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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization
/ / / F63: Economic Development
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 What Does Brunei Teach Us About Using Human Development Index Rankings as a Policy Tool?
    by Michael, Bryane

  • 2015 Democracy and international trade: Differential effects from a panel quantile regression framework
    by Abeliansky, Ana & Krenz, Astrid

  • 2015 Economic and Social Upgrading Dynamics in Global Manufacturing Value Chains: A Comparative Analysis
    by Thomas Bernhardt & Ruth Pollak

  • 2015 The limits to wage-led growth in a low-income economy
    by Razmi, Arslan

  • 2015 Always Affecting the Wrong People? The Impact of US Sanctions on Poverty
    by Matthias Neuenkirch & Florian Neumeier

  • 2015 The Limits of Lending : Banks and Technology Adoption Across Russia
    by Bircan, Cagatay & de Haas, R.

  • 2015 When Linder Meets Hirschman: Inter-Industry Linkages and Global Value Chains in Business Services
    by Javier Lopez Gonzalez & Valentina Meliciani & Maria Savona

  • 2015 Global Structural Change And Value Chains In Services: A Reappraisal
    by Maria Savona

  • 2015 Institutional Void And The Evolution Of Appropriability Regime - The Case Of The Transition Of Intellectual Property Rights Policy In Taiwan
    by Chihcheng Lo

  • 2015 Managing European Sustainable Cities
    by Nemanja Backovi & Vesna Mili & Adam Sofronijevi

    by Florin Bonciu

  • 2015 Networks in Manuel Castells’ theory of the network society
    by Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko

  • 2015 Pouvoir syndical et régulation des firmes multinationales
    by Jellal, Mohamed

  • 2015 Współpraca transgraniczna małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw jako czynnik rozwoju regionalnego. Na przykładzie podregionu białostocko-suwalskiego i podregionu krośnieńsko-przemyskiego w Polsce, obwodu zakarpackiego na Ukrainie oraz obwodu Grodzieńskiego na Białorusi
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej & Klimczuk-Kochańska, Magdalena & Plawgo, Bogusław

  • 2015 Potencjał współpracy transgranicznej podregionu białostocko-suwalskiego
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej & Klimczuk-Kochańska, Magdalena

  • 2015 Market for Corporate Control and Contractual Buyout (CoBO): A New “Collective Ownership-and-Administrative” Strategy
    by Reddy, Kotapati Srinivasa

  • 2015 Demokratie , öffentliche Güter und Europa
    by Mavrozacharakis, Emmanouil

  • 2015 The Next Chapter of ASEAN Economic Community through Integrating with the existing FTA partners (RCEP), Turkey, and Pakistan
    by durongkaveroj, wannaphong

  • 2015 The evaluation of economic development index: theory and research
    by Jadvyga Ciburiene

  • 2015 From confrontation to cooperation – institutional support in building cooperation of Polish enterprises
    by Joanna Bednarz & Magdalena Markiewicz

  • 2015 The Role Of The State In Creating A Green Economy
    by Paulina Szyja

  • 2015 Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico
    by David Atkin & Benjamin Faber & Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

  • 2015 Always Affecting the Wrong People? The Impact of US Sanctions on Poverty
    by Matthias Neuenkirch & Florian Neumeier

  • 2015 A Model of China's State Capitalism
    by Xi Li & Xuewen Liu & Yong Wang

  • 2015 Composite Indices Based on Partial Least Squares
    by Jisu Yoon & Stephan Klasen & Axel Dreher & Tatyana Krivobokova

  • 2015 Global Value Chains: Benefiting the Domestic Economy?
    by Victor Kummritz

  • 2015 Partners in Austerity: Jamaica, the United States and the International Monetary Fund
    by Jake Johnston

  • 2015 The Impact of South-South Trade Agreements on FDI
    by Mondher Cherif & Christian Dreger

  • 2015 The gravity model, global value chain and the brazilian states
    by Joachim Guilhoto & Jean-Marc Siroën & Ayçil Yücer

  • 2015 Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico
    by Atkin, David & Faber, Benjamin & Gonzalez Navarro, Marco

  • 2015 State Capabilities in Colombian Municipalities Measurement and Determinants
    by Guillermo Perry & Eduardo García & Pedro Jiménez

  • 2015 Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico
    by David Atkin & Benjamin Faber & Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

