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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization
/ / / F60: General
/ / / F61: Microeconomic Impacts
/ / / F62: Macroeconomic Impacts
/ / / F63: Economic Development
/ / / F64: Environment
/ / / F65: Finance
/ / / F66: Labor
/ / / F68: Policy
/ / / F69: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Offshore Business of Russian Residents
    by A. Bulatov.

  • 2015 Knowlegde Spillovers, absorptive capacity and growth: An industry-level Analysis for OECD countries
    by Ioannis Bournakis & Dimitris Christopoulos & Sushanta Mallick

  • 2015 A Pairwise-Based Approach to Examine the Feldstein-Horioka Condition of International Capital Mobility
    by Mark J. Holmes & Jesús Otero

  • 2015 Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Do Your Neighbors Matter?
    by Fariha Kamal and Asha Sundaram

  • 2015 Decentralisation and The Evolution of Common Law
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2015 Trade Openness, Structural Transformation, and Poverty Reduction: Empirical Evidence from Africa
    by Kelbore, Zerihun Getachew

  • 2015 Endogenous regional growth and foreign trade, in Romania
    by Zaman, Gheorghe & Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2015 Is globalization really good for public health? General considerations and implications for the Arab world
    by Tausch, Arno

  • 2015 Market for Corporate Control and Contractual Buyout (CoBO): A New “Collective Ownership-and-Administrative” Strategy
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Backshoring of Production Activities in European Manufacturing
    by Dachs, Bernhard & Zanker, Christoph

  • 2015 Demokratie , öffentliche Güter und Europa
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil

  • 2015 The impact of the global financial crisis on border-crossing mergers and acquisitions: A continental/industry analysis
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Macroeconomic Change, and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: The Indian Experience, 1991-2010
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Revisiting and Reinforcing the Farmers Fox Theory: A Study (Test) of Three Cases in Cross-border Inbound Acquisitions
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Knowledge Spillovers, Absorptive Capacity and Growth: An Industry-level Analysis for OECD Countries
    by Bournakis, Ioannis & Christopoulos, Dimitris & Mallick, Sushanta

  • 2015 The Next Chapter of ASEAN Economic Community through Integrating with the existing FTA partners (RCEP), Turkey, and Pakistan
    by durongkaveroj, wannaphong

  • 2015 The Impossible Trinity: Where does India stand?
    by Sengupta, Rajeswari

  • 2015 The position of BRIC’s countries in the modern global economy
    by Amanda Muranska

  • 2015 Assessment of the performance and competitiveness of the selected clusters in the Moravian-Silesian Region
    by Hana Stverkova & Vlasta Humlova

  • 2015 An Overview of Migration in the Czech Republic and Germany until 2013
    by Hanne-Lore Bobáková & Martina Chylková

  • 2015 International Trade and Investment by State Enterprises
    by Przemyslaw Kowalski & Kateryna Perepechay

  • 2015 Trade, global value chains and wage-income inequality
    by Javier Lopez Gonzalez & Przemyslaw Kowalski & Pascal Achard

  • 2015 Contribution of Trade Facilitation Measures to the Operation of Supply Chains
    by Evdokia Moïsé & Silvia Sorescu

  • 2015 Participation of Developing Countries in Global Value Chains: Implications for Trade and Trade-Related Policies
    by Przemyslaw Kowalski & Javier Lopez Gonzalez & Alexandros Ragoussis & Cristian Ugarte

  • 2015 Diversification through Trade
    by Francesco Caselli & Miklós Koren & Milan Lisicky & Silvana Tenreyro

  • 2015 Who's Getting Globalized? The Size and Implications of Intra-national Trade Costs
    by David Atkin & Dave Donaldson

  • 2015 Exporter Heterogeneity and Price Discrimination: A Quantitative View
    by Jae Wook Jung & Ina Simonovska & Ariel Weinberger

  • 2015 Growing Up to Stability? Financial Globalization, Financial Development and Financial Crises
    by Michael D. Bordo & Christopher M. Meissner

  • 2015 Immigration, Trade and Productivity in Services: Evidence from U.K. Firms
    by Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano & Giovanni Peri & Greg C. Wright

