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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization
/ / / F68: Policy
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Freedom of Opinion and Expression: From the Perspective of Psychosocial Disability and Madness
    by Fleur Beaupert

  • 2018 Optimal policy for attracting FDI: Investment cost subsidy versus tax rate reduction
    by Tian, Yuan

  • 2017 Bridging the digital divide: Measuring digital literacy
    by Chetty, Krish & Qigui, Liu & Gcora, Nozibele & Josie, Jaya & Wenwei, Li & Fang, Chen

  • 2017 Bridging the digital divide in the G20: Skills for the new age
    by Chetty, Krish & Aneja, Urvashi & Mishra, Vidisha & Gcora, Nozibele & Josie, Jaya

  • 2017 How do ideas shape national preferences? The Financial Transaction Tax in Ireland
    by Niamh Hardiman & Saliha Metinsoy

  • 2017 The 4th Industrial Revolution and R&D Policy
    by Sung-Uk Park

  • 2017 Estonia in Global Value Chains
    by Ali-Yrkkö, Jyrki & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2017 Beyond being Good Neighbors: Proximity to International Markets Matter More for India Pakistan Peace
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Governance over Economics: Making Globalisation Good for the Poor
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Comparative Analysis of Afghanistan and Pakistan Central Banks Monetary Policy
    by Tahiri, Noor Rahman

  • 2017 Why International Trade Cause Inequality in Developing Countries
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Corporate Taxation in the Open Economy without Pareto
    by Bawa, Siraj

  • 2017 The impact of “anti-political” parties after the restoration of democracy in Greece and the challenge of confronting the crisi
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil & Tzagarakis, Stelios

  • 2017 A Theory on the Economic Impacts of Immigration
    by Harashima, Taiji

  • 2017 Benefit and Cost of Visa relaxation -Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Visa waiver-
    by Tsuyoshi Goto & Nobuo Akai

  • 2017 Trading firms and trading costs in services: Firm-level analysis
    by Dorothée Rouzet & Sebastian Benz & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2017 Services in Global Value Chains: Trade patterns and gains from specialisation
    by Sébastien Miroudot & Charles Cadestin

  • 2017 Digital Trade: Developing a Framework for Analysis
    by Javier López González & Marie-Agnes Jouanjean

  • 2017 Mapping the participation of ASEAN small- and medium- sized enterprises in global value chains
    by Javier López González

  • 2017 Services trade costs: Tariff equivalents of services trade restrictions using gravity estimation
    by Sebastian Benz

  • 2017 Services In Global Value Chains: From Inputs to Value-Creating Activities
    by Sébastien Miroudot & Charles Cadestin

  • 2017 Getting the most out of trade in Estonia
    by Zuzana Smidova & Naomitsu Yashiro

  • 2017 Reigniting growth through productivity-enhancing reforms in Colombia
    by Eduardo Olaberría

  • 2017 Financial Inclusion and Women Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Mexico
    by Fozan Fareed & Mabel Gabriel & Patrick Lenain & Julien Reynaud

  • 2017 Boosting productivity in Mexico through integration into global value chains
    by Sean Dougherty & Julien Reynaud

  • 2017 On the Implications of Immigration Policy Restricting Citizenship: Evidence from the Dominican Republic
    by Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina & Gratereaux Hernández, Carlos & Pozo, Susan

  • 2017 Labor Market Regulation, International Trade and Footloose Capital
    by Palokangas, Tapio K.

  • 2017 Globalisation and Trade Liberalisation in Supporting GVCs Upgrade: The Case of the Republic of Korea
    by Lurong Chen

  • 2017 The European Trust Crisis and the Rise of Populism
    by Algan, Yann & Guriev, Sergei & Papaioannou, Elias & Passari, Evgenia

  • 2017 Becoming a Knowledge Economy: the Case of Qatar, UAE, and 17 Benchmark Countries
    by Osiris Jorge Parcero & James Christopher Ryan

  • 2017 Examining the Role of BATNA in Explaining EPA Negotiation Outcomes
    by Nyomakwa-Obimpeh, James

  • 2017 Determinanty poparcia dla czlonkostwa w Unii Europejskiej
    by Lukasz Wiktor Olejnik

  • 2017 Emerging Security Challenges to Africa: The Case of Haphazard Disposal of Pharmaceuticals in Ghana
    by Ken Emmanuel Ahorsu & Yvonne Esseku

