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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B4: Economic Methodology
/ / / B41: Economic Methodology
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Cliometrics
    by Claude Diebolt & Michael Haupert

  • 2018 A közgazdaságtan felszabadítása. A neoklasszikus ortodoxia és az intézményi közgazdaságtan közötti ellentét néhány módszertani kérdése
    by Galbács, Péter

  • 2017 The strategy of Russia’s economic development: From reference to referent
    by B. Yerznkyan.

  • 2017 Back to Buchanan? Explorations of welfare and subjectivism in behavioral economics
    by Dold, Malte

  • 2017 Embedding Effects in the OECD Better Life Index
    by von Reumont, Louisa & Schöb, Ronnie & Hetschko, Clemens

  • 2017 Global integration and world migration
    by Stark, Oded

  • 2017 Should you choose to do so...: A replication paradigm
    by Anderson, Richard G.

  • 2017 Which tests not witch hunts: a diagnostic approach for conducting replication research
    by Brown, Annette N. & Wood, Benjamin Douglas Kuflick

  • 2017 A proposal for replicating Evanschitzky, Baumgarth, Hubbard, and Armstrong's "Replication research's disturbing trend" (Journal of Business Research, 2007)
    by Hubbard, Raymond

  • 2017 A replication recipe: List your ingredients before you start cooking
    by Chang, Andrew C.

  • 2017 Addressing the malaise in neoclassical economics: A call for partial models
    by Wallace, Ronald L.

  • 2017 Embedding as a pitfall for survey-based welfare indicators: Evidence from an experiment
    by Hetschko, Clemens & von Reumont, Louisa & Schöb, Ronnie

  • 2017 Publish and Perish: Creative Destruction and Macroeconomic Theory
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2017 J.S. Mill And The Universality Of The “Desire Of Wealth”
    by Philippe Gillig

  • 2017 Some “unexpected proximities” between Schultz and Galbraith on human capital
    by Alexandre Chirat & Charlotte Le Chapelain

  • 2017 A Cliometric Counterfactual: What if There Had Been Neither Fogel nor North?
    by Claude Diebolt & Michael Haupert

  • 2017 A Tourism Financial Conditions Index for Tourism Finance
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Hui-Kuang Hsu & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 A Tourism Financial Conditions Index for Tourism Finance
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Hui-Kuang Hsu & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 The External Validity of Consequential Stated Preference Studies: a comment
    by David A. Comerford & Nick Hanley

  • 2017 The advantages of using Best-Worst Model for hybrid products
    by Anca Tamas & Ruxandra Popescu

  • 2017 Harrodian Instability: a Misleading Concept
    by Trezzini, Attilio

  • 2017 Institutional Quality and Economic Performance in West Africa
    by Iheonu, Chimere & Ihedimma, Godfrey & Onwuanaku, Chigozie

  • 2017 Yes we can! Teaching DSGE models to undergraduate students
    by Solis-Garcia, Mario

  • 2017 Communism - A survival analysis
    by Subramaniam, Viswanatha

  • 2017 Piyasa ekonomisine geçiş süreci ve sonrasında Türkiye'de GINI katsayılarının analizi: Alternatif GINI formülü yaklaşımı
    by Bilgili, Faik

  • 2017 Informal and formal meaning of the norm and the institution
    by Sokolovskyi, Dmytro

  • 2017 Agent-based modelling. History, essence, future
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2017 The empirics of regulatory reforms proxied by categorical variables: recent findings and methodological issues
    by Bastianin, Andrea & Castelnovo, Paolo & Florio, Massimo

  • 2017 Publish and Perish: Creative Destruction and Macroeconomic Theory
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2017 Productivity of work and land: a comparison between three dissimilar countries
    by Katarzyna Grotkiewicz & Agnieszka Latawiec & Maciej Kubon & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Marcin Niemiec

  • 2017 The Rural Economics of René de Girardin: Landscapes at the Service of l’Idéologie Nobiliaire
    by José M. Menudo & Nicolas Rieucau

  • 2017 Turgot, Smith and Steuart on Stadial Histories
    by José M. Menudo

  • 2017 A Keynesian Dynamic Stochastic Disequilibrium model for business cycle analysis
    by Christian Schoder