  • 2015 Measuring smile curves in global value chains
    by Ye, Ming & Meng, Bo & Wei, Shang-jin

  • 2015 The impossible trinity: Where does India stand?
    by Rajeswari Sengupta

  • 2015 U.S. Investment in global bonds: As the fed pushes, some EMEs pull
    by John D. Burger & Rajeswari Sengupta & Francis E. Warnock & Veronica C. Wrnock

  • 2015 Report on scenarios for future global engagement
    by Christos N. Pitelis & Ilias Anthopoulos & Eleni E. N. Piteli

  • 2015 Analysis Of Global Integration Processes: South Africa, Asia-Pacific Region And Russia
    by Natalia Victorovna Kuznetsova, Natalia Alexandrovna Vorobeva

  • 2015 Partners in Austerity: Jamaica, the United States and the International Monetary Fund
    by Jake Johnston

  • 2015 Globalization and synchronization of innovation cycles
    by Kiminori Matsuyama & Iryna Sushko & Laura Gardini

  • 2015 Who’s Getting Globalized? The Size and Implications of Intra-national Trade Costs
    by Atkin, David & Donaldson, Dave

  • 2015 Linguistic Distances and their Use in Economics
    by Ginsburgh, Victor & Weber, Shlomo

  • 2015 Regional integration in Africa: Challenges and prospects
    by de Melo, Jaime & Tsikata, Yvonne

  • 2015 Knowledge Spillovers, absorptive capacity and growth: An Industry-level Analysis for OECD Countries
    by Ioannis Bournakis & Dimitris Christopoulos & Sushanta Mallick

  • 2015 The impact of Chinese competition on Africa’s manufacturing

  • 2015 Раздел 2. Денежно-Кредитная И Бюджетная Сферы
    by A. Bozhechkova & A. Knobel & A. Kiyutsevskaya & P. Trunin & M. Khromov & S. Belev & M. Dechko & E. Fomina & A. Alaev & A. Mamedov

  • 2015 Section 2. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
    by A. Bozhechkova & A. Kiyutsevskaya & M. Khromov & A. Knobel & P. Trunin & S. Belev & M. Deshko & A. Mamedov & E. Fomina & A. Alaev & A. Deryugin

  • 2015 The Effects of Korean Country-of-Origin on Mongolian Consumer Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention
    by Sharmuud Haliun & Seong-Do Cho

  • 2015 Is Uruguay More Resilient This Time? Distributional Impacts of a Crisis Similar to the 2001–02 Argentine Crisis
    by Oscar Barriga Cabanillas & Maria Ana Lugo & Carlos Rodríguez-Castelan & Hannah Nielsen & Maria Pia Zanetti

  • 2015 Solar Energy Field Welcomes New Trends In The European Union. Case Study: Romania
    by Horatiu Sorin REGNEALA

  • 2015 Competitiveness Of Smes
    by Sebastian Ion CEPTUREANU

  • 2015 A brief analysis of the outsourcing industry in Romania
    by Andreea Burciu & Mihaela Mihai

  • 2015 Literature Review Regarding The Concept Of Resilience And Its Assessment In The Context Of The Economic Dimension
    by Sergey LISNYAK

  • 2015 Eu’S Policy Of Disarmament As Part Of Its Normative Power
    by Roxana HINCU

  • 2015 Financial-integration thresholds for consumption risk-sharing
    by Malik, Samreen

  • 2015 The Entrepreneur`s Role in the Performance Growth of the Financial Audit Activity in Romania
    by Cristina Raluca Popescu & Veronica Adriana Popescu & Gheorghe N. Popescu

  • 2014 Effect of distance on trade under slope heterogeneity and cross-correlated effects
    by Lugovskyy, Oleksandr & Skiba, Alexandre

  • 2014 Trade Benefits for Least Developed Countries: the Bangladesh Case Market Access Initiatives, Limitations and Policy Recommendations
    by Mustafizur Rahman

  • 2014 Openness, Specialisation and Vulnerability of the Nordic Countries
    by Kaitila, Ville & Virkola, Tuomo

  • 2014 Economic Reforms, Frictional Unemployment and Wage Inequality-----A General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Bandopadhyay, Titas Kumar

  • 2014 Foreign aid and its impact on governance in Nepal
    by Thapa, Narayan

  • 2014 Impact of International Economic Policies on National Level Business
    by Ahsan, Lubna & Qazi, Burhan & Hashmi, Shahabuddin

  • 2014 The Periphery’s Terms of Trade in the Nineteenth Century: A Methodological Problem Revisited
    by Francis, Joseph A.

