandona & Priyanka Chaman & G. Anil Kumar

  • 2013 Improving Educational Quality through Enhancing Community Participation: Results from a Randomized Field Experiment in Indonesia
    by Menno Pradhan & Daniel Suryadarma & Amanda Beatty & Maisy Wong & Arya Gaduh & Armida Alisjahbana & Rima Prama Artha

  • 2013 Learning Across Borders: The Collaborative Creation of a Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Framework for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program
    by Clemencia Cosentino & Anca Dumitrescu & Aravind Moorthy & Anu Rangarajan & Arthur Shaw & Matt Sloan & Swetha Sridharan & Cicely Thomas & Barry Burciul

  • 2013 The Effects of "Girl-Friendly" Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso (Journal Article)
    by Harounan Kazianga & Dan Levy & Leigh L. Linden & Matt Sloan

  • 2013 Country-specific rigidities and investment decisions: quantity competition and demand uncertainty

  • 2013 Honduras Since the Coup: Economic and Social Outcomes
    by Jake Johnston & Stephan Lefebvre

  • 2013 Gains from Trade? The Net Effect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on U.S. Wages
    by David Rosnick &

  • 2013 Ecuador’s Economy Since 2007
    by Mark Weisbrot & Jake Johnston & Stephan Lefebvre

  • 2013 Macroeconomic Policy Advice and the Article IV Consultations: A European Union Case Study
    by Mark Weisbrot & Helene Jorgensen

  • 2013 Empowering women through employment, earnings and wealth in India
    by Aparna Mathur & Sita Nataraj Slavov

  • 2013 In name only: Are free trade zones assisting capitalism or criminals and crony capitalists?
    by Roger Bate

  • 2013 The effects of Financial & Institutional Systems on International Trade, Specialization and Foreign Direct Investment
    by Cezar, Rafael

  • 2013 No Way Out: Persistent Government Interventions in the Great Contraction
    by Vincent R. Reinhart

  • 2013 Does Inflation Increase The Export? Case Study Turkey
    by Ergin AKALPLER

  • 2013 Comercio Justo and Justice
    by Dr. Tamara Stenn

  • 2013 State Financial Stability Supporting Continuous Innovative Development

  • 2013 Education Development as a Prerequisite for the Formation of a Competitive Wage System in Consumer Cooperative of Ukraine
    by Kostyshyna Tetyana

  • 2013 The Method of Estimation of Development Potential of Trade Enterprises of the System of Consumer’s Cooperative Society of Ukraine
    by Mykola Rogoza & Aleksandra ?uzmenko

  • 2013 Aspects of Some Problems of the Euro Area Member States
    by Milea Camelia & Ailincã Alina Georgeta & Iordache Floarea

  • 2013 The European Project beyond the Financial Crisis
    by Criste Adina & Lupu Iulia

  • 2013 The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Cohesion Policy
    by Badoiu Catalina Mihaela

  • 2013 The Analysis of the Effects of the Direct Foreign Investments upon the Restructuring of the Romanian Economy
    by Vechiu Camelia & Popa Lucia Ramona, & Ciorãºteanu Gianina

  • 2013 The Future Of Common Agricultural Policy And The Challenges Of Europe 2020 Strategy
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2013 La Revista Completa
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2013 Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular en América Latina y el Caribe : Mucho ruido y pocas nueces?
    by Shearer, Matthew & Tres, Joaquim

  • 2013 The Complete Issue
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2013 South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean : Much Ado about Nothing?
    by Shearer, Matthew & Tres, Joaquim

  • 2013 Financial Markets, Banking and the Design of Monetary Policy: A Stable Baseline Scenario
    by Florian Hartmann & Peter Flaschel

  • 2013 The Changing Effectiveness of Monetary Policy
    by Jonathan E. Leightner

  • 2013 Monetary Transfers in the U.S.: How Efficient Are Tax Rebates?
    by Diego E. Vacaflores

  • 2013 Effects of Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy on the Stock Market in Poland
    by Yu Hsing