  • 2017 Inside Job or Deep Impact? Using Extramural Citations to Assess Economic Scholarship
    by Joshua Angrist & Pierre Azoulay & Glenn Ellison & Ryan Hill & Susan Feng Lu

  • 2017 Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand
    by Jonathan de Quidt & Johannes Haushofer & Christopher Roth

  • 2017 Co-authorship in Economic History and Economics: Are We Any Different?
    by Andrew Seltzer & Daniel S. Hamermesh

  • 2017 Dampening General Equilibrium: From Micro to Macro
    by George-Marios Angeletos & Chen Lian

  • 2017 Stagflation and the crossroad in macroeconomics: the struggle between structural and New Classical macroeconometrics
    by Aurélien Goutsmedt

  • 2017 Reacting to the Lucas Critique: The Keynesians' Pragmatic Replies
    by Aurélien Goutsmedt & Erich Pinzon-Fuchs & Matthieu Renault & Francesco Sergi

  • 2017 Agent-Based Modeling’s Open Methodology Approach: Simulation, Reflexivity, and Abduction
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2017 The Continuing Relevance of Keynes's Philosophical Thinking: Reflexivity, Complexity, and Uncertainty
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2017 Preferences: Neither Behavioural nor Mental
    by Francesco GUALA

  • 2017 Infinite Idealizations and Approximate Explanations in Economics
    by Max Albert & Hartmut Kliemt

  • 2017 Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP)
    by Wagner, Gert G. & Bruemmer, Martin & Glemser, Axel & Rohrer, Julia & Schupp, Jürgen

  • 2017 Social-scienciation of Economics and its Consequences: On a Relative Convergence between Economics and Sociology
    by Dieter Bögenhold

  • 2017 Endogenous money: an heterodox synthesis (In French)
    by Léo MALHERBE

  • 2017 A Short Walk on the Wild Side: Agent-Based Models and their Implications for Macroeconomic Analysis
    by Mauro Napoletano

  • 2017 Effects of Eliciting Long-run Price Forecasts on Market Dynamics in Asset Market Experiments
    by Nobuyuki Hanaki & Eizo Akiyama & Ryuichiro Ishikawa

  • 2017 Models as Speech Acts: The Telling Case of Financial Models
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2017 What Do We Learn from Market Design?
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2017 Mindreading and Endogenous Beliefs in Games
    by Lauren Larrouy & Guilhem Lecouteux

  • 2017 The Empirics of Regulatory Reforms Proxied by Categorical Variables: Recent Findings and Methodological Issues
    by Andrea Bastianin & Paolo Castelnovo & Massimo Florio

  • 2017 A Tourism Financial Conditions Index for Tourism Finance
    by Chang, C-L. & Hsu, H-K. & McAleer, M.J.

  • 2017 Co-authorship in economic history and economics: are we any different?
    by Seltzer, Andrew J. & Hamermesh, Daniel S.

  • 2017 Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP)
    by Gert G. Wagner & Martin Bruemmer & Axel Glemser & Julia Rohrer & Jürgen Schupp

  • 2017 Policy relevance of applied economist: Examining sensitivity and inferences
    by Maurice Doyon & Stéphane Bergeron & Lota Dabio Tamini

  • 2017 Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand
    by Jonathan de Quidt & Johannes Haushofer & Christopher Roth

  • 2017 Embedding as a Pitfall for Survey-Based Welfare Indicators: Evidence from an Experiment
    by Clemens Hetschko & Louisa von Reumont & Ronnie Schöb

  • 2017 Economists, social scientists, and the reconstruction of the world order in interwar britain
    by Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak & Thiago Dumont Oliveira

  • 2017 A Primer on the “Reproducibility Crisis” and Ways to Fix It
    by W. Robert Reed

  • 2017 Meta-Analysis and Publication Bias: How Well Does the FAT-PET-PEESE Procedure Work?
    by Nazila Alinaghi & W. Robert Reed

  • 2017 Co-authorship in Economic History and Economics: Are We Any Different?
    by Andrew J. Seltzer & Daniel S. Hamermesh

  • 2017 A methodological note for the development of integrated aquaculture production models
    by Stella Tsani & Phoebe Koundouri