  • 2014 Zaman-Mekan Sıkışması Boyutuyla Bilimde Dönüşümler ve Sosyal Teoride Küreselleşme ve Ulus-Devlet
    by KARGI, Bilal

  • 2014 Investor-state disputes and the TTIP – is it a new challenge for corporate responsibility?
    by Waśniewski, Krzysztof

  • 2014 Rent-Seeking and Reform: Relationship Revisited
    by Marjit, Sugata & Mukherjee, Vivekananda

  • 2014 Global Punctuality Index: A Tool to Save Trillion Man Hours
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2014 The Malfunctioning of the Gulf Cooperation Council Single Market: Features, Causes and Remedies
    by Abdulghaffar, Mahmood & Al-Ubaydli, Omar & Mahmood, Omar

  • 2014 Impact of FDI on GDP: An Analysis of Global Economy on Production Function
    by Khan, Shiraz & Mehboob, Farhan

  • 2014 Working For the Few: Political Capture and Economic Inequality
    by Fuentes-Nieva, Ricardo & Galasso, V. Nicholas

  • 2014 Brazil’s Place in the Global Economy
    by Porzecanski, Arturo C.

  • 2014 Farmland Ownership Restrictions: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2014 Bric Companies Seeking Legitimacy Through Corporate Social Responsibility
    by Davide Fiaschi & Elisa Giuliani & Federica Nieri

  • 2014 Efektywnosc instytucjonalna krajow Unii Europejskiej w kontekscie globalnej gospodarki opartej na wiedzy
    by Adam P. Balcerzak & Michal Bernard Pietrzak

  • 2014 Are New EU Member States Improving Their Institutional Effectiveness for Global Knowledge-based Economy? TOPSIS Analysis for the Years 2000-2010
    by Adam P. Balcerzak & Michal Bernard Pietrzak

  • 2014 Trade Specialisation and Policies to Foster Competition and Innovation in Denmark
    by Muge Adalet McGowan

  • 2014 Knowledge-based Hierarchies: Using Organizations to Understand the Economy
    by Luis Garicano & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

  • 2014 International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Lessons from Across Countries
    by Claudia M. Buch & Linda S. Goldberg

  • 2014 Top Income Inequality, Aggregate Saving and the Gains from Trade
    by Lixin Tang

  • 2014 Globalisation and the Future of the Welfare State
    by Chen, Yu-Fu & Görg, Holger & Görlich, Dennis & Molana, Hassan & Montagna, Catia & Temouri, Yama

  • 2014 Firm performance and trade with low-income countries : Evidence from China
    by Schmerer, Hans-Jörg & Wang, Luhang

  • 2014 Regional integration in Africa: Challenges and prospects
    by Jaime de MELO & Yvonne TSIKATA

  • 2014 Regional integration in Africa: Challenges and prospects
    by Jaime de MELO & Yvonne TSIKATA

  • 2014 Disaster Management in ASEAN
    by Yasuyuki SAWADA & Fauziah ZEN

  • 2014 Preferentialism in Trade Relations : Challenges for the World Trade Organization
    by Patrick Low

  • 2014 Preferentialism in Trade Relations : Challenges for the World Trade Organization
    by Patrick Low

  • 2014 World Trade Flows Characterization: Unit Values, Trade Types and Price Ranges
    by Charlotte Emlinger & Sophie Piton

  • 2014 Migration and Development Research Is Moving Far beyond Remittances - Working Paper 365
    by Michael Clemens, Çaglar Özden, and Hillel Rapoport

  • 2014 Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Do Your Neighbors Matter?
    by Fariha Kamal & Asha Sundaram

  • 2014 Countries’ safety and competitiveness, and the estimation of current account misalignments
    by Teresa Sastre & Francesca Viani

  • 2014 Does FDI Work for Africa? Assessing Local Spillovers in a World of Global Value Chains
    by Farole, Thomas & Winkler, Deborah