  • 2015 Financial inclusion, rather than size, is the key to tackling income inequality
    by David Martinez Turegano & Alicia Garcia-Herrero

  • 2015 Appreciation of the Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Global Economy
    by Róbert Csoma

  • 2015 Valuation Of Economic And Social Development Of The Counties Brod-Posavina And Pozega-Slavonia Through Eu Funds
    by Visnja Bartolovic & Tomislav Kovacevic

  • 2015 Economic Development in Leather Tannery and Environmental Issues
    by Muhammad Qasim & Aroj Bashir & Malik Muhammad Anees & Ahtasham Raza & Muhammad Usman Ghani & Moeen Khalid & Jahanzaib Malik & Faisal Hanan

  • 2015 Stress-testing Africa's recent growth and poverty performance
    by Devarajan, Shantayanan & Go, Delfin S. & Maliszewska, Maryla & Osorio-Rodarte, Israel & Timmer, Hans

  • 2015 Spatial rebalancing and industrial convergence in China
    by Lemoine, Françoise & Poncet, Sandra & Ünal, Deniz

  • 2015 Russia and Europe Under Sanctions: Problems of Energy Development
    by Ruslan Zaynutdinov

  • 2015 Divisas e imperialismo en las crisis económicas argentinas
    by Gustavo Burachik

  • 2015 Transport Networks And Impact On The Progress Of Trade Exchanges
    by Elena Ramona TERZEA

  • 2015 Geopolitics - A New Framework Of Analysis: Global Challenges And Perspectives
    by Laura Cătălina PAȘCU

  • 2015 Creative And Innovative Cities – A New Perspective For Sustainable Development
    by Cristina Andreea FLOREA

  • 2015 Mutations du commerce extérieur chinois
    by Françoise Lemoine & Deniz Ünal

  • 2015 Kraje rozwijające się w ugrupowaniach integracyjnych / Developing Countries in Economic Agreements
    by Justyna Wieloch

  • 2014 Global Crisis and Trends of Economic Development
    by V. Mau & A. Ulyukaev.

  • 2014 The Moderating Role of FDI Motives and Embeddedness on the Performance of Foreign and Domestic Firms in Emerging Markets
    by Tilo F. Halaszovich & Sarianna M. Lundan

  • 2014 Infrastructure provision and Africa's trade and development prospects: Potential role and relevance of The WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)
    by Niggli, Nicholas C. & Osei-Lah, Kodjo

  • 2014 Achieving Bangladesh's tourism potential: Linkages to export diversification, employment generation and the "green economy"
    by Honeck, Dale & Akhtar, Md. Shoaib

  • 2014 Knowledge spillovers through international supply chains
    by Piermartini, Roberta & Rubínová, Stela

  • 2014 Internationale Expansion in der pharmazeutischen Industrie Österreichs
    by Christian Zeller & Andreas Hametner & Koen Smet & Markus Seiwald

  • 2014 Economic Convergence and Structural Change: the Role of Transition and EU Accession
    by Rumen Dobrinsky & Peter Havlik

  • 2014 Patterns of Structural Change in the New EU Member States
    by Peter Havlik

  • 2014 The Real Exchange Rate and External Competitiveness in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia
    by Zuzana Brixiova & Balázs Égert & Thouraya Hadj Amor Essid

  • 2014 Do distributors really know the product? Approaching emerging markets through exports
    by Francesca Checchinato & Lala Hu & Tiziano Vescovi

  • 2014 Internationalization of Middle Size Multinational Enterprises in Chinese Markets: Mirroring Back Effects
    by Andrea Pontiggia & Tiziano Vescovi

  • 2014 El ciclo económico del Uruguay, 1998-2012
    by Luis Bértola & Fernando Isabella & Carola Saavedra

  • 2014 Competitiveness of the Polish Economy against the Background of Other European Union Member States. Selected issues
    by Iwona Pawlas

  • 2014 Global Value-Chains and Connectivity in Developing Asia - with application to the Central and West Asian region
    by Pomfret, Richard & Sourdin, Patricia

  • 2014 Trade Policy Challenges in a Small, Open, Fragile, Postconflict Economy: Cambodia
    by Hill, Hal & Menon, Jayant

  • 2014 Industrial Policy in Indonesia: A Global Value Chain Perspective
    by Tijaja, Julia & Faisal, Mohammad

  • 2014 Industrialisation et présentation de la filière bois au Cameroun
    by Antoine MAHAILLET