  • 2017 Wirtschaftswissenschaften: zu wenig Pluralität der Methoden und Forschungsrichtungen?
    by Johannes Becker & Sebastian Dullien & Rüdiger Bachmann & Silja Graupe & Arne Heise

  • 2017 A co-utility approach to the mesh economy: the crowd-based business model
    by Abeba Nigussie Turi & Josep Domingo-Ferrer & David Sánchez & Dritan Osmani

  • 2017 Exploitation and Efficiency
    by Elias L. Khalil

  • 2017 Effectiveness Of State-Driven Productive Reconversion: A Case Study Of The Shift On Production Matrix In Ecuador
    by Pablo Aníbal Beltrán Romero & Santiago Estuardo Pozo Rodríguez & Patricio Cárdenas Jaramillo

  • 2017 (Re)claiming Space by Urban Commons
    by Zofia Å apniewska

  • 2017 National Schools of Economic Thought in Germany and the Theory of Social Market Economy
    by Khudokormov, Alexander G. & Nevskiy, Sergey I.

  • 2017 Agent-based modelling. History, essence, future
    by Gerhard Hanappi

  • 2017 Giacomo Becattini, 1927-2017
    by Marco Dardi

  • 2017 Economics And Groups: Methodological Individualism And Collective Action
    by Anna Zabkowicz

  • 2017 Max Weber within the Methodenstreit
    by Fiona Maclachlan

  • 2017 Karl Popper and the methodologists of economics
    by Rod Thomas

  • 2017 Paradoxical Positions: The Methodological Contributions of Feminist Scholarship
    by Ann E. Davis

  • 2017 As críticas de Amartya Sen à teoria da escolha social de Kenneth Arrow [Amartya Sen’s criticism of Kenneth Arrow’s social choice theory]
    by Bruno Beltrame & Laura Valladão de Mattos

  • 2017 Status of Rationality Principle in Economics: Past and Present
    by Kapeliushnikov, R.

  • 2017 On Rational Irrationality
    by Zaostrovtsev, A.

  • 2017 All Deceptions Are Not Alike: Bayesian Mechanism Design with a Social Norm against Lying
    by Ville Korpela

  • 2017 Puzzling Features of the Historical Income per Capita Distributions Explained
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Changing the direction of the economic and demographic research
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Demographic Catastrophes Did Not Shape the Growth of Human Population or the Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Instytucionalistics
    by Aleksandr Viktor CHERNOVALOV & Pavel Viktor CHERNOVALOV

  • 2017 Információ és tudás. A big data egyes hatásai a közgazdaságtanra
    by Vincze, János

  • 2017 Max Weber és a modern makroökonómia újraértelmezése. Elméleti keret a kortárs makroökonómia módszertani elemzéséhez
    by Galbács, Péter

  • 2017 The adaptive life cycle of entrepreneurial ecosystems: the biotechnology cluster
    by Philip E. Auerswald & Lokesh Dani

  • 2017 Dynamic coordinating non-equilibrium
    by Santiago J. Gangotena

  • 2017 Understanding Social Market Economy, Francesco Forte and His Interpretation
    by Flavio Felice & Markus Krienke

  • 2017 Lawyers’ economics versus economic analysis of law: a critique of professor Posner’s “economic” approach to law by reference to a case concerning damages for loss of earning capacity
    by Juergen G. Backhaus

  • 2017 Gordon Tullock’s ill-fated appendix: “Flatland Revisited”
    by David M. Levy & Sandra J. Peart

  • 2017 A Practical, Accurate, Information Criterion for Nth Order Markov Processes
    by Sylvain Barde

  • 2017 Methodological Aspects Of Development And Implementation Of Management Policy At Industrial Enterprises
    by Natalia SKOROBOGATOVA

  • 2017 Exploring Links between FDI Inflows, Energy Consumption, and Economic Growth: Further Evidence from MENA Countries
    by Mohamed Abdouli and Sami Hammami

  • 2017 Contribution of economic theory to the cyclical crisis: State of art in historical perspective
    by Sonia de Lucas Santos & María Jesús Delgado Rodríguez

  • 2017 New-, Neo-Paleo- and Post-Keynesianism: Is a New Macroeconomic Paradigm Possible?
    by Teodoro Dario Togati

  • 2017 Keynes and Gesell: Political and Social Philosophy, Epistemology and Monetary Reform
    by Sheila Dow