  • 2017 Women Refugees: An Imbalance of Protecting and Being Protected
    by Sylvia Yazid & Agatha Lydia Natania

  • 2017 Local Actor Strategies for Achieving Human Security Functionings
    by Nikolai Holm

  • 2017 Threats to Security Posed by ISIS in Syria: A Human Security Approach
    by Lee-Ann Louw & Hendrik Johannes Lubbe

  • 2017 Editorial Volume 13
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2017 Identifying Misalignments between Public Participation Process and Context in Urban Development
    by Matthew Cohen & Arnim Wiek

  • 2017 An Economic Simulation of the Path to Sustainable Energy: A Dynamic Analysis
    by Charles F. Mason & Rémi Morin Chassé

  • 2017 Alternative Perspectives on Sustainability: Indigenous Knowledge and Methodologies
    by Meg Parsons & Johanna Nalau & Karen Fisher

  • 2017 Fostering the Next Generation of Sustainability Professionals – Assessing Field-based Courses in a Sustainability Science Graduate Program
    by Ricardo Omar San Carlos Arce & Yuki Yoshida & Shogo Kudo

  • 2017 You Can't Eat Biodiversity: Agency and Irrational Norms in European Aquatic Environmental Law
    by Tim G. O'Higgins

  • 2017 Methodological Challenges in Sustainability Science: A Call for Method Plurality, Procedural Rigor and Longitudinal Research
    by Henrik von Wehrden & Christopher Luederitz & Julia Leventon & Sally Russell

  • 2017 Sustainability Science in the Light of Urban Planning
    by François Mancebo

  • 2017 Making Research Matter More—Working with Action Research and Film in Sustainability Science
    by Elina Andersson & Ann Ã…kerman

  • 2017 Pluralism in Search of Sustainability: Ethics, Knowledge and Methdology in Sustainability Science
    by Ellinor Isgren & Anne Jerneck & David O'Byrne

  • 2017 Enabling Transformative Research: Lessons from the Eastern and Southern Africa Partnership Programme (1999-2015)
    by Cordula Ott

  • 2017 The Taskforce on Conceptual Foundations of Earth System Governance: Sustainability Science
    by Barry Ness & Ruben Zondervan

  • 2017 Reform of the Belgian Justice System: Changes to the Role of Jurisdiction Chief, the Empowerment of Local Managers
    by Emilie Dupont & Frédéric Schoenaers

  • 2017 Unveiling the Challenges in the Implementation of Article 24 CRPD on the Right to Inclusive Education. A Case-Study from Italy
    by Delia Ferri

  • 2017 The Inclusion of the Lived Experience of Disability in Policymaking
    by Laufey Löve & Rannveig Traustadóttir & Gerard Quinn & James Rice

  • 2017 Vulnerability and the Right to Respect for Private Life as an Autonomous Source of Protection against Expulsion under Article 8 ECHR
    by Sylvie Da Lomba

  • 2017 From Disability Rights to the Rights of the Dying (and Back Again)
    by Harold Braswell

  • 2017 A New Protection Orientation and Framework for Refugees and Other Forced Migrants
    by James C. Simeon

  • 2017 The Relevance of Criminal Courts in the Global South
    by Pablo Leandro Ciocchini

  • 2017 Gender Still Matters: Effects of Workplace Discrimination on Employment Schedules of Young Professionals
    by Gabriele Plickert & Joyce Sterling

  • 2017 Disability, Procreation, and Justice in the United States
    by Kimberly Mutcherson

  • 2017 “More Honoured in the Breach than in the Observance”—Self-Advocacy and Human Rights
    by Gabor Petri & Julie Beadle-Brown & Jill Bradshaw

  • 2017 Rethinking the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Insurance Safe Harbor
    by Valarie Blake

  • 2017 Spouse Sponsorship Policies: Focus on Serial Sponsors
    by Nafiseh Ghafournia & Patricia Easteal

  • 2017 Barriers to Physician Aid in Dying for People with Disabilities
    by Alicia Ouellette

  • 2017 Community Integration of People with Disabilities: Can Olmstead Protect Against Retrenchment?
    by Mary Crossley

  • 2017 Disparities in Private Health Insurance Coverage of Skilled Care
    by Stacey A. Tovino

  • 2017 Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Offending and the Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities
    by Michael L. Perlin & Heather Ellis Cucolo & Alison J. Lynch

