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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F6: Economic Impacts of Globalization
/ / / F63: Economic Development
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Walking Through A Tightrope: The Challenge Of Economic Growth And Poverty In Africa
    by Isaac B. Oluwatayo & Ayodeji O. Ojo

  • 2017 Does industrial policy need theoretical justifications?
    by V. Tambovtsev.

  • 2017 An empirical assessment of the economic effects of WTO accession and its commitments
    by Chemutai, Vicky & Escaith, Hubert

  • 2017 The clash of rural-urban migrants and real estate investors on Phnom Penh's housing market: Prospects for garment workers
    by Buttmann, Vera

  • 2017 Bridging the digital divide: Measuring digital literacy
    by Chetty, Krish & Qigui, Liu & Gcora, Nozibele & Josie, Jaya & Wenwei, Li & Fang, Chen

  • 2017 Bridging the digital divide in the G20: Skills for the new age
    by Chetty, Krish & Aneja, Urvashi & Mishra, Vidisha & Gcora, Nozibele & Josie, Jaya

  • 2017 A multi-religious consensus on the ethics of sustainable development: Reflections of the Ethics in Action initiative
    by Annett, Anthony M. & Sachs, Jeffrey & Sánchez Sorondo, Marcelo & Vendley, William F.

  • 2017 An evidence-based approach to ending rural hunger
    by Kharas, Homi Jamshed & McArthur, John W. & von Braun, Joachim

  • 2017 Foreign capital inflow and its welfare implications in a developing country context
    by Mukherjee, Rudrarup

  • 2017 Multinational firms and the extractive sectors in the 21st century: Can they drive development?
    by Narula, Rajneesh

  • 2017 Openness and Productivity: a Model of Firm-Owners' Effort, with an Illustration from Mexican Microenterprises
    by Vitor Trindade

  • 2017 The Mexican automotive industry in the global value chains
    by Carlos Antonio Rozo

  • 2017 The human capital and development. The Romanian case study
    by Elena Pelinescu

  • 2017 Governance over Economics: Making Globalisation Good for the Poor
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Government Regulation and Policy trumps Courts in determining Economic Growth
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Trends and Features of Research on Foreign Aid: A Literature Review
    by Pedrosa-Garcia, Jose Antonio

  • 2017 Missing the Peace Train in 2006: Economic and Political Dynamics of India Pakistan Hostility?
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 Indonesia towards 2030 and beyond: A Long-Run International Trade Foresight
    by Verico, Kiki

  • 2017 Immigration barriers and net brain drain
    by Orazbayev, Sultan

  • 2017 The Effect of Fertility on Mothers’ Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries
    by Aaronson, Daniel & Dehejia, Rajeev & Jordon, Andrew & Pop-Eleches, Cristian & Samii, Cyrus & Schultze, Karl

  • 2017 Causes and Effects of Corruption: What has Past Decade's Research Taught us? A Survey
    by Dimant, Eugen & Tosato, Guglielmo

  • 2017 Industri Wisata Halal di Indonesia: Potensi dan Prospek
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2017 Halal tourism industry in Indonesia: Potential and prospects
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2017 The Role of SMEs in International Trade: Selected Aspects
    by Joanna Malecka

  • 2017 The Most Valuable Global Brands and Condition of Economies: a Spatial Approach
    by Wioleta Kucharska & Karol Flisikowski

  • 2017 USA trade policy agenda perspectives in international trade
    by Marcel Kordos

  • 2017 The Risk Involved in Implementation of Innovations in the Real Estate Market
    by Marcin Sitek

  • 2017 Global Infrastructure Projects as the Factor of National Economies’s Development (the case of the Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline)
    by Marina Tolstel & Irina Anikina & Albina Gukova

  • 2017 Global Infrastructure Projects as the Factor of National Economies’s Development (the case of the Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline)
    by Marina Tolstel & Irina Anikina & Albina Gukova

  • 2017 Methodological Approach to the Study of International Economic Integration Influence on Development of the EAEU Members
    by D.A. Shelestova & M.S. Tolstel & E.S. Starostina

  • 2017 GVC Participation and Economic Transformation: Lessons from three sectors
    by Marie-Agnes Jouanjean & Julien Gourdon & Jane Korinek

  • 2017 Mapping the participation of ASEAN small- and medium- sized enterprises in global value chains
    by Javier López González