  • 2014 Metals and engineering vision 2025
    by Nikinmaa, Timo

  • 2014 Rural and historical tourism in Dobrogea
    by Sima, Elena

  • 2014 The Antecedents and Effects of Corruption - A Reassessment of Current (Empirical) Findings
    by Dimant, Eugen

  • 2014 Rentier Developmentalism, Servicization and DInRT Economies
    by constantine, collin

  • 2014 Zjawisko konwergencji w krajach Karaibskiej Wspólnoty i Wspólnego Rynku
    by Buła, Rafał

  • 2014 Exploitation or Empowerment? The Impact of Textile and Apparel Manufacturing on the Education of Women in Developing Countries
    by Ozsoz, Emre

  • 2014 Social fairness and sustainability of economic productivity
    by Mihai, Iris

  • 2014 L'esprit du capitalisme capital étranger et développement
    by Jellal, Mohamed

  • 2014 Impact of strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Regime on income inequality: An econometric analysis
    by Saini, Swati & Mehra, Meeta K

  • 2014 Determinants of International Tourism Demand for the Philippines: An Augmented Gravity Model Approach
    by Deluna, Roperto Jr & Jeon, Narae

  • 2014 The Nature of Corruption - An Interdisciplinary Perspective
    by Eugen Dimant

  • 2014 Cambodia: Rapid Growth in an Open, Post-Conflict Economy
    by Hal Hill & Jayant Menon

  • 2014 Connecting Local Producers in Developing Countries to Regional and Global Value Chains: Update
    by Penny Bamber & Karina Fernandez-Stark & Gary Gereffi & Andrew Guinn

  • 2014 Scaling up and replicating effective climate finance interventions
    by Takayoshi Kato & Jane Ellis & Pieter Pauw & Randy Caruso

  • 2014 Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims: Analysis of Treaty Practice
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2014 Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss: Insights from Advanced Systems of Corporate Law
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2014 Micro-Data Evidence on Family Size and Chinese Saving Rates
    by Steven Lugauer & Jinlan Ni & Zhichao Yin

  • 2014 The Revived Bretton Woods System's First Decade
    by Michael P. Dooley & David Folkerts-Landau & Peter M. Garber

  • 2014 The Network Origins of Economic Growth
    by Dürnecker, Georg & Meyer, Moritz & Vega-Redondo, Fernando

  • 2014 Hidden Protectionism? Evidence from Non-tariff Barriers to Trade in the United States
    by Christoph Moser & Robert Grundke

  • 2014 Foreign Investment and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets: Recurring Problems and Demonstrated Solutions
    by Theodore H. Moran

  • 2014 Is There a Development Gap in Rationality?
    by Cappelen, Alexander W. & Kariv, Shachar & Sørensen, Erik Ø. & Tungodden, Bertil

  • 2014 Globalization and Child Health in Developing Countries: The Role of Democracy
    by Welander, Anna & Lyttkens, Carl Hampus & Nilsson, Therese

  • 2014 Is Co-Invention Expediting Technological Catch Up? A Study of Collaboration between Emerging Country Firms and EU inventors
    by Giuliani , Elisa & Martinelli , Arianna & Rabellotti , Roberta

  • 2014 Globalization and Child Health in Developing Countries: The Role of Democracy
    by Welander, Anna & Lyttkens, Carl Hampus & Nilsson, Therese

  • 2014 Poverty and Crime: Evidence from Rainfall and Trade Shocks in India
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Petia Topalova

  • 2014 The Future of Development Aid in a Globalizing World with Climate Change
    by Hübler, Michael

  • 2014 Africa is on time
    by Pinkovskiy, Maxim L. & Sala-i-Martin, Xavier X.

  • 2014 Diffusion of Containerization
    by Rua, Gisela

  • 2014 The dynamic implications of liberalizing global migration
    by Frédéric DOCQUIER & Marco DELOGU & Joël MACHADO

  • 2014 The dynamic implications of liberalizing global migration
    by Frédéric DOCQUIER & Marco DELOGU & Joël MACHADO

  • 2014 Potential Of Business
    by Julija Avakumovic, Jelena Avakumovic

  • 2014 The Chinese in Colonial Rabaul: An Informal History
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2014 Colonial Origins of the Informal Economy on the Gazelle Peninsula
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2014 Trade Performance of Free Trade Zones
    by Jean-Marc Siroën & Ayçil Yücer