  • 2017 Multiple Competences of Judicial and Social Intervention: Portuguese Public Prosecutors in Action
    by João Paulo Dias

  • 2017 Prioritising Supported Decision-Making: Running on Empty or a Basis for Glacial-To-Steady Progress?
    by Terry Carney

  • 2017 Reading Alexander V. Choate Rightly: Now is the Time
    by Leslie Francis & Anita Silvers

  • 2017 Tax Policy in Action: 2016 Tax Amnesty Experience of the Republic of Indonesia
    by Emmiryzan Wasrinil Said

  • 2017 Drawing the Line: Disability, Genetic Intervention and Bioethics
    by Adam Conti

  • 2017 Victims of Violence: The Forced Sterilisation of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Australia
    by Laura Elliott

  • 2017 Some Parents Are More Equal than Others: Discrimination against People with Disabilities under Adoption Law
    by Blake Connell

  • 2017 Human Trafficking and Study Abroad
    by Taylor S. Parker

  • 2017 IP Things as Boundary Objects: The Case of the Copyright Work
    by Michael J. Madison

  • 2017 Case Selection in the Russian Constitutional Court: The Role of Legal Assistants
    by Aryna Dzmitryieva

  • 2017 Back to the Future: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
    by Matthew Rimmer

  • 2017 Protection for Privacy under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    by Mark C. Weber

  • 2017 Human Rights and Social Justice
    by Neil Hibbert

  • 2017 A New Approach to Abortion Informed Consent Laws: How An Evidence Law Framework Can Clarify Casey’s Truthful, Non-Misleading Standard
    by Veneeta Jaswal

  • 2017 Prospects for a Sports Ombudsman in Canada
    by Frank Fowlie

  • 2017 Enfranchised Minors: Women as People in the Middle East after the 2011 Arab Uprisings
    by Rania Maktabi

  • 2017 Online Shaming and the Right to Privacy
    by Emily B. Laidlaw

  • 2017 Collegiality, Therapy and Mediation—The Contribution of Experts in Swedish Mental Health Law
    by Stefan Sjöström & Maritha Jacobsson & Anna Hollander

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2016
    by Laws Editorial Office

  • 2017 Assessing food insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean using FAO’s Food Insecurity Experience Scale
    by Smith, Michael D. & Kassa, Woubet & Winters, Paul

  • 2017 Cascading trade protection: Evidence from the US
    by Erbahar, Aksel & Zi, Yuan

  • 2017 The winners and losers of tax reform: An assessment under financial integration
    by Kabukçuoğlu, Ayşe

  • 2017 Geopolitics of the Republic of Turkey’s Energy Policy
    by Yusif Huseynov

  • 2017 Rendre la mondialisation viable : les leçons de l'Europe
    by Benoît Cœuré

  • 2017 Competition and Consumer Behavior in the Context of the Digital Economy
    by Elena-Madalina Vatamanescu & Bogdan Gabriel Nistoreanu & Andreea Mitan

  • 2016 Diaspora economics: New perspectives
    by Constant, Amelie F. & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

  • 2016 Austerity in the European periphery: the Irish experience
    by Niamh Hardiman & Spyros Blavoukos & Sebastian Dellepiane-Avellaneda & George Pagoulatos

  • 2016 Cascading Trade Protection: Evidence from the US
    by Aksel Erbahar & Yuan Zi

  • 2016 EU Regional and Cluster policies within their synergic effects
    by Marcel Kordos & Sergej Vojtovic

  • 2016 The challenges of India economy in current international economics environment
    by Marcel Kordo? & Sergej Vojtovi?

  • 2016 Paths and Strategies Towards the FTAAP: Linking Integration and Inclusive Growth
    by Choi , Byung-il

  • 2016 Finland in global value chains
    by Ali-Yrkkö, Jyrki & Rouvinen, Petri & Sinko, Pekka & Tuhkuri, Joonas

  • 2016 Impact of TRIPS and RTAs on the Indian Pharmaceutical Product Exports
    by Loitongbam, Bishwanjit Singh

  • 2016 Using Foreign Factors to Enhance Domestic Export Performance: A Focus on Southeast Asia
    by Javier Lopez Gonzalez

  • 2016 The Effects of Trade Policy
    by Pinelopi K. Goldberg & Nina Pavcnik

  • 2016 Do migrants think differently? Evidence from East European and post-Soviet states
    by Ruxanda Berlinschi & Ani Harutyunyan