  • 2014 Empirical Investigation of Industrial Management
    by Elenko Zahariev

  • 2014 Economic Regime And Foreign Direct Investment In Ukraine
    by £ukasz Cywiñski & Ruslan Harasym

  • 2014 Characteristic features of new quality of economic growth at the present stage in the context of globalization
    by Elena Popkova & Tatiana Kozhevnikova & Elena Malyshkina

  • 2014 BRIC in the Global Economy
    by Toma Sorin-George & Grãdinaru Cãtãlin & Stanciu Costel

  • 2014 Current State of European Hotel Chains
    by Gurgui Amalia & Gribincea Alexandru

  • 2014 How Did the Economic and Financial Crisis the Groups of Companies and the Main Measures Exit
    by Duduialã Popescu Lorena

  • 2014 Influence of Europeanisation in the Reform of Public Sector
    by Duduialã Popescu Lorena

  • 2014 Japan's Energy Policy in the Asian Region
    by Reiji Takeishi

  • 2014 Implications of the US -South Korea Free Trade Agreement on Agricultural Exports from the US
    by Srinivasa Konduru & Tae Hun Kim & Mechel Paggi

  • 2014 Magyarország integrációs profilja. Az európai integráció negyedszázados és a magyar EU-tagság tízéves mérlege
    by Palánkai, Tibor & Miklós, Gábor

  • 2014 CAGE Analysis of China’s Trade Globalization
    by STOBER Emmanuel Olusegun

  • 2014 The Impact of Globalization on the Business
    by Katerina Ristovska & Aneta Ristovska

  • 2014 Re-examining the Feldstein–Horioka and Sachs' views of capital mobility: A heterogeneous panel setup
    by Holmes, Mark J. & Otero, Jesús

  • 2014 From indications to indicators: Measuring regional leadership in the UN context
    by Drieskens, Edith & Van Genderen, Ruben & Reykers, Yf

  • 2014 The reaction of the U.S. and the European Monetary Union to recent global financial crises
    by Kowalski, Tadeusz & Shachmurove, Yochanan

  • 2014 Offshoring in the transaction costs theory
    by Jakub Kraciuk

  • 2014 The benefits and problems ensuing from the internationalisation of universities from the point of view of students and academic teachers participating in the Erasmus Programme
    by Elzbieta Szymanska

  • 2014 A brief statistical analysis of the Romanian freight transport
    by Branza Gratiela

  • 2013 The Role of Globalization in the Regional Integration. The Case of Russian-Ukrainian Relations
    by O. Osipova.

  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein

  • 2013 Le territoire entrepreneurial: analyse et réalités
    by Antonin MICHELET

  • 2013 Did financial liberalization lead to bank fragility? Evidence from Tunisia
    by Hamdi, Helmi & Hakimi, Abdelaziz & Djelassi, Mouldi

  • 2013 Testing Export-led Growth in Tunisia and Morocco: New Evidence using the Toda and Yamamoto procedure
    by Hamdi, Helmi

  • 2013 Globalization and Transformation in Central European Countries: The Case of Poland
    by Kowalski, Tadeusz

  • 2013 Financial Integration among ASEAN+3 Countries: Evidence from Exchange Rates
    by Lee, Chin & M., Azali

  • 2013 Convergence and Divergence in Europe: Polish and Ukrainian Cases
    by Lukianenko, Dmytro & Chuzhykov, Viktor & Woźniak, Michał Gabriel & Antoniuk, Larysa & Bal-Woźniak, Teresa & Bolonek, Ryszarda & Dobija, Mieczysław & Fedirko, Natalia & Fedirko, Oleksandr & Firszt, Dariusz & Honcharuk, Andrii & Ilnytskyi, Denys & Jabłoński, Łukasz & Kaleniuk, Iryna & Kaliszuk, Ewa & Kleer, Jerzy & Olefir, Anna & Panchenko, Yevhen & Poruchnyk, Anatolii & Satsyk, Volodymyr & Savchuk, Volodymyr & Stępień, Kinga & Stolyarchuk, Yaroslava & Tatarenko, Nataliya & Tokarski, Tomasz & Tsyhankova, Tetiana