  • 2017 Getting the most out of trade in Estonia
    by Zuzana Smidova & Naomitsu Yashiro

  • 2017 Decentralisation to promote Regional Development in Indonesia
    by Petar Vujanovic

  • 2017 Real Exchange Rate Policies for Economic Development
    by Martin Guzman & Jose Antonio Ocampo & Joseph E. Stiglitz

  • 2017 The Financing of Local Government in China: Stimulus Loan Wanes and Shadow Banking Waxes
    by Zhuo Chen & Zhiguo He & Chun Liu

  • 2017 Trade Induced Structural Change and the Skill Premium
    by Javier Cravino & Sebastian Sotelo

  • 2017 FDI and Capital Formation in Developing Economies: New Evidence from Industry-level Data
    by Alessia A. Amighini & Margaret S. McMillan & Marco Sanfilippo

  • 2017 Trade-Induced Structural Change and the Skill Premium
    by Javier Cravino & Sebastian Sotelo

  • 2017 Peripherality, Inequality, and Economic Development in Latin American Countries
    by Yoshimichi Murakami & Nobuaki Hamaguchi

  • 2017 Trade and investment in Cambodia
    by Tanaka, Kiyoyasu

  • 2017 Better management practices and their outcomes in shrimp farming : evidence from small-scale shrimp farmers in Southern Vietnam
    by Suzuki, Aya & Vu, Hoang Nam

  • 2017 On the Implications of Immigration Policy Restricting Citizenship: Evidence from the Dominican Republic
    by Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina & Gratereaux Hernández, Carlos & Pozo, Susan

  • 2017 The Effect of Fertility on Mothers' Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries
    by Aaronson, Daniel & Dehejia, Rajeev & Jordan, Andrew & Pop-Eleches, Cristian & Samii, Cyrus & Schulze, Karl

  • 2017 Internationalization of Indian multinational enterprises - motivations, strategies and regulation from the experience of Indian investments - a focus on Europe
    by Tamas Gerocs

  • 2017 Earnings, Savings, and Job Satisfaction in a Labor-intensive Export Sector: Evidence from the Cut Flower Industry in Ethiopia
    by SUZUKI, Aya & MANO, Yukichi & ABEBE, Girum

  • 2017 Can developing countries gain from defying comparative advantage? Distance to comparative advantage, export diversification and sophistication, and the dynamics of specialization
    by Pauline LECTARD & Eric ROUGIER

  • 2017 Services liberalization and GVC participation: New evidence for heterogeneous effects by income level and provisions
    by Woori Lee

  • 2017 The Effect of Fertility on Mothers’ Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries
    by Dehejia, Rajeev & Dehejia, Rajeev & Jordan, Andrew & Pop-Eleches, Cristian & Samii, Cyrus & Schulze, Karl

  • 2017 Trade Related Institutions and Development
    by Jaime DE MELO & Marcelo OLARREAGA

  • 2017 Trade Related Institutions and Development
    by Jaime DE MELO & Marcelo OLARREAGA

  • 2017 Integration along the Abuja road map - A progress report
    by Jaime DE MELO & Meriem NOUAR & Jean-marc SOLLEDER

  • 2017 Integration along the Abuja road map - A progress report
    by Jaime DE MELO & Meriem NOUAR & Jean-marc SOLLEDER

  • 2017 International Value-Added Linkages in Development Accounting
    by Robert Zymek & Alejandro Cunat

  • 2017 The revenge of the places that don't matter (and what to do about it)
    by Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés

  • 2017 Engel's Law in the Global Economy: Demand-induced Patterns of Structural Change, Innovation, and Trade
    by Matsuyama, Kiminori

  • 2017 Who is Afraid of the Brain Drain? A Development Economist’s View
    by Hillel Rapoport

  • 2017 Unlocking the Potential of Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in South Asia: Potential, Challenges and the Way Forward

  • 2017 An evidence-based approach to ending rural hunger
    by Kharas, Homi & McArthur, John W. & von Braun, Joachim

  • 2017 Foreign capital inflow and its welfare implications in a developing country context
    by Mukherjee, Rudrarup

  • 2017 Extracting knowledge patterns with a social network analysis approach: an alternative methodology for assessing the impact of power inventors
    by Massimiliano Ferrara & Roberto Mavilia & Bruno Antonio Pansera

  • 2017 Bad neighbors? How co-located Chinese and World Bank development projects impact local corruption in Tanzania
    by Samuel Brazys & Johan A. Elkink & Gina Kelly

  • 2017 Land Grabbing: Last Ditch Effort of Colonialism? A Survey of a Few Contributions and a Couple of Suggestions
    by Gianpaolo Rossini

  • 2017 Развитие подхода к оценке стоимости компании. Development of approach to the valuation of company
    by Перфильев А. А. & Буфетова Л. П. & Вировец К.С. & Гуслистова О. В.