  • 2016 The Australia–China Commission : a Preliminary Proposal
    by Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE

  • 2016 The Australia–China Commission : a Preliminary Proposal
    by Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE

  • 2016 The Australia–China Commission : a Preliminary Proposal
    by Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE

  • 2016 The Australia–China Commission : a Preliminary Proposal
    by Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE

  • 2016 Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries
    by Ornelas, Emanuel

  • 2016 Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries
    by Emanuel Ornelas

  • 2016 Do travel visa requirements impede tourist travel?
    by Robert A. Lawson & Saurav Roychoudhury

  • 2016 The Empirical Evidence on Government Bond Market Integration in East Asia
    by Liu, Lian

  • 2016 Whither the TPP? Political Economy of Ratification and Effect on Trade Architecture in East Asia
    by Choi, Byung-il

  • 2016 Review of On-Scene Management of Mass-Casualty Attacks
    by Annelie Holgersson

  • 2016 Rio De Janeiro’s Olympic Legacy: Public Security for Whom?
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 On Unstable Ground: Issues Involved in Greening Space in the Rocinha Favela of Rio De Janeiro
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 Pacification & Mega-events in Rio de Janeiro: Urbanization, Public Security & Accumulation by Dispossession
    by Lea Rekow

  • 2016 A Piece of Land or Peace on the Land: How Much Is a Peasant's Life Worth in Brazil?
    by Artur Zimerman

  • 2016 A Review of 'Law's Impunity: Responsibility and the Modern Private Military Company'
    by Marcos Alan S. V. Ferreira

  • 2016 A Review of 'New Explorations into International Relations: Democracy, Foreign Investment Terrorism and Conflict'
    by John Michael Quinn V

  • 2016 Human Security: China’s Discourses and Experience
    by Xiao Ren

  • 2016 Editorial Volume 12
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2016 A Review of 'Energy and Transport in Green Transition: Perspectives on Ecomodernity'
    by David Harnesk

  • 2016 Identifying the “Usual Suspects†—Assessing Patterns of Representation in Local Environmental Initiatives
    by Paul Fenton & Henner Busch

  • 2016 Reflexions on Urban Gardening in Germany
    by Evelyn Gustedt

  • 2016 Agricultural Land and the New Urban Paradigm: Coexistence, Integration, or Conflict?
    by Ilenia Pierantoni & Massimo Sargolini

  • 2016 Siting Urban Agriculture as a Green Infrastructure Strategy for Land Use Planning in Austin, TX
    by Charles M. Rogers & Colleen C. Hiner

  • 2016 Building Urban Agricultural Commons: A Utopia or a Reality?
    by Pierre Donadieu

  • 2016 Cultivating the Glocal Garden
    by Matthijs Hisschemoller

  • 2016 Action Research: An Essential Approach for Constructing the Development of Sustainable Urban Agricultural Systems
    by Antonia Djmela Bousbaine & Christopher Robin Bryant

  • 2016 Urban Agriculture, Commons and Urban Policies: Scaling up Local Innovation
    by François Mancebo

  • 2016 Urban Agriculture: Fostering the Urban-Rural Continuum
    by Francois Mancebo & Sylvie Salles

  • 2016 State and Governance in the Contemporary International Economic System
    by Levent DUMAN & Özgür ÜÞENMEZ

  • 2016 Romania, The European Union And Russia
    by Ion MUSCHEI

  • 2016 Nation-state coming back on the scene of international relations
    by Cristian Moisoiu

  • 2016 Assessing the UN High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines Report in Light of the Right to Health
    by Lisa Forman & Ifrah Abdillahi & Jeannie Samuel

  • 2016 What Has Limited the Impact of UK Disability Equality Law on Social Justice?
    by Rupert Harwood

  • 2016 Liberal or Conservative? Genetic Rhetoric, Disability, and Human Species Modification
    by Christopher F. Goodey

  • 2016 Copyright, Culture, and Community in Virtual Worlds
    by Dan Burk

  • 2016 Precedents, Patterns and Puzzles: Feminist Reflections on the First Women Lawyers
    by Mary Jane Mossman

  • 2016 Harmonisation and Cross-Fertilisation of Socio-Economic Rights in the Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Disability and the Reasonableness Review Case Study
    by Andrea Broderick

  • 2016 The Discussions around Precision Genetic Engineering: Role of and Impact on Disabled People
    by Gregor Wolbring & Lucy Diep