  • 2014 Global competition for attracting talents and the world economy
    by Frédéric DOCQUIER & Joël MACHADO

  • 2014 A theory of trade in a global production network
    by Bosker, Maarten & Westbrock, Bastian

  • 2014 Corruption: Transcending borders
    by Michael Jetter & Esteban Alemán Correa & Jimena Dávila B & Alejandra Montoya Agudelo

  • 2014 The Geographic Pattern of China's Growth and Convergence within Industry
    by Françoise Lemoine & Grégoire Mayo & Sandra Poncet & Deniz Ünal

  • 2014 Estimating Illicit Flows of Capital via Trade Mispricing: A Forensic Analysis of Data on Switzerland-Working Paper 350
    by Alex Cobham, Petr Janský, and Alex Prats

  • 2014 Hidden Protectionism? Evidence from Non-tariff Barriers to Trade in the United States
    by Robert Grundke & Christoph Moser

  • 2014 The Dynamic Implications of Liberalizing Global Migration
    by Marco Delogu & Frédéric Docquier & Joël Machado

  • 2014 Global Finance Brief: Monetary Policy Shocks from the EU and US: Implications for Sub-Sharan Africa
    by Jeremy Kronick

  • 2014 Growing Income Inequality as a Challenge to 21st Century Capitalism
    by Josef C. Brada & El-hadj Bah

  • 2014 The Effects of Remittances on Output per Worker in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Production Function Approach
    by John Ssozi & Simplice Asongu

  • 2014 The Quiet Revolution In Agri-Food Value Chains In Asia: Understanding The Fast Emergence Of Cold Storages In Poor Districts In India
    by Bart Minten & Thomas Reardon & K.M. Singh & Rajib Sutradhar

  • 2014 The Role Of Government In Ensuring A Level Playing Field: The Case Of South Africa'S Competition Commission And The Maize Milling Industry
    by Lulama Ndibongo Traub

  • 2014 Promoting Agro-Enterprises In The Highlands Of Ethiopia Through Improved Institutional Support Services: Experiences Of Market-Oriented Dairy And Fattening Development
    by Berhanu Gebremedhin & Dirk Hoekstra & Azage Tegegne

  • 2014 Autonomy, Competence And Market Structure: Self-Determination Theory Applied To Small Agricultural Exporters From Latin America
    by Linda M. Young & Theresa C. Bushman

  • 2014 Promoting Food Processing Through Food Parks And Food Processing Special Economic Zones: The Indian Experience
    by Aradhna Aggarwal

  • 2014 Sweet Sorghum: A Smart Crop To Meet The Demands For Food, Fodder, Fuel And Feed
    by G. Basavaraj & P. Parthasarathy Rao & C. Ravinder Reddy & A. Ashok Kumar & S. Datta Mazumdar & Y. Ramana Reddy & P. Srinivasa Rao & S.M. Karuppan Chetty & Belum V.S. Reddy

  • 2014 Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship And New Green Jobs: Successful Experiences In Mexico
    by Artemisa Montes Sylvan

  • 2014 Capabilities And Performance In Collective Marketing: The Importance Of Learning To Cope With Agency Dilemmas
    by Giel Ton & Lithzy Flores & Rub�n Monasterios & Evaristo Yana

  • 2014 Geography Matters: Evidence And Implications Of Spatial Selection In Contract Farming Schemes In Southern India
    by Sudha Narayanan

  • 2014 Innovative Networks In Conservation Agriculture: Bajio Hub Case Study, Mexico
    by Gabriela Monsalvo-Vel�zquez & Ricardo Romero-Perezgrovas & Bram Govaerts & Roberto Rend�n-Medel

  • 2014 Innovative Business Models In The Thai Horticultural Sector: A Panel Data Analysis Of The Impacts Of Globalgap Certification
    by Sarah Holzapfel & Meike Wollni

  • 2014 Institutional Innovations Linking Small-Scale Farmers To Produce Markets In South Africa
    by Joyce M. Chitja & Edward Mabaya

  • 2014 What Happened In The Early Years Of Democracy: Indonesia'S Experience
    by Akhmad Rizal Shidiq & Philips Jusario Vermonte

  • 2014 Social Order, Rents, And Economic Development In Iran Since The Early 20th Century
    by Hadi Salehi Esfahani & Esra �eviker G�rakar