  • 2013 Competition, Competition Policy, Competitiveness, Globalisation and Development
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2013 Global Imbalances, Risk, and the Great Recession
    by Evans, Martin

  • 2013 Foreign capital, Non-Traded Goods and Welfare in a Developing Economy in the presence of Externalities
    by Chaudhuri, Sarbajit

  • 2013 United Arab Emirates FDI Outlook
    by Mina, Wasseem

  • 2013 Political Trust, Corruption and Ratings of the IMF and the World Bank
    by Breen, Michael & Gillanders, Robert

  • 2013 When Cards and ATM’s are the only choice: A fortnight in Cyprus with no banking system, nor trust
    by Efthymiou, Leonidas & Michael, Sophia

  • 2013 U.S. Foreign Policy and Asia: Peace and Prosperity or Instability and Crisis?
    by Khan, Haider

  • 2013 Power of Global Transnational Networks: Civilizing of World Order
    by Aliu, Armando & Aliu, Dorian

  • 2013 China's Impact on the Global Wind Power Industry
    by Lema, Rasmus & Berger, Axel & Schmitz, Hubert

  • 2013 A reconstructive critique of IPE and GPE from a critical scientific realist perspective: An alternative Keynesian-Kaleckian approach
    by Khan, Haider & Patomäki, Heikki

  • 2013 Constructing a New Global Economy after the Global Financial Crisis : Stagnation and Social Crisis or Towards a Green Economy and Global Freedom?
    by Khan, Haider

  • 2013 Globalization and Democracy: A Short Introduction
    by Khan, Haider

  • 2013 Deep Financial Crises, Reforming the IMF and Building Regional Autonomy:Towards a New Hybrid Global Financial Architecture
    by Khan, Haider

  • 2013 Causal Inference and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Assessing Whether There Was an Acceleration in MDG Development Indicators Following the MDG Declaration
    by Friedman, Howard Steven

  • 2013 International Fragmentation in the Presence of Alternative Health Sector Scenario : A Theoretical Analysis
    by Chatterjee, Tonmoy & Gupta, Kausik

  • 2013 Optimalité en zone euro et réactivité migratoire en période de crise : un cas limite, l'Irlande
    by Landais, Anne-Yvonne & Landais, Bernard

  • 2013 Phasing out of Multi-fibre Arrangement: implications for the Indian garment exporting firms
    by Keshari, Pradeep Kumar & Nair, Tara & Avasthi, Dinesh

  • 2013 Der Euro – ein Projekt ohne Zukunft? Ein Plädoyer für europäische Solidarität und Toleranz
    by Fischer, Justina A.V.

  • 2013 The economic borders in the age of globalization
    by Soproni, Luminita

  • 2013 The distance-based approach to the quantification of the world convergences and imbalances - comparisons across countries and factors
    by Horvath, Denis & Sulikova, Veronika & Gazda, Vladimir & Sinicakova, Marianna

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Theoretical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Controversele Globalizării Economice
    by Donici, Andreea-Nicoleta & Calance, Mădălina

  • 2013 Export Performance in Transition: The Case of Georgia
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & Swarnim Wagl�

  • 2013 Reforming Policies for the Business Sector to Harvest the Benefits of Globalisation in the Netherlands
    by Mathijs Gerritsen & Jens Høj

  • 2013 Scale, Scope, and the International Expansion Strategies of Multiproduct Firms
    by Stephen Ross Yeaple

  • 2013 Innovation and Production in the Global Economy
    by Costas Arkolakis & Natalia Ramondo & Andrés Rodríguez-Clare & Stephen Yeaple

  • 2013 Why do emerging markets liberalize capital outflow controls? Fiscal versus net capital flow concerns
    by Joshua Aizenman & Gurnain Kaur Pasricha

  • 2013 Uncertainty and Trade Agreements
    by Nuno Limão & Giovanni Maggi

  • 2013 Trade Shocks and Factor Adjustment Frictions: Implications for Investment and Labor
    by Erhan Artuç & Germán Bet & Irene Brambilla & Guido Porto