  • 2017 The Continuing Relevance of Keynes's Philosophical Thinking: Reflexivity, Complexity and Uncertainty
    by John B. Davis

  • 2017 Keynes' and the Santa Fe Institute's Complexity: Same Concepts, Different Methods?
    by Emanuele Citera

  • 2017 J.M. Keynes: The Modernity of an Un-Modern Economist
    by Anna Carabelli & Mario Cedrini & Roberto Marchionatti

  • 2017 At the origin of the notion of ‘creative’ goods in economics: Scitovsky and Hawtrey
    by Antonio Bariletti & Eleonora Sanfilippo

  • 2017 State and Prospects of Development of Kazakhstan Innovative Infrastructure
    by Zaira Tulegenovna Satpayeva

  • 2017 Enriching undergraduate economics: curricular and pedagogical integration of heterodox approaches from within
    by Tara Natarajan

  • 2017 Wages, prices, and employment in a Keynesian long run
    by Stephen A. Marglin

  • 2017 The WHO warns of outbreak of virulent new ‘Economic Reality’ virus
    by Steve Keen

  • 2017 A third era of credit theory? Endogenous money from Wolfgang Stützel's balance mechanics perspective
    by Christoph Ellermann & Fabian Lindner & Severin Reissl & Ruben Tarne

  • 2017 Are Dynamic Stochastic Disequilibrium models Keynesian or neoclassical?
    by Schoder, Christian

  • 2017 Virtual reality experiments in economics
    by Innocenti, Alessandro

  • 2017 Jumping the queue: An experiment on procedural preferences
    by Dold, Malte & Khadjavi, Menusch

  • 2017 Residential and non-residential electricity dynamics
    by P. Tonkovic, Michael & Hussain, Syed Azfar

  • 2017 The Impact Of Energy Subsidy On Nitrogen Fertilizer Producers In The Gcc
    by Mohammed AL MAHISH

  • 2017 Mindestlohn noch längst nicht für alle – Zur Entlohnung anspruchsberechtigter Erwerbstätiger vor und nach der Mindestlohnreform aus der Perspektive Beschäftigter
    by Patrick Burauel & Marco Caliendo & Alexandra Fedorets & Markus M. Grabka & Carsten Schröder & Jürgen Schupp & Linda Wittbrodt

  • 2017 Minimum Wage Not yet for Everyone: On the Compensation of Eligible Workers before and after the Minimum Wage Reform from the Perspective of Employees
    by Patrick Burauel & Marco Caliendo & Alexandra Fedorets & Markus M. Grabka & Carsten Schröder & Jürgen Schupp & Linda Wittbrodt

  • 2017 Élaborer des indicateurs avec les citoyens. Lecture pragmatiste d’une méthode d’enquête sur les valeurs
    by Michel Renault & Pascale Meriot & Annie Gouzien

  • 2017 Bref addendum sur la « conception expérimentale de la rationalité »
    by Philippe Mongin

  • 2017 Behavioral economics and austrian economics: Lessons for policy and the prospects of nudges
    by Roberta Muramatsu & Fabio Barbieri

  • 2017 ¡°Shifting the Paradigm¡± in Superintelligence
    by Vladimir A. Masch

  • 2017 Digital economy and fiscal competition: the role of Italian banks
    by Giovanni Sabatini

  • 2017 Przyczynowosc w ekonomii. Najnowsze badania i nierozwiązane problemy / Causation in Economics. The Most Recent Analyses and the Unsolved Problems
    by Mariusz Maziarz

  • 2017 Soft Concepts in Economics: The Challenges of Researching Trust
    by Dóra Győrffy

  • 2017 Stylised Facts
    by Robert Skidelsky

  • 2017 Realism in Economics: The New Classical Case
    by Péter Galbács

  • 2017 Introduction
    by Jacques Mairesse & Alain Monfort & Pierre Picard & Alain Trognon

  • 2016 Microeconomic Foundations for Macroeconomic Phenomena. A Problem of Ontological (In)Dependence [Fundaţii microeconomice ale fenomenelor macroeconomice. O problemă de (in)dependenţă ontologică]
    by Sandu Andrei