  • 2014 Political And Economic Developments In Turkey And The Transformation Of Political Islam (1950–2010)
    by Hasan Ersel

  • 2014 Enhancing Competition In A Post-Revolutionary Arab Context: Does The Turkish Experience Provide Any Lessons?
    by Izak Atiyas

  • 2014 Detecting Corruption And Evaluating Programs To Control It: Some Lessons For Mena
    by Jeffrey B. Nugent

  • 2014 Islamists In Power? Inclusion, Moderation, And The Arab Uprisings
    by Jillian Schwedler

  • 2014 On The Determinants Of Democratic Transitions
    by Caroline Freund & Melise Jaud

  • 2014 The Making Of The Tunisian Revolution
    by Fadhel Kaboub

  • 2014 The Political Economy Of Arab Presidents For Life — And After
    by Roger Owen

  • 2014 Audiovisual Services In The Republic Of Korea: Market Development And Policies
    by Yeongkwan Song

  • 2014 Audiovisual Services In India
    by Arpita Mukherjee

  • 2014 Audiovisual Services: International Trade And Cultural Policy
    by Gillian Doyle

  • 2014 Internationalization Of Tertiary Education Services In Singapore
    by Mun-Heng Toh

  • 2014 Trade Liberalization And Domestic Regulations: Implications For Malaysia As A Regional Education Hub
    by Siew Yean Tham

  • 2014 International Transactions In Tertiary Education Services: The Case Of Japan
    by Shintaro Hamanaka

  • 2014 Trade And Investment In Higher Education Services In Hong Kong, China
    by Jane Drake-Brockman

  • 2014 Regulating Higher Education Services In The People'S Republic Of China
    by Xingde Zhu

  • 2014 From Cross-Border Higher Education To Trade In Education Services
    by St�phan Vincent-Lancrin

  • 2014 Conclusions
    by Phillip H. Phan

  • 2014 The Microfinance Investment Horizon: Navigating between Social Mission and Profit Making
    by Hilda Eitzen

  • 2014 Endogenous Fragility in Microfinance: Evidence from India
    by C�line Gimet & Thomas Lagoarde-Segot

  • 2014 Microfinance as Cooperation between Private Property and Collective Action to Reconnect Consumption and Societal Development
    by Bernard Paranque

  • 2014 The Extant Theoretical and Empirical Literature in Microfinance
    by Phillip H. Phan

  • 2014 Growth from Globalization? A View from the Very Long Run
    by Meissner, Christopher M.

  • 2014 Conversations and Empirical Evidence in Microfinance

  • 2014 International Trade, Distribution and Development:Empirical Studies of Trade Policies
    by Paul Brenton

  • 2014 Innovative Institutions, Public Policies and Private Strategies for Agro-Enterprise Development

  • 2014 Understanding the Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings

  • 2014 Trade Policy in Asia:Higher Education and Media Services

  • 2014 Economic Analyses Using the Overlapping Generations Model and General Equilibrium Growth Accounting for the Japanese Economy:Population, Agriculture and Economic Development
    by Mitoshi Yamaguchi & Tomoko Kinugasa

  • 2014 Indian Economy:Empirical Analysis on Monetary and Financial Issues in India
    by Takeshi Inoue

  • 2014 Spatial and sectoral distribution of international clusters in the Baltic region
    by Mikhaylov, Andrey & Mikhaylova, Anna

  • 2014 Did Economic Inequality Cause the Economic Crisis
    by Danilo Šuković

  • 2014 Economic Development Of Bulgaria And Romania In The Post Crisis Period

  • 2014 Globalization And Human Development In Post-Transition Countries: Empirical Evidence From Panel Data
    by Andrzej Cieslik

  • 2014 Surfing On The Tide? Least-Developed Countries Trade During The Great Global Transition
    by Hubert ESCAITH & Bekele TAMENU

  • 2014 Increasing the Sustainability of Museums through International Strategy
    by Izabela Luiza POP & Anca BORZA

  • 2014 The Role Of Chances Equality And Social Inclusion In Terms Of Economic Development
    by Iuliana Petronela, GÂRDAN & Daniel Adrian, GÂRDAN

  • 2014 Linking into Global Value Chains Is Not Sufficient: Do You Export Domestic Value Added Contents?
    by Banga, Rashmi

  • 2014 The role of country size in spatial economics: A survey of the home market effects
    by Dao-Zhi Zeng