  • 2016 Precision Medicine and Advancing Genetic Technologies—Disability and Human Rights Perspectives
    by Aisling de Paor & Peter Blanck

  • 2016 Disability in a Human Rights Context
    by Theresia Degener

  • 2016 The Cosmopolitan Future: A Feminist Approach
    by Sylvie Fogiel-Bijaoui

  • 2016 Lux In Arcana : Decoding the Right to Be Forgotten in Digital Archives
    by Patricia Sanchez Abril & Eugenio Pizarro Moreno

  • 2016 Protection Orders for Battered Women in Israel
    by Dalit Yassour-Borochowitz

  • 2016 Subverting Justice: Socio-Legal Determinants of Impunity for Violence against Women in Guatemala
    by Cecilia Menjívar & Shannon Drysdale Walsh

  • 2016 Using Risk to Assess the Legal Violence of Mandatory Detention
    by Robert Koulish

  • 2016 Strengthening the Voice of Persons with Mental Health Problems in Legal Capacity Proceedings
    by Marie Fallon-Kund & Jerome Bickenbach

  • 2016 Governance of the Internet of Things—From Infancy to First Attempts of Implementation?
    by Rolf H. Weber

  • 2016 The Proportionality and Solidarity Principles and Their Impact on Privacy Laws in German Jurisprudence
    by Klaus Schmidt & Alejandro Laje

  • 2016 Uneasy Bedfellows: Social Justice and Neo-Liberal Practice in the Housing Market
    by Andrew Martel

  • 2016 The Death Penalty and Human Dignity: An Existential Fallacy
    by Susan Nagelsen & Charles Huckelbury

  • 2016 Sustainable Indigenous Reindeer Herding as a Human Right
    by Stefan Kirchner & Vanessa M. Frese

  • 2016 Are Cutbacks to Personal Assistance Violating Sweden’s Obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?
    by Ciara Brennan & Rannveig Traustadóttir & Peter Anderberg & James Rice

  • 2016 A Word of Caution: Human Rights, Disability, and Implementation of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals
    by Claire E. Brolan

  • 2016 NGO-Ization and Human Rights Law: The CRPD’s Civil Society Mandate
    by Stephen Meyers

  • 2016 Legal Instruments for Marine Sanctuary in the High Arctic
    by Kathleen Morris & Kamrul Hossain

  • 2016 The Structure of Local Groundwater Law for Sustainable Groundwater Policy in Japan
    by Sayaka K. Hori

  • 2016 Kids Sell: Celebrity Kids’ Right to Privacy
    by Seong Choul Hong

  • 2016 Can International Human Rights Law Help Restore Access to Justice for Disabled Workers?
    by Rupert Harwood

  • 2016 Institutional Perceptions of Internal Security on the Relationship between “Sensitive Urban Zones” and Immigrant Criminality
    by Maria João Guia & João Pedroso

  • 2016 Access to Preventive Health Care for Undocumented Migrants: A Comparative Study of Germany, The Netherlands and Spain from a Human Rights Perspective
    by Veronika Flegar & María Dalli & Brigit Toebes

  • 2016 Dissecting Marriage Fraud as a True Immigration Crime
    by George S. Asllani

  • 2016 Marine World Heritage and the Quest for Sustainability
    by Antonia Zervaki

  • 2016 Assumptions of Decision-Making Capacity: The Role Supporter Attitudes Play in the Realisation of Article 12 for People with Severe or Profound Intellectual Disability
    by Joanne Watson

  • 2016 CRISPR, a Crossroads in Genetic Intervention: Pitting the Right to Health against the Right to Disability
    by Shawna Benston

  • 2016 Australia’s National Anti-Bullying Jurisdiction: Paper Tiger or Velvet Glove
    by Allison Ballard & Patricia Easteal

  • 2016 Explaining Patterns of Urban Violence in Medellin, Colombia
    by Caroline Doyle

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2015
    by Laws Editorial Office

  • 2016 Germany without Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry—A 15 Month Real World Experience
    by Martin Zinkler

  • 2016 In the Best Interests of the Abuser: Coercive Control, Child Custody Proceedings and the “Expert” Assessments That Guide Judicial Determinations
    by Samantha Jeffries

  • 2016 Legal Capacity and Access to Justice: The Right to Participation in the CRPD
    by Penelope Weller