  • 2017 Особенности пространственного развития и расширенного воспроизводства человеческого капитала в Республике Карелия и арктических регионах европейского севера России. Spatial development qualities and human capital expanded reproduction in the Republic of Karelia and European North Arctic regions of Russia
    by Кекконен А.Л. & Симакова А.В. & Степусь И.С.

  • 2017 Toward Forecasting Global Economic Dynamics of the Forthcoming Years
    by Akaev, Askar A. & Korotayev, Andrey V

  • 2017 Industrial Policy of BRICS Countries as an Instrument of State Capitalism
    by Martina Jiránková

  • 2017 Prospects of Development of the Transit Function of Georgia under the Conditions of Globalization
    by Kavtaradze Medea & Bejanidze Natia

  • 2017 China’s Rise and Its Implications for the Global Economy
    by Jitaru Loredana & Popescul Lorena Florentina

  • 2017 The changing geography of clinical research: a critical analysis of its drivers
    by Carolin Haeussler & Bastian Rake

  • 2017 Localization of FDI Flows: Evidence on Infrastructure as a Critical Determinant
    by Chakrabarti, Rajesh & Subramanian, Krishnamurthy & Meka, Sesha

  • 2017 Social Security: Ukrainian Way To The Eu Standards

  • 2017 Overview Of Corporate Governance In Bulgaria

  • 2017 Exchange Rate Management and Economic Growth: A Brewing Crisis in Pakistan
    by Naved Hamid & Azka Sarosh Mir

  • 2017 Combining Macroeconomic Stability and Micro-based Growth: The South East Asia/Asia Pacific experience
    by Ahmed M. Khalid

  • 2017 Does Social Capital Have an Effect on Industry Production in G7 Countries? Causality Analysis

  • 2017 Financial market globalization, nonconvergence and credit cycles
    by Wai-Hong Ho

  • 2017 Conceptual Approaches To Economic Growth And Development
    by Florin Bonciu

  • 2017 Characteristics of globalization in the first decades of the 21st century
    by Florin Bonciu

  • 2017 Export And Population Dynamics In The States Of Baja California, Mexico And California, United States, Exportacion Y Dinamica Poblacional En Los Estados De Baja California, Mexico Y California, Estados Unidos
    by Alberto Francisco Torres Garcia & Gustavo Rodolfo Cruz Chavez & Sarha Leticia Romero Martinez

  • 2017 Industrialization and Neoliberalism: failed development policies in the Mexico-South, the case of The Papaloapan River Basin
    by Carlos Alberto Jiménez Bandala

  • 2017 Is conflict additional structural obstacle for Least Developed Countries?
    by Kim, Namsuk & Sauter, Melanie

  • 2017 Küresel Zincirlere Eklemlenme: Türkiye'de Kapitalizmin Gelişme Dinamikleri ve KOBİ'ler
    by Cihan ÖZTÜRK

  • 2017 Küresel Zincirlere Eklemlenme: Türkiye'de Kapitalizmin Gelişme Dinamikleri ve KOBİ'ler
    by Cihan ÖZTÜRK

  • 2017 Nigeria’s Investment Environment: Issues of Economic Growth and Development
    by Ikechukwu A. ACHA & Emmanuel IKPE MICHAEL & Joseph M. ESSIEN

  • 2017 Research and Development Intensity in Business: Russia and EU
    by V.M. Dzhukha & A.N. Kokin & A.S. Li & T.Yu. Sinyuk

  • 2017 The Development of Cluster Relations within the State and Business Structures in Terms of Strategy of Non-Primary Sector Import-Substitution
    by S.G. Tyaglov & T.V. Kushnarenko & A.A. Khokhlov & M.A. Qeropyan