  • 2013 Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in the Great Recession
    by Gonzalo Caballero

  • 2013 Forthcoming Issue on Game Theory and Political Economy
    by William D. Ferguson

  • 2013 A Note on Forecasting the Rate of Change of the Price of Oil: Asymmetric Loss and Forecast Rationality
    by Christian Pierdzioch & Jan-Christoph Rülke

  • 2013 Economies : An Open Access Journal for the Field of Development Macroeconomics
    by Ralf Fendel

  • 2013 Economies and Sustainability
    by Shu-Kun Lin

  • 2013 Cross-border bank lending: Empirical evidence on new determinants from OECD banking markets
    by Müller, Oliver & Uhde, André

  • 2013 Are RTA agreements with environmental provisions reducing emissions?
    by Baghdadi, Leila & Martinez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada & Zitouna, Habib

  • 2013 A cross-country analysis of electricity market reforms: Potential contribution of New Institutional Economics
    by Erdogdu, Erkan

  • 2013 Pautas euroasiáticas para un proyecto sino-venezolano-colombiano: Oleoducto faja Orinoco – Pacífico
    by Lazlo Palotas & Óscar Vanegas Angarita

  • 2012 Prospects of Tools from Differential Games in the Study Of Macroeconomics of Climate Change
    by Engwerda, J.C.

  • 2012 The Atlantic Philanthropies' Children and Youth Programme in Ireland and Northern Ireland: 2011 Programme Evaluation Findings
    by Diane Paulsell & Cassandra Pickens Jewell

  • 2012 Predictors of Maternal and Child Double Burden of Malnutrition in Rural Indonesia and Bangladesh
    by Vanessa M. Oddo & Jee H. Rah & Richard D. Semba & Kai Sun & Nasima Akhter & Mayang Sari & Saskia de Pee & Regina Moench-Pfanner & Martin Bloem & Klaus Kraemer

  • 2012 Ananya Baseline: Early Findings from Household Surveys (Presentation)
    by Anu Rangarajan

  • 2012 The Effects of Girl-Friendly Schools: Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso (Working Paper)
    by Harounan Kazianga & Dan Levy & Leigh L. Linden & Matt Sloan

  • 2012 Impact Evaluation Findings After One Year of the Productive and Business Services Activity of the Productive Development Project, El Salvador
    by Randall Blair & Larissa Campuzano & Lorenzo Moreno & Seth Morgan

  • 2012 Child Labor, Schooling, and Child Ability (Working Paper)
    by Richard Akresh & Emilie Bagby & Daien de Walque & Harounan Kazianga

  • 2012 Child Labor, Schooling, and Child Ability (Presentation)
    by Richard Akresh & Emilie Bagby & Damien de Walque & Harounan Kazianga

  • 2012 Evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation's Electricity-Transmission and Distribution Line-Extension Activity in Tanzania: Baseline Report
    by Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & John Schurrer

  • 2012 Heterogeneous Ambiguity Attitudes: A Field Experiment Among Small-Scale Stock Investors in China
    by Elizabeth Potamites & Bei Zhang

  • 2012 Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union: The Role of the Cost Channel
    by Jochen Michaelis

  • 2012 Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Economy under Asset Market Segmentation
    by Singh, Rajesh & Lahiri, Amartya & Vegh, Carlos A

  • 2012 Investment Composition and International Business Cycles
    by Oviedo, P. Marcelo & Singh, Rajesh

  • 2012 Messung ökonomischer Integration in der Europäischen Union –Entwicklung eines EU-Integrationsindexes –
    by Jörg König & Renate Ohr

  • 2012 Current accounts in Europe: implications of the external imbalances for the future of the common monetary policy
    by Agnieszka Gehringer

  • 2012 Venezuela's Economic Recovery: Is It Sustainable?
    by Jake Johnston & Mark Weisbrot

  • 2012 The Mexican Economy and the 2012 Elections
    by Rebecca Ray & Mark Weisbrot