  • 2016 Can a Patriarchal World Be Corrected by a Criminal Law? Feminist Struggles, Penal Justice and Legal Reform in France (1970–1980)
    by Jean Bérard

  • 2016 Feminist Jurisprudence, the Australian Legal System and Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: Fiction over Fact
    by Jessica White & Patricia Easteal

  • 2016 Future Persons and Legal Persons: The Problematic Representation of the Future Child in the Regulation of Reproduction
    by Lisette Ten Haaf

  • 2016 Globalization and risk averse workers: The roles of labor market and trade policies
    by Ranjan, Priya

  • 2016 Markets with untraceable goods of unknown quality: Beyond the small-country case
    by McQuade, Timothy & Salant, Stephen W. & Winfree, Jason

  • 2016 La globalización y sus relaciones con la tributación, una constatación para América Latina y la OCDE
    by Víctor Mauricio Castañeda Rodríguez

  • 2016 Poverty, Obesity, Diabetes: Are They the By-Products of Liberalization of Global Economy?
    by Sharaf N. Rehman

  • 2015 Donor’s double talk undermines African agency : Comparative study of civic agency in Burkina Faso and Togo
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2015 Global Value Chains: Implications for the Austrian economy
    by Veronika Kulmer & Michael Kernitzkyi & Judith Köberl & Andreas Niederl

  • 2015 Migration as a response to differences in human rights and income: A bilateral panel study
    by Wong, Pui-Hang & Celbis, Mehmet Guney

  • 2015 Donor’s double talk undermines African agency: Comparative study of civic agency in Burkina Faso and Togo
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2015 Networks in Manuel Castells’ theory of the network society
    by Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko

  • 2015 Endogenous regional growth and foreign trade, in Romania
    by Zaman, Gheorghe & Antonescu, Daniela

  • 2015 Demokratie , öffentliche Güter und Europa
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil

  • 2015 Polityka gospodarcza w warunkach globalizacji. Szanse i zagrozenia
    by Pawel Piatkowski

  • 2015 Emerging Policy Issues: Localisation Barriers to Trade
    by Susan Stone & James Messent & Dorothee Flaig

  • 2015 The Impact of Services Trade Restrictiveness on Trade Flows: First Estimates
    by Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås & Dorothée Rouzet

  • 2015 Assessing the Effects of the MFA/ATC from US and World Trade Data after Its Removal
    by Daqing Yao & John Whalley

  • 2015 Mainland Corridors v.s Maritime Corridors in ASEAN-China Economic Relation
    by Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi

  • 2015 ASEAN-China Economic Relations: A View from Indonesia
    by Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi

  • 2015 Globalization, Inequality, and Redistribution: Theory and Evidence
    by Giray Gozgor & Priya Ranjan

  • 2015 Partners in Austerity: Jamaica, the United States and the International Monetary Fund
    by Jake Johnston

  • 2015 Globalization, Inequality, and Redistribution: Theory and Evidence
    by Giray Gozgor & Priya Ranjan

  • 2015 Did Globalization Influence Credit Market Deregulation
    by Peter Eppinger & Niklas Potrafke

  • 2015 Globalization, Jobs, and Welfare: The Roles of Social Protection and Redistribution
    by Priya Ranjan

  • 2015 Disappearing Paradigms in Shareholder Protection: Leximetric Evidence for 30 Countries, 1990-2013
    by Dionysia Katelouzou & Mathias Siems

  • 2015 World Scientific Reference on Globalisation in Eurasia and the Pacific Rim:(In 4 Volumes)Volume 1: Foreign InvestmentVolume 2: InnovationVolume 3: Energy: Policy, Legal and Social-Economic Issues under the Dimensions of Sustainability and SecurityVolume 4: Migration: Economic Drivers of Contemporary Labour Mobility in East Asia

  • 2015 Área de livre comércio entre Estados Unidos e União Europeia: limites e possibilidades
    by Mygre Lopes da Silva & Daniel Arruda Coronel & Rodrigo Abbade da Silva

  • 2015 Risks and Opportunities of Participation in Global Value Chains
    by Gary Gereffi & Xubei Luo

  • 2015 Partnership Principle – A Theoretical Approach within Cohesion Policy
    by Caranica Cristina-Nicoleta

  • 2015 The New Economic Policy Of The Eu And Its Application In The Republic Of Croatia
    by Mladen Vedris