  • 2017 The Role of Human Factors in the Bank Capital Evaluation Framework
    by E.A. Posnaya & I.G. Vorobyova & E.M. Sokolova & M.P. Leonova

  • 2017 Features of Social and Economic Transformations in the Globalization Era
    by I.G. Paliy & T.V. Plotnikova & L.L. Shtofer & I.V. Tumaykin

  • 2017 Services trade policy and manufacturing productivity: The role of institutions
    by Beverelli, Cosimo & Fiorini, Matteo & Hoekman, Bernard

  • 2017 Democracy-growth nexus and its interaction effect on human development: A cross-national analysis
    by Saha, Shrabani & Zhang, Zhaoyong

  • 2017 Competitividad de los productos agropecuarios colombianos en el marco del tratado de libre comercio con los Estados Unidos: análisis de las ventajas comparativas
    by Stellian, Rémi & Danna-Buitrago, Jenny Paola

  • 2017 Communism, Culture, and Financial Development
    by Alina F. Klein & Rudolf F. Klein

  • 2017 Middle Income Trap and Infrastructure issues In Indonesia: A Strategic Perspective
    by Sigit Setiawan

  • 2017 Entfremdung zwischen den USA und Europa: Geht das »amerikanische Jahrhundert« zu Ende?
    by Johannes Varwick & Josef Braml & Jürgen Hardt & Carlo Masala & Galina Kolev & Stormy-Annika Mildner & Julia Howald

  • 2017 Globalization and Aid Inflows in the Economic Growth of Vietnam
    by Mah Jai S

  • 2017 Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: The Role of Openness
    by Ghosh Dastidar Sayantan

  • 2017 Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In Romania On Southeast And Southwest Development Regions
    by PANAIT (TANASE) Mihaela

  • 2017 Trade and Investment Relations between the Czech Republic and China: The Czech Republic as a Gateway to the EU?
    by Tereza De Castro & Jana Vlčková & Pavel Hnát

  • 2017 Persistent Growth Slowdowns in Fast-Growing Middle-Income Economies
    by Krisztina Sőreg

  • 2017 Assessment of the State of Implementation of Excellence Model Common Assessment Framework (CAF) 2013 by the National Institutes of Research – Development – Innovation in Romania
    by Cristina Raluca Popescu & Gheorghe N. Popescu & Veronica Adriana Popescu

  • 2017 The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade, and Economic Development
    by Luigi Pascali

  • 2016 Poverty is no crime, but a problem to study
    by A. Belianin & I. Denisova.

  • 2016 Long-range growth: economic development in the global network of air links
    by Filipe Campante & David Yanagizawa-Drott

  • 2016 Reducing trade costs in LDCs: The role of Aid for Trade
    by Lanz, Rainer & Roberts, Michael & Taal, Sainabou

  • 2016 Revisiting growth accounting from a trade in value-added perspective
    by Escaith, Hubert

  • 2016 Land grabbing and ethnic conflict
    by Krieger, Tim & Meierrieks, Daniel

  • 2016 Democracy and International Trade: Differential Effects from a Panel Quantile Regression Framework
    by Krenz, Astrid & Abeliansky, Ana

  • 2016 On the value of foreign PhDs in the developing world: Training versus selection effects
    by Barnard, Helena & Cowan, Robin & Müller, Moritz

  • 2016 Medical Tourism Market And Inter-Stakeholders’ Relations In Turkey: A Comparative Investigation From Reverse Innovation And Destination Governance Viewpoint
    by Aliu, Armando & Cilginoglu, Hakki & Özkan, Ömer & Aliu, Dorian

  • 2016 The Future Development of EU Industry in a Global Context
    by Sandra M. Leitner & Manuel Marcias & Daniel Mirza & Robert Stehrer & Roman Stöllinger

  • 2016 Aid, institutions and economic growth: Heterogeneous parameters and heterogeneous donors
    by Wako, Hassen

  • 2016 On the value of foreign PhDs in the developing world: Training versus selection effects
    by Barnard, Helena & Cowan, Robin & Muller, Moritz

  • 2016 Productive capacity and trade in the Solomon Islands
    by Daniel Gay

  • 2016 Property, Possession, Incorporation: Another Look at Agribusiness Venture Agreements in the Philippines
    by Rosete, Alfredo

  • 2016 On the value of foreign PhDs in the developing world: Training versus selection effects
    by Helena Barnard & Robin Cowan & Moritz Müller