  • 2012 Ecuador’s Economy Since 2007
    by Rebecca Ray & Sara Kozameh

  • 2012 More Pain, No Gain for Greece: Is the Euro Worth the Costs of Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Policy and Internal Devaluation?
    by Mark Weisbrot & Juan Antonio Montecino

  • 2012 A Primer on Private Equity at Work: Management, Employment, and Sustainability
    by Eileen Appelbaum & Rosemary Batt

  • 2012 The Necessity of a Lower Dollar and the Route There
    by Dean Baker

  • 2012 New Measures of the Trilemma Hypothesis : Implications for Asia
    by Hiro Ito & Masahiro Kawai

  • 2012 New Measures of the Trilemma Hypothesis : Implications for Asia
    by Hiro Ito & Masahiro Kawai

  • 2012 Un choc de compétitivité en baissant le coût du travail ? – Un scénario bancal qui évince des pistes alternatives
    by Askenazy, Philippe

  • 2012 Financing Road Construction and Maintenance After the Fuel Tax Reform
    by Asian Development Bank (ADB) & & &

  • 2012 Is there trust or not?
    by Marina Luminita SARBOVAN

  • 2012 Maritime Market Crisis is the Lack of Charterers
    by Iordanoaia Florin

  • 2012 Psychological Effects of Economic and Financial Crises on the Behaviour and Mental Health of Individuals
    by Mionel Oana & Moraru Alexandra

  • 2012 The Solutions from Romania’s Exit this Crisis
    by Duduialã Popescu Lorena

  • 2012 Sustainable Development Aspects In Romania-Republic Of Serbia Ipa Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
    by Popescu (Stingaciu) Ana-Maria & Munteanu Nicolae-Eugen

  • 2012 EUROPE 2020 Strategy and the new approach of rural development in the framework of reformed Common Agricultural Policy
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2012 €Œeurope 2020†Strategy And The New Approach Of The Common Agricultural Policy On Rural Development
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2012 La strategia macroregionale europea nell’area Adriatico-Ionica
    by Marco Bellardi

  • 2012 Compliance with the Anti-trafficking Protocol
    by Cho, Seo-Young & Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya

  • 2012 The current global financial crisis: Do Asian stock markets show contagion or interdependence effects?
    by Morales, Lucía & Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Bernadette

  • 2012 Modelling the Dependence Structure of MUR/USD and MUR/INR Exchange Rates using Copula
    by Vandna Jowaheer & Nafeessah Z. B. Ameerudden

  • 2012 Lessons from the euro crisis for the United States
    by Desmond Lachman

  • 2011 Специфика Образования Открытых Экономических Зон В Центральной И Восточной Европе
    by Era Davydovna Matvievskaya

  • 2011 Assessing the value of future accessions to the WTO Agreement on Gouvenement Procurement (GPA): Some new data sources, provisional estimates, and an evaluative framework for individual WTO members considering accession
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Pelletier, Philippe & Osei-Lah, Kodjo & Müller, Anna Caroline

  • 2011 Structural breaks and financial volatility: Lessons from BRIC countries
    by Morales, Lucía & Gassie, Esmeralda

  • 2011 Canadian Monetary Policy and Real and Nominal Exchange Rates [Revised]
    by John E. Floyd

  • 2011 Canadian Monetary Policy and Real and Nominal Exchange Rates
    by John E. Floyd

  • 2011 Jordan’s Strategy of Trade Liberalization: The Case of the Free Trade Agreement with Turkey
    by Taleb Awad

  • 2011 Evaluation of Tanzania Energy Sector Project: Updated Design Report
    by Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & Thomas Fraker & Kathy Buek & Minki Chatterji & Denzel Hankinson

  • 2011 Aftershocks of Chile's Earthquake for an Ongoing, Large-Scale Experimental Evaluation
    by Lorenzo Moreno & Ernesto Treviño & Hirokazu Yoshikawa & Susana Mendive & Joaquín Reyes & Felipe Godoy & Francisca Del Río & Catherine Snow & Diana Leyva & Clara Barata & MaryCatherine Arbour & Andrea Rolla