  • 2015 Regional Cooperation In The Black Sea Basin
    by Anastasiia GAVUIK

  • 2015 Sustainable Health for All? The Tension Between Human Security and the Right to Health Care
    by Alexander K. Lautensach

  • 2015 Redefining Human Security for Vulnerable Migrants in East Asia
    by Jiyoung Song

  • 2015 Educational Pathways to Remote Employment in Isolated Communities
    by David Denkenberger & Julia Way & Joshua M. Pearce

  • 2015 Notes from the Field: The Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine
    by John M Quinn

  • 2015 A Review of 'Humanitarian Intervention and Legitimacy Wars: Seeking Peace and Justice in the 21st Century'
    by Leah Merchant

  • 2015 Human Security Workers Deployed in Austere Environments: A Brief Guide to Self-Care, Sustainment, and Productivity
    by Thomas F. Ditzler & Abigail D. Hoeh & Patricia R. Hastings

  • 2015 Editorial for Journal of Human Security Volume 11
    by Sabina Lautensach

  • 2015 A Review of "The Politics of Sustainability: Philosophical Perspectives"
    by José Goldemberg

  • 2015 Time for Decarbonization of Conservation and Development Projects? The Political Ecology of Carbon Projects
    by Pierre L. Ibisch

  • 2015 Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in Democracies and Autocracies
    by Stefan Wurster

  • 2015 Locational determinants of us outward fdi into sub-saharan Africa
    by Godwin Okafor

  • 2015 Services in the Field of Law within the Internal Market: Promoting e-Justice through Interoperability
    by Gherardo Carullo

  • 2015 Fair and Equitable Benefit-Sharing at the Cross-Roads of the Human Right to Science and International Biodiversity Law
    by Elisa Morgera

  • 2015 Bioethics and Human Rights in the Constitutional Formation of Global Health
    by Atina Krajewska

  • 2015 Embryonic Human Life and Dignity: The French Connection
    by Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis

  • 2015 Immigration Federalism as Ideology: Lessons from the States
    by Lina Newton

  • 2015 The Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Article 12: Prospective Feminist Lessons against the “Will and Preferences” Paradigm
    by Camillia Kong

  • 2015 Using Increases in Criminal Deportees from the US to Estimate the Effect of Crime on Economic Growth and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
    by Garfield O. Blake

  • 2015 Climate-Related Standards and Multilateral Finance for Development
    by Charles E. Di Leva

  • 2015 Double Blind Peer-Review in Laws
    by Frank Pasquale & Martyn Rittman

  • 2015 State Fragility and Structural Gender Inequality in Family Law: An Empirical Investigation
    by Donna Lee Bowen & Valerie M. Hudson & Perpetua Lynne Nielsen

  • 2015 Polluter-Pays-Principle: The Cardinal Instrument for Addressing Climate Change
    by Mizan R. Khan

  • 2015 Access to Minerals: WTO Export Restrictions and Climate Change Considerations
    by Stephanie Switzer & Leonardus Gerber & Francesco Sindico

  • 2015 Psychosocial Predictors of Compliance with Speed Limits and Alcohol Limits by Spanish Drivers: Modeling Compliance of Traffic Rules
    by Rebeca Bautista & Esther Sitges & Sonia Tirado

  • 2015 The Absence of the Right to Culture of Minorities within Minorities in Israel: A Tale of a Cultural Dissent Case
    by Meital Pinto

  • 2015 Doing “Life”: A Glimpse into the Long-Term Incarceration Experience
    by Anthony K. Willis & Barbara H. Zaitzow

  • 2015 Is There Room for Coherence in Climate Financial Assistance?
    by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

  • 2015 What Role for Law, Human Rights, and Bioethics in an Age of Big Data, Consortia Science, and Consortia Ethics? The Importance of Trustworthiness
    by Edward S. Dove & Vural Özdemir

  • 2015 Renewables, Preferential Trade Agreements and EU Energy Security
    by Rafael Leal-Arcas & Valentina Caruso & Raphaela Leupuscek

  • 2015 The Human Right to Water in Law and Implementation
    by Norbert Brunner & Vijay Mishra & Ponnusamy Sakthivel & Markus Starkl & Christof Tschohl

  • 2015 Privacy, Personhood, and Property in the Age of Genomics
    by Wendy Bonython & Bruce Baer Arnold

  • 2015 Regulating Gamete Donation in the U.S.: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications
    by Maya Sabatello

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