  • 2016 A Personalist Approach to the Dialogue between Economics and Religion [O abordare personalistă a dialogului dintre economie şi religie]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2016 Critical Realism and the Philosophy of Economics [Realismul critic şi filosofia economiei]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2016 Pleading for a Teleological Logic in Economics [Pledoarie pentru o logică teleologică în economie]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2016 Microeconomic Foundations for Macroeconomic Phenomena. A Problem of Ontological (In)Dependence [Fundaţii microeconomice ale fenomenelor macroeconomice. O problemă de (in)dependenţă ontologică]
    by Sandu Andrei

  • 2016 A Personalist Approach to the Dialogue between Economics and Religion [O abordare personalistă a dialogului dintre economie şi religie]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2016 Critical Realism and the Philosophy of Economics [Realismul critic şi filosofia economiei]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2016 Pleading for a Teleological Logic in Economics [Pledoarie pentru o logică teleologică în economie]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2016 Economic theory in IMEMO
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2016 Economic methodology in retrospect
    by P. Orekhovsky.

  • 2016 On the methodology of institutional studies
    by A. Shastitko.

  • 2016 Doing it once is good, doing it twice is even better. On the dynamics of altruistic behavior
    by Timme, Florian & Sass, Markus

  • 2016 Understanding the shift from micro to macro-prudential thinking: A discursive network analysis
    by Thiemann, Matthias & Aldegwy, Mohamed & Ibrocevic, Edin

  • 2016 The Rule of Law: Measurement and Deep Roots
    by Gutmann, Jerg & Voigt, Stefan

  • 2016 Pluralism in economics: Inquiries into a Daedalean concept
    by Heise, Arne

  • 2016 Property, Possession and Knowledge
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2016 Environmental pollution as engine of industrialization
    by Angelo Antoci & Marcello Galeotti & Serena Sordi

  • 2016 Charte pour une démarche qualité : réalisation de bases de données issues d’enquêtes de terrain
    by Aubert, M. & Morin, P.

  • 2016 Preference purification and the inner rational agent: A critique of the conventional wisdom of behavioural welfare economics
    by Gerardo Infante & Guilhem Lecouteux & Robert Sugden

  • 2016 Amartya Sen : un allié pour l’économie de la personne contre la métrique des capabilités. Deux arguments pour une lecture non fonctionnelle de la liberté chez Sen
    by Muriel Gilardone

  • 2016 Macroeconomic Policy in DGSE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead
    by Giorgio Fagiolo & Andrea Roventini

  • 2016 Some Reflections on Methodology of Critical Realism
    by Lukas Maslo & Zdenek Chytil

  • 2016 Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth in Botswana: The Keynesian approach
    by Teboho Jeremiah Mosikari & Diteboho Lawrance Xaba & Johannes Tshepiso Tsoku

  • 2016 The Real Influences Of Oil Price Changes On The Growth Of Real Gdp: The Case Of South Africa

  • 2016 The Econometric Analysis in Right Economy: Research of Institutional Barriers During Right Realization on the Example of Lands Distribution Processes in Moscow Region. Patterns in Neighboring Areas
    by Daria Loginova

  • 2016 Evaluating prediction markets for internal control applications
    by Werner, Max

  • 2016 Sraffa on the Degeneration of the Notion of Cost
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2016 How Much Relevance Does Reality Imply? (Re)Considering the Endowment Effect
    by Brennan, Timothy J.

  • 2016 Un Marco General para la Ciencia de la Sociedad Humana
    by Escudé, Guillermo J.

  • 2016 The complementary relationship between institutional and complexity economics: The example of deep mechanismic explanations
    by Gräbner, Claudius

  • 2016 Estática comparativa e indeterminación de signos en un modelo macroeconómico neoclásico sencillo
    by Cendejas Bueno, José Luis

  • 2016 Evaluating replicability of laboratory experiments in Economics
    by Camerer, Colin & Dreber, Anna & Forsell, Eskil & Ho, Teck-Hua & Huber, Jurgen & Johannesson, Magnus & Kirchler, Michael & Almenberg, Johan & Altmejd, Adam & Chan, Taizan & Heikensten, Emma & Holzmeister, Felix & Imai, Taisuke & Isaksson, Siri & Nave, Gideon & Pfeiffer, Thomas & Razen, Michael & Wu, Hang

  • 2016 Neoclassical Economics as a Method of Scientific Research Program : A review of existing literature
    by Brahmachari, Deborshi

  • 2016 The Thermo-Economic 'Progress' of Social/Global Poverty
    by Ternyik, Stephen I.