  • 2016 Looking at Piketty from the Periphery
    by Luis Bértola

  • 2016 EU Regional and Cluster policies within their synergic effects
    by Marcel Kordos & Sergej Vojtovic

  • 2016 The Human Capital And Development. The Romanian Case Study
    by Elena PELINESCU

  • 2016 Hidden Protectionism? Evidence from Non-tariff Barriers to Trade in the United States
    by Grundke, Robert & Moser, Christoph

  • 2016 A New Measure of Inter-Industry Distance and Its Application to the U.S. Regional Growth
    by Yoon, Yeo Joon & Whang, Unjung

  • 2016 Skills and Activity Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Trends and Drivers for Asia
    by de Vries, Gaaitzen & Chen, Quanrun & Hasan, Rana & Li, Zhigang

  • 2016 Concession Stands: How Foreign Investment Incites Protest in Africa
    by Darin Christensen

  • 2016 Региональные Организации: Типы И Логика Развития
    by Libman, Alexander & Vinokurov, Evgeny

  • 2016 Online tourism in Romania in the context of globalization - study concerning the presence of the travel agencys on the internet
    by Aluculesei, Alina-Cerasela

  • 2016 Diaspora Remittance Inflow, Financial Development and the Industrialisation of Africa
    by Efobi, Uchenna & Asongu, Simplice & Okafor, Chinelo & Tchamyou, Vanessa & Tanankem, Belmondo

  • 2016 Seventy Years of Official Development Assistance: Reflections on the Working Age Population
    by Hassan, Sherif

  • 2016 Inclusive Green Growth in Africa: Ethiopia Case Study
    by albagoury, samar

  • 2016 Redundancy, Unilateralism and Bias beyond GDP – results of a Global Index Benchmark
    by Dill, Alexander & Gebhart, Nicolas

  • 2016 Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality in the Indian Manufacturing Sector
    by Furuta, Manabu

  • 2016 Mind the Gap: Analyzing the impact of data gap in Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) indicators on the progress towards MDGs
    by Jacob, Arun

  • 2016 Methodological challenges in building composite indexes: Linking theory to practice
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano

  • 2016 The Impact of the Food Price Crises on the demand for nutrients in Pakistan
    by Shabnam, Nadia & Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Seccia, Antonio & Asghar, Zahid

  • 2016 Sectoral trends and shocks in Australia’s economic growth
    by Kym Anderson

  • 2016 Globalization and school-work choices in an emerging economy: Vietnam
    by Ian Coxhead & Rashesh Shrestha

  • 2016 Using Foreign Factors to Enhance Domestic Export Performance: A Focus on Southeast Asia
    by Javier Lopez Gonzalez

  • 2016 The Surprising Instability of Export Specializations
    by Diego Daruich & William Easterly & Ariell Reshef

  • 2016 Long-Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links
    by Filipe Campante & David Yanagizawa-Drott

  • 2016 Tourism and Economic Development: Evidence from Mexico's Coastline
    by Benjamin Faber & Cecile Gaubert

  • 2016 Measuring Openness to Trade
    by Michael E. Waugh & B. Ravikumar

  • 2016 The Effects of Trade Policy
    by Pinelopi K. Goldberg & Nina Pavcnik

  • 2016 One belt one road initiative in Central Asia: implications for competitiveness of Russian economy
    by M. Královičová & M. Žatko

  • 2016 Do migrants think differently? Evidence from East European and post-Soviet states
    by Ruxanda Berlinschi & Ani Harutyunyan

  • 2016 Migration and Globalization: What's in it for Developing Countries?
    by Rapoport, Hillel

  • 2016 The End of Cheap Labour: Are Foreign Investors Leaving China?
    by Donaubauer, Julian & Dreger, Christian

  • 2016 Developmental states in the 21st century - analytical structure of a new approach
    by Judit Ricz

  • 2016 Building Public Capabilities for Productive Development Policies: Costa Rican Case Studies
    by Jorge Cornick & Alberto Trejos

  • 2016 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Sri Lanka
    by Rasika Perera & Masaru Ichihashi

  • 2016 The Impact of Visa-Free Entry on the Determinants of Inbound Tourism Demand in Indonesia
    by Ferika Pujiharini & Masaru Ichihashi