  • 2013 Russia and the Global Financial Crisis
    by Alexei Kudrin

  • 2013 A new strategy for the European periphery
    by Karl Aiginger

  • 2013 The Political Economy of Oil and the Crisis of the Arab State System
    by Daniel Atzori

  • 2013 Streamlining NTMs in ASEAN: The Way Forward
    by Olivier CADOT & Ernawati MUNADI & Lili Yan ING

  • 2013 Uncertainty and Trade Agreements
    by Limão, Nuno & Maggi, Giovanni

  • 2013 Cheap Imports and the Loss of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs
    by Abigail Cooke & Thomas Kemeny & David Rigby

  • 2013 The Italian industrial system between globalization and crisis
    by Antonio Accetturo, & Antonio Bassanetti & Matteo Bugamelli & Ivan Faiella & Paolo Finaldi Russo & Daniele Franco & Silvia Giacomelli & Massimo Omiccioli

  • 2013 Coping with the Crisis: Recent Evolution in Danish Firms' International Trade Involvement, 2000-2010
    by Kaleb Girma Abreha & Valérie Smeets & Frédéric Warzynski

  • 2013 Making Trade Policy More Transparent: A New Database of Non-Tariff Measures
    by Malouche, Mariem & Reyes, José-Daniel & Fouad, Amir

  • 2013 Investment Financing in the Wake of the Crisis: The Role of Multilateral Development Banks
    by Chelsky, Jeff & Morel, Claire & Kabir, Mabruk

  • 2013 Changing for the Better: The Path to Upper-Middle-Income Status in Uzbekistan
    by Trushin, Eskender & Carneiro, Francisco

  • 2013 Changing for the Better: The Path to Upper-Middle-Income Status in Uzbekistan
    by Trushin, Eskender & Carneiro, Francisco

  • 2013 Perpetuating the global division of labour: defensive free trade and development in the third world
    by Yakub Halabi

  • 2013 The Influence of Environmental Factors On the Romanian Banking Management in Current Conditions
    by CIURLÄ‚U Loredana & CÄ‚RUNTU Genu Alexandru

  • 2013 Demand Of Regional Tourists Visiting Lao People'S Democratic Republic: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
    by Sakkarin NONTHAPOT & Thanet WATTANAKUL

  • 2013 Foreign and Domestic Trade - The History and Development of Science Branch
    by Eva Černohlávková & Hana Machková & Ludmila Štěrbová & Dana Zadražilová

  • 2013 Aspects of International Banking Globalization
    by Botiº Sorina

  • 2013 Exploring the sophistication in services exports
    by Falguni Pankaj Desai

  • 2013 The Relationships between Oil and Autocracy: Beyond the First Law of Petropolitics
    by Daniele Atzori

  • 2013 A Southern Europe strategy based on vision and industrial policy
    by Karl Aiginger

  • 2013 “Horizontal” and “vertical” diffusion: The cumulative influence of Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs) on mining policy-production in New Caledonia
    by Le Meur, Pierre-Yves & Horowitz, Leah S. & Mennesson, Thierry

  • 2013 Who Needs Intercultural Competences?
    by Carmen – Laura ZARZU

  • 2013 The IMF and management of capital flows: the long road towards a pragmatic approach
    by J. Ramos-Tallada.

  • 2013 Le FMI et la gestion des flux de capitaux : la longue route vers une approche pragmatique

  • 2013 The Great Trade Collapse
    by Rudolfs Bems & Robert C. Johnson & Kei-Mu Yi

  • 2012 WTO rules and practices for transparency and engagement with civil society organizations
    by Perez-Esteve, Maria

  • 2012 Социальный Контроль: Сущность И Методы Реализации
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2012 Potential Effects of the Arab Spring
    by Gorgulu, Mehmet Emre

  • 2012 Monetary Regimes and Policy on a Global Scale: The Oeuvre of Michael D. Bordo
    by Rockoff, Hugh & White, Eugene N.