  • 2011 Electricity in Zanzibar's Unguja Island: Initial Evaluation Findings
    by Denzel Hankinson & Lauren Pierce & Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & Minki Chatterji & Shawn Powers & Elana Safran

  • 2011 Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation for the Ananya Program (Family Health Initiative in Bihar)
    by Kimberly Smith & Anu Rangarajan & Evan Borkum & Lalit Dandona

  • 2011 Improving Sanitation at Scale: Lessons from TSSM Implementation in East Java, Indonesia
    by Samia Amin & Anu Rangarajan & Evan Borkum

  • 2011 Impact Evaluation of Niger's IMAGINE Program
    by Anca Dumitrescu & Dan Levy & Cara Orfield & Matt Sloan

  • 2011 Rwanda Threshold Program: Baseline Findings (Presentation)
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Lindsay Wood & Matt Sloan & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2011 Aftershocks of Chile's Earthquake on an Ongoing, Large-Scale Experimental Evaluation
    by Lorenzo Moreno

  • 2011 Evaluation of the Rwanda Threshold Program: Baseline Report
    by Ira Nichols-Barrer & Lindsay Wood & Matt Sloan & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2011 Survey Response and Data Quality Issues in the Evaluation of the Rwanda Threshold Program
    by Matt Sloan & Ira Nichols-Barrer & Lindsay Wood & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2011 Mortality Risk and Human Capital Investment: The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Jane G. Fortson

  • 2011 Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation Framework for the Bihar Initiative
    by Anu Rangarajan & Kimberly Smith & Evan Borkum & So O'Neil & Anna Christensen

  • 2011 Tanzania Energy Sector Impact Evaluation: Findings from the Zanzibar Baseline Study
    by Denzel Hankinson & Lauren Pierce & Duncan Chaplin & Arif Mamun & Minki Chatterji & Shawn Powers & Elana Safran

  • 2011 Rwanda Threshold Program Evaluation: Strengthening Civic Participation RNP Inspectorate Services and Media
    by Matt Sloan & Ira Nichols-Barrer & Lindsay Wood & Anu Rangarajan

  • 2011 Evaluation of the International Organization for Migration and Its Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking
    by Jacqueline Berman & Phil Marshall

  • 2011 Endogenous Environmental Policy when Pollution is Transboundary
    by Joachim Fünfgelt & Günther G. Schulze

  • 2011 The Organization of European Multinationals
    by Marin, Dalia & Rousová, Linda

  • 2011 Disagreement, Uncertainty and the True Predictive Density
    by Fabian Krüger & Ingmar Nolte

  • 2011 Gender in Transition: The Case of North Korea
    by Stephan Haggard & Marcus Noland &

  • 2011 Latvia's Internal Devaluation: A Success Story?
    by Mark Weisbrot & Rebecca Ray

  • 2011 Decreasing Inequality Under Latin America’s “Social Democratic” and “Populist” Governments: Is the Difference Real?
    by Juan A. Montecino

  • 2011 The Argentine Success Story and its Implications
    by Mark Weisbrot & Rebecca Ray & Juan Montecino & Sara Kozameh

  • 2011 The Scorecard on Development, 1960-2010: Closing the Gap?
    by Mark Weisbrot & Rebecca Ray

  • 2011 Exploring the Nature of Strategic Interactions in the Ratification Process of the Kyoto Protocol
    by Alexandre SAUQUET

  • 2011 The United States and China: macroeconomic imbalances and economic diplomacy
    by Philip I. Levy

  • 2011 Telecoms and the Huawei conundrum
    by Claude Barfield

  • 2011 Swap
    by Claude Barfield & Philip I. Levy

  • 2011 The Normative Bias In Entrepreneurial Theory

  • 2011 How Should A Public Good Be Provided? A Transaction Cost Approach

  • 2011 Can Destructive Network Activities Push An Economy To A Lower Level Of Specialization? A Theoretical Illustration

  • 2011 Globalization – Economic Issues
    by Monika Elzbieta Harach

  • 2011 Devaluation As The Instrument For Recession Overcoming In Bosnia And Herzegovina

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