  • 2016 The Gross Domestic Product. History, relevance and limitations in its interpretation
    by Georgescu, George

  • 2016 Continuous time, continuous decision space prisoner’s dilemma: A bridge between game theory and economic GCD-models
    by Glötzl, Erhard

  • 2016 Produsul intern brut. Istorie, relevanţă şi limitări în interpretare
    by Georgescu, George

  • 2016 From realism to instrumentalism - and back? Methodological implications of changes in the epistemology of economics
    by Gräbner, Claudius

  • 2016 Cirebon as the Silk Road: A New Approach of Heritage Tourisme and Creative Economy
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 The perils of first-order conditions of New Keynesian models
    by Kim, Minseong

  • 2016 Analyzing Market Economies From the Perspective of Information Production, Policy, and Self-organized Equilibrium
    by Dominique, C-Rene

  • 2016 A Review of Scientific Approach in the Methodology of Social Science Research: Contributions of Kuhn, Popper and Lakatos
    by George, Justine

  • 2016 How accounting accuracy affects DSGE models
    by Kim, Minseong

  • 2016 How accounting accuracy affects DSGE models
    by Kim, Minseong

  • 2016 Economic Philosophy of al-Mawardi: Economic Behavior in Adab al-Dunya wa-al-Din and al-Ahkam al-Sulthaniyah
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Islamic Tourism Development in Cirebon: The Study Heritage Tourism in Islamic Economic Perspective
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2016 Utilitarian Moral Judgments Are Cognitively Too Demanding
    by Da Silva, Sergio & Matsushita, Raul & De Sousa, Maicon

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship vulnerability to business cycle. A new methodology for identification pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical patterns of entrepreneurial activity
    by Lechman, Ewa & Dominiak, Piotr

  • 2016 The Economic Problem of a Community: ontological reflections inspired by the Socialist Calculation Debate
    by Diogo Lourenço & Mário Graça Moura

  • 2016 The Methodology of Polanyi’s Great Transformation
    by Asad Zaman

  • 2016 Das Turgot Problem. The method of Economics
    by José M. Menudo

  • 2016 The Principle of Social Scaling
    by Paulo dos Santos

  • 2016 Transparency, Reproducibility, and the Credibility of Economics Research
    by Garret S. Christensen & Edward Miguel

  • 2016 Automated Economic Reasoning with Quantifier Elimination
    by Casey B. Mulligan

  • 2016 On the definition of externality as a missing market
    by Nathalie Berta

  • 2016 Hodgson, Cumulative Causation, and Reflexive Economic Agents
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2016 Economics, Neuroeconomics, and the Problem of Identity
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2016 The concepts of stock and flow. A revisit of Georgescu-Roegen definitions
    by Michele Bruni

  • 2016 The Global Consumption and Income Project (GCIP): An Overview
    by Rahul Lahoti & Arjun Jayadev & Sanjay G. Reddy

  • 2016 Distribution-led Growth through Methodological Lenses
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2016 Cheating in the Lab Predicts Fraud in the Field: An Experiment in Public Transportations
    by Dai, Zhixin & Galeotti, Fabio & Villeval, Marie Claire

  • 2016 Replication in Labor Economics: Evidence from Data, and What It Suggests
    by Hamermesh, Daniel S.

  • 2016 Antonio De Viti de Marco, political competition, and the principle of minimum means
    by Amedeo Fossati & Marcello Montefiori

  • 2016 Integrated model of computable general equilibrium and social cost benefit analysis of an Indian oil refinery: Future projections and macroeconomic effects
    by Shovan Ray & A. Ganesh Kumar & Sumana Chaudhuri

  • 2016 Social and economic impact analysis of Vadinar refinery of Essar oil: The Case of a mega refinery
    by Sumana Chaudhuri & Shovan Ray

  • 2016 Situational Analysis
    by Kevin D. Hoover

  • 2016 The Continuing Relevance of Keynes's Philosophical Thinking: Reflexivity, Complexity, and Uncertainty
    by John B. Davis