  • 2016 Foreign Direct Investment and Value Added in Indonesia
    by Sjöholm, Fredrik

  • 2016 Foreign Direct Investment and Value Added in Indonesia
    by Sjöholm, Fredrik

  • 2016 Can the Poor Be Mobilized? Cooperation and Public Goods in Rural India
    by Olofsgård, Anders & Joshi, Shareen & Desai, Raj M

  • 2016 Analysis of Economic Performances and Factors Affecting Welfare in Central Java (2010 – 2013)
    by Dewi Ismoyowati

  • 2016 Implementation of Economic Empowerment Model Based on Export Opportunities Towards the ASEAN Economic Community (A Case Study of Wonogiri Regency)
    by Nurul Istiqomah

  • 2016 Randomization of What? Moving from Libertarian to "Democratic Paternalism"
    by Judith Favereau & Nicolas Brisset

  • 2016 Impact of European Integration Process on Value Added Creation in Chosen Member Countries
    by Jozef Kubala

  • 2016 Do Global Value Chains Cause Industrial Development?
    by Victor Kummritz

  • 2016 Long-Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links
    by Campante, Filipe R. & Yanagizawa-Drott, David

  • 2016 The End of Cheap Labour: Are Foreign Investors Leaving China?
    by Julian Donaubauer & Christian Dreger

  • 2016 Sectoral Trends and Shocks in Australia's Economic Growth
    by Anderson, Kym

  • 2016 A simple characterization of the family of diversity indices
    by Denis, Davydov & Weber, Shlomo

  • 2016 The Role of Crop Type in Cross-Country Income Differences
    by Eberhardt, Markus & Vollrath, Dietrich

  • 2016 Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries
    by Ornelas, Emanuel

  • 2016 The Effects of Trade Policy
    by Goldberg, Pinelopi & Pavcnik, Nina

  • 2016 Primera globalización económica y las raíces de la inequidad social en México
    by Mauricio Lascurain Fernández & Luis Fernando Villafuerte Valdés

  • 2016 Evaluación de Potencial de Crecimiento Verde (EPCV) para Colombia: Diálogo para la Identificación del Potencial de Crecimiento Verde
    by Helena García & Nicolás Martínez Patiño & Juan Camilo Farfán Romero

  • 2016 Do Visas Hinder International Trade in Goods?
    by Camilo Umana Dajud

  • 2016 Land Grabbing and Ethnic Conflict
    by Tim Krieger & Daniel Meierrieks

  • 2016 Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries
    by Emanuel Ornelas

  • 2016 Did Chinese Outward Activity Attenuate or Aggravate the Great Recession in Developing Countries?
    by Bastian Gawellek & Jingjing Lyu & Bernd Süssmuth

  • 2016 Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries
    by Emanuel Ornelas

  • 2016 Do migrants transfer productive knowledge back to their origin countries?
    by Jérome VALETTE

  • 2016 Does Safeguards Need Saving? Lessons from the Ukraine - Passenger Cars Dispute
    by Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan & Simon Lester

  • 2016 Diaspora Remittance Inflow, Financial Development and the Industrialisation of Africa
    by Efobi Uchenna & Simplice Asongu & Chinelo Okafor & Vanessa Tchamyou

  • 2016 Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Macedonia
    by Mano-Bakalinov Viktorija

  • 2016 Mobile phones' social impacts on sustainable human development: case studies, Morocco and Italy
    by Kaoutar Allabouche & Omar Diouri & Ahmed Gaga & Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi

  • 2016 Linking farm diversification to household diet diversification: evidence from a sample of Kenyan ultra-poor farmers
    by Alessandro Romeo & Janice Meerman & Mulat Demeke & Antonio Scognamillo & Solomon Asfaw

  • 2016 Socioeconomic development and the risk of maritime piracy
    by Charles Okeahalam & Kennedy Otwombe

  • 2016 The Role of Borrower-Cosigner Kinship Relations on Loan Default
    by Lucia dalla Pellegrina & Antonio Scollo

  • 2016 Insularity and economic development: a survey
    by Manuela Deidda

  • 2016 Trade and income growth in the Ottoman Empire: assessing the role of volatility and trend growth in terms of trade
    by Cemal Eren Arbatli

  • 2016 Economic Development and Foreign Policy, The Case of Syria 1949-1954
    by Mehmet Osman ÇATI

  • 2016 Analysis Of The Absorbtion Rate Of Funds Available Through The National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 In Romania

  • 2016 Kontrowersje teoretyczne wokół koncepcji pułapki średniego poziomu rozwoju
    by Andrzej Wojtyna

  • 2016 The Vulnerability of Polish Regions to the Challenges of the Modern Economy
    by Krystyna Gawlikowska-Hueckel & Jacek Szlachta

  • 2016 Риск как объект государственного регулирования. Risk as an object of state regulation
    by Перфильев А. А. & Буфетова Л. П.