  • 2014 The Comparison of Net Budgetary Position Development and GDP Development for Selected Net Recipients of the European Union
    by Jaroslav Kovárník

  • 2014 Regional Development in Romania under the Impact of Internal Requirements and Exigencies of the European Union
    by Hurjui Marcela Cristina & Hurjui Ioan

  • 2014 Effects of the US Financial Crisis on Nine Representative Countries
    by Stoian Andrei

  • 2014 China In The New World Economic Setting
    by Botescu Ion

  • 2014 Financing Development Projects In New Eu Financial Perspective 2014-2020
    by Gabrijela Zalac & Mario Banozic

  • 2014 Retos para la cooperación al desarrollo en el post-2015 /Challenges for Development Cooperation in the Post-2015

  • 2014 Az európai uniós tagság mint modernizációs hajtóerő. Gondolatok a kelet-közép-európai országok EU-tagságának 10. évfordulóján
    by Kengyel, Ákos

  • 2014 The Impact of Tourism Industry in the Economy. The Case of the Black Sea Region Countries
    by Daniel Bulin & Nela Miru & Georgica Gheorghe

  • 2014 Growth Poles. Related concepts
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Edith Mihaela Dobre

  • 2014 Freedom of movement for workers
    by John Kennan

  • 2014 Flat-rate tax systems and their effect on labor markets
    by Andreas Peichl

  • 2014 Determinants of knowledge exchange between foreign and domestic enterprises in european post-transition economies
    by Andrea Gauselmann

  • 2014 Taking the Thai trail: Attracting FDI via macro-level policy
    by Wattanadumrong, Bhagaporn & Collins, Alan & Snell, Martin C.

  • 2014 Neighbors and the evolution of the comparative advantage of nations: Evidence of international knowledge diffusion?
    by Bahar, Dany & Hausmann, Ricardo & Hidalgo, Cesar A.

  • 2014 A multivariate approach in measuring socio-economic development of MENA countries
    by Milenkovic, Nemanja & Vukmirovic, Jovanka & Bulajic, Milica & Radojicic, Zoran

  • 2014 Human capital, FTAs and foreign direct investment flows into ASEAN
    by Thangavelu, Shandre M. & Narjoko, Dionisius

  • 2014 Clustering As the Mechanism of Enhancement of the Technological Competitive Ability of the Enterprise
    by Inna Milko

  • 2014 Budgetary Discipline And Internal Devaluation – Estonian Method To Overcome The Crisis
    by Bernadeta Baran

  • 2014 Sustainable competitivenes – analisis of economies at various levels of development
    by Danuta Milaszewicz

  • 2014 Clusters: Innovation, Knowledge And Competitiveness In The Wood Processing Industry
    by Margareta RUSU-TANASA

  • 2014 New Actors In Global Development Cooperation: The Russian Federation
    by Laura Cătălina PAȘCU

  • 2014 Current Trends In The Foreign Trade
    by Florin Alexandru LUCA & Ana Iolanda VODĂ & Dumitru FILIPEANU

  • 2014 The Us-Eu Relation. Competition Or Cooperation
    by Mădălina Laura CUCIURIANU

  • 2014 Green Economy And Climate Change Prevention Cycle

  • 2014 Growth and population dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa
    by Agnès Chevallier & Maëlan Le Goff

  • 2014 Blue and Yellow China: Spatial Dynamics and Convergence
    by Françoise Lemoine & Sandra Poncet & Deniz Ünal

  • 2014 Príspevok Geografov K Ekonomike Rozvojových Štátov (The Contribution Of Geographers To The Economics Of Developing Countries)
    by Jaroslav Rusnak & Lukas Namesny

  • 2014 Chinese Development Assistance In The Region Of Latin America (Čínska Rozvojová Pomoc V Latinskoamerickom Regióne)
    by Monika Erbenova

  • 2014 Pojednanie O Globálnom Probléme Pandémie Aids
    by Radoslav Ivančík & Rastislav Kazanský

  • 2014 Economic Development And Convergence In Romania
    by Elena-Raluca, MOISESCU (DUICAN)

  • 2014 Economic Growth Paths Similarities in European Union
    by Janos Rechnitzer & Tamas Toth

  • 2014 A Conversation with Irma Adelman
    by Irma Adelman & David Zilberman & Eunice Kim

  • 2014 Zygmunt Bauman’s Ethical Warnings in the Area of Economics. The Third Millennium’s Perspective
    by Rafal Matera