  • 2016 Randomization of What? Moving from Libertarian to "Democratic Paternalism"
    by Judith Favereau & Nicolas Brisset

  • 2016 On Performativity: Option Theory and the Resistance of Financial Phenomena
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2016 Institutions as Emergent Phenomena: Redefining Downward Causation
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2016 Game Theory, Institutions and the Schelling-Bacharach Principle: Toward an Empirical Social Ontology
    by Cyril Hédoin & Lauren Larrouy

  • 2016 Under Uncertainty, Over Time and Regarding Other People: Rationality in 3D
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2016 Narrativity from the Perspectives of Economics and Philosophy: Davis, Ross, Multipleselves Models... and Behavioral Economics
    by Tom Juille & Dorian Jullien

  • 2016 All Frames Created Equal are Not Identical: On the Structure of Kahneman and Tversky's Framing Effects
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2016 Cheating in the Lab Predicts Fraud in the Field: An Experiment in Public Transportations
    by Zhixin Dai & Fabio Galeotti & Marie Claire Villeval

  • 2016 Identity, Identification and Identifiers : The Global Legal Entity Identifier System
    by Arthur B. Kennickell

  • 2016 Macroeconomic policy in DGSE and agent based models redux : new developments and challenges ahead
    by G. Fagiolo & A. Roventini

  • 2016 Potential for Trouble: The IMF's Estimates of Potential GDP
    by David Rosnick

  • 2016 Beliefs Aggregation and Return Predictability
    by Albert S. Kyle & Anna Obizhaeva & Yajun Wang

  • 2016 Meta-Analysis and Publication Bias: How Well Does the FAT-PET-PEESE Procedure Work?
    by Nazila Alinaghi & W. Robert Reed

  • 2016 Stock market cycles and supply side dynamics: two worlds, one vision?
    by Paul De Grauwe & Eddie Gerba

  • 2016 Uncertainty: A diagrammatic treatment
    by Dow, Sheila

  • 2016 The coming breakthrough in risk research
    by Jaeger, Carlo

  • 2016 Information Capacity Database in the Rating Model on the Basis of Polish and Italian Real Estate Markets
    by Renigier-Biłozor Małgorzata & Biłozor Andrzej

  • 2016 Economic Theories in Competition A New Narrative of the Debate on the General Economic Equilibrium Theory in the 1930s
    by Roberto Marchionatti Author-Email:

  • 2016 Subreption, Radical Institutionalism, and Economic Evolution
    by John Hall Author-Email: & Joe Mitchell-Nelson

  • 2016 Europe’s Future - The Relevance of Keynes’s Economic Consequences of the Peace
    by Ivan Vujačić

    by Hasan Ersel

  • 2016 The one who sees more is more right: how theory enhances the ‘repertoire to interpret’ in qualitative case study research
    by Thomas Wrona & Markus Gunnesch

  • 2016 RCTs for better policy? The case of public systems in developing countries
    by Sunil Mitra Kumar

  • 2016 Kłopoty z marginalną teorią podziału Clarka
    by Tomasz Tokarski & Anna Zachorowska-Mazurkiewicz

  • 2016 Rozważania nad istotą klastrów
    by Cezary Główka

  • 2016 Makroekonomiczna i metodologiczna perspektywa dyskursu wokół pojęcia zielonej gospodarki
    by Zbigniew Dokurno & Bogusław Fiedor & Bartosz Scheuer

  • 2016 Cambio Tecnológico y Modelos de Simulación con Dinámica de Sistemas
    by Rodríguez, José Carlos & Gómez, Mario

  • 2016 The Origin of Scientific Theorization in Islamic Economics: An Institutional Perspective
    by Nazari, Hassan Agha

  • 2016 Coordination of Methodology and Subject in Economics: A Philosophical Approach for Islamic Economics
    by Rafiei Atani , Ataollah

  • 2016 Developmental State: A Theoretical and Methodological Critique
    by Mollaer, Ömer

  • 2016 Assessment of Price Risk on Agricultural Inventory Credit under Sparse Data Conditions
    by David Magaña Lemus

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    by Da Silva, Sergio

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  • 2013 Earth Endogenous System: To Answer the Current Unsolved Economic Problems
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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  • 2006 Some Approaches To The Experimental Method In The Scientific Economic Research
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