  • 2016 Why are developing country corporations more susceptible to the vicissitudes of international finance?
    by José Gabriel Palma

  • 2016 A brief quantitative analysis of clusters from the creative industry in Romania
    by Motoiu Elena & Pavel Oana Adriana & Lakatos Elena Simina

  • 2016 Creativity, Innovation and the Perspectives of Management
    by Paul MARINESCU & Ionut CONSTANTIN & Sorin-George TOMA

  • 2016 Economics in 2016
    by Eichengreen, Barry

  • 2016 Optimal Regional Trade-Integration Schemes in North Africa : Toward a Pro-Industrialization Policy
    by Mevel, Simon & Moll de Alba, Jaime & Oulmane, Nassim

  • 2016 Forecasting of the global migration situation based on the analysis of net migration in the countries
    by Lifshits, Marina

  • 2016 External Debt and External Rate of Interest: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistan
    by Muhammad Zahid Naeem & Shaista Akhlaque & Rakhshanda Ashiq

  • 2016 The Role of Chamber of Commerce System in International Economic Relations
    by Diana Ramona Popescu

  • 2016 The Analysis of the Nominal Convergence in the New Member States of the European Union
    by Adrian Petre

  • 2016 Determinants Of Human Capital Development In Africa: A Panel Data Analysis
    by Mohammed Shuaibu & Popoola Timothy Oladayo

  • 2016 The Evaluation Of Economic Development Index Of Poland And Lithuania In The Context Of The European Union
    by Jadvyga Ciburiene

  • 2016 Living Labs and C2P Partnerships: A Participatory Solution or Just Another Buzz Concept for Regional and Local Development?
    by Roxana Voicu-Dorobanþu

  • 2016 Before and After the European Neighbourhood Policy in Moldova: Past Economic Background, Current Developments
    by Ioana Sandu

  • 2016 International Trade's Impact on Poverty
    by Vasil Gechev

  • 2016 The Processes of Globalization for Emerging Markets and Growth Prospects
    by Maria Marikina

  • 2016 World Economy Post-Crysis Development
    by Sergiu GARSTEA & Iulita BIRCA & Alexandru GRIBINCEA

  • 2016 Traffic system in function of sustainable development
    by Zrinka Lacković Vincek & Stjepan Dvorski & Ivana Dvorski Lacković

  • 2016 Long-Term Trends in Income Distribution
    by Jomo, K. & Popov, V.

  • 2016 Financial crises and subnational socio-economic sustainability
    by Antonio Daher & Daniel Moreno

  • 2016 Trade integration and inter-sectoral reallocation of workers in Colombia, 1986-2006
    by Alexis Munari

  • 2016 Parthasarathi Shome, The G20 Development Agenda: An Indian Perspective
    by Debashis CHAKRABORTY

  • 2016 Pulin B. Nayak, Economic Development of India
    by Upinder SAWHNEY

  • 2016 Measuring corporate social responsibility using composite indices: Mission impossible? The case of the electricity utility industry
    by Paredes-Gazquez, Juan Diego & Rodriguez-Fernandez, José Miguel & de la Cuesta-Gonzalez, Marta

  • 2016 Is exchange rate risk priced in microfinance?
    by Al-Azzam, Moh’d & Mimouni, Karim

  • 2016 Productivity, firm size and trade liberalization in a partner country: Evidence from Korean firm-level data
    by Kapri, Kul

  • 2016 Are institutions in developing countries malleable?
    by Kant, Chander

  • 2016 Does importing intermediates increase the demand for skilled workers? Plant-level evidence from Indonesia
    by Kasahara, Hiroyuki & Liang, Yawen & Rodrigue, Joel

  • 2016 The competitiveness of Latin-American economies: Consolidation of the double diamond theory
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