  • 2014 Ekonomiczne i spoleczne nastepstwa globalizacji/Economic and Social Consequences of Globalisation
    by Bartlomiej Kaczmarek

  • 2013 Cambodia: Rapid Growth with Institutional Constraints
    by Hill, Hal & Menon, Jayant

  • 2013 Overlooked Opportunity: Tradable Business Services, Developing Asia, and Growth
    by Jensen, J. Bradford

  • 2013 Sovereign Investment Funds and the International Competitiveness Through Outsourcing in Emerging Countries [Fondurile suverane de investiţii şi competitivitatea internaţională prin outsourcing în ţări emergente]
    by Drăniceanu Doina

  • 2013 The Mystery of Catch-up Development
    by L. Evstigneeva & R. Evstigneev.

  • 2013 Least-developed countries' trade during the super-cycle and the great trade collapse: Patterns and stylized facts
    by Escaith, Hubert & Tamenu, Bekele

  • 2013 The nature of corruption: An interdisciplinary perspective
    by Dimant, Eugen

  • 2013 Cross-country heterogeneity and endogeneity bias in life satisfaction estimations - Macro- and micro-level evidence for advanced, developing and transition countries
    by Krenz, Astrid

  • 2013 Positioning Austria in the Global Economy: Value Added Trade, International Production Sharing and Global Linkages
    by Robert Stehrer & Roman Stöllinger

  • 2013 Features of tertiarisation in the developed economies and worldwide offshoring
    by Maria Stella Chiaruttini

  • 2013 New Approaches To Energy Security In The Baltic Sea Region: Russian Viewpoint
    by Irina Zeleneva

  • 2013 When Size Does Matter. Trends of SMEs Internationalization Strategies in Chinese Economy
    by Andrea Pontiggia & Tiziano Vescovi

  • 2013 Countervailing inequality effects of globalization and renewable energy generation in Argentina
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2013 Financial Harmonization and Financial Development: An Application of Europe’s Financial Services Action Plan
    by Ozkok, Zeynep

  • 2013 Public debt, sovereign risk and sustainable development of Romania
    by Georgescu, George

  • 2013 El Nuevo Consenso Macroeconómico y la mediocridad del crecimiento económico en México
    by Carrasco, Carlos A.

  • 2013 Testing Finance-Led, Export-Led and Import-Led Growth Hypotheses on Four Sub-Saharan African Economies
    by Evans, Olaniyi

  • 2013 Whither Income Inequalities?
    by Sundaram, Jomo Kwame & Popov, Vladimir

  • 2013 Least-Developed Countries' Trade During the "Super-Cycle" and the Great Trade Collapse: Patterns and Stylized Facts
    by Escaith, Hubert & Tamenu, Bekele

  • 2013 Barreiro – Modelo para a implementação de um Agência de Investimento Local
    by Rosa, Frederico

  • 2013 Intézményi megoldások, fejlődési modellek
    by Bartha, Zoltán & Sáfrányné Gubik, Andrea & Tóthné Szita, Klára

  • 2013 China's energy statistics in a global context: A methodology to develop regional energy balances for East, Central and West China
    by Mischke, Peggy

  • 2013 Causal Inference and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Assessing Whether There Was an Acceleration in MDG Development Indicators Following the MDG Declaration
    by Friedman, Howard Steven

  • 2013 Cluster policy in developing countries
    by Benner, Maximilian

  • 2013 Multinational Corporations’ Economic And Human Rights Impacts On Developing Countries: A Review And Research Agenda
    by Elisa Giuliani & Chiara Macchi

  • 2013 The Nature of Corruption - An Interdisciplinary Perspective
    by Eugen Dimant

  • 2013 Assessing the Trade-Related Sources of Productivity Growth in Emerging Economies
    by Przemyslaw Kowalski & Max Büge

  • 2013 China's March to Prosperity: Reforms to Avoid the Middle-income Trap
    by Vincent Koen & Richard Herd & Sam Hill

  • 2013 China Investment Policy: An Update
    by Ken Davies

  • 2013 Understanding Long-run Price Dispersion
    by Mario J. Crucini & Hakan Yilmazkuday

  • 2013 Modest, Secure and Informed: Successful Development in Conflict Zones
    by Eli Berman & Joseph Felter & Jacob N. Shapiro & Erin Troland

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