  • 2012 Information Security Management in Context of Globalization
    by Wawak, Slawomir

  • 2012 Dollar Funding and the Lending Behavior of Global Banks
    by Victoria Ivashina & David S. Scharfstein & Jeremy C. Stein

  • 2012 The "Big C": Identifying Contagion
    by Kristin Forbes

  • 2012 Particularities of Euromanagement in the Current Context
    by Parpandel Denisa-Elena & Voiculeþ Alina & Belu Nicoleta

  • 2012 The political economy of exchange rate regimes in developed and developing countries
    by Berdiev, Aziz N. & Kim, Yoonbai & Chang, Chun Ping

  • 2011 Globalisation de la recherche des groupes industriels : vers “l’innovation inversée” ? Les exemples de General Electric et de Renault R&D GLOBALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL FIRMS: TOWARDS “REVERSE INNOVATION”? THE EXAMPLES OF GENERAL ELECTRIC AND RENAULT
    by Blandine LAPERCHE & Gilliane LEFEBVRE

  • 2011 Future-oriented technology analysis: Its potential to address disruptive transformations
    by Gagnin, Cristiano & Havas, Attila & Saritas, Ozcan

  • 2011 Eski ve Yeni Bölgeselleşme Olguları: Karşılaştırmalı Bir Analiz
    by CALISKAN, Ozgur

  • 2011 Addendum to India’s Economic Reforms and Development: Essays for Manmohan Singh
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2011 Globalisation, labour Standards and economic Development
    by Singh, Ajit & Zammit, Ann

  • 2011 The economic and financial crisis of 2008-2010: the international dimension
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2011 European Union between the Constraint of Borders and Global Competition
    by Horga, Ioan

  • 2011 CoR’s White Paper on Multilevel Guvernance – Advantages and Desadvantages
    by Brie, Mircea & Gal, Diana

  • 2011 Employment in Poland 2010. Integration and Globalization
    by Maciej Bukowski & Piotr Lewandowski & Iza Sobiech & Andrzej Zurawski & Jan Gaska & Aleksander Sniegocki

  • 2010 The Hungry World: America's Cold War Battle against Poverty in Asia
    by Cullather, Nick

  • 2010 The global economic and financial crisis: Which way forward?
    by Singh, Ajit & Zammit, Ann

  • 2010 The Importance of Information Security Management in Crisis Prevention in the Company
    by Wawak, Slawomir

  • 2010 Imperial Trends in Global International Society
    by Horga, Ioan

  • 2009 Ethics in international business
    by Soproni, Luminita

  • 2008 Global communication as a result of globalization and informatization
    by Soproni, Luminita & Horga, Ioan

  • 2007 Влияние Глобализации На Процессы Социального Управления
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2007 Globalisation, industrial revolutions in India and China and labour markets in advanced countries: implications for national and international economic policy
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2007 Modal verbs and politeness strategies in political discourse
    by Boicu, Ruxandra

  • 2007 The Role of the Media in Changing the Meaning of Borders
    by Horga, Ioan

  • 2007 International Financial Integration through Equity Markets: Which Firms from Which Countries Go Global?
    by Claessens, Stijn & Schmukler, Sergio

  • 2005 Globalización económica y pobreza
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2005 Globalización económica y desigualdad de ingresos
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2005 Globalización de la economía: la integración financiera
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2005 Globalización de la economía: la integración comercial
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2005 ¿Qué es la globalización?
    by Carlos Parodi Trece

  • 2005 Globalización: ¿de qué y para qué? Lecciones de la historia

  • 2005 The Argentine Macroeconomy during the Post-Convertibility Period: Performance, Debates and Perspectives
    by Rapetti, Martin

  • 2005 The Doha development agenda: what special and differential treatment?
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2004 Standing on the crossroads: The Indian economy in the 21st century
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 2000 Dove va l'economia italiana?
    by Schilirò, Daniele

  • 2000 The global labour standards controversy: critical issues for developing countries
    by Singh, Ajit & Zammit, Ann

  • 1999 The role of employment and work in poverty eradication and empowerment and advancement of women
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 1999 Globalisation, employment and sustainable economic growth: Europe and the Mediterranean region
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 1999 Global economic trends, development and social policy at Copenhagen plus five
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 1998 Asian capitalism and the financial crisis
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 1998 Liberalisation, the stock market and the market for corporate control: a bridge too far for the Indian economy?
    by Singh, Ajit

  • 1998 The Asian model: a crisis foretold
    by Singh, Ajit & Weisse, Bruce

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